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Ambassador Child Has Been Instructed to Protest Against
Contents of Article Six as Affecting American Property
in Russia M. Barthou to Return to Genoa Friday With
Full Approval of French Government to Stick With Bel
gium on the Policy Toward Soviet Russia French and
Belgian Delegations May Agree Upon Some Modifica
tion Which Would be Acceptable to ths British and
French Delegations.
Fruits Preparing t Mobility Snellen?
London, May 3. Sketch claims . to
have learned from . a . reliable - French
source that France Is preparing for im
mediate mobilization of the 191S class
of reserves, .numbering. probably 150,000.
This Is with a view to enforcing the pay
ment of reparations after May 31, if ne
cessary, i. ....: .-..-V
fienoa. May 2. (By The A. P.) A
report mj circulated here today that
:he Amcr'can state department had in-r-cted
P.lchard Washburn Child, Amer
ican ambassador to I'aly, to protest
as-i"t the content of article six of the
economic conference's memorandum to
Ruaa'a as affecting American holders of
property in Russia.
I. a asserted also that the United
Sates-had been aroused over the pertlst
ert reports that contract for the con
trol of Russia's p:l output have actually
b-n signed between English Interests
and the soviet delegates, although offi
cial denoa'.s have been made.
Ambassador Child, when asked today,
concerning te alleged protest, declared
he had presented no protest, nor had he
rece've.l instructions to present one.
UnofTI-ial Belgium representatives say
that Beiglun financial interests are dis
turbed over the oil reports.
r. 8. 7.o.e.tos to !.o,oe,et
Now Tork. May J. Russia's obliga
tions to the United Slates were estimated
a' from 8700.000. 000 to $1,900,000,000
today by local bankers, who have been
making a slose study of the proceedings
f the Croa economic conference. "While
accurate statistics are not available at
present, this estimate is said to Include
that country's debts both to the United
Siats goverrm'nt and to private Amer-
ran enterprise and banks.
Rjx't'i dr to the United States gov--r.Tnl
Is slightly more than $210,000,
Inr'ud'nT two advances under t
t.:b"rt. lean act. The flrst advance to
he Ker-nsky government was $97,500,
"" and the second tSO.JIS.To". No in
terest has ben pa'd on these obligations.
f'hhsat'or. of prhate baiters are es
fratd a In excess of 7S.01fl,n(9. The
ma :tvir Is mat up of Russir.n hold
rss h;d bv Individuals and large insur-
-e ,mpin'.e and trdustrlal enter-
Washington, May 3 (By the A. P.).
Postponement of the investigation of ex
tra territorial rights in China is under
stood to .have been acceded to without
protest by the powers participating n the
Washington arms conference as soon as
China suggested that present conditions
would not be conducive to . affording
proper facilities to the Investigating com
mission. The decision recently-was made
known by the state department.
Under the agreement reached at the
Washington conference, the commission
was to have been organized within three
months after the conference adjournment.
The three months' period will' terminate
on May (. Officials here are hopeful
that the investigation will not be very
much longer deiavcil. and it is presumed
that steps to bring the comn-'jslnn to
gether will be taken the moment ths
Chinese Internal situation la clarified
Genoa, May 3. (By The A. P.) The
soviet plenipotentiaries are "not delight-"
ed" with the project of the powers for
the .reconstruction- of Russia. - Such is
the brief summary emanating from so
viet Sources of the' bolshevik views on the
memorandum on which Europe's' states
men have worked so laboriously. ' a
The: fact that the document does not
mention recognition of the soviet gov
ernment and Ignores the suggestion of
governmental loan is said to displease
the communist leaders, who are now con
ferring with Moscow. The memordanum
was delivered to them only at four o'
clock this morning, after a corps of sec
retaries had worked all night long put
ting, it into official shape- It was rush
ed to Santa Marghertia by automobile
(Continued on Page Three,. Col. Six)
Washington, May 3. Charges that the
j Roessler-Lacfter Chemical company of
! New York, a former German-owned con-.
cern .made "unconscionable" profits dur
ing the World war, were made today in
the senate by Senator Smoot, republican,
Utah, during a general cross fire of de
bate as to whether the company should
be gvlen a tariff protection of ten. per
cent ad ' valorem " on its production of
"Robbery if yoc '. please for that's
the only way to characterize, the profits,",
declared Senator Smoot. '
Both he and Chairman MjcCumber of
the finance committee conceded that the
company had a monopoly of the -production
of cyanide in the United-States and
was the sole agent of the German cyanide-
cartel, but they argued ifor the .10
per cent duty proposed, by the committee
on tho ground that- without it the indus
try in this country would be . destroyed
and Germany and Canada would control
to American market. : " '
Senator Smoot. said he had no doubtt L
that 11 the American industry were- ruin
ed Germany would drive the Canadian
company out of business and then , make
the American users of cyanide pay dear
ly as. they had made users of other prfo
ducts pay . under similar - circumstances
in the past. ... . :. H
Senator Pittman. democrat, Nevada,
charged that ;two days before .the Untlted
States entered the. war, the German otwn
owners ' of the- Roessler-Lacher company
transferred " stock to ' German-Amerfioan
citizens and that the alien r. property cus
todian had held -that the sale was' fraud
ulent? and for the, purpose, of., canteeialing
the . Gorman ownership,. Senator Frfllng
huysen, republican, New Jersey, ' declared
the company- was now. American-owned. -
Reading from official' records of the
alien property custodian. Senator Pitt
man said the company has. made profits
as high as 900 per ent.i- ' l ;. '-
Senator Pittman also asserted; tnat the
1 0 per cent, duty . .proposed woufld , npt
keepj out German imports, buty would
shut out -from the country -cyanide made
by an American-owned company (With a
plant at Niagara .Falls,', Ont.; :: ',. -
&. L"'ii Mo.. ?ly . X letter from
n-mer J'remiderrt V.'lisun advising him
nM to cmni!c-ite the contest in M's
murl" by becoming a cand'date for the
lerrocratlc nomination for-l'nlted States
enator has been received by John "C.
rl'rrlon, an attorney here, it was learned
S'na'or James A. Reed and Breeken
nige Long, third assistant secretary of
i!at in the Wilson administration, are
only candidates in the race so far,
nd Mr. Wilson In a recent letter to the
3 ob-f'tt.ocrat assailed Senator Reed as
incapable of sustained allegiance to any
terson or cause."
Ihgdon was a candidate for the sena
olal nomination two years sgo and was
lefeated by Long, who was defeated In
.he e.cc'ion by Senator Selden P. Spen
er. raubilcan.
K iJon recently wrote Mr. Wilson, ask
r.g l -.s advice before announcing his
8ana:dry, stating that when Long de
'cated b m two years aso he was a "poor
mi' but now had "lots of money" to
fonduct a campaign.
11 gdon pledged his allegiance to the
ague of nations, and said he was known
to fvrr modification of the prohibition
aw and could, therefore, divide the sup
sort of P.eed by those Mlssourians who
tarored light wines and hT.
Mr. Wilson s reply, unCer data of May
1. tad:
"V hen my advice la seriously asked, as
It Is by yoa In your letter of April JT.
( feet that I must gfve It all seriousness
and candor. My advice, therefore, is not
to eompl;ct the contest In Missouri by
keeormng a candidate for the senate.
"I am sorry to give advice which I an
t.c pKte will be unccjrniable to you, but
If yoo belle in my political leadership
! think it will be wise for you to accept
Up For Roy A. F.iayo
Charged: With : Frauehilently
Obtaining Money and Be-
ing Sued For Divorce. -'
i Stamford, Conn?,' May 3, Roy A. May,
who gave his address as 924 West 'End
avenue. New York, was held by the local
police today -for- the authorities of West.
"Chaster, Pa., where , he -is said to be
wanted on a charge of obtaining money,
under false preter.es. ' :
Mayo, the police saywas an agent for
An, ink c-on(;mny to New York m 1920 and
is said tp have Bold stock in the concern.
The ink company, Ic is said, did not own
two factories as was claimed. The com
plain said that 19,000 worth of "stock In
the ink concern was sold in West Chester.
Mayo denied that he" sold stock In Penn
sylvania and said he would not waive ex
tradition. ; ;
Mayo said he Is now selllns stock for
a -candy company In this city.
New York, May 3. While Roy A.
jMayo was being detained in Stamford.
Conn-., on a warrant sworn out In Penn
sylvanla charging hlhl with trying to self
worxniess stocks of an Ink company, he
was losing another legal battle In New
York today. SupremeCourt Justice Bun
denied bis motion to set aside allmonv
and counsel fees for Charlotte Catherine
Mayo, his wife, whom he Is suing for di
vorce. ... :
Through an affidavit made by Harold
Robertson,: whose address was not riv
en, Mrs. Mayo was charged with saying
she enjoyed -beinc serrated from her. hus
band. Robertson, in the affidavit, declared
he had visited, hef in a hotel and that she
was having one "hell of a good time" with
admirers, jewelry and good- clothes be
cause she had met several "live ones." ;
Mrs. Mayo denied that' charge as: well
as others, including one made by Robert
Son -which quoted her as saying to him,
"I've, got an old bud, up at -the Plaza who
comes ; across regularry and , live . also
.got a good Iriend att this hotel.'.' She also
denied -saying she didn't want alimony
from-Mayo? -- . - - i
: Just after papers were filed in the di
vorce" court; - Mayo' ibegari ' suit;- against
James O;. Bryant. - called "a .wealthy, man
from Memphis; Tenn.,. for alienation, of
his wife's affections. Bryant waa served
with parers at a hotel here but the suit
has not been tried, , - -. ' . -. , '.. ;
The Mayds roke Into- the' news again"
about' that iiine when fhejr .'two ye,ar old
child -was' saddehly missing.., -The baby
was lated found at her maternal grand
mother's home In' Wells,"' Miss. ' Shortly
after that' some 'clothing- of Mrs. E. S.
Cheatham; the grandmother.; was- found
in a tccker building at Coftey Island, and
It .was. believed she had' committed sui
cide. She was found a.Hve in Chicago, -how.
oyer, . , . ....... . .-. ..
to the
South oMien Tsin
General Cang Tso Lin Has ' At
- - - - ! ' i - ,1 month had more
C m. It m r . 'i,. i, .
oem nevy B.emrorc
Towards Mamchang.
. ' Thirty sealers at A inherit Caller will
go into 'the professions upon graduation
as, contrasted with 14 last year. ;
f VJohn Yaae Cheney, saet, eaaaylst ad
'moskjan, died In 'San Diego, Calif. He
was 74 years old.
Avenue evart la BrMklya last
lore drunks than In any month
Sent Heavy Reinforcementai'1 lt w" esthed ,n
.. Fiva dead and . about en hundrad
wounded make up' the May Day roll of
casualties in Italy.
Tien Tsin May 3 (By the A. p!) Gen
eral Chang Tsc-Lin'; has sent . heavy . re
inforcements tbwartls MaChang. -; 'These
included infantry, ouvalry and artillery.
His airplanes continued today to fly 'over.
Tiea Tain. ! - .. :
The American community - has decided
to form a volunteer organization . and
affiliate with the Boitish. -
Jtinng was audible today at the Tien
Tsin race course. It.' Is bellioved that skir
mishes were in- progress', .further to the
south. ' .
MBS. CABBIE N. HCBBABB , . ..: ?-v ,
Poston, May 3- Mrs. Carrie kv Hub
bard, who last night shot and killed-her
husband, William --3. Hubbard, wealthy
rej-mlclde manufacturer, and who was
held without bail after arraignment on a
charge of murder today, will plead self
defense when her case comes to trial.
Her attorney, William P. Lombard, made
this known aft'jr she had waived exami-!
nation In the Writ Roxbury court. .
Jealousy., lt was said today, led to an
J ansry outburst by Hubbard when he sa
his wife enter the "aouae with Edmund
I Pitlock of Chicago,' a guest In their Ros-!
lindaie home, last, evening.
Pltiock, 22 years old, who fled from the
house before the shooting last night, but
submitted to questioning by the police
today, made a statement which the police
sakl coincided with Mrs. Hubbard's story
of the affair. He said that shortly after
he and Mrs. Hubbard had returned from
a waik . Hubbard grabbed him by , the
shoulder, swore and reached for hi?
throat He said he ran from the -house
and did not know of the shooting until
he read of lt in the J newspapers this
The young man had been' staying at
the Hubbard home for a few days, having
bacom acquainted wttn the lamily
through his friendship with one of Hob-
CABBOIX TO AFrEAt.TO . - '. ;; ,' '
Now Haven, i May v SUsLawrencj' -f W.
Carroll, who was manage ofthe. 'Jllalto
theater St- the' iimeijt 'war bur'neot 'Suh
day night, Kov. 27,. was iound; rtt' '
gross negligence by 1 Judge 'C: 1.. (Averj'
in the superior court today; .- The court
explained thmat he gave ' his decision on
the common law charge of gross jnegll-
gence-. and not .-on. the f superior icourt
charge of manslaughterT on1, which) Car
roll had been tried. A "Jury trial- had
been waived. Carroll-was fined '$1,000
and given,, one year -ln Jail, ;. with execu
tion of the sentence, suspended until an
appeal,-to -'the "supreme 'court, of errors,
which is to be taken;, is. decided, i . - j
SENATE . ADOPTS ISS.T-4.00C ; ;- ,
: Washington.!. May :, 3. The' senate late
today adopted th"e" 'conference - report - on
the agriculture appropriation ' hill and
sent the measure to the president.: As fi
nally passed, the bill carries $3,774,O0O
an increase rf "approximately . $1,082,000
ovOer .the' amount' appropriated', In the
house bill. - ; ' .' "
' New York, May 3. Brooklyn detectives
seteed $BO,f00 worth of furs and fem-
bard's sons when both were in the ser-1 Inine ajmarel In a garage ; today along
ivce during the . war. ! - ! with four men they caught' sortinr : th
Mrs. Hubbard, the police said, told
them she attempted to dissuade her hus
band from his attaok on Pltlock and
Hubbard suddenly -released the young
man and rushed at his wife." The woman
escaped his clutches and ran according
to her story. In her bedroom she ob
tained a revolver and as her husband
closed in on . her she shot him. -
Washington, May 3 Th plan for re
organisation of the government depart
ct wlli b considered at a confer
ttx at th White House tomorrow night
em-eon President Hauling. Walter F.
Bromn of Ohio, chairman, and members
f the joint congressional committee en
reorganisation. ' Th conference will con
uder the tentative report on this subject
which has been In the hands of the- presi
sent ard his cabinet the psst few weeks
and will go over not only that part of
:h report on which the cabinet Is agreed
aut other sections on which the adminis
tration otnoralii are a yet divided.
The three departments on which agree
ment has not yet been reached are said
:o b Interior, agr-tculture and commerce.
Th tentative report as submitted by Mr.
Brown, who vaa annoln;ed chairman of
lh committee by. President Harding, lt
a understood, provides for the transfer
f the bureau of forestry front the agrl
cj'.tur to the interior department. The
rer-ort aiso Is understood to provide for
th btftlng of various bureja. from one
department to another, . . " .
A r'-n to comUin the war and navy
ieptrmenta into one departartent and to
create a department of public welfare
::".. It is believed, be among the impor
tant matters to be taken up at the con
ference tomorrcfw night.
Re-grouping' of t; various activities
of the government departments by ejtec
lif.T otder to avo'd as far as possible
the neceaa'ty f"r further legislation and
i enable a more erpedltious reorganiza
tlesi or J.partrnmtal functions was un
derstood ton't'rti to be under Considera
tion by the administration. ' ,
- New Tork, May 3. Carl : Scha!,.itich
Immlirrated to America today with all his
worldly gJEs. lncludins his tfactory. and
Its employes, everytmnn being aboard the
steamer Mount Clinton, from Hamburg-,
T'ie factor;, whic't n anufactures ii.-ckst
cutlr-y,: wts contained. In ten box-w of
nachmery. and, the. employes included
Schallhruch' wife, three husky rsotts, five
luxom daughters, anj a son-in-law and
dttughter-in aw. I rcity soon two oti-.t-r
married so.s ind t married daughter nnd
tneir child'eii will fcllcw from Gerimmy
and the factory w.U start workin-: in
Newark. ' '
The chililre-i do the Uuhter work, such as
polishing and packir. the cutlery, after
the grown folks have made it. - ".
with four men they caught: sorting ;tn
gOOdS. '-- . ' 7 ; ' ;- , ; .-
The' detectives Relieved -the goods had
been stolen' from jobbers 'and' retailers In
New England. Tony Carbon of'Sprmg
fleld, Mass., one -of the men arrested, told
the police he wax- hired early this -morning
at -Springflcld to bring seven men
to Brooklyn. He. said he had entered "the
garage to, repair, bis;eav' -, -
Washington- May -3. Two battalions
of - the 'Eighlfi: Jrtfantry ties ' at Coblena
on . inc Kflineyiarer being delayed -at leat
on month In their rtum to the United
StateSi-Secnstary ' Weeks aid - tedky; ie-,
causo-ef .fSQuests received from 'various
countries, ihclod'-ng Germany, that Amer
ican-troops fee retained on the occupiett
German territory beyond July I, Jhe date
now sef.bjf the. war department fox com
plet ,vaouatlo ,by American -forces on
German soil.- : f - ,r ',-.; -,' ' -
i. It was Intimated, however, that the re
quest for -retention of -American forces -in
Germany - beyond July 1 might not :' be
granted.-.; , s v.-, :
It .was indicated that requests tor re
tention iof American: troops in Germany,
made by. Germany and other countries,
had been' based- on represenuttons that
the -question, of German, reparation- pay
ments was" now under- Immediate-consideration
and -that iMie 'American; complete
withdrawal, from- the: Rhine 'might further
eoniIieate that tnattertv It -was alos un
derstood that , the representations drew
atteaUon -,'tat the r sftuatiori at; -; Genoa,
where the economic, conference -is now
meeting,'-"and- to. 'the- posslblB effect of
American .action as to Rhtneland forces
upon the. conference results. ' ' -
Peking, May 3 (By the A. P.) Gen
eral Wu Ptn-Fu, commander . of the
Chili forces, was reported i this evening
to have arrived near' Maciang. on the
railroad south of Tien Tsin, ito ,take per-'
sonai command of the operations against
the troops of Chang -Tso-Lin i-on that mc
tion of the battlelront. ,'
Late reports afe to the effect ' that
Chang Tso-Lin is heavily reinforcing nis
troop- in - that region with men of all
arms, and the indications tare - that Ma-
cliang soon will be the cenxre of Intense
fighting. Artillery duels (already have
commenced over a wide front. -General
Wu, lr he actually takes command
there, will have facing hint the 26-year-
oia son oi tjtvang Tso-Lin.' ,.- . .
. Foreign military observers' with the
Chill ' forces report that Vu Pei-'u re
cently nas been directing1! the- operations
at - Changsinrlen in an endeavor to t
good results "out of Gendral Taao Kuu's
troops, ' pending., the -arrlvat- of General
Feng Tut Slang s forces, twhichbegan to
reach Paolingiu, 'on- the ': railway south
of Peking, -Tuesday. . The; reports , are to
the -effect that' AVu . Pel-Fu s , own . troops
nave not participated in ,.uw flglitlng ,at
Changslntien. -;
' The heavy bombardment that -has been
in progress at various points ' iuas de
pleted the. stores of big gun . ammunition.
and the' fighting is now mainly with ma
chine guns ana rifles. At; some iplaces
mere nas . been a lull in tne battle.
-On the middle or the sfront the, troops
of Chang. Tsc-Lln have recaptured Kuan.
Woundea mei from that region' say the
fighting .was. heavy' during tne -past few
days, often at close quarters, The tide
of battle was continually changing until
the arrival of , Chang's ;, reinforcements
turned ithe scales. , . ..
A despatch .received, here.i from ,Tien
Tsin says reinforcements for; Chanj1)! ir-
my - iicm xnacuang irainea miaway De-'
tween Peking and Machang and marched
southward tovsard th Huni river, where
tlgtittng took place on the iwestecn bank
of the stream. '. The cabinet . here ,an-
nauncee .that It has receivied ' a message
from ithe governor of Shantung saying
that -20,000- - ManchuTian'-- ;soidiers - had
landed. In Shantung, . having been tran-
portcd'. iroro jlanchuria y sea." - .
AOmlral Joseph Strauss, commander of
the American. Asiatic Beet, accompanied
by the naval attaches, visited -the front
In., tbet foothills -west - of Peking today.
The artillery fixe . was observable a ' few
mileg to . the southward.'-- Columns- of
smoke were rising from the J town - of
Chang Sin Tien, in consequence - of ran
airplane bombardment there this morn
ing.- , ...... V - - - i
i Trains i of . camels -were seen carrying
munitions . across the river. - Evidanc
observed of -the five days of fighting wr
the carrying .on. the field of wounded and
the burying of -the. dead. The observers
noted the. carcases of -camels -with oian
non strapped to., tieir sldev having- bieen
killed;, while, conveying the guns, to j'the
front. . : ',
Harrv K. Lawrene f Lawreaee w
(-elected grand chancellor of the Knights
of Pythias at a meeting of the Massa
chusetts Grand Lodge In Boston.
' Bala Is aaxleasly hped far by hun
dreds of . tired volunteers who are out
working keeping In' check the ring of
forest fires that encircle Taunton, Mass.
The total seal catch far thl eeaaa
Is 142,000 skin, brought in by eight
steamers. Three steamers are now on
their second trips. . '
' William M. Apersoa f Beoth Kerwalk,
Conn.,' was instantly killed near Golden
Bridge, N. T., when his automobile -went
over a 12 -foot embankment.
On Motion of Eamon De Valera the Conflictbg Force Have
v Been Directed to Cease Firing Immediately Currier.
Have Been Sent Out to Establish a Truce Severe Fight
ing Waa in Progress Yesterday Afternoon Around the
Killkenny Work House At Night the Irregular Garrison
at Kilkenny Surrendered.
Two mn wer shot and killed in a
Mellon street house In Philadelphia in
what police believe was an underworld
A hearing en the legality of a divorc
granted to Oliver Morosco, theatrical
producer, was on the docket In circuit
court In Detroit.
la recall election' against Saranrl K.
Lartnian, commissioner of parks at Li ng
branch; N J failed.- Mr. Zurtman 're
tained ills ntflce by a majority of 19 1.
Hagard and wan. Johon McCormack,
famous lrslh tenor, sailed on the Aqul
tainUt to recuperate along the Riviera.
By enter!; atle-M f Boa valt at New
ton, ,N. J., two men will Co to lail for life
on murder charges growing out of the
kllline of Albertj Foster on June 14, 1JJ1,
at Dsunp. . t
' 'Coiitinaatla f -Chleag tgnwl Apra
as a civic, institution was assured, when
-th rJri',r.y, good, will and rights of the
old opera company were transferred to
th'i Civic Opera Association. , .
. "An- lavelaattarr.petMi' la baakraptey
alleging, liabilities of 345.000 and asse.s
of 3,0u0. was filed In federal court against
the stock brokerage 'firm . of Waters
Cook, In New York. .'. .,
Three trainmen were' ltilld aad a fast
freight on Baltimore ft Ohio- railroad was
wrecked at Falrhor.;e, seven miles east
of Myersdale, Pa., when the locomotive
blew nu. '
The bdr f a man-bo rled la Cleveland
will1 e- eamlncd by the authorities for
traces of "poison, which if found, was es-
jHtctcd -to result In the vroswutlon of a
wcm.an-tor a sert-ts of 'mv:rdnrs ccmmlttii
fr -If, ftOO-insurance.? ' - ' . . -
1 Mrs. Jephla W. D attained a di
vorce In Los Angeles from. Douglas Za
J-tiskie Doty, former New York editor
and . publisher ana now scenario writer
for .a Los Angeles motion picture com
pany on the . grounds of desertion.
- While th east f Newfandlaad bas
been clear of ice and snow-for - a month
the -west cbntnlue to experience snow
falls - whlc hhave lnterruptel the cross
conntry freight and passenger traffk. over
the-railroad. ' ' - - ' - -
Th aoswal f Attrey fleaeral Leoaard
Fowler for a dlssblutlon'of the divorce ot
Mary Plckford and Owen Moore, motion
picture' stars, - was re-submitted to the
Supreme court' in Carson. City, Nev., yes
terday. - - .
ew Tork. M.ty S. Theft of an atito-
aicib.; bear the charge on which
Pa-.-xls Farret!. it. was locked up to
!':. after Harry Rich, proprietor of a
ra-aca. a-v:ed him of driving t away
trum in frart of his Maa:'.!ihmeiit. The
w reeoered from the garage.
farreil was charged with jrand larceny, terests.
. Indianapolis, . Ind., May- 3 (By, the A.
P.). Victory for ex-Senator Albert 3.
Beverklge of the republican nomination
for United States senator at yesterday's
primary election was conceded tonight by
Senator Harry S. New, who was a candi.
date for renomdnatlon. , ' .
'At the time 8enator Ne conceded his
defeat, h'a opponent was leading by
majority of 18.S35 "totes, with slightly
more than 90 per cent, of thd republican
rota complete. ........
. In a statement to The Associated Press
Mr. New said there "was no doubt of Mr.
Bever'dge's election,", and added that he
took his "hat on to the winner."
. Paris, -May-S -(By the A. P.). Myren
T. Herrick,' the American ambassador,
again miraculously escaped death today
when a taxtcab In the Avenue De L'Opera
crashed 'into i his automobile, badly
smastung.tne car. Mr, Herrick luckily
escaped without iscratefc., this being the
aocona vnnt wiimn a lew .months. His
other narrow escape was when a bomb
exploded in his residence Oct. 1 of last
year, only a few minutes before h ar
rived. ' .
;Waterbury, May Sc William Kleinman
of S9 Walnut streets a hlgh'school stu
dent, was killed, and hii mother, father,
sister and a cousin, Benjamin Klayman,
of New York city, were injured when a
t edaa which the latter was driving crash
ed into a tree on Walnut street, Just be
low Welton street1! and overturned The
boy's neck was . broken.,- Mrs. Kleinman,
the most . seriously injured, sustained
lacerations about "Tue head and body and
a possible fracture of the right arm. Tb
car was demolished. r ... ;
ANHtTAL. CONiTSBElf CE- OF , i ' i
Atlantic 'City. -tN. J.,May ; 3. -Savings
bank offloertr In Ithe third, annual confer
ence' of the JCatidnal ' Association of Mu
tnaV, Savings Banks Jie're today "declared
that in many Instances commercial banks
used savings, deposits for commercial pur
poses . and ihsisted that .this .was . unfair
competition 'inasmuch, as "investments !br
avmgs DanKs were, nenged about by very
-- Legislation was.i.susgesfed 'to 'compel
commercial banks and trust companies to
segregate : savings- accounts ' and ' Invest
the roanly .under such, restrictions as are
imposed uponsavings-banks' ,1':
; - "Wise recors am, not laws" ; consti
tute the security, of. a . '-savings .. bank,
George E. . Brock, 'president" of the" asso
ciation: assertea." ' Thia 'tvas .vigorously
disputed ,bjf, George. S. Stevenson, treas
urer of the Society for Savings, Hartford,
Conn., who 'said:' . . . ;
"Lef:i-us' , be-'carefur'with' money en
trusted .to. ourcatr.. The, laws of Con-,
riecticut, I know, are good enough as they
are, -Jjet'r keep them.' tbavt way." ,"
two ken scictDEb: in ':'. :,
; - ' :k - KS YpBK'S SUBWAYS
: New ; York, Mac J. Two men . killed
incnjseive m ivew xorKs subways today.
in nrst was Abraham Cohen, tailor, -jk!;o
jumped from a ytstion platform in front
of an tnterborough Rapid Transit com
pany tram in Br.xjklyn. .
Tne second suicide was in" the Intei
borough tube'', near., the Pennsyl ,nnia
s.-.ntion.-where. a track wallter found the
headless body o fa man,.' thought Jco be a
Japanese. She" man. had laid down with
his .iwck cn.the-raj:.- Th only id-m'.iiici-ation
mark was., a card which tore th
name of a grain commission' firm In Du-luth,-
Minn. . ; "
ESKCI.-T1VE '' - .- :
WaahingLcn. May I --Thesenate-in ix
eeutive se3sioa lat today adopted a res
olution - authorising :: president tt. ie-vt-e
between th Uji.ua states and Ais-trla-Huna-ary
the former extradition
treaty with the - Austrian-Hun garikn
monarchy monarchy. . It also adopted n
resolution authorising the ch'et executive
in revive witr Hungary an old copyright
protective treaty. . i.
Hartford, May 3. The property of the
Hartford Automotive Part company was
sold at auction today to Robert C. Mor
ris of New York, representing the cred
itors' committee. The price was $360,
000. There was only one. other bidder,
Barnett Carter of Sprmgfleld, Mass. The
sale of the property was ordered by Fed
eral Judge Thomas after the comoanv
went Into the hands of a receiver and Stegman was alleged to have sought to
nt1memn ennfer-ennea fqile.T .. 1.-: , . . .
v. V ii.,u uiina uuii.ii imuur w.,inarawan permits ad
wjuiimcti oi toe concern s in- rtrwapr -tn - si-ii p-hWKttf is
- Brown,
Newark.. N. J., May 3. Max L. Steg
man; former executive clerk in the de
partment ot. parka, charged with bribing
i-osiai employe to o.vert to him regis
tered mail, was acquitted by a jury' tn
icueiiii court, loaay.
Tien. Tsin, China, : May 3-. (By the? A.
P.) The followers of- Chang Tso-Lin de
clare tht;Wu Pel- Fu was killed by,' ar
tillery. Are today.. .It -Is reported j' that
General Chang rewarded his troops,-with
half a million dollars and ordered, a gen
eral attack Immediately. - , . . .
. No Information, other than ' favorable
to Chang Tso-Lin can be obtained here.
The ponce .commissioner and acting gov-
ernor, who formerly professed neutrality.
now . openly espouse the cauBe of General
Chang. , .. , . , ,' . . , .....
; ' Jewelry valued at $100,000 was stolen
from Mrs. Mitchell Harrison, of Fhlla
flelphla. by a band of crooks believed
to have followed .her- to New York on a
train. - - -
Dublin, May 1. (B ythe A. P.) On,
motion of Kamonn De Valera the Dail
Elrean-n late today adopted a motion or
dering the opposing sides la the Irish re
publican army conflict to cease firing Im
mediately and arrange a truce.
Mr. De Valera said he would Ilka to
see the army executive which had taken
an Independent position Issue a similar
order and would do all he could to tbat
Richard Mulcjhy said his side had done
all possible, and Arthur Griffith declared
their men were only . defending themselves.
Griffith pressed De Valera for a defi
nite assurance, and the latter said couriers
should be sent to establish an Immediate
truce. Griffith urgeoT that De Valera
should s.ieak at the four courts In Dub
lin, the headquarters of the dissident
army faction.
. Richard Mulcahy seconded De Valera'a
motion for the order to eeas bring and
arrange a truce, and after lt adoption the
house at (.OS o'clock adjourned until Fri
, The "peace committee chosen .was
made up as follows: Sean Hayes, Patrick
O'Malley, James Dwyer, Joseph McGnin-
ness,. and Commandant Sean McKeows
for the GriirithiTes, and Mrs. Tom Clarke.
T. Ruttedge. Llam Mel low es. Sean Moy
lan and Harry Boland for the, dissidents
Sr. De Valera. speaklnz on the sugces
tloh for a truce said :
, "I believe it Is possible to solve thh
question. . I believe peace can be obtained
nnd that If advantage Is taken of our orv
portunity we can hate a government . In
this country whl.-h will be a credit to the
country end restore-' the reputation w
had flit- i.r six r enths ago."
The n-eling t'. ibe Dail tod.-.y had be?r
-p'!r-ly c--titrred with- thj situation
arl?iiirr from the split In th armv. it end
r-d witli the creatlrn of the committee of
five from each side to lncti!hi.nto the pos.
rll ili'.y for pe.ee and with unanlmws
proval that, prrding a report of the com
mltu-e. which It Is expected will be realj
wb'.n the Pail resumes Its sessions Frl-lsy
neither side shall engage In hostilities.
The now s.tuatlon arose ont of neeotla
ti-jns Michael Collins and Richard Mulcx
hy Instituted a week ago with the diss'dui
army forces. Three points thn were ia'd
d-ian as a taf'.s for peaee.. First, accept
ance of the fact that a majority of the peo-,
olj of Inland want the Anglo-Irisii
treaty : .second, that th agreed elections
be- held, andrthird. :tnat a government l.e
f'rmd having the confidence of ths wh'lj
This Agreemont chalteirs.-d irrrr.fidl
a'. ly by !he it ssldent army conpcll as a
pollic.l dodf lr.tended to spill .Is r.irtkr
and Karninn De Valera's newspaper c n-demnc-1
it -n ths' same grounds. ' 1'
since that a-tlck- was written a le w !i s
ile attitude bas developed Inside th i-
Valera party, and today when the jfTlceis
slEnat'.-ry of th? agreement were allowrd
tf neak" before the Dell Elreann, h ugh
the agr ?nr was eloquently derouned
by Liam J.iIInwts secretary of the rtlss.
diiit army ccuncll, tnthr Mr. De Vara
nor any rjf his iirmedlate colleasa-.s raid
a word spainwt t On the- contrary they
Assented t j the copointment of the peace
c jmmltteii. -
Their representatives on the committee,
however, include Mellowes and Sean Moy
ian, bcth of whom are regarded uncom
promising f;ghtr. Hiirry Loland. in-
oint-r rtyrtst-ntfltive. Is considered im-rt
lli:-ly tu agree w.;b Dc t alera Uuut wi t
Mr. L't alera eliv?ed a ler. arka': i
speech In the Dail. expressing the c"Bvc.
uon that cieace was poss.ble and m l f
rrsloratijn ot the rtvulatlon Ireland bit
six months tu,o.
Th-ra rs some skepticism toniht
however, ll.at thi- latest peac m3-.e 'll
l-rvxe tnore tucccssful ihan other i-u
efforts, but r.-r- scema to b no 0 -Jt t
that the country has reached a point vhl'l
is Inclining the men on both aides of tn
cenptroversy toward some form of agree
ment tvhich will Und to end the lorrooiL
Luftereni it.li.-;,t tat.oni are otlnr pl"
cd on the m-rt-Jtion ' agreed elec-j m "
menih-n In il.r I t-cc stiement. bat th
Uvurt.-J li.tmrdatMiii. a', least on t
ulilicaii .d'. in that tl.it- should i
e.ectijna. but an -. rt-ent to rurt
wi'.iuut P1. jsIiii.ii all ratlng Ij.I1 mr
bcrs of ln:h sld ard f jrm a coaliti.
Meantime, the truce does cot Inrply thi
evacuation by the dissident lurce of thi
our Courts nor any o'her buildir.it
they hold in Dublin or euwnrhere. Tocai
was devoted by the dlrsldents in trengt
enirg their Dubin defenses with rnunt
oags and installing several mach na gjn
wnicn now project from the wtnduos U
the Four Courts building.
In answer to a question. Foreign Mini
ter Duffy sail Derm's Mcc'uljuih bad beet
sent to America to counteract fweigf
propaganda. He said Harry C. Mo!an
had been dismissed from h i eervkr lr
America, and John Kelly from i'aria, be
cause ih-y hail identified themselves pb
key with active party pr j-,a;anil azamv
th government eh.cn n was their axj u
Michael Collins. In th course of th, de
bale, sa.d the tiesent at Inn;, t at kree
nient was not a poliiical n.-:u. Th met
who Signed the amity proposal n eact
other, and he hoped their committee wouli
consider, in addition to the army situMttvn
the present grate condition of the crjntrjr
ahich was drifting toward economc chaoa
Belfast. May J. (By th A. P.) Se
vers Ashling was still In progress lata
this al.ernoon. It aas re port i d in de
raurhe Breaching here, around the Kilken
ny worn bouse, which is btid r-y repub
lican army insurgents and which Is ad
jacent to the railway depot The Free
State troops were nirertirg their attacki
from the military barracks, also nearby.
Trains were not permitted to pi
through the depot until th work house,
which Is strongly fortified, hal been captured.
Kilkenny, May I. (By the A. P ) Th
beltlo In Kilkenny ended this evnlng. Al
nine o'clock Ormonde Castle, the last
strrnehold held ny the Irregulars, wa
stormed and captured by the Free Stats
Tho lrresnlar garrison surrendered
and sis marched, with Its arms and am-'
munition to the military barracks.
VpekingMay. 3. (By the A;. P.) Ed
ward Bennett; the British vice-consul who
was .shot and wounded lh the head Tues
.daj while on -the , battlefield, underwent,
an -ratlon today.; , The -opinion was
e xpressed at: the, hospital .that he would
recover. Sir Francis. Aglen. British n
spactor. general cf Chin er.o -customs, who
was yiccompanyins' Mr. Bennett at the time
he was shot, had a nan ow escape from
Injury. , ' .' ' . ; v,
' Chicago' May. .--Confirmation of th
reported ewrangement Jtween Miss Ma
thilde McCormiek, daughter of Harola
F. Mcqoranlok, -and - MaarOsfcr, her
fiance and former Swiss Tiding master,
was refused at the MeConnick home to
night. " ' . -- . -
."Miss MoCormick and ' Over have an
nounced, ther enajagemeat ; that ahould
be enough," said Howard W. Colby, inti
mate, friend-of -the, family;
i v - mmmm
- Newv York,- May 3. Tho oriers of the
state transit commission for Increased suh
Vfuy facilities were accepted today by the
board of directors of the Inu-rboroutrh
Rapid Transit companv, Cerating wnder
Rround rallroai-.s In Br:r,Mn, Manhat
tan and the Br-u'i. Prvstfcnt Hedley rf
.m I'liernorou ,h..annou;icsd .. Ui;- ;h 1
l.-id nad authorised ni.u to accent or
ders. . . .. .
' New York, May 3. Walter . J. Pierce,
stock broker, was arrested . today on a
charge of-having in his possession' $7,500
worth of Liberty bonds stolen in March,
1021,-from a "mail wagon In Los Angeles.
Pierce claimed he got the bonds In a
legitimate transaction. and' did not know
iney naa Deen stolen. -
.He was held in tl000 ball 'for another
hearing by United States Commissioner
Hitchcock after -Assistant United ' States
Attorney Polakolt told the commissioner
that Pierce already was out on bail on a
state, charge of operating a bucket shop.
New, York, May 3. Mrs.-George Her
man Ruth, -wife . of -VBabe". Ruth. the
Yankees V famous : home run hitter," is -In
St.: Vincent's hospital . and. wHl be. oper
ated upon tomorrow. Physicians at the
hospital today refused to give out details
of the case further than to say. they were
unable to state "how serious her condi
tion is.". . : . , , .
Ruth also will undergo an operation
tomorrow, when he will have his tonsils
removed. " ' " -
Frank Hamllm
Chicago, May ' . Frank Hamlin,
memoer oi tne law rum or Hnmlln. Trr.i
HIT ard Cocker and soh of Hannibal Ham
lin tf Bansor. Me., vice president of ttn
i mted States from 1561 to 1SS5. died to-
ay. He wis a graduate of Harvard uu
lvursity. ... . . -
- Edward C. Smith. '
Bridge-port. May 3. Edward C. Smith,
lormer, proprietor of Smith's theatre in
this city, died yesterday at his home in
' Photograph a that had been transmitted
by wireless were shown to delegates of
the Society of Motion Picture Engineers
at the laboratory of the General Electric
Company -in Lynn,. Mass., by C. Francis
Jenkins, the inventor of the process. -
'.' 'Thmas ' Cmmell ' f . ProvideBee, B.
I., was arrested In Boston as the man
who held -up and robbed ' of ' 4417 on
March 7,- Edward H. Spencer,' paymaster
of the American - Screw . Company at
Providence. .
Four - nandrel. naesaployed Invaded the
wholesale district in' Vancouver, B. C.
and demanded food from the big produce
companies operating there.' There was no
violence. A number, of women took part
tn the demonstration.'
Mrs. Cerrcnah Ds Pa Neville, whs di
vorced Jack-Neville; professional golfer,
about a year ago, naming the ancient and
honoralble game as co-respondent, was
niarrie-1 to Robert Teel Elliott, a hard
ware dealer of Los Angeles.
ThMsanda f India labarer la the
FIJI Islands are starving and loss of the
sugar and cocoanut crops Is threatened as
a, result? of the -strike of .sixty thousand
workers against a cut of 20 cents a day
In wages.- . -
AHhouoft the 150.000 antSnacite min
ers have been: idle since April 1, vari
ous, local unions continue sending in
contributions to the $50,000 fund for a
monument at Scranton in memory of
John Mitchell. .
Lew Friedman, said to hava bn
one of. the cleverest dice experts in the
country,' Is-dead' In San, Bernardino,
by his own hand the hand that rolled
"seven" and "eleven" for nearly half
a million dollar's In the last 20 years.
New York. May i. At the resumption
of the trial of Virglnius St. Julian Mayo,
wealthy radiator manufacturer of New
Haven, Conn., on a' charge of bigamy,
George Gordon ' Battel,' counsel for the
defense. Introduced testimony to support
the contention that Mayo was a -resident
ot New York an-- therefore; came under
the rule barring prosecution more than
five years after the alleged commission
of the crime.
The prosecution is based on the alleged
marriage of .Mayo, to Miss Vi;l,eimina
Meyer in Brooklyn on April 2. 1?04. .
- Testimony previously .introduced by the
prosecution - showed . that' -from 1912 to
1318 Mayo -maintained a home .at -
Fourth btreet, Brooklyn, where .he was
known as V. J.' Dudley, and where' there
was a Mrs. Dudley, and three children.
Albert Merkeng. manager of-a garage
in Brooklyn; testified that Mayo kept -his
cars, there from 112. to 102". Merkerg
testified that he -knew the defendant as
Mayo and that the bills sent out by-the
garage were addressed to Mr. Mayo and
never to Mr." Dudley.
-. Othey witnesses were called to testify
as . to jlayo's residence In ' Brooklyn.
Among them was Miss Alice Haskell of
Port Washington, L. I., who in 1904 said
she was manager, of a boarding house on
Columbia Heights. Brooklyn. ,- She said
that In September, 1904... Mayo brought
Miss Meyer there. Introduced her as his
wife and lived with her for about four
1, months. - - .
The trial will be continued tomorrow.
' Vetera f " ths Sethi Dirts!, gath
ered at- the YD club In Boston, adopted
resolutions protesting to' congress- the
promotion of -Lieutenant-Colonel Duncan
K. Major, -formerly chief - of staff of- th
26th Division, to the rank of colonel.
- Z,eali -Mnmferd. . f Lehaaaa. Va. pht
and. killed herself, on the steps of the. re
habilitation .house and at the University
of, Delaware, when Harry Murl.n. a
. student, who she claimed was the fath
er cf her nineteen months' old child, failed
to keep an appointment with her.
London Went Bad tbeatr eetln b
beun to take on some of th? aspect of
Now York's "Great .White Way."' Two
years ago there -were less thin a half-doio-t
display electrc signs visible from
Piccadilly circus." Today they axe
myriad. , . , .
Briastag SM earat mt dlamsnd In (he
rough with htm. Prof. William La Varre,
of-HarvardUniverslty has arrived from
Ti lr.lc.ad'on the VauiiUi after a jr.urnev
of three months in search of diamond
New York, May 3. Mrs. ' Eugene J.
Grant, president-general of the National
Society of. New England Women, critic
ised "extremes of dress arid behavior now
visible on-- every side" In her. addresa to
day opening the society's alnth annual
meeting. The convention will last three
days; ..J ...;'.' .. ....... j- - .
The society had a banquet tonight at
which- Mrs. - William-' Gary Slade, Rev.
Charles L. Slattery.. General Sanford
Wandhams " and Rear Admiral Bradley
A. Flake," U. S. N and . others - wer
Okmulgee, Okla.. May $. By the A
P.) District Judge Mark L. Bozarth thu
afternoon postconed until the ooerv.nr ot
the June term of court th arraign-nert f
.New rork, aged 58. He sold out his lo-1 fields along the banks of the Mir.-,. '. ,.-...,i .uV Vi .k.iV.i " ;i .v. ' . .. ' "' bnn and four-
c interests in 109 becu3e of JU health, .rfver. in Britten Guiana. Xeut cornp " r taTu7lu
- New York, May 3. Federal Judge
Chatneld In Brooklyn today. - dismissed
for want of- Jurisdiction th action
brought by Jamas J. O'Brien for disbar
mcnt of Wlllam H. CHa'ra and Arthur M
Marsh. Brdgepor, Conn., lawyers
Dismssal was made without prejudice to
an -acton Which may be brought In Con
necticut. ,
The action grew out ; of two sultr
brought by O Brien at Hartford against
tne Faimeid Park Lan-J comjiary and
other ' defendants." " CH.-ira' and" Marsb
were accused of deceit for alleged mis-
New York, May 3. The tur.t.rg dowl
of an Indictment against the L". S. A. In-t-
rnalmnal corporation charging larcerj
of $2::2.086 from the ro,-Uilic if Latvia it
1929, became known today hen counsai
for the conwration e tn e:ed in suprem
court a pl?a of not gull:.
Tne lawyer. ri:i :. Fripjs. wat
asked by Assistant District A'.torml
Jlurpliy to aid hi roducl:;g in eoart ti
nt r 11. Cariin, presit'eut of u.e corp
oration and Ceors II. Kietls. o." Lyti-
'irook. cr.d John H. ilur.tiv. of i.cstcu.
o't'.iers ua.rie'i as co-del ni...its.
V. hil;- t!:e district aiiirt.ey s office i t
not n hkv public the tefct f tltr Indi.-t-in-nt.
i; was f-aid iliat ;'i Mav. ;9;0. ha
reral' lc ft Lalil.i va.J liri.i.M thro-jsj
A'TV-ncan bar.l lo ti e c.Trn;r.-lot; i
buy rn.lroad ma-trial. It I' clnrgM
ihat tb CTijis' m.si-)ri-'!'r'i:id pt-1
ol this fund to its on t s ;.
John 'arie-n. brother ' of f J-rer H
CaiUon, said I ts brother waa travel.rg If
l".t,rope. that .Steel? was probab'v u
Wcshing-.on and that M ;r?hy Jf tur:
cd to o-; in Kosinii. M-. t'artscn raid
was i.r.videtH 'f th i n,oratlon uu
ilxy. 120.
Hartford. May 3. Arguments wert
made today before the Connecticut su
preme court In the appeal of Eml
Schutt for the conviction of murder tf
the first decree. Dan.el J. Don a hoe open
ed the argument for th defense and thl
etate'a case was represented by Statu
Attorney Inglis of Middlesex county an!
Assxtant State's Attorney Spencer. Gun
taf B. Carlsor., senior counsel toi
Schutte. la scheduled to make his argu
ment tomorrow.
Emll Schutte. aged storekeeper In tH
town of Had dam, was Indicted on Fej t
29 last on charges of having murder e
Joseph Ball, Marie Lall and Jacob Bag
on Dec 10. 1915. A Jury in the super.oi
court on Oct. 20 found Schutlr guilty ot
first decree murder. He was sentenced
to be hanged on April 10. His arrxai
resulted in the governor Issuing a re
prieve until July 20.
Charleston. S. C. May J.-.r.ev. C. W,
P'errpeon. Ilr dr;cport. Conn., pres dent at
the International Union of Gospel Mis
k.Hia. ua i e-eiecled today, as were aU
olher ofiicers. and Minneapolis. Minn,
was selected for the next meeting p!ac
In May, 1923, at the ninth annual con
vention now In session here.

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