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What i Going On Tonight
Feature Movfng Picture; at the Au
Sitorlnm Theatre.
Moving Pictures at the Creed The
tre. Vaudeville and Uorinr pictures at
Ibe Davis Theatre-
Norwich Rifle Club meets at the
t'ncas Ixdsre. No. 11. I. O. O. F.. meets
in Udd Keilown' Hall.
Thames Union. Xo. 137. t". B. of C.
and J. of A., meets in Carpenters' Hall.
Norwich Conclave. No. 1. O. H.
meets in Eagles' Hall.
Norwich Ldge, No. 24 8, N. K. O. P.
mets in Buckingham Memorial.
Seteiuonash Counc il. No. 11. I. of P.
meets in Foresters' Hall.
Tar walke repaired by Westery
Concrete Co. Phone 10. or drop postal,
127 Franklin St. An agent will call.
Three Choirs to Give Opera.
The pleasant harmony eistin be
tween the choirs and churches tf
Fiainfleld is demonstrated by the fact
that Thursday and Friday eveninss
the opera of Pinafore is to be given by
the combined choirs of St. John's Ro
man Catholic. St. Paul's Episcopal r;d
the Congregational churches, with tl.e
Piainfleld Military band. The grand
chorus wtll be directed by Prof. Charles
IX Gfr of Norwich. Lily theatre, 8 p.
tn. Tickets 25. 35.. 50 cents.
Red Cross Hygiene Classes.
The Hygiene classes will be held on
Tuesdavs and Fridays at 3 p. m. and
at 7.30 p. m. Both classes will bejin
n Friday. May IS. Any changes
should be reported to Miss Edith
Toung. 10 Huntinpton place.
There will be shown at the Auditori
um theatre the screen masterpiece
which has taKen-New York. Philadel
phia and Pittsburgh by storm. 'Wil
liam Fox's picture beautiful, A Daugh
ter otthe tioUs, so far surpasses ary
feature of any description that lias
been before the public that it marks
an art and beauty epoch in the prog
ress of the cinema. It is in its entirety
a thin of such exquisite beauty that
everyone should see it. A story of
fiction, fantasy and fairy lore, tre
mendous in its scope and scenic ;ossi
billtie". It embraces in its ur.foldment
not only the loveliest water nymphs
of the western hemisphere but the
most ideal natural settings. The far
east city, the sultan's i-aiae. interior
and exterior, the reproduction of me
dieval battles are done to the lif. so
well done in fact that they cost "Wil
liam Fox a million real American dol
lars in the doing.
Annette Keliermann. who created
the star role, has no misnomer in A
Taughter of the ijods. for she is ea.led
literally The American Aphrodite, l.ut
whereas her Greek predecessor oniy
rose from the sea. Mis Kel crin:;nn
riot oniy arises from it in all -ier
amazing love'iness but undergo ?uch
a series of adventures and hazards as
baffle description.
She is conceded by critics of the
feminine form to be the most dmi;i
b'v developed and perfectly iiropor.i-j'i-ed
woman in the world. This picture
of her will lineer lone in the memory
and prove an inspiration for many an
excursion out doors.
Big Banner Bill of Keith Vaudeville
and Louise Glaum in a Triangle j
Feature Photoplay the First Half of I
This Week.
, ,, , ... , ..
Fcr the first half of this week t.e
Davis w:ll rename us regJ.aa- poucy of
three Keith acts and tine famous Tri- I
angle feature photoplays, with the
usual three h-ws daily, and popular
prices. The headline attraction on the
bill is Sparks-All and company, who
present a spectacular comedy offering
entitled Kat Tales on the Wharf, in
troducing ciever animal imitations.
This act carries its own scenery and
somes to the Davis direct from Keith's
Boston theatre, where they have made
a big hit. The second act is Charles
f i v : if
1 "V- --!U
Louis Glaum In Triangle Play,
"Sweetheart ef the Doomed."
Altroff. an unusually funny rub? come
dian, in an original mnnoiotjue offer
ing. The Sheriff of Hicksville. The
third act is SvarpiofT and Vara vara, the
famous Russian boy tenor and the
master boy pianist, two exceptionally
talented boys, who have created a sen
sation in all the larsrer cities in Amer
ica this season. The three acts are
right up to the standard of this thea
tre and will be a hip; hit with the
rir!s patrons during the thre days
they are hne.
The piiotoplay feature is Sweetheart
of the Pooned. the ne"" five part Tri-anrle-Inre-Kav
i:ee prrdur-tion, star
ring I-o::i.e CJlaum. the ftmoiis screen
sire-i of the Tiiornas H. Iiicc forces.
f-y complete ti.e snow there is one of
the iafest Keystone two-reel com?clirs
called Villa of the Mavios. starring
Hobble Dunn and Siim Summervi'.le,
f7.-o of the foremost Keystone fan
makers. Tt you want to prt a pood
laugh, see this picture. Tb-re 'viil be
tiie ustial three shows d.iiiy at 2.15,
"5.45 and S.'5. and the prices will be the
nmf as during the past- Matinee 10
rid 15 cents: evening 10, 1.:, Z0 and
?a '-ents.
This snow cannot he beat an-, where
for the money. Specirl musical pro
gram by the I vis concert orchestra.
Nance O'Neil in Greed. Third Clia-jtsr
of The Seven Deady Sins, Feature
for Todav and Tuasday Eleverth
Episode of The Secret Kingdom and
a Pathe Weekly Complete the Pro
gram. Nance O'Xeil in Orec-1. third chapter
r.f The Se-eii Deadly Sins, is the fea
ture photop ay fr today and Tuesday
st the Auditorium.
Vance O'Xeil is one of the most fa
mous actresses in motion pictures, a
keen portrayer of human emotions and
sjecialiy famous for big scenes. Miss
MMsn and Mr. Le Guere, who appear
Death of Daniel Sisson County Agent
F. C Warner at First Church Em
phasizes Vital Importance of Food
Production and Conservation Stan
ley Gay at Gallaudet Plant.
The death of Daniel Sisson occurred
Friday at his home on Otrobando ave
nue after a Ions illness. Mr. Sisson
was born in Lebanon Dec. 15, 1847, the
son of Daniel and Ann Fowler Sisson.
He came to Norwich Town with his
family about a year ago. He had the
respect and esteem of neighbors and
was possessed of fine traits - of char
acter. He is survived by his wife, a
daughter, Mrs. "Warren Hamilton, and
a son, Benjamin Sisson.
Topic of Sunday Morning Sermon by
Rev. George H. Ewing Secretary
Warner Speaks.
At the (First Congregational church
Sunday morning the pastor. Rev. 3. H.
Ewing, took for his text. Neglect not
the gift that is in thee. There are
three gifts upon whicfa emphasis may
be laid, he said. First, The instinct of
loyalty to the state, we call it pa
triotism. How deep does it strike in
to our lives? Our real patriotism is on
trial. It must be ready to pay the
necessary cost.
Second, The gift of the social in
stinct. He that would be great among
you let him be the servant of all. This
is the hour when fathers and mothers
must pray that their sons may not en
ter into temptation.
Neglect not the gift of the religious
instinct. This must not be stifled in
the time of the world's greatest need.
The unseen and invisible forces that
center about God should be recognized.
"He standeth in the shadow, keeping
watch above His own." The practice
of the presence of God will make life
unspeakably sweet As the nations
plunge into war let us remember that
God's march through the ages is a
march of victory!
Food Production Vital Topic.
Secretary F. C. "Warner gave a brief
as the sweethearts in each of The
Seven Deadly Sine, have in Greed the
most dramatic parts they have yet at
tempted. The story tells of Eve Bslie, who
wants to become rich. She plunges in
Wall street and finds herself entangled
in deep intrigue. It is a throbbing ex
posure of big business and money
madness. A murder mystery develops
that is not solved until the last hun
dred feet of film, when by a remarka
bly ingenious twist George Le Geure
is saved from dying for a crime he did
not commit.
A clever touch comes in a studio
party during which couples start out
into New York at night with only ten
cents each, seeking adventure which
they quickly find.
Eleventh episode of The Secret
Kingdom, starring Charles Richrrujn
and Dorothy Kelley, and a , Pathe
weekly complete the program.
Peggy Hyland and Antonio Moreno in
The Rose of the- South, and the List
Chapter of The Great Secret, Form
Double Feature Bill for Today and
Rose of the South, the romantic
drama of the days of '64, the Vitagraph
release under the islue Ribbon tra-le-
which features Peggv Hyland
. AT,tnT,,n a. ; ,v, mai t
traction at the Breed theatre for today
and Tuesday. The story tells of the
strife between the north and sout'-i in
the days of '64. when the women of the
country quietly played such important
parts in the victories of the armies.
Peggy Hyland is seen in the role of Ilr.
Moreno's sweetheart and plays this
role in the sweet natural way iirhtfh
has won her so many friends, while
Mr. Moreno plays the role of nig
Randolph to splendid advantage.
The last chapter of The Great Se
cret, the million dollar serial starring
Francis Bushman and Beverly Bayne,
will complete the program tor today
and Tuesday.
Matinee today at 2.30, an! evening
performances at 7 and 8.30, with aii
seats at all performances 10 cents.
By Y. M. C. A. Auxiliary at Which
Thomas Mott Osborne Will Speak.
There have been many inquiries as
to the final arrangements for the May
breakfast to be gien in honor of the
famous prison reformer, Thomas Mott
Osborne. A telegram received from
Mr. Osborne on Saturday evening stat
ed that he would arrive at New Lon
don on the Bay State Limited from
New Tork Tuesday at 12.44 p. m. He
will be met by Mr. and Mrs. L. O.
Smith, whose house guest he will be
during his stay in Norwich, and motor
directly to the Wauregan hotel, where
there will be an informal reception in
the parlors, giving many an oppor
tunity of meeting this distinguished
guest before entering the dining hall.
Diners will be assisted in finding their
p'aces by a corps of young ladies. In
strict accord with the Bpirit of today,
a menu wholesome and nourishing, free
from frills, has been decided upon by
the committee in charge. During the
breakfast there is to be a delightful
musical program, after which Mr. Os
borne will be the speaker of the occa
sion. At this time, when all the world
is talking and practicing conservation
of resources, it seems most fitting that
our attention should be drawn to the
man power that is behind our prison
bars. This is the message that Mr.
Osborne is bringing to us, the message
of economy to state and charity and
love to unfortunate mankind.
The program will include a picture
of Mr. Osborne as a souvenir of what
is sure to be a most enjoyable after
noon. The committees are as follows:
Reception vMrs. Edward H. Fuller,
chairman. Mrs. Oliver L. Johnson, Mrs.
WiEiam B. Birge. Mrs. Frank L.
Mitchell, Mrs. L. O. Smith, Mrs. B. I.
Learned, Mrs. Charles L. Richards.
Menu Miss Mary Richards, chair
man. Table Decorations and Music Mrs. I
Charles Prentice, Mrs. Daniel S. Hav
iland. Ushers -Miss Elizabeth Pullen,
chairman. Mrs. J. Dana Colt. Miss
Mary Richards, Mrs. Edmund "W. Per
kins, Miss Louise B. Meech, Mrs. Lu
cius Briggs, Mrs. Edward Graham.
The board of directors of the Y. M.
C. A. is invited as guests of the Wom
an's auxiliary. The invitation to at
tend is extended to any and all ladies
of the city and community. Any lady
not already a member of the auxiliary
can become either active or associate
member by applying for membership
when securing ticket. '
The foUowing musical program will
be given by the popular trio: William
Ricker, 'cello; Berton Frank Noyes,
violin; Robert Gale Noyes, piano:
Swedish Folk Song, arr. by Svendsen
Capriccio from Trio, Reissjper
Liebesgarten. Schumann
To a Wild Rose, McDowell
Lied Ohue Worte, Fleecy Cloud,
Hell Gate
Bridge Route
Two Through Daily Train
Betwesa Beston, Provisleace,
New YorlcIPbiUdalpluav
Baltisaore aad WeskLngtoBi
Federal Express
Leave Boston 7.00 P.M. daily
Threscs sbepiac can aad eoacfcea
Colonial Express
Effective April 30
Leaves Boston &45 A.M. daily
Through parlor can sad coaches.
Sea Tteket Ageat for detailed Infers,
tiea, or writs General Paneacer Agent.
N.Y., N. H. &H.R. R.
address on Food Production and Food
Preservation. If I should choose a
text, he said, It would be the seven
years of plenty and the seven years of
famine in the time of Pharoah. In
early days people got their food as
they could; berries from the fields,
flesh of fish or fowl. Later, food be
gan to be reserved. Now we have in
the world Just enough food to last ne
and one-4ialf years and we look for
ward to a scant wheat crop. It is up
to us to produce more. The first peo
ple who need feeding are we of Con
necticut. We must produce five times
what we usually do Just to feed our
selves. Forty to fifty million people in Eu
rope are withdrawn from productive
pursuits. War is destructive of men,
machines and food. Now in this coun
try is the demand for ships and a food
supply. Contracts for food for next
winter cannot be made by our retail
or wholesale groceries. One reason is
shortage of tin cans: tin comes from
Kngland. Even if we have money we
may not be able to buy things next
fall. From your gardens preserve, dry,
can, and so keep food for next winter,
don't eat all the products this sum
mer. Don't get into hysteria; think
what is the best thine you can do to
meet the present situation, and do that
Students to Garden.
In a recent letter from Miss Ger
trude S. Hyde of 'Mt. Holyoke college
she writes that the president. Miss
Wooley, went to Washington, D. C, to
see what could be done at the college
by way of serving the country, and
returned with the word that a part of
the campus be made Into gardens. The
students are to work, in these and they
have been asked if anv of them will
return to South Hadiey for a part of
the summer to cultivate the vegeta
bles. At Connecticut College gardens on
the srrounds are being prepared and
plaited by the students.
Motored to Hartford.
Mrs. Walter Potter. Miss Helen M.
Lathrop. Miss Ruth L. Potter and Miss
Elizabeth L. Luther motored to Hart
lord Saturday to visit Miss Fanny M.
Earl of Garden street.
Local Jottings.
L. Stanley Gay of Town street is in
East Greenwich, R. I., emploped in the
office of the Gailaudet Co. as mechan
ical draftsman.
Dewitt Clark and son Henri- Clovlr
of Brooklyn, X. T were week-end
guests of Mrs. C. P. Lane, at her home
on West Town street.
Miss Carolyn S terry and her niece.
Miss H. S. Parlte, have returned to
their home on West Town street, af
ter spending the winter in the city.
Miss Esther Barnes of Mvstic. the
roommate of Miss Ruth Avery at Con
necticut College, was her guest at her
home on West Town street during the
After a few weeks' stay with his
sister, Mrs. Frank Skinner of Peck's
Corner, John Mitchell of Mystic has
gone to East Great Plain for the sum
mer months.
Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson and
little son, Charles, of Hartford, have
been visiting Mrs. Thompson's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bushnell of
the Old Canterbury turnpike.
Mrs. S. R. Crocker returned Sat
urday morning to Tufts College, Mass.
after a few weeks' visit with her
daughter. Miss Catherine F. Crocker
at her home on the Scotland road.
Norfolk, The first joint rehearsal of
the Litchfield County Choral union will
be held m the Music Shed, Norfolk,
next Wednesday evening.
Wallop. The Farmers club of East
gallop, which existed many years ago,
has been revived, and regular meetings
have been held for some time.
Saybrook. The Old Saybrook Choral
Union will render Stewart's mass in D
minor at the concert in the First Con
gregationals church May 30th.
Branford. The Pine Orchard post of.
fice is open and will serve the people
of that section through the summer
months. It is again in charge of
Postmaster McLean.
Middletown1 Mrs. Victor J. Dowling,
wife of Judge Dowling, of New Tork,
who has been visiting her mother, Mrs.
Ann Ford, has returned to New Tork
making the trip by automobile.
Watorbury. The Aoothecariea Hall
Co., announces that beginning today
(Monday), it will open its retail store
for business one hour later than form
erly that is at 8 a. m.. instead of 7
a. m.
Wlnstsd. Seventy-five autolsts at
tended the annual meeting of the
Litchfield County Automobile club. Ma
jor A. M. Want, of Sharon, was nam
ed president to succeed F. U. New
comb, of Litchfield.
Fair Haven, The two canoe clubs at
Fair Haven are planning to have a
trip up Quinniapiac river. May 80. The
Quinnipiac and Pequot clubs will have
a big flotilla of canoes out that day to
make a little voyage to Hemlock grove.
Meriden. Robert S. and Peter B.
Bradley, Boston millionaries, hISye
pleasantly surprised Meridenites by
donating the use of thirteen acres of
beautiful residential Bradley park to
the citizens for gardening in order to
increase the food supply.
Both of the Farms Achrertised
for $600 and $1,500 respect
fully have been sold,
C can all you a B0 acre Farm, .10
acres tillable, balance wood and
pasture land, a fine cottage house of
7 rooms, barn, wagon shed, crib and
hennery, 1 horse, about 12 hens, 1
lumber wagon, some hay, 1 harrow, 1
grindstone, lot of mason's tools, . har
ness, plows. 'Jot of small tools, and
several cords of wood read for stove at
door, abundance of fruit on place.
This Is a bargain. Investigate.
Send for my Farm Bulletin. Choice
of 400.
Farm . Specialist
41 West Broad St, Rooms . 1 and 2,
Westerly, R. I. TL 2365
Ravins? arranged to purchase
a new c&r. I offer my 1918 Oak
land touring car, S-cyllnder. 5
passenger, fully equipped and in
good running order, all safety
tread tires, at S400.
Pkoae 230, Daalelaea. Com,
No. 70 Williams St.. splendid
modern home, in best residential
section; all conveniences, large
level corner lot; price reasonable
and easy terms if desired.
Inquire of
278 Main Street
Phones 724
Z03 O
Hay'n Blouse Suit, With or Without
Shield RBd Yoke Facing, aid With
Sleeve in Either of Two Lengths.
This style is fine for wash materials,
such as galatea, drill, linen, linene.
corduroy, seersucker. gingham and
chambray. It is also good for serge,
velvet, flannel and suitings of all kinds.
The blouse may be worn in smock, or
in sailor style. The sleeve in short
length is ideal for warm weather. The
shield may be omitted, likewise the
yoke facing.
The pattern is cut In four sizes: 3. 4.
5 and 6 years. It requires 2 yards of
44-lnch material for a 3-year size.
A pattern of this illustration mailed
to any address on receipt of 10 cents
In silver or stamps.
Order through The Bulletin Company.
Pattern Dept.. Norwich, Conn.
Ladles' Apron Dress.
This model may serve as a house
dress. It is comfortable and easy to
develop, easy to wear and easy to
launder. Percale, gingham, seersucker,
crepe, lawn ana alpaca are good for its
The pattern is cut In four sixes: 84,
35, 42 and 46 inches, bust measure. It
requires 5 yards of 36-inch material for
a 34-inch slse.
A pattern of this illustration mailed
to any address on receipt of 10 cents
In silver or stamps.
Order through The Bulletin Company,
Pattern Iept., Norwich. Conn.
Hartford The committee of the Silk
Association of America was appointed
by President Charles Cheney to attend
the funeral of Ira Dlmock, head of the
Nonotuck Silk jcompany, in Hartford,
Saturday, T. B. Thompson, R von
Brissen, F. W. Eaton, W. J. Kenney
and Frank Muhling.
EVRTBODY SEZi Why dontcha
change your ad? Lots of peeple don't
know yet where our Smoke Shop iz.
Tthe Norwich Savings Society is two
doors below us. the Woolworth 5 and
10 is opposite, the Pasnik Co. next
door. Look us up. Fagan's Smoke
Shop. ma-yl4d
WANTED Girl or woman for gen
eral housework. 41 Park St.
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Mrs. George C. Butts, Rock
lawn, Warren S. mayl2d
WANTES) As I have sold my stock
and have 300 acres as good gracing
land as there is in Eastern Conn., would
like stock to pasture; land is well wa
tered with living springs. Blue Hill
Farm, Franklin. Felix Garceau. Phone
343, Lebanon Dlv. mayl2d
WAWTHD Neat room and bath In
private family by gentleman. Robert
Mason, General Delivery. mayL2d
WE BUT and sell tools, furniture,
stamps, false teeth, antiques or any
thing else; old books especially want
ed. Write or call. Louis D. Ward, 32
Water St. mar24MWS
GBHTLEMAN would like room and
board in private family. Box 44, Bul
letin, maylld
WANTED A fireman at The Waure
gan House. mayftd
WANTED At once, a first class auto
repair man. AddTess Main . Street
Garage, Moosup. ma.y8A
WANTED Second hand and antique
furniture of all kinds; get our prices
before you sell. A. Bruckner, 55-, Frank
lin St. Tel. 717-8. mayXd
WANTED An lroner, at the Norwich
Steam Laundry. mar29d
WANTED Men. 15 or over; railway
mail clerks. 375 month; sample exam
ination questions free. Franklin Insti
tute, Dept. 37-E., Roohester. N. T.
OLD FALSE TEETH wanted; don't
matter if broken; I pay one to ten dol
lars per set; send by paroel Post and
receive check by retain mail. L, Mazer,
2007 S. Fifth Su, Philadelphia, Pa
WANTED Girls for spooling; clean
work; good pay. West Side Silk Mill.
Fish Market.
Powers Bros.'
WANTED English-speaking family
to work in nearby textile plant: good
opportunities offered to families who
wish to better their position; look Into
the above; it will interest you. Ad
dress Textile Mill, care Bulletin. aprSd
An Al Battery
for a mill baseball team near
to play Saturday afternoons
and holidays.
Address, Box A, Bulletin
American Thermos Bottle Co.
Men and Women
100 girls for shop work, 34 Arls for
house work, 2 table waitresses, 65 lab
orers (30c an hour), 6 farm hands, 10
weavers. 10 spinners, 15 burlers (girls),
3 colored girls, colored boy.
Central Bldg., Geo. I Chesbro, Mgr.
Steady Work. Apply
Wao.es $13.75 per week.
Also three men for general work.
International Cotton Mfg. Co.
East Killingly
Wanted Old False Teeth
Ws pay up to $10 per set, ac
cording to tneir value
142 Main Street, Up -stairs
Established 1872, Norwich. Conn.
American Strawboard Co.
Good Wages
Thamosville Trolley to City Lin
Steady Work and Good Pay. Apply
Norwich Twn.
THKUE s no advertising medium In
Eastern Connecticut equal to The Bul
letin for wuaineaa results.
when you want good help and
want it quickly. Help Is scarce
now, but the best workers read v
Bulletin Want Ads.
When yoa have a "don't
want" which you believe might
be "some-one-elsa want." Fur
niture, floor coverings, stoves,
clothing, tools, etc., advertised
in Bulletin Want Ads find ready
When you lose something
for most Norwich people are
honest and on finding anything
Instinctively, turn to Bulletin
Want Ads to locate the loser.
When a vacancy occurs In
your rental property.
When you want to sell your
real estate.
When you want to buy or sell
pets, a business or a lease.
So a Line
FOR SALE Cyphers strain S. C.
White Leghorn baby chicks; 1,000 due
May 28; am booking orders at 315 per
100. My breeding stock has been tested
by the Connecticut Agricultural College
and I can guarantee all chicks free
from white diarrhoea. Remember that
a May-hatched chick will lay more
eggs in a year than a chick hatched at
any other time. I O. Haskins. Scot
land, Conn. P. O. Hampton, R. F. D.
Phone 334-2. mayl4d
FOR SALE Superh Everbearing
strawlberry plants; plants set in May
will bear in Aug.. Sept. and Oct. of
this year; price delivered: 50 for 31.25,
100 for $2, 500, $1.75 per 100. L. O.
Haskins, Scotland, Conn. P. O. Hamp
ton. R. F. 1. Phone 334-2. mayl4d
L. A.
FOR SALE Three-piece mahogany
parlor set, tapestry cushioned; black
walnut parlor tables; solid oak literary
table and oak Morris chair. Inquire at
Bulletin Office. mayl4d
FOR SALE Pair mules, extra good
workers, gentle, right. George A Kahn.
Yantlc. Conn. Tel. Leb.
FOR SALR Strawberry plants; 100
Superb Everbearers and 100 Spring
Bearers, 32, postpaid. Herman Oager,
North Franklin, Conn. raaySWFM
FOR SALE 'Plants, tomato and rasp
berry, best varieties, nice, stocky, 32
per 100. Levi W. Crouch, Mystic, Conn.
may 1 2d
FOR SALE Extension top surrey, in
fine condition; will sell for one-tenth
of its cost. D. B. Spalding. Stonlngton,
Conn. maySdaw
FOR SALE 1916 Buick. model D-56,
seven passenger, overhauled and re
painted; a bargain at 3750 cash. J. A.
Leach & Co., Uanielson. mayM
FOR SALE Yellow eyed bush beans,
for seed, 40c quart. Mrs. T. I Wilson,
Canterbury. may9d
FOR SALE Pedigreed Airedale pups.
John H. Wood. R. D. 2. may8d
FOR SALE One Overland, model 82.
7 pass., 1915; one Oodge, 1915; one Oak
land light six, 1916; all in good condi
tion and late equipment; also one Ford.
1913. These cars will be sold to quick
purchaser at reasonable price. Alain
Street Garage, Moosup. maySd
FOR SALE Pair of team horses. 8
years old. weigh 2700 lbs., set of har
ness and team wagon. J. G. Lewis,
Hampton, Conn. maySd
FORD Coupelet; high grade Fisher
built body, shock absorbers, demount
able rims, excellent tires, one new ex
tra, electric lights and Dyneto electric
starter, 3425. Peerless 1912 truck, pow
erful motor, 4-peed gearset.full floating
rear axle; price very low. Reo 1915, 4
cylinder; this car is consigned to us by
owner and is a wonderful value at
$450. The Frisbie-McCormick Co., 52
Shetucket St. apr28d
FOR SALE 1916 Hudson Super Six
seven-passenger touring car; run 7.000
miles; fine condition. Hudson-Stewart
Co. TeL 896-2. apr6d
FOR SALE All kinds of seeds and
fertilizer at a low price. Greenevllle
Grain Co. Phone 326-5. apr4d
FOR SALE Land and buildings. In
quire at 416 Asylum St. aprl8d
FOR SALE: Cheap, a cottage house
with four rooms. Inquire at 56 Bos
well Ave. mar30d
Best fiesidential Section
On Washington Street, north of
Broad Street, fine level lots, beautiful
surroundings, near trolley, short walk
ing distance to Free Academy. Park
Church and "The Club House." Reas
onable price and terms to suit pur
chaser. Will sell new two family house in
desirable part of city on easy terms
and at an attractive price.
The Norwich Housing Co.
Telephone 1334 63 Broadway
House in good repair; pump in
kitchen, ezoellent water: two barns.
eight stalls; wood house with space
for auto; two poultry houses; fruit
trees in pleasing variety and grapes in
abundance. A low price desirable
country home, within walking distance
of Norwich Town car line. Immediate
possession may be secured.
The Mutual Benefit Life Agency
Telephone 1334 63 Broadway
A nice little home.
For a nice little pair.
On a pretty pleoe of loam.
For a price quite fair,
Tel. 1123-3. 03 Broadway.
Good condition, self-starter, electric
lights, shock absorbers. Low price for
Quick sale.
715 Main St. Wllllmantic, Conn.
Telephone 752
49 Cliff Street, Norwcth, Conn.
Telephone 753-13 nov2d
FOR RENT Elliott House, at about
30 rooms, fully furnished and pleasant
ly located, overlooking harbor; Xor
merly conducted by Mrs. Oiapman as
a boardina- hotiM: rent reasonable. K.
M. & W. .Ferguson, IPisher's
Jtum nd. '.
TO RENT Tenement of seven rooms
at 56 School St, Inquire at Bulletin
Office. maylld
FOR RENT Furnished bedrooms;
nice location. Address Boa S6, BulletLa
Office. maylOd
FOR RENT Nicely farntahed rooms,
with or without board, at The Ply
mouth, 44 Laurel Bill Ave. Tel 76.
may 9d
TO RENT urnlsh4 rooms at 414
Main fit. my4
TO RENT Three desirable furnished
rooms with board IX wanted; one ar
ranged for lifrht ho use keeping, at Ths
Washington Court. Apply to l&ra W.
H. Gallup. TeL 1080. aprfcgd
FOR RENT Furndshed ruins room
house on westerly sids of Thames
river;- electric lights, large open fire
places; about 400 feet shore frontage;
picturesque and restful surroundings;
always a good breeze. Archa W. Colt,
63 Broadway. apr3Bd
FURNISHED itoOMS to rent, tt
Washington St apr4d
STORAUfi Apply J.
E. Fanning, 62
FURNISHED ROOMS and light house
keeping at luti School St. Phone 104U-3.
aprl d
TO RENT Furnished rooms; also
nice rooms for ltgiit housekeeping. 370
Main St., over Brooklyn Outfitters.
FUitNINHED rooms; reasonable
rates; suitable for light housekeeping.
Mrs. Emma Morse. 18 Union St. JyKud
TO RENT Newly furnished rooms,
modern conveniences, at The Seymour,
S4 Franklin St. Phone 1043-2. aprllj
About 20 to 25 feet, at 63 Franklin
Street, suitable for almost any kind of
business, at a reasonable price. In
quire at Bulletin Office.
I have 20 Horses that I want to
dispose of right away. Nine of them
are big work horses the balance will
weigh from 900 to 1200 lbs. Come and
see them.
Tel. 536-3. mayl4d
Two-family house, within Ave min
utes' walk "from Hopkins & Allen'
shop: can be bought very reasonahl"
if taken at once. For full particulari
inquire of
Real Estate Broker.
Franklin Square, Norwich.
The Eugene S. Nash property on tne
westerly side of Mechanic street. Cot
tage house with 12 rooms, city water,
gas and electricty, on lot 72 feet in
width with concrete walk.
This very desirable centrally located
property is offered at a very reason
able price, part mortgage if desired.
Full particulars by communicating
Stillman Buildins Westerly, R. I.
Cottage Hou&es, Tenement and Busi
ness Blocks, Building L.oln, aii In de
sirable locations, i-iut your property If
you care to sell or rent, as I have a
number of people looking for real es
tate investments.
Real Estate and Insurance.
Room 103. Thayer II Ids;.
By virtue oT orders from the Probate
Court for the District of Hampton,
Conn., dated April 19 1917, I offer for
sale the real estate of W. S. Ford, late
of Hampton, deceased, consisting of
tne following property:
One dwelling house, situated on
Hampton street, at the corner of the
Wllllmantic road, with h-n and ahert,
about 25 acres of mov.ng lots and
about 65 acres of pasture land.
Inquire of PERCY H. FORD, Adm,.
Hampton, Corn. apr26d
to buy a cottage, barn and five acres
of good land, at Norwich Town. All
kinds of fruit and a fine view, and you
cannot make a mistake in buying It.
Phone 300 88 Cliff Street
of 9 rooms
and Garage
500 Boswell Ave.
8 -room house with all Improve
ments and ia finest of condition,
built only 10 years ago, large lot,
60x300 feet, with abundance of fruit.
There are also two hen houses and
other buildings. Property must be
seen to be appreciated. Owner
leaving town.
Central Building, Norwich, Conn.
Agricultural Limestone
Will be very difficult to get this sea
son. So place your order early with
The Peck-McWffliams Co.
THERE) !a no advertising medium In
eastern Connecticut equal to The Bul
letin for business results.
(Written Hay t, rt irt r -
llshed then oat mt xwymcx. trr m
Ident'a reqast to trts pr'
rook the boat, fotiowlag tM V . c
the LcLltajiAe)
It lives untfl tt ma go rw-m
Anfl When Its Matt ! gu'.u "
Xwm oVe Wl-i Aosttria. lea ;
"Twill 4S a vtr-tlm of iu -,-
Amid Its Koftnr'a waxi-ing lignt.
The s-trlelcen a err; int. wotM. t i .- .
In blinded puslon tri k sut
In fair Oolunvrla, s foot -1.
To soofh-s the rut ia tj-. an.-
TG'rr though It wwM ':.ti
The deadly. treaeaW-ooa, il t
Base ernTs ef slimy wnmrncr
Vile rwptT.e on rhe r,m ,t
It spat !e irpltful ro-.r nrf
To fowl the worl-J's lnr-rr ' ft
The dying serfent fii i' ft.
Till cloaee In it mMk anarfce-
It ttves tmnn rhs lmjpt b n - - -
Of Its oft-tortd. fa-fef il Tjar
And thn ft tj, roriutd
And shuV1er all l:o p 't we, v.
Till sinks Its a-nn. of tt ,-
Tt spits Its venom vemrr-.a-
Tm rt i- ft Jf. Jo .,
ran w u.i.
t had nirfldel a wall
That was strong and t'l.
I had fwwhion- tt r -r y
Till the llgTU grew m,
And the slinrnr a-rt-m.
Ushered an aching fr
I had lfwtwned long.
For the rare i,t mnr
O a "Oil tV.nt was tr'1 "1
But "Faith" rTie-ri taA,
Her presents fl'l.
And lo! the wail at'.'.l w
But Tve ftffil ti
To the 'i n -r th - A '
My faith ha M-en-. pr
There are hert 1
In a worM rrnrm r." 1
And lot no wall t f-r.
Earl A T;re n ri n n . t-i Te" '
ITe TMidnl I hear th y-i-r -pwts
to he a vtr;riai-T?
She Why. no he ha-it v i
fisted yet. Jug".
"Planted anything y;- r---v-yet
"Roth mrihors. -- r-' - !
fountain pen." Riiff.ilo
"He belong tn two -' ' -
doewn't he? And only oro
"But you don't r.d r-.'i
rlety of pr-wMce In relisrt'.n s
In golf?" T.lf.
"What's the troirhte ? y.T"
"Kind of nervo'ii 'l'.'rr I
pose. Every tlraa I thin'. ' ' '
dinner H gnir to ro-i I c t r
oua." -Washington 5-'tar.
Freshleitrli Prntw-r, !t t -- -sihle
to take the grei'T '
Profwor TeT ! a rr"r
approach to It wh-n f --
taken out of a frc'.hmvi,- -
First Woman (at th ?'in"i
ought to be re-nay to "'; ,i -now.
Siwnnd WomaJi T
Third Woman F-:rt- rjf - -'
are you there? Kr.o k nr-- '.' -are
there, twice !f yi'i n.r" rr-'
"Br'er Wade." aVl an r'.-t f.v-r;-darkly.
"I'm nilai-:! -- f-. - ! t ;
war'M gwinffer ri'n m."
"We-li." iaM IV.'t'T
ain't gwinr-tr ruin m"
"How come, I:r'eT V1"
"Kase I come heah ruin. A " -Constitution.
"Bthe.1," said her rrfrto-r. "vsi.t ?
been at my prM-rv- .-: o "
Kthel at tncn -.. . -
arrangfnsr her doll's hair :,'--fho
replied, "when y. i a
girl didn't grandma t- i-h
you hav me, n't to ht -. :.! "
Ladies' Home Journal.
"I'm Jut waiting fnr my y.-;--to
complain about my ' ,- '
this month."
"Ready to give h'-m an a -r-"
Tou bet I am. Tty mt h'e r
club checks romi to the h :e ,
I've got 'em." Iwtrcrt Tr-t 1'r"tm
Nearly B.000 Canadian r-' -.
affiliated with the United .Vine '.'.
UlTtle Rork (Ark.) wn'orn
that the citv is pratica.. 1' j
cent, organized.
There are now in th n--1-3.219,000
womn em ; 4
their own, homes.
Cooking and a grV-iitture
an important part of ; ' r ;--;
the Philippine Islands.
Rome 200 fTnule tTt:;e w.v
have bnen deported from rj- t
the German authoritl".
Employe of the fih'n l-i --
Gas Company have tt'inl 'o w.t
pending settlement of the r d"mar. ;
by arbitration.
Of all rurber pro-l-t1' r r ' - '
only guayule grows wild wlr.-"n -i
borders. In the Ulg I'er.d trrr .
In Texas a lartr d ! r .-. or..
ond In slzo to the Chiiinahun f
in Mexico, ia available.
The revenue of the N-w 7e'-'
government for the 11 nvmfh of ,k
fiscal year endvl Fehru.i-ry ?, ":",
amounted to $14,43. 413. sa-!r.t "
841,738 for the corrf;rr.l:rr r.-r-.'
In 19' 1-5 -14. There wrt n Kr-f
expenditures of $ 11,27". V-3. w-,!--, .
due to interest on sinking f ir 'l, -a
pensions and war honus.
A new vamlsh wht- h. wv -plied
to metrO. give it a rr.'n
effect, is no-w on the rrrirtct, a
known as crystallizing lac; nr
as yet to he had only In H'vk
In a transparent vn.rn'jfh that
tho effect of frowted ge e
that the dosltrn Is not so rt,
ornaments, belt bwkle, Tu -.
all sorts of articles rmy y.t r
with it with excellent ree.
The Sfoncton ffew rri
City Coimcll has derM"-! It ,"
the use of pernor dailrvas 1
tivatlng gsrVlen plota as p-r
general scheme in trcran r--tlon.
10 acre of clear- i '
what is known nm the
property" and being part of
lie domain. The council t
and harrow the land thit ts to '
lotted. In accordance with the r
of applicants, hut in no r-M
Individual plots he !aj tl:an
100 feet In extent, and the r
taking over a plot w:l hive tn
vide only his own too's and f' '
fertilizer. If necer-eary.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 2 OYc era
Always bears
Signature of

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