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-Dttring the past week buUdingr oper.
fen, mW. structures for the city are
fied. Four-applications nave seen
igrinted by Kir Marsnai novaxa'.u.
$Utnton and three more it is probable
, mill bo. granted within a few days.
1 Tftero are to be two- bouses, lour ga
i tuete and one addition.
iCijfcrles Hulboy is to erect; a one
'. story ' house Of five . rooms on Lois
' sreet ' .The building will be of frame
eenstrnction, 24x26 feet. The interior
3n!sh will be in .hardwood and the ex
terior in clapboards. -
Sirs. Bertha Pukallus is to erect a
seml-banilow type of house on
SMU avenue. The structure is to be
; stories high and of frame con
struction. There will be seven rooms
and bath,' the interior finish being in
Bard wood. The building; is to be
30iT feet with stone ahd concrete
foundation. The exterior finish is to
be in shingles and clapboards.
Another laore addition is to be erect'
b te the garage on North Main street
oMM. br w. F. Bosrue, The addition
la. to be of brick and concrete and will
be M tnr 40 feet Work has already
been -started on the foundation of the
bn tiding. VThen finished it will be
used for storage purposes. The work
oa the other new building for Mr.
Bague is well along and is fast near
tax completion.
Dr. W. T. Browne is planning to
erect an addition to his 17resent build
In at 276 Broadway. It will be of
frame construction to conform to the
nw4n building. It is to be 6x25 and IS
feet high. H. Elackledge has the con
Moees "Wejc has been granted a
hniMfriir nermlt for the erection o
frame structure at his place on Maple Mahan. It
street. The building is to be 33 by 33 containing
cement. It is to be used '-.a
and storage building.
A garage 20. by 12 is to iie .eievted
by; Charles . Burton ' on orGi: .Jlaia
street. ,It is .to.be of frame jt!Onu;iMS
tion with cement Tflwr v.rtd ,.-eenieut
block foundation. . '-.,';
I.' Judson Willis is- to erect a ga
rage at 24 Grant court. -V.The' building
is to be 20 by 22 for the accommo
dation of two cars. '.-It is to nlie.'ot
frame ; construction, with, shingled,; e
terior. . ', '' . ' ;' -
"Work has been 'started on" a -new
house on Westerly place, for Gertrude
C. S. Grout. -E. O. Park has the con
tract. The plans call for an attract
tive frame house 26x30 feet, obtaining
seven rooms and bath. The house will
cost about 3,000, -
The directors of the Y. M.. C. A. are
considering enlarging the association
building by placing a fourth story oil
the structure. ? This would ' provide
considerably increased facilities - of
which, the association is in-need at the
present time. .
Joseph. Mondelci has the contract' to
build a house at the corner of Ocean
avenue and Squire street for George
McLoughlin. The plans ' call for a
frame house,. 24x4S feet, arranged for
two families, with furnace heat. The
cost of the house will be $7,000.
The contract to build, a two-family
house on Jeiferson avenue for Peter
Siraguse, has been, given to Otto Holm.
The sub-contracts will be let at once.
It will be 26x35 feet, of wood, ar
ranged for fiats of .five rooms.
Work has teen commenced on a
new house on Bentley avenue for B. P.
will bo 18x30 feet, of wood,
sis rooms and bath.. The
and is to be of white pine with cost will be $3,000.
tir,' paper roof. The floor .will be
- There's as use saCerist from the
swful tfar of Uac bacv. Don't wxit
trU it '"passes off." It only censes b:.k.
Thai ttre csute sua stop it Disexsd
esatiaso of kissers are usually ir.di
vM by stiff lne backs and other
wrsBeaiar pauii, ifairk are Bit are's sig
tls tet help:
Here's tie remedy. ' When joh fsel
' te- Srit tr-rinsfj of psia or ex;.-ri-se
-any of ihttt nytaKmm, get imsr
sit eaee. Gs te jour drstsiut and Kt
Iter eC th pure, original K)i;D
JbTJDAIj Haerlem Oil Csiules, im
Mtted fresh sveir maeta from tiie
VWofiei in Hssrism, - Hollaed.
PfesaaKt aH esrr to take, thy ia.rt-if-
attack tie poisonsus germs (IgksLbj
jsur tytteat slid brisg quick rtiief.
i . .lot erer two btusdrfd years they
.We sees ielpifig the sick. V'hy not
try tnmt Sold every wbere - by Ve
Bsbie , rueists in a!nl parages.
4Taree sizes. Mosey back if thej d
iHt , .kelp- jou. Abk . fsr . "GOLD
VRtAL". and be sure the - naaas
:0W WCt) JO." is oa the box.
ot ' A permit has been issued for a
I house on Connecticut avenue for S. A.
' Brody. it will be a frame house, 2ax
1 10 feet, arranged for two families. The
! heating will be by furnace and the
house will cost about $7,000.
I A. L. & . E. Burr iuwe purchased
I a tract -of land at the corner of Mon-
! tauk avtviue and Uanlc struct from the
McGarry estate, through the P. Hall
Shurts agency. Jt is reported that a
.business block will be erected on the
The Edward Prsst ettata lias sold
the land at the corner of Connecticut
and Garfield avenues to the Life and
Adveui Hiurch society, as a site for
a new thoreh.
Bids closed Hay 31 on revised plans
for the two N story public garage here
lor M, Alice Avery.
Building Permits ;
garage, Crescent
ij.ore front, Bank' street.
, ' - i f . y V
r v ? ? I
? ' i
A mlU
Elected City Treasurer
at the White Beach hotel property
here, which is to be converted into a
sanatorium for tubercular children.
Dr. Stephen J. . Maher of New Haven
is chairman of the committee in charge
of the work. .
The clearing of the Hartford and
New Haven . banks for the past week
show a gain over the like week of last
year,.-and1 those of Waterbury for the
same period show a slight decrease.
Heal estate transactions continue
to show a gain over a year ago. Sales
by warranty deed last week in the
cities of 'the State reported in The
Commercial Record, numbered 640, as
against 468 last . year, while motgage
loans for th period amounted to $1,
698,554, as against; $1,072,020 . a year
Petitions in bankruptcy for the
week numbered three, with total as
sets of $375 and liabilities of $5,516. A
year ago two petitions, with assets of
6,100 and liabilities of $6,277 were filed
in this' State.
The nine new companies f orihed
in Connecticut last week have a total
authorized capital stock of $752,000,
comparing with seven companies, with
total capitalization of $307,000 formed
in the like week a year ago . '
Building" permits were issued last
week in the' cities of New Haven,
Bridgeport, Hartford, .Waterbury.
Stamford, New Britain, New London
nd' Stratford' to the number of ,240
for new construction work, to cost
$919,47.0. This is a substantial" in
crease over the like week of last year,
when 134 permits were issued in the
same, cities for new construction work
to. cost $210,793. .
.'Mafcy. important projects have been
started, during the week, both In f ac
tory .-cojistructiort and1 business build
ings and also a number of fine houses.
The number of new projects in the ar-
I is,-large, , and while prices of building
"F rW Has'
is'-) ry'BB(?eBr';
grri&g- relief ltd those sofferiajsijfii '
Consiipatiort-Tixfid Li'Jer, IrMges-
- iioii, Ckrdr.ic Headachy, 'Nmrciiai,
tZidney and Bladder y TrentiUs,
Ecssmtt: and other, SkaaJeciibns,
is, because it is the only medicine ia
the world made from'frojt juices. . -f.
These "Fruit; Liver Tablets x 'i
composed of tho mceal priBcj-nlfea
found in apples, oranges', g3-and
prunes, together .Trith:,rthe aerja
toaics and antiseptics. ; . vrV , . :
50c. atxx, 6 for $2.50, trial size 25e.'
Afc dealers or from FKUIT-A-TnES
limited. OGDENSBUEG, K.Y. , .-
Successor ''' ' '.".'
.-.'f, stctsos rovntm '
Best work and aoatensJa ' st. rigU
P720BS oy mxuuwu jsosf, - 1
5?lehone . 59 West Main. tt
"TiAMEpS' expert Jjlendxjf ciiQice
J Tiirkish and choice Domestic
tabaccos answers- every icigarette
desire you ever hafl ! Camels give
' such universal delight, such unusual
enjoyment and . satisfaction . you'H'v:
call; them a cigarette revelation ! ,
S '
:lScents a package
W')h er WitHou: G Attach
tntnts 'ot Always EfFlOitNT
tiftj ttONOMlC.V
Smodel ranges
rteer'ir's .to
of Rr.ges
.A,:: J. Whcley k Co.,
E.'T. Uvow
Cost. 1200.
J. -J. 'Dyer.
Ofst ?09. -
HeUle F,. Wickstroin.
I iiam street. . Cost $390. ''.
Gertrude IX .Tubbs. . alterations
I house, Bank street. 'Cost ; $500. . .-' ':
i Grace K. L: Quandt. bath bpii&es, I
J Pequjt avenue. Cost $273. .
ii, acLitv. j.ij,otj.i , i ma(.erials are high, there is every evi
nuc. co-t S-00.-' . .,.,' ' idence that much of this work will go
Annie L.-. Rwriti, garage. WiUetts anad aiil.-mg the. sunimer. ' -a-cuut.
J.of-t 500. ' -, . . isVrrwich had eleven ' sates- of real
1 ., " ;H-. Kcll0ff-e-' addition, Gran- I c:Srate last week to 15 for the 'corre-
,ite street. .ost $avO. . - . ; i-rp0ndine -week last- year.' . The mort-
wrejuo . sr. urouc one-taauiy j giige j.,ns ior . tho respective weeks
hou.?e,,-vvo4eru- 'place. Cost S3 000. ; ?,p .513i548 and. $250.' ..... m -orse
.aeLoughhn. rrame house, 'm New London th&e" were .30 solos
I'eier Sirasr.su. frame house. Joaer- j
son ;iv.;r.je.' Cost . 1.-7.03 , ...';.
T'ai-.l Patj'ue.ie. T'ra.iiie store, ilbntauk I
aveni.e. -.Co-st :il.200v 1
, Ktun i:-Qiii. uuHiius. avenue, con
of realty last' week to ten for the same
weeli tii year, the - loans for the re
spective weeks being $5,900 and $15.
2S0; respectivelv.' . " ;' , .
f IM HIIWiftMhll T fffi
CHAKLiSd H.-llAi'KiJS.
. Elected' City. Sheriff ; 7
Cajneis are sold everywhere in eeientiSe-.
ally setjed packages of 20 cigarettes; or ,
,tets packages (200 cigarettes) in a glass-'.'
' ine-paper-cavered carton. We. strongiy
recommend this carton for the 'horns or ',
;cfiie supply or when y-oa travel.
.'',; ...Wuutea-SfticaBt N. C
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not leave pmy unpleasant cigaretty -aftertaste
or unpleasant cigaretty
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'.delightful quality possible.' Your :.x
personal test will prove that Camel
Cigarettes are the only Cigarettes-. X
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made to meet your taste ! You :will'
prefer them to either kind of to-
. bacco smoked straight I 'Vf.-
Compare Camels for quality, and ...... J-.
, satisfaction with any cigarette in ' V
the world at any price I ...
Kymisfeewskl and has been' living at bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mr.
ao. ; 30, Isorth; .Thames -street. She has Phiiias Gladue .of 65S -North Main
Been, employed, in a local mill.
.' ' - Hill-Dsbgs. 1
tieriei-t ,'.feaj- Jlill' ot Treston and :
ilisa' ters!a:.pel6go . of t'raaiag' Coel
wet-; united in. mairiage on iiay 29 by'
Jitev. Jojirs. tf.- Broderiiu at the : retjry
' ' t ?' WEDDjlvJGS. ''.'. ' ''
- . Sherwoodr-Carroll. ::; '
Moses-Tingiey S'herM ocd and Id";
juouise uarrou,. Dpth of tnis city.-Were
married- May 29 . by Kev. Charles II.
Uicketts. at his . home'-, o'u.:, -Prospect
street. -Sir.'' SkerwooC who is'''s!ir.es&-
ploye of the N."'K: TeienliorieVctom-r.a'.r,d Vra.?ie;r.. S:..l-n,uv.
pany, is 'the: son of 'lishi cV'aKJ-""Ehijly i 'Monday moridng '&i.'Hz.
rwooci.- He has --made,-.1 his ' kt 8 o'c'.ook with- reiatl
".' Phone 81
I ssi sntial In modsrn houses at
ieatnetty :s to lighting. W euinn
m tha vwy bent PLUMBING WORK
r. 'SKiiert wsrkmsn at tKa t.rt
srro. '
, AV us for slsns and pries.
7 vVeit Maia Sfcreel
f-.te ."'.";,''.. Cor.t $500.
.Lena- Kapland.' garage: HuiuiugCou
t avenue. Cost $50.
i'-- AV. Heimovttclv aiteratione.
i fcvenue. Ctii 500. '
! B. X''. Mohan, frame, U'entlev avenue,
j Co :t $3,000. ..-''-'"
, .E!..'eiiteii: & Ileuuel. itUditoin, . Bliii-
man street. - Cost ?500. .. .
, A. F. Kjeilander, alteraUons, Henrj-
aireei.. , Cost SJ.0O. ' " -i
8.. A. Brady, frame house. Connecu-
i cut avenue. Cost 7.tiu0.
1 X. A. Hun-la. . f .use. A'ewiie ave
j nuo. Cost. Sisfio. .
I Catherine Hooter, concrete garage,
j Lee avenue. ' Cost $500. . -'.
I E. Lsibow, addition, Huntington -av-
enue. Cost 5200. .' '
I' G. Monteri, addition. WalbacU. street,
j Cost $100.
A. J. Messrs,, addition, . Huntington
i avenue. Cost S7D.
- Statitties o building and engineer-
Eafloy jntc '.operations in New.:England as
npiied ty the v. uduge .tompany
Taylor Sher's
home at No. 99 CliX street.-
has been Jiving. ;it ; No.
The brjde of
l toilow:.
f Contracts
y. Valentine : Chappell of New Lon-
(ir.n riTn im.--ii nf tha Valn.H'irvnml
of '.-St. 'Palrick's church. ,-. Mr. : Hlil ' is 1 regatta committee, states that the
a native 6f"L.'e3y'ard and is the son of: '5'1' line for the Tale-Harvard race
Mr.,ana.7VIrs: Aldori3 Fill. His bride i remains, the same as in' former years,
Was' borK in-Mcosup and if? the daugh-i ani those who- have previously wit
ter of .llr. aiid Mrs. -Guitav .Colcgo. .' . j uessed thf -event from the o)i railroad
.' ' ' 'Lai-oiix -Stadue. ' 'Se aud who contemplate viewing it
. ,, ,'.'' - , -v-.." ' thi; year from the same .vantage point
tunitj- as before.
. Tbe.'r view'v.111 be cut oS to a slight
extent by-ilia new. railroad bridge, but
ne . Jiutsii ..-.vul not be obscured. The
li::e has alwavs -been close to
S;1 j i.Uei tip of. the. woodwork of . the sec
, oiiu iier of the - old - bridge and thi-i
ri'.-i-thej linitsh nearly under' the old!
bridge, but a few feet south from it.
took pU-.ce on
.Vtiirv':' chur.'-U-G.-i
itnd f rier.Lls
bridal n-oupio attending. Kev.
States' furnished 302,202 and. 'SSi.74
pounds rebpcctively. ,
A large lactory for Lite 'manufaotun
of underwear is to be established ir
Manila by Filipino and SiJiinish caii
italists. ,-..' ., . : '
Australian noioa ' issued ' . ahd " not
redeemed as of -Jan" 20 amijunted ta
J2S0,aiS.75S. The gold coin" . in' th'e
treasury was . 107,lS3,3i.S, whiie 5,243,
323. was heid olsewhei-e: ThQ,ie: two
sums represented SS.02 . pisr ceatfl of
notes in circulatioii. t ' s
Under a presidential decree.-, plati
num exported f t,m 'Ooluoibia after
June 15 will be taxed 3 per .eoi)!,,
. ... t, ,
Let s i i-ry . Him.,,;
The Kaiser titreaterts.'-to 1 cutenlt
suicide if he is pk'-eo-i oa trial. :Wfc'ch
may increase 'tun Cem2! . fcr 'his9iiaL
Pittsburgh. Uai :e Crimes.' ,' ' '
r r,iin..ii!ii h. - u: i'lizmr-.tiru-. ts:-rr-r:nefj rue i i.
L,. ami Jessie1 Jiunter Patton. . Tasa.- is inusa ' 'Yollbwed: '
her second marriage.; : ;'f ; tenud '-by ' Philip C-ladue, i'y-cuv o"
'-."- MuG2vn6ki Rvmi'sewski. ' V ihe i'rSSc,i&::3osoh. f-ar'ju::, lather
, r T ,,' ,. , ... of t!-.e 'gi'Dori; " TJ;o' :.M-ide was e&arfn-
I morning j-oe -f.' liu'sayes8i..:ana-'..;Misa ' v..?i. w 'V :. ..m "C . ... I 'Cause of Germany's Defeat,
y '-Oih. It'13 $55,503,000 I Victoria-. 8.ymlf'zewUd'. wr i&iiig?!;. ta . -t'ia"a bouaupt of i,rr'; r ,. r-,'. ..'..i -Kogs were thereal cause . of Ger-! have had 'prohibition
'onn-.-ci -.o'.voy ?sa. 1018, $58,320,000 ! marriage Ly Kev, . l. . -. -:laejewsiii, ; j. o-jo was at the organ -during ! mftny's- downfatt' ..according to a Dan-j Chicago rionc. .
I yontr.accs to jia; :jui, j4, (iwii.tov V .V 7 -Vv r'' V : "e eeremoiiy: .He aad A! r. Timothy t 'in vegetarian. were - inclined to
o.utra' -is to :i.f.i 9tn, 'i.l. s2.i44,uuo ! Y X- i i i I"1 i- Liorcvan ' -.-enCored --evo-;U koIcs." i ttJi'K- tnat tais chap lias-hit it about
Contracts e .Maj ;2Sth.'lS15, .$7,685,000 I !-- am- Aarj- i.lud2.Tw.:;r ev. hij .feosie' i..oUo.rjjia. the 'service at tho church I right.-CUai-leston Newo.-ita'd Courier.
ii x: .ij-i.iiJ-.(i.:i. iiii 'J..UV . ii. -Hie.
daughter of Jar s;d ilrs., ,-Aason
Getting Off Easy'. -.
Sure. Germany is 'getting off sasy,'
agrees a sympatnooc saul.,, -.'tsae jBOight
forced upsa her."
aw lii Km ruin
91 Franklin Street
Wasfctflffr: Washington Buildii
Nwwish, Csmk
v - Ant.fr H. O. ShMt Psekinf
. .. 11 to 26 Parry UtmI
Bids- have been invited for the con
struction of a sewage disposal., plant
Contracts to AiaySSwi, -Mil..' JSi,0i;.j
Koatruuts'to May 28th,..1413..$S7,031.0OI)
Contracts to Maj-" 23th,-. 1912. $82,745,000! .
Contracts to May .t'Sth, 19il.'$64.149,000 !
Contracts to" Slay 29th,. 1310, 67.9S8,0i& j
-t.'omraett! to May iOth, i0O9r;S3,53S.0ti0'!
Contracts to ATay wta, ttSj $3,147,000
Contracts to May 29th, 1907 $55.321. GOO
Contracts to May 29th. laOo.- $"41,928.000. 1
Contracts to Hay 29tiii 1905, J41.391.o00
Contracts to ?,tay 29th. 19u4: 34,514,000
Contracts to May 29th, 1903, S36, 603.000
Contracts to May 29th, 1902, Sol. 700, 000
Contracts to May 25th,. 1901. $31,323,000
Cats, unlike, politiciiiii,. give. voice
to the most deride'uttcrances while
ia the. Uiuk oa the -fctice.. .;( ';'
i ttoms of. the brli
.family.' . The btidc ffa tho
1 ot r.ta;v ; beatit-iui ar.a na.iasor.te
I gil ts. '' : . " -.'"..,
'. Kr. a-nd Mr;. Larous-ic-i't for a wed
i ding totfr to Tvew: York and Mew Bed
ford, a"ter whicil they, will retide with
'.. Mr.- bitroux ' ir, the son of Mr. and rrom . tne consular Ksjoits.
lru. Joseph ' r.iiroux.-of Jev, cat City Cuba's 11917 importation's of gelatin
and is t.-hiiloyod as machinist . at the I amounted to. 508.963 pounds, , and of
Adrcore "cpolea Co. of yamitv I lis I giue to - 570,579 'pounds. The United
Tn the i
ican'' you
position i
usd have
ion of Spelling. ..
s which compose "Amer
iiy easiest sort of trans-
-airman". .-and v .airmen,
only tho "c : left . over. ca-
at nah ' A ews.
i.-- .a.
The CrjL-ia! - ;
'-frM r7id Envalida
ft 5 fa-
Br '!
Elected Councilman
The Place To
Have Your Optical Work
Done Right
Eyes Examined
Lenses Ground
'Five workmen's compensation .agree
ments as .follows, have been approved
b. Commissioner J. J. Donokue:
shore Line Electric Railway Co., of
.Norwich, employer, ' and . James Don
nelly, Bultic, employe, torn ligament in
knee, at rate of $10.50. -..'
Reed Prentice Co., New London, em-,
pioyer. and Thomas Pimer. New Lon
don, employe, middle finger broken, at
rate of ill. - '
Thames River Specialties' Co., Mont
ville. employer, and Adam -Dorosh-wich,
: employe, contused wound of
ankle, .and foot, at rate of $12?60. '
Itichmond Radiator Co, Norwich.
emplo3'er, and Clarence O. Bennett, 25
Rogers avenue,' employe, badly crush
ed great toe, amputation, 38 weeks at
Shanghai Restaurant, New London,
employer, and Lee Yick, New London,
employe, punctured wound' of left
hand, at rate of $11.25.
The so-called Thayer house at 161
Washington street which was recently
bought by Judge Gardiner Greene has
been sold by him . to Attorney Edwin
W. Perkins. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Perkins are now occu
pying .their summer -home at Eastern
Point but. will make the -Washingtoa
street house their city, residence.
Economy may be wealth, but you
can't use it in politics to much ad
vantage. . .
Elected Tax Collector
IkL&eTfiis :S
Xbthing better to tare lor yoor skm,
harrand hands. The Soap to-clear!:
and' purify, tie Ointmervt t swathe
and heal, tie TaJcum to pcrfnme.
Then why not make Jfaesedelicaie
fragrant eaioibenls'aar'eveTy-dav
toilet preparations?
e& fakaa "Men Pfwkr r
Do not fail to teattiie fssefcstfce frii
trance or this caannstaiv scented Ssce
gaby, dustme and ska eatasaw nnnier'
Eteucata. tetiahnA. dBOBaoi. it Inb
trytrvt nans a charm fecjiupseablfc Ctj-;
cm Soap. Ommeat and T ileum .'evtnu'.'
where 2t2?r. cadi. . Ssnniie eci free it
"-ir ITT niMi " ."
Machinest - and Engineer'
Steam Engine Repairs, I
- iVar. iL-rm i..Hrou:: ic-i ior a, weu- -t 1. i
M&s&'r-4 r atitB&Qtei I ford,. a"ter vfhiGA the..' wm reside -wiiiV:
mfrZZZtr ' U hide's parents. '.
j 't I im"? l x "1 '.. Mr.- biiroux ' i;', the son of Mr. and rrom me consular Kegorts. . -1
fSks A W '
' XLL SlZES-Ii MObELS ; ; - ' -
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White Enamel Lined
Lift-top -style attractive hardwood "case;
ample provision chamber,' with removable,
shelves and ice capacity to insure ;
perfect and continuous cold J i 1 nrr
storage. Special for. ....... V . ' O
White Enamel Lined
Reifrigeratqr .
Side icer: with r:3 doors,' fltoJ;vUh sanitary
shelves; ..Interior white enamel lined. At-
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9-11-13 WATER
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