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Late nmd tmpmrtmut Foreign News
—Arrival of the Hibcmia,
Last week we gave, the laeteat news
from England, the dissolution of Sir Rob
ert Peel's Ministry and the organization
of a new cabinet under Lord John Rus
sell, with Lord Palmerston at the head ot
/oreign affairs} which was considered
highly unfavorable to an amicable adjust,
•sent of the Oregon question, ccniiitteritly
with the rights and dignity of the United
States. Subsequent accounts from the
East go to show that this item: of news
produced great excitement, with the ap
prehension of a speedy and opeii rupture
oetween the two countries 1ftie New
York papers spoke confidently of the
prospect of a war and the Mayor of that
city had recommended to the Common
"Council to fortify the oity in anticipation
of the event.
Scarcely had this got colJ, however,
when the Hibernia arrived, bringing news
that the assumption of power by Lord
John Russell was followed almost imme
diately by its abandonment nnd by the
re-insfaltalion of Sir Robt. Peel. Lord
Russel was unable to form a Ministry—
Lord Grey refusing to enter the Cabinet,
if Palmerston was to be Minister of For
eign Affaire. The resumption of power
by Peel had a magical effect in restoring
confidence in the commercial world, which
had been parlized by his abdication.
It is still said that the corn laws will
4te repealed but appears probable that, as
-a compromise, a duty of 6s. or 12*. per
quarter will be proposed, to be gradually
reduced until it expires.
The Presidents Message was received
at Liverpool and London, on the 6th De
cember. It was.regarded on the whole as
^'pacific, and treated by some leading
journals, with much fairness." But it is
proper that we should here remark that,
though immediate war i* nr.t probable,
we cannot count confidently^ upon a
continuation of peace, without a com
promise of our just rights and national
honor, which will be considered by every
true American, as far too high to purchase
it at.
The "Liverpool Times" says "One
cause, perhaps, why the Message has a
greeably disappointed speculation here is,
the well timed observations in which it
indulges respecting a liberal Tariff. If
Oregon is the bane, the prpoged reduction
of the Tariff is the antidote in the Presi
dent's message to Congress.
"Upon the whole then, if tha Message
has not given all the satisfaction in Eng
land which the friends and well vvihers
of America desire, it has a favorable point,
that free of trade and the pending triumph
of free trade principles will, in all proba
bility, be accompanied by a satisfactory
adjustment of that bone of content ion—the
Oregon. Polk and Peel agree as to the
necessity of the first—why nut as to the
last alternative?"
Still Later from Mcxleo— li
or llerrera.
The Ut S. brig Porpoise, from Vera
Cruz, brings news that Paredeslhad b'.en
completely successful in effecting a revo
lution in Mexico. The Capita] opened
its gates to him without striking a blow.
One of the ostensible motives foi exciting
the revolution was the fact that? Herrcra
had signified his willingness to bpen ne
gnciations with our government on the
subject of Texas. This aroused the army
and formed the principal basis oi the man
ifesto adopted by the garrison atTampico.
Paredas issued a pronuriciainentc, set
ting forth his plan for a new government
which was to convoke an assembly duly
elected by all the voters of the jstatcs, to
which all political powtfr would at once
be entrusted, while he would ccntent
himself with the "privilege of marching to
•the frontier to encounter the eij».mies of
fiheir] territory," Sic. Sic. Mt. Siidell,
American minister, was at Jalaipa, and it
was doubtful whether he woula: be per
mitted to open negotiations withj the new
government. I
Gen. II. S. Foote anjt J. W.
Chalmers, have been elected Sa&ators in
Congress by the legislature of Mississippi
—the former for the term of cix years,
and the latter for the unexpired term of
the Hon. Robert J. Walker.
Very hnit from, Ihyti. The schooner
Silas Wright, Captain Conklin,(Arrived at
New York on the 3d instant, front the Port
au Prince, with advices to the l^th tilt.
We learn from Capt. C., that tjhe French
Admiral had determined to blockade Port
au Prince, and bombard the town, if the
Haytiens did not pay $26,000 j» an in
demnity to the French Consular'Age at re
cently driven thence:
The blacks at Hayti, it is sail], are be
coming very insolent to foreigners
Iowa Territory. Cedar County,
Treasurer's Office, Feb I, l84o
hereby given, thai
Feb. II, 184ti I 4w v
which have been returned delinquent
for the year 1815, by the Road Supervisor*
for said county, or so much ilureol a may
be necessary to satisfy the taxes and cosis
charged thereon, will be sold at the Court
House door in Tipton, on the Second Situr
dsy of March next, between ih hours of
10 o'clock, A. and four o'clock P. M. of
•aid day. Provided the amount :due shall
not be pail previous to that time. Tjie fol
lowing is a description of lands returned de
linquent, to wit:
The N. E i of sec, 12 town'p 80, raoge 3
B. i of N. W. I 12 80, 3
S, K. 4 2 80, 3
S 6 8 0 2
W. i ofS.W. i" 6 80. 2
Treasurer of Cedar county. Iowa.
"IWOTICE is hereby given that letters of
administration upon the estates o?'John
F. Cambridge and Charles Cambridge, late
of Johnson county, deceased, fcave been
granted by the Probate Court of Johnson
county to Frederick M. Iritb. AM per
sons indebted to the above nara^d estates
are hereby called upon to make iratiediae
payment, as the estates ahull be cel.led as
•oon as the law will enable ine t| do -o.—
Those having claims against ti e estates,
will present them duly authenticated ior set
tlemeoi. F. M. !RiSH. adm'r of the
estates of J. F. JL Cbaf* dee*
3R carrying the mails of the United
from the lsi July, 1846, to tht
30th June, 1850, inclusive,in IOWA, will
be received at the Contract Office ot the
Post Office Department, in the city of
Washington, until 9 o'clock a of the thir
tieth day of April, 184G, to be decided by
the 24th day of May,) on the routes, and
the manner and time herein specified, to
4551 From Dubuque, Dubuque county,
hy Pm Onk and Millville, to Jacksonville,
43 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Dubuque every Wednesday at 5 a
m. arrive at Jacksonyille same day by 7
Lea«e Jacksonville every Thursday at 5
a m, arrive at Dubuque same dry by 7
4552 From Dubuque, Dubuque county,
by Tele de Morte. Belleview, Wickliffe,
Charleston, Fair Haven, Lyons. Catnanche,
Princeton, Berlin. Pleasant Valley, and
Walnut Grove, to Davenport,^98 miles end
back, twice a wetk.
Leave Dubuque every Monday and Fri
day at 2 m, arrive at Davenport next
Wednesday and Sunday by 8 m.
Leave Davneport every .Holiday and Fri
day at 2 pm, arrive at Dubuque next Wed
nesday and Sunday by 8 m.
^553 From Dubuque, Dubuque county,
by Piairie Springs, Andrew, Msquoketa,
Dewitt, and Walnut Grove, to Davenport,
74 miles and back, twice a week.
Leave Dubuque every Wednesday and
Saturday at a in, arrive at Davenport next
dav by 12 m.
Leave Davenport every Tuesday and Fii
day at 6 a in, aruve at Dubuque next day
by 12 m.
Proposals to carry in two horse coaches
twice or three tune* a week will considered.
4554 From Un ique, Dubuque county,
by (.'a?cade, Ediuburg, Walnut Forks, Tip
ton Court house, and Cedar River. to Iowa
City, 99 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Dubuque every Monday at 4 a m,
arrive at Iowa City, next day by 8 m.
Leave Iowa City every Wednesday at 4
a in. arrive at Dubuque next day hy 8 in.
Proposals for twice a-week service will be
con-iuered also to run on the Territorial
roads, omitting E-iingburg and l'lpton.
4555 From Dubuque, Dubuque county,
hy Deliu, to Quasqueton, 75 mi!?s and back,
once a week,
Leave Dubuque every Wednesday at a
rn, arrive at Quasqueton next day by 6 m*
Leave Q,'iasqueun every Friday atGa m,
arrive at Dubuque next day b) nr
4556 From Dubuque, by Garry Owen's,
(Irish settlement,) Lodge's Ford, on '.he Ala
kokeiy river, and Thorn's Mill, on the VVap
sipinicon, to Bloomington, 100 miles and
back, once a week.
Leave Dubuque every Monday at 6 a m,
arrive at Bloomington next Wednesday by
Leave Bloominston every Thursday at
a in, arrive at Dubuque next Saturday by
Proposals for service once io two weeks
will be considered.
4557 Fjom Dubuque, on the Territorial
road, by the colony, or Morelaud's settle
ment. and Had's Grove, to Fort Atkinson,
on Turkey river, 102 miles and back, once
a week
Leave Dubuque every Monday at 6 a m.
arrive at Fort Atkinson next Wednesday by
6 ni.
Leave Fort Atkinson every Thursday at
a m, arrive at Dubuque next Saturd y by
Proposals for sercive once in two weeks
will be considered.
Quere: whether ronte is necessary?
455S From Galena, Illinois, by Bellp
vi-w, Andrew 'Jourt horse, Iowa, Mnivi
kety post (ffice, Thorn's and Anderson's
Mills on the Wapsipimcon, and Tip'.on, to
Iowa t_ity,90 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Galena every Monday at a m,
arrive at Iowa City ntxt Wednesday by
Leave Iowa City every Thursday at a
m, arrive at Galena next Saturday by 6
m. '-"S
Proposals for service oit£e in t#a Weeiks
will be considered.
4559 From Marion, in Linn connty, by
Otter reek and Centre Point to Q,ua?que
ion. Bucbanac coomy, Iowa, 32 miles and
back once a week.
Leave Morton every Monday at 6 a m,
arrive at Q,ua-queton same day by 6 pm.
Leave Quasqueton eveiy Tuesday, at 6 a
m, arrive at Marmn same day by rn.
4560 From Marion to the couuty seat ol
Bcnion county, 30 mile3 and back, once a
Leave Marion every Monday at 6 a m. ar
rive at Benson Court-house, same day by
Leave Benton Court house every Tuesday
a: a ni, arrive at Marion fame day in.
0,'iere: where ron'e is necessary.
4561 From Rock Creek, by Pedee, to
We«t Liberty, 15 miles and back once, a
Leave Rock Cr
ek every Saturday at 1
m, arrive at West Liberty same day by 5
Leave West Liberty every Saturday nt, 7
a m.arrive nt Reck Creek same day by 12 m.
4562 From Iowa City, Johnson county,
hy Solon and Franklin, to Marion Court
house, 32 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Iowa Cry every Wednesuay at 6
a m. arrive at Maiion Court-house same day
by 6 pm.
Leave Marion Court-house every Tues
day at Gam, arrive at Iowa City same day
by 6 in*
4563 From Iowa City, Johnson county,
by Washington, Juan. Crooked CieeK,
Trenton, Mount Pleasant, Lowell, West
Point, Fianklin Centre, and Prairie House,
to Montrose, 90 miles and back, once a
Leave Iowa City every Monday, at 12 m,
arrive, at Montrose next Wednesday by 6
Leave Montrose every Thursday at 6 a m,
arrive at Iowa City next Saurday by 12 jn
Proposals for twice-a-»eek service, anit
to end at Keokuk instead of Montrose, will
be considered,
4564 From Iowa City to the county seat
of Poweshiek couiry, 60 miles and back,
once a week-
Leave Iowa City every Wednesday at 6
a m, arrive at Poweshiek Court-house next
day by 6 m.
Leave Poweshiek Court house every Fri
day at a m, arrive at Iowa City next day
by 6 m.
Proposals for service once in two weeks
will be considered.
4565 From Iowa City to the co'inty seat
of Mahaska county, 70 miles and back, once
a week
Leave lown City every Wednesday at 4
a m. arrive Mahaska Court house next day
by 8
Leave Mahaska Court-hoase every Fri
day at 4 a ui, arrive at ttwa City next day
by 8 in..
Proposals for service bnce io two weeks
will, t.e considered
'Quere: whether route is necessary.
4566 From Davenport, Scott county, by
Blue Grass, Moscow, and Rock Creek, to
Tipton, 48 miles aod back, once a week.
Leave Davenport every Saturday at i
m, arrive at Tipton next day by 6 m.
Leave Tipton every Fntlay at 6 a m, ar
rive at Davenport next dsy b* II am.
4567 From Davenport, Scoit county, by
Farming Grove. Massilon Fairview, and
Springville, to Marion, 80 utiles and back,
once to twu wetks.
Leave Davenport every other Tuesday at
Gam, arrive at Marion next day by 6 pm.
Leave Marion every other Tnursday at 6
a ni, arrive nt Davenport next day by
Proposals for once a week service are in
4568 From Bloomington, Muscatine
county, by Overman's Ferry, and West Lib
erty, to Iowa City 32 miles and, three times
a we?k.
Leave Bloomington every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday nt 9 a m, arrive at
Iowa City same days by 6 pm.
Leave Iowa City eveiy Monday, Wed
nesday, and Friday at 9 a m, arrive at
Bloomington stme days by 6 in.
Proposals to carry in uvo-iiorse coaches
will be considered.
4569 From Bloomington, Muscatine
county, by Wyoming, .Viontpelic-r, West
Buffalo, nnd Buckingham, to Davenport, 30
miles and back, three tunes a week.
Leave Bloomington every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday at 9 a m, arrive at
Davenport sail e days by 6 pm.
Leave Davenport every Monday, Wed
nesday, and Fnday at 9 a IU, arrive at
Bloomington same days by 6 in
Proposals to carry in two hor»e coaches
will be considered.
4570 Fiom Bloomington, Muscatine
county by Grand view, Harrison, Wapello,
Florence, Yellow Spunks, and Dodgeville,
to Burlington, 56 miles aud back, three times
Leave Bloomlng'on every Tuesday.
Thursday, ard Saturday at 5 a m, arrive at
Burlinston same days by 7 m.
Letve Burlington every Monday, Wed
ne8d»y, and Friday at 5 a m, arrive at
B.oomington same days by 7 m.
Proposals to carry in two horse coa:hes
are invited.
4571 From Bloominaton by Moscow,Tip
ton and Franklin, to Marion. Linn county,
60 miles and 'tack, once a week.
Leave Bloominaton every Wednesday at
6 a m. arrive at Marion next day by m.
Leave Marion every Friday at 6am. ar
rive at Bloomington next day by 6 m.
Proposals to end route at Moscow will be
4572 From Wapello, Louisa county, by
Toolb:ro, to New Boston, Illinois, 12 miles
and back, once a week.
Leave Wapello every Wednesday at 6 a
arrive at New Boston same dny by 12 m.
Leave N-w Bjton every Wednesday at
4 ra. airive at Wapello same day by 10
4573 From Wapello, Louisa county, by
Hope Farm, Pottsvilte, Washington court
house. Dutch Crt k and Sigourney.to Oska
loosa. 90 miles and back, once a week.
Le ive Wapello eveiy Wednes.lay at 5 a
m, arrive at O kaloosa next day by 7 in.
Leave 0-kalojsa every Fndav at 5 a m,
arrive at Wapello next day by 7 ni.
Proposals to embrace Crawfordsvit k in'
stead of Pottsv:l!«* will be considered.
4574 From O kaloosi, eoumy seat of Ma
haska county, by Lake Prairie, to Red Rocs
37 miles an i back, once a week.
Leave O-kaioosa every Satuiday at 6 a
ni, arrive at Red Rock same day by 7
Leave Red Rjck every Friday at 6 a m,
arrive at O-kaluosa same day by 7 m.
Q,"ere: whether the route is necessary.
4575 From O-kiloosa, by ti.e Six mile
Prairie to the mills near where the Red Ce
dar creek empties into the Des Moines, 10
miles and b-ick, once a week.
Leave Oskaloosa every Saturday at 8 a
arrive at the ils the sanH day by 11a m.
Leave ine Mills every Saturday at 1 m,
arrive at Oslcalousa same day by 4 ra.
Quere: whe li»r the route is necessary.
4576 From Eddysville in Wapello county
to Clark's Point, in Kislikekosh county, 10
miles aud back, ooce a we?k.
L*ave Eddysville eveiy Saturday at 8 a
m. airive at Clark's Point same day by 1(
a m.
Leave Clark's Point every Saturday at 2
m. arrive at Eddysville same day by 5
Q,uere: whether the rouse is necessary.
4577 From Fair5eM by Agency City, Oi
tumwa, and L'tidysville, through the Six
mile Prairie, in Maha?k i county, to the pres
ent United Slates Indian Agency, on the
DPS Moines river, 100 miles and back, once
a wetkj
Leave Faiifield every Monday at Gam,
arrive at Indian Agency next Wednesday by
6 pm.
Leave Indian Asencv every Thursday at
6 am, arrive at Fairfield next Saturday by
4578 From Faiifield to Mahaska Court
house, 50 tniles and back, once a week.
Leave Fairfield every Wednesday at 6 a
m, arrive at Mahaska Court-house next day
12 noon
Leave Mahaska Court house every Thurs
day at 2 ui, airive at Fairticid next day by
Quere: whether this route is necessary.
4579 From Faiifield by the Colony and
Iowaviile to the county scatot Davis county,
30 miles and b._ck, onee a week.
Leave FauUeld every Friday et 6 a m, ar
rive at Davisnourt house sain•* day by 6 in
Leave Davis Court house every Saturday
at 6 a m, arrive at Faiifield same day by 6
4580 From Burlington. Desmoines coun
ty by Augusta, Fort Madi on, Montros**,
String Prairie and St.Franci.svil e, Missouri,
to Wateiloo, 51 miles and back, three times
a wetk, wi a tri-weekly branch from Mori
trose to Keokuk, 12 miles and back, to run
in due connexion.
Leave Burlington every Monday, Wednes
day and Friday at a m. arrive at Waterloo
same days by 8 m.
Leave Waterloo every Tuesday, Thurs
day aud Saturday at 6 a til, arrive at Bur
lington same days by 8 pm.
Proposals for two-horses coach seivice
will be considered.
Proposals fur six times a week se.vice
from Burlington to Keokuk are also invit
4581 From Burlington, Desmoines coun
ty, by Hartford, New London, Mt Pleasant
Rome and Lockridge to Faiifield Court
house, 53 miles and back, three times a
Leave Burlington ev ry Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday at 4 a m. arrive at Fair
field Court-house same days by 8 m.
Leave Fairfield Court house every Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday at 4 am. ar
ive at Burling'Oii same days by 8 m.
Proposals to carry in two horse coaches
are invited.
4582 From Burlington, Desmoines coun
ty. by Dodgeville. Virginia Grove, Hope
Farm, Columbus city and Port Allen to Io
wa City, 80 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Burlington every Mond ly at 6
a HI
arrive ai'Iowa City next day by 6 m.
Leave Iowa City every Wednesday at 6 a
m, arrive at Burlington next day by 6 pm.
Qjere: whether the route is necessary.
4583 From Burlington by Capi. .Henty
8ettle'«t John Salliday'e and Iowa river to
Toolsborougli, 21 miles and hack, once a
Leave Burlington evsry Saturday at 6a
arrive at Toolsborough same day by 3 m.
Leave Toolsborough every Friday at 9 a
m, arrive at Burlington same day by 6 in.
4584 From Fort Madison, Lee count'« by
West Point and Tusc.i'ora, to Fariningtou.
25 miles and back, three times"a week.
Leave Ft Madison every Tuesday, Thuis
day and Saturday at 9 a in, arrive at Farm
ington same days by 4 m.
Leave Farmingtoa eveiy Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday at 9 a m. arrive at Fort
Madison same days by 4 m.
Proposals to extend through to Keosauqua
the county seat of Vau Buren county, will
be considered also for oi,ce a w»*#-k service.
4585 From Keosauqua, Van Buren coun
ty, by Winchester, Birmingham, Fairfield
Court house and Brighton, to Washington
Court-house, 50 miles and back, once a
Leave Keosauqua every Monday at a
m, arrive at Washington next day by II a
Leave Washington everj Tuesday nt 12
m, arrive at Keosauqua next day by
Proposals for service twice a week will be
4586 From Keosauqua, Van Buren coun
ty, by Rising Sun, Philadelphia, Portland,
Iowaviile, A«h!ami and 6'ac and Fox agency
toOuumwa, 42 miles and back once a week
Leave Keosauqua every Friday at a ni,
arrive at Ottumwa next day by II a in.
Leave Ottumwa every Saturday at 1 pm,
arrive at Keosauqua next day by 6
Proposals nt end at Sac and Fox Agency
will be considered. Also for twice a weett
4587 From Reosatlqtn. Van Buretl COUtj
ty. by Indian Piairie an Fox, to Bioomtield,
24 miles and back, once a week
Leave Keorauqua every Friday at 1 m,
arrive at Bioomli Id same day by 9 m.
Leave B'oomlield eve y Friday at 4 a m.
arrive at Keosauqua same dav by 12 m.
4588 From Bloom6eld to centre of Appa
noose county, 26 miles and back once a
ave B!oonifie!d every Friday at 8 am.
arrive at Appauoose centre same day by 7
Leave Appanoose centre every Saturday
at 6 a m, arrive at Bloomtieid same day by
5 pm.
Q,ucre: whether the rotre is necessary.
Proposals for supplying the folio wing
offices in Iowa Territory at a Him to be mm
ed, and s pbj-ct to ihe condition ol" bein^
limited to the net proceeds of ine offices, me
Odar river from Tiptin, 9 miles and back
once a week
Columbus City from Hope Farm. 9 miles
and back once n week.
D.ihiouega from Sac and fax agency, 6
mi es and back once a week.
Fairview from Edinburg, 15 miles and
back, once a week.
Hilifboro' from Salem, 6 mi'es and back,
onre n week.
Hawk Eye from Yellow Springy 7 asides
and b^ck, oii e a week.
Pleasant Grove from Fairchild, 8 miles
and buck, once a wet k.
Richland from Brighton, 10 miles and
back once a w» ek.
Salem from Went -Poiat, 15 oailee and
back, once a wn-k.
Spriog R'ick from Davenport, 25 miles and
back once a week.
Virginia Grove from Wapello, 8 miles
aud back, once a week.
1. Seven minutes ar? allowed lb*alien
ing and closing ihe nmils at all offices
where no particular time is specified, but
ori railroad and steamboat routes there is to
te no more delay than is necessary to de
liver and receive the bags
2. The tuail is to be conveyed in prefer
ence to passengers, antl to their enine ex
elusion if its weight and bulk rt qire it.
3 Post effice blanks, mail bag*, and the
special agents of the deparimeo on the ex
hibition of their credential-, are to be Con
veyed without further charge on mail lines
admitting' ofsucti conveyance.
4. Mail ag nts ate to be conveyed with
out charge on the principal railroad and
steamboat lines, where the size of the mails
and the number of the oflk-es will require
their employment by the department and
in that case, a sept rate apartme.it lor ihe
assorting and safe-keepin? of the mail is to
be provided by the contractor, under the di
rection of the department.
5. In ali cases, there i- lo be a forfeiture
of the pay ol the trip, when the trip is not
run a forfeiture of at least onefouitl part of
it, when the running time oi nrr-va! ia so far
behind as to lo-e the connexion with a de
pending mail, and a foifeiiure of a due pro
portion of it, when a grade of service is ren
dered it.ferior to tlia! in the contract. These
forfeitures may be increased into penalties
of h'gher amount, according to the nature or
frequency of failure and the im.ioriatice of
the mail.
6 Fln?swiilbe imposed, unless the de
linqu"iicy be satisfactorily explained in due
time, (or failing to take from or deliver at,
a post office, the mail, or any part of it for
suffering it to be wet, injured, lost, cr de
stroyed lor conveying u in a place or man
tier that exposes it to depredation, loss, or
injury for refusing iifier demand to convey
a mail by any coaeh, railroad car, or steam
boat, which the contractor regularly runs on
the route, beyond ihe specified number ol
trips in the coi tract", and tor not arriving at
the lime set. Aud fur setting up or running
an express lo transmit commercial ititelli
g"nre in advance ol the mail, a penalty will
be exacted equal lo a quarter's pay.
7. The Postinasier General may annul the
contract fur repeated failures lor violating
ihe post office laws for disobeying trie in
s'rucuons of the d^pattmem lor refusing to
discharge a carrier when required by the de
panmt.nt for assigning the contract without
ttie consent of the Postmaster General, ot
for helling op or rutiumg an express as
8. The Postmaster General may alter the
contract, and alter the schedule, he allow
iog a pro rata increase of compensation,
within the restrictions imposed by law. for
the additional service n quired, or for ihe in
creased s-ned, if the employment of'hdili
tiunal stock or earners is rendered necessary
bu" the contractor may. such ease, relin
qtiish.ihc contract, on timely notice, if he
prefers it lo the charge. The Postmaster
General may also discontinue or uuriail the
service, he allowing one month's extra pay
on the amount dispensed With.
9 The payments will be made through
drafts on post office cr otherwise, aft'-r the
expiration of each quarter, say in February,
May, August, and November
10. The distances are given according to
the best infomiition, but no inctease pay
will be allowed, should they prove to be
greater than is advertised, if the placis are
correctly named.
11. The Postmaster General is prohibited
by law from knowingly making a contract
lor ihe transport itiou ot the mail with any
person who shall have entered into any
combination, or proposed to enier into any
combnaiiou. to prevent the making of any
bid for a mail contract hy a&y othf person
or perse**, w wfc» stieU ia*i made tajr
—MM—awi— fin ul 11'
agreement, or shall havegiven or perfumed,
or promised to give-or perform, any consid
eration to do, or not to do, anything what
ever to induce any other person not to bid
for a mail contract Particular attention is
called lo the 28ih section of the act of 1836,
piohibiting combinations lo prevent hu'd fig
12 A bid received after time, lo wit: ihe
30m April n xt, at 9 a m, or without the
guarantee required by law, or that combines
Several rouies in one sum of compeusnt on,
cannot be considered in competition with a
regular proposal, nut adjudged to be extra
13. A bidder may effer, where the trans
poriation culled Li in the advertisement is
difficult or impracticable at certain seasons,
to t^bjiiiuip an inferior mode of convey
ance, or to mttrmit servtre.a spicified num
ber of days, weeks, or months. He may
propose to omit an effke that is inaccessible,
or t- not on the stage road, the railway, or
at a steamboat lanuing. as the cafe may be
or he may ,fT-r lo substitute an inferior
mode of supply in such ca.-es. He may pro
pose different days and hours of departure
aim' arr.v.-.l, provided no more running time
is asked, and it is obvioua that no ma:! con
nexion or ofher public accommodation is.
prejudiced. He may ask for more running
time to the trip, during a specitied number
of days, at ceriain seasons ol peculiarly bad
roads. But beyond ihese changes, a propo
sal for service different from the advertise
ment will prevent its being considered in
competition wiih a regular bid, not set aside
for extravagence and wbere a bid contains
any of ihe above alterations, their disadvan
tages will beesiimated in comparing it with
o e o o s a s- i
14 There thould be hot one roste bid
for in a proposal.
15. l.^e route, the service, the yearly
day, the b:ddc r'ti name and residence, and
the name of each member of the firm, where
a company offers,should be distinctly siaied
also the mode of conveyance, if a higher
mode than on horseback is intended.
The following may be ued as a form for
the bid, where no change from Ihe advertise
ment is contemplated Ly lite bidder,
"I fur we, as tile case may be hereby
propose lo carry the mail on No. trom
to agreeabl» to advertisement,
'or $ ppr annum Observe, thai where
ihe bidder in'ends to ofTer any other mode ol
conveyance than horseback, be should state
it in t-rms in the bids.
10. The allowing is the form of the
gnaianty which should be filled, the first
blank with the nam- o!" in» go iran'or, ihe
second with is.«atol tiie bidder, and the third
and lonrth with the beginning and terminal
ing points t'f ihe route and alter being dated,
s:.^uld be signed by Ihe guarantor, who
must he shown by ne written certificate ol
a postmaster, or other eqmlly satisfactory
testimonial, lo be a man of property, and
able to make H.d his guaranty. Thisguar
amy, so certihed, should accompany each
"The undersigned .... guaranties that
his bin for carrying the mail from
lo he arcep'td by the Po^t
master General, shall enier into an
ob igation prior o tie first day of July next,
with good an suflic.ent sureties to perform
the service pr-posed.
17. The hid should be sent under seal, ad
dressed to the First Assistant Postmaster
General, with "Mail Proposals in the
State of ," written on the face of the
letter and should be despatched in time to
be received by or before the 30th April next,
at 9 o'clock, a m.
18 The contracts ore to be executed be
fore ihn 1st July next.
19. Postmasters at offices situated upon nr
near railroads, but more than eighty lods
tr a depot, will immedia'ely alter the 10th
.Via y nex', report itiat iaci to thedepratment,
staling their exact distance from the railroad
depot, and how olaerwise suppli-d with the
mail, to rtiab'e the Postmaster General to
direct itie proper supply to be made from
the railroad by mail messengers, from and
alter the 1st July ni xt
20. Under the act of 3J March. 1815, the
route is to be let to the lowest bidder, leisd
ernj sufficient guaranties for faithful per
formance, withuut other reference to the
mode of transportation Hum may be neces
sary to provide for the due celerity, certainty
aud security of auch transportation. And
the new contractor is not required to pur
chase out, or ake at a valuation the slock
o vehicles ot the previous coirractor.
W hen a lowest bid proposes a mode of
conveyance that is inadequate for the rou?e
in respect lu the certainty, securiiy and ce
lerity of ihe mails, aside fur any accommo
dation for travel, it will not be entitled to the
21. When the bid does not name a mode
of conveyance, it will be taken and under
tlood to be for the lowest moJe of convey
ance, to wit: on horseback. When it pro
poses to carry according to the advertises
ment, and no mode ol conveyance is stated
for the route in the advertisement, it will be
considered as offering only for horseback
conveyance. When the advertisement uses
the term "conveyance in two horse coaches,
or in four-hour coaches are invited,' or 'pro
posals to carry in two-hor.-e coaches will be
considered," the like expressions in the
bid, "according to the advertisement" will
not be understood as referring to the mode
mentioned in such invitation. If ihe bidder
'intends lo propos» for the mode of convey
ance stated in the invitation, he should name
it in terms in his bid,
22. Since the passage of the act of March
3d, 1845, a new description -ol bid ha« been
received. It specifics no made of convey
ance, but engages to carry the mail with
certainty, celerity and security, using the
lenns of the law. These bids are called
froiv the manner in which ihey are designat
ed on the bouks of the department, "STAB
BIDS', It has tieen decided, alttr mature
consideration, that a bid proposing a S| ecific
mode of conveyance of as high a grade as
iwo horse coach iransf orialiun. is to be pre
ferred to the star bid. The experience of t^e
department enables it to lay down the fol
lowing rules, viz—.
ff'nen the mail on the route is ftot so
iar«e as to require two horse coac i cmvey
ance, a star nid, u the lowest, wili be preier
led to the specific bid.
23. When the mails are of such size as
to ren ler i,t necessary or expedient in refer
ence to ihem alone lo provide two-horse
coach onveyant e, ihe specific hid, though
ihe h'gh"sl, will be preferred to the star bid,
io the extent ol a moderate d-ffi rence in ti.e
compensation, in case ine difference is not
such as lo iiiteifere with the po icy ol the
iu w law, which lo.,kj to a reduction in the
cost of trans una ion Exc pnons, however,
rn ij tie allowed where the star b:d is made
by ihe pieseiit owner of tne suc't on the
route, and it is manifest that the reasons for
preferring the specific bid do not exist in hi»
24. Oa routes of the highest class, where
four hoise Coach transportation is required
by the size and importance of the mails, the
preference for the specific b.d wili he, il ne
cessary, ca.ried io a greaier ext a! of differ
ence than on the iul'erior coach routis, sub
ject, howe.ver, to ibe exceptions above stat
25. A modilicatio® of e htd ia »ay eswa*
tial terms is tantamount to a new bid, and.
caunot be received so as lo interfere with
compeiition-afterUhe lahour set for re
eeivtng bids", V1'
Postinasie General
Post Office Department. January 6, 1846
A I.L peisons knowing themselves indebt
ed to ibe subscriber, are particularly re
quested to call ar.d settle their risnecttve n«
counts, on or e cre th? tenth day of Match
nex and those having demands against me
will please present them for settlement.
I'»wa City, Feb. 4 h, 1810—52 y
l^rOlli.E is hereby given, that letiers if
administration on the estate of Christian
flolderman, laie of the county of Cedar ia
the Territory of Iowa, deceased, have been
granted to the undersigned by the Probate
Cr urt of said county.
All persons having claims giinst said es
tate, are hereby notified to present them
according to law for settlement and all those
indebted are requested to make immediate
Jan. 24th 1816 52. Administrators
.ftlreilnisfrfrfo) 'AI Sale.
i^OTICE is hereby given, by virtue of an
ordf el the Probata Court of Cedar co.
I. T., we will ofl'-r at public sa'p, nt the late
resi Jencd of Christian Hoh'trman, deceased,
in the town of Rochester, on Friday the 27ih
day of February, 1816 all ibe personal prop
^rty of Christian Holderman, late of said
c.'.unty, dee'd,—consisting of three Horses
one two hore Wagon, one set of two horse
Harness, one two hoise Sled, one Saddle,
Bridle. $*c. Sfc together with a great vari
e:y of Cabinet-Maker's and Wneelrisihi's
Tool? 2 Turning Laths 4 stands of Dees,
a lot of Farming Tools, and a number ul
o^her articles too numerous to mention.
Terms nf Sale—For all amounts of five
dollars and under, cash in hind for all sums
ovei five dollars, nine mouths credit, upon
ihe purchaser giving his note wtih approved
security, No prop rty to he t?ken away un
til the terms of sale are co uplied with.
K:Chester, January 24th, 1816—52-1
up l.y ,\J. G.ll.s on the I2tii
day cf January, ISiO, Li Faye:te pre
cinct in the county of Keokuk and Terriiory
of Iowa, a light Surrel Mare, with light mane
and tail, a bald face, and ber left eye g'assy
and all her feet white, supposed to be nine
or ten years old ai judged to be with foal
Appraised r.t twenty-live dollars by Jes.^e
Gibt ert. Pressly Dasget and Jaco* Good
heart, before A. P. Afoidy, justice of the
E. SilUGART,clerk P. co.com
Sigourney, Januaiy 2uiii. 1816-52
Cabinet .Making nnd Under
HE undersigned respt ctful'y informs the
citizens of Iowa City and vicinuy. that
he still continues to carry on the above bus
iness in all i's vari .-us tranches at his old
sta'id, on Clinton street, a few doors south
of ihe public square. Persons wishing to
buy good and cheap liirciiure, will find it to
their ad vantage to give him a call.
He is provided wiih a good hearse,
and will attend at all times to the business
of an undertaker.
Iowa City, Jan. 21. 1846.
au»borny of an act of the Legislature
of Iowa Territory, entitled "An aci to
provide for the payment of the debt due the
.Miners' I5 :nk el Dubuque.'" I hereby give
notice, that a public sale of .owa City lots
will take p'ace on the 1st Monday of Ma\
next. SaiJ lots will be sold to the highest
bidder, with a credit of six and twelve
months, by ihe purchaser executing to the
Territorial Treasurer, for the use of the
Territory, a bond with suffi cient sureties,
for the payment of the al maturity.—
According to an act supphmenial to the
above act, all bona fide creui'.ors of the Ter
ritory, whose claims acctued cr were con
traded in the erection of the Capital at Iowa
Cuy, have a right to cifset their claims
against debts that they may contract on tbe
purchase of lots at said sale. The amount
of sales contemplated by the above acts wili
fall but little short of nine thousand dollars
The gen"ral and local advantages and the
growth and prosperity of Iowa City are so
generelly known, that I apprehend furthei
description would be rezarded »s unnecesa
ry. A JVl- RENO,
Territorial Treasurer.
Iowa City, Jan 21, 1816
The liurlipgion Gazet e, Weekly
Missourian, and Weekly Cin. Enquirer will
please copy, and forward their bd:s to this
office for payment. M. RENO,'
Terrritorial Treasurer,
shawls, niotls, ploves, rnitts, ribbons, (bread
and cotton laces, &c., &c. Also Broad
cloihs. cassimeres, satiinets, flannels, tail
oi's trimmings, nat», caps, (a large varie
ty,) batine s, &c. A very extensive selec
lion of Boots and Shies, including [India
Rubb-r,) both for ladies and gentlemen,
which w.II be disposed t| particularly w
Iowa'* ii|j Jras opened a store ia Bloem
ir.ginn i's ci r.iji'Ctton wi his store ia
i Iowa City, and i-s now in receipt ol ih® larg
'est and most fdb-ndiil sim'k ol'NEW FALL
Kill GOODS ever offered i«
jeither City, which he will sell at lower r
Jcrs iban heretofore sold in those markets.—
,His g.jods havt| been purchased »n New
York and Rostou, selected with great care
land at such prices as will enable him lo eil
imueh ch*a,!er and on better terms, than
Goods have ever been sold in IOWA. Hi*
jstock consis's in part, of ttie following nrti-
I BS^S" ©©©E&"
(A large assortment of IJ'ack, lllue block, in
visible Green srd Blue 1JIIOAD CLOTHS
blue, biark & tJitdei msed CASSLMKIJKS
blue, black and cadei mixed SA!TLNETi'|
blue, black and brown PILOT and BEAV-
Kll CLOl'IISj Tweeds plain and ligurec}
jeans and imseys, Arnericau, French. Eng
lish and Jjtlzoru e rims, a vauet,i of pat
terns cashmeres, alpine and black Romelea,
Paramatta, hombtzinc, Coburgs, Saxony,
Chusans. and a variety of other goods for
Lad es' dresses line, ruperfiiiM, plain and
tirured Alpacca, silk Alpacca and Geimau
Cravats mouse dti-laines, Edinboro* and
Highland pi-tid Shawls, merino, a variety of
fancy liankerchtef'?, hard and easy times,
black, brown and fgured 6 4 merinn a vaii
ely of Irioli linen, checks, cambrics, gloves
hosiery, buckskin miliens and glove laree
assortment of brown Dom-.«:ics, Dalley'y
bleached sheetings Isnd lickings white, red
and yellow Flannel millinery articles and
Jailor's irimriiing.5, silk and tabby velveT 4
dozen La iies' whii:: corded Skirts, blue and
stripped drillings, and a great variety of oth
er JCIIS too numerous to mention.
A Lars and Splendid Assortment of
Consis'ing in part of the following ariiele
Knives and fork3. is hoe knives and awls.
jO'.kets knives an3 scissor?, shovels and
-pades, null saws 1-2 and 7 feet, files and
'asps, axes, hatchfls, bracps, butts, hinges,
aiches, snuffers, cut lacks, shovels and
'ongs, spikes, and a large quantity of 4d 6d
3d and 101 nails, &s. &c.
Jl Large Assorivicnt of ih? Latest Fashion
awl hi st quality,
WW aij W
A large and very extensive assortment of
Boots and Shoes, comprising every variety
•f size and quality Quepnswaie, Earthen
ware, Maho^ony framed Looking Glarses,
i large assortment of Rocking and Winsur
Cuairs,I^'ilk Crork*, a srood article.—Also*
Clover and lie J- top seed, iS- '.
Java. Rto and St. Domingo Coffee, brown
and lo.'.f Sugar, Yoking Hyson and Imperial
Teas, Mol isses, Mackcrel No 1 and 2, pep
fr, allspice, ginger, cinnamon, tobacco,
•{perm and tallow Candle?, bar and casiile
•oap, powder, shot, lead, percussion raps,
indigo, rnadcer, copperas, peppersauce and
mosi.ird, shells and chocolate, &c.
Thankful lor p.i3t patronage, and knowing
that he has gent-rally given satisfaction, l.e
would solicit tbe continuance of his friends,
who wish to purchase goods at low rates
for cash or produce.
Bar «n, Wheat, Corn, Oats, Hemp, Flax
ind Hem Seed, Furs, green and dry Hide
Beeswax, Tallow antl Lard, Cheese. Butt-r,
Esigs, etc. taken in exchange for Goods, for
which the highest markei price wiilb^ pa'd.
It is no trouble to show Goods—Don't
forget th'it.
Call at JVb. 1, Commercial Block, Main
Street, Bloomington, or at tht old ftand
in Iowa City,.
Under the jmfronagr of the Iowa Conference
of thi Jlfcihodisi Eviscopal Church.
'T^IIE second term of the institution will
commence on Monday, the 13:h Octo
ber, 18-15, under ihe direction of Hcon
HAMILTON, A. B'„ gentleman well quali
ti'.-d for (he station.
lie coarse of sillily wi(h the tuition fees
attached will be is follows per term cff'&r*
Primary Depaf'mtnt, including Or*
Ihography, It-iadjng, Writing on:
Slates, &c. $1 25
Writing, English Grarnmer,Elements
of Geography, Ari'ihjaelic, Ac
counts, fee. i
AKSON HABT, Secretary.
October Sih, 184-5.—35-2ai
Modern and Anciett Geography ami
History, Elements of Astronomy,
Natural, Mental and Moral Philos
ophy. Minerology, Geology, Bota
ny, R!iL*tor'c, Logic, Domestic and
Political Economy, and varioti
branches of Mathematics, ineludii
A'gebra, Geone:ry, Trigonometry,
Surveying and Engineering^ 10
Add Drafting and the use cf instrti.
itienis in iiie fieU. 3 00
Book-keeping by doable Elatry, fol'
the course, 1 50
Per -pective and Architectural Draw
ing Draftiug and Painting,
La in, Greek and Hebrew Languages
DRY «001)S, BOOTS,
SHOES, CAPS, BO~Y*\UTS, &'c. I On al! pa van"its in advance, a discount
|MlE extensive stock of goods' which be of ten per cent, will be made. !f payment
longed to the estate of DAVID G. ELY. be delayed until alter the end of Ihe :erm,
deceased, is now offered lor sale at retail, 1 ten per cent, will he added,
at rices unprecedented!}7 loiv in th:s mar- P?rsonS nt a distance, are informed that
ket. The stock comprises a great
3 00
2 75
of! board can be procured in private families,
figured and plain silks and satins for dresses, on application lo Professo'i Hamilton, at
plain and figured Alpacas, mouslin de i from §1 '2- to jl ,50 per wm k
lain°s, bomba^ires, Co'inrg", Saxony, JAMES L. IliOMP.ON, Presii lent
of ihe Board cfTrustets.
Pilll.A 1.1*111.4
Umbrella Pnrasol Manufactory,
Xo. 101 f«.niit Sfrrrt.
It is believed thai this stock ol goods will
be fou
will be added io the usoriment a quantity OAS withdrawn from the firm of «. &
t,f Giocertes, Hardware, tlueensware, Sia-. W. H. Ili -hnrdson, and commenced
tionery. &.C., so as to make the stock suna- business on his o,wn account at N'i. 104
Ide to the wants o( the general customer.— Market Street, between ibird end bourtfK
The public, are respectfully invited' to call tvnere he has for sale a full assortment of
and exa uine the goods Umbrellas, Parasc!*, Parasoleltes Sf Shades.
s ever exhibited in this market. There] Mm. S..Ksi asaKlKOU
Produce wi 1 be jreceived in pnvrnent, at of the newest and ^rst uiauufaciure, at the
its cash value. to west market pricss.
Siore one door IV'rih of the Post Office. I Cotton Umbrella^, fair quality, oo cents
Iowa City, Jan. 10, 1840.
.- indispensible io prcect us from Jm-k
Fro*'!, w» hope our subscribers will prompt
y e s o n o e a
well seasoned and con
ibe Devit.
not eld scraggy.logs, so knotty (hai
I Silk do. do. do $1,50.
i Other Goods i-nf proportion. You are re
S' ecifully in vitetf t^» call and see them,
Philadelphia. P.t. Dec. 1845-48 ly
'JIWENTV FIVE corJs of wood wanted
A immediately »t this offiee in payment of A od assortment of glass bottles, Hasrk
Oid winter J\ tumbler?, tnttlasses jugs, cup plates &e
ijuly'jri MURRAY.
subscriptions to li'-e Unporter
is coming apace, and as this commodity
ll:i v and Oaitu!
Brirgthat which' i^' lf\NE hue.lied bushels ot oats and two
ivenitMit lo use'in u (ons of hav wanted Ill's otfi-'e in pay-
TIL an't .«|^t tb«n. Tane bay wdl l.e pr.-fru*#.
run* f"r subscriptions to the Rejorte^

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