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rises' will be held in the town nail, but
owing to the limited capacity of the
building, ony the selected men, their
families and - sweethearts will be ad
mitted. . ... . . ,:. -. .....
Introductory Offer
35c WoH:0i
We are authorized by the Pompeian Co. to
offer a limited number of bottles of POM
PEIAN HAIR MASSAGE, together with a
Mary Pickford Art Panel, at 12c, regular vaiue
The Pompeian Preparations need no word
of recommendation, and we advise this pur
chase. THE LEE & OSGOOD CO., NSh
Page & Shaw and Park & Tilf ord Agency
Big Demonstration Planned
Issues Orders Young Men
Leave Wednesday Results in Children's Day Field
Sports Two Deaths in
or Court Assignments.
. Everett E. Whipple, . Charles H.
Ledward, the 'committee in charge of
the exercises Monday eveiyng in con
nection with the public send-off to
the young men who have been draft
ed for duty under the selective serv
ice law, make this announcement:
"The celebration is in honor of the
men who will represent - Westerly,
P&wtucket and vicinity, in the Na
tional army. All men who have been
called under the selective draft act
and who have not been exempted are
requested, to assemble at the town hall
at seven o'clock, entering the building
by the Union street door. They will
be received by George E. Leonard, in
whose charge they will be during the
evening. 'Each man will be given a
United States flag and will have a
white brazzard with blue edges and
bearing the letters N. A., pinned on
his left arm bya committee of young
ladies. The men will then be formed
in line on the sidewalk in front of the
town hall, with civil and Spanish war
veterans in the rear.
"Organizations which are to take
part in the parade will take position
as follows: Company C., Pawcatuck;
Connecticut Home Guard, on Elm
street, right resting on Broad; West
erly Cflontabulary, on Granite street,
right" resting on Broad street; West
erly Sanitary squad, on Granite street,
in rear of constabulary: Boy Scouts on
Elm street, in rear of Home Guard.
"The procession will form at 7.30
and move in the following order:
Platoon of Police, Chief Thomas E.
Westerly band, Charles O. Gavitt,
Company C, Pawcatuck, C. H. G.,
Captain Shelby Nicholas.
Westerly Constabulary, Captain
Charles H. Tjedward.
Westerly Sanitary Squad, Dr. Frank
I. Payne.
Westerly Boy Scouts, Scoutmaster
Charles E. Fowler.
'In passing the town hall a march
This Is a good time to buy Silo Filling Outfits, then you will be all
ready for work when Fall comes:
ilzes and rigs. The best cutting equipment that can be found any
where in America.
Don't You Want Good Teeth?
Ooe the dread of the dental chair cause you to neglect them? Yea
eeeji have no fears. By our method you can Have your teeth filled,
crowned or extracted ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT PAIN. ,
If these appeal to you, call for
chare for consultatior
(Successora to the
J A, M. to
Lady Asistsnt
for This .Evening Committee
Who Have Been Certified to
Gypsy Stanley Family Superi
ing salute will be given to the Nation
al army men, and they will Join the
procession in the left of the line. The
procession will be over this line of
march: Broad street, Dixon square,
West Broad street -to Morgan, coun
termarch through West Broad street,
Dixon square and Broad street; then
through Granite street. Grove avenue
and High street, and will enter Wil
cox park, between the post office and
Memorial building.
"In the park, the band will enter
the band stand, and the Home Guards
the Constabulary, Sanitary Squad and
Boy Scouts will form a hollow square
on the lawn on the east side of the
band stand, with the National Army
men inside the square. Patriotic se
lections will be given by the band, and
there will be a short address by Rep
resentative Samuel H. Davis, and the
Star Spangled 'Banner will be sun;
with band accompanment.
"After these exercises a picnic lunch
will be given to the National Army
men by the ladies of Budlong and
Hancock women s Relief Corps, which
will conclude the celebration.
"The general public is requested to
show the families and sweethearts of
the men we are honoring all the con
sideration possible and give them
places in the front rank wherever
there is a crowd.
"Residents along the line of march
are requested to illuminate the fronts
of their homes while the procession is
"Automobilists are urged to keep
their cars off of Broad stTeet, Dixon
square, West Broad street and High
street between Canal and the square
until after the procession has passed.
"People will not be allowed to con
gregate on the sidewalk in front of
the town hall.
"Don't hesitate to use plenty of red
fire so that the men who are to rep
resent us in the great war can be
readily seen and recognized.
"If the evening is stormy the exer-
and estimate.
or. o. j. corua
King Dental Co.)
8 P. M.
' , Telephone
Westerly vcuna man who have bean
selected, but not yet drafted for mil
itary service, ana wno are not w
leave Providence for the federal can
tonment at Ayer, Mass., next Wednesday,-
have been invited to unite with
those that are to go and like all others
selected in the state, to participate in
the big parade and reception in that
city These selected men nave re
ceived letters of directions enoiosmg
a blue brazzard with the' letters N. A.,
to be- worn on the left arm,- also trans-,
porta tion tickets to and- from home,
and two square , red, white and blue
tags, which are to be given to rela
tives,, entitling them to the courtesy
of favorable positions along the line
of march. The Westerly contingent
will leave here on the 6.53 a. m. train,
and will mobilize in the state armory
at 8 o'clock. Special arrangements
have been made for additional car
and train service, for the accommoda
tion of the selected men ahd those who
accompany them.
The local beards of the state are
completing the work of selecting the
men reauired to fill the Rhode Island
increment which leaves next Wednes- !
day for Ayer, Mass. These young men ;
i . : .A V. . niiitont
nave utstsii l. hoi in n.o m-uj
general from Westerly:
James Bernasconi, James Real, An
gela Rizzo, Franklin C. Smith, Vin
cenzo Martini, Denis L. Lynch, John
Padalino, Charles M. Murray. John
Ooschiagnaro, Columbus J. Passetti,
Moses C.'Lowry, Angelo Tesanro, John
B. Wilcox, Louis Collins, Thomas W.
Comstock, Edmund A. L. Passetti, An
thony O. Arcangle, Patrick L. Priore,
James Hamilton, Jr., Peleg Alvia Rod
man, Frank P. Morenzoni, James Aler
so, Guiseppe Virono.
The September term of the superior
court for Washington county, which
will open this (Monday) morning,
promises to be one of the longest ses
sions in years; There is a large num
ber of criminal complaints to be act
ed upon, as well as an unusually
large civH docket. Associate Justice
Sweeney will open the session, but will
be followed on the second day by As
sociate Justice Barrows, as the form
er is scheduled to sit in the chambers
On the assignment calendar there-are
15 new actions at law, eight new com
plaints four new bills and petitions in
equity and- 16' new divorce cases, to
sav nothing of the many cases carried
over from the last session. There will i
problbly Te a few indictments from
the grand Jury.
The new complaints assigned for
September 17 are as -follows:
Guarantee Food Company vs. James
W. Burke; Kilbur G. Choever vs. A.
L. Castritus Company; Joseph Ga
brielle vs. Joseph Alamoro, alias:
Frank W. Coy Real Estate Company
et al., vs. Charles J. Butler; Frank
W. Coy Company vs. Orlando R.
Smith. Jeremiah J. "Haggerty vs. Rho
da M. Brooks. Washington Trust Co.
vs. Mary Datolo. John Galluccio vs.
Louis Gentile; Henrietta Donelly vs.
Rober" J. Donnelly, alias. et al.;
Dwight R. Stillman vs. Eli ' Monti et
al.; Mary Antonia Cimaiore vs. Jo
seph Gabriele: Dwight R. Stillman,
executor, et al. vs. Eli Monti, et al. :
Arthur Fraquelli vs. George C Moore;
The ' American Waste and Metal Co.
vs. Abraham Kaplan, alias: Guiseppe
Cimaiore vs.. Joseph Gabrielle.
Complainants whose assignment day
is September 17:
, State. Peter Mulligan, complainant,
vs. William Mulligan, alias (threat to
kill. State, Alida J. Mulligan, com
plainant, vs. William Mulligan (threat
to kill). State,. Peter E. -Mulligan,
complainant, vs. William. Mulligan
assault). State, . Thomas E. " Brown,
complainant, . vs. Arthur H. Leonard,
Iarcency. State, Thomas E. Brown,
complainant, vs. Isaac C. Ellis. State,
Thomas E. Brown, complaint, vs. Ra
dofo Yanello, alias. Iarcency. State.
Thomas E. Brown, complainant. vs.
Radolfo .Yanello, alias, Iarcency. State,
Thomas E. Brown, complainant, vs.
Radolfo Tanello, alias, " Iarcency.
Bills and petition in equity whose
assignment day is September 17.
State-of Rhode Island vs. the Frank
W. r;-v Real Estate Co., et al. Wil
fred W. Cockayne vs. Richmond Lace
Works. Edwin Ward Vars, ct al. vs.
Sarah A. Kelley, et al. - George . W.
Wainwright vs. Richmond Lace
The grand jurors who will make their
appearance on the-opening day are:
From South Kingstown: Archie
Brown, Galusha K. Congdon, Michael
Leslie, Charles E. Clarke and Elmer
J. Booth.
from North Kingstown: Francis S
Madison, John Nugent. Esbon S. Gar
diner and George A. Lewis. .
Westerly: George L. Stillman Gen
U. Kempt, Is?ac H. Harvey, William
J. iutt and Peter Panciera.
Richmond: George A. Niles. Hon-
kinton; Samuel A. Greene and John
s. Jole, Charlestown: Alfred H
Wilkinson. Exeter: . Henrv B. Rm.
noias, iNarragansett; Tank R. Mac
Kenzie. -
The petit Jurors will report the jter
ond day instead of Wednesday, as has
oeen the custom In years. This evi
fiently means that Judge Sweeney will
try the divorce docket, the flrst day.
t-eiitions tor naturalization will also
be taken .up on the opening day, and
all petitioners whose petitions are ad
dressed to this session of the court
win tie on hand at 9.30 a, m
The list of petit jurors: South Kings
town: Henry W. Partelow, Thomas A.
esropny, u. spencer. Merrill, Clifton P.
-arteiow, iSlisha N. Robinson and
unaries s. Chappell. . -
North Kingstown: Jesse E. Brown,
juBcpn so. arnoia, -Artnur Jj. steere
William B. Babcock, Joseph Nelson,
"oa ioung ana Joseph t. isullock.
westerly: William H. Rhodes, Her-
V. i m tr . -
"ci l. x . Aenyon, ayaney - Jij. unapman.
James Brown, Lyman Hall, William
t. Onge, John E. Holliday, Edgar J.
Slocum, Robert Bonner!
Richmond: John W. Smith and Heh-
ry v . woodmansee.
Hopkinton: John W. Burdiek. Na
than W. James, . Frank A. Clarke and
Alonzo P. Kenyon.
Charlestown: Thomas J. Webster
ana James C. Tucker.
Exeter: Frederick E. Knight and
unanes S. Geer.
Narragansett: Jacob Finestein and
Written Guarantee 4,000 Miles
On the following basis:
If a tire fails to run 4,000 miles we
will replace it with another tire for
one-half the below price.1
' Plain " Skid Tubes
28x3 $ S.SO $ 7.50 $1.82
30x3 7.20 7.60 1.93
30x3 H ..... 9.30 9.75 2.16
82x34 10.70 11.20 2.27
. 31x4 14.35 15.10 2.97
32x4 14.60 15.35 3.07
33x4 ..... 15.25 16.00 3,14
34x4 ..... 15.55 16.25 3.23
35x4 16.35 16,95 3.83
36x4 16.3S 17.25 3.37
35x4H ..... 21.60 22.70 4.15
36x44 21.90 22.&S 4.17
37x44 22.70 23.80 4.27
35x5 ..... 24.50 25.85 4.92
37x5 25.85. 27.J5 '5.07
We Ship C. O. D.
Express charges prepaid on
all orders.
Special proposition to live dealers.
William J. Comstock.
The field sports for children at the
Kingston fair created much interest
among the school pupils of South
county. The results in the events
were ias follows: 100 yards dash, boys
under 12, ijn by Howard Broadfoot,
of Westerly; Philip E. Tyler of Kings
ton, second: Leroy Woodmansee, or
Shannock, third.
100 yards dash, boys 12 to 15, won
by Milton Freeton, of Allentown; Ga
len Kmney, of Kingston, second; Clif
ford Bosworth, of Westerly, third.
Potato race, won by Howard Broad-
foot, William F"reeborn, second; Ed
ward Hazeltine, of Bradford, third.
Sack race, won by Howard Broad -
foot: Milton Freeborn, second; R,
Preston Wood, third.
Esrsr and spoon race, won by Henry
Jacques, of Peace Dale; Galen Kin
ney, second: Miss Marguerite Tucker
of Wakefield, third.
The Stanleys of Providence, often
termed gypsies, and known through
out New England as horse traders.
making trips through the states during
the summer time and establishing
some convenient camp, and noted for
square dealing, has been lessened by
the death of the. two oldest members
of the family., who died within two
hours of each other. William Stanley
was stricken with pneumonia eight
days ago, and about the same time tne
condition of his wife became serious,
she having been ill for several months.
Mrs. Stanley died of heart disease
rit 8.30 Friday. The knowledge of her
death was kept fom her husband, who
died at 10 o'clock. The deaths occur
red at their home in North Main street,
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley were born
in England, seventy years ago. and
came to the United States when chil
dren. Soon after their marriage they
settled in Cambridge. Mass.. for a
short time, and have been residents of
Providence for fifty years. They leave
three sons, William, James and Henry
Stanley. ' ,
The cup offered for exhibitor whose
entires won the most points in the cat
tle classes was won by Iranlt vil-
cox. The cup for the largest num
ber of points in poultry at the Kings
ton fair was awarded to William A.
Pollock. Another cup, for the most
points won by a single exhibitor in the
first classes, went to Charles A. Pol
lock. - The trio of cup winners are
farmers residing on. Tower Hill.
Mrs. Carry Seidell, ef Rocket street,'
The Women's Dress Goods,
Silks and Furnishings Store
Dress Goods and Silks, Lenings,
Corsets, Gloves, . VJaists, Hosiery,
Underwear, Sweaters, House Dresses
Aprons, Etc., Etc
Skirts Made to Measure
If you buy your material HERE we save you 15c to 25c
on Every Yard of Dress Goods' or Suitings
Women's Silk SIzirts at Special Pripes
at 0HaBSD
and many other such bargains too numerous to
We want you to become better
quainted with us.
come in and see
we sell, and know our low prices.
101 Main Street,
Westerly, was injured by falling down
stairs in the exhibition hall at the
Kingston fair, Friday afternoon. With
her two children she bd viewed the
exhibits in the women's department
and was going down the stairs when
she tripped and fell. She was taken
to the W. C. T. J. rest tent and at
tended by Dr. Kenyon, of Weque
paugh. Mrs. Seidell, who was severely
bruised, was later removed to her
Local Laconics.
Letter Carrier Charles St. Onge was
off duty Saturday, on account of ill
ness. About thirty of the Westerly soldier
boys were home on pass Saturday and
A number from Westerly attended
the automobile races ' at Narragansett
park, Saturday.
A bulletin in the Interests of pro
hibition is posted daily in front of the
First Baptist church.
The adjourned annual meeting of the
trustees of the Westerly Memorial Li
brary association was held Saturday
The Grand Army men of Westerly
hold their business sessions by day
light nowadays, it being more conve
nient for the aged veterans.
The annual prize speaking and
spelling contests at the Kingston fair
were omitted as the only candidates
for competition were from the West
erly High School. s
The atendance at the Kingston fair
was a trifle more than 20.000. a trifle
less than last year. The gate receipts
about J200 less, and the number trans
ported by railroads was 1,000 less.
With the installation of an upAo-the-second
modern fire apparatus at
Watch Hill, the Are protection of the
village of Westerly and vicinity is ma
terially Improved. This machine
could be run from Watcfi Hill, in
quicker time than it could be done by
a local steam fire engine.
A Westerly young man among the
first to pass the physical test and ac
cepted for, military service, who ex
pected to be called for service this
week, immediately quit work for recre
ation before enteriJ.? the army. His
name Is not among those certified for
service snd he is very much disap
pointed In consequence.
Afajor Ulysses S. Grant, 3d. United
States army, was best man at the mar
riage of Miss Grace McChawe Dixon
Coggswell and Edward Wales Root,
which took place at Fernbrook, Men-
We invite you to
for yourself what
ands. N. T., September 8. Mr. Root is
a brother of Mrs. Grant. The bride is
a neice -of the late United States Sen
ator Nathan F. . Dixon, of Westerly. '
Attorney Samuel H. Davis of West
erly, will assist in the prohibition cam
paign in Connecticut. Before he began-
the. practice of law he was pas
tor of the Pawcatuck Seventh Day
Baptist church, and later secretary of
the Massachusetts Anti-Saloon league.
He is a good speaker 'and thoroughly
conversant with all that pertains to
A bill has been introduced in. con
gress, which will affect Superintend
ent Knowles, of Wakefield, in charge
of the Rhode Island stations and Fish
ers Island. It provides that the thir
teen superintendents of the coast
guard shall have the rank, pay, and
allowances as provided for other offi
cers in that branch of the service. The
first three, that of captain: the next
five that of first lieutenant; the re
maining five that of second lieuten
Mermes-Bumke Wedding Capt. Elias
. F. Wilcox Proffers Use of Commu
nity ' Room for Village Visitors to
Miss Katie Bumke, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Bumke and Fred
Hermes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Hermes, both of Mystic, were united
In marriage Saturday morning at 11
o'clock at St. Mark's Episcopal rec
tory, by Rev. A. H. Barrington. Miss
Mena Bumke, sister of the bride, was
bridesmaid and Leonard J. Hermes,
brother of the groom, was best man.
After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs.
Hermes left on the 12.10 express for a
trip to Boston. On their return they
will reside on Mistuxet avenue. Mr.
Hermes is a weaver in the Rossie vel
vet Co. and both young people are
very popular In the village.
Proffer of Community Room.
On his own Invitation and out of
his own private funds, Captain Klias
1'. Wilson will give- the village as a
community hull the use of the western
room In the building recentjy acquired
hy the Wilcox Fertilizing company.
Realizing the demand for such a
room where the various organizations
of Mystic having no regular meeting
place mav gather .for educational, so
cial or other purposes worth while,
the captain has concluded that the
necessity for such a place .warrants
his offer, hence his proposal. . Such or.
ac -
" ir MiririnMimrirf Mwinni
ganizations as Campflre Girls, ' Boj
Scouts, the Kortnlghtly, the Red Cross
the.. Men's club 'and societies holdins
cake sales will -find this room avail
able, about October 1. Captain Wil
cox wants no revenue from .the offer
which is purely, disinterested and .fpr
the use of Mystic people and its va
rious organizations -vhich. have no
regular meeting place.
On Motoring Outing. .
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davis and
Mrs. William Cromwell are motoriiij;
in the White Mountains for a week.
Visited Camp.
Mrs. Georga W. Wilcox, Miss Gladys
Wilcox, Miss A'deame Clarke and Miss
Mary Marshall were. In Xiantic Sat
urday to visit Mliam -Marshall there
who is in camp with the First Rhodw
Island Ambulance Corps. '
Dr. and Mrs. P. T. MacGown and
Miss Gladys Clayton MacGown hav
returned from an aulomobile trip to
Automobile Trip to Ayer.
George F. Emmons, V 'ter J. Sl-ea,
L. E. Kinney were at (' Tip Devens.
Ayer, Mass., Sunday, b. imromobile
to visit Quartermaster W.
bridge. Mr. Waibridge w.
George F. Emmons' store u.
:arl Wal-
lerk at
! called
into service.
Mrs. Ida Howe and family
1 3 left
for Florida for the winter.
Michael Mullaney has entersi '
employ of J. W. McOonald.
John L. AHyn. Jr.. and Eve: '
Champlin have left for a trip to I",
Miss Agnes Gallup of New York is
in the village for the winter.
Mrs. Nellie Bailey is visiting Mrs.
George A. Risley of Norwich for a
few days.
Misses Evelyn and Mary Holmes
are guests of Mrs. Henry B. Noyes.
.Mr. and Mrs. William McCausland,
M:bs Hattie- Haven and Henry K'.ip
prll spent Sunday in Melrose, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Patterson and
son have returned to Mount Vernon,
N. Y., after a visit with Mr. and Mrs.
xiugh Barr.
Tester Cottghlln of New York spent
Saturday with Conrad Kretzei'.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Oyer 30 Years
Always bears Y
Signature of CO2cU

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