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Oar wick Qulhtin
ur YEARS oii.
Suorietin prto, 12 m wkj SG a
month J 13.03 y---
atr4 t lha PcatoQce at Wwwiea,
Cuo&, as saooad-ciaM matter
Tlphot CaJiat ,1
BaUetia BtoM OSVce. -4 SO.
Busietia dUoriai Rooms, 35-3.
Bulletin Job Omoa. S3 -2
Wiiitmanti Cffie. Room 2, Murray
Building. Telephone 210.
Norwich. Monday, Sept. 1 1913.
The Circulation of
The Bulletin
ta Bnllctia aaa ta laqreat clr
calatiasi of mmj payer la Eastera
Caaacaticat. aa traai tare ta faax
llati laaT aaa laat ( may ia
Warwick. It la 4cUver4 ta Ttl
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wriea aa r aiactr-tkrea per
teat. taa acaata. la Hiadkta
U t aaitvare ta ava BOO aaaaea,
Im Fataaaa aad Daafcilaaa ta e
Mta, aaa la all af theaa place a It
i cwuiderea taa laeal dally.
Kaxttfra Caaaeedeut baa forty
alaa (. aaa aaaared aa mlxir
lr aetafaca aUtrleta, aaa aixty
raraJ Ia Uery xcatea.
Taa Ballet! la ao!A ta every
Ml aa alt at taa H. V. IJk
raia ta Kaatera CaaaeetJeatt
1531, avaras. 4,412
IKS, avarafl 5,920
Weak Ending Aug 23
Hn: The Bulletin Follow You
Reader of the Bulletin leaving
the city for the seashore, mountains,
rural retorts or Europe can have
the Bulletin follow them daily and
keep in touch with home affairs.
Order should ba placed with The
Bulletin Businass Office.
"With the position and cause of the
workiiurman being given so much
earnest consideration throughout the
yar tiers Is a growing disposition
to ievt the observance of Labor day
to the beneficial results which come
from an outing. Today the whole
coon try marks Its respect for labor
and the laboring man by refraining
from the toil of weekday life and rec
ognising the occasion in various ways.
That even the members of trade unions
who brought about the holiday for the
liacssailon of the labor problem should
Va advantage of the time for profit
able recreation is justifiable. If the
oeQt of the day is going to be gain
It la open to the best of possibil
ities In such a direction. There will
Ve parades, addresses and athletic ex
rdaes but the needs of the working
ri.m Is perhaps no better set forth
flan In his lack of recreation time.
Labor day offers a holiday which
Contributes to this demand and comes
it a season of the year when mosc
fj3icio9 us can be made of 1L for
lay comber of purposes. It rests with
fee judgment of the men themselves
la to how it can be most profitably
tpent dS the fact that there is a
rrnwirjc tendency to obtain . the full
KeneSt which it offers as an outing
aav. not only indicates the demand
for it but the appreciation which Is
Just bw much of a lesson will be
taken to heart by those who are giv
en to financing revolutions, as the re
sult f the action of this country in
regard to Mexico, ia difficult of esti
mation, btst It exists Just the same.
Too ready are some interests to take
chaaoeis for handsome financial returns
and little or no attention la given to
the trouble which is caused thereby.
The anrgestlon is made that this
country should be required to pass
upn ajRT such loans, and !n support
rf this the New York Commercial well
says: "If bankers who speculate in
revolutions find that recognition of the
revolutionists, by the I'nlted States is
rsecessary before war dbts can be sad
died on the people and the state they
will bt more careful. These advances
to soldiers of fortune are not ordinary
loans. They are wagers on the out
come of clril war and the bankers
make fahulous profits when they back
a winner, the consideration being of
ten three or four times the original
sun risked in the venture. Fomenting
s'jch work is the worst international
crime of the day. Such exploitation
of the weaker Latin-American repub
lics will not cease until the incentive
of gain is removed as far as possible.
The republics need peace and secur
ity. They are rich in natural resources
and it will be easier for them to get
capital in a legitimate way when th
rik of civil war are eliminated."
There should he a disposition to
stimulate healthy and legitimate bus
ires instead of an effort to make
treble the gain which would thus be
oMainad. In an underhanded, harmful
and undesirable manner.
TThen President Wilson insists upon
Haerta'a declaration against becoming
a candidate in the Mexican presiden
tial election, 'nstead of relying upon
the constitutional provision against it,
he wisely recalls, with the Madero
ir.rlient in mind. Just how much at
tention Gen. Htierta might pay to any
stch thin??.
When Canadian court audience
breaks into loud applause at the tem
porary victory of money over Justice,
tere Is a warning which cannot be
.liitvearjed. When pleasure Is man-:f-eI
at the defeat of Juatlre it is
;!iti f.r sober reflection.
What alexin nla la a stock hold.
trs' meeting for th aj-j ointment of a
n w st of direct- -who wiii handle
i: affair a far tlia country's welfare and
Hut far the benefit solely of those oa
the executive eewrmiu.
O-feffel Htierta might like t knr
if ta yeava ff&iac at Tfc JL&gttA
r?akis any jT-Mii &e prwtsioeai
rrlers who he4 tfe?s c&u&tiy'a ery
Z&t paX t
Instances are plentiful throughout
the city and town where the removal
of trfies,. whether it be because of the
march of progress and expansion, or
in the. Interests of safety, fails to re
sult in others taking their p'aces.
Graft jally is the number of trees be
ing reduced, streets changed and ap
pearances lharred by failure to r.eeoa;
nise the Value of insuring the reten
tion of this form of a city's beauty
for the future.
The streets of a city may be well
laid out, with roadbed and sidewalks
rerfect, but there is an incomplete
ness and sn Rpparent aek of attrac
tlveness about it unle a proper re
gard is shown for shad trees. Where
the growth of a city requires the sac
rifice of the trees in the business
streets, it is a loss which has to bo
borne philosophically, but on the many
"residential streets of ft city, the re
tnoval of a tree should mean that
another must take its place, either
there or somewhere elee. This is a
matter which is successfully carried
out in other cities with excellent re'
sults. The life of trees varies, accord
ing to circumstances, and others arn
removed for good reason, but there is
no reason why each year should hot
at least record the setting out of the
same number of new ones, as there
are others destroyed.
This is a matter which interests the
rural community as well as the city
and offers an opportunity fdr the ac
complishment of excellent resul."
whether it is attempted by a. munici
pality or. by a city beautiful organization.
This week marks the change in the
official head of the Xew York, New
Haven and Hartford railroad system
and as this new era in its history bpenr,
it is of much importance to all New
England, since . it is so closely al
lied with all its interests. Th change
has followed with no small artioUnt ot
criticism all of which has had its ef
fect upon the road, even to sending
its stock to its lowest quotation,-despite
the fact that there cannot be
other than a bright outlook ahead for
this important system so intimately
connected with industrial life of this
part of the country.
It is sn important upbuilding prob-.
lem which the new president. Howard
Elliott, faces, but his record of
achievement with the Xorthern Pa
cific railroad shows him to be ex
ceptionally equipped for the accom
plishment of most any railroed task.
He comes from the presidency of ten
years with one of the great railroads
of the west where during his term the
trackage of the system increased from
7,433 to 10,015 miles and the gross
earnings jumped from $4(5,142,000 to
$72,676,000, despite the building of
new lines and the subdivision of bus
iness in the territory where the.
Northern Pacific at one time hel full
sway. His term has meant growth
for the road.
Taking charge of the important sys
tem here at this time President FllioU
should receive the cooperation Of all
New England, with the Viewpoint in
mind that it is better to build up than
it is to tear down.
The prosecution of the Diggs case
in California under the Mann white
slave act, a federal law, has aroused
not a little comment on the ground
that it was a matter which the state
laws and courts could deal with, and
that it was something therefore which
should not be used to clog the fed
eral courts.. The insistence upon its
early hearing and the outcome show
the good result of an aroused public
opinion for the discouragement of just
such conditions, as well as others
which are bound to increase when
there is a laxity in the enforcement
of the law.
There is need of an aroused public
sentiment and an insistence upon the
application of the law in such cases
and there is an equally important need
of a similar activity upon the part of
the public in the matter of lynchings
such as are furnished by the south
ern states. Toleration of lynch law
comes from the lack of a proper pub
lic sentiment against it.
Such actions are not only in viola
tion of all recognized law, but they
result in the mob murder of the inno
cent as well as the guilty. The in
stance of last week where the Inno
cence of the lynched man in Georgia
was established by a confession of
the guilty only illustrates the heed of
suppressing such free handed violence.
It is the opportunity for the exercise
of sane public opinion, an insistence
upon the operation of the law and a
demand that the guilty must suffer. In
no other way can disregard bf laW
be overcome. In California or in
Silence may be golden, hut some
people place no higher value on it than
polished brass.
The man on the corner says: All
roads go to the fair grounds except
the trolley road. That goes only part
The western man who shot his son
for taking his piece of pie was un
able to undergo a great disappoint
ment. The opposition to the fcnglish mil
itants seems to have a worthy defend
er in the person of Premier Asquith's
Whatever lack of interest there may
be in race tracks, it is fully attrib
utable to the conversion of the high
ways into speedways.
Kansas is still having trouble from
the prolonged dry spell, but as a 'pro
hibition state, even Maine Was never
bothered in such a manntr.
It was impossible for Roosevelt td
keep out "of the New York city cam
paign and there is yet time for him
to Insist that "I am the compromise."
'It is a strong bit of conservation
work which the government is doing
when it is realized that 7 1 3,000 acres
Were added to the national forest re
serve in the past year.
Even though a noiseless soup spoon
has been Invented,, no little difficulty
can be expected in enforcing its
steady use If there Is any cutout at
tachment on the muffler.
An American glti who married a
tlti declares that "Awwieaa airls wlia
marry European noblemen take great
risks" -and she might have added they
pay great priees for the privilege.
It is a weak esteasa trying to blame
Wintiria for aay slump in the fuaio
effort against Tamniawy.. The dain&ge
was dona when Whitniaa wa pal
aside for Mitcbei as the mayoralty
Suggestions For The Housewife.
Seeded raisins eut in half and added
to the nut salad will make it tasta
much better.
U. .l 'i ' i Mi
An old piano stool will be found use
ful in. the kitchen, as it can be ad
Justed to different heights.
Dingy overshoes 4can be made to
shlna if wiped off with a cloth wrung
of ammonia water.
One '-teaspoonful of ammonia to a
teacup of water, applied with a rag,
will clean silver or gold jewelry per
fectly. ' " -
Lace washed in skimmed milk should
hot be rinsed in water, but should be
ironed while still damp with the milk.
A soft rag moistened with lemon juice
and then dipped in silver whiting will
be found excellent for cleaning piano
keys. , .
" To remove grease from garments dis
solve a teaepoonful of salt in four
tablespoons of alcohol, shake well and
apply with a sponge. ;
In a household infected by mice var
ious methods were tried for their rid
dance. Finally cayenne pepper was
sprinkled around every shelf and cre
vice. In two dayB every trace of the
mice had vanished.
If the water in vases holding cut
flowers is replenished each day and the
stems nf the flowers washed off they
will last a long time. A pinch of salt
or powdered- cnarcoai aaaea 10 me
water helps to keep the contents fresh
and sweet.
To the invention of new sashes there
seems no end These long lengths of
supple material are an absolute rage
in Paris, and they ate worn by women
and girls of all ages.
Some of the newest sashes are tied
directly in front, in a large, full bow;
Others are tied at the side rather low
down; others, again, are wound roand
the hips in Fatima fashion and simply
knotted at the back.
All the art shades of blue are in
demand for' these sashes, especially
the blue known" as Madonna.
For wearing with pure White dresses
we find smart sashes of printed,
gauze, Which exploit various Shades of
red intermingled with touches of
black and deep blue. Almost all the
sashes of this season are fringed in
order that they may fall heavily.
Chairs and sofas upholstered in
leather Will last and retain their ap
pearance much longer if the following
mixture is regularly applied, for it not
only cleans the leather, but softens it
and at the same time prevents it
cracking; One part of beet vinegar
and two parts of boiled linseed oil;
shake thoroughly together. Apply a
little on a soft rag and polish With
a silk duster of piece of chamois leath
In darning curtains if the rent is
large take a piece of an old curtain
and patch the hole with it and the
damage will scarcely be noticed.
When pressing tueks in crepe de
chine use a piece of tissue paper be
tween the iron and the right side. The
tucks can be Been and at the same
time protected.
In order to thread a needle easily
with worsted take a scrap of cotton
wool and twist it around the end of
the worsted; this will allow the yarn
to slip through the eye of the needle
without further trouble.
To put sleeves in correctly put ,the
under arm seam of the sleeve just the
length of your second finger ahead of
the under-seam of the waist. This is
an easy way and they are always in
the right place.
While it is nice to see embroidered
initials upon towels and bed linen,
yet there ia no need of the busy wo
man making initial monograms when
beautiful ones can be purchased ready
to sew on.
In planning the wardrobe women
should never neglect to supply them
selves with kitchen aprons. They
should be selected with a view to util
ity, which means that they must well
cover the' front of the dress and have
two good large pockets, into which all
sorts of things can be tumbled.
To economize on thread raise the
foot of the machine to remove garment
you are sewing, but before cutting the
thread lower the foot again with top
and lower threads toward the back
You can then cut the threads much
shorter and the foot will hold them
firmly in place with no trouble about
the needle getting accidentally un
threaded. The work can easily be
placed under the foot again and you
will find the needle always threaded
in place of always unthreaded.
One set is in softest, finest black
net, with a Straight hem embroidered
in many colored silks in tiny cross
stitch. Another set is of very, very
finely tucked lawn, the tucks running
across and across, the edge being fin
ished with an almost invisible ruche
of the lawn.
Stove polish, when mixed with tur
pentine and applied in the usual man
ner, is blacker, more . glossy and more
durable than when mixed with any
other liquid. The turpentine prevents
rust, and when put on ah old rusty
Btove will make it look as well as new.
Very often a screw hole gets worn so
that the screw will not stay in. To
remedy this cut some narrow Strips of
cork and fill up the hole ! completely,
and then force the screw in. This
will prove just as tight aa if driven
into a new hole.
The Clubwomen of New Orleans Want
a model market for that city and are
working to secure it. A housewives'
league has been formed and it has
begun to keep tabs on the dishonest
grocers and other persons who give
light weight and inferior goods.
Miss Jessie Wilson and her fiance,
Francis Bowes Sayre, are evidently in
terested in the same things to a great
extent. Mr. Sayre passed two summers
with Dr. Wilfred T. GrenfeU in his
missionary work In Labrador and has
taken much Interest in Y. M. C. A.
Work lie ia also a great traveler, hav
ing spent summers in Alaska and Si
beria. At her home in San Antonio, Tex.,
lira. Ellaabetb K. VlUareal Madero, a
cousin af the murdered president of
Mexloe, la writing a book which will
vindicate Franciseo I. Madero. Mrfl.
Madero was born In Parr, Coahulia,
within a stone's throw of Where they
attended the same school and played
together. Her book will be called
"The Vsjmpirea of Mexico."
It is sometimes diffieH to keep the
kitchen paper free f greasy stains.
Tfeey . j&ay be removed nUreJy. tf 4
mixture et pip el ay and water made
the consistency of cream, is spread
over them and allowed to remain over
night. In the morning it should be
removed with a clean brush or cloth.
Fancy cretonnes make very stylish
separate vests.
Hand painted materials are very mo
dish for evening wear.
Satin Cloth is used a great deal for
trimming frocks of Batln.
Some Of the prettiest blouses are
made of most delicate White net.
The square effect is becoming more
noticeable in all kinds of gowns.
Plain and eyeletted voiles are often
combined for afternoon dresses.
A tailored shirtwaist of white silk
brocade is worn with the Carefully
tailored suit.
Long, close fitting sleevesare set in
at the normal armhole and finished
with wrist puffs of mousseline de soie.
The lace neck ruffle, standing up
right at the back and falling away
from the neck at the front, is a fav
ored fashion in neckwear.
One of the new things for the small
girl is a white eponge long coat, cut
on loose lines with a yellow linen
sailor collar, cuffs and wide buttoned
A smart jacket frock is developed
Of finest white serge, and the short
Waisted coat has a vest Of flowered
silk, which disappears beneath a broad
girdle of black satin.
Mikado blue brocaded -eponge is used
for a lovelv wrap, and the only trim
ming consists of covered buttons.
Moire and silk crepe are also exten
sively used for these wraps.
dolored handkerchiefs are increas
ingly popular. They are made in pink,
yellow, green blue, lavender and even
in cerise. Perhaps tht: lavender hand
kerchief can be used to supply the
purple touch essential to the com
plexion of the mustard cloth frock.
The quill should be one continuous
piece, smooth, glossy and pliable.
The flues must be wide, pliable and
without defective marks visible to the
When buying a black ostrich plume
always be careful to select the one
with the finest gloss.
A good plume properly worn should
last five years at least.
Dull blacks and brown blacks indi
cate a poor quality plume or poor
This allows for one curling a year
and one possibly two redlppings if
the plume was orginally a light color
A good black plume that has been
properly recurled will be pretty old
and will have seen a lot of wear be
fore it will heed to be redipped.
One reason why so many good black
plumes lose their color and gloss is
that they are scorched when being re
curled. The only remedy for this is a bath
in the dye pot and oftener than not
the result is only a rusty black.
A dressing sack cleverly introducing
two materials is made of pale yellow
batiste and embroidered batiste in the
same shade. The lower part N3f the
sack and the right sleeve are made of
the plain material, while the left sleeve
, and part of the bodice are made of the
, embroidered batiste.
Orange Compote Lay three oranges
eomesciay iviornin
Ja. JL
for full particulars of
the Greatest Money-
saving Sale Ever
In Norwich.
Twentieth Century
j ' . .
J? im 11 W
Norwich, Sept. 1, 2, 3
There will be Two Flights by Ed Martin, the Expert
Aviator, in the Curtiss Biplane; that went up 4,000 feet
in Maine the other day.
There will be three Fast Classes Today and Every
There will be a hall full of Farm and Garden and
Miscellaneous Stuff, and the Cattle and Sheep and Poul
try and Pig Show will be the biggest since this society got
under way in 1854.
There will be a Free-for-all Motorcycle Race today.
The race for home talent comes tomorrow.
the Russian Bear, who wants to wrestle Frank Gotch,
the World's finest, will be on the mat at 1 sharp today.
This is a Big Bout.
Tonight the Night Fair opens, with a Band and the
finest Fireworks, ever seen this side of Coney Island.
Tomorrow is Baby Show Day. We've got some
pretty youngsters DON'T FORGET THAT.
The Twentieth Century Midway will be a corker and
so will be the Stage Show, with one Big Casting Act of
Five People and a Contortionist you'll call the best ever.
Admission 50 cents.. Half that for the Kids under 12.
Night tickets 25 cents and 15 cents.
Central Labor Union members are selling Tick
ets to the Fair Today. Find them anywhere.
Reduced rates on the railroad. Late electrics everywhere.
Ths New London County Agricultural Society
in water for four hours boll until
tender. Cut in halves, cut out the pulp
and remove seeds. Crush the pulp and
pound the peel well. Mix; add the
same weight in sugar and beat five
minutes. If made in quantity and
bottled it will keep a long time.
Lady Fingers. Two eggs, one-half
cupful of flour, a scant half cupful of
powered sugar. Have the bottom of
two baking pans lined with buttered
paper. Beat the yokes of the eggs and
T ft
tomorrow s
Purchaser of the Moran Stock
Main Street, Norwich
mMmmmummmmmmiMmmvm um n ii.uwhwwwi""""ii
the sugar to a froth. Beat the whites
to a stiff dry froth and add to the
yokes and sugar; ( flavor with a few
drops of vanilla; add the flour and
mix carefully and quickly. Pour the
mixture into the pastry bag and press
it through onto the paper any. size
you wish. Sprinkle powdered sugar
over and bake sixteen minutes in a
slow oven.
The Canadian Alaskan boundary is
1,507 miles long.
The funniest farce ever produced
Perfect company The show with
PRICES 11.60, $1.00, $75e, 50, 35, 25c.
r f
LABOR PAY VJX f t ) TOW . pp nxv
Powerful Dramatic Feature in 2 Keels
Taken from Charles Dickens' Famous story in 2 reels '
Beautiful Thanhouser Drama Rip Roaring Comedy
Majestic Comedy Keyatone Komedy
a y b b t
"SUCCESS" now in New London Harbour.
101 Bison 2 Reals
trouble you, or you are in need of glasses, don't overlook the fact that we
have been established for years and have made a reputation by giving qual
ity and service that are unexcelled. Eyes examined with modern scientific
Instruments and all defects of vision corrected. Lenses matched from
broken parts. Repairing of all kinds done neatly and quickly. If you have
had trouble with your glasses call and see us all examinations free. Sat
isfaction guaranteed in every case.
We have a Modern Lense Grinding Plant in connection with our Op
tical Department. This fact, will enable us to replace broken lenses while
you wait if you will bring the broken pieces.
We will be able to get out nhd deliver special lenses and prescription
work the same day it is received. This eliminates the delay and annoy
ance of waiting while your prescription is sent out of town.
Our Optician's Years of Experience Go Into Everv Pair
of Glasses Made
Fine POaoDu -
Established 1872
Plaut-Cadden Building,
Steamer Block Island Until Sept. 2, to
A. M. A. M.
Norwich Lv. 9:00 9:15
New London 10.30 10.40
Watch Hill 11.45 12.00
Block Island Due 1.15 l.?0
P. M. P. M.
Dally, except Sundays.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, July 7 to August 29.
Watch Hill RETURN I Block Isl tind RETURN
Adults. 50; Children, 25o.
Shore Dinner Houses and Bathing Beach near landings at Watch Hill
and Block Island. For further information, party rates, apply at office
of company on Shetucket Street. Norwich.
Last trips for this season's boats
Between Norwich and New London
will bo made Saturday Sept. 7th.
Regular schedule a boat leaving
either, city every two hours 9 and 11
a, m., 1-3 and 5 p. m., daily until then.
Fares 15 cents one way, 25o round trip.
Overhauling and
Repair Work
Mechanical repairs, oainting, trirr
ning, upholstering and wood work
acksmithina In ail its branch
M l Clark Corp.
507 1 0 515 North Main St
715 Beswell Ave,
First-class Wines, Liquers &n& Cigars,
Meals and Welch Rarebit serwd ta
eld?. Jcfca TUeJtia, Pres. Tei,
Ran two solid yews in New York
a thousand laughs.
Seats Now on 8alo
m o u m
AN EGG Comedy
SatukoQ Co,
144-146 Main Street
y A. M. A. M.
Block Island Lv. 2.15 3.15
Watch Hill
New London
Norwich Due
3.45 4.40
6.05 6.00
7.00 7.30
P. U. P. M.
Sundays only.
Adults. 75c; Children, 40c
Pencils Pencil Boxes
Crayons Lunch Boxes
Paints Book Bags
Stationery Ink and Mucilage
Franklin Square
A full Una ot the above wlta new
additions coming along, including Ihoaa
with cui out border.
Moldings and banda to matcn. Mixod
paints, muresco and tints; also art
"..is3 imitations.
Wa axe u tow market for painting,
paper-uging ana decorating ail lA
52 and 94 West Main 3troL ,
Most Cigars Are Good.
TOM'S '1-2-3 5c CIGAR
Try t.:am and sea. .
THOS. M. SHEA, Prop. Franklin St.
Nttxt to ui palace Cafe
WHES xtrii wans W. put your buai
ness betor tne ouDlic. there is n me
dium better man ibrouKn iu auvsrua
ISlS ceiuuu U Xi- iluUdtln.

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