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J. I. UTH30P s sons. v
28 Shetucket Street, Norwich, Conn.
eept20daw '
Hre,. Accident, Health,
Plate Glass and Steam Boiler
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society
U. 8,
Asseta $2,594,330.17
Tt it subjeec of great Importance.
Don't procrastinate on this impor
tant matter. Take out a poHcy now.
Tour preraieea may go up In smoke
to-night. Don't delay, to-morrow
may bo too late.
Insurance and Real Eatata Agent,
Richards Building, 91 Main 81
Real Estate
and Firm Iniuranca,
H located: la Somenf Block. over C. M.
WKI.'ams. Boom t. third floor.
feolSd Teleahone 147.
a . i
Thou SOL
I Richards Bide
var nrat Nat. Bank. Shatuoket St
Stairway next t Tbamaa Nat. Ban
Tal. 11-1. Open Monday and Sat
urday avaaliuca. eotlM
Tucker Anthony & Co.,
28 Shctackcl Street
Member of New York
and Boton Stock
7 ... Xx changes
Befoa (Tew Yerfav
IS taw StrMt, 94 Btm Stvaaftj
Slocks Bonds Investments
Kaw York , Chicago et Laula
Btoa Ctooianatl Pittsburg
Rortrleli Branch, Shannon DIdg.
Telephone 001
Marbles, Tops,
Return Balls, Jsxp Ropes,
uzzzs, Bows ssd Arrows,
Air Rifles, Hsaerless Guns,
Hater Pistols cad Games
13. E03 fH FrankHa Spars
Hoary Dreaa Good for ladles' cloaka,
ava a.aa enuarm i wear.
Fierit f ail Idada iDross Goods and
jnnca, men vary low.
Ixilx tuiHiVAvr stoke,
, JCmA SLOOM. proprietor.
A Genuine
Sacrifice on
Reliable Furs
In Coats, Scarfs and Muffs
101 Main Street
Para-all at taSalM. Fmh.
rr.CIV MATES t Theatre Troup..
TraaiiBr Mea. . Utrtrr nacta
Dominick 5 Cominick
Swept Alleys, With
Visiting Duckpin Team Had
- . ness" of. Norwich Five--Broke Alley Records For a
Five Man Team, Rolling 512 Total Combies the
Individual Star. V
Norwich i duckpin - rollers made it a
cleanup on the Rosa alleys on Monday
nig-lrt, when traey met the New London
five by defeating1 them three straight
strings for a total pinfall of 1,454 to
11,29. This gave the Norwich five a
161 margin on the match, and as the
New London pin splitters had hung
up a lead of 73 over Norwich in thive
previous games, the home quintette
more than made-up the difference and
took the series with a 'lead of S9 pins
in the whole six games.
While they were at their .work the
Norwich team also cut down one of
the Roue alley records, the five man
team total. Which had been 511, but
they just beat this by one pin in their
second string-, when they rolled 512."
The pins broke in bad form for the
New London rollers, and Coffin was
the only man to get Into the century
mark. On the Norwich team several
century figures bloomed conspicuous
ly, and the feature of the evening was
the smashing: rolling' of Combies, who
produced strikes and spares at almost
any old time. His 124 single and 314
three string led both teams, and that
single was good for the daily prize.
The following scare shows Just how
badly the New London nv wera up
against it in their reckless attempt to
check the Norwich strong- armed tourl
ers: -
Frost , 79 82 90 251
Comhies ...... ... 98 124 92 Sll
Kendal .... ...... 94 113 71 277
Sturtevant 89 . 109 108 306
Stone .... ........133 . 85 ,99 80S
Totals ...... .....42 512: 4601454
New London.
Dalton 84 88 79 231
Burke 93 75 86 254
Watts' 80 94 79 263
Boaratz 95 86 . 81 262
Coffin .. 85 102 86 273
Totals ..4.17 445 441 1'29S
Announcement by Athletio Council
Had Same Job from 1901 to 1908.
Hanover, N. H., Jan. 23. Ir. John
W. Bowler, professor of hygiene- and
physical education and director of the
gymnasium in Erartmouth college, will
resume charge of the training of the
Dartmouth football team next fall, ac
cording1 to an announcement made to
night through the Dartmouth athletic
Dr. Bowler Is a widely known ath
letic trainer and was sncoessful In his
work with the Dartmouth teams from
1901 to 1908. For the past two years
ha has devoted himself to faculty- and
gymnasium work and haa had nothing
to do with tha training of tha eleven.
Saw Bouts in Naw Havam
Pat Hayes and Jack Wilson ware In
New Haven Monday night attending
tha boxing boats at tha Roma A. C.
Danr.ar and Pabat Laad at St. Louis.
St. Louts. Mo., Jan. 13. High aoores
again marked the third day of the
bowling tournament. Danner and
Paibst, a St. Louis team, went into the
leadership in tha two-men event with
Trading DuH at Prieaa Slightly Above
tha Lowest.
New Tork, Jaa. 18. Two well de
fined movements of divers character
today gave the stock market a nerv
ous and unsettled tone. Following tha
general advance in London, the local
market ' opened stroag - and buoyant,
with gains which la sens cases car
ried atocka to saw high points for the
year, but before midday this position
waa reversed. A sailing movement,
which gathered considerable volume,
met with little resistance until all the
morning's gain war marked off and
pricea in many Instances stood at a
figure below that of Saturday'a close.
Buying; at the bottom steadied the
market somewhat, and during the re
mainder of the day trading was dull
at prices slightly above the lowest. 1
The market waa aubjected to vary
ing influences during the day. New
developments- ware not of sufficient
Import, however, to account for the
wide range- of ttuotuatkms except on
tha assumption that trading was on
a thin and unsubstantial basis. United
States Steel was made tha pivot of
bull operation in tha morning, on a
revival of reports of trade improve
ment, especially in eonceotion with
the advance In tha prie of wire prod
ucts. This was accepted as proof that
certain branchea of the ateel and iron
industry were in a much better techni
cal position than had been generally
supposed, and the sympathetic influ
ence of the advance in Steel shares
waa felt by the entire list. Later in
tha day United States Steel was used
as effectively as the eenter of opera
tions in a bar movement, when word
same from Waaklngton that a resolu
tion contemplating as inquiry into tha
Steal corporation affairs was'-receiving
consideration k the hoas. Word that
no action had been taken on the reso
lution helped t steady prices in the
late trading.
Intarborouzh-Mstropolitan was weak
throughout the trading because of the
latest competitive offer for tha con
struction of the subways, and Con
solidated Gas was affected adversely
by ita aimuai report, showing earnings
somewhat below expectations. While
little doubt Is expressed that tomor
row's offerings of city bonds will be
successful, traders showed soma in
clination to keep down their commit
ments . until th outcome is made
known. Deeember repert of the -Lehigh
Valley and the Pittsburg, Cincin
nati. Chicago and St. Louis railroads,
showing further substantial decreases
in net earnings, also exercised a de
pressing Influence, while reports of
an impending decision in the Union
Pacific-Southern Pacific rarVer case
were used to sell those shares.
Local monetary conditions remained
extremely easy. London sold stock
here at the opening, but bought mod
erately' on the later decline.
Bonds were steady. Total sales, par
value. $3,317,000. United States gov
ernment threes advanced 1-4 on call.
1M CUa Sta ......
Anal. Copext
26 Am. Agricultural
3HM Am. Bt sueir
SM Am. Ca
Alt. Car - F
& Aa. -Clian Oil
Wall. Itm.'
- 401,
i Am. a l. a'4. .
1 .
Ia SaeorltlM
' Am.
UuMtO OU ..........
swd Fouadftts
Stifar fiemjiinf
. a i; ,
Tafia pfa .........
Walaa .
Sit Am.
SO So.
- 204 Am.
'ivl Aaw
ir- Ma.
11 DAM.
1 '. a
118 '
2rtAi Anaconda
JlMnr.f Co.....
IWH Afai.i -
7il rtm. rttt
1I AMahM Oaitt f.lna
I'ltttMinn a noiu..
setkiatwa ataa
aflt analgia
How Londoners
No Chance Against Clever-
a score of 1134. The previous high
score in the doubles was made Sun
day, when Harry and Louis Stoltz, also
of St. Louis, rolled 1091.
Owls' Team No. 2 is Victor Over Team
No. 1. from Norwich . Nest.
Team No. 2 from Norwich, Nest of
Owls reversed the decision- scorer over
Ultra a week ago ty Team No. 1, by
defeating the latter at duckpins Mon
day niftht at the Rose alleys in a three
string match, 1,224 fho 1,213. Team
No. 1 took the first string, by 29 pins,
but Team No.. 2 made this up on the
next two and finished with a lead of
11 pins. .
Jilison, Ml, and Oat. 10(1, bore oft
the Individual 'high. singTe honors, but
Turtle copped the individual high
three string total with 267. Scores:
Team No. 2, Owls.
Barry . . .
Tuttle ..
Jillson .
Totals r ....390 435 3991221
Team No. 1, Owls.
Doherty . .
Johnson . .
Totals .....419 398y 396 1213
Jack Monty and -Young Monty Come
' Back With Business Talk. .
" In response " to challenges printed
In The Bulletin, Jack Monty and Young
Monty of Occum state that they are
ready to meet their challengers. Jack
Monty accepts the challenge of Toung
Mack of Oreenevilie for a fistic go,
which can probably be . brought off
early early In February.
Young Monty states that he has
heard a lot of talk ..from Kid Swift
and -Kid Shea of Norwich, wrestlers,
and he will agree to end their wrest
ling earears by throwing them both in
Ave minutes. If these two grapplers
are looking for a match, he offers
them this chance. '
Football Game ia Scheduled With
Princeton on Latter'a Field.
The Harvard athletic committee in
an official announcement states that
the Crimson football team will play
Princeton at Princeton on Saturday,
Nor. 4, two weeks before the Tig-ers"
game with Yale. It is further announc
ed that arrangements have been made
for a game with Dartmouth at Cam
bridge, Nov. 18. and that the annual
fram wltti Yale would toe plaved in
the Stadium on the 25th. While the
full achedule was not given out, it was
explained that since the , Princeton
came would be played at Princeton the
regular game with West Point would
to dropped for this year 'because of
tha team's inability to play more than
W40 Canadian Filflo .........Jo 20751 8i8i4
4S00 Can teal Ltather 324 31ia Sl?i
Bo. pfa .21
Oetral ef Nrw Jenty.... 2
C$94) Chaaaaoa a Ohio 84 gsii 83
Chicago a Alfcm
Chieaco Gnat Waataii.... S214
P. SfU 4(i
0 Chlaaan N. W KtH M HSVt
200 Cilcar. M. St. P IM 127
O. C. C. St. Umit.... -- . ,
MOO Colarade Fuel It Jim.... M 344 S4
Colorado St Soatliam.... ? Rg's
1)400 Consolidated Gua 1434 141 141 1
80 Corn Praducta .......i.. 14 H4 14
409 Palawan a Hudaa....l67K 1C7 1K7
200 Daam- a Kla Cnnd 31 31 304
Po. fd 7s
10 PbtiUan Bacurliiea .... 33"A 33U 3SU
' Jrto 2 32 2--J
to. M pfB 4H4 47'4 4716
200 DO. Id pfd 33t 34 35H
300 Central Elactrta 131 131 151
180O Onat Kortaiira pfd ia lir, 126
S0t Po. Or stfa. no 14 s .58
IIUdoU Oaitnl i?6 l:6
tTOO latarborausa Mea. 114 ui ignu
7000 B. fd .-,!, si-J
9" Intar Bamatar 114H n.m ns
400 Intar Majlaa fd 17?, 17 . 174.
(90 In4araianal Iapr 12 14 u
H uaraaltc4 raina 4014 4014 40
So Inwa Cmtral ig its, is
yO Kunt mir Southtm. ... Jsi, 3?. :;2
!. pfd m
Laalada Gaa 112 .H2Vi H2-I
10S0O ILijtl TallfT 17CV4 1361, 177
0 toulaHllo a !... 144H 14::vi 14ifi
100 Mlaa. a SU lAUla.... 1K 28 27
loo it, at. r. a s. g. M..i3:a; M74 -13
fHa, Kan. In . 35. s.-, 34
Do. V' 84
3100 MlaDtti Parifia KIM i7L
803O National BtMiiit ......122 121 1204
fOO IVaUanal Laad 57 57 57
2 N. B. Mex. Id pfd m 36 38
8200 Mw Tork Cantral 1114 11034 1104
508 T.. Ont tc Woat 42'i 41 41
4700 JfecfoUl a Western l(w 105 105
300 IVaiah Amfrfctn 71 71 70
ff0 WoHhnm Pacini! 3S 11 118?,
t00 PatS Mall 26 50
4 BOO PenaitfTftjiiA .... 12f 23 "2J
790 Peoplaa Caa 1074 10!4 iiw
. Kttrtniii, c. C. St. sn
Pntaburg Coal i
J 00 Prnscd Surt Car ?2'i 2',4 32V.
OO Ptillaaaa Palaoa Car lai isl 161
Hallway Stael Sprlna 22
14300 RaadlEt 13TT, Jjs 133"5,
OamlHlc Steal .2 32 S2
Do. pfd 4
S Book Ilasd Ca .214 32',i ::1
" Po. pfd , 02
400 !. I.. A S. JT. M ,.. 4 40 39
-' St. iMiia .a. W 28
SOO Do: pfd j; s'i 02
Slosa Shtf. 9. I m
40 Snuthen Pelo 118 llr?i ll'i
100 Saataam Railway 3g 27 27V-
1400 Do. pfd . (4 sr.
00 Twigglapa ropw ........ 3j 331,4
taaa a raritlc 2844
t TMado. St. 1. A W 2314 t?.
20 Do. pfd S2T4 S2 50'4
4710 friioa Padne 177 174414 171
10 Bo. pfd n4 113 '4 0314
- Vnltd flfataa Realty 66
JO rnitt SUt Buber 37 'i 87 36 4
14M tnltad State Steal. rsj 7a7t 7-
150 Do pfd . 110 118 ll
1 Utah Copper .' 46 45 4o
12t Va Carolina Chora 44 ' 4 04
30 Wafeiah 10 164 15
0 Do pM. s 3iSH S4
409 Western Maryland ....... 50 50 50
10 WeatlnihOTije Electrio 7 67 )4
TOO Wraem Union 75 74 74
WheoUa L Erie s
Total aalea. 347.10 ahare
New Tork, Jan. 23. Cotton futures
Closed steady. Bids: January 14. S3,
February 14.58. ' March 14.69. April
14.95, May 14.8?, June 14.S. July 14.90,
August 14.57, October 13.34, December
13.20. . - .
- Spot closed dull, fifteen points low
er; middling uplands 14.73,; middling
gulf 15.00. Sales, 1,700 bales.
New Tork, Jan. 23. Money on call
steady; Z l-42 J-4 per cent.; ruling
rat 2 1-2; last loan I 3-4; closing
bid 3 5-8; offered at 2 3-4. Time
loans weaker and dull; sixty days 3
per-cent, and ninety days 3(S :i 1-4;
six months 3 l-s3 3-4.
WZSAfi Onan. Blgo, txn. Cloia,
Mar ... .... 984 S9 g Bf s.ie
July S5. M U-ll (S4, A3 -l
aaet. ... .... m, "3 93 . S3 15-w
May ... .....r.t'A 5 J ;
' 3nlf ... .... 0 - i 51
Sept. 31 : ,lt SJ . '.Sll
OATS: ' .
Alar " ' ' -:"- 31 '34 .
aan v- "$. U l lai :
. 82 76 74 232
., 63 92 75 230
. 9 82 89 267
j, 74 101 81 256
. 75 84 SO 233
... .... 70 97 78 24a
V 89 70 79 238
. . . . 100 78 - 76 254
... . ... 82 80 85 247
.... 78 7 78 229
one game away, from home.. It Is ex
pected also that a game with Cornell
will toe arranged for Nov. 11, although
a definite conclusion with the Ithacans
has .not been reached. - .,
Keep the Mind Right, .Too -Dartmouth's
Athletio Coach Denies Harm
ful Results in Later Yeara.
"Xot one man in ten has the remotest
idea of how to properly train for ath
letie events. They don't know how to
work. Proper dieting : and the correct
care of the body and. the mind are two
things that, the great majority of ath
letes have not the slightest conception
of," says ; Harry Hillman, athletic
coach at Dartmouth. "It is not an un
usual thing to hear of some former
athlete who has gone bad physically.
People hear of these cases and imme
diately declare that athletics Is not a
good thing for our young men. But
you Will notice that the men who break
down are always those who haven't
been good performers, andjthero's a
good reason why this Is 0. The men
who have been stars are .those who
started out with correct ideas of how
to train, while the ones who have
broken up physically all started thsir
athlatic careers without the least
knowle'dge of the subject. '
"Take the runners they are mostly
young ellows who overdo their pre
paratory work, eat the wrong fooda
and have their " meals at irregular
hours, all of which is bound to tell
when they give up training and settle
down to business. Perhaps ten years
will elapse before they feel the results
of incorrect training, and then, you will
notice, it is usually their stomachs that
go wrong." 'Hillman saya that half
the athletes know no more about prop
er dieting than does the average two
year old child. They eat big meals
just before going out to compete, no
matter what time of the day it may
b?. That's the worst-thing an athlete
can possibly do, because it takes at
least -three hours for ordinary food to
properly digest, and it is a terrible
strain on the stomach to do any Run
ning when it la filled.
"Draw up one of your legs "and you
will notice that the abdominal muscles
are brought into full play," says Hill
man, adding that a man should partake
of nothing heavier than a couple of soft
boiled eggs or a kittle toast and tea
before competing in an' athletic event.
"Outdoor work ia best because it af
fords -good air, allowing the lungs to
develop without taking any chanoss of
breathing In the germs that are bound
to. infest the atmosphere of an in
closed place, end the fresh air also
helps to keep the stomach in good or
der." The Dartmouth coach believes that
club athletes who run at least twice a
week indoors are apt to contract dis
eases beeause of the tine-drawn condi
tion that they are sure to attain. Col
lege men, though, must do a great deal
of indoor work because they have only
two months in the open air. - Only the
most vigorously constituted are able
to run during the Indoor season. Bon-
hir. t-VtA arrtt lltflnr?ft mnTvfir in
the country, fs a fair example." says
Hillman. Bonhag comes out and does
a lot of running toward the close of the
indoor season, but he always takes at
least two months' rest before ne even
starts training for the outdoor games.
Man Must Have Fat Bankroll at the
Present Day.
The time for the ex-ball player to
break into the game has practically
passed, for - while it was no oifneult
matter to break into class A ball, or
even major -league ball, a few years
ago, now it taksd a large sum of mon
ey to get oontroi of a minor league
franchise, and the player is shy on
putting his savings for a franchise
where he is not dead sure for the re
turns. The bait player is the one in
dividual who fully appreciates the dim
culty of developing a winner, especial
lv without a liberal use of monev. and
then failure may come to both brains
and money until even the wealthy
magnates often tire of th proposi
he Boston Americans figured that.
$40,000 was ample to start business
with ten years ago. Now th same
club must figure on half a million dol
lars to build a new plant. Leased
grounds for ten or twenty years was a
long term for a ball park a f-3w yars
ago. Now no major league club could
afford to -build a magnificent plant on
leased grounds, 'and first figures on
buying a large tract of land convenient
to the business part of the city as
possible. It takes double the land for
a ball oark it did twenty years ago, as
the stands must ba double and triple
tne size, until tne investment is a seri
ous business proposition, and consid
ered only for those having absolute
faith in the stability of the game as a
greft national amusement where th-e
public can be. entertained in the open
air at popular prices. -
- - t
Philadelphia Sport Thinks the Western
Giant is the-Man.
"iUiam iMcOarney, an ' experienced
jude of pugilists, who is also a box
ing promoter in Philadelphia, is one
of the first eustern sporting men to
personally inspect Carl Morris, the
Oklahoma Giant. McCarney saw Mor
ris knock out Marvin Hart at Sapulpa
and I has come 'home with a glowing
a.ccokint of the big fellow's prowess.
"Morris is a real hope. ' saya MoCar
ney. "He is a natural fighter. A giant
in physique, he ia the hardest tUttar
I've ever seen. He ia wonderfully fast
on his feet I11 spite of his aize and
waiarht, and Knows 'How to take pun-
ishhment. He is so ibig and strong
that I don't believe a man. living can
hurt him. In fact ha looks like a
coming champion, and with, oareful
handling lie will aoon 'ba in tha front
rani:. I've aeen all the big fellows for
the past 20 years,' Jeffries, Corbett,
Sullivan, Fitzsimmons, Sharkey, John
son and others, but this giant Morris
is the most dangerous of them all. He
will -be t'he one to beat Johnson as sure
as I'm alive. ,
Phillippe in the List Picked by Fred
Picked by no less an expert than
Fred Tenney, the newly appointed
manager of the Boston Nationals, as
one of the five greatest pitcher the
game of baseball has evar known. Is
the latest honor tobe conferred on
Charles "Deacon" Phillippe, the veter
an twirler of the Pittsburg Pirates.
Tenney has be?n engaged to write a
series of stories on the greatest play
ers of all times. He id well qualified
to write on such a subject, for not only
is Tenney a college graduate but he
hits had sixteen years' connection with
the national game as a major league
player and haa metall the great per.
formers of the past two decades. He
chooses Charley Nieholls, Deacon
Phillippe, Iron Man Joe McGinnity,
Mordecal Brown and Christy Mathew
son as the greatest pitcher tie has
even known, and gives his reasons for
making- his a elections. . . ..
Official Athlotio Almanao Out.
The feature of th 1911 almanac is
the selection by the editor, James E.
Sullivan, of an all-America athletic
team. It Is the first time in th history
of tha almanas that such a selection
haa bean made, and it will naturally
causa quit some comment among th
followers of track and field athletic.
Tha Hluatratlona in th book are the
finest hicu have yet appeared in an
athletic almanac f any tiospription.
On fUi itr tion - nrUioli will ton of it
taaaa. Mt g ft ttti&m ia Slaak-
holm, Sweden, in which th Olympic
games of 1912 will' take place. .
A- section of the book wmcn win
make interesting reading is that - de
Voted to the features of, 110. In chron
ological order each .day gives some
athletic event which took place.
The Athletic Almanac for 1S11 win
he sent to anv address in the United
States or Canada by the - American
Sports Publishing company. 21 Warren
street, N...T. C, prepaid on receipt of
10 cents. ;
New -Haven Chief of Police Stops
SHaa-Houck Go in Eleventh . Round.
New Haven. Jan. 23. At the close
of the eleventh round of a fast fight
between Tommv Houck of Philadel
phia and Joe Shea of Waterbury, be-
lore tne Rome .Athletic club tonignr,
Chief of Police 4?owles jumped into
the ring and declared that there would
be no more boxinsr. During the fight.
which was to have gone fifteen rounds.
i;mei tjowies repeatedly warned tne
spectators about yelling while the. men
were boxing and threatened several
times to stop the bout, but the crowd
continued' to be noisy and the proceed
ings were stopped, up to tne elev
enth Shea had outpointed Houck, but
the latter was devoting his time to in
fighting and was doing lots "of damage
when the ;ght closed. .
In the preliminaries Joe Marcks of
Highwood outpointed Kid Murphy of
this city, in a twelve-round go, and
Charley Doherty of New Haven and
Dave Ryan of Bridgeport went ten
rounds to a draw.
G. S. White of Chicago Walks from
That City to Portland, M.x
Edward P. Weston's walking record
between Portland, Me., and Chicago
was lowered 1 (hours by G. Stewart
White of the latter city, who arrived
in Portland Sunday. He .will win a
3,0O0 wager toy his wdk.
Whiter left the corner of Clark and
Madison streets, Chicago, at 1.1 p. m.
Dec. 24, and reached Portland Sunday
at 11.45 a. m. He said that. h weigh
ed 180 .pounds when he started from
Chicagro and he now weighs 1459 pounds.
He has worn out three pair of strong j
shoes on the way. He averaged 4T i
miles each day. His best 24 hour i
stunt was from Erie to Buffalo, 88
miles. He kep4t along " the line tf
railroads nearly all the time. J
White is a. vigorous looking- youn
man of 20 years, and proses to walk
from Chicago to San Francisco next
American and Cuban Champions Keep
Clean Scores in Chees Tourney.
New York, Jan. 23. Frank J. Mar
shall, the American chess champion,
and Joseph R. Capablanca,-. the Cu
ban champion, both won their game's
here today in the national tournament,
the former from Smith and the latter
from Morris.- -Capablanca arrived a
day later and was given a bye on yes
terday's game. Marshall and Capa
blanca meet in the fifth round. -The
scedule calls for twelve games and wi"
end February 3. The leaders are now
Marshall, R. T. Black of Brooklyn,
Oscar Chajes of Chicago, and Charles
Jaffa of New York, all tied with two
games each.
. '
Wrestling at Meosup.
Young Monty of Occum and Abe the
Newsboy wrestled a 80 minute draw in
Moosup 'last week, as preliminary to
the expected Bill Collins-Eugene
Tremblay match. Tremblay did not
arrive, but Collins went on witHi Young
Gotch of- WilUmantic, on whom he got
two falls, each in 26 minutes.
Packey Signs for Tan Rounds.
Kansas City, Jan. 23, Packey Mc
Farland of Chicago and Jake Barada
of St. Joseph, Mo., were matched to
fight 'ten rounds here on the night of
February 6.
Rhylander with Brockton.
Ernie Rhylanderwho played short
stop for the Norwich team last sea
son, has been offered a trial by Brock
ton of the New England league.
Tuesday Sandy1 Ferguson vs. Jim
Barry, Henry Miers vs. Tommy Flan
agan, 3. Sharkey vs: Young Kenney,
and Teddy Murpiiy vo. Young- Taskey,
Boston; Sailor Burke vs. Kid Henry,
Albany; J. Hunt va. W. Reynolds, New
York; Toung- Dyson vh. Willie Houck,
New York; Johnny Allen va. Young
Bosse, New London; Paul Kohier va,
D. Raven, Pittsburg.
Wednesday K. O. Brown vs. "Tommy
Murphy, New York: Harry Forbes vs.
Mike Bartley, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Jark
ey McFarland vs. Young Erne, Phila
delphia; Harry Lewis vs. Johnny
Summers, London. Eng-.; Jack Dillon
vs. Georare Chip, Dayton, O.; Bob Scan
Ion vs. Bill Brown, New York: Hillard
Lang vs. Kid Brown, Winnipeg.
Friday Frank Burns vs. One Round
Hcgan, San Francisco; Jim' Bonner vs.
Kid Johnson, Musoh Chunk, Pa.; Dig
ger Stanley vs. Frankie Burns of New
Jersey, New York.
Saturday Dick Nelson vs. Willie
Moody, Philadelphia.
' Salary Cut Scatters Tri-Statars.
As a result of the cnt in tha salary
limit of the Trl-Stata league, many
star player who cannot to kept under
the limit of fl.900 and the individual
limit of 1175 a montn are toeing sign
ed by New York Stat league maJMg
ers. Utica has secured Shortstop Iur
meyer and Second Baseman Edward
Shortell of th Altotma team; Scran
ton has obtained Mike Joyce, the out
fielder, frcm Lancaster; Elmlra has
bought Pitcher Harry Teal from the
Altoona team, ami UJca has bong-lit
Shortstop Marhefka from tho Wii
liamsport team. Lancaster has soltl
Catcher Cadman to th Omaha, team.
A number of other deals ar now un
der way, and there will be a general
weeding out of the tilgh- priced players
in the league.
Louis Grey of Swansea haa sold the
4 yeara old trotting- mare Queen Patch
en. by Joe Patcben. 2.011-4, to .William
F- Gibson of Fall River.
Frank E. Plata of Siegel, 111., has
sold his 3 vear old stallion. Tiie Air
moter. 49,806. by Tlie Hero, f.07 1-4, to
Otto Spring-er of th same place.
Henry M. - Jones of Lexington, Ky
has boiigfht from. S. J. Fleming of
Torre Haute, Ind., the filly Catherine
L toy Peter the Great, dam toy Axtell.
W. J. Forbush of Nedton iias sold to
Elmer Crlckerins of Boston tho 4 year
old stallion Douglass Dlrerrt, toy Direct,
2.0S 1-2, dam Mazie Sidney, 2.131-4.-
James Farley of Plattsburg, N. Y..
has bought Be)sie Patchen. 2.13 1-4.
Fashoda, 2.24 3-4, Rabe, 8.1 1-2, and
Minnie Grattan,- the latter a green
prospect. -C . -
; Walter Dunn of Charleston, 111., ' is
.winter Jogging a fine and -promising
lot of youngster by th popular speed
sires Argot Wilkes. 2.14 l-4,and Chamber-tin,
2.14 1-2.
Ira. Byoraon wlll train and drlre Th.
Piunger, 2.071-2, in Austria the com
ing seaaon. his employ r, Egon Golf -achmidit,
having boug-lit the trotter
from Mr. Sdilesintrer, who Imported
him. . - -
Tho black stallion Locco, 2.0 3-4, by
Bonni Boy, dam Luey Homer by Ho
mer Ii'M5; second dam Dinnie, 2.26,
by Rochester 61, died recently in Eu
rope. Ha was foaled in 1-804 ami took
hi vauord at Hartford n Auyuo !S,
it, - .
Florimond Trudeau and Goorfl Martin
. Released on $500 Bonds
, Florimond Trudeau, aged 20, and ,
Qeorge Martin, aged 1, were arrested
at 4.43 o'clock Monday afternoon by
Capt. E. H. Richmond on a charge ot
breaking and entering. The young men
eected an entrance late Saturday even
ing into the store of the Jordan Hard- :
ware company toy means of a fcey that
they had made. Ten dollars in money
and a quantity of hardware were taken.
The case was not reported to Captain
Richmond until Monday morning and
in the afternoon he recovered 4.4
the money and at least J25 worth of
goods. Trudeau was but rooently dis
charged from this firm's employ far
being too light- fingered, it la aid.
Both were released upon bonds of $600
eaeh for an appearance in court this
(Tuesday) mornintjr at 9 o'clock.
Meeting of Street Committee.
The aitreet oommittae of the common
council held a hearing Monday evening
on the establishment of lines and
grades of John street to South Park
extension and of the latter from South
street to John street, and as no ap
pearance was made the proposed layout
as submitted by Homer 8; Turner, rep
resenting Buck & Shelden, the engi
neers, was accepted. Alderman J. B.
Pomeroy presided. . , : r .
Kidney or bladder trouble are' shown
by such symptoms as backache, rheu
matic pains and other well known
signs. Treatment should be given at
once before more serious trouble aris
The folloSvinsr simple proscription
from leading authority and Is highly
endorsed: Mix one-half ounce fluid ex
tract buohu. one-half ounce mura.it
compound, six ounces good pure gin.
Take one to- two teaspoonfuls after
each meal and' at bedtime. All we'll
stocked drug stores have the above
ingredients. Anyone can mix. This
quickly restores weak deranged kid
neys, bladder and other urinary organs'
When red, rough,
unsightly and sore,
can be quickly
healed and greatly
improved in ap
pearance by the
P liberal nee of
This is ai. ideal preparation for
keeping the skin smooth and
t white and the complexion fair
and beautiful.
It is a nne, greaselesa, fragrant
toilet cream.
. A mild', harmless bleach, whicb
every woman who values her ap
pearance should use regularly.
Get it at any A. D. S. Drug
8tore. .".'.
Smith, tha Drugman, 205 Mr-in St.
Pitcher &. Service, 233 Central Ave.
Lerou's Pharmacy, 276 West Main St
A Reliable Cough Medicine.
Is a valuable family friend. Foley's
Honey and Tar fulfills this condition
e'xactlv., Mrs. Charles Kline, N. 8th
St. Easton. Pa..tates: "Several mem
bers of my family have been cured of
bad coughs -and colds by the us f
Foley's Honey and Tar and I am nev
er without a bottle in the house. It
soothes and relieves the irritation in
th throat ami loosens up the cold. 1
have always found it a reliable cough
cure." Mee & Osgood Co.
You should than go further and for mora active disinfecting, wash
or flush kitchen ainks. rlark corners of the cellar, all wash stands,
water closets and other open traps with a stronger solution. Hay two
tablespoonfuls to the pail, of this same wondertul germ eradicator.
Sold only in yrtlote fackatpu in iruaoiidn nni irrewra. 10e., 2.1c, 50c. . T8e.
anil.(KI. lituart at imitatlont.
SULPHO-NAPTHOL COMPANY, Torrey Building, 14 Med ford St.
' 88 Broad St., Boston, flass.
You're Bilious!
You knojv the symptoms a splitting headache, sallow complexion,
txjatexl tongue, dizziness and constipated bowels. Nevfjr mtaid what
brought on this condition, go to your druggist end get a box of .
Schenck's Mandrake Pills
Take a dose to-night. To-morrow you will feel like another person.
Wo will mall you a FREE SA1PLE If you send us the name
of this paper.
WATERPROOF TAPS, per pair. 25c
BOYS' TAPS. per pair, 15c
Bulletin liuildin 74 Franklin Street
l.ij LC.H..a)S
' I fet that 19r. Kiiater
Root saved si life.' Z
kidneys. Vary often ttat
bloody a4 b eimuhn o
ana paiafui that I would avr no afar
in bed o obtain. maomT r'V, Z
eonsultjeoV stood phyoloiaa ka tAO Ba
salts wra disappointing lay land
lady advised m to try waa3a-0ol aa
the last aeaort. wMeli I did mjoA X
)ujBiciy aahoved.
1 oocrlnued taking- Twmp-ltrt ad
my -orcignt haa inoreaaod fifty Moatto.
Mr health la f tho bait and f have
told majwr othara abowt tr. Suteor
Bwamp-Koot and pun doit a lot of
good la this way. Tour nraadlftia
madictn la of great vaiuo to rmnTn-
. - Tour very Uulj
rrs Main St -. Pwtu4t, A, X.
Tho atoov atatommt mad Jbeftt
n X declare to bo trutkful th 7
Notary Palo. .
Dr. Kilmer aV Co.,
Blnghamtwn, N. Y.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Di fsr Tib
Bend to Dr. Kilmer & Oo., Blnanam
ton, N. Y., for a sample bootle. It wit;
convince anyone. .You will also rciv
a booklet of valuable Information, toll
ing all about the kidneys and bladda.
When writiMg toe sure and mention Th
Norwich Dally Bulletin. Regular fifty
cent and one-dollar size bottles for le
at all drug stores.
First-class Delivery
Bob Sleighs
complete with poh
and shafts.
Sleigh, Carriage and
Automobile Work
of all kinds.
The Scott & Clark
507-515 North Main Stresi
in work should always be conaldared,
especially when it costs no aoro than
the inferior kind. Skilled men ao
employed by us. Our pricea tall ta
wl;ole story.
(Successor t A.. T. Oj4lnor
Hack, Livery
12-14 Bath Street.
Telephone 883. a or ltd
Paliaiat aad Clnlrvayaat.
New London, Conn., up State St. to
I ley St. 418 wiRslingtan.
For Active Disinfecting
After the house has been cleaned generally,
that ia the paint, floors, corners, rtigt, car
pets, etc., with a solution consisting of a pail
of water to which has been aclde-l a table
spoonful of "
Cabot's Sulpho-Napthol
You may be rare that there is no rlirt,
grease or grima left and that all diseaaa
germs have been killed.
DR. J. H., 5CHENCK. & SON, Philadelphia.

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