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Keep the Kidneys Vcll
Health la Werth Saving, and Soma
Norwich People Know How to
Sava It.
Moor Iforwleh people taJre their lives
ia their hand by neglecting tba kld
ftayo when they know these organs
seed help. tick kidneys are responsi
ble for rast amount of suffering and
III heaJth, bat there is no need to suf
fer nor to remain In danger when ail
4ieeaaefl and aches and pains due to
vtk kidneys can be quickly and per
manently cured by the ose of Doan'i
Kidney Pills. Here Is a Norwich citi
zen's recommendation.
Patrick J. Fitzgerald, SS Mechanic
Street.. Norwich. Conn., says: "I can
recommend Doan's Kidney Pills as a
reliable kidney remedy. When they
first came to my attention I was hav
ing considerable trouble from a pain
and lameness across the small of my
back and through my kidneys. When
I read about Doan's Kidney Pills. I felt
sure they were Just the remedy I re
quired and theb use proved that I was
right. Less than the contents of one
bos removed the lameness of my back,
drove ths pains away and regulated
the passages of the kidney secretions.
My advice to any person suffering
from kiiney trouble la to procure
Doan's Kidney Pills at N". t. Sevln &
Son's Drug Store and give them a fair
For sale by all deaJers. Price SO
cents. Foater-Mlibura Co, Buffalo.
Now Tork. solo agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take do other-
Old Soldier Tortured.
TVr years I suffered unspeakable
torture from indigestion, constipation
ad liver trouble," wrote A. K. Smith,
a war veteran at Erie, Pa., "but Dr.
Xlpg'a New Life Pills fixed me all
right. They're simply great." Trv
them for nity stomach, liver or kidney
trouble. Only 25o at Lee & Osgood
Per Part Taken in the Death of Ocey
Newark. ?. J.. Jan. 23. Seven years
in state prison was the sentence im
posed upon Mrs. Caroline B. Martin
for the part she played in the death of
Ocey Snead, her daughter, by Judge
Ten Eyck in the court of oyer and
terminer today.
Mr. Martin, who had pleaded non
vult to manslaughter when arraigned
on an Indictment charging her with
murder, apparently expected a much
lighter sentence and became greatly
agitated when she learned her fate.
The body of Ocey Snead was found
in a half filled bathtub In a partly fur
nished houe In East Orange, X. J.,
Nov. 2. 1909.
Piles Quickly
Cured at Home
instant Relief, Permanent Cure Trial
Package Mailed Free to All
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Plies Is a fearful disease, but easy to
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gerous, cruel, humiliating and unnec
csxary. V
Thero is Just one tlier sure way to
be curad painless, safe and In the
privacy of your own home it is Pyra
mid Pile Cure.
We mail a trial package free to all
who write.
It will give you inetant relief, show
you the harmless, painless nature of
this great remedy and start you well
on the way toward a perfect cure.
Then you can . get a full-sized box
from any drugsglst for 69 cents, and
often one box cures.
Insist on having what you call for.
it the druggist tries to sell you
something Just as good, it Is because
he makes more money on the substi
tute. The cure begins at once and contin
ues rapidly until it is complete and
You can go right ahead with your
work and be easy and comfortable all
the time.
It is well worth trying. .
Just iend your name and address to
Pyramid Drug Co., 2S7 Pyramid Build
ing, Marshall, Mich., and receive free
by return mall the trial package, in a
pram wrapper.
Thousands have been Viral In thin
eaey, rainless and inexpensive way, in
the privacy of the home.
No knife and its torture.
No doctor and his bills.
All drUKCiyt. 50 cents. Write today
for a free package
Winn to Buy in Westerly
Wtsaterly LSrancli
Capital Three Million Dollars
Surplus Three Million Dollar
Over Fifty Thousand Accounts,
Liberal, courteous and efficient in Us
Hart SchaSIner & Marx
noY2M Westerly, R. I.
Buy Tfc-jr chics and Hosiery
and get a coupon on the Plane to bo
riven away at
City Pharmacy
Try our lea Cream, Soda and Col
legia lots while waiting fcr your car.
2G Canal St. Westerly. R. L
Efablihel 1901.
Harold I Welle, O. D., Optometrist.
Defective vision corrected ty the prop,
er adjustment of lenses. Room 9, Pot-ter-Langworthy
Block. Westerly. R. t
Two seven-icom toitacs, situated In
different parta of the compact part of
AVeeterly. K. I., each having 60 fool
street front, and both- haying vacant
iBiici edjainincr that can be secured at
reasonable piioea if a purchaser de
sire Both bavins; beat, electiio
lights, modern plumbing, inspection
Fraak TV. Coy Real Bstate Oa,
febld . Weatertr. R. I.
Hud Had Wecrk la Our Specialty.
Whip and ail Harneas Supplies oar
rlad la atooat. Faotory Made Harneas
Is aaaok at tit and tip.
ac as. kitmmf.
ia ft .n tait rsa mm- .
Dont's For Westerly Liquor Sellers
Chief of Police Brausfield Distributed Printed Copies of
Laws Relating to Sales Byron D. Burdick Going
to New Britain Walter Dangerfield's Farewell Drink
Nearly Fatal Brown Feud at North Stonington
Three Candidates for Judge of Probate in Stonington.
Thus far the saloons of Westerly
have received monthly visitations from
the police authorities, indicating that
there is surveillance of their doings
aside from the observations of the po
licemen In the course of their regular
patrol duty. A month ago Councilman
Culley of the police committee and
Town Solicitor Agard, accompanied by
Chief of Police Bransneld, made the
gTand rounds Just to get an Idea as to
the conduct of the saloons of Westerly,
and to remind the licensed dealers of
the necessity of strict compliant to
law. The dealers were evidently pleas
ed with the visit and the visitors
seemed satisfied.
Last Saturday Chief Bransfield made
the tour of inspection and left with
each dealer a printed copy of the laws
relating to the sale r-t intoxicating
liquors, so that the dealers might fa
miliarize themselves with the privil
eges and restrictions that the laws
specialize. It is the intention of the
police authorities to strictly enforce
the liquor laws, and it was consid
ered but fair to the dealers that they
should be given opportunity to under
under the license system for the first
under the licenes system for the first
time in Westerly.
Byron D. Burdick, with a newspaper
experience of 20 years on the Westerly
Sun, in the mechanical and editorial
departments, will end bis relations
with that paper this week, and go to
New Britain, where he has secured an
engagement with the Herald of that
citlj". For the past eight years, In
connection with his duties as a report
er, he had charge of the advertising
deparament of the Sun, and will con
duct that department for the Ne.v
Britain Herald. Before coming to the
Sun, Mr. Burdick was employed at
newspaper work in Hope Valley anl
Narragansett Pier and in Florida.
Walter Dangerfield, a teamster em
ployed by Thomas J. Welch, drank of
a solution of carbolrc acid shoftly aft
er midnight Sunday at his home in
Dayton street. And was in extreme
danger of being placed in a burial field,
but for the timely relief given by Dr.
Scanlon. As a result of excess in that
which intoxicates there was a slight
family disturbance, which terminated
in a promise on the part of Danger
field that he would not drink to ex
cess In the future, and, declaring that
he would take his last drink for a
month, he took a four ounce bottle and
swallowed half the contents, supposing
it to be gin. The bottle contained a
solution of carbolic acid.
Dangerfield's mouth was severely
burned and there were excruciating
pains in the stomach, but he was re
lieved by strong emetics. It Is believ
ed he will fully recover.
William P. Arnold, expert window
dresser for the P. H. Opie company.
has resi-gned, to enter the employ of
the Hall & Lyons company of Provi
dence. Mr. Arnold is also experienced
in Interior store advertising, and many
of his original ideas have been praised
by the people of Westerly. He did
considerable decorating for banquets
and events in fraternal and church so
cieties, always giving his service free,
his offering being appreciated by the
organizations interested.
Mr. Arnold has been active in ths
worn 01 tnrist episcopal cnurcn, act- ,
in? as surpllcetr usher at wedaings and i erlv. " were in Providence Sundav and
funerals, and was of material assist- j jtnosFer! the exemplification of th
ance to the rector. He was interested ; th1rrt oeKrp upon a clnss of 75 cfuidi
m the organization of the Military j tPHm of this number 64 belon-sr o
Cadets connected with the church, an 1 i tle nPT,-iv orsrinized Riverside council,
was drill master and mapor of the j Xo. j 523. Knis-hts of Columbus
battalion. IMr. Arnold will begin his
duties in Providence, Feb. 1.
Charles N. Brown is the defendant
in a suit for damages of $500 brought
by Frank Brown, the -writ bein?; re
turnable to the court of common pleas
in Aorwicn on trie tirst Tuesday in
February. The parties are residents ,
of North Stoninsrton. Several weeks!
aio Charles lirown and spvor;,! i.thws !
composed n rabbit hunting party on
the property of William O. York in
IMstrlct To. 6. While there Fmnk and
Charles g-ot into a dispute and the lie
was passed, but further -hostilities
were prevented by the intervention of
Later Frank invited Charles to come
over the wall into another lot. and the
invitation was accented. It is o!lr.aro1 i
that Frank then told Charles th;u
was KDiny to eet even with him. ;n a
scuffle ensued. Charles had a snn'l
hickory stick in his band, which l:e
clfcimed he used in self clrfrnso in ro
pellirsr the ;ttt:ic-k. Frank c laims that
he was n infully injured and that lh.-i
wisely directecl, will cause her lo
give ito her little ones only the most
wholesome and beneficial remedies
and only when actually needed, an3
the .well-informed mother uses only
the pleasant and gentle laxative rem
edy Syrap of Figs and Elixir of
Senna when a laxative is required,
as it is wholly free from all objec
tionable substances. To get its ben
eficial effects always buy the genu
ine, manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co.
It Makes Wrinkles
Worry over ill-health does your
health no gobd, and merely causes
wrinkles, that make you look older
than you are.
If you ara sick, don't worry, but go
about It to make yourself v;ell. To do
this we repeat the word of thousands
of other former sufferers from wom
anly, ills, similar to jours, when we
It is a wonderful female remedy, as
you will admit if you try it
Directions for Its usa are printed in
tlx languages with every bottle. Price
Sl.H at druggists.
106 Vest i:5th Street. New YcnX
serv ices of a physician were required,
and lias fixed the sum of $590 as dam
ajes for injuries received.
Oharit-s Brown does not propose to
make settlement, but will carry the le
gal defense to the limit, and has en
gaged Judge Herbert W. Rathoun as
counsel. Daniel iM. Cronin- of New
London and A. T. Ledwidge of West
erly are attorneys for Frank Brown.
Elisha E. Carpenter of Westerly has
brought action against William D.
Moss to ret-over $700 damages for
breach of contract. Carpenter was
formerly tenant of the Moss farm in
Pawcatuck. and the suit is in connec
tion with the occupancy of the farm.
This writ is returnable to the court
of common pleas in Norwich the first
Tuehday in February. Dixon & Rath
bun are attorneys for Moss, and A. T.
L. Iedwidge represents Carpenter.
This is a counter suit against one
brought by Moss against Carpenter to
recover $73 in rental alleged to be due.
This case is pending in the Third dis
trict court in Westerly.
There promises to be the customary
legislative contest over the appoint
ment of judge 'for the town court of
Stonington. .Xudtre Albert! R. Stillman
of Pawcatuck is the present encum
bent, has been in office since 1907, and
is a candidate for reappointment. Al
ready Representative' Chesebro has
nominated Benjamin WT. Hewitt of
Mystic for judge, and Representative
Bab-cook has nominated Si.as B.
Wheeler of Mystic as deputy judge.
This week or next resolutions will
be presented'to the? legislature nomin
ating Alberti R. Stillman. which will
be submitted backed by the friends
of the present judge. Another resolu
tion will be sent in nominating- Loren
zo D. Fairbrother, for the judgeship,
the position which he hel.l frcm 1895
to 1901. Mr. Fairbrother is a resident
of Stonington borough. Another can
didate from the boroujrh is Attornev
Wirst A. Breed. When these nomina
tions reach the Judiciary committea
friends of the candidates will attenl
the hearines and rrgq the appointment
of the candidate of their choice.
t Local Laconics.
Rav Lewis of New London
was in
Westerly Monday.
Prospects are favorable to the loca
tion of a. silk Industry in the vacant
brick mill building in (Main street.
Men pefirchinir for a site for a the
ater building in West Broad street ex
amined two prospective locations on
Miss A'ice Matson of New Britain
is the ctiest of her brother, Judee
James K. Kennedy, and family in Lib
erty street.
William' W. Woodmansee of Roek
rll'e. R. T.. father of IaClede Wood
mansee of Westerly.celebrated his 81st
birthday Monday.
Thomas Brady, representing the
Westerly Vntral Labor union, and
William Hoi worth. the Pawcatuck
Textile Union of Weavers. Westerly,
attended a session in Providence Sun
day afternoon of the Rhode Island
branch of the American Federation of
Dr. Michael H. Scanlon, district
deputy, and Martin H. Spellman, erand
knizht of Xrtmzansett council. West
Dr. Albert D. Phelps Addresses Men's
Club Two Good Basketball Games
Arranged Newspaper Planned.
, ,
Thf Men s flub held s monthly
mePtinq- Monday mpht. attended by a
I majority of thr members. The flub
! v.'f'S nrMrepveri M- T-r Alhprt TV Phfilns
of Westerly, a former Xcs' Tork phys
ician, whojsp subiect wa The Human
Brain. It ws illustrate with black
board m i charts :vnd proved of much
interest and instruction.
Studying Venice.
y.u ,' i'h., 'Ar Vr A
n.'is again t;tken up for study, aft r
v.-hiili current events were (lis2tissL
Two Games Arranged.
Manascr Shea of the Y. M. C. A.
.j--l-olba!l team Mated Monday that
a same had been nrranrpd wx'u Ne-.r j lyn.
London for Thursc'ay. February i. A I M'p A&nes Killars is visiting in
srood same is looked for! Davl.?. who ' Dor hesui Mass.
has played renter with the Mystic Inventory at Velvet Mill.
team, has res.gned and a new Wiin ,, . . ... ...
will til;,, his phr.-e. On the T h. American fiv-t company will
Fbruarv a game has been booked wit!, i b"!?in. taK.,nS inventory of- the corn
Kingston. ! i'an" s mill lieie next !;. It will
. ., , ' take from ten days to two' weeks.
Entertained on Birthday. w p KindloF n3:5 returned from a
Arthur Douglas celebrated his eicht- ! business trip to New York,
eenth birthday Sunday and received i Miss Bessie Wilcox is confined to
friends at ills home. Games were
played and refreshments served.
Young Men to Start Paper.
At the meeting of the West Mystic
Athletic club, Saturday night, " ar
rangements were perfected to sart a
newspaper in that part of the vniajje.
The paper will be edited by Carl Brad
ley, and will be vnder the manage
ment of Cicrl Bradley. Donald Mux
son and William Bradshaw. A print
ins? press has been ordered and the
young men mean business.
Local Gleanings.
Charles Squadrito has returned from
a visit in Boston.
Mrs. E. K. Saunders and son Stan
ley of Westfieid, N. J., are guests of
the fof-mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. Ruthbun.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Noyes have
returned from a New Haven visit.
Mis. William L. Douglas has return
ed from a visit in Middietown.
Allan Thomson has returned from
New York.
Items Chiefly Personal Capt. P. A.
Wilcox Ends Two Weeks' Vacation.
Miss Kleanor Lamb spent, Saturday
with Miss Lucy Wright in New .Lon
don. '
Mrs. Alfred Fitch has returned from
a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Fran.k
Blackmail, in New York..
Miss V. A. MacDonald is visiting
friends in New London.
Mrs. Fannie Chase has returned to
her borne in New York, after a short
visit with fritnds here.
Charles Johnson of New York has
returned after a short business trip in
Miss Helen Miner of Waterford is
visiting Mrs. Warren Wilcox on High
'..'apt. P. Avery Wilcox has returned
to Fishers island after two weeks' va
cation spent here with his parents.
Miss Alice Murray of New Lon
don has returned after a short visit
with friends in town.
Mrs. John Blaisdell, who has, been
visiting in the village, returned to her
home in Providence Monday.
Loren Park of Providence is visit-
Butter and Eggs, also Extra Pure Food Specials
Extra Elgin Creamery
choice nnniirn nrrr
cuts uunricu occr
Tender Fresh Cut Choice Ferris' Heavy
Sirloin Steak Hamburg LIVER Sliced Bacon Fat Salt Pork
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HAMS 8!10 - H5cBestLAMB CHOPS lb I3c
Extra Fancy Laundry Large pkg. Fairbanks ' Alaga
Macaroni Soap , Cornstarch Pummo Syrup
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SS PEA BEANS - 2!7c&PE!IRS - - 2 -25c
Towle's Log Cabin Syrup
The Delicate Maple Flavor,
MelJowed and Preserved by the
Towle Process.
Caa 25c, 45c, 73c
3 to 5 p.
small, Lean
Pork Chops 2 its. 23c
4 Ibm. to maoh cumfomer I
ing his parents, Mr. and Sirs. I lu.
Park, on Main street.
Travel Club to Hear Interesting Pa
pers Next Fellowship Meeting at
Pawcatuck Entertainment in Aid of.
Borough Poor.
The Y. P. S. E. connected with the
Second Congregational church is to
holdfl. social Friday evening. An ex
cellent programme is arranged and re
freshments will be served.
To Read Informing Papers.
The next session of the Travel club
r ICE ciuiaij, A. uc ijcvijcti lii fuci.ii t
Elizaoeth, by Mrs. James R. Carson,
and Edmund Spenser, Sir Philip Sid
ney, and Sir Walter Raleigh, by Mrs.
Henry R. Palmer.
Fellowship Meetings at Pawcatuck.
The next fellowship meeting of the
Conipvstaiional chur-h will be held on
n cciii'-nit . rcninai a, vwiu ucc
church pt Pawcatuck.
T'r. and .Mrs. Charles O. Maine are
visit ins in Springfield, Mass.
tt- .. tt-i... , 1
In Aid of Worthy Charity.
' An evening's e'tterta'ninent for the
noroii-i; poor is arra 11500 nnucr
the ausq.ir-es ol MI. .iary s iliircn.
Mrs. Ne lie P. i r'nnuuH and Miss
Msria 1:- Tnunoun are aruests this
week i Mrs. Robert Ma-Hory at Brook-
her home by illness.
Twice as Many Births as Deaths
1910 Anniversary Mass for Rev.
W. Hcey Wooden
b rated.
Wedding Cele-
Town Clerk Arthur Cite has the
vital statistics for the town of Baltic
lor the past year. There have been
thirty deaths, thirty-eight marriages
and sixty-eight births.
William K. Peck of the Baltic Mills
company is in Hartford, attending the
manufacturers' banquet.
Mrs. Blanche Cloutier. president of
St. Jean de Baptiste society, with Mrs.
Alexander Dupont and Mrs. Arthur
Cote, was present at the Installation
of officers of the society at Jewett
City recently.
Miss Mae Freeman of Whitman,
Mass., is the guest of Mrs. Joseph
Buteau. J
Mrs. L- J. Fontaine is spending a few
days in Danielson.
It was teachers" visitinar clay at the
local schools Monday and the pupils
enjoyed a holiday.
Thomas Ileitis of Hartford, who
was visiting Miss Hilda Rocheleau of
Baltic, is passing a few days in
Mystic, before returning to Hartford.
Practical Birthday Observance.
Louis St. Onge passed' his sixty
ninth birthday Monday. Mr. St. Onge
displayed his vigor by passing the day
at the woodpile.
Peter Iiabitaille is to occupy a new
location on High street.
Miss Rena Smith, who. has been ill
with the grip, was able to be about
Monday. s K
Clayton Ehood .is visiting for a few
days in Providence.
Memorial Mass for Rev. J. W. Hoey,
Wednesday morning an anniversary
requiem high mass will be celebrated
at the Immaculate Conception church
for Rev. James W. Hoey. The present
pastor. Rev. Father Bellerose. at the
services Sunday, suggested that ev
eryone in the parish who could be.
present at the mass; lie hoped that
all business would be suspended at
that . tour as a. fitting tribute .to- the
Strictly Fresh
. 7
-1M iu
Large, Jaicy GRAPE IRU1T
Mealy Cooking POTATOES
SAUERKRAUT ..... 3 quarts 23c
m.-TlfJO HOUR SALE-3 to 5 p. m.
Tsiesday and Thursday
it r , n I
memory of Father Hoey, who labored
so hard for eight years as pastor of
this parish.
Many Attend Fair.
St. Jean's band scored a big suc
cess at their fair Saturday evening,
many being present from Norwich
and Willimantic. The dance pro
gramme was well carried out and the
booths were well patronized.
William La.cy spent Sunday at his
home in Pascoag, I.
Wooden Wedding Celebrated.
Mr. and Mrs. Albie Cote celebrated
their wooden wedding anniversary last
Friday evening by giving a whist par
ty. After whist a lunch of cake, ice
cream and coffee was served. .Mr. and
Cote received a number of hand-
i some gifts. A pleasant evening was
L. Botham Harvests Ice Jerome
House Returns Home Notes.
j A. L. Botham has just finished har-
) vostinir his ice. He has been cutting
: UT-on the Stony Brook pond just above
hi? son s witch haael mill, and Has
'cpfii icHncil fccTT hnnlrerl tonQ of tv-
j cc iicnt t n inch ire.
T,..r,ii-! h,hp ,vh
il.,vl as foreman on the Veudoi biit
i i.ii i . ti0 !
automobile four
! w.,, -.i! ivi.ii.,
turned to Montville recently. Wimv
away Mr. House purchased a liioocicd
stallion. vhi-h has attracted many ari
mirinjr compliments from the villagers.
j Air. House vent to work Monday
j mornins? for ('. K. White of this town,
i The; repairing and overhauling of th
Central Vermont depot, whic h has boon
2;oinc; op. for s-cme tint, is the caues of
much favorai.de comment thrormhout
the village. The townspeople appreci
ate the changes and alterations great
ly. Notes.
G. P. Coat3 has sent an exhibit of
his thicken feeders to the poultry show
at Buffalo, N. Y.
Timofhy Coiiins of the Thames P.ivr
Specialty company, recently crushed
his hand. He is reported as resting
A. L. Botham, who has. 'been laid
up for some time past by a shock, is
Th miils are all running on full
time, which is a source of great satis
faction to the employes of the vlllase.
Harold Cornet, who has severed his
connection with the Specialty com
pany, is expecting to go to Lynn,
Mass.. shortly.
Kvr-reif Coks? shall of New York is
visiting his mother, Mrs. J. A. Cosrgs
hall, of this village, for a few days.
Mrs. ''. K. Hartley has recovered
from a slight attackif the grip.
Lester A. Botham and AVillia.m
Thorpe, "d, 'have entered tile employ
of the , Thames River Specialty com
pany. Henry Johnson was a business call
er in Westerly Saturday.
Feting about Montville is good. Owen
Teffc and George Carlpon caught fif
teen pounds of the slippery fellows last
Saturday, along with a cbushel and a
half of clams.
Get the
Original and Genuine
The Food Drink for All Ages
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- peck 17c
TA 1 II ir
rure Lara l ids. )c
Assistant Grand Chief Brotherhood Lo
comotive Engineers Dead.
New York, Jan. 23. Edward 'W.
Hurley, assistant grand chief of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,
died this afternoon at the Broadway
Central hotel in this city. His home
was in Boston, but he 'had be-sn 111 at
the hotel here with typhoid pneumonia
for some time past.
Reliable Treatmenl
Whisky or Beer
Try it at our Expense.
Can you ask more?
Can be Given Secretly,
are so cunliuent that ORRINE
destroy tne lenibie cravine fur
" hi.-ky
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i Thoussand
ol wives antl mothers
turoiivh.ciit the lane, have, by the aid
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lis.: ! u.ness liiippinrnjj. vVe believe
"'Hi v.'iM prove successful af
ter all oilier means have failed, so we
say to '.v.-'.c:- fnrl mothers whose homes
ar. olcirh ;!. uecause of the "curse of
inte-Tip'-ruTi':"." ciuu't become discour
aged, even if y.j.j have tried other
remedies without ijeneiit Try OKltlXlC
you iry it at our exp.mso if it faii.s
to prouuee results. VCe know that OK
!tlNE stands foremost as a reliable aid
to hrip tiie drunkard. Messrs. Sullivan
A; tfiuuson, tiie well known druKKists
of Utica. X. v.. have been sellinir Or-
rino for a n"mb?r of years. Head what
they say: "lln rinsr the least five or six
years we've soid practically all the dif
ferent cures i'or tne liquor habit on the
market. We've never yet found one
that tave the entire satisfaction which
OKfUXK lias (riven. We have several
cases that have come to our attention
where evelient results have been ob
tained by the ise of ORRINE. We are
so eon vi fic-.-ii of its merits that we un
hesiui t in; iy i-ec-omnieml and Ktiarantee
it in ail e.-;.e of the 'IJruior Habit.'"
ORKIN: is nrenared in two forms.
No. l, secret treatment, a powder, ab
solutely tasteless rnd odorless, -riven
secretly in !onri or drink. OTTItlNE
No. 2. in pill form, is for those who
desire to take voHintarv treatment,
OKItTXE costs only f1." a hnv. Write
for I'ree c'lrrine Booklet tmailerj in
plain sealed envelope; to UjiRlXj-: OO.,
fMT cv-r!'-!: 111:1111. Vashinfi ton. D. c '.
ORK1NK is reC'omvnended find is for
-ale in this city by X. l.. Sevin cv- ?a:i,
IIS Main Pt.
Por either acute or chronic kidney
disorders, fur annoylnsr and painful
urinary irregularities take Foley Kid
ney Pills. An honest and effective
medicine for kidney- and bladder dis
orders. Lee S- Osgood Co.
1 n niif
i V i
If you have neglected to buy a
Christmas Gift, buy a Diamond
for a New Year's Gift. We can
furnish you with any price stone
you may want
John I Geo. !i Bliss,
R 1 W
j The 'water way the couforUk.e
j way of trave'lns.
i Steamers City of Lowetl and Chea
' ter W. Chapin safe, ataanca vesaela
that have every comfort Ml ecmroa-
A delUhtittl tot sure on Lors Ulead
i Bound and a a pro view of the wn
i aerful akyluio and waterfront of N
Steamer leavea New Irti at II
j. m. weekdays only; do Pier foot c
Kast 124 Street S.45 a. m. fMondave
excepted) and Pier 40. North River.
7 a. m.
Fare Korwicfi to New Tork $1.75
Write or telephone W. 3. PHILLIPS.
Agent. New London. Conn. au$i
All Yatsr Route
New Yopfi
Fare 31.00
Unexcelled freight and pan
g'.r service direct to and from
Hew York.
All Outside B'wlwwrms,
From Norwich Tuesdays, Ttrwrt
days, eundaya at (.la t. m.
New Tork. Pier 12. Runt Rfvr,
foot Roooovelt Ftrt, Mon3y,
Wednesdays, Fridays, at n, m.
'Phone or write for folder.
P. S. Freight received until
p. m.
C. X. WHITAKTH. A writ.
Twia Screw S. S. "Oceana"
14.000 Tons Displacement; I rB Tn
Register; 6SJ Feat Lonir; l Fet Bcant
3 Feet tep; Wireless Teierrapa;
Bilge Keels: 8ubfnn.rine B'gialn.
eluding atatereom Bertia ia Meala,
SO n.
Special trips. Including Carriare
rrives. Launch Tripe, numerous nce
Excursions, and Beat Hotel Awm
datlona for Rlaat Dir, IM in acidltlon
to steamahlp tare. HooKlat nl 'ij
iar or k c.m ' ; u a- i i ig
230 BROAXWji.T. N. T.
S M 1 1
redeem Jaomolji fatre ),:X
are a MemSeli to terty. "v7'
make plain faces comely vn4
enhance beauty ty u expert
eklll remember
in txtterlns Oattrral efl
making the other kind.
Dr. JACKS0.1. Vgr.
Franklin Sq. Norwich
Florwioh and Jewett City
Spring Season
o-n be here. Time to think of
-n;ir U A ib rArrjtlil nnca j n.. )
i TIONS. We have them in ail sra-d'-
and prices.
We are now takln-r advance order
for Painting, Paperhaoglng; and lac
erating. P. F. MURTAGH,
92 and 94 West Alain Street. -
Cleaner and Oyer
157 Frasklia St.
Our Wagon Calls Everywhsre
WHB5 you want to put your bni
ness before -ho public, tuere in no m
dlum better than t.hrotijrh -rtiM
ina coljmns ot The Bulletin.

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