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VOL. LI. NO. 9.
His Friends Admit that Land Grab Charges
May Have Serious Effect on South Carolinian
Senator Hale Suggested to the President that the Matter
Relating to Mr. Tillman Should be Withdrawn on Ac
count of the Senator's Condition President Declined
to Withdraw the Reference Made.
Washington, Jan. 10. No subject has
keen gossiped about recently at tha
capitol with such fervor as President
Roosevelt's disclosure of Senator Till
man's connection with an Oregon land
deal, but the colleagues of the South
Carolinian are Inclined to withhold
judgment until he has had an oppor
tunity to explain. It is likely that
when the doors of the senate open to
morrow there will be a crowd awaiting
admittance sufficient to fill the galleries
many time. The fact that the senator
will read his explanation wili probably
rob it of some of the sharp and homely
epigrams usual to him and it will be
somewhat of a disappointment to his
Roesevelt Oeolined to Withdraw Refer
ence to Tillman.
Many expressions of dinatisfaetien
are heard because of the manner in
which the president made public tho
material gathered by postoffice inspec
tors about Senator Tillman. It was
rumored at the capitol today that the
president told a friend, who repeated
the remark, that an effort was made
hy Senators Hale and Aldrlch to sup
press the facs about Senator Tillman.
In Joseph Leiter's Famous Colliery at
Zeigler, Illinois.
Duqunin. III., Jan. 10. A disastrous
gas explosion in which twenty-five
men lost their liven occurred today in
Joseph Leiter's famous colliery at
7.eigler. A Siark from a trolley pole
of an electric motor, coining in con
tact with a pocket of gas. is given as
the cause of the explosion.
Americans killed by the explosion
include Foreman Villi3 "Warner and
Albert Kerr.
Light bodii's jet remain in the mine,
but they will be recovered before
morning! it is thought.
Joseph Leiter himself conducted the
f. rst relief party which descended into
the mine to recover the bodies.
The lone survivor of the explosion
was an Italian youth who escaped un
liavnied. An expert who had been ex
perimenting with the gas in the mine
at Zeigler left on Wednesday conhd-n:
that he had placed the mine in a safo
condition to be operated.
The men entombed were engaged In
clearing away the debris caused by the
recent fires in the mine and1 It was ex
pected that operations would be re
sumed tms iveek after two months'
Rev. 0. B. Corrigan Consecrated Titu
lar Bishop of Macra.
Baltimore, Jan. 10. With impressive
ceremonies, in the presence of a large
gathering- of prominent prelates. Rev.
Owen B. Corrigan was consecrated to
day as titular bishop of Macra and at
the same time he became auxiliary
fctabop of Baltimore. The ceremony of
voarite.iiatlou wa performed by Car. li
ra! Gibbons In the historic old cat.he
cral of this archdiocese. Assisting him
ere Bishops M. A. Burke of St. Jo
seph, Mo., and B. T. Keiley of Savan
nah, Ga. one-time fellow students with
HJshop Corrigaa at the American col
lege, ieome.
Too prelates present Included Kt.
Bev. K. P. Northrop of Charleston,
Van Da Vyver of Richmond'. P. J. Don
ahue of "WiheeJlns:, W. T. Kenney of St.
Jutupastin. John A. O'Connor o
pJewark, 3t. J. Boban of Seranton, C.
McTXrweH of Brooklyn, K. F. Pren
eVrtwnt of Philadelphia, D. J. OVDonnall
of tbe Ca-tiuxito consistory. T. J. Ken
nedy of the Anierioen college at Rome
nod Rt Kev. Leo Haid. the vicar
aprmtolla ef Korfh Carolina.
At tha ooaichiaion of the ceremonies
These ami many others attended a dln
- jiveo. at St. Mary'a seminary.
Waters Rose and Fell for Two Days
Before Italian Earthquake.
Geneva, Bwltseriand-, Jan. 10. Tho
inhafbitanta of this city state that inn
v. iters of Lake Geneva rose and fell
for two days with, a O'jrisus syphon
Use action three weeks before tha
arlhq,ual:e at Messina.
Tha same phenomena -were notlcea
before the Sail Francisco disaster and
are attributed to seismic gases.
Whole Coast Disturbed by Earthouake
No Fatalities Are Reported.
Mexieo, Jan. 10. The entire western
eeat of Mux loo was shaken by an
earthquake. Friday which was mo it
severely felt at Acapulco In the .state
of Guerrero and- Oaxaca in the state of
tte same name.
The dtunage was trivial and no fa
Islities hare been reported.
Real Daughter of Revolution Dead at
Age of 108.
Deer trie, aine. Jan. 36. 'Mrs. Sa
!oni Sellers, 10 yars old, a real
JlaughUr "Of the Revolution, and said
to b the oldest person in New Eng
land, is dead at her home in this town.
Mrs. Sellers born and lived in Deer
l--le all her life.
Tang Shso Yf te Visit Hartford.
Washington. Jan. 10. Tang Shao
Tl. the special Chinese ambassador to
the United States, whose special mis
sion In Washington hag been cut
abort by orders from Peking, left here
today, unaccompanied, for Sprine
ield. Man,, where he Is to visit some
friends of his earlier days when he at
tended school in this country.- Later
lie will go to Hartford, Conn. ,and
tlietiee to New York, whence he will
all on the lutn for koine by way of
Prominent Derby Mason Dead.
3rib. Conn, Jan. 10. Charles I
BasBMt, it year old, didd at his home
lei's today from, pneumonia. Mr. B5-a-.il
was a prominent Mason, having
been n member of the local lodge for
over fifty years. He was also a mcin
krr nf th- Sons f the Atrieriean Revo
lution, ir leaves a widow and oao
Undoubtedly this impression was sain
ed at the White House by a visit' to
the president by Mr. Hale, who sug
gested that the matter relating to Mr.
Tillman should bo withdrawn. It is
said that the Maine senator did not
base the request upon the grhund tht
it was not properly a reply to the de
mand for information about the secret
nervier, but because of the fact that
Senator Tillman is in poor health and
the charge was liable to rouse him ! a
pitch of excitement dangerous to his
Fresident Roosevelt declined to with
draw the reference to Mr. Tillman, and
when Senator Hale would not make it
public he decided to so himself.
The Senator Very Nervous.
There is no quest Ton that the con
dition of Senator Tillman's health is
serious. When he went to Europe last
March he was In a highly nervous
state. The trip resulted in a marked
Improvement, hut for some time his
friends have noticed that his nervous
ness was returning. Close friends m
the democratic side of the senate
chamber admit their anxiety over the
effect the president's charges may have
upon the South Carolina senator.
Many Worshippers Killed The Great
est Panic Prevailed. .
Berne. Switzerland, Jan. 10. During
divine service today an ancient church
ne-ar Sion suddenly collapsed, buryinq;
the worshippers In the ruins. Practi
cally all the members of the congre
gation were killed or injured. The
wildest panic prevailed, those who es
caped rushing through the fields shout
ing that an earthquake had overtaken
the village. Other villagers joined in
the outcry and were with dinjeuny
After an hour's exertions the fire
company of the place extricated forty
corpses, but It is believed that there
is still a number under the timbers.
Sixty persons were badly injured. The
collapse of the church was caused by
the time-worn pillars in the under
ground crypt giving way.
Advocated Closing of Moving Picture
Shows on Sundays.
Xew York, Jan. 10. The Rev. Canon
William Sheal'e Chase, rector of Christ
church, Brooklyn, yesterday turned
fver to the police an anonymous letter
!)! atening him with shooting because
f .'in article he had written foe a
newspaper on tne observance of the
Sunday law. The writer of the letter
inquired in it whether Canon Chase
"did not set enough in the contempt
proceedings," and adds: "Some day a
brick will fall on your neck or a bullet
lodge in you. This is not a Christian
country.-but a country free for all."
Canon Chase has been active In com
pelling the moving picture shows to
close on Sundays, and was found guilty
of contempt of court for comment oil
Its action in one ease of alleged viola
tion of the Sunday law.
Shows Decrease of 76 Puc-ils This
Year's Registration 2,233.
vamnruise, Maw., Jan. 10 A de
crease ol .b pupils in Harvard nniver
sity is shown in the official enrollment
made today. The total registration
mis year is S.1V7, as compared with
b.ixi last jcar. This includes the en
roiiment in the summer school. If the
summer school enrollment deducted
there Is a loss of 2S3 students. The
uivinity school by its consolidation
with the Andover Theological school
gained but one student last year. The
Law school, with an enrollment of S4,
a decrease or 3L' over last year;
the Medical school, with ,"2S. shows a
loss or li; the graoduate school of
aris ana sciences, with 403, shows an
increase oi three students. The Law
rence Scientific school lost one-half of
us enrollment as compared with last
year's figures, owing to a new rule for-
oioomsj registration in that depart
T.. .1.- 11 ...
x-i .lie tdiiis;R mis ypirs registration
is 2.238. as compared with 2.277 last
year, a joss or i'J.
Found of Value in Tuberculosis Ca'ses,
Says Dr. Ricardo.
Chicago, Jan. 10. Pigs' blood, medi
cally prepared. Is of the highest value
in the cure of incipient tuberculo K
according- to an announcement here l.y
Dr. Daniol F. Ricardo. By'experi.
ments carried on independently Dr.
Kicardo says be arrived at the s'am"
conclusion as Dr. R. C. Rosenbcrer f
Philadelphia that tuberculosis fir-t
manifests itself in the blood of the
"I have found pig's blood to be of
the highest value In tuberculosis
caJfes," declared the physician. "Tho
reasen for that is tnat pig's blood con
tains more hemoglobin than cow's
blood. Swine are fed better than cat
tle and there is a heavy strain on the
cows from being- milked. Cattle also
are subject, to tuberculosis, while I
never tiave heard of a case of that
disease among swine.''
In Committing Suicide Four Other
Lives Were Imperilled.
Providence. R. I., Jan. 10. In com
mitting suicide by gas at a boarding
house at .2 Broadway, today, Richard
Dinneny,- aged' 43 years. Imperilled the
livw! of four rther inmates of the
house, who were rendered unconscious
as they slept by the fumes escaping;
from his chamber. Physicians succed
ed in reviving the four unconscious
oue.-. but found that Dinneny had been
dead sacral hours. Despondency, due
to lack of work, is jlven as the canst
of his auicide.
Premature Explosion en Panama Canal
.Panama, Jan. 10. A premature ex
plosion occurred toil-y at Cuearacha,
on the line of the Panama ranal. fine
man was killed instantly and eight men
badly hum
Cabled Paragraphs.
The Hague, Jan. 10. The, foreign of
fices of Holland, Franve and Great
Britain have been in consultation re
cently v. ith regard to their disputes
with Venezuela, and it is intimated
here that the throe chancelleries prob
ably wili act collectively in dealing
with Jose de J. Paul, the Venezuelan
envoy sent over to Kurope by Presi
dent Gomez to effect a settlement of
Venezuela's difficulties with the powers
of Europe.
Le Mans, France, Jan. 70. Reports
circulated in America connecting the
name of Wilbur Wright, the American
aeroplanlst, with the suit said to have
been begun by a French army officer,
now appear to have grown out of the
fact that several persons mistook one
of Mr. Wright's mechanics for the avi
ator himself. This young- mechanic has
been credited with showing much at
tention to the wife of a sergeant in
the local troops. This started gossip,
which eventually took the form of con
necting Mr. Wright with the affair in
place of his mechanic. There is no evi
dence that the local sergeant has be
gun any official proceedings.
Were Waiting on Crosswalk for Trol
ley Car Mrs, Howe Died in Hospital
Chauffeur Surrendered to Police.
Stamford, Conn., Jan. 10. As a re
sult of injuries received by being1 run
into by an automobile Saturday night,
Mrs. Jacob Howe died in a local hos
pital -today. (Mrs. Howe received a
fractured skull, a broken leg and in
ternal injuries. Her 14 year old daugh
ter, Gertrude, who was .struck at the
same time, received a broken leg and
other injuries, from the effects of
which she will recover. Theodore
Goetz, the chauffeur of the machine, is
beipg held without bail pending the
action of the coroner, who will hold an
inquest tomorrow.
The accident happened on the Bos
ton post road at the foot of Xoroton
Hill. Mrs. Howe and her daughter, in
company with others, were waiting on
a crosswalk for a trolley car. As told
By witnesses of the accident, the auto
mobile, owned by Amos J. Gi-fen and
driven by Goetz. and containing a Dr.
Glover of this city, came down the hill
into the midst of those waiting on the
crosswalk. Mrs. Howe and her daugh
ter were struck, and the machine.which
Goetz turned quickly to one side in an
attempt to avoid running anyone down,
smashed into the curb and was over
turned. Goetz and Glover were pinned
underneath the machine, but were not
injured. Immediately after the acci
dent Goetz gave himself up to the po
Made Possible by Opening of Woodbury-
Waterbury Trolley Line.
Woodbury, Conn., Jan. 10. The open
ing of the Woodbury-Waterbury trol
iey line ha made it possible to convert
Lake Quassapaug into wha.t it is hoped
will be a popular summer resort. The
pleasure grounds around the lake con
trolled by the Connecticut company
have been leased to Dr. Henry S. Karr
man and Louis K. Dawson, both of this
place. These two men will begin work
at once to make more attractive what
is now one of the prettiest spots in the
state. A summer theater and dancing
pavilions will be erected, and the se
curing eft eminent speakers to give lec
tures and addressee on Sundays is con
templated. The lake Itself Is nearly two miles in
length and a mile wide and sixty feet
deep at its greatest depth.
Britain Man Attacked on
Home from a Party.
New Britain. Conn., Jan. 10. Simon
Godyenski, 22 years old, living on
Park street, was stabbed twice in the
back late last night and will not live.
At the hospital where he was taken it
was found that the knifa had pene
trated the lungs both times.
In an ante-mortem statement tonight
Godyenski said that he attended a
ga;hering on Broad street last night,
after which ho accompanied two
r.Mung women to their -homes on
Orange street. As he was leaving the
home of one of the young- women he
was attacked bv three men, one of
whom, Charles Olynski. 20 years old,
he said, did the stabbing. The other
two men knocked him down and jump
ed on him. He could give no reason
for the attack.
Olynski was arrested and taken to
the hfspital, where he was identified by
Godvenski. and Is now being- held
without bail.
Annual Convention of Journeymen
Plumbers' Unions of Connecticut.
Dan bury. Conn., Jan. 10. Thirty
delegates attended the annual conven
tion of the journeymen plumbers' un
ions of the state here todav. represent
ing 17 unions and 600 members. The
secretary's report for the year showed
rain of two unions and 102 members.
The following officers were elected:
President. Charles Mulhollnnd. Water
bury: vhe president. B. F. Fitzsim
mons; secretary and treasurer, C. J.
LeroiiX. New- Britain: executive' board,
B. F. Kitzsimmons. T. F. Sweeney, of
Hartford, and E. C. Mooney of New
Haven. The semi-annual meeting" will
be held in Hartford in July.
Named Owens Twice Tarrfd and
James ville. Out., Jan. 10. News has
just been received of a whitecap out
rage on the Scanes-ide road, about five
miles lro rnhere. A man named Owens
a few weeks ago brought a 20 year old
girl from Ridgetown to her home. Her
father drove them out, and they went
to Mornhatna. about 12 miles away.
Here a party of masked men on New
Year's night administered to Owens a
coat of tar and feathers, and the two
returned to the father s home. On Tues
day a .party of farmers broke into the
house, dragged Owens from bed and
again tarred and feathered him. He
was warned not to come bai-k. and was
escorted from the neighborhood to the
aocompaiment of revolver shots.
Man Broke Through Ice,
Police Offi
Hinv cer Tried to Save
Boston, Jan. 10. A double tragedy
was enacted in the waters of Ponka-
poag pond in Canton, late today, when
William L Meehan-lost his life' while
fishing through the Ice, and Mounted
Officer- William 'Matler of the Metro
politan park poUca. was also drowned
in attempting to rescue the fisherman.
.MeehaH was ifears old arid lived
in Hyde Park 1th his bride of less
than a year.' He was a -blacksmith
and had recently come to Hyde Park
from Putnam. Conn. Officer Matler
was 32 years bid aud leaves a widow
and one child.
New York city has twice as nmny
telephones s Londo-n. four times as
manv- as Berlin an (4 six times as many
On the Trail of
Michigan Pastor
Put Up at a Hotel in that Place Thurs
day Night Departed Friday on a
Northbound Trolley Car.
Cedarburg, Wis., Jan. 10. A man
believed to be Rev. John Carmichacl
of the Rattle Run. Mich., church, who
Is wanted to throw light on the mys
terious murder of Gideon Browning of
Adair. Mich., spent Thursday night
and Friday morning in Cedarburg.
Left Friday Noon.
The man objected to several hotel
rooms because of double storm win
dows, which would prevent a hasty
exit in case of an emergency. He tin.i ! -1-
iodged in a back room of a boarding
house. He . left Friday noon on a
northbound electric car.
Suspect Arrested at Claremont, Ont.
Toronto, Ont, Jan. 10. Word has
just been received here that a de
mented man answering- in every way
the description of Rev. Mr. Carmich.iel
was found tonight wandering on the
Canadian Pacific tracks near Clare-
Wher.. ,l,e trial of Mrs. J. Clayton Krb and her sister. Mrs. Catherine Beisel
ior the murder of .Mrs. Kib's husband, Captain J. Clayton Erb, was held.'
mont. about twenty-five miles east o." ! d
ioionto, and arrested.
Believed to E-3 in Connecticut.
Southport. Conn., Jan. 10. Southp rt
is considerably worked up by the re
port that there is a man here answer
ing in neariy every way to the descrip
tion of the Rev. John H. Carmichacl,
pastor of the Rattle Run. Mich., Meth
odist church, who is wanted in connec
tion with the killing of Gideon Brown
ing. The stranger fits the Rev. Mr. Car
michacl's description in everything ex
cept his hands, w'nkh have the appear
ance of those of a laborer. He is rather
shabbily dressed and what is regarded
as the most important fact is a limp on
the left side when he walks.
Murderer Used Church Lamp Oil
Hasten Victim's' Cremation.
Detroit, Jan. 10. Today's develop
ments failed to throw any considera
ble light on the Rattle Run church
murder mystery iri St. Clair county.
Motive for the killing of Gideon
Rrowning whose dismembered body
was partly burned "in the church stove
is still lacking.
Reported Seen in Several Places.
Rev. J. H. Carmichael, missing
pastor of the church, was reported
during last night and today to have
been seen in Indiana, in Chicago, and
in Wisconsin, but verified periods of
the preacher's whereabouts are lack
ing at the close of the fifth day fol
lowing the murder.
Pastor Carried $3,000 Insurance.
The report that Rev. Mr. Carmichael
was carrying- $S,0OO insurance has
proved incorrect. He had only $3,000
insurance and it is said that part of
this was void in the event of sui
cide. Missing Pastor Ordered All Church
Lamps Filled With Oil.
An interesting development was the
report that shortly before last Tues
day's murder. Rev. Mr. Carmichael or
dered all the lamps of the church
niled with oil. Jt had been, custom
ary to use one small lamp and the
regular ones had not been tilled for a
long time. In directing that the
lamps be filled, however, the preacher
made it plain that none of them
should be overlooked. Notwithstand
ing the preacher's directions were car
ried out. it has developed since the
murder that the oil was low in many
of the lamps. As the lights had not
been used for a meeting since the last
filling, the theory has been advanced
that oil from the lamps were emptied
into the stove to hasten the crema
tion of the body of Gideon Browning.
A good deal of surprise had been
manifested over the almost complete
cremation of the victim's body, only a
few bones and fragments of flesh be
ing left. Footprints left by the pas
tor in the church yard indicate that
his lasi movements there were made
just as tne soft ground was beginning
to freezeand this could have been be
tween 1 and t o'clock Wednesday
It was discussed that Instead of ty
ing his horse in -the shed back of the
church, the interior of the shed being
visible irom the highway in the union
he lieft his rig in the shed b-ck I
of the Luttieran church. arete U
Trying to Live
As Jesus Would
In the Ranks of Those Who Are
Pledged to Walk in His Steps
Interesting Experiences Related.
Cleveland. O.. Jan. 10. The move
ment, begun last Sunday by 1,800
young people of this city, to live for
two weeks as Jesus would, has as
sumed a scope far beyond the ex
pectations of its promoters.
City Officers Interested.
Ftelly" 10.000 volunteers have unof
ficially joined the movement by at
tempting the test and pledging them
selves to walk in His steps. Even
city officers are taking an interest and
are ruminating on what Jesus would
do if He were a city officer.
Some Praise, Others Condemn.
Many interesting experiences have
been related by those who have com
pleted the first week's testimony. Some
say they cannot carry the practice
into business. Others say they can.
The test also has brought out a host
of critics, some praising, others con-
emning the idea. Church members
atre encouraging the trial and plead
ing for its continuance,
Scoffers Sarcastic.
The scoffers sarcastically sav that
the effort implies past hypocrisy. Dis
cussions are rife in homes, in church
es, in clubs, and in newspapers as
to what Jesus would do under all man
ner of circumstances and what His
attitude would be toward the com
mon forms of amusement and human
endeavor. Most of the arguments
center about the theater card play
ing, dancing and baseball, with sup
porters on either side.
One More Week of Test.
The coming week will he the con-
ciuumg penon oi tne test.
Unexpected Visits of Deputy and Six
Inspectors Lieutenant Callahan
Dropped Dead at His Desk.
Xew York. Jan. 10. Seven automo
bih s. a deputy and six Inspectors swept
through Br,xklyn early today, paying
unexpected visits to the stations of the
various precincts. Consternation was
caused in many of the station houses
and there was one tragedv as an in
direct result of the raid. 'Lleuf. John
P. Callahan of the Yerron avenue sta
tion was taken so much by surprise
when an inspection party suddenly
made its appearance that he collapsed
as he stood behind' his desk, facing
Deputy Police Commissioner Hanson.
Lieutenant Callahan's blotter was
found in such excellent condition that
the commissioner had just congratu
lated him when the lieutenant reeled
over and was dead before a physician
could reach him.
The summoning of twenty-five ro
thirty police officers to headquarters
today is exoected to result from the
inspection tour.
Boarders and Tenants Barely Escaped
Through Windows.
Scuthbury. Conn., Jan. 10. Fire early
today destroyed a dwelling house here
owned by H. K. Stone. The occu
pants of the house. Mr. and Mrs. F. E.
Semole and three boarders, were
awakened by the smoke, and managed
to imike their escape through the win
dows, but were unablfl to save any of
their belongings. One of the. boarders
lost $300 in money which was in the
pockets of his trousers. The loss to
the building is about $2,000.
Panther and Ajax Enter Suez . Canal
Suez. Jan., 10. The repair ship
Panther and the collier Ajax of the
U. S. Atlantic fleet entered the Suez
canal today bound north.
Body of Drowned Boy Recovered.
Berlin, Conn., Jan. 10. The body of
Adulph Peterson, Is years old. of Xew
Britain, who was drowned last night
while skatint, was recovered today.
road. Here the horse would not have
been seen by anyone passing. The
preacher's footprints between the two
churches have been accurately traced
by means of the deformitv that canned
him to turn oivc foot outward as he
.Condensed Telegrams
Suffragist Leaders at Chicago are
going to concentrate their ' work on
college women.
Business and Professional Men at
Memphis will protest against a state
wide prohibition law.
Officers of the American Fleet were
guests at a dinner given by the khe
dive of Kgypt at Cairo.
A $60,000 Memorial Hall to Dr. W.
C. Young has been dedicated by Cen
ter college, Danville, Ky.
Police at New Orleans are arrest
ing Chinamen suspected of having
been smuggled from Mexico.
For Poisoning His Wife, Fred Van
meter. 27 years old. was sent to pris
on for life at Gallipolis, O.
Chief Clerk Harold Snowden of the
special delivery section of the Denver
postoffice has been arrested for rifling
While Arresting a t'nited States in.
fantryman. Sergt. J. F. Xolting of the
San Francisco police, was killed by
the soldier.
Several Organizations in New York
are to have a public meeting January
l-r in memory of Edmund Clarence
Stodjnan, poet.
Immediately Upon Being Sentenced
for five years. Judge C. E. Booe, de
faulter, started serving his sentence
at Frankfort, Ky.
The Minnesota Supreme Court has
upheld the "wide open tax amend
ment," which makes possible a ton
nage tax on iron ore.
A Trial for Robbery and Murder in
France revealed a crime In real life
with scenes similar to tluy in the
play, "The Lyons Mail."
President S. S. Tiner of the law
older league of Pacolet. S. ('..
been convicted of manslaughter
carrying concealed weapons.
The American Bible Society has
been given another year by Mrs. Rus
sell Sago to raise JTiOO.ftOO in order to
secure a like amount from her.
An Ultimatum Is Being Presented
in Constantinople from Austria offer
ing to guarantee a Turkish loan and
thus end all negotiations peacefully.
.The Flag Captured by the 123d Ohio
volunteer infantry from the First
Maryland battery at Hatchers Run.
April 2, 1S65, has been sent to Mary
land. The London Daily-Mail Feared that
a t'nited States-Canada reciprocity
treaty would involve the gradual ab
sorption of Canada by the Fnitcd
Chicago Police Are Trying to Solve
the death of A. H. Campbell, a weal
thy manufacturer of Milwaukee, his
wounds indicating that he was beaten
Sentenced to Two Years' Impris
onment for forgery. Frank I Ward
told Judge Landis that his downfall
dated from the death of his wife, two
years ago.
The Standard Oil Company was re
ported to be attempting to drive IT.
Clay Pierce out of the Waters-Pierce
company by ruinous competition In the
Missouri field.
General Booth, the aged commander
of the Salvation Army, is able to be
about again, following an operation
which necessitated the removal of the
lens of his right eye.
Two Others Get Twenty Years
Murder of Captain Rankin.
I'nion City. 'IVnn.. Jan. 10. Judge
Jones Saturday impo.-i .1 the ri'-ath pen
alty on Garrett Johnson. Tid Burton.
Rub Ransom. Fred Pinoon. Arthur
Cloar and Sam Applewhite, the night
ridei-s who were found jruilty of the
murder of Captain Quentin Rankin,
and sentenced Bud Morris and Bob
Huffman, the two other defendants, to
twenty years.
"he attorneys for the defense imme
diately gave notice of an appeal to the
state supreme court. If this tribunal
does not interfere, the first named six
men will be hanged on Feb. l!.
Perfect silence prevailed In the court
ro un the J ronouncement of the
sentences. The defendants, each in
turn, arose pale and worn, and receiv
ed the words of Judge Jones.
The court then directed the sheriff to
see that the defendants be carefully
looked after and a nroper guard be
supplied. Court then adjourned.
Went Over an Embankment Motor
man Badly Injured.
Derby. Conn.. Jan. 10. Bewildered
by the fog and not familiar with the
road over which he was running. Pat
rick Xew. a motornian. allowed the
trolley car which he was running to
go down a steep grade at great speed,
with the result that the car went over
an embankment, breaking Xcw's leg
and otherwise injuring him.
Early this morning New was run
ning a car down Derby avenue and
did not stop at the top of a steep
grade before going Into Main street,
as he should have done. Instead he
kept on. the car going down the steep
grade and jumping the tracks at the
oottom. The car crossed the street
and sidewalk and went over an em
bankment into a vacant lot. The car
was overturned and Xew caught un
derneath and his leg broken in three
places. Xew said that he was not
used to the road and did not see the
signal at the top of the grade that
requires all cars to stop. He was tak
en to the Xew Haven hospital.
Dozen Autos in Two Days' Run, New
York to Philadelphia and Return.
vy York. Jan. 10. More than a
dozen automobiles, driven by women,
will start from here at 8 o'clock to
morrow morning on a two days' run
to Philadelphia and return. The rules
of the run that the women drivers
must drive their own cars alone and
that any passenger carried in any of
the racers must be a woman. Xot a
man will be allowed in a competing
car. Mechanical work may be done
by a mechanician in accompanying
cars, however.
Veteran Custom House Official Dead.
Fitclibiue;. .Vans., Jan. 10. -Major Al
bert H. Andrews, one of the widest
custom house officials in tiie United
States, died at his home here, todav,
after a brief UiYit'e'. of heart diseasa.
He was 79 years old. Cp to a few days
ago. when he was taken ill. he had at
tended to his duties us inspector at the
Boston custom house, where he had
been employed continually since his re
turn fr'mn the frmt at the close ef the
General Mazza Takes Rigorous Measures to
Protect the People's Property
Survivors Now Able to Live More Comfortably in the
Open Some Semblance of Order Now Reestablished
Three Hundred Permits Issued for the Privilege of
Excavating for Property Better Sanitary Conditions.
Messina. Jan. 10. Balmy weather
has iirevailed for the past two or three
days at this place, and it is a great
blessing, nutking it possible for the
troops and survivors of the earthquake
to live more or less comfortably in
the open. Occasionally there Hre
earth shocks, but the people have be
come accustom.-d to them. Two se
vere shocks on Friday brought down
many broken walls in Messina.
Stringent Measures to Protect Prop
erty. General Mazza, who is in supreme
command, has adopted strtng'-nt meas
ures to protect the people and the pro
pie's property. Resides establishing
a police service around the cijy, he
has issued orders that any person
found excavating without a permit
shall be shot. General Maz.a's com
mand extends to both sides of the
straits. In an interWew he said that
some semblance of order was at last
being re-established. The work is
now systematized and tho situation,
he believed, is well in hand.
Question of Rebuilding Messina.
"The question of the ultimate re
building of .Messina." he said, "be
longs to the political authorities; It
dos not concern me. My principal
energies will be i-o lcentrated with
those of the authorities at Regyio in
getting out the remainder of the
wounded, burying the de-ad and dis
infecting the ruins in order to pre
vent the spread of nickness."
Robbery on Every Hand.
General Mazza explained that the
prevention of looting entailed tin- most
rigorous measure. lie declared that,
under the guiso of rescuers, many
thieves were going about and com
mitting robbery on every hand. He
was not able to check this during
the first wild confusion, but had suc
ceeded better In the last few days.
Messina Not to Be Completely Isolated
General Mazza said further during
the interview, which he gave just pri
or to leaving for Reggio. that the ef
forts of the authorities to clear Mes
sina of refugees and peasants, who
were swarming In from the interior,
did not mean that the city was to be
completely evacuated or isolated un
less sickness actually compelled this.
Permits for Excavating.
For a time no permits were issued
for the right to excavate for prop
erty, hut today this suspension was
removed and three hundred permits
were issued, but under the strictest
safeguards. Owners are required to
describe the property they expect to
find and all valuables not tius de
scribed are held by the authorities
until ownership Is proved.
Little Danger of Spread of Disease.
Sanitary conditions have been great
ly improved, and it is now believed
that there is litlte danger of the
spread of disease, disinfectants hav
ing been used abundantly.
In the great number of deaths, hov
ever. that have occurred here, it Is
impossible to say which resulted from
injury or were due to various dis
House of Representatives Pays Trib
ute of Love and Respect.
Washington, Jan. 10. Tributes of
love and respect were paid by the
house of representatives lo the mem
ory of the late Senator Rcdjiold Proc
tor of Vermont, who died Tim ing the
first session of the present congress.
In striking contrast with the stir
ring scenes of the past week, the his
toric chamber was transformed into
a place of mourning, where the life
and character of the dead senator
were extolled. The galleries were
well filled by friends and relatives of
.Mr. Proctor. By special designation
Mr. Foster of Vermont acted as
speaker pro tm., and lauded his for
mer colleague. Others who spoke were
Messrs. Harkins, Vermont: Scott,
Kansas: Mci'all, Massachusetts, and
Larnb, Virginia.
New York Night Watchman Tied to a
Chair and Gagged.
Xew York, Jan. 10. Tied to a chair
and with his outcries stifled by a gag
forced far back into his throat .vith
the muzzle of a pistol. Harry Kawlin
son, night watchman for a contracting
company In its stables on West Fif
teenth street, was robbed by three ti
dier from Fort Hancock early today.
Two of the soldiers were arrested
through inforjnation given by their
comrade and the police ay tilat they
have confessed to participation in the
crime. The prisoners assert. hoyver,
that the third man. who escaped; after
he had pointed out the two others to
the policr. really planned the holdup,
went through the victim's pockets and
took $53 in cash after the watchman
had been overpowered.
Ambassador's Car and Mail Waaon
Collide Mrs. Hill Not Hurt.
Berlin, Jan. 10. Mrs. Hill, the wife
of tiie American ambassador, is suffer
ing from shock, as the result of an
automobile accident Saturday evening.
She spent the afternoon In making
calls upon various members of the
American colony.proceeding from. place
to place in the ambassador's motor car.
The machine was traveling at ordi
nary speed along the streets when It
collided with a g-overnment mail wag
on. Both front wheels of the car were
torn off and the wagon was overturn
ed. Mrs. -Hill was thrown forward, and
was assisted to another vehicle by by
standers w ho rushed to her assistance.
Beyond suffering- from shock, it was
found that she had not been Injured.
12,470,226 Bales Cotton Ginned.
WaniJjgH,li, Jan lo. The cental
bureau revolts 12,4 70,2 tunning bales
of cuttot. yinii from the growth of
lUuS txi January 1 last, etfaluat .a51.
605 a year ago, and 27,;igf ginneries
operated. Mgahmt 2-7.27S a year ago. The
percentage of the whole crop ginned lo
JamiHrv 1 Is 90 per cent for 1901 and
Ifi.l (or lint.
Aiot'ier List of Americans Safe ir
Home, Jan. in. 'nted States Consul
Ihshop. at Palermo, has telegraphed
the American embassy here, giving the
following- list of Americans as being
safe there: Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Fiar
.Miss Grant. Wlnfield Rohblns, Mr. ami
Mrs. Wilcox and Dr. Wilcox. Samuel
Estoquen and wlf, Mr. Dughtnn ami
children, Mrs. ifiggins and F. K. W.
lliggins and son. Mrs. Cameron and
daughter. Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Goodwin
Mrs. Xlniisk and son, Mr. end Mrs. Jo
seph Henderson. Mr. and Mi's D Gu
erine. Mr. and Mrs. K. Rogers, A. Clin
ton. I. X. Hemingway, P. w. Gilbert.
Charles llapgoo.l and wife. Mrs. .M. K.
Williams. Mrs. T. R. Cahore.Miss Rut
Miss Kendall, Mr. apd Mrs. Crawford!
Mrs. anil Miss Parks. Mrs. A. K Jor
dan, the Misses Fpe. Mrs. Hunt and
daughters, and Mrs. lireek.
American Sailors Find One Body in
Ruins of Consulate.
Messina, Jan. 10. Soon after their
arrival here on Saturday a detach
nient of sailors from the Yankton were
set to work at the task of recover
ing the bodies of the American con
sul. Arthur S. Cheney, and his wife,
buried under the ruins of the Am
erican consulate. Soldiers who have
been engaged in this work under the
direction of Major Land is succeeded
in removing the broken walls of an
adjoining building that had fallen on
top of the consulate, reaching the
third floor, from which the body of
a man was taken. It Is believed that
w ith this larger force, the work of re
moving the debris will be speedily
pushed forward. Permission tiae ben
granted for the transportation of the
bodies of the consul and his wife to
Her Cargo of 130 Tons of Previsions
Distributed from Meeeina.
Messina. Jan. 10. The Vnlted etlates
supply ship Culfoa, whl -h arrived here
from Port saJd on Friday, retried 139
tons of provisions, including six thou
sand pounds of coffee, a-, big supply of
macaroni, cereals, bread, rt-rind fruit,
meats and numerous quantities nf fresh
Vegetables. The vcsel was well tv k"d
w ith blankets and earing apparel. ,Af.
ter a conference between "tunmander
l'att on of the Culaoa, Commander Lo
gan of the Scorpion, Major Landi.
military attache, and the Italian ad
miral tin1 stores of the Culgoa were
'Hit ashore and were distributed from
this point.
.Vaples. Jan. In The Cnited Slates
baitle-hins Connecticut. Kansas, Min
nesota and Vermont, under Rear Ad
miral Sperry. the commander of tin
Atlantic fleet, arrived here t dawn,
anchoring between the Italian battle
diip Benedetto Brio and the cruiser
San Giorgio.
At Reports that Committee Appoint
ments Have Been Promised.
Xew Haven. Conn., Jan. J. Tle fol
lowing statement was jlveit out here
today: "Hecause of certam nenvsjnpe
reports and 'certain rumors rrgardiae;
the appo.ntment of rommfttesv apssfc
er Hanks declared today to a personal
and political friend that no Tving; man
was authorized to promts any com
mittee appointments; that If aneh
promises iiad ben made, the persona
making them are trlflltTr with the
members of the house asd rennet mate
good any such promise The sprafceF
is naturally indignant that nr pensn
should assume to be ablw to dictate er
In any way promise to make mr eMr
committee assignments."
By Ceurtmartial He Also Loses fif
teen Numbers.
AVashitiglon. Jan. i. CVmmandet
Marsh, who was charged with nngli
geijc: in connection with the grounding
of the cruiser Yankee, on September
23. lintS. off the Massachusetts coast,
was found guilty by the courtmeu-Uei
which fried hlin, and sentenced
public reprimand and the loss of forty
numbers. This santeJiee, while consid
ered to be not excessive, was changed
bv the navy department on aorotint of
the previous good record of Command
er Marsh and his zeal In connection
with his duties with tha submarine
flotilla to a loss of tlfteee numbers, in
stead of forty.
Body Found Under a Rug on Floor
of His Home.
Trenton. X. J., Jan. 10. Clark IT.
Tanhy. professor of Greek and Latin
at the La wrenceville preparatory
schools, committed suicide last night
by shooting himself In tha head In
his room at the Hamlin house. lie
was a graduate ot the utrf-rersity of
Kentucky, and of Oxford university,
being a Rhodes scholar until laat
June. It is believed that h waa
suffering from overstudy. He was a
resident of Hopkinsville, Ky.. and
came to Lawrenceville as professor
last September when barely 26 years
old. His body was found under a
steamer rug on the floor of his room.
"America Always Is First."
Rome. Jan. 10. Pope Phis tAdaj re
ceived in private farewell aadlenre
ArcV.rifhop Irol.ind. His hollnnss ex
pressed to the archblshlp his Admira
tion of and gratitude to the Amerhtan
people ror ihe prominent part they are
taking iu aivlii aid tu the eartiiqueke
suftei ei 4. iayii.M" "America, atawys Is
fliit" The pontiff authorised Arch
bishop Ireland to couvey the apostolic
benediction tu the American people.
Niantic, Jorn M. Sch,lkf. fraar
Iv of Xiautie, now of MichtrMn. la vis
iting Mrs. M. S. Rrown. This Is Mr.
X'-hntirld's first Visit in thia l&na la
ikirty year,

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