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VOL' LI. NO. 6.
With Ceremonies More Striking in Many Re
spects than Ever Before
Escorted by Foot and Horse Guards from Executive Man
sion to the Capitol Unusual Interest Taken in the
Proceedings First Day's Session of Legislature a
Business-Like One Adjourned to Tuesday.
Hartford, Conn.. Jan. 6 The new
executive and administrative govern
ment of Connecticut was inducted into
office in the capitol today with cere
monies which, though following prece
dent for many years, were mo.-e ptrik.
ing in many respects than ever before.
The Oath Administered.
Governor Liliey took the oath of of
fice administered by Chief Justice
Baldwin,'. before an audience which
taxed the ea parity of the house cham
ber, while many scores of persons
crowded; about the doors seeking- ad
mission, anxious to see and to hear
an executive in whom there has been
and is uncommon interest. It was well
into the atternoon before the joint
convention of the general assembly
.- (j. t -
of Wateibury,
Will heht. to attend upon the Rov-error,
snad it was dusk before the large fe-atii-i
erimr filed out of the chamber.
Beth Branches Organized by Noon.
Both branches had roropleted their
lise.imtuary work of organizing by noon
; end tlv;n followed a :onjr lie ay because-
ths governor's escort bafl a long iimrrh
ut to the executive mansion to re
I reive the new governor and conduct
: 5:iin ta the capitol.
' Entrance to the Chambers,
i 1'pon arrival at the south portico the
i. Toot Guards were drawn up along1 tin?
F-ipproacho-j and the line was extended
through the building to the executive
office. The sun shone brightly iipaa
F' t- military bodies ts Oavernir VTcn
ruff and Govervov-elect Liliey 'eft their
! carriage and the salute from the fieid
' 'ir'a was just living away as they
(entered the oaoitol amid the cheers of
friht many spectators nii'l the waving c
(f-hand-k-erchiefa by h women. Next
(f"me Brigadier Genera! Cole, tbe sec-
.retarles of the two governors, and then
t nhe staff officers, headed by Majors
r-T'Aeodore Roosevelt and Lyon of the
Ftwo staffs. Other officers followed
f-?.tefcnf line, with the music of the bntils
In their ears, the member? of both
rirancTsps had riflied into tlieir rlin.ni
, oeiK and passed the h'-'cessu ry resotu
ifflfons which finally brought about the
" Joint conyrnlion. Sealed directly.. :n
'Itronr of the ."leaker' desk were Mrs.
I. jjjlley, wife of the new governor. Mr:;.
'-f JlleT, bis mother, and other jnemhe.s
' 'of ITie family and persona! fnnd.
0Muoh Interest Shown in Major Roose
1 velt.
A harfi fell over the e tlierlnsr ns the
S-evTinounrement wis maie of the ap
"JiBMieh ef th incoming officers, and.
by llhh Sl- riff 7e y of H.i'tforJ
ecty. (i'A-ei'ners V.'oof"ru"7 "d I.'iley
rmiked in. followed by Secretary of
.ate Matthew Rogers. State Tress-r-firey
I'atten and ('o:i,p:ro11er Brad'-treet
fin4 the jusnce-j of the supreme couil
tfcf rrors. nil of whom took at ur"''
' he platform. The simiT officers had
featf Jut iiicide the door and within
Ve e.:Trer a well outside Hiere
as raueh Interest shown In Major
rtfonevelr, who bore the scrutiny of
tieHredi of pairs of eyes with poo.l
Reading ef the Message.
1 .teut.-fiovejnor Veeks, who a short
tJtne before liart been sworn in by
Chief Jiisti.-e Baldwin, inusided, and
r-e!romed il r. Iilley. who was pre
nted to the general assembly amid
much applause. The oath was admin
istered and Governor Liliey began the
of Middletown,
Uautuaiit-Uovi iiuf.
B noifcer
tit bis lne.isage. (glinted In
lag of this isaei. He did
a clear tine truuahoat. al-
tin In
thvug-h towards the end it was a slight
titlii, as forty-three lulnutes wte
i)cal te cover it, Hla words of per
onal e-eetOiK to the members and his
I'Pfal for eo-operation and aid In
famine tip the taska before the uri
runlstra.tten K'ere lmpr'SsivNr liven.
After rerenfHlJ the Kriinf of
thee but hies the joint eanvenlien
was dissolved and the party returned
to the executive chambers where a
short reception was held.
First Day's Session Businesslike.
The first day's session was a busi
nesslike one. considering the very
large proportion of new members. The
senate was more expeditions than the
house, due mainly to the readiness of
.Senator Searls to infer the usual res
olutions nededeil to l'tilly equip the
body for business.
Lieut.-Governor Weeks Takes Oath.
Senator Brooks of Torrinston had
presided until l.ieut.-Covernor Weeks
appeared anil took ilie oath. The lat
ter quickly showed his familiarity with
senate procedure. In accepting the
greeting of the senate, t lie lieutenant
governor said: "In assuming the du
ties and responsibilities of the office
to which I have been chosen by the
electors of ihe state 1 do so w ith feel
ings of pleasure together with feel- I
ings of uncertainty. Of pleasure in i
lieing' associated with members of this j
honorable body sole, ted by an intelli-
pent electorate and clothed with an- !
tliorityto legislate for the protect ion, j
t lie prosperity and happiness of our
grant! old commonwealth: and with)
feelings of uncertainty oi ing to Ihel
consciousness n. my limita t ions and!
lack of exiieri.Mu e. Hut in the per- '
foriuauce id' the duties of the offh e I j
will promise yon my best efforts and j
shall endeavor to be aUvays just and
impartial. I therefore ask oi;r helji
and consideration to the ends that the
business of me session of the legis
lature may be expedited. Mav we not
indulge in the lioj.e that this session i
of H'O!) shall ut its ('lose be classed '
as one of the shortest and a!so as
one of the b.-st as resards the quality I
of its legislation and thereby meet !
the approbation of the people of our ;
"Smtors, permit me to express the j
desire tiiat the feeling of regard which
we now entertain towards one another!
may soon ripen hr.o friendship, and !
when liie da vs of oar legislative ac- '
tivity shali hav- ...isst-d you may recall -
them with a feeiiug of .'-atisfaclion and ;
Aid for Earthquake Sufferers.
The sum total of new business of the i
day w ; the passajji by the house of ;
a resolution to appropriate nim for !
the earthquake sntieiers. AVhich the I
senate tabled until the next session. ;
senator l.ntlier. who :nnao this motion,
thought te emerge::, y had passed, and
he fuitr believed that the gift of
two millions bv this country as good
1 i .,
of Kridgejjort.
State Secretarv,
evidence of the sympathy alreudv ex- ,
tended to the sufferers. His reason i
for tabling was that tile matter had '
been hastily introduced.
Senatorship Caucus Next Tuocday:
The rani us on the senatorship will '
be held next Tiiday afternoon. I'ol-
lowing a session of hot lo'anehes at
which the committees will tie annonnc- I
ed. ;
Gov. Woodruff's Parting Word.
Governor Woodruff, as his parting!
word to the state as an rxo, miip. sent :
it message re.-ommending consideration '
of the matter of the taxation of oyster !
grounds within the state limits. The I
matter was placed on the table to' be
taken ur later. !
In the senate the parting tribute to !
Lieutenant Governor Lake was the in- j
VitatlOn tf him to sit hesi.le the new- I
offlcr of his rank. A few minutes
later he stepped down and into private ;
life. .
Inaugural Ball a Brilliant Affair. j
The crowning event of the day was '
the inaugural ball at the armory this
evening, which proved to be one of tile
most. brilliant affairs of tlio l ature ever i
held. Governor Lilley and Mrs. Liliey. j
with many of their personal friends' ,
from towns of the state and elsewhere, i
received. The staff officers and the I
higher officers of the National Guard !
of the state added the brilliancy of
golJ lace to the occasion. i
Socially this was the beginning of a !
season which is already looked forward
to with much expectancy.
Choice of Speaker, Senate
Clerks, Minor Officials
to Tuesday.
Hartford. Jan. fi. The senate was
called to order at 10.S0 by Secretary
of State Theodore Bodenwein. Brav
er was offered by the Rev. J. Frederick
Sextorij who was afterwards elected
chaplain. The secretary called the
roll of members of the senate. The
oath was administered to the senators
by Secretary Uoileuueln.
The tlrsi bosintss was the election
of cleik. There were thirty votes cast,
all of wtaeii were for John A. Spaf
ford. The announcement by the sec
retary of suae o Mr. jjpiffurd's elec
tion was received with applause. He
was sworn into office by the secre
tary. Elected President Pro. Tem.
The senate tok a vote for president
pro ten. Senator B!ek;e of- the
ftfil - .fa; . 'XT ' J
Ninth presented the name of Senator
Isa; AV. Brooks of Torriiigton for
president pro tem. There were thirty-
two votes cast, all of which were for
Senator Brooks. The senator, when
Clerk Spafford announced his election,
took his place at the president's desk
and accepted the position of president
pro tem. in a r;ell received ' speech.
Other Offcials Elected.
The Rev. J. Frederick Sexton of
New Haven was elected chaplain by
a unanimous vote. John '. Hughes
of Hartford and K. V. ISuhlwin of
New Haven were' elected messengers
by a unanimous vote.
The following doorkeepers were
elected: Fred M. AVright of Ashford,
William Humphrey of Danliury, Oscar
F. Perkins of AVinsted, James Mc
Kendrick of-stonington. K. H. Clark
of Saybrook and Charles K . Hunt of
Resolutions Passed.
A resolution was passed raising a
committee of two senators to canvass
the vote for senators. Senators
Bowers of the Fourteenth and Shan
ley of the Kleventh district were ap
pointed on the committee.
The amendment tales of last ses
sion were adopted.
The joint rules of the senate and
house of last session were adopted.
Committee Reports.
The committee on canvass of votes
reported that the canvass made by
the canvassing board was correct. The
report was accepted and the canvass
ordered on file in the office of the
state secretarv.
Ready fcr
A r-solution was
passed appointing
a commit I "o to notify the house that
tile senate was organized and lvady
to do business. Senators has of the
Fifteenth and Middleton of the
Seventh district? were appointed on
the committee.
Senators Middleton and Shanley,
were appointed a committee to assign
seats to reporters and places to door
keepers. Ke.o!uiions were passed authorizing
the clerk to have l.",i) copies of the
of Stafford.
State Treasurer,
journal prinued daily and at the end
of th session ti.'aj copies for disiribu-
i tion. instruct ing- the messengers to
j distribute mail matter: authorizing tlio
, -ierl:. to have the lk:'. of bills printed.
and to publish the legislative bulletin
i daily: ai.tborizing- the comptroller tb
; furnish members jrh copies of the
general statutes. !
Senators I'enii,. Peck. Hurley amjl
i Courtney were appointed on the comt
i mitte'e on the canvass, of votes for staffs
! nfticcrs. .
A resolution was jiassed allow ing the
commilte -on incorporations .thV use-of
! the senate ante loom. 1
A; resolution was nasseil -suspending
. the daily reading of the journal and
the calling of the "roll.
A comnii'tfee. from the lToiise aii
nonnced that the house was ready lot
business. : '''.'
! Senator Fenn, for the committee on
I the canvass of votes for state oflicers.
j mad'' a report and offered resolutions
j declaring the officers elected. The re-
port .was accepted and the resolutions
I passed. Ml the motion of Senator
' Fenn the report and resolutions were
i immediately transferred.
Senator Luther, for the committee
I to wait on the retiring governor, re-
ported that his excellency hid no fur
i ther communication to in a We to the
j general assembly, on the motion of
Senator Searls th report wos iinme
I diately transmitted to the house.
! A resolution was passeil raising- a
. commit lr of one senator and two rep
resentatives to inform the gpvernor
1 eic,-t of his election. Senator Klakes
J lec was aor,ointvd as the committee.
! Senator Lathr.or vas appointed on
I the committee of one senator and two
i representative to inform th- state of
; lier-rs of their election.
I Senators A 'sop and Turner wer ap
; pointed en the committee to notify tin
; lieutenant-governo-elect of his elec
; tion.
To Caucus for United States Senator.
j Senator Blakesiee prtsented a noti'-e
i from the republican caucus stating
I that a joint ea ecus of t ho senate anil
house will be held Tuesday next at Z
; o'clock in the afternoon for the pur-
l-ose of i omin.iting a candidate for
United States .senator.
The house was called to order at,
1 1Ji" by the retiring speaker. John y.
I Tilson. of New Haven. Prayer was
j offered by te Rev. Frank Countryman
of Stony Creek, the choice of the gen
i oral caucus for chaplain.
Representative Scott of Plvmouth
- A
v'i- y;c-;.
A So;- ic;,J,J '.
uf Thoniaston.
and Kirpicsei'ittitive L. M Cluiiin of
e,v London wire appointed tenifc
raiy clerki.
Election of Speaker.
Preliinuiary to the taking of I be
liallot for stiea.ker Mr. Tilson appoint
ed Mr. Have, of Wa terburv. K. K. Ful
ler of Tolland. Simeon Tease of Fair
field and .Cheirle W. Scoville of Ha l-
( "?.
! ;
it t '
Creditors Seize
Cut a Dashing Figure in Paris for
Years Formerly Known in America
as "Cheiro, the Palmist."
Pari?, Jan. fi. "Count" Louis Hfl
mon, formerly known in America and
Kurope at "Chei-io. the Palmist." and
before that as plain John Warner, is
a,' fugitive from France tonight, and
the entire American and Knglisii col
ony is discussing one of the most me
teoric and mysterious careers which
ever dazzled Parisian society.
Scores of Creditors Appear.
Ilimoti is charged with embex.lo
ment. and his symptuous offices, where
iie edited a newspaper called The
American and conducted a bank and
other enterprises f which Americans
loaned capital, are bare and empty,
scores of creditors having descended
and seized ever thing. The com
plainants against Hunou are Mrs. Ju
lia. P.. Newell and Miss Josephine Po:u
eroy. formerly ofXew York, hu; . now
residents of Paris, who claim that they
turned over to Ilamon stocks to the
market value of .".(in.0')0. on whii-h
Hamon agred' to raise a loan through
London banks of Jl r,o.rttin. They al
lege, however, that Hamon neither ne
gotiated the loan nor returned the
slock, in consequence of which they
began a criminal action against the
Hamon bank.
Hamon had been a dashing figure in
Paris since his arrival la-re six years
ago. He lived in costly apartments in
the Pue Jin Bois Tie liollogne. Con
'birrable mystery, atla'-hes to his titl".
which ha been questioned. He claim
ed to h.4e inherit"d it from bis father,
who ri'ifived it from the pope. The
man's rf al name is said to be 1 K.
dam as tellers.
The ballJt resulted as
Whole number of
Nccc.-sary for r hole
otes. . . .
.2 it ;
.121 ;
Lhnore S. Ranks
Richard T. liisgrns .in
William J. yialor.e 3
Mr. Banks was declared elected and
Mr. Malone of Bristol and Mr. I-Iig-gins
of Winchester were appointed to
wait upon Mr. Ranks, inform him of
his election, and escort him to the
Message from Governor Weodruff.
Charles I-.". J uliii.. exe.-ul i e secretary
of tile retiring governor, announced, a
communication from. Governor Wood
ruff. It was a soecial message, some
thing quite unusual . to come from the
retiring executive on this day. It r
lati (i to ii(. oyster grounds of the s:ste
and 'advocated taxation of tnem as .is
cone in Rhode Island and som. other
states. . . ,
Clerk Biodqett Elected.
A hnllot was taheH for t:'o ele.-iion
of a clerk, and Vali um 1 1. HUeigeft 'f
Winchester uas chosfii. receiving 1 -l
out of votes. I'layton Klein r"-
i-eied IS and Saiiu S. RusseJI :;. Mr.
Blodgett was assistant clerk last ses
sion. Assistant Clerk.
A resolution appointing Sab'n S
Rr ell of Killingh- asb-.ant cie-k -.v;.
" of Killingiy.
Assistant Clerk of House.
presented b- Mr.
and was ariooted.
tered the oath.
Scott of Plymouth
The clerk adminis-
Mr. Scott also presented a resolution
appointing the Kev. Frank c.mnt,..
nian of Stony Creek to he the house
chaplain. It wa.s udopted.
The rules governing the house of
1 97 were adopted.
Committee to Senate.
Tiie speaker appointed Mr. Hayes of
Watrrbtiry and .Mr. Tingier of Vernon
a committee to inform the senate that,
the honse was organized and ready or
Mr. Hail of Wi'.lington. resolution
appointing the following as messen
gers: Charles If. Hammer, Wethers
field. Hartford county: O. C. Hot,
Bethlehem, Litchfield county; A. N.
Vaughn. Pomfret. Windham county;
F. N. Taylor. Lebanon, New London
A similar resolution named the fol
lowing doorkeepers: Julius l Wilder.
Kssex. Middlesex county; Wallace T.
Horsfall. Bethany. New Haven coun
ty: George I". Sherwood. Weston. Faii
f'eld countv: It. B. Horton. T'nion.
I Tolland county: Harry L. Hayden. Fl-
liugton. Tolland county: William
Swain, Humden, New Haven county.
Canvass of Votes.
"The speaker appointed the following
ss a committee on canvass of votes
Messrs. D'Fsopo of Hartford. Wit it on
of Now London. Carr of Bridgeport ,
I'isk of Branford. Tibbits of Norwich.
Mack of Portland. Buckley of I'nion,
Kyle of New Miiford. This commit
tee proceeded immediately to its duties
and shortly afterward jeporred fee
election of officers of the slat".
Mr. Hall of Wiiiinofn. Mr. Peck of
Stratford .md Mr. Rockwell of Bristol
were appointed to canvass the vote for
state senators.
From Retiring Governor.
The committee to ait on the re
tiling governor and inquire as to his
fun her pleasure was apnoqitid by the
speaker fund were Mr. Bifhcp of New
Haven and. Mr. Higgin of Winchester
The coinniitte- reported that his ex
cellency had nofiiiig farther tj offer.
$5,000 for Earthquake Sufferers. -.
Mr. F.l.-hop of New Haven offered 'a
resolution Thar the : bouse inakeT an'
appropriation of $5 nn fir the earth
quake sufferers .in Italy, yr. .Loos of
Wif t . f IS i
Condensed Telegrams
Rear Admiral Barnett, superintend
ent of the naval observatory, is re
ported critically i.
The English Government's Advicts
from Peking Indicate that foreign in
terests are in danger.
Tuberculosis Costs the State of New
York $.i.0ea,um). the economic value
of lives lost annually. x
Mah Hong, a Chinaman, was hang
ed at Ma -l.eod, Alberta, by Kadcliffe,
Canada's offcial hangman.
Argument Was Made Bfefore the
house committee in favor of a court
of appeals to hear patent cases.
Yellow Fever Is Again Epidemic in
the state of Vttcatan, Mexico, and a
number of deaths are reported daily.
C. J. Farson, District Manager of a i
life insurance company at Amoy. Chi- J
na lommitted suicide by shooting. !
W. I. Buchanan, special commis- j
sioner from Washington, was present
ed to Gomez, president of Venezuela.
Miss Katharine Root, a relative of j
Secretary Root, died of convulsions as :
the result of an automobile accident.
President-elect Taft Commends the
movement to raise half a million dol- '
iars for the Lincoln Memorial univer-
The House Committee having in I
charge the various a ppropriat ion hills I
is busily occupied with hearings and
meetings. i
It Is Possible that President Roose
velt will appoint an an'.i-liryan dem
ocrat to the federal bei.ch in North
Carolina, e
Orville J. Wright Declares that it '
i: impracticable to biuld airships large
enough to supplant passenger ships
and trains. !
It Is Reported at Reggio that an ,
Kngos'i sneaking family met death ;
in th" collapse of the Hotel Central
in that city.
Three Congressional Election con- i
tests from South Carelips were de-
eided by the committee in (avr of
sitting democrats.
The Naval Bureau Has Outlined
plans for 2.'i.ai)H-ton battleship '
larger than any thus fnr authorized t
for the American tiavv. i
The Plant of the Puget Sound Mills j
and Timber Co.. said to be the biggest j
shingle mill in the world, was burned, j
The damage is about f 41 Ti.ftuft.
Report of a Revolutionary Outbreak
in Manchuria has been received at
Amoy. where it i said troops have
despatched to queel the rebels.
Cabled Paragraphs
Lisbon. Jan. "Maria Pia. the queen
dowager, is seriously ill wit ii an in-j
testinal di.-order.
Tokio. Jan. i. It is. understood a
meet in? of prominent members of the i
empire held at the residence of I'ounti
Koiiiuta. minister of foreign affairs. !
at his invitation. toda voted
,-r si.niai en ( J pi. :,iia i te .vj.rd toe
lief id toe sntforers in Iteiy.
Tal.ahuano. Chili, Jan. ti. The of-'
fivers of the Anifrican Pari'e- fiei-t are
! ing hospitaly entertained. Many 1
officers have isited Conee; i imi the
canhal of the province, and have been j
entertain" d there. The protected i
cruiser Colorado, which has been fol- i
lowing the other vessels of the fleet,
iias arrived.
' " " t
Attempted Criminal Assault Upon
South Carolina Farmer's Wife.
I.xintn:i. S. c.. Jan. . Reports
have just reacii"d here of the lynch- ;
ing of an unknown ngro in Lexir.g-
ton county about four miles north of '
here, toiiigiit. The reported lynching ,
followed an attempted criminal as-
sault upon Mrs. Thomas Wingard. age i
53. tile wife of a prominent farmer. :
The neighborhcod was aroused when ;
news of the attempted assault became '
known and a posse was firmed to pur- '
sue the negro. Sheriff P. 11. Corley
also Wowed with bloodhounds. i
Returning citizens said that the ne-
gro had been captured, indicating by ;
their planner rather than by their j
sp Pch that he w as lynched. i
For Earthquake Sufferers Reaches
Close to Half Million Dollars.
j Washington. Jan. (.Today's re
I ceipts of funds at the headquarters of
i the American National Red Cross so
j ciety for the Italian earthquake suf
I ferers brought the total subscriptions
j close to half a million dollars. Red
cross branches and individuals in IS
1 different states contributed to make
up the J9.f).i2 received today. The ex
act amount received by the Red Cross
ii-otii all sources to date is $497,820.
Battleship Georgia Was Refloated With
But Little Damage.
Port Said. Jan. . The battleship
Georgia went aground . on her -.vav
through the canal. She was refloated
and does not appear to have been dam
aged. She is expected here at mid
night with the Nebraska and New Jer
sey. Japanese Count Toda Attempts Suicidi
Tokio. Jan. 6. Count Toda, whose
engagement to a royal princess was
recently cancelled because of the dis
covery that hi had been married whil"
a student at Cambridge. KnglanoY and
who divorced his wife after iiis return
to Japan, today attempted to commit
suicide by taking poison. The attempt
was unsuccessful. The count has been
deprived of his seat in the upper
house. .
the same city moved an amendment
making the amount $10.0"). The
amendment was lost. Mr. Bishop and
Mr. Loos spoke in favor of the resolu
tion. Mr. Bishop saying that Rho.lr
Island had appropriated tl'I.AnA and
asking t -at the appropriation be made
under suspension of the rules. Mr.
Huim of Windham favuraj the resolu
tion, saying that '! It had not been of
fered by Mr. Rihop he had one of sim
ilar character to present. The resolu
tion was adopted without a dissenting
voice. It was at once transmitted to
the senate. The resolution proposed
that the money should be expended
through the American Rd Cross so
ciety. On Canvass of Votes for Senators.
The committee on election uf stale
ei,atui3 reported, and toe report ki
Committee te Nutify Governor-E lect.
'Mr. Haves of Witerbury and Mr.
Iunn of Windham were appointed by
the speaker to notify the incoming
governor of his election.
Koth houses ailjurned until Tues
day. -
Michigan Pastor
Church Floor, Pews and Communis
Table Covered with Blood Dirk Al
so Found in the Church.
Detroit. Mich., Jan. 6. The div-inem-bered
body or Rev. John H. Carmich
acl. a Methodist minister, was found
today partially consumed by Are In the '
two heating stoves of one of his three
churches near Columbus. In the south
western part of St. Clair county.
Clues Difficult te Obtain.
Investigation was begun at once t
c'.ea-- away a temporary une.erta.intv as
to the identity of the victim ami te
obtain clues regarding the murderer
ami the motive f ir the crime, lidenti
lication ot the dead elerginyinan w-s
soon effected by orville Lindsay, who
was sent to the church for the pur
pose by Mr. Cartniihael. who had
been in great distress since her hus
band failed to return home, as expect
ed, last evening. She surmised tht
the minister was the victim as sonn.
as she heard the report that some one
had been mudered in the Co'urnhns
church. Rut clues of the murderer and
his motive were more difficult to ob
tain. Mary Rumors
Th'-rc w jps a rumor
that a strsus
at H'ckev !a
man had left a train
esierd.iy and was directed to the Cn.
Inn, bus Vhurrh. and there n ere other
rumors indicating that two men were
implicated hi the er:me. The fact that
several' coins were found In the cloth
ing ef the dead man and In the ah '
of the stoves plei-ilided tile theory of
io'obory. and at the time of his death
it was not known that the murdered
minister hail an enei-iy in the world.
Pastor of Three Churches.
Rev. Mr. Carmichae had horn In
Michigan about ten years, and for two
years had bcim pastor of the thre
duifc her at Columbus. Adair and Chi
na. With, his wife and three ehlM-ren.
he -esided in Adair. Leaving home
yeesierday morning, he told Mrs. far
noehael that he was going to Columbus
to arrange for a series of revalvel
meetings there. He waved his hand
affect innately o a group of children
as he dioxe out of the village of Ade'r.
and from that moment all trace of htm
is I is:
Evidence of Fierce Struggle.
Myron Brown who lives near the
so ue of the tragedy, d.ii the first to
discover the crime today. While he
was waiting at the cross roads to kn
an appointment, the cold wind drove
him to seek sbelier in the church. He
was surprised to lind the church doori
unlocked and upon opening them n ss
terrified to see the church floor. th
pews and even the communion table,
daubed with blood and fragments of
Moody clothing scattered all around.
Kvidently the vloi-gyiuan. who wis "t
years old and of athletic build, had
made n terrific struggle for his life.
Authorities Hurry to Scene.
Without Investigating further Brown'
fli-d to his home w here he had 1 key
to tiie church. He returned and lock
ed the doors and hurried to the vil
lage nf Hickey. from whence he noti
fied the iherlff's office at Port Hurejn.
The authorities on tlieir arrival at
the church found parts of the dis
membered moflr In the iuo stoves !
cared, respectively at the front and
rear, and discovered in one stove the
head of what was apparently a new
hatchet, the naeO.e of which hid ben
burned off. A f i was also found In
the church, and h i. believed that the
dirk served for the murderer, for the
hatchet was used to cut the body t
Minister's Herse Found Tied te TVee.
The minister's horse was found to
day tied to a tree In the village of
Pine River, the dead man's overcoat
being discovered in the buggy. Pine
River is a small village near Thorn
ton on the main line of the Greed
Trunk railroad and fully 2 mllei
from the cene of the murder.
Testimony in Government's &urt to
Dissolve Standard Oil Company.
New York. Jan. . Test ifyinir ody
in the jfiwernment's unit to rt-nwolve
the Stanoaid Oil compeuy. George J.
L. Wolff. Baltimore manager for the
Crevve Ivick company. saJd that tb
testimony given yesterday by Bruce
Robinson, a Standard witness, that
the Crew Levick eompinv orVred cut
prices to the Standard's customers was
false. Mr. n,ff sertd that the eut
was made by the Figle fjtl company,
one of the concerns absorbed by (he
The witness said that a Mr. BIo
stein. who operated the Ragle Oil com
pany, vieited the Crewe Ixwi. k ronn
pany's customers, made proffers of slllt
dress's, eioctric fans and other res
ents to the wives of the oil dealers f
they would Induee their husbands t
buy oil of the Eagle company.
British Steamer Anglo-African Aefcere
on Virginia Coast.
Norfolk. Va.. Jan. Losing her
hearings in the dense fog early yester
day, the British steamer Anglo-African,
with a cargo, from Tocopi'i. Mex
ico, bound for Baltimore, sror out ef
her course ami went ashore on fAmtth's
Island, off Caue Charles. The life sav
ing partol fr in Smith's Island discov
ered the vessel at daybreak tedar end
immediately stood by. Word wa else
sent to the city and a wrecking ttur
was hurried to the scene. There Is
little wind and only a moderate ss
running. The vessel Is reported as tn
good condition. It will be necessary 1i
lighter the cargo, and the wrei'kirg
tugs have been asked for bsrres for
this purpose.
Erb Jury Locked Up for the Night.
Media. Pa.. Jan. .-The file of M'-t.
Catherine Meicl and Mrs. M. Flor"n 9
K' b. c'us-refl with the murder of Cap..
J. Clayton F.r'n at his country home.
Re,' Gabies, on Oct. . hangs in the
balance. The case was given to the
jury at 4.:lo -this afternoon and after
deliberating for four hours they a ere
locked ip for the night.
Athletic Prize ef $100.
llaiuhluii. N V, Jail t. Geeig
KlWbV of the c.i uf IjMi f Coign.
uiiivei--llj tie:- estab.lsbej a pczs.of
flifO to be iv.!3.cd wn c w lujuoj i..-e me r i :
Uav 1y the otli:tt. hu has iimn Ii-.t
letter ;hive tiinti and has n.ecrjur.ril
the hi?liext stand-Lrd in clnni ii o
during ills entire i-ourec.
Steamship Arrivale.
At Liverpool: Jan. . IaieMS
New York vie, Q-iieajutes-m.

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