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VOL. LXIVNo. 300
Ismet Pasha Not Worried Over Attempts at Coercion, of
George Tchitcherin, Soviety Foreign Minister Not Dis
posed to Turn From Europe and America and PIfflinge
Into the Arms of Soviet Russia Tact of American Am
bassador Child is Showing Good Results Jurks Have
Decided to Maintain Their Capital at Angora, Out of
Range of Guns of Foreign Battleships Constantinople
1 is to Remain the Religious Center of Turkey and the
Moslem World.
Lausanne, Dec. 10. (By The A. P.)
Ismet Pasha is not worried over the at
tempts of OeorRe Tchitcherin, the soviet
foreign minister, to turn Tnrkey away
from Europe and America and plunge
her into the arms of soviet Russia. He
refused to influence Turkish correspond
ents against sending to their home news
vaners full accounts of Tchitcherin's
strictures of yesterday that Turkey by
opening up the Dardanelles -was expos
ing both Turkey and Russia to future
destruction by the great powers.
Unmoved by the bolshevik blast, Is
met tranquilly went to Geneva today as
the guest of honor at a dinner arranged
by the Ottoman society.
A leading 1-urkish publicist, cabling
to Constantinople, introduced his narra
tive of Tchitcherin's warnings to Turkey
hy relating the story of the grand vizier,
who when in doubt as how to rule his
realm invariably decided upon a policy
tho reverse of that delired by Rus
sia. '"That grand vizier was rig!!-" declar
ed the Turkish correspondent, "uecause
Russia is our hereditary enemy. Tehlt-L-herin
prates about affinity and com
munity of interests between the Rus
sians and Turks but we are not forget
ting that there are today in Russian
Turkestan thirty million Turks, who, if
they dwelt formerly under the oppres
sion of czarism, are today ruled by an
Iron hand under the blight of bolshe
vism." The closing of the fourth week of the
conference has been marked by a dis
tinct disposition on- the part of Turks
to irecept occidental ideas and reject
Uusslan policies, particularly as regards
'.he straits problem. This was due in
t considerable measure .to the tact and
wisdom shown by Ambassador Child, II.
Barrere and Lord Curzon. who have
ried to make the Turkish leaders see
'.iiut they could trust the Occident.
The American delegation is keeping- in-
background,-carefully avoiding1 any
t tempt -to thrust American policies on
Kurope and restricting its efforts to
statements, of the position of fhu Ujjited
Pistes as subjects arise in which the
Inited States is justifiably interested.
Out as the conference progresses there
ro indications that the TurkiBh -leaders
are Icaninc more and more-on Amer
ica for guidance, believing that America
will strive to give Turkey the largest
possible sovereignty over Turkish affairs
and Turkish territory without vexatiojis
control from -without. , -. . ,.'
Difficult les are' being met In the laying
. down of the status of foreigers. but it
was said today that there were, good
parted to diplomatic activities- of the old
capital. ;
Angora is a dreary Turkish town of
about twenty thousand population. It is
located in a great cattle and feheep coun
try. 300 miles east of Constantinople on
a branch railroad and 200 miles south
of the Black Sea, without any connec
tion by railroad and with the highway
close in the half the year. . It is scatter- ' any moratorium.
ed about among ruins of Roman walsi
and is rich in fragment in Greek and
Roman sculpture which tlie government
is assembling preparatory to creating a
Turks Destroy- Railroad.
T ; m i -
rancare laResiiii
France to Demt Occupa
tion of the Rula. Guaran
tee for Moratorium for Ger-
Yale uniTfrsity ha the largest enroll
.dt3 stuaents m attendance.
Mrs. Ajrneii Kshrg was granted a di
vorce in the superior court In San Fran
cisco from Charles "Swede," Risben,
former. Chicago While Sox ball plaj-er.
Sir Keith Smith, famous British aviator
has arrived in San Francisco to prepare
for a round-the world flight he propose!
to make next spring-.
I fclx men were injured, two probably
London. Dec. 10 (By the A. P.) The ! fatally, when a boiler in the steamship
possibility of the four premiers reaching j Fi,zoe' in dT In Brooklyn, ex-
an agreement which will enable the lirus- P'oded.
sels conference to assemble with any '
prospects of success seems tonight to ' "rhe renernl sgricnltaral situation in
hany on an extremely tenuous thread. As ' tne Unltd Mates has improved slightly
with ail- previous attempts to solve the as indicated by the monthly Agricultural
reparations problems, the main difficulty ! I'eiew of thc department of agriculture,
lies in French determination to secure I
penalties or iruterajitoes of a military A motor !, carrying 150
character for the fM'flllin.-nt ,.f fliTmin cases or llauor was Seized by
,,M. ..,; ' J guards off Sandy Hook who
The- new British government is consid
ered more favorable towards France than
the previous administration, but Air. '
Shantung Has Been
Restored to China
China Has Effected a Com
promise With the Bandits
of the Province by Payment
of $100,000.
Peking, Dec. 10. (By the A. P.) The
province of Shantung was restored to
China at noon today by the Japanese.
coast :
answered .
Mnais lor am. . i '
Postmaster James H. Hoar, died at his !
Coal Commission Finds There Are Too Many Soft Coal Mine
and Too Many Miners Mine Capacity Ranges From 3C
to 60 Per Cent. Above the Country's Normal Demand
Production of 300 Work Days a Year Would Exceed
Needs of the Country, at Least 40 Per Cent Consum
ers Are Paying for a Vast Surplus of Investment ano
Peking. Dec 10. (By the A. P.) The
government announces that it has effect- i
ed an arrangement by which the bandits j
In the province of Shantung have been )
temporarily appeased. The bandits have
C 1 rn llilil nn fntiHitirtn that thev 1
refrain from ' violence after the with-j "Washington. Dec. 10. The studies al- ship now. Indeed, the rating of Brtm
h., : ttoii di t i... j , Mniril nf the .lananrap ready made oy tne unuen iai-s con. iHi.a-j.iy h- -.j- ;...o-io ivr n
Bonar Law has shown himself to be as ,n n h , h , j ' , j 0ne thouBand bandits have been in-1 commission ail r-Vr-t to the f ict t-iat the T.t.rpos.. of obtarung oir thM InotoiiU
warmly opjiosed to any occupation of the ,. ., ho,. . ,' ,,. i(-r.,nr,H into the Tsinctao uolice force. : l)itumin-..us coal mining industry Is ov.:r-it:;at th hituniiious n-.inei of t.ie toaa.rj
fluhr as was his predecessor, while the 1 - : The government, wthout military ! developed. -T')' many s-jft ;i-al raineri . hnw :i iota! ainys! ca;. ity -.f not f
power, was compelled to make this com-. and loo m:t?iy miners." d-s-ribs the s t-I fr'.m a b:l!!"n t',. :r.-.id '. thc -aa...
promise in order to avoid the apiear- ' uation i:i flain Kr.(tlh- t tiw o.ai . ,i:.i, vtt needfJ. .
ancd of Ijelng unable tci administer th re- mines more ca;.ital is inv.;s:.l and m"t j Ki--fii;:... may .;&' be made r.r
stored territory. 'miners ar i'mploel tl.iui lr: necl'-j und there l- t're ban wiik-'a t'. lnvir.
In explaining which Japan hai not ex-1 prodac-j tiie coal to-, cjuntrj rjiri-s. ! rcb!:.: i-..:i rJt on ---a! nil:;- devest
terminated the bandits while Japan exer-iTiiis "ondition. of cotrrr-. I:nv'i- t wa.-te j nent. A ix a: ii:arkt not r.eil liupDtii-o
'cised authority in Kiao-Chau. the Jap-', on a countiy-wide sea!-. ;w;tli.r-a. n-ay warrant h2 uix-.itr.j o
Italian premier, Signor Mhssolini. still an, Jall ntencra wiu be k- or
unknown influence in i.uropean confer- ! ddlers of coa, in Eo9t0n. who have
nniM alKn nnnni.a anvthinw evident vhat . .
' ' ' ' tv-pn round ffivmtr short wenyhr when
their case s come up in court today.
he terms economic and productive guar
t-iemier r-uincare asserivu touay Liiat lt Bradford Prince. S, s
France would demand the occupation of j ernor 0f New Mexico, and
tne itunr as a lunuamcntai gucrantee tor ;(,,,ri5r aiA in
M. Poincare reatserted
Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec. 30. Bands of
Turks have destroyed the railroad near
Dedeaghatch, in western Thrace.
I ticurist,
; pital.
former fr-
a noted hor-
Flushing. X. T.. hvs-
anese authorities made the following dec-
nn.o-stloiiiU.y tii- inflation'11"" '"'!- "
Kstimaies ;h- .-xc ss ;t ;xp?!orl -..-idli :on A -r.
B. I.
Pawtiicket, R. I., Dec. 10. Meetings of
every textile local union in Rhode Isiand
How great Is the nr-iK-ot ;iirid-;o:i i i.cr-cy ci .r:ne. n-ni-n oe:a TW)J
l ln,.,,slrv ,.:,n not l.f StiLi.-.l -TS-'tiy at " l' " Tour i ''l-t
this lime b;:t tini
is t-x.-ivi
i... .o r.-.... "ii f.-n.- c.0
...... ..nr " 1 '., .HiiinlrT. normal A?- '
.',.;..-., t .r ,7... f.v. 1-r.m hll"l O" '-- tt ii
ai-sra",.-! ab.v.lt Sill ITlitiion tons P-r i:-3. I
,.r ..nt- !efs ! g-veraarf.T.
put for tftc bt w.k to ISiv U ca- ' 1 " . " ' J--"
.,;.v- of ii..- .fr e,.3l mine- wai tr.-.:f"l proaorthaat to the era-
Mr. Eonar Law. on the other hand, told : ehiriH those of Mitninuni vr Tu-ri cnferri-1 rh tho -bin,HJ i11tical lead- !.,-. iti! imfor-n. !aire- fnfir.. Tier': s.-tfrr.- to r-t no v
M. Poincare he thought the German pro- and Carl T. Vogelgeaang to be rear ad- I ers in a plot to wrest control of .Shan- 1 na'elv. the min c-na.-ity l:as 1-.tzi furf.i- j ''arrai.t f . r sefiu-'.rig to to tcy
posals were at least -worth discussing at j mirais. i tung from the Peking government. f.r en';ar?ed aPuanoti.t r fftliuis of it J a" M'.ant. -xrzi t'.utijco t.v pub.lc In
greater length. ' I Japan concluded that it was unwise to in- iraii he made from th average cilly out- jterest luea not -m to indujj'e the uet
I laration : !
his demand for the Ruhr after receipt of j As the date for the restoration of J
advices from Paris that hia attitude in! iav;d B. Ogden. formerly trustee of j Shantung approached, bandits from oth-'
London had been interpreted in the in!. Christian Science rublishlng Society, er provinces joined the bandits in Shan- :
chamber of deputies and by a portion of , has hoim dropped from membership in I tung. They concentrated outside .Jap- '
the press as a weakening . in the face of j ,e Mother church by tho board of di- 1 anese Jurisdiction, but' within reach of
Mr. Bonar Law. j rectors. - ' i Tsiiigtao. General Vul. the Japanese
M. Poincare today informed the others ; j military governor, was instru-.-ted to sup-
i that I'l-ance flatly rejected Chanc;ilor Xominations rSutnrdnT bv ' Pesldent ' press banditry within Klao-Chau. I
Cuno's new proposals. i Harding for promotions in theavv in-1 "Bandits entered Tsingtao socretiy a:id
t l5 be!:evt that sue.
rrc. In tl:'
r.d nns o'. tile v". unfort;-
t.i (pjrrai itoierr.mrnt :tlf i,M
:ai c: irine
ht aitf '.a-".
Iind Ib re-
Tne chances of a settlement were any- Jame M. Cox, defeated democratic ! terfere in Chinese political affairs, be-
put last j ear : SoO dayi" w ork
thing but bright tonight, since the British I candidate for president in 1920 .. is the cause It was feared the bandits, after ' rate would bitve resulted in M0
prime minister, with emphasis equal to father of a nine pound baby girl, born ' the departure of the Japanese soldiers ( tuns i,vitlf; niined. or ftiilv j
will be held within the new six day or i lnaL OI lne rencn premuc. said mat tne ! Frlday night at his home, Trail's End,
the purpose o taking a referendum vote i occupation ot tne uunr anu tne expiuita- . near Dayton, Ohio.
er am.
f mere r'jjl. T'm rcult v-iil b- t?a,i tlvt
t -n will tM .ii fird :ts cnal mines 'at
co -.1 mirit ilh ba5Iy i?T
on the question of attempting to obtain J tion f the Rhineland would be penalties
i t o . land not "ennnomitf- e-nnmntpps" az thA
an increase in wages, it was announced
tonight after a meeting of tho R. I. tex
tile council here.
The council today endorsed the stand
of President Thomas F. McMahon of the
United Textile Workers of America, who
recently declared that the time was near
ly ripu for the presentation of demands
to New England textile manufacturers
for the restoration of the wage scale in
force prior to the 22 1-2 per cent, cut of
December, 132t).
Delegates to the Xew England coiu
eince of textile workers in Manchester, X.
and not "economic guarantees" as the
latter contended. England could not
consent tu- the imposition of such penal
ties, and Mrlionar Law urged that some
other way be found toward allied unity.
Belgium in the meantime has again
assumed the role of mediator. Premier
Theunis and Foreign Minister Jaspar are
trying to discover new economic guaran
tees which might obviate the occupation
of the Ruhr or the taking over of the
administration of the Rhineland. The
Belgians think that this could be ar
ranged by a plan of participation in Ger-
H., next Sundays ii was stated will be j man industry, with a provision permitting
guided by the votes of the workers during ? the Germans eventually to get back that
the next six days.-
Pittsburgh. Dec--au. fBv tho A P )
rTtefreshed by a-day of . leisure spent In
the crisp air at the crest of the Alle
gheny mountains at Cressoa, Georges
Clemenceau is on his way to Chicago to
night to make a brief address there to
morrow before a convention of farmers.
The war premier of Franca-took two
brisk walks with members of his party,
one being a hike of more than a mile
along the Lincoln highway triBi Bernard
M. Barueh and Colonel Steplien Bonzal.
Scores of motorists whizzed byand on
Five persons were killed, three of them
children, and five other injured when a
motor car ran off a culvert and fell Into
a ditch of water near Oklahoma City,
in animated discussions, the Secret sed-
vice man with the party, was obliged to
-c as a traffic officer and "detour", tht
machines. ,
. Torrington, Conn., Dec.
co Bollini, of this town, was fatally in
jured tonight when he . fell -5 feet
through a coal chute on a railroad sid
ing near here. Ho died from; a skuil
fraction while being rushed to the Char
lotte Hungerford hospital here.
Bolllnl ad. a companion were walking
across the side of the track and Bollini
opening of tne chute because of dark
ntss. Bollini leaves a widow and three
several occasions when the Tiger stou-
prospects for settling . tho ejttra-tcrrlto- ' Pd in the middle of the road to engarrV
rial problems, particularly tnose involv
ing special courts for foreigners.
The Turks arc holding out strongly
for all sovereignty prerogatives and
have given the other delegates to under
stand that henceforth they wilWrefuse
to foreigners the right to own- land in
Turkey. As this law would not be re
troactive It would not affect property
In the possesion . of the American mis
jionary and philanthropic Institutions.
This policy as to property places
Turkey In the same category as Japan,
where foreigners are still without the
privilege of owning property in fee sim
ple. Another project accredited to the An-
jora statesmen, whicr. win procaDiy
:ome to light this week at Lausanne,
-elates to refusal to ist-me permits to
foreign lawyers or doctors to practice
ivlthln the confines of Turkey." Angora
is determined to show the world that
she Is qualified to run her country from
every, standpoint without outside assist
nnce. The proposed measure of prohi
bition will not apply to American mis
sionary positions serving plillanthropic
ally tn clinics.
Tt is understood that the American
delegation will make no special -demands
concerning the number of American
warships authorized to pass through the
Dardanelles but will probably adhere
to the general plan fixed by the confer
ence, as Europe's requirement! In this
respect are certain to satisfy Ameri
ca. - . ,
Ismet Pasha's suggestion that squad
rons passing through the straits .be lim
ited to light ships Is based ' on the
.American idea that the Black Sea should
tie kept open for peaceful commerce,
"Lausanne, De. 10. (By The A. P.)
Constantinople has probably ceased to
be Turkey's capital for all time; it re
mains the seat of the caliphate and the
part taken over by the allies. German
mines would be rented at a low amount
and exploited for reparations purposes-.
It became increasingly clear tonight
that France fs alone in her demands for
radical guarantees. . lVelgiura is- in a pe
culiar position. Her financiers and eco
nomic advisers are all against the French
program but the government is committed
to assist France if she invades the Ruhr.
There is already talk of calling another
wuinciui; ireiuie me mi usseis meenug as j
a means or aeiaymg the threatend alnd
split; .
M. Poincar tonisht made known his
views in detail on the German proposals,
which ho termed "treacherous." ' If was
reported that Karl Bergmann. the Ger-1
man expert, had communicated the pro
posals of hia government to United States
Senator Medill McCormick last night be
fore presenting them to tho British foreign-
office. This gave rise to the Im
pression that America approved them in
principle, but Senator McCormick denied
this today, declaring he had only learned
of the proposals indiractly.
According to the German plan, the iu-
' ternal loan which Jt Is linrxid tn flmt
1!)' Francis- 'would be as lareo as libssible. and to thi
euu ceruun imiucements woum De ottered
to Germans to subscribe. One would be
amnesty for those who have violated the
law by fending capital abroad. This
would encourage the return of . this
money. s
If the loan raised amounted to three
billion gold marks a two years' morato-
Tho Yale Corporation .elected. Robert
Maynard Hutchlns, B. A., 1$21, to the
position ow secretary of the university,
succeeding Rev. Anson Phelps Stokes, re
signed. The strike of the 8,00 aathracltc mine
workers at the six collieries of the Hud
son Coal company at Larksvillo ma
Larksvllle and Plymouth, . Pa., came to
an end Saturday.
might inflict reprisals upon twenty thou
sand permanent Japanese ref.ld.-nts. The
Japanese offered to furnish iib to the
Chineso police. The question a- -efer-red
to the diplomatic forces in Peking.
Italy objected on the ground that furn
ishing of arms. would be against the
terms of the international embargo."
Tsingtao, Shantung, Dec. 10. (By the
A. P.) The territory of Kiao-Chow was
restored to China at noon today with
ing lack of ceremony. The Chinese flag
; for the first time in 24 years was raised
mirA tliin tv.rf normal n.-e.! of the norm- ic
al needs of the country.
How to denV-e t'.ie coal u.rtnstry is one
of many problems Ix-fore President Hard
ing's coal commission, and its reports
may be txpoctfd to jres:it facts bt-arinif
on this question. It sems piain fnouiiii,
however, that the irduntry should not
be further inflated by opening new mines.
thosj In Ir.-
ma and IiKno-s, wr.-re tho wcrlilr.f
lin.e i:- too short tu Jiir a-jequatcly e-tlrcl
jOin.tr or -jrKn.
streneth of t'.ie e idtnee ired7 avoilaBM
on thin sub" ri of ovordc!'pn-Mt- rf
fnsal to invest in rrvr coa! mlnlr.f ren
in ns urid-r pi-rsent coiidi'.i.ws bf
recognized ms both good busieM an
j good cif.2nL!i.. It is plain eaouch lto
Mrs. . Edith K. KomotcU, widow at
Tiie facts already presented furnish
vaiid argument against continuing to en- j j,ul nvn for tn. niines w al-
list new rapitai in the bus.ness, thereby Tdy hate. One potent reason that co"
owning new mines that are worse than ;s not cheaper to the conrumer is that bk
unnee!ed. for tney further spread and n, ,u:,poT:ing a vas t surptjs of Inrectrcei
thus overtax car supply ar.J siiorteu tne an) Cajacif. Thv large excess capacill
possible working time of mines in thai cm not for'i.M.g lowcr:lsfc vrs of ooai,
vicinity that are already equipped to ship 1 however, simaiv bci.-js that aondttiaa
over the administration building which , so to 100 per cent, more coal taao thsy I of things Is wasteful. Z
had been- used by the Germans and lat- J
er by the Japanese who seized the ter
ritory during the World war. ' POLITICAL PROGRESSIVES
Theodore Roosevelt Was" elected to the ' ,7, , l V 2 X-TT.i TllZ j. , . T .d MEETING IN CLEVELAND
council nf th vt)nni rn.Ht : officials exchanged formal addresses and
foT.iairufo A. . Kimt..R of w.?i- mntMBX banding over Cleveland.' Doc. 10
bury, was re-elected
league council.
chairman - of the .
(By the A. P.)
known Inhnr nrrurrraHia.
A Chinese gunboat In the bay j farmer-labor, socialist and non-partleaa
Boston on
-fired a salute at noon and then the Jap-
janese police headquarters were taken
' over by . the Chinese.
- - - 1 - l(lull.blM7UI. UlUUXillE ' . . .. T '
her with th m,H .rf WAk.:!'. ' t""'. JPneBe governor geu-
law Leo Marangi. Ignaclo Collucol - is
already under indict mert for murder In
connection with the shooting- of Marangi.
25-STL. .5." ? otHd be granted, and for every
, . i biuton over that figure another year
would be added to the moratorium. Half
the proceeds would be retained by Ger
many for stabilization purposes and the
remainder handed to the reparations com
mission. The loan would be exempt from
The external, loan, to be floated -would
be for three billion gold marks secured
On the German customs.
Tw:o plans were before the premiers to
day, the German, and the Italian. The
former was considered by all the pre
miers as too- indefinite and has apparent
ly Been rejected as inadequate.
Mr. Bonar Law has summoned a cab
inet council for tomorrow, which will pre
sumably discuss both- plans and decide
whether an additional meeting of the pre
miers is aavisanie.
Hartford, Dec 10. Ernest Banks, . a
hod-carrier of 18 ,1-2 Martin ' street, is
dying in St. Francis hospital ana his
brother George Banks is in tho Hartford
hospital in a. serious condition as the re7
suit of a shooting affair at Windsor and
Avon street shortly after 5 oclock this
Mean while, police are seeking a giant
negro known to them as "Derk". Clark,
leader among, colored gamblers, who Is
alleged to have shot the brother :f ollowlng
an argument over a card game.
After being marooned In midstream
for more than four hours In an open
boat in the Connecticut river about a
mile -north of Hartford, Cortis P. Sher
man, a draftsman was rescued by police
ana nremen Dy means or a "life gun
and lines.
Poor persons- are known to be dead
and several were injured Saturday in an
explosion which destroyed the glazing
mill of the Brass Diamond Powder Com
pany, near Dupont, Pa., about eight miles
Bouth of Scranton.
Police In St. LonU are seeking elaes In
the daring theft of wtskey valued at be
tween 50.000 and $100,000 by a dozen
bandits who overpowered a watchman
and a government guard at the Jack Dan
iel Distilling Co.
The plea of Deaglaa Fairbanks to re
strain Hjunan Winik and others from re
vamping Alms In which Fairbanks ap
peared several yearg ago was denied by
Supreme Court Justice' Wagner In New
cral of Kioachow and the remaining Jap
anese troops in the territory will depart
December 14. The staffs which have
been on the- docks and wharves will re
main ten days longer, then be replaced
by Chinese.
i A thousand Shantung troops arrived
here before the territory was taken over.
Wang Chen Ting, foreign minister, who
j received the territory from the Japanese,
said he was confident there would be no
trouble from the bandits. He declared
that now the only possibility of danger
is from Japanese roughs.
Minister Wang, In. an Interview, re
peatedly expressed his Inability to un
derstand why the arms promised by the
.; Japanese for the police had not arrived.
Japan, he said, had postponed tne de
livery of arms three times. He said he
had 2700 police troops within the city
and 10,000 troops on the boundary.
He said "he did not wish to accuse the
Japanese authorities of double dealing
but he asserted relations existed between
the Japanese subordinates and the ban
dits. -Wang. denied there was friction
between himself' and the Shantung Tu-chun.
league leaders were arriving here tonight
for the opening tomorrow morning of a
two days' session of the second confer
ence for progressive political action, at
Warsaw. Dee. 10 (by the A. P. Tht
election on Saturday of Oafcriel Xaru'e
wicx a president of Poland continue!
today to excite hostile demonstration
and there were many predJetiona of the
culmination of a serious sitnation.
ne nationalist deputies bavs aa-
which labor and the-farmera will discuss ' Bounced . officially that thev will raftist
and map out future political action. : to support Xarutovrlcz or any cabinet
A meeting of the executive committee u.,.ii.ci by hint. He was a dark dotm
of the conference was held here this af-' oandldate and is declared iy the Af
ternoon at which the procedure for tho. j t'.onalMs to be highly nmntlafaotory U
conference was decided. William IL John- j them. Tliey assert he was elected by
ston, president of the International Ma-j the votes of the Jews. Ukrainians. QeTt
chinisls union and president of the coa-! mans and Russians, receiving only ltt
ference. announced t the close of the j Polish vote while 227 Polish vstas
session that it had been decided among j were cun for Count ZamoyvkT. and
Washington, Dec, 10. Retail food costs
Increased In 20 of 21 representative cities
over the country during the momn euuea
November .15 says a review issued today
by- the department of labor. "
- Increases noted Included "Bridgeport,
Conn., 3 per cent. New Haven and Man-
iimuiB in" Be&k ui mo wti.piMfcic miu iiitr . ....... j .
religious center of Turkey and the Mos- Chester, N. H., two per cent
lem world, but the Turkish delegates at
Lausanne say that Mustapha Kemal
Pasha and his helpers in the construc
tion of nationalist Turkey have no
thought of re-esta Wishing Turkey's po
litical heart within range of foreign war
ships which may enter the Dardanelles
and the Bosphorus.
After centuries of world importance as
' the capital -of the Byzantine and Otto
man empire, Constantinople will be rel-
' rgated to a place of secondary import
ance, as Petrograd has given way to
Moscow. Anrora has proved a safe
refuge for "Mustapha Kcmal's national
assembly, just as Moscow afforded the
soviet government protection from the
t-nsweeping German army and the al
lied wardships, and it will probably be
come the permanent capital.
The national assembly at : Angora has
discussed the advisability of moving to
various other places In Anatolia, but An
!Hr always defeated other rival appli
cants. Smyrna cannot be considered be
cause of the danger of a sea attack.
. Brusa, Turkey's ancient capital and the
burial place of many famous sultans,
lias been rejected, because within range
of great guns on the Sea of Marmora.
The permanent location of the Turk
ish capital at Angora will be a blow to
the United States and other nations
which have fine embassies In Pera, the
foreign section of " Constantinople over
looking the Bosphorus and the Golden
Horn. . Life will be dull at Angora for
'.he foreign diplomats, accustomed to the
Social brilliancy which tho sultan's court
- Jod Jhe navies of many -nations jjtw
For the year ended November 15 there
were decreases listed of: Bridgeport,
and New Haven, 6 and 4 . per cent re
spectively. ...
' Windsor,- Conn.," Dec. 10. Fire todav
partly ..destroyed the Trinify Methodist
cnurcn nere, causing damage estimated
at $15,000. A new pipe organ, a memorial
to the late chaplain, William B. Cornish,
ot tne united states armory, was burned
wniie . part ot the roof was destrnveil
Five- firemen were trapped in' the belfry
of the church when part of the roof fell.
uui were rescuea Dy tneir comrades.,
Mertden, Dec. -, 10. Mike Whitney, of
this city,' prisoner In -the .local notice
station, . Saturday night attempted sui
cide by hanging himself from the. bars of
nis ceil with a handkerchief. He was
discovered by the-police and "cut down,
however, before he had suffered any serl
ious harm. . - - .
-"ount Sterling, Ky., Dec. 10. -Within
a -tew yards .of the spot -In Menifee
county where Prohibition Agent.. Robert
C.-Duff -was shot and killed by alleged
moonshiners, Saturday afternoon, Dave
treaaway. 28. federal officer-and mem-.
-per of a posse seeking the slayers of
Duff .was shot frjim. ambush and in
stantly killed this afternoon.
Treadway was a member of a sher
iffs: . posse which accompanied federal
omcers In the search.
Harold H. Mend ell. 43. a draftsman, was
held , at the county jail In Bay City,
Mich., charged with haing slain Rollin
Dublin, Dec. 10 (By the A. P.) The
opponents of the Irish government re
sumed their reprisals against Free State
. . fcjii.it iDuaiD aNim i-b omi.
Morgan, 33, a metallurgist when the lat-J officials tonight. Attacks with bombs
ter was believe dto have met death by ac-"1 nd aasoline were made on the resi-
cidental drowning. I denca of J. J. Walsh, postmaster aen-
' ' . . terai. and others Identified wtth the gov-
m resident Jianung. asked . nnnm to I. n,mn . The. wlh nwidu-o h If h
pay the Chinese government S6.913 dam- I Is In Frederick . street, was not badly
teh leaders to take no action relative to
the formation of a third party at this
Delegates among the rank and file ar
riving tonight however, seemed disposed
to favor a third party movement
President Johnelon In a statement de
clared that the main purpose of the meet-
there were Zi blank rolieh ballots.
Waterbury. Dec 10. -Hichaml Kau-
tone, (7. accidentally met death by as
phyxialion here early this noramg a:
lng was to set up active organizations 1b I the home of his son. Donato. ot 13!
all states for the participation by pro-1 iink street, when b sufrerad a pars-
greaslve voters in primaries.
With the success of the movement of
progressive political action In the recent
election, we feel that more can be accom
plished by working- through present polit
ical parties than in the formation of an
independent organization."
lytic stroke alter be naa opened a gas
jet in the kitchen and was preparing
to apply tbe match. Ha was found' a
an almost Itfeleas condition by his sou.
He died before reaching St Mary's how
pltal. 4 '
ages growing out of the . killing of a
Chinese policeman and the robbing of
two Chinese citizens by an American
military deserter and the sinking of a
Chinese junk by an American shlp.:..--. .
- The Famous. Players-Laaky corporation
announced that the contract -. held, by
Mary Miles Minter, one of Its most prom
inent screen stars, would not be renewed
after she finishes a picture 'upon which
she Is now engaged. No reason pas given.-
. - ' : ; - ' - - ; -
Chdistmas trees will be scares- Xag-
land this year. "The trees have been cut
in such large numbers of late that it has
been found- necessary-to reduce the -supply
tn order to same them from extermin
ation. Taxpayers In ' -Massachusetts---vfll
be reaulred to pay taxes on their real-
estate within one year instead of the two
After Visltmir the home of Jeff -Rat-! vears now aWnrncA it . Mil tar n.n.
lard the -sheriff's posse proceeded to theiry F. Long, commissioner of Corpora-
uiouuiBiua, waere mey iouna a sttii. itions and taxation, becomes a law..
xue puBse naa aesrroyea 1400 gallons
of mash and was preparing to leave the
scene of the still when they were Bred
upon from ambush. Treadway fell with
a bullet wound in his neck. He was
rushed to a hospital tout, died later.
Immediately after .. the -' shots -were
fired the officers saw three men run
from- the- bushes. They : trailed he
until darkness prevented further search
tonight. . ;
' ' x S i-" r
London, De. 10. (By the A; P. The
Duke of Abercom has been appointed
governor of northern Ireland by Klnf
George , : .- .. . .-
New Tork, Dec 10. "'Positlvely-the
last statement" to be gdven to" the. pub
tic regarding the marital difficulties of
John Tiernan, "former professor at No
tre -Dame, university, Indiana, was is
sued tonight by bis brother,. Peter Tier
nan, who is connected with the law of
fice of the city, of .New. York. .
' After announcing that John Tiernan
was - now in seclusion in this city and
was reconciled with "his wife Augusta:
ana tnree - children , the statement quot
ed him. as follows: "An action to annul
the second marriage; will he Instituted
by , me Immediately, I am prepared to
meet any Insanity proos8diBs ttiat may
College presidents sad ethrr iiitaisjsis
of New England, attending meetings ot
three educational associations In Boston,
enlisted in a campaign- to add to the fund
alreadyestablished for rebutlding the
University of Louvln.- - - - J J
Mrs. Emma K. Brlghaoi, who ea the
face of the election returns in Springfield
last Tuesday was defeated for a common
council seat by John O'Brien "by a rna
msjorlty of 32 votes. Was declared elect
ed by a majority of 17. l na recount .Sat
nrday... " ; . . . ,.' -.j . - ,
" Police CesnmlsaieBsr Peters . Caffi - of
Lawrence, Mass., removed Police- Officer
Frank L- Dwyer, foliwmg.j. public hear
ing, of a petition by Dwyer. tobe rain
stated" after' he bad been suspended for
alleged failure to. report at the police, sta
tion the seizure of three gaming ma
chines. .. ..-. .; -'.ii ,f.-
' FarralBUUi . Jassas -KeOey, the . ataes
heaviest patrolman, welching 400 sounds.
acted as a human battering ram during a
gambling raid in a club .in Haverhill,
Mass. Throwing himself against the-door.
after other policemen bad failed to hreak
it,. Keuer- opeaod the -iay Twelve
damaged, and the promptness of : the
nremen and neighbors prevented spread
of the fires n every case.
A' bomb thrown : Into ' the shop of the
Irish Produce company, owned by Mrs.
Wyse .Power,, recently nominated by
"President Cosgrove as senator, set - it
aflame.-- The house -of John MoGsrry.
Dublin .member of. the parliament came
In -for special attention of the incen
diaries, and nis wtte ana two cnaiaren
wre'Cslirltlr'- burned.' -The . children
were removed to. a hosplaL -
The. residence, of - Poetnaeer - Walsh's
secreary, O Beggary, -was raided y- an
armed- band. . Gasoline wm sprinkled
about .the bouse and the furniture and
other- belongings, set. fire.- - -. - -,
Washington, Dec.- 10j Senate sup
porters and : opponents of the adminis
tration shipping bill today measured
their strength and told their plans pre
paratory to the - beginning- tomorrow of
debate on the measure. Everything
pointed to a hard and long fight possi
bly .continuing with interruptions until
the end 'Of the session next March.
"' Opponents . of. the legislation ' neither
on the democratic side nor among the
republicans propose to show their bands
prior to the motion to be made tomor
row by "Chairman Jpnea of the com
merce, committee to take up tbe meas
ure. The general belief Is. thai filibus
tering -tactics,, perhaips similar to those
employed so effectively by the demo
crats t ecenMy . against ; the Dyeranti
lynching bill,- will be utilized but no
definite -. announcement . has come, from
either , party) group of ' opponents. -
- . ; -. -J i , , I , ' ' i 1 ." i--
Washiniton. Dec 10. Friday v will' be
TOllion 1 Dollar -day", at' the treasury.
TKe nations finance, department on that
oay 'wiu diaburse in cash or - securities
seven hundred .million, dollars to hold
ers of' "Victory ' notes which bavo eea
catled for redemption -r two httndred mil
lions to holders ' of maturing treasury
certiftcates of 'indebtedness - and on
hundred: mUttoas- ta. interest on the iu'o-
New Tork, Dec. 10. Curious thous
ands jammed in the streets about the
Bronx home once occupied by Mrs. Jen
nie Becker, victim of the pit murder for
which two men have been indicted to
day forced police reserves to form In
riot formation and several times threat
ened to overturn automobiles which
made up the funeral procession.
The funeral services were held tn the
open air in front - ot the Israel orttian
asylum down town. There 10,000 . per
sons bad been held In check by reserves
with difficulty. Thousands demanded to
see the body and when refused they
three times rushed the -hearse. Fmatly
the mob formation was used, and with
mounted men at the front the police re
serves crushed through the throng and
dispersed' it
City Court Justice Gustavo Hartman,
president of the orphan asylum where
the services - were held, -assured " the
crowd that the two - children of the
dead woman would never want for food
and lovlnc care. . . - .
. The trial of Abraham Becker. Indict
ed, for the murder of his wife, win Be
gin - m tne uronx county court torrtor
row. 12 days -after the body of Mrs.
Becker was found, Reuben Norkln,, al
so charged with murder in connection
with the killing of Mrs. Becker, will be
tried December II. .. i, . . , . '
Bangor, Me- Dec 10. Harvey ' Chta-
buck of Carroll was shot and killed yes
terday by his son Haloes who tnlstooU
his father for a deer, it was learned to
day, f.r.-..
According to die yoang man. his fX
ther stepped -from behind a troo -s-fte
be had jumped a deer. The . tragooy
occurred !n Hancock .county .whsre,
big game shooting season was prolonfeB
until December - It with the shootlns; re
stricted to residents of the eovsty. .. '
New York, Dec 10 (By the A. P.)
Reports concerning' the fundamental
conditions underlying tbe financial mar
kets .continued to be satisfactory tbe
past week.. Railroad traffic is hoidins
at an extraordinary high levef consid
ering the season. Thus ear loadings dur
ing the week ended November 2 totall
ed OSt.OOO .cars, which .represents aa la
crease of 281,000 cars over the corres
ponding week a year ago 'and -151,000
cars over the same week in ,U20. . .
: Although the -week's movement was
some 14,000 cars smaller than . In t!u
preceding ieveu day period, this decUtu
is more than accounted for by the lost
of traffic resulting' from cessation of
navigation on the Great Lakes. Load
ings - of merchandise and mlsceUaneous-f
freight were, in fact, greater.
Rochester. X. T Dec -10. The -Joy
Christiana, a new religious sect form
here with a pledge to follow iwrtatsjn'lrle
of the Lord as "a drinker of wine of Htt
day." sdftered s. reveres! today 'aftien k
federal prohibition sgeat from. bsdqaa
ten la - Buffalo advised- their' "pastor J;
A. Stanley COpeland, to postpoae .its
second "oommunton. The fsderal ageal
took, from ."Pastor" Copebuid a.Wrtls
of beer intended' for the services m fear
In analyzed. . . I , J
r "t
rJXew York! Dec liC-J"I t anXfcajaMjoli
of-the return -of beer bavins; an sloshot
Ic content of tM- per, oentJ' aba.' F..ad
M. . Schaefer' -BrowSng" - ebaraaay. - t&
nounced ' tonisht that U hw filed
the secretary of - state at AJbaay aai
the. county clerk of New York muU
application to extend its' charter IdCotU
nitely " ..: . , ' , . '."'
The original - Incorporation for '. pe
riod of 4i years would cxnre DsceaAat
n psat. ..';''- t
--r--: --'.' 5
. London. Dec 10. A despatch to the
Central News from Tokio, dated Saturday,-says'
a severe earthquake-'wai
reit saturoay morning ar Hankdaote, a
" Meriden. Conn. Dee, 0. Tony Trt
U. 11-year-old son . of Mr. -d Mrs;
Tratta of Sopthuirton, was -brought '
rhe Meriden hopltat this afternoon 8J
the result of injuries sustained wbM f
ran into an . atrto with his s'.ed wai1
coasting. The ' youth' , is ' reported; t'o
have a fractured trkull and
- CUKCK FBOM ll TO suirf
. . - - - . . -
. Greenwich. Conn.. Dee.. 10 PoBce
today - were searching forWni!hiil
Srhyhnan "of . Brooklyn," irTTaalaat
whom a warrant was sworn out yester
day chargins; hint with. abtainUijr'morri
ey under false pretenses, . and wHh rais
ing a eepttfled eheck'frora 111 to "lit T
000. The complainants were Oie Put. '
seaport on -the- island of- -Teso.- Th nam " Trust - cenrreirr and ths'Cos
XTlaclpal -eiixlt pasted, rggrTt CcsJ CiHsssWitasfss,'' " r ,V ""

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