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When Baby Cries, Mother
Must Understand
His Wants
Assistant Director
Red Crow Nursing Service
Written for NEA Service
A healthy, comfortable baby sel
dom cries, but when he does It
means something. It Is the only
way he has of telling Ills mother
that something Is wrong, and that.
needs attention.
mothers and
home nurses
soon learn to
understand the
meaning og
each type of
cry and c an
quickly relieve
the trouble.
The baby
Stay cry be
cause he Is tir
ed. or his sleep
has been dis
turbed. He may be tired because
he has been handled too much,
has been too long In one position,
or his blankets have been tucked
in too tightly and restricted Ills
movements. He Is asking to be
picked up and turned over, or to
have his blankets adjusted so that
he can move freely.
He may cry because his band is
too tight, his sleeves twisted, or
the seams o fhls clothing Irritat
ing or chafing Ills skin. All he
wants Is to have his clothing ad
justed so that It is straight, loose
and smooth under him.
H# may cry because his diaper j
is wet or soiled. Babies very
quickly become sensitive to this [
discomfort. The diaper should be
changed promptly and the parts
•sponged with clean warm water
and patted dry. A little sweet oil
rubbed Into the creases will help
to relieve the Irritation and keep
the skin In good condition.
The baby may cry because lie
is hungry or thirsty. He should
have a bottle of warm boiled water
between feedings If he seems rest
less and fretful. Water Is better for
him than to have Ills feeding
schedule broken by giving him a
feeding whenever he cries.
K* may cry because he is in
palo. Gas in his stomach and
bowels may cause him to cry sliarply
and to draw his knees up to Ins
abdomen. Holding him over the
shoulder and patting him on the
back until he ‘’bubbles" gas will
oftan bring quick relief. If not,
try laying him on his stomach over
a well-wrapped hot water bottle.
Something new In rumbas — Bii g
Crosby will croon Xavier Cugat's
Latin rhythms for their newest
Decca record assignments. Jl Is the
first time the two stars have com
bined their talents.
Lana L. Trott
Cold Enough For You?
If, like million* of other folk, you've been shivering under King Win
ter'* basts reeently, brush the icicle* off your eyelashes and take a
gander at the picture above. In a summery setting at St, Peters
burg. M>„ Sara Woodrleh and little Barbara hunt shells on the beach.
Pointers For British Brides
Should Explain Double Talk
In "Bride's Oulde to the U. S. A ",
ft booklet designed to teach the
thousands of British brides of
United States service men how to
get along over here, there Is this
hint: "In America it is good man
ners to praise everything you like
whether It is food, furniture or
the view from the window."
But if the British gals are to
hold their own with American wom
en they ought to be told most of
the compliments American women
pay each other aren't exactly what
they seem
"My dear, how well you look' -
menus, of course. "You've certainly
been putting on weight."
“I love your hair this way: it Is
such an Improvement” means "It's
a good thing you finally decided
to do something about yourself.
"I think It Is wonderful the way
you do all you do and still find
time for your family" means "I'll
bet your husband and kids never
get a decent meal.”
"If I were Just smart like you
are means "But thank goodness
I’m not; men don't like smart
"You have such a sweet little
house" Is meant to emphasize •'lit
tle" rather than "sweet."
And “I’ve heard so much about
you" can’t safely be construced as
meaning It was all to the good.
It's only lair to point out to
British wives that the lavish com
pliments American women pay each
other aren't always 100 per cent
pure admiration.
(Copyright. 1045, NEA Service, Inc.)
Sligtly Soiled With Handling
52.98 NOW
$8.98 NOW
Slightly Soiled With Handling
Re?. 7.98 & C C .00
$8.98 NOW ^
With white, blue, nr ecu or red
leather palms.
IncludiiiK 20';
Federal Tax
White Washable Kid & Doeskin Gloves
Slip on styles — Broken sizes. Slightly 04 CA
Soiled. Reg. $2.98 and $3.50. pr.
$1.98 NOW
$2.98 NOW
! cMacdona£d6
flt as smooth as pr.lnt—a well fitting
slip with straps that stay in place
and sleek, figure-hugging lines.
Crisply tailored panties to match.
Pattern No. 8748 is designed for
Sizes 34. 36, 38 40. 42 44, 46 and
48. Size 36. slip, requires 2 8-4
yards of 35-inch material; pantie,
1 1-4 yards.
For tilts pattern, send 20 cents,
in COINS, your name, address,
size desired, and the PATTERN
NMBER to Sue Burnett Waterbury
Democrat, 1150 Sixth Avenue. New
York 19, N. Y
To Guard True Scent of
Perfume Keep Bottle
In Dark, Cool Place
NEA Staff Writer
Thai, bottle of floating enchant
ment which won you perfume-praise
for Christmas will be filched from
you by light an dair, if you don't
watch out.
Warning you to put yours back
in the box and stow it in a closet
after use. perfume-wise model, Pat
Powers, insists that Ihls Is the best
way to outwit the ultra violet thief,
and says:
“Although my swanky black bot
tle bearing a question mark and
an enigmatic label Is a temptation
to exhibit on my dressing (able. I
don't take chances.”
To look a bottle ugainst leakage
and evaporation, Pat says twist the
stopper tightly until you've lined
up the “thread” with the ground
surfaces of the bottle. To unlock—
here’s her trick to save a temper
tap the stopper lightly against an
other piece of glass, and she does
mean l-l-g-h-t-l-y.
Crabmeat It a
‘Sunday Special’
NKA Staff Writer
Crabmeat for Sunday. and find
out why gourmets always ask lor
David Bcmabo, chef of the Hotel
Fontcnelle. Omaha Nebraska,
sen ves It au grailn and any j
moderately good rook ran do it lh 1
her own home.
Fresh Crabmeat au Gratin.
(Serves 6)
Six mushrooms, sliced. 2 table
spoons sherry wine or 1 teaspoon
sherry flavoring, 1 tablespoon but
ter, 1-2 lb. crabmeat, 1-4 lb. medium
noodles rooked. 3 hard-cooked
eggs, sliced. 4 cups thin white
Cook mushrooms in butter 5
minutes. Add sherry wine or sherry
flavoring and crabmeat. Place In
oven until hot. Brown noodles
Place In deep baking dish. Cover
with sliced egg. Gently mix crab
meat with white sauce and pour
over noodles. Sprinkle ton with
paprika, a little grated cheese and
bread crumbs. Bake In moderate
oven <375 deg. F.i until brown.
Fish Savories
(6 Small Servings)
One and one-half cups corn
flakes, finely crushed, 1 cup flaked
cooked white fish, 1-4 teaspoon salt,
dash of pepper, 1-2 teaspoon scrap
ed onion, 1 egg, beaten with 4
tablespoons milk and dash of salt.
1 1-2 cups corn flakes, slightly
Combine corn flakes, fish. Ralt,
pepper, onion, and 5 tablespoons
egg mixture, mixing well. Shape In
2-Inch cakes. Roll In remaining corn
flakes; then in remaining egg mix
ture; and roll again In flakes. Fry
in skillet In small amount of fat,
browning both sides. Serve with
tartare sauce or lemon slices.
BREAKFAST: Sliced bananas,
ready-to-eat cereal, fried scrap
ple, oatmeal bread, butter or
fortified margarine, jelly, cof
fee, milk.
NER: Celery cabbage, carrot
and tomato slaw, fresh crab
meal. au gratin. Fontenelle,
boiled potatoes, parsley butter,
ilresh lima brans and pearl
onions, Pa.vsanne, hot Parker
House rolls, butter or fortified
margarine, apple and tapioca
pudding, butterscotch sauce,
coffee, milk.
SUPPER: Tomato juice, fish
savories, bowl of mixed greens,
raw vegetables. French dressing,
rye bread butter or fortified
margarine, jam tarts, teR, milk.
America's Card Authority
Bcb Hawlk the lladio Quiz
Master, was playing rubber bridge
at my apartment the other evening
alien this Interesting grand slam
hand came up.
T had agreed to play Blackwood
with Mr Hawk. That accounts for
my four no trump bid. I won't com
ment. on my six spade bid but 1 I
will say that East's double was bad
I realized Immediately that East,
must have the ace and queen of
4kKJ 10 9852
♦ 6
♦ 76
V 4 :< 2
♦ 1043
4k None
VKQJ 1097
♦ A7
* AQB62
Rubber—None vui
South West North East
1 V Pass 1 4k Pass
3 A Pass 4 N T Pass
5 V Pass C 4k Double
7 V Pass Pass Double
Opening—4f 4 5
spades and had decided to go to
six no trump when It. got around to
me. oHwever, Hawk assumed that
my jump to six spades allowed a
fit in dubs and his seven hearts
bid was very good.
With anything but a heart open
ing there would have been no prob
lem. However. Hawk, too, realized
that East had to have the ace and
queen of spades, so lie won the
opening trick with the ace and
played the eight of spades from
dummy. East refused to cover so
Hawk discarded the seven of dia
monds, name over to Ids hand with
the ace of clubs, picked up the
trump and then tran the club suit.
Film star William Powell last
week deserted ills Palm Springs
home for a few days In Hollywood.
The Metj-o-Ooldwyn-Mayer star
came In for conferences with studio
Current Rationing Regulations
Red stamps "Q5" through “Xa" In Book IV, each worth 10 point*,
are now valid Red tokens, worth one point each, may be uesd as change.
Blue stamps "X5” through "Z5” and •,A2" through 'G2" in Book IV,
each worth 10 point*, are now valid.
Sugar stamp 3l in Book IV is valid for five pounds. A new stamp
will be validated Feb. 1.
Airplane stamps 1, 2, and 3 in Book III are each valid for one pair
ol shoes Indefinitely.
A-14 coupons are valid for four gallons each through March 21. B-5,
C-5, B-6, and C-6 coupons a»e valid for five gallons each.
Period four and five coupons of the 1943-44 Issue and period one and
two coupon* of the 1944-45 Issue are valid to Aug. 31. All coupons are
worth 10 gallons per unit.
V*m Appleton and Michael Field.
promising young duo-pianists, will
guest on the Ford program, "Stars
of the Future,” tonlitht, ut 1:00 p.
m. »EWT> over, WATR end the
Blue network. Robrrt Kussell Ben
nett arranges end conduct* the mu- I
ale on the hnlf-hour show
The (llano team of Appleton and I
Field have In the past year made
an extensive tour of USO canteens i
and Army hospitals performing for '
t! S. servicemen Their last civil- |
Ian appearance In New York was a !
successful return engagement to j
Town Hall In November.
The musical score lor "Stars of
the Future” will Include two solos
by singing star Frances Oreer:
"Isn't It Homantlc?" from "Love
Me Tonight." and "The Hoy Next
Door' from Meet Me In St. Louts."
Another regular "Stars" program
singer, Lawrence Brooks, will solo j
on, "Drums In My Heart,” from i
"Thru the Years." "The Band
Played On" and the closing theme
from Hansel A: Oretnl" will be
rendered by the Ford ensemble j
The orchestra, conducted by Mr.
Bennett, will play an arrangement!
of the "Londonderry Air."
Having waited five days to lie |
sure it's not Just a passing fanry,
Oarry Moore and Jimmy Durante ]
roll out the purple carpet and wel
come 1945, in their broadcast over
CBS Stations tonight, at 10 p. m.
Moore went out and bought a horn
for New Year’s Eve, but Durante
had one already, one of the biggest
horns in show business. Durante, on
the other hand, went out and
bought n welcome mat for the in
fant year, while Moore had one, on
top of Ills head. Georgia Gibbs
and the Hoy Bargy's orchestra en
ter musically into the spirit of the
thing, with appropriate tunes.
America's singing sweetheart, J
Conner Boswell takes over the spot- '
light at the "Chesterfield Supper
Club” again tonight at 7 p. m. over
NBC by popular demand in the
form of mailbag alter inallbug full
of requeris from "Supitor Club”
listeners to hear more of their fa
vorite bulladear. Conner will swing
out with the songs her fans have
begged for most In 944. Velvet
Distinguished basso Normal.
Condon, pictures here, will lie
'•The Metropolitan Opera Pre
sents' ” guest star on Sunday.
January 7, at 5:30 p. in. over the
Blue chain. He'll sing his most
famous arias In addition to ap
pearing In a dramatization based
on highlights In his Met opera
voiced Perry Como will be on linnet
to handle the sweet side of to
night's revue, backed up bv the tip
top-toe-tap rhythms of Ted Steele
and hts orchestra.
Sunday's "Gag-of-the-Day”—
It was Jnn Garber, whose orches
tra is heard frequently on "Tito
Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands’
who eavesdropped on tills conversa
tion In a drug store. An aging hut
still vain lady walked in and said
to tiie druggist: "My pood man,
what do you have for grey hair?"
The druggist looked her over.
"Nothing, Madam, blit the greatest
"Aldrieh Family" Rescues Father
Lest in Snow
Sam Aldrich is a pretty smart
lawyer, but he forgot his Boy Scout i
technique ard gets lost in Center- J
ville’s first big snowstorm of the
year, In “The Aldrich Family"
drama on CBS tonight. iWABC
CBS, 8:00-8:30 p. m.
Son Henry (Dickie Jonesi and
his pal Homer i Jackie Kelki lead
the searching party through deep
r.now and high hilarity. House
Jameson plays tlie lost, parent, and
Katherine Raht has the role of ins
worried spouse, Alice Aldrich
Tenor Frank Mur.n and I lie* girls
of the Amsterdam Chorus suggest
"Take Me in Your Arms" on
NBC's "Waltz Time" tonight at
9:00 |). m. Muun and the full
chorus join voices in several num
bers. Contralto Evelyn MacGregor
features "I'm Making Believe" and
Abe Lyman's orchestra completes
the program
George Raft, one of Hollywood's
most ardent sports fans, will be
guest of Bill Stern on his "Colgate
Sports Newsreel" tonight <NBC,
10:30 p. m i.. For Ills guest Friday,
January 12. Stern will have Tommy
Dorsey, band leader, who will a.sk
Bill abyut highlights of the Rose
Bowl game broadcast by Stern over
NBC Monday, January 1
Dorothy McGuire, creator of the
title role of "Claudia" on the stage
and in the movies and soon to he
seen in tiie forthcoming Him "A
Tree Grows In Brooklyn.” shares
the guest spotlight with Rise Stev
ens. mezzo-soprano star of tiie
Metropolitan Opera, on "Stage Door ;
Canteen" over CBS lonight tWABC
CBS. 10:30-11:00 p. ni i
Miss McGuire and Miss Stevens |
team up In a variety program slant i
ed to please men and women of i
Ihe armed forces. Their voluntary
appearance is made as a contribu- 1
tion to t#e American Tk ..ter Wing
program which helps maintain1
Stage Door Canteens across tiie;
Rounding out tile cast is Weiren
rath, comic Canteen odd job boy,
played by Ward Wilson, and Bert
Lytell, genial emcee. Must ' is by
Raymond Paige and the Canteen
Nick and Nora Charles do .some
fast stepping to track down a inur
lerer In 'The Case of the Sensitive
Note," on "The Adventures of the
’Inc "Throe Suns," Instrumentalist* of the WATR and Blue's "Jack
Berrh Show", hroadrast Mondays through Fridays, are somethin! of
a rarity in show business. They are one of the few trio* that have a
Kroup name and are really related. Artie Dunn, organist. Is the cousin
of Brothers Ncv ins. Art plays guitar, Morty accordion.
Tain Man, over CBS tonight
<WABC CBS, 8:30-8:55 p. mi.
Norn's allergy to fur coats is a
feature of the nn<ica]> adventure.
Claudia Morgan and David Clothard 1
appear ns Nick and Nora Charles
If you like the music of Denny
Beckner. who will he heard on "The
Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands,’' j
Friday, January 5 !):30 p. m. E.W.T.
iBiuei, you can thank Jack Demp
Tt was the famous prize lighter
who advised Beckner to slick to j |
music when the young musician was i
tempted to give up ids' career in j
favor of boxing.
Bob Graham, featured soloist on | |
Ed Gardner's "Duffy's Tavern"
allow, heard each Friday nite. was j |
discovered when, ns a G I on K ;
p. dutv, Ids mush-minded top ser- | •
gcaid heard him singing and order- |
ed. "Whatever you do in this man's !
Aimy. even il i: s peeling spuds. ;
sing! Somebody's gonna hear you.”
The "romebodj ' was the captain,
who Introduced him to Glenn Mil- \
'er Grciinm became vocalist with
Miller's Army Band at Scott Field. !
illinos. havin' never sung profes-1 j
sin'i. I'v before!
Lawrence Tibbett. one of Ameri
ca's most < "lebriued baritones Joins
Columbie's "Your Hit Parade" be-I
ginidn" : a.iuniay. Jan. ti, repaving!
Frank Siivira ns the male singer (
ii the v. elslv inesiial .ho" iWABC
CBS. 0:00-0 -15 P. M„ E.W.T. Be
broadcast 12:00 Mid.i.
The rest of Hie cast remains as
is, with Joan Edwards. Mark War
now si orchestra, and Lyn Murray's
"Hit Panniers" chorus performing
ton son? hits of the week.
For the past two decades Tibbett
lias been one of the foremost, sing- j
ill", stars of the Me.rnpolifen Opera. |
the conerrl stage on the air and
in the movies.
Favorite songs of "Hour of
Charm" listeners, as shown in the
hundreds of fun letters received
each m nili, make tip the pro-ram
featuring Piiil Spitalny and the all
pirl orchestra, in the broadcast Sun
day, January 7, at 10 p. m„ over
NBC Stations. Evelyn, concert mis
tress of the orchestra, is spotlighted
in a special violin and orchestra
medley, "My Buddy" and "There's
A Long. Long Trail." The soprano
• \swAWiwy.- • •rwsoMI" . -
Sliirlr.v Temple, now entered on i
a new phase of charm, dimples ,
I retlily in anticipation of the gaffs |
she will trade with (ieorge and
tirade. The ten-age screen star j
appeals a. gue.t with the comedy
duo on the "George Burns and
tirade Allen" show. Monday.
January X. at K:iJ0 p. m. over \
t'BS. (Repeat 11:30 p. m.
Kathryn sings "Estrllitu". and the j
;on!raito Pranclne joins the all-tirl i
L’holr In ‘Avc Maria, The orchestra J
plays such favorites us ' Night And
□ay". You’re Always In My Heart"
Ramona." "In A Little Spanish
Town" and "You’ll Never Know.”
rhe Hymn of the evening is In The
3wcet Bye And By e "
Tommy Dorsey, :i gentleman who
;an blow his famous trombone
■It her sweet or hot as the mood dic
tates, luts promised to add ills Ini
mitable notes to Eddie Condon's Jazz
Concert over WJZ and the Blue
Network Saturday. January 6, at
1:00 p. m.
Woody Herman band-leading
•larinetist, \\ ill is1 along for the
Blue's famous unrehearsed jam ses
ilon us will pianist Jess Stacy and
.■oculist Lee Wiley, The usual bunch
if genuine jazz makers will be
leard as well
The hotel room shortage is so bad
hat Producer Jim Lawton and his
leerotary, "Hollywood Mystery
rime" sleuths, find their reserva
ions for ’ Room Service witli Mur
iel" postponed a week to Sunday,
limitary 7, at 0:15 p in , over station
iVATR In thecase, the umiitnr de
ectives take their movie company I
m location to a small town where
hey re denied accommodations at
lie only hotel because flu* towns
wople dislike actors. What’s more,
then a gangland bigwig is slain in
UK Grand SI.
Tel. 3-5577
Ur hotel room, the local sperm pins
he murder on Jim Lawton. He's
lnally cleared of the charge after a
:crics of surprising development*,
larleton Young and Gloria Blondcll
;tar In the mystery thriller.
flight days before her eighth
birthday. Margaret O'Brien, gifted
youi'g film artress. <omrs Hast to
appear as guest star on Kate
Smith's full-hour variety show.
The button >nored sensation of
M-CJ-M’s current movie hits. \ |
•Meet Me ill St. I.ouis' and "Music i
for .Millions,' will be heard in an
< riginal radio drama on the I
"Kate Sinilli Hour" broadcast
January 7, at 7:0(1 p. m„ over the
Columbia network.
1.7’(I Hilaryi lei
I' I 1 • li IJ li > niff ' Urt'll.
:: lA ppoint ment With Life
Yours Alone
•I jin Time \mws Tin* Ni'WS
•1:1. i i»ii* om Koj* Music
■I :ii»— That's Kit Me
•J: I.% I lop ilarriKu u \
7M;0 Terry and the I*ii*;i I
7:17 I lick Timi >
7 .‘to .lurk Armstrong
Mehnl \ i:•
i; no Y .i like .Vm work News
•. I . M us c l ’< .r 1 titling
«; ::o New inieriiidt
I. l.’» I Measure iirifi I’rofii : NV««
7 oo- Hupp;, island
7:.'1U IMm iic Vt»ur \n»w«*r
7. ).» Wall/. Time
.v no Sfa rs of 1 lie Kill lire
N. 110- Kamotis .Jury Trials
!• :00 - i la m I civ
!• .".o—Spotlight Hinds: Interlude
0 :oib- - Karl (lodu :n ^
0:1.7 Darning Discs
o;;;o The Doctor Talks It Over
o:}., A ntlrini < ‘ontimnia Is
1 :(io Yankee Network New*
l Hi 11 a > lit tile
I Mio Pages Dr Melody
1 :5 5—News
ro mokko \s
7:.*50Sa t urday Morning llevielle
s on Yankee Network New s
S .17- Shoppers: tluide; News
!♦:oi» Mreaktast I'luh
o.oo What's Konkin: News
ou Land of th/- Dost
1 :oo - K a ,\ 's (’an it eti
1 .no Saturday Morning Sp*t ial
1:15— <'hatha in Shoper—Anti the
'l’hr«-e Suns
2:00—Kay Armen
1*: 1 f»--*'Hank D'Amico Quartet"
J :.'Mi— News
2:4.7 Melody Time 1
l:oo News Melody Time 1
1:17 It. rnie Mann's Orch. 1
1:.’{0—Treasury Salute j
1:45—Carnival j
2:00 Met I'opolitan opera
II. .- T. a Kt.r Y«»u
.7 17 Salon Orcli. j
7 ::o Hilly Huterflelil
7 47 Hello Svvf'i theurt
CMMi Yankee Network News
5:15 Hairs- Wismer, Sport* 1
Ii ;:n Hits and Hits: News
r. .47—tI u. Labor Show
7:oo Hiue <*tirert»|)onderUM Abroad
7 17 I.da ml Stowe
7:.’to—Meet Your Navy
S:oo— Karl.v American Dance Music
8:30—ItoMtou Symphony i
f»:30- Spotlight hands: Interlude
o on- To Ite Aniiouiii'. il
0 to The Man Cailetl X
1 :no—Yankee Network News
1:17- Shady Valley .Jamboree
New York
• • t • • I
WJfc-77# - WABO-m
WKAr-m — womm
WHN-ltM — WQXft—lt*
I SO—WKAF—Lortmo Jonee
Wolt—Food Forum; Dr.
Walter II. Kddy
WJtr- Chester Bowles
WABC— i>ff Thf Ilecord
1:41 — WKAF -Young Wldder
Hr-'wn i
N\JZ~ flop ilerrigan
W \H(’ HlnK Along Club.
With l#andt Trio
1:00— WKAF—When a Girl Merrier
Wolt Undo Don
WJE—Terry and tho Pirate#
I II- WKAF—Portia Faces Life
Wfiit -riiick Carter
WJZ—Dick Tracy
WABC Feature aitory
l:SO—WAF Just Plain 1)111
W( ill—Superman
WJ/.— Ja< k Armstrong
WA BO— Terry Allen, Song*
i» 45— WKAF—Front Page Farrell
WoK Tom Mix Adventure*
WJZ—Captain Midnight
WABC—Wilderness Hoad
I 00—WKAF—News, D. HollenbecH
WOK—Sydney Moseley
WJZ—News; W. Klernan
WAIJC -News, qulnoy Huwi
1.11—W KAF—Sercnado to
Ameri'a; Sports
WoK— Kamona
WJ7. -Kthel and TAlberi
WABC—I.yn Muray’s ordi.
8.30—WoK—News, Van De\enter
WJZ—Whone War?; Music
WAIJC—Sally Moore, con
8 45 — WEAF—Lowell Thomas
WO It— Sports, Stan Lomax
WJZ- -Peggy Man tv Songs
WABC—World Today; Newt
7.00—WEAF—Perry Como Show
Wi iIt—Fulton Lewis Jr.
WJZ—Happy Island:
I'M Wynn, others
WAIJC—Jack Kirkwood
7:15—WKAF—-John W. Vandercooli
WoK—Tho Answer Man
WAIJC—Saininy Kaye’s Orch.
7:30— WKAF— A1 K<.tn’s Orch.
WoK—Keep Ahead:
Lew Parker
W.IZ The Lone Hanger
WABC—Friday on Broadway
Kay Fenton
7 45—WKAF -if. V. Kaltenbom
h:U0—WKAF—Highways in Mel
ody: Thomas 1.. Thomas
WoK—Cecil Brown
WJZ- Stars of the Future,
Appleton and Field
WAIJC—The Aldrich Family,
Dick Jones
8.15—WoK—Sunny Skylar, Songs
8:30—WKAF— Duffy’s: Ed Gardner*
Hob Graham
WOK—Freedom of
* tpport unity
W.IZ Famous Jury Trials,
dramatic sketch
WAIJC -Adventures of the
Thin Man; News
9 00 - WKAF Waltz Tims:
Frank Munn
Wi >K * JabrlH Hcatter
WJZ— <Jang Busters
WABC- It Pays to be
Ign-.rant. Tom Howard
9 lf. — WoK i:< al Life Stories
5:30—WKAF People Arc Funny;
Art 1.inkle tier
WoK —Double or thing:
W.IZ Spotlight Band:
I >. lb ,'kner. Story
WAIJC - l hat Brewster Boy,
Dick York
0 00 WKAF Amos ’n* And> :
Comedy sketch
W * • I: - o x i n g :
Frit sic* Zivic vs,
Billy Arnold
W.IZ Karl Godwin, News
WAIJC -Jimmy Durante,
Garry Moore
< .15- W.IZ iJob and lime, songs
0:30—WK\F Sports .Bill Stern
W.IZ Doctors Talk It Over
WABC- Stage Door Canto i,
Hire Stevens
0:45—WKAF -To B»* Announced
W.IZ Letter to Service M vU
1 00— WKAF News. Lyle Van
WoK—News, Van Deventer
WJZ -News; Wm. Gallmor
WAIJC—News; quincy Hove
1 15—WKAF—Klclmrd I lark ness
\V( i|(—Herald Tribune new*
WJZ K<»rn Kibblers
WABC -Danny O'Neil. Songs
1:30—WKAF—We Came Tills Wry,
historical scries
WoK Leo Keisman »
< >rch.
WJZ- Page of Melod> :
I »a\ id Chcskin Orch.
WABC Mildred Bailey and
Co.; Paul Baron Orch.
3:0(1—Mary Marlin
3:15 Columbia Mastorwurks of
3 45—News
;00—Service Time—Army Air
4:30—Feature Story
4 45 - Milt Herth Trio
5:00—Sing Along Club
5:30—Terry Allen and tho RofS
Si st ere
5 45— Swing for y*»ur Supper
0:0(R—quincy Howe and the J!ewl
6.15—L> n Murray’s orchestra
and chorus
6:45—Tim World Today
6:55—The Meaning of the News
7 00—< *it W s of Belgium
7:15—Sarnin > Kaye Orch.
7:30 -<'oncer! Hall
8:00—'Fhe Aldrich Family
R;30—Adventures of the Thin Man
8:55—News Highlights—Chat lex
T. Lynch
9 00—It Pays to be Ignorant
!♦:30—Thai Brewiser Hoy
COO— Moore and Durante Program
'1:3 (ft—Voice of the Army
.i:45 Hasten The Day
I:oa—John Daly, News
1 10—Loral News
1:15- Danny O’Neill. Songs
1:30—Mildred Bailey and Co.
Radios Repaired
K.prri Work U Mr
l»l-rRKD IM.k.p
llrll.frr. EillnilM.
DIAL *-1079
R,<lo. Bounin. UM. IlIkkM.
Prln. P.M
W. With All Our Fri.nds

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