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Absolutely Purc
tilde from Cream of Tartar
. i.
I Speaking Contest for Pupils of Public
Schools of Town Winners of Prizes
- from Classes in Baltic, Hanover and
' A" speaking contest was held in
,'jSpraigue ball Thursday evening: hy the
' ' pupils of the public schools of Sprague.
I Jftollowing was the programme: Ameri
i i Invocation; Barbara Frietchie, (Lil
( Man Stafford; Patrick Henry's Address,
Arthur Dugas; Four Sunbeams, Helen
Columbus, Norman Collins;
Hiawatha's Childhood. Ethel Kay: The
, Iuel, A&nes Cronin; The Blue and the
' Gray, Louise Dumuth; Guilty or Not
: Guilty, Helen Babbitt; Paul Revere's
Ride,. Bertha Fromel; Barbara Freit
: chip, Catherine Gorman; song, Sol
: fliers' Chorus, Gounoud; The Ballad of
Elizabeth Zane, Fannie Mcintosh;
Marco Bozzaris, Theodore Swanson;
The Lord of Burleigh, Marguerite
i Brown; The Village Blacksmith, Her
'. Bert Carlson;' On the Muggleton Coach,
Regina Diotte; The Little Red Stamp,
; Kathleen Johnson; Kipling's Children's
Song, Regina Savag-eau; Abou Ben
Adhem, Arthur Ratcliffe; Columbus,
! Louis Renkienz; The Wise Fairy,
J Helen Grbuskl; song, Vespers, Rus
! sian; The Man With the Hoe, Carl
J Ellison; Old Ironsides, Fred Wilcock;
1 The Orphan Children, Margaret ulli
; Van; 'The Bell of the Atalantic, Flor
( enco Lucy; A Heritage, Catherine Mc.
i In tosh; Wolsey's Farewell, Joseph
'. Gilot; The Wounded Curlew, Ida
Freeman; The Crippled Boy, Phyllis
1 Bell; Woodman, Spare That Tree, Isa-
dore Deutch; Barbara Frietchie, Marion
:X)eutcn; Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech,
Alec Grbuski.
The .prize winners were: First prize,
senior grade. Carl Ellison r, Baltics
; second prize, senior grade. Marguerite
'; Brown, Baltic; third prize, senior
' grade, Helen Babbit, Hanover; first
prize, Junior grade, Catherine Gorman,
: Versailles; second prize, junior grade,,
Helen Grbuski, Versailles. i
The judges were Supervisors Swift
j and Wheeler of Norwich and Super
. visor Clapp of Willimantic. The prizes
Were donated by the school committee.
'Excellent work in drawing, sewing,
I writing, etc., done by the pupils in the
1 different grades fn all the schols were
on exhibition in the hall.
s-The programme was finely carried
' out and was enjoyed by a large assem
; Mage.
iAtre. Perry S. Howe of Worcester,
t Mass., is visiting her parents, Rev. and
Mrs. Charles Smith.
; Schools Hold One Session Because of
the. Storm Lenten Devotions.
rOwing to the severe enow storm Fri-
day,' the graded schools throughout the
f town held one session, the pupils be
, lag dismissed at 1 o'clock.
I ,;E. Stuart of Providence was in
( Plainfield yesterday.
'Lenten devotions were held at St,
. John's -church last evening.
The 25th Snow Storm.
' ;Friday's snow storm was the 25th
snow storm of this winter, according
to the statistics of a local man. He
, claims that Ithree more snow storms
are due- this winter. He predicted at
the beginning of winter that we would
i have exactly 28 snow storms. The
; sleighing here is excellent and numer
: ous people have enjoyed the sport.
; Frederick Racdne was in Norwich
Friday. -
! Miss Agnes Hallahan is spending- the
' week end at her home in Norwich.
Mis? Helen Moran ia spending the
week end at her home in Willimantic.
Tomngton. The employes at the
local postofnee have received a chal
i lenge from the Winsted postoffice em -
ployes for a bowling match.
!. Rheumatism is "pain" only.
Not one case in fifty requires inter
- nal treatment. Stop drugging! Rub
i soothing, penetrating ''St. Jacobs Oil"
I right- Into your sore, stiff, aching
i joints, and rellefcomes instantly. "St.
I Jacobs Oil" is a harmless rheumatism
j liniment which never disappoints and
I can 'not burn the skin.
Limber up! Quit complaining! Get
a ismall trial bottle of old, honest "St.
; Jacobs 'Oil" at any drug store, and In
! just - a moment you'll be free from
rhenmatio pain, soreness and stiffness,
i Don't suffer! Relief awaits you. "St,
! Jacobs . Oil" is just as good for sci
atlca, .neuralgia, lumbago, backache,
i sprains.
I a r FHifcit'f Cm kmi GnSi.FwBilaar fev
M , - Frtrti' toaeacot 3pil I
, j rraan loMeeo special. -r
For, sale by:Ty H EBPRCPOE
Causes Case to Be Defaulted Judge Barrows Admonishes
Attorneys to be On-the-Spot Superior Court Assign
ments For Monday Light & Power Company's Prop
ositkm to Increase Capital Stock Considered Yesterday
State G. A. R. Meeting.
An adjourned session of the super
ior court for Washington county,
Judge Chester W. Barrows, convened
in Westerly, Friday morning, and, af
ter the call of the docket adjourned
to come in again next Monday morn
ing. The first ease on the docket,
that of Charles D. Chapman, now de
ceased, against the New York, New
Haven and Hartford Railroad com
pany, was passed. This is an action
to recover the value of an automo
bile destroyed alleged to have been
started by a passing' locomotive while
the automobile was standing near the 1
Chapman quarry property.
The next case assigned for trial,
Friday, was Marie V. Cappuccio
against Joseph Guerino. Messrs. Dunn
and Rathbun, counsel for defendant,
were ready to proceed. Attorney
Ledwidgre, counsel for plaintiff, was
absent. It was learned upon inquiry
by Judge Barrows, that Mr. Ledwldge
had gone to Norwich, tout not in the
trial of any case, but on other busi
ness. The case was ordered defaulted
by reason of non-appearance, the
judge stating that Mr. Ledwidge
would be given opportunity to explain
his absence, if he desired the default
removed. Attorney McKenna stated
that he had been requested by Mr.
Ledwldge to explain his absence in the
event of the case being called, and it
vas not believed by Mr. Ledwidge
that the case would be reached Fri
day. Judge Barrows reminded the attor
neys present that they should be ready
to proceed when their cases were call
ed. They should bear in mind that
the state was at considerable expense
in having the jurors report, and es
pecially, when there was no business
for them, this expense ought not to
be incurred. He asked the attorneys
to cooperate with the court, and -be
in readiness to proceed with the cases
when called.
When the court comes in next Mon
day morning at 10.30 .the trial of the
case of Nora Mulligan, of Narrasan
sett Pier, against Ada G. Randall, of
rv ew xork. This is a case of aliens
tion or tne anections or husband or
plaintiff, and the damages are placed
at $50,000. McGough and O'Connor
represent plaintiff and Fred C. Olney
The case of Li da Thomas against
Amos Burdick and ICatherme Welch,
will follow the Mulligan-Randall case.
The plaintiff was struck 'by an auto
mobile, owned bp the defendants and
operated by Burdick. Miss Thomas
claims she was severelv iniured and
f sues for substantial damages. The
accident occurred in front of the rail
way station, rluring a severe rain
storm. Miss Thomas was carrying an
umbrella and did not see the auto
mobile, and Burdick claims he did not
see Miss Thomas until after she says
she was struck and knocked down by
tne automobile.
There are several cases on the
docket, ready for trial when reached,
and it is expected that the court will
be in session In Westerly two weeks.
The committee on incorporations.
Representative Albert H. Lanaworthv,
of Westerly, chairman, gave a public
hearing at the state capitol. Thursday
on the act amending the charter of the
westerly Light and Power comnanv.
ine proposal act increases tl-.e capi
tal stock or the company $300,000, rais
ing it from $700,000, the present
amount, to $1,000,000, and authorizes
certain stock exchanges. Attorney
Arthur M. Allen, told the committee
that the company is continually ex
tending its lines and making improve
ments, ana tnat is now the reason for
the increase in the capital stock. He
said practically all of the stock is
held witnin the state of Rhode Island
and the bonded indebtedness is $419,-
uuu. jonn s. arurdock said he did not
know whether or not he was oppos
ed to the proposed act, and would like
to have time to investigate, the mat
ter. The hearing was continued to
next Tuesday afternoon.
Phebe Greene Ward chaDter of
Westerly was represented at the
'wenty-second annual conference of
the Rhode Island Daughters of Amer
ican Revolution, in Providence, Thurs
day. Mrs. Charles E. Langley was
elected regent, and Miss Florence G.
Bullock vice regent. The -reports of
the officers were submitted and ap
proved. The report of the treasurer,
Mrs. Philip C. Meins, showed the re
ceipts for the year to have been
$390.25, with a balance of $99.60.
Mrs. Nathan B. Lewis, historian.
gave a summary or the work of the
several chapters, including Phebe
Green Ward chapter.
During the afternoon session. Mrs.
Emma S. Critcherson and Mrs. Flor-
1 -it i74 . a
I JtHEkfcr frill' ilSI i I
! ' !',. H8SsS-(
I - Z mk ;5 5 F v f
I Si miSitS
f , A tsssOk I
J vi
Work on the mammoth memorial to men of the Titanic who went down
in order that women and children might have a chance for their Uvea is
completed and has been placed in oosition in Potomac park. Washington,
ence Babcock Briggs. both of Wester
ly, sang the duets, Schubert Serenade,
Somewhere a Voice is Calling Me, and
The cases on the civil docket of the
third district court were continued by
Judge Oliver H. Williams at the ses
sion held Friday in Westerly. After
hearing the testimony of Special Fo
liceman John Thompson, the liquors
seized at the residence of Baraflna
Aversa, in . Bradford, the liquors were
declared forfeited to the state, and
warrant issued for the destruction of
the liquors and the destruction or sale
of the vessels containing the same.
After testimony by Chief Brown and
Policeman Curtain, like action was
taken against the liquors and vessels
seized at the residence of Michael
BozzL 71 Pierce street.
Local Laconics.
There will be no parade in Wester
ly on March 17.
Dr. Albert H. Spicer. Jr and Mrs.
Spicer will sail from New York to
day (Saturday), on a Bermudian trip.
Invitations are ct for the wedding
of Max Bendet of Mystic, and Miss
Tillie Greenberg of Westerly, to take
place in New Xork. March 19.
George Anderson, of Westerly, mo
torman on the Norwich-Westerly road.
is making gradual improvement at the
Lawrence hospital. New London.
John R. Scott, year ago superintend
ent of the Stillmanville mills, and i
summer resident of Pleasant View,
died at his home In Nxbridge. Mass.
Grand Master Thomas McKenzie,
ana uenuty Arthur N. Nash, will at
tend the meeting of the officers of the
grand lodge of Masons of Connecticut
in Hartford today.
Robert Valentine, organist of Christ
Episcopal church, will give a series of
recitals during the Lenten season, the
nrst to te given this afternoon, com
mencing at four o'clock.
Rev. William Franklin, superintend
ent of the New England District
Christian and Missionary alliance, will
speaK at tne .People s mission, Satur
day and Sunday evenings.
Miss Ethel M. McLellan, of Wester
ly, left Providence Friday for a three
weeks' trip to Palm Beach. She
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. N. I
ll. Gardner, of Providence.
The Clans of Westerly, will be rep
resented at the open reception to be
given Royal Chief A. G. Findlay. ol
Seattle, head of the Order of Scot
tish Clans, to be given in Providence,
next Wednesday evening.
Miss Grace E. Baker, teacher of
mathematics in the Elm Street school
who recently resigned, left Westerly
on iTiaay atternoon for Maiden, Mass.
where she will teach in the Centre
school. The pupils on Friday morning
presentea ner a vaiuaDle piece or jew
eiry as a toKen or tneir friendship.
A ' large delegation from Misauami
cut Tribe of Redmen will visit their
fellow tribesmen in New London, next
Tuesday evening. Degree work will
be exemplified by the Westerly de
gre tam, and sveral will be initiatei
into the mysteries of Redmenship. in
eluding Mayor Ernest E. Rogers,
New London.
Austin Young to Captain Baseball
Team Fellowship Meeting Burial
of Dr. Charles O. Main.
Austin Young, of the borough, has
been elected captain of the Stoning
ton High school baseball team and
Leslie Cook of Mystic will captain the
rootDaii teem.
To Meet at Pawcatuck.
The last of the fellowship meetings
of the Congregational churches In this
section will be held next Wednesday
in the Pawcatuck Congregational
church. Fred P. Davis will be the
moderator and the sermon will be de
livered by Rev. Dwight C. Stone of
Stonington borough. The topic for
discussion will be The Christian
this Social, Industrial and Political
Wreaths for Memorial Day.
No more potted plants will bo placed
on the graves of deceased comrades
by Trumbull post, G. A. R.. on Me
morial Day, and wreaths will be sub
stituted. The potted plants are stolen
within two days after being placed on
the graves.
The funeral of Joseph Donohue will
be held in the borough and burial will
uhouhiilio run
Get a 10-cent box now.
They're fine! Cascarets liven vour
liver, clean your thirty feet of bowels
and sweeten your stomach. You eat
one or two, like candy, before going to
bed ana In the morning your head Is
clear, tongue is clean, stomach sweet.
breath right and cold gone. Get a box
rrom your druggist and enjoy the nic
est, gentlest liver and bowel cleansing
you ever experienced. Cascarets stop
sick headache, biliousness, indigestion,
bad breath and constipation.
Mothers should give a whole Cas-
caret to cross, bilious, sick, feverish
children any time. They are harmless
and never gripe or sicken.
Watch Child for Worms.
Worms sap child's strength, rob child
of rood and make child fretful, lrritat
ed, nervous. Watch stool and at firs
sign or suspicion of worms give one'
half to one lozenge Klckapoo v
Killer, a candy worm remover.
immediate results, is laxative. Para
until all signs of worms are gone.
at your druggist.
be in St. Michael's cemetery, Pawca
Dr. Charles O. Main was buried ii
e Miner Meetlnar House cemeterv i
Korth Stonington. The bearers. wer
these members of Asvlum Lodire o
Masons, Stonington: Carl B. Seamor
William F. Broughton, Jr., Theodor
W. Dewhurst, John Carlson and Fran
H. Tracy.
D. of H. WhisL
There was a well attended whist an
dance Friday night, under the auspices
or Myra Jr. Douglass lodge, .o. 19,
Degree of Honor.
Congregational Pastor to Preach Spe
cial Sermons Lenten Cantata
Planned' Weekly Fire Alarm Testa
to Be Given Postoffice Clerks' Ex
amination. At the morning service of the Mvstie
Bridge Congregational church the pas
tor, Rev. A. F. Earnshaw, will begin a
series of sermons with these topics:
March 12, The Ordered Life: March
19, The Expanding Life: March 26.
The Inspired Life; April 2, The Re
deemed Life; April 9, The Consecrated
Life. Sunday afternoon the pastor
will take for his subject Action and
Lenten Cantata.
The Lenten cantata. Penitence, Par
don and Peace, will be given in the
Methodist Episcopal church Sunday,
March 26, at 8.16 p. m. The principal
solo work is for Willard W. Keigwin,
who sings the beautiful solos with
much feeling and expression. Mrs.
Johnson, eoprano, and Mrs. Travena,
con'tralto. will be heard in solo work.
Morris W. Ryley, one of the younger
singers, will sing baritone. Mrs.
Thomas W. Ryley will be at the organ
and a large chorus will sing under di
rection of Ira 'F. Noyes.
Examined Postoffice Clerks.
R. J. Gorman, chief clerk of the
railway mail service, with offices In
Ne wHaven, was in town Wednesday
afternoon to examine the clerics in the
postoffice on the Connecticut schedule.
All the clerks passed with percentage
over 93. These examinations are given
each year and the ratings of the clerks
are based on the outcome of the tests.
Weekly Fire Alarm Tests.
The members of the Mystic fire dis
trict execlutive committee have decid
ed to remove the clockwork apparatus
that controls the whistle to the engine
room of the Groton and Stonington
power house, where it will be properly
proteoted from the wet and freezing
weather. The permission had to be
granted from the proper officials of
the road and that John Fribance, chair.
man of the executive committee, will
Bee that it is changed at once. He also
states that the Loper system is giving
entire satisfaction in Mystic It has
been arranged to have weekly tests
every Saturday night at 7 o'clock. Dur
ing the other nights of the week the
fire alarm whistle will blow two blasts
at 7 o'clock and on Saturday night the
test whistle will blow one of the four
districts: No. 12, Groton side, one long
mast, tko snort ones: No. 13, Green
manville, one long, three short; No.
14, Main street. Bank square to Lib
erty pole, one long blast and four short
ones; No. 15. Stonington side, one long
blast, five short ones. This test is to
get the people familiar with the Are
alarm system.
In a Few Words.
Miss Elizabeth Mallory has returned
to Brooklyn, .N. Y., after two weeks'
visit in the village.
Mrs. Clinton Patterson entertained
the sewing society of Charity chapter,
O. E. 3., at her home on Lincoln ave
nue Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Fred Gilbert entertained the
sewing society of Home Rebekah lodge
Friday evening at her home on Lincoln
Morris Maynard has returned from .a
visit in Providence.
Judge Frank H. Hinckley has re
turned from Hartford.
Attorney B. H. Hewitt has returned
from a visit in New York.
Mr. and Mrs. George Brett have left
for New Haven after several days'
stay in town.
Mrs. Orlando Clark is visiting her
son. Yed Clark, and family in Hart
Jolly Dozen Members Give Miscellane
ous Shower for Miss Bessie Fowler
Firemen to Visit Mystic Town Hall
to Be Repaired.
The Jolly Dozen, a club composed
of young- women of the village, held a
meeting Thursday afternoon at the
home of Miss Ethel Latham. The an
nouncement of the coming marriage
of one of their number. Miss Bessie
Fowler, who next month will be the
bride of William Culley of Providence,
served tne younr women with a Dlausi
ble excuse for surprising their friend
by a miscellaneous shower of beauti
ful "glfta. After they were all exam
ined and admired, Victrola music was
enjoyed and supper was served.
Entertained Sewing 8ooiety.
Mrs. Clinton Patterson of Myotic ne
tertained the sewing society of Charity
cnapter, u. a.. Tiaay axternoon.
Birthday Party.
(Master Stanley Specht celebrated bis
11th birthday Wednesday by riving a
party to is mends.
Liberty council. Daughters of Amer
ica, is making plans to ... entertain
Wholesale Prices On Pure Foods Saturday
Just a Little Profit on Each Item. All Meats U. S. Inspected.
lb. 23c
bum -
s SHOULDERS lb. 121c $T ROAST BEEF - - lb. 18c
Fresh Pig PORK
LOINS, lb 16c
lb. 15c
For Potting, lb 122c
Nicely Mixed
SALT PORK, lb 10c
Raw Leaf LARD, lb. . . 14c
I Dairy Department Best Fruit and Fresh Vegetables
Mohican Pure White LARD Sweet Florida Large, Seedless
Creamery BUTTER lb Wzc ORANGES Oranges, 126 size
3 lbs. $1.00 7: rr: j r" 18 for 25c dozen 32c
rurrgr Fresh Eggs, doz. 8c Sweet POTATOES Red ONIONS
Sage CHEESE PEANUT 7 lbs 25c 3 lbs 10c
lb- 22c BUTTER, lb. 12V2c Florida Head New CABBAGE
Best Limburger Muenster LETTUCE, hd. 12c lib 6c
CHEESE, lb. ...20c CHEESE, lb. . . 23c Fancy GRAPE FRUIT 6 for 25c
Radishes Chickory Mushrooms Cellery Hearts Beet Greens
Egg Plant Rare Ripes Oyster Plant Dandelions Kale
Seasonable Grocery Specials
Norway MACKEREL New York State
each 5c APPLES, lb 11c
Genuine Salt CODFISH Pure Cider VINEGAR
Middles, lb 12c bottle 10c
Cleveland or Royal Threaded COCOANUT
1 lb. tin 39c Prepared BUCKWHEAT
Pure CATSUP 155
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Prepared MUSTARD RAISINS, 3 pkgs 25c
Pint Mason Jar 9c Lemon and Ginger
Mohican Pure COCOA SNAPS, 2 lbs 15c
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Fancy Kieff er PEARS SUGAR V H I P
In Heavy Syrup, can . . 12c V2 lb. Warner TEA . ) u 1 u
Native, Mealy Cooking
POTATOES - l- 38c
Washington council. Junior O. U. A.
M., In the near future.
William Patterson is completing the
addition on the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Cox.
Mrs. Lydia Patterson Is ill at her
home on Prospect Hill.
Mrs. Charles McDonald nas return
ed from Boston, where she spent a few
Firemen Going to Mystic.
The firemen are to go to Mystic this
evening as guests of the Mystic club.
The usual smoker will consequently be
Home from the South.
Miss Grace Fitzpatrick has returned
from a visit of several weeks in the
Mrs. Thomas Perkins has returned
to her home in New London after a
visit here.
Mrs. John C. McDonald and child
have returned to their home in New
port. R I., after a visit to Mrs. M. B.
McDonald in Spring street.
Town Hall Improvements.
Next month the repairs to be made
on the town hall are expected to begin.
The building will be improved and the
ground in front will be graded and a
retaining wall built.
several carloads of lumber have ar
rived at the station for use at the
Mrs. E. J. Foley has returned to
her home in Boston after visiting her
mother, 'Mrs. William Rathbun.
Capt. Nicholas Nelson, after a visit
home, has returned to his post at the
Cornfield light.
The committee of the Rebekahs held
a business meeting last evening.
The Camp rnre Uirls will nave a
meeting this evening. The articles to
send across the ocean to the war zone
are nearly ready.
Nothing Matters to Bryan.
While trying to submarine the Wil
son administration Mr. Bryan is ob
livious to the fact that it has the na
tional honor on board. Chicago News.
Dangers of Draft.
Drafts feel best when we are hot and
perspiring. Just when they are most
dangerous, and the result is neuralgia,
stiff neck, sore muscles or sometimes
an attack of rheumatism. In such cases
apply Sloan's Liniment. It stimulates
circulation to the sore and painful part.
The blood flows freely and in a ehort
time the stiffness and pain leaves.
Those suffering from neuralgia or neu
ralgic headache will find one or two
applications of Sloans Liniment will
give grateful relief. The agonizing
pain gives way to a tingling sensation
of comfort and warmth and quiet rest
and sleep Is possible. Good for neuri
tis, too. Price 2 Sc. at your druggist.
Colds Quickly Relieved.
Many people cough and cousrh from
the beginning of fall right through to
spring. Others get cold after cold.
Take Dr. King's New Discovery and
you will get almost immediate relief.
It checks your cold, stops the racking,
rasping, tiBsue-tearing cough, heals the
Inflammation, soothes the raw tubes.
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Discovery today. "It la certainly a
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Rib Pieces CORNED
BEEF, lb 7c
Fresh Ground
HAMBURGER, lb.. 122c
3 lbs 25c
Fresh Cut PORK
CHOPS, lb 15c
Pure SAUSAGE, lb. 12Vc
Supervisor F. W. Barber Laments
Poor Attendance, But Has Encour
aging Features and Facts to Mention
In his school report for February
Supervisor F. W. Barber says:
The poor attendance during the
month in many of the schools has been
caused by illness and the very bad
weather. Following Is a report of the
school standing first and second in
each town: Ashford, Warrenville. 92
per cent.; Woods, 87 per cent.; Canter
bury, Raymond. 87 per cent.: North
Society. 83 per cent.; Eastford. Gen
eral Lyon. 9S per cent.; Center. 98 per
cent.; Hampton. Union. 96 per cent.;
Apaquag. 94 per cent.: Thompson.
North Grosvenordale, grammar, 93.8
per cent.; Paine, 95.1 per cent.;
Woodstock. South grammar, 99.3 per
cent.;- South primary, 94.4 per cent.
South Woodstock grammar. Miss
Eleanor Johnson teacher, had the best
attendance. 99.3 per cent., and General
Lyon, Eastford, Miss Hazel Sherman,
had second best attendance, 99 per
Eight schools fell below 70 per cent.,
8 between 70 and 80, 21 between St
and 90. 14 between 90 and 94, and 9
above 95 per cent.
Beautifying School Grounds.
Many eplendid suggestions were
made this month by the teachers for
the beautifying of the school grounds
this spring, and it Is hoped that some
of the suggestions will be carried out.
One of
Is the
Let Us .
Explain It.
BERRIES basket 30c
Best Chuck Pieces
lb 14c-16c
Nicely Cured BACON
lb. 20c
Pickled Thick TRIPE
6 lbs 25c
lb. 28c
New Potatoes
Bermuda Onions
Fresh, Solid OYSTERS
quart 3Sc
Freshly OPENED
CLAMS, quart 25c
Fresh From Our Ovens
Layer CAKE, each. . . . 20c
Angel CAKE, each... 15c
German Coffee CAKE
each 8c-10c
loaf 6c-8c-10c
pint 6c quart 12c
Direct from Ovens
Mohican Best Bread
FLOUR IS' 48c iST 95c
The co-operation of the Deonle In the
different districts will be a great help
in this practical part of our school
work. "VVe nre confident from the
hearty way In which the parents and
friends have responded before that our
confidence will not be misplaced thie
Evening Session.
Four of the teachers in Woodstock,
Mrs. Hammond. Miss Eleanor Juhnnnn
Miss Louise Howard and Miss Rilla
Child, have held school In the evening
for one night to give the men a chance
to visit the schools, and in every in
stance mere nas been a good response.
v hen the days are longer and the
weather better it is hoped that more
teacners will try the experiment.
Warm Ldnches for Pupils.
Many of the teachers are serving
warm mncnes to tne pupils at noon
time. The pupils and people take a
very active Interest In this part of our
worn ana in an cases it Is meeting with
favor. The pupils not only enjoy it
cut the lunch Is eaten In a way to ad
minister to the health of the children
and it has done away with the "eat
and run" schedule. Teachers who aro
not doing something along this line are
missing one of their opportunities.
At the Woodstock teachers' meet
ing lessons were taught before the
teachers by Miss kelson and Miss
At the Thompson meeting a lesson
was taught by Miss Delaney.
In every cise these lessons have been
excellent and all present have derived
much benefit from the demonstrations.
If all advertising makes the
same claims as to the lowest prices
and the best values and leaves you
in doubt, just call and see for your
selves our line of Baby Carriages
and let quality and prices do the
Complete Home Furnisher
62-66 Main Street, Norwich, Conn.
Prom Norwich Tuesdays, Thurs
days. Sunders at 5.11 p. m. -
New York. Brooklyn Brain
Pier, East River, foot RooaeveU
Street, Modays. 'Wednesday. Fri
day, at t P. m.
F. V. KNOTJSE. Agent
F. H. WILLIAMS, JR.. General Alt.
H. C. LONG. Special Art.
F. H. KENTON, Special Agt.
Hartford. Conn.
With or Without Gas Attach
ments but Always EFFICIENT
We furnish Repairs for all make
of Ranges
A. J. Wholey & Co.
Phone SSI
is as essential ir. .-nodern house as
electricity is to lighting. We guaran
tee the very best PLUMBING WORK
by expert workmen at the farieit
Ask us for plans and prices.
67 West Main Street
Robert J. Cochran?
10 West Main Street. Norwich, Comb
Agent for N. B. O. Sheet Packing.
Heating and Plumbing
92 Franklin Street "
No. 11 to 25 Ferry Street
Free Burning Kinds anl lehigi
Office cor. Market and Shetueket Sta,
Telephone 461-12 !
ORANGES, Florida ;
ORANGES, Porto Rico
People's F.larket
6 Franklin Street
The Chelsea Savings Bank
Norwich. Conn.. Feb. 14, 191.
The Board mt Directors of this Bank ,
have this day declared a dividend for
the six rlonths ending Feb. 29, 11. t
at the rate of 4 per cent, per annum, j
payable on and after the 15th of March. '
febSSd Secretary.
Blank Books Made ar.d Ruled to Order,
Most Cigars are Good
TOM'S 1-2-3 5c CIGAR
Try them and see.
THOS. M. SHEA. Prop. Franklia St.
Next to Palace Cafe
DBS. L, F. and A. J. LaPIEBRS
287 Main St.
Hours 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Fresh, e. -plete stock. Best Serviee.
11 Balk

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