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Teem ttitboiit a Plate
(a the greatest boon of modern times. '
wlsY. vou could understand the differ
ence oetween having teeth with a plate
and teeth without a plate. One la firm,
comfortable and lasts a lifetime; the
ther covers the roof of your mouth,
destroys the best part of the taste.
One never falls- down; the other
pften does.
Where it Is necessary to wear a
plate. OR. SYDLEMAN will make you
one thi-t will fit.
I a. m. to p m. Sunday, 10-1.
"Iel on parle Francais."
V Ail work guaranteed.
Marwich, Coma,
Tel. S5J-4. Lady Assistant.
To owners of Automobiles in
Norwich and vicinity :
I am prepared now to paint,
trim, repair and store your
Automobile at a reasonable
price for the winter. Come
and see me.
Cheslnut St
It Makes Wrinkles.
Wrry over ill-health does your
fcea.Ui no yrood, and merely causes
wrinkles, that irii.ke you look older
than you are.
It you tre sick, don't worry, but go
rbout it to make yourself well. To do
this we repeat the words of thousands
of other former sufferers from woman
ly ills, similar to your3, when we say,
5Ss Viburn-0.
It Is a wonderful female remedy, as
you will admit if you try ?,
WrecSww fcw its use are printed In
languages with every bottle. Prlca
$1.25 at druggists.
106 West 129th Street. New York,
Adams Tavern
efTer to the public the finest standard
brands of Beer of Europe and America,
Bohemian. Pilsner, Culmbach Bavarian
J?eer, Bus' Pale and Eurton, Muelr's
ecotch Ale, Guinness' Dublin Stout,
C. A C. Imported Ginger Ale, Bunker
Hill P. B. Ale, Frank Jones' Nourish
ing; Ale. Sterling Bitter Ale, Anhouser.
Eudweiuer, Schlitz and Pabst.
A. A. ADAM, Korwick Tows.
Telephone 417-12. oct6d
Understood Better EachDay
The most successful business man Is
the one who knows every detail cf his
business and does not depend upon a
pull for his success. Each day this Is
better understood. In no business is
detailed knowledge more essential
ha.n. in the Building Trade. If Jou
wAnt en estimate on any work in my
line, I'll be pleased to (rive you the
twaeflt of my many years experience.
General Contacting and Building,
218 Main Street.
Phone 270. auglSd
The Del-Hoff,
H4VES J1UOS.. Proprietors.
Broad it a r, ........ Narwlch, Coaa.
Running Hot and Cold Water.
Rooms Unexcelled. Service Prompt
Tables reserved for Ladiea.
'' ' Go To
Telephone 554-4. septlES
and enjoy a day in the fresh air.
There are lots of beautiful places with
in e.rsy driving distances of Norwich
Gardner's Lake, Bailiy's Ravine, Lan
tern Hill and others. We've got th
teams fo: such trips, and tha prices
wlil be right.
MAHONEY BROS, Falls Avenu.
Caterer and Restaurant,
57 Broadway.
Farrell A Suudcraoa, !.
PPCTAt, RATES to Theatr Troupes,
Traveling; Men. etc. Livery connects-1
lUEllVKEl' feTKEfcVr.
em . T.
-g.. ... Pure Water Company Organized. BRIDGEPORT OFFICIALS
in holly boxes,
Special values
' $5.00 $6.00, $3.50, $10.00
that can stand alone,
Xmas Special $3.93.
$5.00 to $75.00.
each pair in pretty box,
75e, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50.
25c, 39c, 50c, 75c.
in endless variety, all styles, all
Over fifty styles Embroidered
Handkerchiefs at 25c each.
AM Linen Initialed Handker
chiefs Ladies'. Men's 12'. c,
25c each.
' 'Trscfs with US an J Says
Putnam, Conn.
Agents for Standard Patterns.
Lewando's French Liyes and Cl"anser.
Telephone 13-1
Gift Goods
New Year's
Boston Dry Goods
will be sure to please. Prices
will be low and the variety
to select from complete.
Mark-down prices
Cloaks and Furs to -close the
stock in this department.
Make your selection early
while the assortment is good.
New Year's Post Cards
in new designs.
The Boston Dry Goods
Danielson, Conn.
JAMES E. KEECH, Manager.
Wllt'.v you want to put your bunl-iit-ss
hei'oi-fi tiie oubiic, there is no me
dium better tliuu through the advertis
ing columns of The Bulletin.
THF.B ts no sflverrisinit mefiiuot l
Ea:er:i l onnsct icut equal to tbm ui
tolln t'Jt bualncaa uaiUUL
The Xew Haven Pure Water com
pany lias filed a certificate of incor
poration. The company will begin busi
ness with $3.fl(H, the full amount of
the -authorized capital stock. The in
corporators are John B. Onriington.
Kzekiel S. Bronson and Burnside Win
alow of Xew Haven.
- Industry Moves to Meriden.
The Art Metal Novelty company,
which is to move to Meriden from
Hartford, makes jewel cases and other
articles of sott metal. Much of itJ
casting has bun dore by the E. Miii'-r
company of Meriden, which forms an
additional reason for the removal of
the business.
Please Read This
It is from a Brooklyn wom
an who uses P. & G.
Naphtha Soap.
"I cannot express my thanks for the
introduction of this valuable soap. It
is miraculous. It formerly took me al
, most all day Monday to wash. Novv,
I am entirely through by eleven o'clock.
I cannot tell you how much easier my
work is. I talk of it to all my friends
and feel I should like all housekeepers
in our city who wash so hard with
other soups to know of this wonderful
Note particularly the state
ment: "I am entirely through
by eleven o'clock".
Are you through then?
You should be. You will
be, if vou use P. & G. Naph
tha Soap.
P. & G. Naphtha Soap
is for sale in almost every
grocery in this city.
The price 13
' 5 cents a cake. Ja
yourself from high prices and
other injustices to your pocket
book. Commence the New
Year with a resolve to sup
ply your grocery wants.
The Danielson Cotton Co. Store,
2 IBS jljj "jj
Tinware, Crockery, Glassware, Etc,
Qanicison, Putnam, FViOosup.
The Sale a ill begin Saturday and continue one week,
ami lots of BJG BARGAIN'S will be offered all articles
worth 5 to IO cents. ,
Take your choice in the window for only 3 cents.
More pieces will be added to the Sale each day, so come
every day during the Sale.
Remember one week only, beginning Saturday, January 2,
closing Friday, January 8.
For Fine rrg
Make Requisitions for Fat Sums for
City Expenses.
City Engineer. McXenna of Bridge
port has made requisition upon the
bourd of apportionment for a total ap
propriation of lt.431 for the conduct
of his liepartmeitf for the next fiscal
year, included iiwliiih is a special
item of $2," forgetting the line sand
grade for 4,he new Congress street
The items of the requisition are:
Salaries ixi per ordinance, J10.2UO: two
rod'.nen and two chairmen at $2 per
day, ?2.4!t:i: field supplies, $200: ear
fare, $400; ofhe supplies, 2.iU; instru
ment, $1S.",; monuments, $2f0. The
grand total is $16,431. or ST.,431 more
than the appropriation made for the
current year.
The board of library directors re
quest the usual appropriation of the
approximate equivalent of the proceed
of a one-quarter mill t;:x, itemized as
follows: New book", $3,300: binding
51,200: periodicals and papers, Jl,20ti;
fuel. $7U0: light and power. $1,100;
salaries. $8,300; library supplies. $".(0;
printiu and stationery, $900; insur
ance M books, $2So: furniture, repairs
mvl general expense, $1,270; total. $19.
230. An appropriation of $220 is requested
by the board of selectmen and- item
ized as follows: Seven clerk:! for four
days at $3 per fifty. 140; advertising,
$5- meals, $20; stationery and stamps,
Offered Advantages of Night Courses
at Sheffield.
rr. Russel H. Chittenden has an
nounced that the Sheffield Scientific
school will continue durine- the early
part of the comir.ar year its evening
courses to the mechanics of New Ha
ven, said courses to be oien to such,
persons as may wish to tf.ke advan
tfse of the opportunity and who are
qualified- to undertake the work in
The courses to re offered, as stated
in the earlier circular of Oct. 17. lltoS.
are: (1i mechanical -drawina;: (2) ma
chine deiRn: ") steam and steam en
pines: (4) practical electricity: (5i
practical mechanics: .(!) memlstry ;s
appiied to the ensit'.e and hoiler room
Kach of fiese courses will consist o:
twenty exercises, pnverinsr a period of
ten weeks. The ises will he riven
on Tuesday and Thursday e venires,
fro ni7.30 to -9. commencing- on tiie
evening- of Tnesd-iv. .Tho. 13. 3iid coe
eluriinsr Mareh ?r. Tiie evereises will
be held iii Winchester hall in Prnsrfct
feners of the courses in elemen
tary drnwine and practical niathemai
ic now beine wiven may ree-ister lv
hnndine" their nflines to the instructor
in cbsrere of the course the-- are nnw
j4tten.-;iiie-. with slatement of the par
ticular course or courses thc-y desire
to take.
Store Co.
Putnam, Conn.
A. H. Armington Only Remaining Ser
geant of Battery A Society Dance
on New Year's Eve Watch Night
at Methodist Church.
Dr J. Ti. Shannon ha returned from
a visit at Falls Village.
Mrs. H. J. Burbank is seriously ill
at her home on the West Side .
Peter Cirard of Providence was in
Danieslon Thursday.
Christopher Gilligan has gone to
Stafford Springs as head of the ac
counting department of a manufactur
ing company.
Boss Dyer at Auburn.
Martin Welch left Thursday for Au
burn. N. Y, to enter the employ of
a mill company as boss dyer. Mr.
Weldu has been with the Plainfield
Woolen company and Central Worsted
company in similar capacity. His
family remains in Danielson for the
Thomas Ayivvard commences his
connection with a firm of Boston
chemists Monday as a traveling sales
man. His territory will cover a good
part of southern New Kngland.
Only Sergeant of Battery Left.
A. H Armington was at Oneco on
Thursday to attend the funeral of
Sergeant Johnson, with whom he
served during the civil war as a
member of Battery A. First Rhode Is
land light artillery.
Mr. Armington is the only sergeant
remaining of all those who served in
the battery, which fought with re
markable gallantry at the battle of
Gettysburg and in various other im
portant struggles.
John Healey remained seriously ill
Thursday at his home on School
Society Event on Thursday Evening
The Patronesses.
The passing of the old year and the
coming of the new was signalized by
an unusually pretty social event
Thursday evening in Wood's hall. The
affair was a private dance, arranged
by Percy Hatch and Sydney Marland
of Panielson, Sabin S. Russell of Day
ville, Arthur Atwood, Jr, of Waure
gan and Lucius Cranska of Mooeup.
The decorations of the hall were of
red. green and yellow draperies, and
the effect was accentuated by the use
of fir trees and laurel. A list of twen
ty numbers was danced. Music was
by Rudolph Hall's orchestra of Put
nam. Nriie patronesses were Mrs. J.
Arthur Atwood. Mrs. F. A. Jacobs,
Mrs. W. P. Hatch, Mrs. Clarence
Hatch and Mrs C. A. Russell. A Wor
cester catertr served refreshments.
Important Game With Windham High
Windham high school's basketball
team comes to Danielson today (Tues
day) to play Killingly high school. The
game will count in the standing of
the Inierscholastic league.
Surprise Visit for Pastor.
Rev. F. W. Armstrong was given a
surprise party by members of his
church at his home on Reynolds
street Wednesday evening
Joint Installation
McGregor post. O. A. R-. and Mc
Gregor Woman's Relief corps have ar
ranged for a joint installation of of
ficers, at which some of the state de
partment officers are expected to be
Methodists Hold Praise Service, Bap
tism and Testimony Meeting.
Many tnolc advantage of the op
portunity to attend the watch night
service at tiie Methodist church on
Thursday evening. opening at nine
o'clock with an orchestral programme
the three hours until midnight were
divided into two sessions. A song
service and preaching by Rev. W B.
Greene of East Killinaly were includ
ed in the first session. At intermis
sion refreshments were served.
The second session opened with a
song service, followed by the admin
istering of the sacrament of baptism,
and reception of a number of members
into the church. This was followed
bv a sermon delivered by the pastor,
Rev. R. S. Cushman. The service
closed with a "testimony and praise
service, which concluded 'a minute aft
er the coming of midnight with greet
ings of Happy Now Year, and the
singing or a song oi praise out ui
I doors.
Will Be Able Soon to Install Ninety-
six New Looms in Big Addition
Within two weeks the construction
of the addition to the Danielson Cot
ton company's mill will be so tar ad
vanced as to permit installing tne
ninety-six looms now iiousea m tne
small addition which is being built
around and which will be torn down
as soon as the new part is so far
completed as to permit the transfer
of the looms. Alter this change is
made the second part of th new ad
dition will be built and should be com
pleted and the machinery in opera
tion earlv in the spring.
Work on the cement floor in the
hasement has been held up by tne
cold weather, but it will be resumed
as soon as the building is closed in
and can be. heated.
Ralnh Sewall has returned from a
satisfies. If you were half as
carefuf when baying flour as
you-are in what you make of
it, theri you'd know no baking
Ceresota Flour
is the first step to a better
bigger whiter loaf.
visit with friends in Boston.
The Bohvmian cluo corporation will
hold its annual meeting next week.
T. A. B. Society's Dane for Conven
tion Fund Willi Collfna ta FUraraa
Wrestling Matoh Contributions to
Italian Relief Fund.
In Odd Fellows' hall Thursday even
ing many Putnamitea watched th
New Tear's birth whileattendina; the
first annual ball.under the auspices of
St. Aloysius' T. and A. B. society.
Music was by Bley and Pepler's or
chestra. The proceed of the dance
will m to a fund that la being creat
ed to entertain the state convention of
the Catholic, temperance societies,
which will be held in Putnam next
Watch Night at Barrack.
A watch night service was held at
the Salvation Army headquarters on
Thursday evening; that waa well at
tended. The Passion Play was the attraction
Thursday at the Bradley theater, and
large audiences attended afternoon and
Schools in the town of Putnam HI
reopen Monday fur th winter term.
Collins to Referee Match.
Willie Collins, the Central Villa
wrestler, is expected to act a refer
at the Hanson-Padello contest in thie
city this (Pridayj afternoon.
Postoffic Houra Today.
The postofflce will be closed Irom
noon until 5.30 today. The money or
oer division will be closed all day. City
carriers will make one delivery and
the rural free delivery service will b
suspended for the day.
Local friends of John Healey wiU
regret to learn of his serious illne( at
his home in Danielson.
George Farley of Providence Is vis
iting friends in Putnam.
Membership Now Over 800.
Over six hundred persons have join
ed the Putnam Social and Athletia
club. The membership was swelled
Thursday by about two hundred addi
tions. A team of Webstar bowelrs earn
down to Putnsm Thursday evening t
roll against a Putnam team on th U
ion block alleys.
. Masses at St. Mary'a Churoh.
At St. Mary's church today the reg
ular services in honor of the Feast of
the Circumcision will be held. Th
first of the several masses was cali
brated at 5 o'clock this momitia;.
Contributing to Italian Fund.
Generous Putnamitas hare forwa4-
ed to Lee-Hitiruson & Co. of Boston
ton contributions t the fund for th
relief of the sufferers in Italy's .rh-
quake zone.
New in General.
Robert Hurley of Hartford, tnemfcar
of the state police, was in Putnam a
Danielson on business Thursday.
Southbridge, one of the nearby town
that recently voted no license, has or
ganized an aati-saloon league which la
to make a continuous war against th
sallon. in an endeavor to keep th tw
in the dry column.
Irving Brothers' orchestra played at
North Grosvenordal Thursday evenina?
and Hail's orchestra at Danielson.
T. T. Dwyer of 'Webster wa tfc
guest of Putnam relatives Thursday.
There will be a large numfcer of via-,
itors in Putnam today, to spend t
New Tear with friends an ralatlr.
Danbury. The Hotel Oreeai I
lUhted by electricity f it o
Hartford. Th Hartford lodge
Elks kept open - house for Elks only
Thursday night.
Waodbridoe. J. J Baldwin autekso
ed a hog the past week thai wlgh4
four hundred pounds.
Canaan. Ice cutting has begun ia
Canaan and Riverton, The ice at ta
latter place is 111 inches thick.
Milford. Bishop Brewster wttl tr
in Milford on Sunday and will prear
the morning sermon in fit. Patera
Derby. The Derby ari. T. O. K,
Is planning for a big smoker to take
place on January 7, the third annaul
held by the order.
Old Saybrook. W;lliam prka ha
returned t-o his duties at Neir London
after spending the hmHd.y with hlfl
parents in Oyster river.
Whitneyville. The Rev. Vr. Mtn
E. Phillips, pastor of th Congix"
tional church, was suddenly taken ill
Saturday night with pneumonia and- I
in a dangerous condlMon.
New Britain. President William T.
Lange of the United Germa societie
has been presented by that organisa
tion a handsome cut rlasa et in apy
precialion of his services aa president.
New Hartforrf. The Trout Brok
Ice Co., which leases th Greenwoods
pond, is making preparation t be
gin to gather th Ice harvest. Th io
on the pond variea from aix to tn
Norwalk Th director f tt
South Norwalk public library hav
pasted a resolution endorsing M's
Abigail H. Farren fr her tine work
and success while in charg of the
South Norwalk library tor ightrn
Bridgeport. Eighteen member nf
the '47 or "Half Century" clttb assem
bled Wednesday evening at the Str.it
field hotel and enjoyed thei- anr'ial
banquet at the completion o'- a brief
business meeting. Peter 'W. Wru
Avon. Nicholas von Eisen has com
plained to Grand Juror W. Z. Cow'es
of the depredations committed by d"r
on his premises. He says that the deer
have entirely ruined $-'5 .worth -,f
young plum trees which he set dit
last year.
Nw Havana-Mayor Martin an
nounced the appointment of lexan'l -r
Troup, Jr., to the civil service bos i d,
the appointment to take eff'ct on
1. The term under the charter pro
vision is for six years. Mr. Troup is
to succeed1 Dr. E. Reed Whitteino; ,
whose term expires on New 1 ear's ev-.
Windsor Locks. Dominioo Alfono,
who conducted a fruit store in t'n
Barrett blor-s, started about two
months ago for his native horn in 'a
labria. Leo Yiala. who conducts th
store in his aoisence, says it is prob
able Alfono is among the mining.
Yiala has numerous relatives living
where the earthquake took place.
Oakvili. Edward Kennedy, an 18
year old boy who attends the high
sis'iool at Watertown, has Invented a
machine for removing snow from ic.
The machine ia V-shaped and it i at
tached to the rear of a bieycl. In 'r
der that the -bicycle will not werv
when it is propelled n th to B-naj
sttnclM-d thin chains to ts fat
"... v,ivJ. 't ..A-

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