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The Falls Players Licked the Hospitals on Saturday and
Walloped White Rock on Sunday Cincinnati. Red3
Take Two from Cardinals
The White flocks, one of the fast
est teams in Jtfeede Island, went down
w iwmttiatwig- defeat before the on-slattg-ht
t the Sae&ems at the Falls
diamond on Sunday afternoon-. Both
learns to hit rather hard, each get
ting a total t 13 bits while error 3
wer frequent on tooth sides, totalling
six fwf each t mm.
) t M t c ab - pa
xc .wwi,e 4 9 3
Lyw')v; 9
1 3
8 11
1 3
3 3
1 1
1 3
HwuUlMUt.33 5
1 il liutiif j,c 5
aj Trarjurf 4
I ijiiiii.g.ia 4
1 TuliU 42 12 2." 9
Be:, 13.
VkEa F. H3L Heal Ertat and Fire
InmuK km ttsanomeji to 25 Shctueket
eret -ppomrtm Thames National Bank.
0r VToriauitiii 5 and 10a Store.
rlM SAuiaistm CufVUs.
To Luis.
Ssdxas 3 9 0 0 3 37
Wlass llacl 3 9 19 0 19 0 16
Two bwe Mts. Oibor, Taylor. UoGratb; three bass
ill. Wkorira-; taajra cn bali-t odT Kane 2. off Gaijot
4: Ht fey sinter. Welsh; duie eHjf. Roads to
Gwlbi.; smack an. hy &aoe 4. tir Oatot T; swlea
!r. Vncr S. HgqIUmu. Kiu-r. WcltHraej': um-
Sactiems 12, Hospital 3.
Saturday the Sachems went to the
hospitai diamond, where they defeat
ed the Hospital boys by the score of
Li to S. Both Fletcher for the Sa
chems aad Dahl for the Hospitals were
kit quite often, th Sachems getting
13 hits and the Hospital boys getting
12 hit. F!-tebT was right there with
th? pwzzJiSg curves, fanning ten men.
The- sir
gb h ID
4 11
f 2
3 I
t 11
t t
i t
. J Triuflr
1 3
0 7
2 2
2 12
1 0
2 0
2 e
48 12 27 11 2
Sarrn tir Incite
BKjitja I 1 0 0
Saehras ... 1 3
2 0 4
21 run
:i a
Tim . .
Tro bass hiif. Cmct. Tr-r. urf, Austin : three
bii hi-ji. Caser. UiBnraev; ba o balls, off
Kiet-dw 4. off Iiil S: doutil p4ra, Hawkins to
Busii. Mnn to Biiib; stnack eul. by 11lir 1.
fcjr Uaiu 5; wild pixeb. Jetober. Da.hl; stolen bast.
Sarxu-TTrt 13. Aossilal 4: umpire llcOilnuees.
I day by beating that club in the third
game of the series.
Turning to the American League, a
curious thing is to be noted about the
Athletics, In that the team's veteran
twirlers, who were supposed to be go
ing stale from overwork, pitched three
out of four victories the Mackmen, put
to their credit. The Colts were the
sufferers, only Brown of the coming
men of the White Elephant staff get
ting away with a game, while Brown
himself, with Shawkey and Houck suf
fered indignities at the .hands of tha
Highlanders 5'esterday.
Falkenberg Came Back
The notable point about Cleveland's
work was the recrudescence of Falk
enberg, who had be n reported slated
to go by the waiver route, but who has
pitched two shutout games since that
report got into circulation.
Fine pitching by Blanding and Gregg
featured, too, and the character of the
Naps' box work as a whole may be
judged by the fact that four coats of
whitewash were administered by the
Cievelands to opponents during the
week, New York and St Louis each
twice subjected to the process.
Johnson Has Season's Record.
That Washington 3id not come
through the week with an even better
record than its count of four games
won to two lost was because Rav
Collins of Boston had better fortune
than Walter Johnson in the notable
eleven inning duel between these fine
twirlers on Thursday. Johnson's loss
Droite his winning streak at the four
teen mark, but even this left him with
a record of consecutive victories that
will stand for the season in the big
Caldwell's Notable Performance.
A notable performance was that of
Ray Caldwell of the Chance men, who
after shutting out the Athletics In the
first game of yesterday's double header
went in again and ended the second
game by striking out the side after an.
Atiaietic rally that threatened to. ner-
sist long enough to wrest the second
part of the double bill from the New
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flallanal limn
Riwteii at KSW fortv.
C11jonH a Pittsburg-.
Chleage at St Lovis.
' AmerTeen l.ian,
St;- jbmls at Detroit
CWcagB at OereJanrt.
WftshLHctact at PhilndeiijlaU.
Nett ToHt a Bostetk.
Eattam Aaasctattaa,
New Haren at Wrbun.
Brdgewrt at TfitrtTord.
MeriOrn nt Sprtise15ta.
Km Irfmdiia at JPiMsflfid
few Xondon at Pittsfteiii,
Warertury at New Harm. ,
Hwtlord at BrtdOTixrt
Mvrlden at SpTUicdald.
f .11 E
u h'fJ yi'tMl it 'll -
j up i r ' i iv ' i f -i
H mi ti!li:!!nrn?r;!Tr,:";T,M;!''"'
t "X. 'I 'if'" ;'!f
Woa, Leal. p.ii
PhlladelDiila 81 41 . JW4
Clsreinlid T5 4B ' .R05
Washington 69 52 .5f
Chicago 65 61 .51
Bostoti . . Ml 81 .492
Detroit 54 71 .4S2
St. Louis 54 71 .432
Kew Taife 42 TT .3S3
Cleveland i. St Louis I.
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Giants and Athletics Still Look Good
For tfro Final Clash.
Pop Geers Sprang One on the Grand
Circuit Veterans.
St Louis. Aug. 31. St. Louis crept to within one
game of last Wace this afternoon, when Clereland
won, 9 to 1. Batenti was the only local player to
tally, while Chapman. Jackson and Laloio each scor
ed three runs for their team. The locals fielded la
ragsed fasliloo. makina six errors. While Mitchell
was being hit hard. Greer Ditched a steady game.
and St. Louis, with the eaceptioo of the third in
ning, did not hare a chance. Score:
St. Lftui. '
ab b pe a
ab h do a, el
I.elbold.cf 5 0 1 0 Shotten.cf
Chapman, as 4 2 0 2 0 Austin. 3b
JackfOiLif 4 2 3 0 0 Pratt. 2b
Lrjoie.2b 4 2 3 2 0 Walker.lf
Jolmston.lb 5 2 11 0 0 WlUlama.rf
Turuer.3b 4 1 0 2 0 BtpTall.lb
0.son.:;t 0 0 2 3 0 Bolentl.ss
Grar.ey.lf 4 1 2 0 Alexanders
Carisch.c 4 0 5 1 0 MltcheU.n
Gregg.p 4 0 0 10
Totals, 38 10 27 11 0
Score by tnncnga:
Cleveland 2 0 3 9
St, Ixihi .........0 0 10 0
1 2
0 3
2 0
0 12
0 4
1 3
1 0
30 5 27 It I
' 'i j'1 i
M ' ' '
3 8
Two base bite. Alexander. ChaDman.
Detroit 5. Chios 90 4.
Chleaio, Auc. 81. Detroit end Chicajro both bunh
ed hits oppoitunely todaF. the former, winning
see-saw game 5 to 4. This was the final appearaena
of Manaffer Jenninzs' club hero this season. WU
lett weakened In the fifth Inning, and the locals made
three runs on a base on balls, throe singles and a
double, but lost their lead when Breton threw
Ve;ich's sroundpr wild and allowed him to reach seo
ond Voa?h was cayght off the base, but Breton's
error put hira on third. This was followed by sin
gles by TutweUer and Louden aiui a, triple by Wil
lett, wlifch cinched the game In the first Inning
Weaker was put eut of the contest by Umpire Hilde
brand for arsuin a decision. Score:
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Wate-fc-v Won Two Hard Games.
Wa:erixrT- V-uu.-i. .a- 31. Water
,;rx irj nr irrrtT!y foagirt g&xams
Jr .! ?.'-jds; jptung into a lie
t'-r y'.r :n Ea.tf-ra a "so-
. r ra. Thr trsi -garcw tra-s caj
l.:'C Z ": " rr.d ?ci;d tit.s tt.ou
'.tD n-cs t : the- -5vfT.ri frame,
T i 7? '.s "".:iry r, -r iltrhr?-'
"-;-:. VTici'rrj V.r-'.Cin t-ha.ra--t-r.i
i thf uicafl ctmttTSt, catches by
2-y .mo by M.";ir and Nash
v--,- ';:Tr- lh. fx 'T fk a
at t if. -; i i wt:: j.ark. Wtl.wa
7:'.rr-t? l-uafiC ban fnr th- AU-rU
cr.i ir. lit" ti-ftiia and time ar.d :saia
JF ' ",;; f htis. Ai 'Ci; ctvy
:'.-? s;s in;-. V!.n;.',-rl';:J
j-..rt s v-d h;r:i throthctrt. haii'CK
:rh;;rj t ; ft
lr:-rj ... 0 o 0 (
irs- fad Aicj.-x
S t rr. d i zrr. : z
T".'j-ri'-c r
' M t f M
Xork, Axig. 31. Although the
GSanls dropped trre games in a row
last treek and th Atlitetics were
biifn twice in a doable header ys
tfsrdUy, thvr is no indication that the
bit&tfeall worM at 1-arge contemplates
any halt in preliminary arrangements
already ancK-r waty for world's series
ganits at tfc-p Poto rGrotrnds, New York,
and Shiie ParK Pbilaj-phia.
nie G-iant s losing streak b44 fair to
string itself out to tour straight, as
tfc FhiiKes 4paroiy had Saturday's
fiBOfttTrtw wlJ isi hand whea the tta-ort'ttna-te
comijil-icaJtion arose which
id to th forfeiture of the game to
te Jteaue .ehampiona. ' As the record i ii3-S afivaaitag
Weaver. as
Breton. ss
f iase, 1 b
Eas terly
When the entry lists at Detroit dis
closed the faet that Mr, Geers had
named Ms crack three-year-old coit -! i.ord.sb
li-tawah in the 2.10 class, which race OoUins.rf
he won in ?.07 1-2, 2.0S 1-4 and 2.08 1.-2
vhere the youngster would be fored
to trot against aged horses, there was
a gasp of surprise from thue old fash
ioned horsemen, ' They were astound
ed at the idea of asking a stake eoit-
up to date the best one of his age this
s?aon to perform against nags of so
fast a class and which had the benefit
of several years' experience at the
trotting game, nst to mention the imr
portajit fact that their age was suj
posed to give them an overwhelm-
in the wa-y of bine
ab h pa
stands, tlie week endd with the Phil- I aib9 to stajid th hard drives and the
acK!i:isbias elev-o full games behind the prolonged scoheu?: at a high rat of
leaders. They had gained just one i S)d that often feature suc-h an event
1 s
n ft oft
S 1
1 ft T' ft ft n i
ft ft1
6 2
an J
B-Taw-sar Get Winning Run in Ninth
FSirTKTi. 'r.r-u Anc 31 A bafe
e -w. a Tif.-m'-1 hii ani Kosst-li s
bt:c ;a tie rir.;i frame fiTiishr-d a
!- t. xr-Tixzx: tTvrrirs Traiile with
J.-.i .J '-xTav. "j f:?" 1-oui? H( r
fajs - J I c-'r.II 'iX'roseTl Mich other'
tl:- ir.c -rS'V ih fiTd'-r !ttjrr the
- rra rrr.b f.'-Jr s t. r i hits.
Tir-rs ih "b-tir sian ..n the
sesrtf T Three baF-r in in? rista
ra th nxi two wer eay.
: -x..r Pit: S eld man reached
o?n'n t 0 0 1 1 S 1
". J '. 9 u A 8 0 4 0
rW-rs!J9 and 54oriahan: LUKhenil and
game on Mcuraw s men in tii six
days play. As the season has only
live weeks to go it can easily be ii to
ured that the gain will have to be
more rapid than tiiis if the Giants are
to be headed ly-
1 5
J o
I 1
I t
I 9
Hush.ss ' 5
ftaumann.Sb 5
Crawford, rf 4 2
Cobb.c 4 0
Veaeh.lf 8 9
TutweiLer.lb S
Staanage.o 4 1
Louden. 3b 3
Winctt.p 4 1
h PO
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Totals, S7 11 27 13
Totals. 4 10 27 18
"Hailed lot Biis&eii in 9ih.
Inn or lsnBS-T-
BMt , i l l a
chira 10939
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bits, BiUBUitm. WtUttt.
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has S
4-11 1 -V5r. Ciers was not worried. He
-ba4 not nw.de the entry of Kta-wah
without fully considering the mailer,
-says Henry Ten Eyck White. His colt
had staxted ag-ainst aged" horses over
t half mile tiack the wee-k before the
. , , . eircu-it opened at Ceveiand. and
Cievelands D,d Best FossiM. jj.-i won that race rather handily in
In the other major league semi- 2.15, iich was rattling good" time
At Cleveland Elawah had won a
stake for his asre in 5.10 1-4. 2.09 1-4.
ad two weeks later at Kalamozoo, had
won the $10,000 horseman stake, de
feating a bier fiejd in 2. OS 3-4, 2.08 1-2,
2,09 3-4, He hnd no other engagre
irient in the stake line for a month.
In the meantime it would be necessary
to g-ive him at least one good work
out every week, that being one of the
essentials in cold training, and the
Geers system i3 to have a horse ready
fcr a hard battle if need be when a
lac is called.
Nothing keeps a race horse on edgre
like racing, especially if the contests
are not of the hart-braking sort.
"Workouts" are all right, but the old
Jmn-nxakins powers.
Cubs Displaced Pirates.
Wan. Tost.
Vrsr York 83 "8
t"iiJ;uicU?hia' 1.1.' . 89 4
chkuico :y . 67
PittEimrg"::::. 6 M
Bnxi&lxo 52 CiJ
Bosfon '.52 4
Cncitina'a" :.. f'2 76
SI Louis 43 80
pronounced, The Cievelands could
hardly have played bettor-. They won
every jne of their five scheduled
ges. But Hie cJose of activities last
aig-ht found them only a game and a
laalf bettter off than they were Saturday
mst?li a wesek agtv The Athletics mar
Sia against their runne.rs-up is nar
rower than the G4ants, as but seven
and a hai pans now separate first
.and second place clubs la the Ameri
oaa League sirttg;el.
Whi3e e-ery protabiiity favors the
ultimate triumph of the SJa'ckmeii their
Utl to thv championship honors can
not yet fee lieia secure beyond a per
adventnre. The Glints; setback, srueb. as it was.
stains t ban he 1 u t- , i il , i , i , !
weakenin-e of their usuoilv formidable ' xorKslnre rule of "maice 'em sweat
ior me Drass- is just as true of trot
ters as of runners.
Ues Vo"s '-va Cieeinitati.
Ant 31. Otncinnstl won t easit
double header today from St, Louis, the firs.
to 5 and the second & to 2. The locals had no
,. -k'e lviruina either of the contests, iitune the
St. i.. Itc'.iers rtien nil meant runs. Three
umpires : '.'.rRert i" tn" tKa irame, Byroti and
Quigley rrtir,-ii - !n tlie Arst and itiser and Quigle.
la the second. Scolds:
Tin, g? mo
St. Louis. Cincinnati.
ab h po a e ah h po ft e
Mage , If 3 3 10 0 Bepcher.lf 3 0 3 0 0
Hugfrins.Efe 3 0 1 2 0 Ba.tes.rf 3 2 10 0
Evans.rf 1 0 1 0 c Oroh,2b S 1 .4 S 0
Mowrev.Sb 1 t 1 0 4obbs.2b 1 0 0 2 0
K'netchy.lb 4 0 8 0 0 ShccKard.cf 2 1" 1 0 0
Whlttci-.r.2b 4 0 0 1 0 lloWttzel.lb 4 2 10 1 1
O'Leary.u 0 0 3 Kgan.ss 5 3 2 3 2
Wlr.ifo.c 1 0 2 3 2 lodge.3b 3 13 1 0
H'dcbransLe 2 13 0 1 lOng.c 3 1119
Uaimoaj 3 2 0 3 0 Biac.luirn, 112 0 9
Johuu,i 4 0 0 0 0
Totals, 32 8 24 13 3
Totals, 32 IS 27 11 8
IWjcmV cm (.eaeua-
r- V- '.- M .'t-'
f " -A ti- V:r-T-a1 7. Jrrsrr
ar- n y .iur .
iutiam,t lcabue ar.aiRB.
It- F C.
T .04
" .r79
r ..",19
r: .Ml
4 r,64
7-1 !47
: .
f the "Wrtsh-
trs'nn irtitn '.a t- Amert-sn league,
" '-n it f'Jrj t ir.iur for Pi'cher
'V' :m lts1-.-i t. ajjains: Prov
'""" i 1 1" Hit,': inning of the
r.rr i,t R - ht-sia-r vt!r.1s made
i Mis -irst efr-rt In the pinch
- a sirfV -r.:r. te;im bai-
t - nt sn.1 ills time up
r -: : 1 "-t between JSir'l "ihs and
f T" .. rufis S4:red in that
T' y th- arrn, 6 to 2,
The Chicagro Cibs had such a good
ireek of itthat they drove the Pitts
barifhs off of tliird place, gaining
fifteen points while the Pirates were
dropping: one. Chicago further in
creased its margin over Pittsburgh to-
tea . . Sa.
i X
At Plant Field,
New London
New York. Aug;. 29. Receipts of
beeves were lfi4 head, including 14
cars for the market. Steers in lhjht
supply and prices were advanced 10(5)
13c: medium to good bulls and cows
were firm to 10c, higher; bologna stock
steadj-. The yards were cleared. Fair
to choice steers sold at $8 9.20 per
100 lbs.: bulls at J5.130i8.25; cows at
$S.6o6.90. Dressed beef was firm at
12Jzl4c per lb, for native sides, Ex
ports from this port tomorrow, 188
cattle to 1 -on don and 25 sheep to Ber
muda. Receipt of calve wer 208 head. In
cluding 248 head for the market. The
niark epmed steady but closed weak.
Common to prime veals sold at S 9.50
12.19 per 100 lb,; culls at $7&9; grass
ers at 17: yearlings at $5.75, Dressed
ealys gulet at 17y 2le for city dre-ssed
vtiJs, 12 l-24j l8c for country dressed,
11 12 12c of country dressed butter
milks, 9 1-2&19 l-2 for dressed grass
ers, Receipts of ehi? and lambs were
5.044 head, iociuding 12 cars for the
market, t'On light receipts prices held
u-p all around and the pens were clear
ed. Common to choice sheep (ewes)
tiold at $3&4,7 "per 100 lbs,; culls at
t'2.59: medium o choice lambs at $Sfx
S,76: one car at JS..85, Dressed mutton
steady at 8 l-2feil2e per lb.; dressed
j lambs at 1315e; bog dressed at 15
rte, and a few at 16e,
' Receipts bf hgs wece 3,573 head, in,
ciudin a car for the raai"ket. Prices
weak to 30e IweF. Heavy to light hogs
sold at $9.25S.?4 eer 3 00 lbs., a few
at ?9,e0 rogns at 8.z8.& stags
at T,
f'h'afe, Aug, 2H&gsaeeeipts
marKet eteaiy a lewer, Mixed
end buieiiers, $7(6 8.Sd rough he;.vy,
7.4r3f,76; Hgfct, U.359.ij pigs, 43
CattieHee&i&tQ 1,581 market strengt
e.d higher. Ji4se-es, 6.9fi9.25j cows
d heiters, 53.5fS.oO stocKers and
feeders, $5.5i9fe y.90-: 'S'exans, $6,750
7,7 eaive, 12.25,
Sheep. KceJjts 'l.9,e0 market
Pturiy. Nuiive $3.9fli.9j western. $4.15
7 4..; lambs, S5.SJS 1 1 western,
Event of Grand Circuit To
Raced At Hartford.
Hartford, Conn., Aug. 31. Historic
Charter Oak Park will once again be
the stamping ground for the" Grand
Circuit races beginning tomorrow and
in view of the excellent condition of
the track the horsemen are freely pre
dicting that the week's racing will ba
productive of excellent time and expect
to see some records lowered.
' Tomorrow is the big day of the
meeting, the classic $10,000 Charter
Oak -stake and the free-for-all pace
being the principai attractions. Tenara
rules a slight favorite in the Charter
Oak with Judson Girl having a host of
backers, while in the free-for-all Earl
Jr. and Bradsn pirect have the call.
There will be three races every day
including Friday, Tuesday's principal
events being The Nutmeg (2:12 pace),
pvirse $2,000, and the Juvenile, 2:30
trot for two-year olds, purse $2 000
-m- g flSS ' " THM
New Loridon vs. New Haviii
Gmu CiiJ at 3.33
At"iJUDoo 4Bc Laah'ea Fre
H aim-tctcrj JU fe-aaJ Stand 25c
WOfiAT: iJia. Hlsh. 1a.. G1j,
' F ' is1 85 l.i-i
Pre. .. 84 895s 84 89 6-1
S. ".v.'. 4 !- Hi 93 ft Si -3 li
.... i Si ' ' "l&i .
J'c. 4W C'J- U-l 944
iis 70 7u4 . 69 11-1 '70 1-i6
.... I'-71 1 0J lfi 40
T'oc. ti'i tS.i 43J
Uif .... ...4 46 7-8-461 46
Harvey Payne Whitney's Pennant Won
the Famous Race.
Saratoga. N. Y Aug. 81. Henrv
Payne Whitney's grand chestnut colt
Pennant, ridden by Charles Borel, won
th twenty-fourth renewal of the Fu
turity yesterday. Southern Maid, th
property of Robert Davids, of Toronto
with Johnny Tagga.rt up, was second!
and Addie M owned by J, W, Mes
s!', of Charleston, and guided by
John Butwell, was third, The dis
tance was six furisflgs and the time
J,lo. To Borei as fueh as Pennant be
longs the credit fa the vietery, Barel's'
rid and Pennant's response were sen,
satienal in the etfemej They will be
mspiring turf Feminiseencs is years
to eome.
Score to inulnas
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 9 5 5
Clncinnad 2 3 2 0 0 S 0 B 10
Two base hits. Oroh. Mowrey; Utree base hit,
Second same
St. Louis.
ab h po
Hugilns,2b 3 1 1
Kvans.rf 4
2 3
1 0
0 1
2 16
ab h po
ewl.er.lf 1 0
Mates.rf 2
Oroh,2b 2
H'ghnmer.2b 0
Sheckard.cf 4
1-loblllael.lb 3
Dodce 3b
0 2
2 2
A 0
1 2
1 12
1 2
1 2
3 1
9 2
0 .0
Totals. 33 7 24 14 Oi.
Batted for Trekcil in 8th.
'Batted for Gron In 9th.
Score br lnnlnss:
St. Louis 0 0
ClnclnnaU '.4 1
Two baso hits. HoWitzel,
Slieckard, Doclce
Totals, 29 7 27 11 1
Sugcs; three base hits.
Chicaoo Takes Extra Innina Game.
Chlcatto. Atiz. 31. 'Pittabtirn, baffled by Bert
Humphries' curves, lost a 10 to 0 earae to Chicago
today, and witli It a chance to zo Into third place.
O'Toole's wlldness. some lonit anci Umely hits off him
and Cooper, and some poor fleldini by ha visitors
combined to mak tha CUeaga total large .Archer
led in htttinz with a triple, a double and single,
while Saler writ a drtre into the ritrht field bleach
ers for a homi'itm. Score:
.1 JlJller.lb
ab h no
3 0 1
4 1
4 1
4 0
4 1
3 0
2- 0
3 1
1 9
0 1
0 1.eaeh.ef
1 Ever, 2b
Saler. lb
Tclals. SO 4 24 10 8
ab h po ft
4 2 4 0
14 8
14 0
0 2 1
1 10 0
10 0
10 2
3 S 1
Totals, 29 16 27 11
Old Chicago Team Could Whip Any ef
' If the widely scattered members of
the Cubs' "old guard," which won four
pennants and tw world's series before
it began ts lose its speed, could be
gathered together once more under
Frank Chance, they would be able to
defeat any team in the country, ac
cording to the opinion of Artie Hoff
man, ex-Cub, now with Nashville.
"The old Cubs were the best that
ever were brought together," Circus
Solly declared recently, "and they are
not too far gone to put up a creditable
showing now, although Charley Mur
phy has fired about all of them out of
Chicago. With Chance, Evers, Tinker
and Zimmerman in the infield; Sheck
ard, Schuite and myself in the outfield;
Kling or Archer behind the bat. and
Overall, Reulbach and Brown doing the
pitching, I believe we could beat the
best in the business. Steinfeldt is not
able to play, or I would have suggest
ed him for third, as ho was one of the
most brilliant third sackers I have
ever seen when we were winning pen
nants. "The fact that Murphy has eeen fit
to get rid of nearly all of the men who
played under Chance is no reason that
they are through as ball players. Mil
ler Brown has licked the Cubs nearly
every time he's pitched against them
this year. Sheckard is still one of the
best outfielders in the country. Tinker
and Evers are in their prime. Schuite
has resumed that home run habit that
made him famous, and both Kling and
Archer are catching brilliantly. Some
people think I'm all in, but I'm not one
of that number. Of course, 1 m no
snriti? chicken, but there's lots of
baseball in my system yet, if my legs
bold out.
"This hunch of has-beens could
make trouble for the best, not ex
cepting the Giants and Athletics, and
1(1 BP. WlllinK to UHAll. cm niiu-u.
Former Champion Premises to Mak
Some Startling Revelations
San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 27 The
Jeffries dope story will not down
Jeffries himself intimates that he
will make disclosures before long that
will startle the world. Meanwhile he
in a measure verifies the report sent
out by a New York sporting writer te
the effect that hired sleuths ran the
thing down and placed Jeffries in pos
session of facts which show he was
dragged by . a man whom he consid
ered his best friend, and that other
supposed cronies made scads of money
by betting on Jehnson.
Dewn in Los Angeles Promoter Mc
Garey and ether prominent sports are
saying- that Ihey are quite satisfleld
Jeffries was "got at." According to
M-cCarey, Big Jim was so much under
the , influence of some form of
"drowsy syrup" when he was making
his way ringward that he lurched
hither and thither and bumped into the
moving picture machine.
In all that has been written there
has been an intimation that the man
who' was closest of all to Jeffries was
chosen to administer the knockout
droops. Now It a vote of all the sport
tas writers and unattached sports
wbo west to Reno was taken ir, would
be found that little Dick A dan ,3 was
eeraeidered Jewries' newest and dearest
friend, ,
Yet after the th!n was all over wtid
ibe men. who bet were counting their
winnings" and. losings, Dick Adama had
to give somebody a bill of sate over
his household belongings in order ta
raise money to pay hl3 losing wagers,
That is a good acid sufficient alibi fo
Dick, - '
Ceere br lnnlnca?
Pittsburg ...... , , , . . ,9 0 0 9
Chieage J 0 S 0 i
Tsts baee htis, J Miller. Affcer
Archsr) home run, Baler,
MM 0
5 9 1 19
three bae hit,
Geefge Chelsey of Conneetieui Team
Made Run of 224 Out of 223 6eera,
Cams 'Pwy, Ohio, Aug. ei.r-Qeeyge
W. Chesiey New Haven. e.,
mads a werid-'s i-&eod mi tfcs rise
fraie here yesterday wh-4i he' made
a i pt 234044 of a jjsibi gg o
the St) yard ntugk. Hin iwial in the
riiji4fott uoui tJu tfie idt) jfia '6yb
4 tb 1Mb t-aigs' 438.
J. Ligtd ttita nest in tte liupuo
le " ilair "fi-y-o-at" wfiicfc will" be" Hi
this weic
Fisa Waiter, the Braiikiyn pitciie,
4'i vveeii,' Hi Jits' tm;ij"ivqijs't;'sig-uei"a.
new cfintfApf' feja'rieretr'tiim $
irooiiiyn tiu-D yesterday. Walker did
S9 weir-in"" the 'gain es" he has" pitched
Since be began- working on is ten
davs.' hotic- that "Dairfen . decided to
retail), "
Nftttsnal LeaouS.
9, PhllaneinhJa 0. Forfeited to New
first- Saras, Boston 6,
York 111 9th.
Boston 18, BeeoklyH 8,
BcRtmlyu . siKj.d aanie.
EiUa&urg ' t, iteaio 1, '
(linclunaU 7, St, Louis 4-
0 Americas f.egut.
Waiiit3 4, Bofton 1. first gaiaa. WashiBBten
t. Boston ft. secQr.d xame.
Jjtw oi 5. Hliiladtipoia S; first game. JSew
n. prumaeumi , uxmut game, ctuca ecu el
lib drkuees.
fatcniatisaaJ Laagaa..
ifoxuA 4. Buffalo I. first gajne. Buffala 6, New
art ft. fsctai'eaaj'if. J
paUao'e''f(. ot9 8. first same. Sorosto E,
Jetttf pfiit i.''TSmtxtal 3. first gaaia. Montreal S,
Jtrxsta' iu- 1. seion'3 tuii. "
XiuubeUac 8. rost!ls&i 2.
Eastern Aisdilalisa.
ritepffiA 5.' Kem' B"ivfen -f. Srst gaais. ftsr ar
fij. T, utii&eiHit 9. Sicoiii iacle.
2u t.jiaddii 1. liittaiii 0. flraT same. SlttsAHa
, "Vs " tor jun ' '1. second fea'iue.
liat&citfTt7'&fi81jiSiiA ' 8. Hist tim. Hartfacd il.
H&tsttzAi 3. tecotreiihi:
Htm Easlastf Leasu.
f-mnii . iill HiTtv 6. rsi smne. Loeli 3,
.';iir m.ver', sJrf"Kn,BfJf iuiiuiiB.
" iSeit UtoUtoii' if.""Konland 4. Efeyfeo innings.
WbrcftftT 2. WwiTnte 1. first game, Lawrence 11,
Worcester 5, ' ?ecend" sanifii.
ISM 1. tenKSloij 'It. flrs gmt.f lyuu 2, Brocck
loc L, . second . zsmjf jatjijues
Norwich Boxer Is to Meet New Jer
sey Fighter for Six Rounds.
Harry (Kid) Hamilton, of Orange,
N. J., will meet Jack (Cyclone) Monty
of this city in a six round boxing
contest at the- New London county
fair grounds on Wednesday night. Thla
promises to be a good mill.
Hamilton is known as a clever rint;
performer of the Stanley Ketehel type)
and by his record is no amateur in the
boxing line and will make it interest
ing for Monty, beyond a doubt. This
is Jacli's first appearance before a
Norwich audienee sinee last "Laber day
when he defeated Young Hammond of
New Haven in feur rounds. He will
be at his best Wednesday night and
should give a "goad aeeount of him
self, .
The referee for the evening will be
Jee Murphy, ef Providence, the pep
ular sporting maij and referee ef all
the big bsuts in his heme town and
vicinity. The man who will time the
fighters will be George (Duke) Menrty,
the former boxing prometer ef ' this
citV. T"he -but will take place en the
fciif ' piatfjHi in trw-ru f grandstand.
Diamend Notes,
Ty Cabfe id at the head af the
Amei.-itia league tatters in the wm-eiai
fi-uree of the American league, Aa
cwjpding to- the figures Cobb is leading
Joe JagkShtn by tm& pwints. incltidiiiS
flgucej tif last "Tuesday, the lnosp re
cent date at which ail Ameciuan league
auoces were available. Cobb bad piayr
ed in 93'ganaes and had made 123 hits
in 318 times at bat, an average of .393.
Jackson's record was 11$ games with
164 hits io 412 times at bat, anivtf.
t- .
m Greettrids from "ftiS fWfN1 Mm
tsrewers of, - f il jp 1
r r -m wmim ii'iiuiiiiii9iii.iiiW9w9w mi ii ji 1 1 uwti MBBmmKmmmmmmMmmmmmmBMmmmmmmmKamHm' -
D. J. McCOBHICK, 39 Fraaklia Slriii, Loci! - Agent
' ' 1 mill ij

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