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They Had Been In the Water Ninety Minutes When Rescued
by the Danish Steamer Mary Now Safe Aboard a British
Warship Off the Orkney Islands Airplane Was Forced
Into the Sea by a Stoppage In the Water Pipes Between
the Radiator and Water Pump The Flying Machine
Was Not Salvaged London Daily Mail Is to Give Haw
ker and Gieve a Consolation Prize of 5,000 Pounds
London, May 25 (By the A. P.). j I should see my husband again. I was
Mirsing for six days, and virtually confident all the time, although every-
given up lor lost, Harry u. wawKer.one conaoiea witn me. i am over
joyea ana too overcome to taiK now.
Steamer Cassandra I Ex-Soldiers to Aid
truck an Iceberg I Police at Toledo
.Condensed Telegrams
Earl Curron may be British Ambass
ador to the United States. i
President Wilson sent a batch of re
cess appointments to the Senate.
The visit General Pershing had
planned to pay Brussels wfis postponed.
American Smelting & Refining ask
ing 5.25 cents a pound for lead in New
Wages in factories dropped 1 per
cent throughout New York State in
Volcano of Stromoli, off the north
coast of Sicily, was reported in violent
Federal Judge Mayer directed a test
case ot the constitutionality of the S0-
eent cas law.
An attempt to demolish the American
Butt of Lewis is the northernmost ; Legation in San Jose, Costa Rica, by
point of the Hebrides Island off the a bomb failed.
and his navigator, Lieutenant Com
mander Mackenzie Grieve, the British
airmen who essayed a flight across the
Atlantic ocean, without protection
against disaster save what their frail northwest coast of Scotland.
airplane afforded, are safe tonight The Danish steamer Mary sailed
aboard a British warship off the Ork-jMay 4 from Norfolk for Aarhuus.
neys. Tomorrow they will reach the Denmark. She is a vessel of 1,164
mainland and will proceed to London, Jons.
where they will be acclaimed as men Thurso is a port in the extreme
returned to life. (north of Scotland, about 100 miles east
Not Seriously Damaged Is
Putting Into St. Johns
Under Her Own Power.
St. Johns, X. F May 25. Wireless
calls for assistance were received to
day from the Donaldson liner Cassan-1
dra, which reported that she had
struck an iceberg 160 miles off Cape
The vessel struck a submerged sec
tion of the berg. Immediately passen
gers and crew were called to quarters
and the ship's boats swung out. Pas
sengers were escorted to deck ' but
with slight confusion. There was no
excitement, according to the ship's
onicers. who stated the damage was
limited to springing of several plates!
on,tne starboard side below the wafer
line, lfte ship made little or no wa
ter and after sending out calls for
help, came here at top speed.
Should Trouble Develop
, When Overland Plant Re
sumes Operations Today.
Toledo. Ohio. May 25. Ma-or
Schreiber today deputized 500 dis
charged soldiers as special policemen
to assist the regular department in
preserving law and order here tomor
row should there be trouble when the
Overland Automobile Company and
three allied plants resume operation
after three weeks' inactivity following
a labor dispute involving fifteen
thousand men and women.
A hur.dred horses anda like number
of motorcycles have been supplied the
tormer soldiers. The men will wear
kliaiki uniforms, carry automatic pis
tols ?"k .r2r regulation iclicc shields
Senator Pomerene introduced a bill
proposing popular, votes on constitu
tional amendments.
Japan is reported to have sent a
mission to Germany to study condi
tions in that country.
National Ginners' Association placed
Some 1.100 miles out from New- of Butt of Lewis, where the news of, condition of cotton at 77. 8 and the re-
foundiand, and 800 from the Irish Hawker and Grieve was hrst signalled.; duction at 12 per cent
coast, on Monday, May 19, the aviators, I
KCJUiiMiMii in oi. junno
making the best of an engine which
was failing to function properly, were
forced to alight on the water. The lit
tle Danish stcsmer Mary, bound from
New Orleans and Norfolk for Aarhuus.
Denmark, picked the wayfarers up and
continued on her northward voyage.
Lacking a wireless outfit, the cap
' St. Johns, X. V., May 23. Messages
I from London today announcing the
' safety of Harry G. Hawker and his
j navigator. Lieutenant Commander
I Mackenzie Grieve, cpread through this
' ritv rnnidlv as the airmen sweDt
o, starting the trans
...ku-M .i j .u. over it a week
umil he n, nnMii. Ri-.tto nf twu ! Atlantic flight attempt which provided
where the information was signalled by, a eYen:day mystery
, ..... . ..... I TJplninina- was
means oi nags mat nawner ana urievei . - thA n, ditionsl credits of Sft fifift 000 fnr rwhn-
were Mhnarri hi shin "' ""H" wuui .
were anoara nih snip. ... . ,.,. ,,, ,,, t, Klnvnl.- :i anrl IWlftftfrflfl tn,- RoWinm
. ijiiiiou atiaiuis nnu nau urn yt r.- . - ' - " - J - - - - - - - -e,. ....
general, but was
British-American Tobacco Co.. de
clared an interim dividend of 6d, free
of tax,, on ardinary shares.
One hundred operators of the Citi
zens' Independent Telephone Co., Terre
Halite, lnd., went on strike.
War Department announced war ex
penditures of the United States up to
April 30 totaled 521,294,000,000.
Engineering societies awarded the
John Fritz medal to General Goethals,
builder of the, Panama Canal.
Treasury Department announced ad
Montreal. May 25. The Donaldson
liner Cassandra, which is reported to
have struck an iceberg 160 miles oft
Cape Race, is not serioufly damaged
and is putting into St. Johns under
her own power, according to advices
received here by agents of the line
frorr. the Camperdown wireless sta
tion. These advices added that officers
and crew had been obliged to make
repairs at sea.
The Cassandra left New Tork for
Glacsgow Wednesday witli 210 cabin
passengers and 127 steerage passen
gers. The vessel also carried a large
general cargo. The Cassandra sailed
from Montreal last Wednesday for
Glasgow. She is a vessel of S.130 gross
tons, with a length of 455 feet, and
was built in Greenock, Scotland, by
the S. B. and E. Scott Company, Lim
ited, in 1906.
AH Other Suggestions and Counter-Proposals Have Been
Rejected by the Reply of the Allied and Associated
Powers Germany Is to Be Allowed to Create a Prior
Charge Upon Her Assets or Revenues for the Payment
of the Mines In the Sarre Region Berlin Reports That
the German Cabinet and Peace Delegates at Versailles
Are In Accord to Request Modifications In Various
Clauses of the Treaty.
Paris. May 25 (By the A. P.). With , German cabinet and the reaco del
the exception of one minor concession, j gates at ersailles are one in their ln
all suggestions and counter-proposals lention to request modifications or
Ly Germany for the disposition of the various clauses of the treat v, the pnv
Savre basin have been rejected by the visions of which it is doc'.ared Ger
repiy of the laliej and associated pow- many will be unable to meet withoul
:rs- enslavinir hrrs-plf fnr a liS"nt;irf
tount Yon Brockdorff-Rantzau's np-i Tuesday is spoken of in a BerKr
peal for an oiai discussion of the points.1 despatch as the day on which Uer
at issue on this subject was ignored. : mrniy's answer will be readv. Thf
The concession agreed to is that latest note of the Germans their thir-
violating the Sunday secular law. The ' oerma"y m'Sht create a prior charge teenth digs up again the question- f
arrests were made at the direction 0f!lipcm ller assets or revenues for the responsibilities. Germany asserts that
John M. Loomis. chief of police of 01 tne mines in the Sarre re- the only thing for which she is re
nd came as a surnrKe glon' 11 tUe Plebiscite goes against sponsible is tii
West Haven, Cc--in.. May 23. All
amusements at c'avin Rock were clos
ed tonight by the West Haven nolice.
who arrested sixty persons, proprietors
of amusement concessions at the shore
resort here, and charged the-n with
West Haven, a.
violation of Belgiar
tho Sopwith
Immeriiati.lv wnrrl n.-a flcVio tn (Via BritlSIl aV
British admiralty, which sent out de-'Prinp t0 ffl!ow ,in
,.., , . ;,. ,u r..i-u .... i ' plane s uncertain wake.
and obtain absolute confirmation. Thisi taptam Frederick P. naynham who
was done and one of the destroyers was stopped in his attempt to follow
look the airmen off and later trans- j Hawker by the collapse of his Mar
ferred them to the flagship Revenge. trnsyde s under-carnage had held
, . . i firmly to the belief that Hawker and
. 2 , 3. S C, ,halCn. "awker cnt Grieve would be found somewhere
5.1 JtS ertton,ht lu's, machln north of Scotland. The basis of his
t ?5r ,r "r Mocking Ofi0 inio ,av in weather reports upon
th'u ' " S'r7.t JfTw-i, t 'which he and Hawker jointly decided
motor Ih, rVn'.h i Lf . to start an(1 in subsequent reporta ot
l?r:"?h absolutely Perfectly, shown north of the
ker saw before "hopping off.'
"This storm assumed the form of
an egg extending northwest from the
said Kaynham. "That
meant that Hawker would first en-
water had boiled away.
"We had no trouble in landing on
the sea, where we were picked up by
tne tramp ship Mary, after being im '
London Tuesday evening." m counter northeast winds, then east-
W hen the airplane sped away from'T!y wi,nd'- th?n stro"s set, ,of wlu
hor starting point. Pilot Hawker let lrm the f,outh' thos? f?m the SfuUth
loose his wheels and under-gearing, i bJfInS continuous and longer than
thereby lightening the weight of the ! thers- .. .
machine by a considerable amount. I Tu ese. ?L0U d V w
making a possible landing on the 8oii'north on? the eourse which the Mary
of Ireland a more hazardous venture.! Pre?umably . followed.
This, however, probably proved of 1 L nloading of the parts of the A lmy
much advantage when" it became o1"0" which is to attempt the trans
ntcesary to alight on the surface o Atlantic .flint was virtually complet
the water. The airplane remained; ed to,la'-. Captain "Jack' Alcock. piltt
afloat without difficulty during the o the imy entry, said he expected
hour and a half it took the Danish to have his twin e,,eine(l Pla'ie ready
steamer to come up and effect a res- t0 fiy beore the Handley Page which
cue. has been two weeks under assembly
Owing to the difficulties of communi- at Harbor Grace. The Vimy will be
cation, some time must pass before aspmbled at Quidivldl Kaynham hav
the full details of one of tne most re-'ins ffercd the tise of his airdrome
markable voyages ever undertaken are'for tllat PurPse-
known. I
The one person in England who had UNFAVORABLE WEATHER
.u ""Pe was .Mrs. Hawker. PREVAILS AT THE AZORES
uiiiiniainca mat t'rovidence
would protect her
ronta Del Gada, May ?5. (By The
is no immediate signs of
man. anrl. though! . r .
she had rpc.iv.rf rHi.. , A. y.) there
classes of Deonlo. inrhiriino. tv,., i an impending let up in the unfavora-
be aaid todav tnat she had never bl 'ealhel hich has prevailed for
ceased to believe that some time and !mrty hours ovpr the whole of the
in oome way her husband would come 'isoon course of the projected flight
back. , of the American Xavy seaplane X C-4.
It is officially announced by the ad-! Therpro.re' il J considerfd impossible
miralty that the aviators were pi -ked to Rtart " tnls leg cf the Journe' 10
up in latitude i0.20 longitude 29 30 ' c,ln(l before Tuesday, according to
having alighted close to the little : tho weathr expert.-.
Danish steamer Mary, owing to a' strong northwest winds with clear
stoppage of circulation in the water im? wcatuer' but with occasional rain
pipes between tne radiator and the1 squalls' are Predicted for tonight and
water pump. j Monday. The American aviators have
The airplane, a Sopwith machine ' been obtainillS a much needed rest
was not salvaged. during their .delay in starting.
The first report of the aviators since' T,le N c4 lias bcen removed to an
their famous "jump off" last Sunday i ar,chorage further inside the break
came when the Alary, bound from ater- Sne ia DeinS carefully guard
Norfolk to Aarhuus. rounded the Butt ed by a steara launch which contin
of Lewis today and wigwagged the ua" 'circles around her. while
fact that she had Hawker and Grieve searchiights are played on the craft
aboard. , throughout the night as a precaution
feaved hands of Sopwith airplane'" against a collision.
was the signal.
"Js it Hawker?" was the question
s'1n1t.out by the flags from the Butt,
which is the most northwesterly point
of the Hebrides group oil Scotland.
les, laconically reylied the Marv.
"SVhltesburg, Ky May 23. A. P.
Hurt. United States deputy collector of
The admiralty im mediaetlv sant internal - revenue, wa.3 shot and killed
a fast torpedo boat destroyer in an en- and two members of his posse were
deavor to intercept the Mary and take- "0l'nd,?1 nf" Pond GaP 011 tlle Vir-
w. nig a , i&wui n. i nere was an anx bus "c,UUij-.v wwiuci cahj iw.v
wniie anempung 10 arrest iweive
mountaineers, accused of evading the
selective service act. A trail of blood
left in the wake of the fleeing moun
tain men indicated that one or more
of them had been wounded.
Previous attempts of the authorities
to arrest the alleged draft evaders had
failed and Hurt, it was said, was- de
tached from the revenue service in
Virginia and assigned to the task with
five assistants. The party while pur
suing its way through tho mountains
stumbled upon the men they sought
and at a distance of thirty feet was
swept with a fusillade of ballets. Hurt
and two of his men fell. Tne remain
ing three men returned the fire and
the mountaineers fled.
wait or several hours, when the word
was nashed that the destroyer had
come acroaa the steamer and trans
ferred Hawker and Uneve. and was
taking; them to Thurso, on the north
ern coast of Scotland, about 100 miles
east of the Butt of Lewis.
The destroyer, the Revenge, reported
to the admiralty this evening that
Hawker and Grieve would sleep on
board tonight. The aviators will reach
London at 7 o'clock Tueslay evening
The news of the rescue has electi-i-
lied all Britain. Kight destrovers after
a thorough search of the Atlantic for
o"j inues irom tne Irish coast had
given up me quest, and there
pruciicauy no nopo that the
were alive.
This morning, however, the forlorn
nope mai tne aviators might be picked! TO ABANDON BREST AS
up by some craft without iT-L . Iu bainuun BKt&i AU
realized. The Danish steamer Mary AN EMBARKATION PORT
crawling along at nine knots, was thel Xew Tork. Mav 25. Brinrin- the
lucky vessel, and her brief message to announcement of the abandonment of
i-nera ai tn Butt of Lewis, as Bwst and St. Nazaire as embarkation
"n proceeaea on nrr Way to Scotland, ports for American sick and wound
ed, the hospital ship Mercy arrived
here today from St. Xazaire'with 388
patients. Virtually aJl the wounded
have been returned to the 'United
Sstates. officers of the Mercy stated,
and the less than 100 left will be
brought from the war area through
the port of Antwerp.
The transport Otsego arrived from
Bordeaux with 24 officers and 987 en
listed men, including Companies A. B
and C, and headquarters and medical
detachments of the 311th Infantry for
Camps Dix, Upton, Grant, Pike and
left the public to speculate wonriorin
ly over the details of the airmen's ad
ventures. The admiralty immediately despatch
ed destroyers from northern points to
Intercept the Mary and the Daily Mail
instructed all signal stations to try to
communicate with the captain with the
urgent request to land the aviators at
some Scottish port. The admiralty
quest, succeeaeq, ana a wireless mes
ame came from the destroyer Wool-
eun late in the evening that she had
overtaken the Mary and transferred
the aviators.
Nothing except some great battle has
excited London more than today's un
expected tidings. The pub'ic was dis
posed to question whether tho first re
port could be trusted, and the admiral-
"Washington, May 25. Plans nf nr.
ty statement that it was taking measl ganization for the 1920 campaign will
tires to verify the report Indicated
doubt, which tho Woolsun's message
The modest Hawker home near Sur
Wton was quickly the center of inter
est. Crowds of people swarmed there.
Mrs. Hawker, who had only on Satur
day received a telegram of condolence
from King George, said:
"I had presentment an along that
be communicated to democratic lead
ers in the states between the Missis
sippi River and the Pacific coast by
Homer S, Cummings, chairman of the
democratic national committee, during
tours of that section next month and
in July. The trip will be started im
mediately after the meeting of the
democratic national . committee of
Chicago .Wednesday and Thursday.
A currency commission will be ap
pointed by the British Government to
investigate rise in price of silver.
Jamaican Government is considering
a plan to supply electric current to in
dividuals and companies in all parts of
the island.
Bar silver for immediate and for
ward delivery w. quoted at 51 3-4
pence in London, an advance cf one
War Trade Board decided that guild
numbers and import numbers are no
longer required on exporting sugar to ,
Denmark. I
Joseph C. Gilch ) t, former owner of
the largest fleet of freighters on the
Great l akes, died at his home in
Haihesville. Ohio.
French Chember of Deputies asked
for $2,589,777,305 to cover military and
extraordinary expenditures during the
last half this year.
Washington reports say majority of
members of Ways and Means Commit
tee deride to take uj) general revision
of tariff in July. v ,
. Dr. Epitacio Pessoa. President-elect
of Brazil, left Brest with his family on
the French steanr Jeanne td' Arc for
the United States.
Transport Kaisenn August Victoria,
which left Brest May 14. arrived at
New York with 5.47u troops and Lieu
tenant General Bullard.
PostofRce Dspartment announced 23
successful trips out of 30 during the
first week's operation of the Chicago-
Cleveland air mail service.
Since the signing of the armistice
2.500 airplanes and more than 10,000
airplane engines were deliverd to the
American Expeditionary Forces.
A national eight hour working day
beginning- January 1 JSl, was pro
posed in a bill introduced by Senator
Moses, republican, of New Hampshire.
World's visible supply of wheat afloat
and in storage on May 1 amounted to
363,500,000 bushels, compared with 414.
300,000 a month ago, and 303,350,000
a year ago.
British Government committee rec
ommended establishment of a tribunal
for the purpose of investigating opera
tions of monopolies and trust in
Submarine Eoa Corporation will
launch three vess-Ji of 5,000 tons each
May 30, completing an order of 52 ves
sels built tor the Government in the
last year.
It was announced that it will be sev
eral days before the textile mills of
Lawrence. Mass., are running. The
amount of wage increase was not made
Director of Baldwin Locomotive
Works declared a regular semi-annual
dividend of 3Vj per cent on preferred
stock. No action was taken regarding
common shares.
The three masted schooner William
D. Hilton, of Bangor, struck on Monroe's-
Island, near Owl's Head, Me. in
a fog, and went to pieces. .The crew
of four reached shore in their boat.
Winnipeg citizens have transmitted
a formal protest to the federal govern
ment regarding the embargo on mail
to and from Winnipeg as a result of
the general strike in progress here.
The Costa Rica Minister of War,
personally conducting the army against
rebels in the northwestern part of the
?ountry, reported the insurgents out
of ammunition and food and they were
Manufacturers & Dealers Motor Un
derwriters' Corporation was awarded a
verdict for $350,000 against the Fire
Brokers' Association of Xcw York. The
latter was charged with conspiracy to
ruin the former's business.
John J. McGovern, of New Haven,
formerly employed as a steward on
dining cars ot the New York, N. H. &
If. P.. R., pleaded guilty in- federal
court at Boston, to an indictment
charging conspiracy to defraud the
government by use of fraudulent meal
checks, and was lined $1,0C0.
Henry C. Bagley, a past grand mas
ter of the Odd Fellows of Maine, and
a former member of the Winchester,
Mass. city council and board of alder
men of Portland, Me., died Saturday.
He was 75 years of age and was a
Civil war veteran.
Two submarines and a destroyer
were launched at Quincy, Mass., Sat
urday, the submarines at the Fore
River yards of the Bethlehem Ship
building Corporation and the destroyer
at the Victory Plant at Squantum.
As a result of the arbitration of the
demands of 500 Lawrence, Mass. car
penters for a wage increase from 70
to 80 cents, the men will receive 77
cents an hour.
About 30 of the children sent from
Lawrence during the textile strike were
brought back to their homes today.
Union workers of Calgary (Alta)
called a general strike to begin at 11
o'clock this morning in sympathy with
the Winnipeg walkout in progress for
more than a week.
St. Johns. X. F.. May 23. The Don
aldson liner Cassandra, which struck
an iceberg 160 mile- off Cant Race
arrived tonight. Her forefoot wa
stoven by a low-lying . berg-. The 400
passengers aboard are well.
to the Savin Rock' interests, which ! Krance- If- however, the sum agreed neutrality. For this she is readv
were doing business under licenses is-;"''"" 13 11UL '""u "-niu a jear. irom make reparation. It is asserted that al
sued by the Connec.itcut state police !the tlatc jt is due tne reparation com- powers were responsible for the wat
A law enacted at the last session 0f:mittee sha'' effect payment urader in- and that the material damage was done
the general assembly placed amuse- j Ktctions from the league of nations, by the allied armies as well as the tier -ment
parks under the jurisdiction ofi This alteration was made in' view of mans.
the state police. I Germany's declaration that it was im
The first indication of the intention possible for her to accumulate a sufii
of the local authorities came in th'cient sum of gold with whScli to pay
afternoon, when two "toboggans" andUor the mines in the fifteen years be
a fortune telling booth were closed, fore the plebiscite is taken, since other
Tonight the police shut down prac-; reparations would constitute a constant
tically everything at the resort. drain.
The warrants under wh'ch the ar-j .-
la - .Z .Germany disclaims
(By The Associated Press.)
Thursday of the present week is the
New York, May 25. The Xew Tork
state reconstruction commission de
cided at a meeting today to call on the
public for investments in a "no-profiteering
corporation" which would con
struct the rent model tenements and
apartment houses needed to alleviate
the housing crisis in this city.
Investments o sums from $5,000 to
$10,000 will be especially sought it was
said, investors being guaranteed a fix
ed income of fixe per cent, on their
investments. The dwellings to
of several of the amusement men to
get in communication with Superin
tendent Egan of the state police failed.
Berlin. Saurday. May 24. ( By The
A. I'.) A semi-official statement is
sued today says German counter-proposals
on the peace treaty would he
presented at the beginning of the week.
The document is based on the princi
ple of right contained in Secrtaj-y
Lansing's note. Jt is added that the
counter-proposals will attempt to re
move "the contradiction in the allied
Germany's econ-
the town of Orange. All were ordered
to appear in the town court tomor
row and some were required to furnish
Donas ror tneir appearance. Kfforts t !. r m,i..:nrMii3i9 n-hr,roi,r.
known to the representatives of allied omic progress is rendered impossible
and associated powers at Versailles yet Germany is expected to bear the
what Germany purposed to do with re- hardest economic impositions,
gard to accepting or rejecting the The statement says the note will
terms of peace formulated for her. make positive proposals showing what
Berlin reports still persist that the . Germany can and cannot do.
... Berlin. Saturday. May 24. (By The
A. P.) "The cabinet and Count Von
Brockdorff-Rantzau are in full accord
with respect to the general outline and
the specific proposals and counter
proposals which will make up the
German reply," according to an offi
cial statement made today after the
return of Philipp Scheidemann, Ma-
thias Edzberger and Count V on Bern
storff from Sna. Dr.
be Dernburg remains in. Spa
erected, it was stated, would be rented j The German answer "will be readv
at the lowest figure productive of five
per cent, on the .capital invested.
Allan Robinson, former chief of the
bureau of housing at. Washington, was
given Charge of tbr campaign to be
londucted by, the commission which
will begin tomorrow. Mr. Robinson
as head of a private company here
Tuesday, as the only work that is in
complete is the co-ordination of tho
text and the technical production of
the document, which probably will be
The Spa conference, it was espec
ially emphasized this morning, pro
ceeded smoothly and consumed but a
already had constructed seven apart-1 few hours, with the result that the un
ment nousee,' on a similar pian. in j derstanding between Count Yon
Washington, May 25. A plea that! Paris, May 25. Lieutenant Roget.
the republican party accept the ques-1 according to a despatch to the Temps
tion of a peace league as a party issue from Kabat. told the correspondent of
and oppose as a unit. the league cove-'the newspaper that he flew 2,20u kilo
nant was reiterated by Senator Borah,! meters. in eleven hours and fifty min
republican. of Idaho, in a letter he utes, at an average speed of more
marie nnhlic here tonisht. .The 'com.-' than 185 kilometers fulmiit 114 miluat
Bernhard muirication, addressed to D. K. Dunne, an hour.
Wichita, Kas., commending the Sedg- Koget came down on very difficult
wick Republican club for resolutions ground and Captain Coll, a passen
denouncing the league covenant,' was ger, was slightly bruised. The entire
similar in content to. the letter recently , trip was covered without a stop,
sent by th-s Idaho senator to the Bos-1 . Lieutenant Roget seems to hav
ton Transcript. s beaten record of the navy seaplane
"Xo political party ca nlive," Senator j X C-4 which in its recent flight to the
Borah wrote, "which refuses to take a Azores covered 1.90O kilometres (1211
position on the great problems of na-1 miles) while Roget flew 2.170 kilome
tional existence. And the republican tres (about 1,348 miles).
party, which was organized to destroy 1
which the maximum rental is $35 a
Xathan Hirsch. chairman of the
mayor's committee on rent profiteering,
submitted a report today to State Sen
ator Lockwood. chairman of the joinf
legislative committee investigating , gates.
nousmg conamons in mis siate. stat
ing that the committee has investigat
ed 11.000 complaints of profiteering
a-id effected satisfactory settlement in
about 25 per cent, ot the cases.
Urockdorff-Rantzau and the delegates
accompanying him, on the one hand,
and Scheidemann and his associates,
on the other, dispote.- definitely of all
rumors of serious friction inside the
cabinet and among the peace dele-
Lyons, France, May 25. (By The A.
human slavery and preserve the unio"' FRENCH AVIATOR ROGET HAS
is the party above all which should bei ipiunMurn nrr: . .
vigilant to protect the untrammelled I ABANDONED OCEAN TRIP
independence and the unchallenged: Casablanca, Morocco, May 25. Lieu
sovereignty of this nation If it! tenant Roget, a French aviator, who
fails to do so, some other political j left Paris early yesterday morning on
partv will take up the task." the first leg of a projected trans-At-.
The Idaho senator declared the dem-lantic flight by way of Dakar to Bra
ocrats already had taken a party standi zil, landed at six o'clock last night at
in favor of the. league. j Kenitra, thirty kilometers from Rabat.
"The second night before the presi- His machine wa-; damaged in landing
dent left for the second time .for our; and the trans-Atlantic trip will have
to be abandoned.
New York. May 25. One of the
biggest Sunday crowds Van Cortlandt
Park has ever known, which included
the wife and baby of "Daredevil" Max
Schreyer, saw the famous cyclist crash
into the side of a huge tank there this
afternoon when he missed Jiis wild
leap for life down a steeply graded 90
in nii firm Etrifl rAonivinp etnHniiK in- !
ternal injuries. His condition is criti
cal. Starting at hte top of his narrow
incline, 142 feet above the ground,
Schreyer started his plunge at 5:30.
The exhibition was being staged for
I the benefit of the Salvation Army's
tat he palled his nartv or
P.) The graves or seventy thousand anization in consultation," the letter
American soldiers who died in i ranee j continuod. "One need not speculate asi NEW NAME COMMUNITY
, ..... ; - - .- . lo WIiaL IJKHJC. auiL a...v
! tne auspices of the three quarters of j faithful chairman of the party hasten-
,i numuii vi mc wim e(j from the white House to tne nrsi
still in France. puhlic rostrum and announced the po-
Goneral Pershing the commander-':, ion nf the nartv and denounced all
in-chief, has issued a bulletin stating who omosed the league as doing so for
party reasons."
that all American soldiers shall par
ticipate in the Memorial day exercises.
President Wilson will speak at the ser
vices in the American cemetery at
Stiresnes, near Paris, where Ambassa
dor Wallace will preside over the exercises.
At Romagne, near the Argonne,
Xew York. May 25. The Church of
the Messiah, founded in 1S25 as the
second Congregational Unitarian
Church of Xew York, has decided to
change its name to the "Community
Church of Xew York," Rev. John
Haynes Holmes, its pastor, announced
today. Mr. Holmes, who recently
withdrew from the Unitarian faith, de
clared that by changing its name his
church had "put the final social Cemo
cratic stamp upon our work" and that
Cleveland. O.. May 25. Hundreds of!
persons saw Frank McCusker of Newi
York, pilot of a mail airplane, leap 200 !
where the Americans suffered their! feet to his death from a burning ma- 'we now belong to the community to
heaviest losses, General Pershing will 'chine here today. Fifteen minutes be-' take rank with the school, the library
speak in the afternoon. At Thiau-jfore he had announced that he would; ad the community center as a public
court, wnere many ot tne neroes w-no ; attempt to estaonsn a recpra on nis; institution lor pugnc service,
fell at St. Mihiel are buried. General: flight to Chicago.
Mills will preside. General Pershingi The cause of the accident is not BLUE AND GRAY DIVISION
home service fund camnaicn.
-it:., .1... ... L..- 1. J . I :ii n : . 1 -ii'i r.i.fFi. r.f Molri
ed forward for the leap and dive to I at Dun Sur Meuse. smoke come from the rear of the Dej SI,BI,H "EVVo
the water tank below. The machine I j laviland. When the machine was at a! Xewport News, Va.. May 25. Addi-
hphaml hean t if nllv anrl the rrnwil ! r l tr m rr mp e a i pc rjCDi v am heieht of between 300 and 400 feet Mc-! tional units of Twenty-Xinth
sighed audibly as it took the air for
the sweep through space to the tank
only to fall short and smash into the
near side of it with a sickening thud.
teen to climb from his seat; and. Grav) division arrived here todav
. ......,,( HNL.fr was
BUUNUAKltS Or- VjfcKMArMY , . t. (v.,- Then the simians' on the transmit Yiririnian frnm S
Paris, May 25. Premier Clemean- plunged and the pilot was seen to leap. ' Xazaire. On board the steamshiii
ceau's replay to the two German notes The emntv machine flew forward 200 were thirteen officers and 1277 men of
on the proposed western boundaries of 'yards before it plunged to' the ground the 11th l icld Artillery and Comnanv
Germany, which was made public to
night, denies Count Von Urockdorff
Rantzau's assertion that German ter
ritories are the subject of shifting
from on? sovereignty to another like
pawns m a game.
Coblcnz, Thursday,. May 22. (By
The A. P ) Before a crowd of admir
ing officers and enlisted men. Miss
Grace I). Banker of Passaic, X. .1., re
ceived the Distinguished Service
Medal from Lieutenant General Hun
ter Liggett, commander of the First ! into consideration, the only exception
Army, at Army headquarters today, being that part of Prussia Moresnet
Miss Banker is chief operator of the inhabited by only five hundred per
army telephone service here and his ' sons, which is transferred to Belgium
l-een overseas one year at general as partial reparation ror tne uenruc-
McCusker was alive when picked up.lK of the l4th Ammunition Train,
He died while being taken to a hospi- J both unit? made up mostly of Virginia
tal. His skull was fractured and his men. Other troops wore fourteen of?
neck broken. fleers and 1432 men of the 41 21 h Field
McCusker was formerly in the Brit- j Artillery, the Tenth Balloon Compunv
ish naval living corps, inspector of De and 8,1 officers and men of the Sflui
M. Clemenceau points out that thelHaviland airplanes at Elizabeth. X. .1.,' Machine Gun Battalion.
desire is that the inhabitants of the 'and instructor at the U. S. aviation
territories in question shall be taken field in Texas.
headquarters and with the First Ar
my. Tho citation reads:
'Front exceedingly meritorious and
distinguished service, and by untiring
devotion to her exacting duties under
trying conditions, did much to assure
the success of the phone system dur
ing the operations against the St. Mi
hiel salient and" north of Verdun."
Paris. May 25. Interest in the
tion of Belgian
forests by the Ger-
Xew York. May 25. The names of
President Wilson and Premier Lloyd the killing
Norfolk. 'a.. May 25. Kllier T.
Chat man. of 1 ev.i ton, Me., who was
in the. company of Mrs. ' Dorothy
Schwab en the big. . she was mui'r
dered mysteriously in tj; negro sec
tion of Norfolk, was ue.ng held bv
the authorities here today under :t
wat rant formally charging him with
Coblenz. Thursday. May 22. 'By
The A. P.) Orders issued trn.dn;. s
ago relieving the fourth and filth di
visions from the Third Army have
been suspended be aus? of the pres
ent uncertain condition- in the pfac?
situation. The suspension order
reached Coblcnz on Tuesday but were
not made public until todny. ..
George of Great Britain and Clemean
ccau of France were "booed" at a
"justice for Russia" mass meeting held
under the auspices of the People's
Council of America in Madison Square' met death at
Garden here tonight. Cries of "Shame" ! known parts
Russian problem which the council of land shouts of '"Murder" " interrupted
four is considering at every session, is speakers discussing criticism of the
intensified by the . despatches- from j Russian revolution and the present
Finland announcing that cxpiosion.5 1 Soviet government and in the crowd
The warrant was sworn cut and
Chatmaii arrested yesterday shortly
after the ccroner's jury had returned
a verdict rinding that
Afghan Commander Seeks Armistice.
Simla. Thursday, May 15. The Af
ghan commander-in?chier has written
the British political agent at Khyber
asking for an armistice.
and fires have occurred in Petrograd.
This is interpreted as moaning that
the. Bolsheviki forces are destroying
their superfluous ammunition sup
plies, preparatory to retreat south
ward. the Bolsheviki's demands for an ar
mistice from Admiral Kolchak has
been refused.
Copenhagen. May 25. Dr. Karl
Renner, Austrian chancellor and head
of the German-Austrian peace delega
tion, has addressed a note to Premier
Clemenceau. complaining over the de
lay of the peace conference in submit
ting the peace terms, which he says
"is arousing grave anxiety regarding
the maintenance of peace and order in
our fatherland."
The note also call3 attention to the
expense of keeping the delegation
abroad and appeals to the peace con
ference to open negotiations as speedily-
as ossible.
of approximately 5,000 persons
ing" t is general.
Rumi'ord Falls.' Maine. May 25. Th
j uu employes ot ice uumlcrd .Mills ot
Mrr. Schwab i the International Painw 'o:rm:iiv . who
the hands of "an un- i have been on strike for two weeks i i-
Chatmun will be glv -i formed the management toniirht th:r
they would return tn work tomorrow
morning. All departments wilt re
sume operation, it was announced.
a preliminary bearing Saturday.
Yi'ashington. May 24. Measures for
enforcement of prohibition, both un
der the war time prohibition act and
the constitutional amendment, we
propose d in a bill introduced
Plymouth, England, Saturdav, May
24. (By The A. P.) The United
States destroyer Stockton is expected . ure- .
to arrive hero tnmorrnw with tho The reparato commissioner of pro-
crews of the naval seaplanes N.C-1 1 hibition. with a force of assitsants, is
and X.C-3, which were forced to with
Xew York. May 25. -Th? Salvation
Army home service fund ca una inn f:ir
ester. sm.ouo.U'.u wlv.ch whs to continue from
'day by Senator Sheppard, democrat.
Texas, author of the war-time meas-
draw from -the trans-Atlantic flight.
Commander John H. Towers will take
charge of the naval preparations for
the reception of the X.C-4, the surviv
ing entry in the flight.
Libau. Friday. May 23 (Via Berlin.)
The Lett government has requested
proposed in the bill, which is under
stood to have the approval of the anti-saloon
league-of America. With re
spect lo provisions for search and sei
zure of intoxit tfntr. the measure is
similar to that introduced at the last
May 1 to 2! has l)?en extended until
next. Thursday becau-" unusually bad
weather throughout the c juntry h;n
hindered the ? rriigTicrs, it was an
nounced here tonight!
Wool Auction Closed in London.
London. May 24. The wool uuction
sales closed yesterday with offerings of ; her country home h-re today
a.iv) bates, it was a lair selection and; lorg illnes
"Ma3a'me Walker.'
Irvingtoriroivllufison. X. Y... May 25.
''Madame Walker." rep.it-d to have
been the wealthiest nearo-s in -the
United States if not the entire world
and credited with having amassed a
fortune of morn than $!.iiui) 000 Ihroujh
the sale of u "hair restorer." died at
after .a
the German government to permitjfinal prices were steady. During thej Besides" an elaborate
German troops to remain in Lettland.
as the Lettlandswehr is unable to hold
the front alone against the Bolsheviki.
i -, , ' 1 -1 1 v h'na
series good combing gained from 5 to, here, Madame Walker owned a hou,
10 per cent., while other trades. espe- in New York and operated a factory in
cially burry wools, declined 5 to II pen Indiapapolia where she employed Hi
cent, persons.
, r . -, .- --

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