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411 dt af iwuHli.aae at irtil ev
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WEEK EMMNQ QCT. 1b, 152?
Pnited States Senator
GEORGE P. McLEAN, Simabury
Ucatenknt Governor
, BI3AM BINGHAM, Keif Haven
State Secretary
Stat Tresawer
. Afctomry General 1
F1UKK IOHEaLY? 'Windsor Locks
FftXDEtUOS M. SALMON, Westport
Cena-roeaman. Second District
tlCHAKTi P. $"RgEMAN. New London
State Senator a
tin E&KEST E. ROGERS, New Loo
don. Iff h LKE ROT ROBBIN'S, Norwich,
loth WILLIAM G. PARK, Sprague.
2$th CLARENCE H. " CHILD, " Wood'
lth JOHN ASH, Pomfret.
iBLb Ci:Rl.V.,S H. ALLEN, Vesnon.
' Connty Sheriff
JIDKET - BE0WN, l'ew London
Juace o( Probate
When rpesident Harding takes occa
Hoii to compliment Leader Mondell J
the lowor house of congress for his eer
itce. and refers to the fact that the lef
isiation that has been passed by t.ie
(7th congress has in all probability not
been exceeded in importance ' py any
oOur congTeas, It is a declaration that
can be readily accepted. " The reaponsi'
bilities that were placed upon this con
gneaa were tremendous. It was an un
usual time, there wers big problems to
be solved and conditions which needed
correcting. But duty wasn t shirked and
to a large extent the program that was
outlined at the opening has been care
fully followed.
' Well does be direct attention to the
manner in which the war debt has been
tackled and- reduced, the way ip which
extrawgance in expenditures has been
checked and the highly successful man
ner In which our financial (problgrns have
ben faced and solved. ' ,
The confidence that be shows in the
provisions qf the pew tariff bill which
provides for the readjustment of rates
wtthip a certain Iimft aSter investigation
by the tariff commission is warranted.
When he declares that he believes "that
by inaugurating this policy qf flexibil
ity and elasticity we have set an exam
ple which (.he commercial world will ac
cept as a truly constructive foundation
on which to rest our commercial policy,"
it is putting in other words what he has
already beld to be the greatest contrib
ution toward , pro areas in tariff making
jq a century.
Through this tariff provision the ma'
cbinery for -getting the tariff on scien
tific basis hajK been set in motion. There
ts not only the commission, but it will
be expected to funatioo and such recqpn-
mendatiops as it makes will be subject
to presidential action in an effort to
keep the tariff at a point where it jibes
with readjusting world conditiqns. It
ahould make the tariff commission mean
more than it ever nas neiqre.
Congress has worked under some
handicap. There are times when it has
bad to be prodded but when weighed for
Ha accorcptfenmtnts t has tprned out a
mighty vplpme of work totrcblng a wide
rare of national interest.
When Admiral Sims reached the ?e
that calls for retirement it did not
neon that he vee by any "means in-
mcpacitated. Like many other naval and
army officers it found him in excellent
mental and physical condition and the
application of the rule means the de
partment loses the seryipes. pf a highly
valuable officer.
Nevertheless it is necessary t bays
joch rules and to follow them for the
taie of making room for and developing
Ihf ypunger men. It is by such umita
hon of tbe period of service that stag
nation is avoided. Old men are not per-
1 tnirted to clog we way ipr tnose oeiow,
v?n though In some instances it would
be to the advantage Of thp department
were sqm qf the old men vbp reach
lha retirement g permitted to remain
in the active service.
Eetirenjegt upon reaching the age Ijm.
k doesn't, however, mean 1 that the de
iwrtment has lost the services of noted
or valued officials. Xnpy repire from
active "service but they remain in the
bay of the government ana tney are bud
Ject to call If occasion arises that re.
ruires them. This was dpne in the late
war and it Is" dope at ptber times, so
that while Admiral Sims has completed
his active service rt is possible for the
department to draft him if such should
be demed necessary. Like a loyal na
nl officer he is snbject tq call.
Admiral Stars has been recognized as
bb of the navy's big assets. ' He ren-
Bered coospicnotn service as commander
f onr fleets In Eurppeap waters durinj
tbe World war. and hehas been a con
rtint worker for the efficiency of the
American navy. Even thocngh retire
hjent doesn't mean his removal beyond
tan it s impossible for such an active
treer tp end without recognitipa of its
raid and 'regret over the fact
A balance m the state treasury for
he fiscal year loots much better than a
Itsloit which wouid call for a new bond
Wie or added taxatiom.
From time to time Judges have felt
called upon to announce from the benqh
that they had become convinced that
too much leniency, bad been used in
cases where Intoxicated drivers of auto
mobiles had bsen presented before them
and as the result of their conclusions
they bad declared that henceforth"-' the
practice, qf bandto out slaps on tip
lyrists would be replaced -tft different
treatment, and that jail sentences could
be expected. ' '. ' '
Whaf the effect of that Is spins to be
depends upon bpw generally the plan "is
adopted and how much emphasis is act'
ually placed upon it when such pases
are up for decisjpn. Thai It 1? callpd for
is unquestioned. Sufficient ground, for
it is revealed by the action of the mo
tor vehicles department f Massachu
setts" in the month Just gop? vthgn thej'e
were 1228 auto"licenBea revoked, and pf
that number 32 were, revoked because
drivers were intoxicated. That repre
gents mpre wan ten a day, ana wnen it
is realised that there were but 1C4 re
voked in Septener of last year for that
reason, it is evident tbt the practice
is increasing or else more attention' Is
being -fiyen tp enforpement.
Tirrougirout tne jist oi nignway aan
gers there is no greater menace than the
intoxicated driver. He maes the high
way not only perilous to himself sw
those with him, but he makes it danger-
pug fpr ajl ofher users. He has no re
spect tor tne rignxs , ox oxners. ne is to
tally unmindful ot regulations and he
has no thetrght of doing anything ut
taking chances and speeding. One might
as wel) think of placing a mfn under
the inSuence of liquor in charge of a lo
comotive. - .
It is certainly time that determined
measures were taken for the elimination I
nt the intrvrifntnrt rtrlver. TTib orju-ti.'.a I
will continue to grpw as long as there
is the spirit of toleration. iteis only by
the pnnishment that wiU
"' ! Hf? ""i "i-
mpving supb a mepape from the high-1
wajs. riuieuuun .xiu eaici ftif iwi w i
be obtained through lenieapy tij snch n-J
aiviuuais, i
WB T m fiWIf WliW4.
w - t.v fcrr
nee ia apesji t appear tnat tne jaurpan i
track and maintenance qf way employes!
are pleased over the fact that he kept!
them out of the strike, and indirectly
because of such action has been able to
get them a small increase in .pay.
It is true that sentiment was pretty I
evenly divided on the point as to, whcth-l
er fresiaenf uraoie snquiq ibe endorsed I
and kept in office, 'but the majority. was
slightly against' him, apd it is impossi-
W to look upon the result as other" than
a repudiation of his action. ' ' " '
is impossible to look upon the re-
placement of Grable as Other than' rank I
ingratitude. Thaj. hp listened tp reaspp
and failed tp be swayed by thp element
which was for rushine into an uniusti-l
fled strike is unmistakable, it was be-
cause ne relied upon a rehearing of the I
organization's claims before the labor
board, and in all probability because he
..-'j ''. , ' i rrr t , u-
sensed the attitude of a strong mipor-
ity, that be kepf such employes at Wr"-
Iastead of being grateful tor the fact
that they did not" gnter a losing gtrU:
as did th? shopmen, ipstead of appre
ciating the fact that they have had un
interrupted employment instead pf
months of unemployment and that now
they are to get an increase . In pay even
though it 'is pot all they asked they ar?
resentful if wp are to judge by the ma
jority vqtp and dp not seem to take into
consideration the plausible fact that
luvjr wrp jjiucn pgtier on; toaay tnan
iney woum oxnerwise tie lint for cira-
ble's actions..
When this country entered the war It i
was careful to look to its welfare con
cerning ships. It was in Voed of thgm
for-its own use and it was desirous qf
keeping all such out of the hands, of the
trade 'with the enemy. Norway was ope
Of those neurnln thnt yrrw im 4 I
spch trade and there were Norwegian in-1
- . w.K(9VM . i
terests that were having vessels' con-lton
structed in this country at the time of I
our entrance. These VMSei ''mr
ed, with the expectation of course that
they would be paid for, bat in the mat-
ter of' reaching a lasis of 'settlement 'it
?-as. impossible to agrpe. The result
was that rt was submitted to The Hague
tribunal for arbitration.
There have been certain phases of
that arbitration to which this country
has taken exception. Possibly for, "th
reason it is Tint more TPnnr-ilnrf tr. tka
award that has been made, but bv the
decision which -the tribunal has render-
?q neither side obtained just whatMt
. ' ... . ' 1 v
The amount awarded - to ' the Nor
wegian shipping interests totals '12,0AQ,.
Norway asked for more' with" com -
pound interest while thdg , pountry be
lieved that a fpil ' adjustment - of the
tnatter did not warrant such a large
It was of course for the purje
of reaching a fair settlement that arb
tration was resorted to and for that rea
son it is probable that the award will!
be paid. That at least is what is ex
pected when the solution of a dispute Is
attempted in, such a manner. This
country hasn't atternpted to shirk Its rs-
sponsibility or just" debt. 'The aim ha,
been tpdecide what that was and for
ing disposed to accept "the awar as'fi-l
Lloyd George is showing that he is
just as good a fighter as he ever was.
4apk Fros'thas a killing "way with
him, whether it is partially or impartial-1
l"AtM1A.!.'j 1 '. '' " 1
1J U4-9VJ,CU.
From all" indications tHe only mpney
to be made, from oceanic transportation
comes oyer the bar.
The man on the corner says: Isn't it
about time for someone to discover how
to get alcohol out of falling leaves?
There doesn't appear tp be any uncon-
trollabie rush tp Europe at. this tim. H
response to the former kaiser's wedding
These re the days when no- one woull
object to the -musks of coal being dumped i
into uie cellar even if it were to con
tinue all day.
Admiral Sims has reached th.p retire
ment age and the navy department may
well realize that It is parting with the
services of a man of ability. ,
An occasional cut in the price of oil is 1
reported hut it cannot be expected there I
win oe many ana suu proviae tor nuga
stock dividends now and then.
Now that they have" organised a .club
to protect the good name of Clarence P" ''"V i,. S ' .,'"5
, . r -r, ' abundant. It keeps away al? dandruff
from ArllK orhRf are. thA Ppp.ivftl anli . .1 . r. , ,; - -r , -r:?r
g-srgS? f ?fef .? Sgi m
Tou like Sshing a whole ; lot, don't
you?" Bobby asked after dinner. "You'd
rather go GshTng than eat, I bet you.".
"''Welt, suppose thefe may be things I
like better," said his father thoughtfully.
$5Uf HT ujb lusums au sun.
"Aw, jrolf !" sniffed Bobby. "Just
knocking a ball around and running after
it, that's all. fishing's a whole lot of
fun and us fellers are crazy over it." Of
pourse npw it'? frettins to be. too late, but
gee.1 this summer it's been something
grand. Me and gam apd Billy has fished-
an awful lot flown at tpe tireakwater.
That day Ve ejit out to the municipal
pief ' when ypu wqc away, re got a pile
fellpt? together and shed air day-long,
almost.' Anyhow, all afternoon." ' " .
'iThat was fine,", said; hi father cheer
fully.' "Ipw pany fisa' did' yt?u catch,
my son?" ,
"Oh, welL" BpbbJ replied, somewhat
cast down. '.!ffe ain't gotso many, at
legist opt 'mp. Billy caught iwp minniesH
ana sam got a PBfcn, pus. mp anp. tne
gther tellers idn't have any luck." ,
"Eprhaps there' was top much noise,"
suggested his ' fathftr. VMayb? the gjrls
talked Up mup.ir', " . . . ' ' '
"Girls ! "Bpbbs exclaime-L scrnfullf.
vwe iiidn't take any girls alpns. 'Nitskj.
I shpul say'iotj Why, 5am ha tpld
Susie he'd "give her half th,e, fjsh he fot
if she'd stay home,' but when he got back
she squealed at him fpr offering to cut
She percfi 'in tko'rlsSxt" th?H(. " H'sa,ld
he'd give her half, and he only had one.
He told her to get him pnp p he tools
her father uses when he doctors, tint she
got mad and said her father wasn't cruel
like that. It didij't malie any difference
fhTe fish' being dpad at all. So we all had
a gratid funerarinstead.' w'itb, pur' poats
turned inside put, ?-nf'l torg my lining
some and illy lost 20 c?nts his mother
gave him' to buy something. Billy put a
bath towel over Sam's drum and beat it
hard and it made a swell sound."
"It must have," agreed'1 his father.
wnose Datu wwei was
Ph' h s mSeF ' $, m m
sn he thnutrht it was o d. It turned out
they was peant to be theri and it was
wnat - tne lamuy never 'uses, you koow.
one of these hpre'euest towels, and nis
niouiBr was, witu aiiu ujicw awii vt
him tearlne it like mat. you know."
that way.sigied his'Ver.'' rThlnk of
ail mai comuis irom just une iiLLie iu1
It is a lone step from the days of old
Europe to America In music, as well as
in'progress, apd there is a vastly 'differ-
6nt 'Bt6ry' , ' " 1Lto P Ml' HrA
Beach' ed n g'K
.v. ,nfc.w ma ' '.Vi - -win
wVvrinv 'miiiitcul m..ses"at the'eradlp. aiid
struggled to the ' front aganst U"sdl
of opbosition. " ' '
The scene changes completely.' Gone
an the ' wassail ' boards, "thp court "sub-
. ' "r vp
Betting of the other notable instances.
' rf t " i TFS--
a duke, one finds a neat, refined New
Engliind home" as the starting place" of
Mrs. Beach. She wa Amy -Mhrcy Che-
nev. Iri'the home ' at Henniker. N.v H..
where she was born Sept.' 5. 1867, a very
talented ' mother presided ' from infancy
over the educatipn' of "-the girl.. "Her
marked musical talent was givpn every
encouragement," and the ' mother, herself
musical,' provided her with every attrib
ute to study. "'
And yet,- there is a strange feature
to her case as copipafed with those of
the master musicians" pf the old world
perhaps it is typical of ' the American
tui"U nu lis nuiin.y iv i&axu irum ttH.
hicli uuuuu.
My instruction m orcnestraxion, com
position, counterpoise and fugue," she
wrote to a" friend, "was acquired alone
without a -teacher, through "the faithfii.
study of standard treatises
Many of "these she "translated herself
from foreign tongues. ' But etae supple-
f?1? jF1" " by
Very ; few persons in ;" any a je attempt
Urhich she ferPduced for solo: chorus, or-
1 it - - " i ';:
wicaL.u. dim V1CAII. '
The Hajidel and' Haydn Society of Bos-
firat gave it Feb. 7, 1892, and the
composition at once stamped Mrs. Beach
as having reached a high place in mus!-
W' The jB dlviaeiin 10 ParL
? T 1 - JMeW,
subject " ?
The cause of the American woman
was young when the World's Fair cam;
I alone at Chicago in' 1892. feut' even at
that ' early date the women of the land
I felt that they must bring to thp f f ont
I ir ' S8!? and Mrs.' Beach was call-
upon iu mo uie juuiiaie lor me
ddi5!n o he Woman's 'building af
i ncr laHL iniuortan'L worir in inn r
ehestral aenartment "'
in E minor, op. 32, which -w-a 'given the
title of "The Gaelic.'' When the Boston
Symphony brought' it before the "public
'n 8M It- was hailed as the aple output
of a strikingly talented woman,
For the violin, it may be said that
nci. uinei com-posiuon is tne sonata e.
pkys a 1SLi.ge part ana tli.s rLldihe
31 Tr, r.. -.mE.. 1 t . ' ' : .
has given to the world a vast number of
tilings wnicn will live. Her efforts were
not confined to instrumental cqmpqsition
and the list of her songs, including "Ec-
scacy, -vsweerneart, - "Thy Beauty,
'Scottish Cradle Song," "Elle et" Mot
the "Hymn of Trust" and many others
have uken from &efr fanAa
pa migm De preserve.! for other een-
Today's Anniversaries
17S1 Richard M. Johnson, the only vice
president of the United States to
be chosen by the senate, born at
Bryants Station, Kyi" Died' at
Frankfort, Nov. 19, 1850.
was onened'tn Ann Arhnr
1847 Jqh'n'-Timon was' consecrated first
Catholic hishop of Buffalo. "
1853 FiHb-asters under Colonel Walker
' sailpd ' frdro an Francisco to set
up a Republic in Lower California.
?; Suprme court qf United States up-
ueiu copuiunpnauiy oi the Michl-
nt lan, . choosine presidential
&SoT former prS
- del't' it the' 'Fnch rem.bltlLfT.
i-ans. 4orn juiy ii, iu
1S?8 President tacKinley received, the
degree of doctor of laws from the
T'niversity of Chicago. - ,
1912 Turkey formally declared war
against Serbia and Bulgaria.
1951 General Pershing laid wreath on
tomb of Britain's, unknown war
dead in' Westminster Abbey.
Proposed amendments to the peace
treaties wkq aown oy; xne unitel
Stites senate. ."" " ""'
Helpful Hair Hints
A ladv visitine friends says "Paris-
I Jan SS i tnS Wng ever used
lift & psgqod po. " - ' --
fWell, w6at I was going to sa- wasn't
about funerals,, hardly a bit," Bobby went
on. "It was about fishing.' Tou seel
Billy's rootber won't let him dig' for
worms in per garpen. , I don t mean now,
on account of it beinz mostly faded, but
last summer she wouldn't They've gon
aw - uuui a -nuuEe on tne Dig jot an4
there wasn't hardly any place we could
get worms. Billy and me we found sort
on the gravel walks when it was rathing,
but we 'wasn't going fishing in theralni
and we didn't know what to feed 'em and
they was mostly scrushed anyhow ana'nO,
good.. "Well." now. anyhow, Sam's' honsa
has "grass in ' front and of ' course you
can't' dig in it, but it's got a grand 'lo$
of worins there, you bet," ' 'T
- "Tea. rait they ai'e no pse to yon II
you can't get at them." . - -
' "iAw. sure," said "gobby, eagerly. "But
that!s just it. . Sam. he made up' a. way
td get 'pm..- and that's just Exactly Sov
he was able to go fishing a lot, and you
know you aid It's great tb gQ fishing.lt '
i stick to W said his father, armiy.
"And I am glad, indeed, to see that mi
30o takes after his father in liking so
rvoble a spprt as thati even if be doesn't
catch anything,'! '
"Oh, I catch things,! Bobby declared,
hastily. "Lota and lots of times I caught
fishes when we been away, you know: and
things like, that.' Of conrseyoii got' to
remember Chicago ain't a place fellers
pome Just- to fish, for they fished most
of the fishes put of here 300 years ago
Anyhow. Sam, he just stood around and
waited till there was a robin pulling a
worm up put the grass, and then shooed
the TObin and grabbed the worm, and it
didn't -$urt the grass nor the robin, nor
anything. That was the way he done
did- Only- when we fellers tried it he
charged us Inj it, two worms for a cent.
on account pf its being his patent, hi
said.'1, . ' n
"Sam Is missing his vocation," langhed
his father. "He should be a lawyer,' not
a doctor." ,
''He never told us till we'd got a lot p
worms," Bpbby grumbled. "And then he
said it was his yard, too, we got To pay,
but we didn't-" . " -' '
"Toil founfl some way out, I warrant
you." chuckled his father. "D,id you put
him oft until' he forgot all about it?
' "Forget nothing!" 'cried Bobby, dole
fully." '.-"You don't know Sam." And that's
what I'm telling you. I gotta havp some
money to py him 'or he says be'U'tpll
his father we was the fellers that tramp
ed up the' lawn and made him mad,' and
his father says he's going to skin the boys
that did it His father's awful big. " I'll
bet hes seven feet tall, so "I guess 'J just
gotta have some more money ."Chicago
One pf those whose names baye oc
curred most irequentiy in tne recent des-
patches from the Near East is M. Frank'
lin-Bouillpn. He it was who concluded
the Angora treaty which was the roo!
cause of the present difficulties. ' II.
Franklin-Bouillon was' born in Jersey
where his father took refuge at the time
ot the coup d'etat of Dec." 2," 1831'. He
started his career, as a journalist, acting
as war correspondent in" the Soudan;
Later be became chief editor of Le Radi
cal. He was elected to the chamber of
deputies in 1940 and has since been on
thp foreign affairs-commission and on the
budget. During the; late war " his chief
effqrts were directed tq the formation of
an inter-ally parliament. In the Painleve
cabinet he help thp foreign missions port-
toiio. in 1918 M. Frariklin-Bouillon vis
ited the United States on' a special mis
sion for his government, a task for which
bis thorough knowledge of English spe
cially fitted him.
Today's Birthdays
Earl of Selborne, prominent Bjitish
statesman and cabinet minister, bqrn 63
years ago today. " "
Robert Lansing, secretary of state in
the Wilson administration, born at Wa
ter town. N. Y.. 58 years ago today.
Rr. James R. Day, late chancellor of
Syracuse piversity,. born at Whitney-
Vllle, Me., (7 years ago today.
Tnaddeus a. Caraway. United States
senator from Arkansas, born in Stoddard
county, Mo., 51 years agp today.
Childe Hassam, one of the best known
of American artists," born in Boston 63
years ago today.
Stories That Recall Qthers
Never Again.
Mather bad, been finding it increasing
ly difficult to (persuade her little daugh
ter tp say her prayers as she wen- to
bed. Each evening the little -girl gave
the excuse that she was "too tired.'!
An automobile ride had been on thp
usual evening program and the aaugn
ter looked forward to it.
"We are j.ot going riding tcmsht,"
the mother said one day. "You will be
Loo tired tq ay your prayers."
That had the desired effect. Never
again was the "too" tired" excuse heard.
When Truth Was Better Than Fiction.
The family objected to 19-year-qjd
Emily having John for a beau, and she
resorted 'to strategy.. The ofher evening
when" John brought her home she decid
ed to say nothing of it and keep peace
in the family. But the mother began
questioning her about the party, etc., at
the breakfast table.
She ended the" quiz with this question,
"Who brought you home, dear? '
"1 came in a taxi," was the answer.
Silence for a ' fsy niinute3 and then
her older sister ljurst into tears. "Oh,
Emily,"" she 'sobbed, "I d.da't think a
sister of mine would ever stoop so low
as 'to kiss a etranga taxi driver good
niph:.'' "
Tli en was when the truth was told and
the whole family. de2idinc it was bctttr
than fiction, "made ho more objections to
John. ' - '
By Minerva Hunter.
The telephone gave a" sharp ring. Mrs.
Kent lifted the receiver ' and her -old
schoolmate heard ibis one-sided con
versation: "Yes." this is Mrs. Kent."
"All right, Mrs. Pake." "He did !"
"We'll have it replaced today, Mrs.
Dake. I "cannot tell ypu jiow sorry I
am that it happened-" "Have you se,ut
him home?" ' ',
As if' in answer to her question the
side door opened and Hilman went to
his room. ' "' " ' " ' ' '
' Half an hqnr later when he had de
parted for his father's office, Mrs. Kent
6at down beside "her guest. "I suppose
you have a pretty good idea wriat,'hai
f nervous J
chases it sy.
Wih the Man
m -efcanjres-qne week brings
KiQions of wotsett .know this
tw'way of teeth cleaning' Att
the pretty teetlj' seen eTerywherj
?W sWW irbf if means $q the
If the man doesat we it, petthk
10-pau Tabie for him.' TherJf watch
the result?. Sec wtat cbanjes-will
. cqnw a eek, '..'"'.; " " " ''
That dingy film "
Most people who brush teeth in
old ways havefilm-coated teeth.
A viscous film clings to the teeth,
enters crevices and stays."", That
film becomes discolored; partictj-"
lariy with" meq iyho smoke Then
it forms' dipg'epatj.'; Tartat i4
based on lml; ;
. Film also holds food substance
which ferments and torn? acid. It
holds 'the. a44 in contact with the
teeth tb cause decay. Germs breed
: by millions init. They, with tartar,
are the. chtei cause of pyorrhea.
No old-type tooth paste can ef
fectively fight film. So all these
troubles were constantly increas
ing, and beautiful teeth were seen
less oiten than today. "
Nev dUcqyif
Dental science, after long re
The Now-Day Dentifrice
Nor advised by dentists tb,e ysrorld oyer.
AH tjruogists supply the large rubes.
happened," she remarked with a rueful
"I should say that Hillman broke a
wondow." ' " '
"Exactly!" exclaimed his mother.
"That is the second he has broken this
vacation. We made him pay for the
first out of his savings and thought that
lesson would be enough but he has done
jt again. Why do boys enjoy destroying
things? Tell me, Susan."
VI hardly think Hillman enjoyed it I
beard his' explanation and it seemed
to me he disliked every minute of the
rock throwing because his first ex
perience told him he was likely to break
a window."
VYes, I gathered that from what he
said,-' the mother agreed, "but he went
on playing just the-same., Sometimes
I lose all patience with Hilman, if
you can think of some explanation that
will give Tne sympathy for him, Susan,
please tell me what it is."'
"Even if it brings you up fpr criti
cism ?" Susan's eyes twinkled!
"Yes." : Mrs. Kent consented. "It
may be if I can criticise myself" I can
understand- Hillman better."' " . '
"I remember that when you were much
older than Hilman you were destructive
in a far more serious way than he.
"How?1' gasped ' Mrs. Kent.
"When I knew you at boarding school
we attended many mid-night feasts to
gether, balmon salad
un:- snuoaered Alrg. Kent.
'As I-was saying, salmon salad was
the chief dish at all these revels. You
knew it would, make you sipk, but still
you never reiusea 10 eat it.
'Pray, wise' friend, what has salmon
salad to do with broken windows?'
balmon salad injured your diges
tion ; a broken window injures a house.
I bad rather break a window than ruin
my - digestion."
it is more sensible." Mrs. Kent
agreed, "but you see I almost had to
eat salmon salad. The girls never
Would have understood if I hadnX Why,
oeneve tney wouia nave hatea me."
"I gathered from what Hilman said
mat was tnp trouDie in pia case.
-wnat r
"A desire to please and be under
TesT"' questioned the mother.
"When all the other boys threw rocks
at the tin sign on ' Mrs. Dake's garage.
Hilman could not endure being differ
ent and risking being mifcunderstood.
He wanted to be pleasant and friendly
and agreeable. '
" Ypu are right, Mrs. Kent nodded,
and now that you have discovered the
cau?e, can ypu prescribe a cureT'
"Of course Hilman should not break
windows. Make him pay for every de
structive act, just as 'you are now do-
The Lipton Improved Process
of Double Roasting extracts
all he pcb.ress, flavor; and food,
valqei" frpm ibe . cocoa Wan.
Yp,u get he most pf qcoa
Taste, Cocoa Quality an4 Cocoa
enjqytnen in; ; .
search, has found two ways to
fight that film. Pne acts to curdle -it,
pne to remove it, and without
any harmful scouring. '
Many careful teats proved these
methods efficient. Then authori
ties endorsed them,' and dentists
everywhere began to advise their
use. " ' "
A new -type tooth paste was ere
ated, based on modern research.
The name is Pepsodent Then
these two great film combatants
were embodied in it for dailz ap
plication." "' ' ; ' "
Not film alone
-. ?ut Pepsodest brings other great
results which research proves' es
sential It multiplies the alkalinity
of the saliva. "That is there to con
stantly neutralize the acjfls which
cause decay. " .
It multiplies the starch diges
tant in the saliva. That is there to
digest' starch deposits on teeth
which may otherwise f erment and
form acids. '" ' "" '
Those are Nature's great toothy
protecting forces in the mouthl
Every useof Pepsodertt give them
manifold power. " '
ing, but remember be is a human be
ing and dislikes being different and for
that reason he is likely to follow the
crowd even wben he knows better. He
is going .through a trying time in bis
effort to adjust himself to. the. ways o
the world. The desire to please is com
mendable ; not for anything would you
have' him rude or unpleasant. Grown
people cannot always tell where the line
is drawn between politeness and de
structiveness. " Deal firmly with Hilman,
but always remember that this em is
really an overworked virtue.""
Key. JAmes I- Earthblompw. . former
pastor of the Methodist Episcopal
churches at South Manchester and Staf
ford Springs, and now pastor of the
First Methodist church in Pawtucket, R.
I., has just become a candidate or Unit
ed States senator in Rhode Island.
Announcement to this effect was made
by George W.' Jeffery of New Bedford
at the closing session of the forty-second
annual convention of the Rhode Isl
and Sunday School Association at New
Bedford. Mr. Bartholomew will make
the run as an independent candidate,
running on a prohibition ' enfqrcgment
platform. Approximately 1"0 .persons
qualified to vote in Rhode Island affixed
their signatures to nomination papers
in behalf of Mr. Bartholomew at the
close of the convention, and he consent
ed to make the run.
Accordinc to the announcement, the
minister' was prevailed upon to run for
the senate because "both major parties
(in Rhode Island) bad nominated wet
candidates for that office."
'Rev. "Mr. Bartholomew lived in differ
ent Connecticut towns for many years,
and is well known in this state. In ad
dition to holding the pastorates of the
South Manchester and Stajord' Spring
Methodist churches, several years ago.
he was prcsidine elder of the Norwich
district from 1907 to 191). He has been
a leader of the New En ir land Southern
Cqnferepce qf the Methodist Church for
many years. He is a-native of Lodi.
Wis.. (5 years old. and Is a graduate of
Lawrence University.-. Applcton. Wis..
class of 1SS1. holding the" A. B. degree.
Don't Experiment with
yoiir lifiby'? Food
BORDEN'S Eagle BrandMillt
is the standard inf ant t ood.
It has been used tor grner-
ations. Countless mothers '
have found that it builds
strong, robust, healthy chil
dren. " Physicians recommend
(t in stubborn' feeding cases- i
or Eagle Prancl is easily di
gested arid 6uj3plic cprnplete
nouf jshrnept.
Simply JtTatH Cmpm
Some fffxatkof
Uq itnow '
Theu5ef PgpsoorrtJiAgjpfeil
the world oyer, Ln-geiy1 by dental
advice. Carerul pebpl 'pf "t0
fifty rjations now empkry it azZj.
Thus it if bringing a new deattl
era. The glistmrng teeth sou sef
every mjae now show how STidelx
it is used. '."''' - " " v
Send the coupon foc?a 10-Day
Tube. Note how dean tie teeth
fed after using. Mark the absence,
of the viscous film. See bow teeth
whiten as the film-coats disappear.
In one week you w31 gain new,
idea of what clean teeth mean.
And all in your home will always
want those whiter, safer teeth. Cut
out the coupon now
( lOTDayTubeFree
ir r
Dept. A-124, 1104 S. Wabash Aye, Chicage. ttl
. Mai 10-Day Tube of fepsqdent to '
one tub to a family
He received the depee of A- M. fttJ
Wesleyan University in Illinois in 111
After retiring, in 1113 as presiding
dec of the Norwich district, he went I
the County Street Methodist church. -
New Bedford. From there, ne went 1
Pawtucket. to take charge of the' Frj
Methodist Episcopal church, where he
now located. ""
Meriden. Three more victims of tl
police crusade against improper ' lift!
On automobiles paid ST each. They ws
Moses W. Tirrill of Middlenetd. Rot
A. Bertscby of New Havcjy and EdfX
IL Webe t this city. ""
Upii! "Frult-a-tiyes"
PertgQt Health
49 A.?pwsos, St fqsxMfPt MTrff.
" I was troubled with Constipatipn
e-yer since I can remember. As f
result, was subject o distrctinp
Headaches and Pain in my left side.
I chanced to read about ''Fruit-a-the"
in one pf put locfl papers and
began their use about four months
agp. Since then, I have been free of
Hcadacbu, my boveli bass bpen
regular, and irons the use of ''Fruit-a-tire"
(Fruit Lsxo TbleUJ T fed
tie derived tbff reatest benefit".
60c a bo, 6 for f2 50, trial sire iac.
At dealers or from FRtrjT-A-TIVS
pure country milk comhuied
with pure sugar. If can b pur;
fft&Vi wlereyer ypu are.
Umitn Xm ff tfUm't Bri4 ST A.
tfdn'i CaUii UtUU MU WSr
Attf ' QnlKUrur.- '

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