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Lightning Burn Barn and Contents at Pleasant View
Frank J. Cleraence Run Ovetby a Train Fire Com-)
panics Coming to Big Meeting
In th cnusually severe triple com
:crm of Friday xrfgbt the
T.'e vra uwnJ by CapC tViillara F.
i riiusaLHt View, about a
of nule from the beach, was
i. k by lijV.nir.j. took fire, and the
.. with all its contents was
; :c!fiy consumed. There was about
i lent i.' iiay in the barn, together
mwtiern f.trminff utensils, car
: i ,rs, xn&. h-irness and the like.
; t n:y iiustwk destroyed was a
r. .'.sl'Jt ;0.irerd boll, the rest of the
c t in ih pasture. When the
! e .r siruck the shock startled the
, . u, ..i.ia vf h Sunders home, which
l i'ei ;;;iXvr.Uy across the road
? i ;h bara. and before they could
S.sj vnuoure the big barn was a
jtm. i f Hume and it was impossible to
may of the contents, thou pa spe
c.jkl etort was made to rescue the bull.
In a very bort tmie Users was quite
a, t re nr. of neighbors and beach
rewaents. but they could do nothing
fwardji sutduins: the fire or savins
arr at the property. So the fire raged
sm& It burned itself completely out.
Tr fire started about 11.-0 and by
iSiT '.cht there was nothing left of the
tulidir and contents save the founda
tion and such parts of the contents
wr impervious to fire, a tangled
ium of Junk. The loss is estimated
at SI 9.0 atid there was no insurance
ea tli property.
'Several from Westerly attended the
funeral of George Ballard in Olneyyille
SsJd Saturday with a mass of requiem
ir. St- John's church. Mr. Ballard was
oro ia Xew York city ES years apo,
but when quite young- moved with his
parents ta Westerly. The family later
TrxTed to CHney-rnie. where Mr. Ballard
-t4 cn of the local mills as a
wnr. He ini weil known through
r rcwitaenc in the textile union, of
wteUh h was secretary and treasurer.
jvji-j t, lonir strike of 190: his du
r s brmirtt Km in contact with all
ttse fm!l4e whow members were con
cerned ia the euiie and his work was
a TT-fectedL
Zl r. Ballard ! survived by a do-ward
eirht children, six sons and two
jtuMer. Including Joseph Ballard.
wn Itnown la athletic circles throusra
Ms ahsiny a a runner. A dauphter is
a school teach fr. and a son. James, is
foreman of the stock department of the
y.erer" Kibber comrany.
f the
Six Churches
at the
First Congregational Church,
GRISWOLD (Paehaug),
Wednesday, Sept. 3rd, 1913. H
FER3IOK. Templed for a I
Princely Life"'
Rev. John T. TCaldron,
Needhara. Mass,
:m BTMPOSXOM. "How should -w
bert work for a revival of re
Ufloo and th progress of the
Kimrdom of Gd. ia out own
eomni unities T
R. Montjie J. B. Fuller,
3r. S. Thatcher.
Jewett City
The hosfxxiitief of the Church are
rrd:aily exUsded to all neighboring
chircbe as 1 individuals.
Wc Vili Close All Day
Jill A - ;
Great Variety
Rough and Dreited
Window, ,
Window Frame, . , v .- . ;
Cased Drawers, Entires,
Doers," Etc AUo Polo -. - -
and Uht Ssd Heavy Esteniion
The feature scores with the rifle at
Rumford range during the past week
were made by Capt. Cyril L. D. Wells
of the Fourth company, C. A.
Providence. The scores in record
practice were: 300 yards, 46; 500. yards,
40; 6U0 yards, 41; 200 yards, rapid
tire, 4"; 300 yards, rapid fire. 48; total,
-23. Captain Wells is located in Prov
ience. He supervised the construction
of the new town hall and courthouse
in Westerly and is well known here.
The Fire King of Pawtuxet will be
one of the contesting tubs in the mus
ter of the Rhode Is'and State Fire
men's League in Westerly Sept. 10.
The Fire Kinj? was entered for the
New Kngland Firemen's muster . at
Lowell last Thursday, entry being
made. a month orevious. The company
voted to withdraw when it was learned
that no other Rhode Island company
was entered. Through a mistake the
company was jri yen a playing position
Tnursdny. tr.its lending- color to the
belief that the Pawtuxet prize winners
intended to compete.
Frank J. Clemence, master mechanic
of the Peacedale Manufacturing com
pany, died in the Rhode Island hospital
Saturday night from injuries received
by being run over by a train on the
Narraiiansett Pier division of the
Rhode Island company in the morning.
Mr. Clemence del' t the mill for a busi
ness trip to Wakefield. In attempting
to board the train at the Peacedale
station" he lost his footing and fell just
as the train started. One of the train
crew signalled the train to stop just
as soon vs the predicament of Mr.
I'lemtnce was discovered. His left
foot v,as caught in a switch frog- and
the foot wa-s run ove?-b- one car and
c-u.shed at the ankle. He was dragged
alout SO feet before the train came to
a standstill.
The injured man was taken to King
ston, where a train was held for him
15 minutes, and conveyed to Provi
dence, where an ambulance wag in
waiuner to take him to the hospital.
He was accompanied by his son,
Frank .T. Clemence, Jr., president of
the Wakefield bank. The leg- was am
putnted just above the knee, but he
died from shock following the ampu
taiion. The King Philip Fire company of
Bristol held a practice playout Friday
evenina in preparation for the state
(muster rf iiremen at "Westerly s Sept.
7". There was a lull and able crew
mannins; the brakes. After several
lively shakedowns, the old tub forced
a stream of water for a. horizontal dis
tance of a trifle over 200 feet and wind
wise, under unfavorable conditions.
The Rumford Hose company voted
Friday evening- to participate in the
muster with a crew of 50 men.
There will be a parade of organized
labor in Westerly on Labor day. the
procession forming in Dixon square at
P. 30 with these organizations in line,
hea-ied by the Westerly band: The
Central Labor union, Granite Cutters'
union. White Rock Textile workers.
Mule Spinners' union, the V esterly
Quarry workers, the Bradford Quarry
workers and the Hod Carriers' and
Huildcrs' union. With William J. Col
lins as marshal and Henry Hatten aid
the procession will move over this line
of march: Form in Dixon -square,
inarch up Broad street to Elm and
countermarch down Broad street to
West Hroad. Mechanic, Palmer, Moss,
West Broad, to High, Canal, Pleasant,
High to Grove avenue, to Granite
street and Dixon square.
Local Laconics.
Aviators Thfw and MacGordon sail
ed in their airship from Watch Hill
tr Pleasint Vitw Sunday and made
several fiisrhis from Atlantic Beach.
Jimmy Nelson has closed his sum
mer engagements in Westerly and re
tv.rr.d Saturday to his home in Wa
terbury. Amons? the several prizes to he
iwar.ie.i in- the foremen's demonstra
tion in Westerly on Perry day will be
one for the best appearing company in
the parade.
The most hygienic country in the
world is Sweden, in the opinion of
Prof. Irving Fisher, of Yale.
Center 3f
Full Assortment
Fresh Mined
Including Steam
and Blacksmith
recommend it to
their patients
and use it them
selves. Is the Ideal
Ask Any Druggist.
Birthday Party for Mrs. Marcia Had
ley Events in Today's Water Car
nival at Mason's Island Socialists'
Mrs. Marcia . Hadley on her 86th
birthday welcomed a party of relatives
wrho gave her a delightful surprise at
her home in the village. Among those
who were present were Mrs. William
Davis of New Bedford, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Max Muse,
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Patterson, Mr.
and Mrs. Pertice Rathbun, Mr and
Mrs. Charles Schaffer, Mrs. Hattle
Beebe, Alfred Ward and Charles Wrard.
Refreshments were served, which were
brought by the guests, and many pret
ty gifts received by Mrs. Hadley.
Pleasure for Cradle Roll.'
The annual entertaining by the Mis
sionary society of the Baptist church
of its cradle roll will be held Tuesday
afternoon from 3 to 5' on the lawn at
the home of Mrs. W. I. Spicer. The
mothers are to attend with the little
Socialists' Nominations. 1
The socialist ticket put in the field
for the town election follows: Assess
or, Bonis Brunke; members of board
of relief, Robert Taylor," Alexander
Wiesmeyer; selectmen, William1 Dunj -can.
Max Winkler; tov;n clerk, James
McClave; treasurer, James - McClave;
a gent for town deposit fund, Charles
Trim bach; constables, Joseph Erkes,
Herbert Vcibt, Paul Roeger, Fred
Scjimlt: registrars of voters, John
Krupper, William Giersers, Henry
Burbach. Gustav Haulisch! school
committee, Robert N. Gley.
Mason's Island-Celebration.
The Babor day celebration for Ma
son's Island is expected to be far bet
ter this year than at any previous
time. The newly organized boat club
has been hard at work cn the prepara
tion of the programme. Each boat will
Jiy a club pennant in addition to its
other decorations. All kinds of aquatic
sports are promised, and feats of fan
cy diving and swimming will be among
the most interesting. Boats from the
mainland will enter the sports. ThA.
cottages will be deeorated, and many
of those who have spent some time on
the island in the past years are to
come especially for the event.
Talked About Locally.
John Pitapatriek returns today from
Greenport, where he has been for sev
eral months employed for the Green
port Basin and Construction company,
in ship building. Mr. Fitzpatrick took
several men from the village with him,
who will also return, as his contract
has bees completed.
Miss Ethel Latham of Pearl street
spent Saturday with Mrs. Bertha Gal
lup, grand matron of the O. E. S., at
SaviB Hock, where. Robert Morris day
v,a:; (c. ' d. The trip S'iiS made, by
auiomol .ile.
Frank Fowler has returned from a
visit to Norwich relatives.
Mrs-. Nora Rathbun has returned
from a visit to friends in New London.
Mrs. John C. McDonald and son, of
Newport, are visiting Mr-, and Mrs M,
B. McDonald. -,
"Mr-, and Mrs-. Charles Billings have
returned to Norwich after a visit with
Noank friends.'
Alexander Murray of Little Falls, N.
J., has arrived at Mason's Island to
spend the week end and assist in the
water carnival.
Successful Teacher Reappointed.
Miss Prue Davis of Pearl street will
teach the Upper Noank school this
coming year,
Anus MacLeod of New Haven spent
th3 we?k end with his family on Pros
pect Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Weeks and daugh
ter. Bertha, spent Sunday in an auto
mobile trip. to New Haven.
Miss Madeline Chute of Brooklyn,
who has spent the greater part of the
summer at Soundview cottage, has re
turned home.
Dr , Henry Lasch of New London
spent Sunday with friends in the vil
lage Mrs. Melville Daboll of Soundview
cotage entertained several friends Fri
day evening Muslo was enjoyed.
Miss Grace Knapp has returned
from a visit in Westerly.
Elbert Rathbun has returned from a
visit with Paul Chesebro in Center
Captain Felix Pendleton has return
ed from a vist with friends on LoAg
Mrs. Maddox of Dorchester, Mass.,
who has been visiting Captain and
Mrs. Bradford, has returned.
THREW AWAY $3,000.
Pleasant View Guest Did Not Value
Lump of Ambergris Found on Beach.
Miss Helen A. Moffitt, daughter of
Sergt. James H. Moffitt, of the Elm
wood station, threw about $3,000 worth
of ambergris into the ocean off Pleas
ant View a few days ago. She did not
know what the ball of gray matter waa
that she kicked into the sea, but within
a few minutes she learned it was am
bergris, and on returning to the beach
found a small piece of it which may
have been detached from the mass she
threw away.
Miss Moffitt returned to her hotel
and told some guests about the object,
which looked to her to be about the
size- of a football. From her descrip
tion one guest said it was amtergris.
She went back to the beach and found
a small portion of it, and it proved to
be ambergris.
When she returned to her home at
29 Phillips street. Providence, R. I., she
told her father about her experience,
and Sergeant Moffitt had her find ana
lyzed. It proved to be ambergris of
the best quality and is worth $300 a
pound. The lump she threw into the
sea weighed about 10 pounds.
Drops Dead During Debate.
Stamford. Conn., Aug. 31 Vlneenzo
Arcoutl, 4S yevira old, dropped dead
last .week during nn exciting debate
over. .a Labor day picnic nt h meeting
of a lor-al organization ti which he
belonged, The medical examiner said
death was due to apoplexy. He was
married. . --
- New Britain The Rev. Patrick Da
ly.'the new pasler of HI. Joseph's par-,
ish, will, assume the duties in his arv
pastorate next TUursday,
" fin
Phone 721
List of Teachers for the Public
Schools How the Holiday Will Be
The complete list of teachers for the
local public schools tho coming year
High school Principal, H. Miles
Gordy; assistants. Miss Sara Sweet,
Miss Gertrude Stone, Miss Margaret
W, Ballantine, Miss Nora A- Hafey.
Borough schools Kindergarten, Miss
Edith G. Cushman, Miss Ethel Moore:
grade 1, Mies Maud G. Booth; grade 2,
Miss Genevieve M. Hewitt; grade 3,
Mii-s Mary P. Lwach; grade 4, Miss
Sadie L. Comins; grade 5, Miss Ethel
I. Rich; grade 6, Miss Maud E. Chap
man; grade 7, Miss Ella C. Connorj
gTades 8 and 9, Miss Mary E. Emith.
Hollow schools Miss Blanche D,
Shippey, Miss Ruth N. Dunham, Miss
Isadore J. Dunham, Ralph A. Booth.
Staffordville Miss Mary E. Hedges,
Miss Lottie W. Hatch, Miss Marjorie
B. Eaton.
Stafford street Miss Elsie M. Phil
lips. Rockwell Hill Miss Elinor Spratt
Leonard district Miss Nettie
Brown. .
West Stafford Center Miss Joseph
if. js!
"The same way tobacco
steadies yours.
"It's wonderful. Try ii
It's a soothing outlet for nervousness. It's
a refreshing, pleasant . pastime that im
proves teeth, breath, appetite, digestion.
Carry this inexpensive pleasure in your
pocket. It's always ready to chew and to
benefit you to take away the effects of
over-smoking and over-eating. It's as good
for you as sunshine.
j Look for the spear Avoid imitations If Jj NX H u I
jjj Chew it after every m
Before deciding what School
Then you'll understand why this school is recommended by its students, its graduates,
Prominent Business Men, and many who have attended elsewhere. You will then know
why our enrollment has increased 300 percent this year and every graduate has been as
sbted to employment, and all vacancies not yet filled. ,
If you are going to take a Business Course it costs you nothing to investigate it may
cost you considerable if you do not. ATTEND
or 1281-2 l. m. crandall, President Shannon Building
Remember the Name and Location
ine Newell, Miss Jennie Towne.
Crs-stal Lake Miss Ethel M. Davis.
Patten district Miss Edith B. Bat
tige. Orcuttville 'Miss E. Mae Lathrop.
Crow Hill Miss Nellie Burleson.
Bull Miss E. L. Tracy.
Supervisor of music, Miss Lulu Ide.
The school will open on Sept. 8th.
Heard and Seen.
Mrs. Ralph Brown of New London
is the guest of borough relatives.
Miss Mary A. O'Bryan of Ware,
Mass., a former assistant at the local
high school visited friends in town
last week.
Miss May Giliigan is making prep
arations to attend Mt.St. Joseph's sem
inary in Hartford the coming year.
Rev. John W. Ballantine has re
turned from e visit in Westerly, R. I.,
where he was the guest of Rev. Ly
man G. Horton, formerly of Stafford
Miss Alice Hartnett of New Haven
is visiting friends in town.
Holiday Schedule.
The stores will close all day Labor
day. The Smith & Cooley and Rhode
Island mills will also close, and the
postoffi.ee, banks and library will ob
serve holiday hours.
A complete census of Mexico for 1910
shows the population to be 15,160,369.
OtO.WLj . JL iPlll lCJ. VCi Rj
what system try our
New Home for Grace Church Rector
Holiday Visitors Come and Go.
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Cochrane have
moved to the house recently vacated
by Supt. Clifford Costine.
Mr! and Mrs. Christopher O'Hearn
and children, Dorothy, Eileen and
Christopher, and Miss Mary Holron of
Manchester were recent guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Stephen O'Hearn.
Miss Katherine T. Kane was a re
cent visitor in Westerly, R. i.
Myer Fields of East Orange, N. J.,
was a recent visitor here.
Miss Katherine Lyons of Worcester
spent the holidays with her sister, Mrs.
Frank H. Tracy,
Mrs, Jeremiah Driscoll ia entertain
ing Mr, and Mrs. Curran and child of
Willimantio and Mrs. James Wood and
three children of Taftville.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Swithenbark
of Brooklyn, N. Y., have been spending
several days at Pine Tree cottage.
Miss Mary Alice Sullivan of Hart
ford is spending the week with Miss
Alice Laughlin.
Miss Nora Shea of Fitchville has
been passing several days here with
her niece, Mrs. Carl Bentley,
! Jason Kingsley of Boston has been
visiting over the holidays with local
relatives and friends.
ML -i JM 'fi
Accommodations at Chattanooga for
Those Who Make Application.
Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 31. Com
mander in Chief Alfred B. Beers of the
Grand Army of the Republic in orders
issued recently calls the attention of
comrades to the arrangements made
by the Chattanooga Encampment as
sociation to provide accommodations
on application of comrades, and mem
bers of the auxiliary and allied organ
izations, at the national encampment.
National headquarters will be moved
from here to Hotel Patten, Chattanoo
ga, on Sept. 13. The parade of the
Grand Army will take place at 10
o'clock Sept. 17. All staff aides, aide
de camp and national officers are or
dered to reoort to the commander in
ohlef at 8.30 a, m. Sept. 17.
Man Breaks Neok While Trying to
Recover His Lost Hat.
Seymour, Conn., Aug. 31 August
Spalia of Ansonia was killed here Fri-
day when, in jumping from a moving
trolley car to reoover his hat, he land
ed on his head on the pavement and
broke his neck. He was about 25 years
New London
City of Lowell
and Chester W. Chapio
Choose Una rouio nwxt umo yuu tfo
to Now York, iou'll have a deligiitiut
voyage on uong Islana ttouna und a
super o view of the wonder! ui skyiin
and waterfront of Manhattan island.
Bteamer leaves Hew .London at 11
m. daily, due New York. Pier 1u.
EaBt River, at 6.45, and JPler 4U, Norttt
River, 7 o'clock next morning.
Tickets and staterooms front ticket
agent railroad station.
Meals a la Carts ,
Now England Steamship Co.
Norwich to New York
Fare, $1. Staterooms, $1 ? J
All outside rooms.
. Excellent Dining Service.
Leaves, Norwich, Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Sundays, 5.15
p. m.
Leaves New York, Brooklyn
Bridge Pier, Mondays, Wednes
days and Fridays, 5 p. m.
Freight received until 5 p.- m.
F. V. KNOUSE,. Agent -
Steamers of the Montank Steamboat Ca.'a Una lt
Kew Lradan for GrernjmrL Shelter Island and Sal
Harbor -week dars 10 a, m.. 4.H o. m. Leaie 3a
Barber returning a. m- 12.S . m.
Estimates Cheerfully Given
Tel. 370
216 MAIN ST.
Brick, Cement, Sand, Lime, all
hard Plasters and Prepared
Best Roofing Piint in ths
Full line of Sewer Pipe.
Largest Storage Capacity
in City
Tel. 171
23 Commerce St.
Carpenters and Builders
Best work and materials at rlcftt
prices, by skilled labor.
Telephone 60 WEST MAIN ST.
Phcna fill
Norwich.' Conn.
Ropklns & Co.'s Light Dinner Ala,
I6c per doiien.
Koehler s .Pilsner, sue per aozen.
Trommer's Evergreen, 75c per 'ozen.
Free delivery to all parts of ths
city. -
H. JACKLu & CO.TeK-pncne is-a.
in imiir famiiv monument be crumbl
ing to dust? Let us show you speci
mens of our work erectea more
w.v.- iicfe i Virtirhr. lettering clear.
edges sharp and general appearance
as good as when erectea.
The Chas. A. Kuehler Co.
Tel. 39-41 Franklin St.
Palace Pool anil Billiard Parlors
Six Tables five pool and one Billiard.
Tables soia ana rep"
at reasonable prices.
Supplies at all times.
w c Dava ju.. v - , - -
storehouse and can supply your d-
. . ..... n . t m rarlnan- inf A Aiir
experts of the country say the ground
limestone is better than the burnt lime,
ind this is W.-M.I we have. Sold by tiie
bag, ton or carload.
61ar.k Boofce" Mode aid R"i t OrdsK
wniCJt yo want le put your -nesa
before tne publto, there 1 ne ina
dlum be;er than threunH the advertl.
izg etiuBM aX Xfca SuUrtla.
mmm 1 1 r

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