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j&0 #1
March, 1SI9.
March, 1318.
SW ^:90 fcu»J d.i! u*pl*d.
*»V. '.J-^
Jt Garret D. Falser and Gewge Pail,
a tfiapttal Reporter,
,LI»HE«» «**«.*,
i *Al.*
.n iulion.—'Two Dollars perannum
si* mouth, from the com-
.Bjivjac«» or ,erm of subscription, Two Dol
i payment delayed unti af
lari ifll "f ^u
year Three dollars will in-
«rt'--ev'l?l.nded One Dollar Tor six month*
Z y
Z S ^ll«rauJ
afly cents
mu»t be P»tf ..,Wn,.-For a square oftwolve lines,
Kftt insert190'
each subsequent insertion,
proportion. Advertise.
SO cent'-"ur*L, mttce lor insertion. without de
nient^^'f'.'^ber of insertions, will be contwu
lijuitins je
charged accordingly.
„l until "rJjr tactions mideto yearly
itfrUion. MIST
tr ':rl S«d to the Editors, in order to re.
ac rosT PAID.
»pilC ReporterOffi«
••tli ns
ALL br the CASH,
orders by mail accompanied Dy w
WH receive prompt attention.
X). V *AUM®
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, will prac
tice in the District and Supreme Courts of
toitra, and in tiic United States District Court.
May 29th, 1848.
at and Solicitor in Chanccry,
Iowa Citr, Iowa, will attend to all business en
trusted to hi? in the C. 9. District Court^and
the Supreme and District Courts of the State of Io
wa and also act as LAND AGENT. drricK. !*o.
It, Iowa Avenue, over the Store la-C'J occupied
M. Murray. s
April 17, 1843—ly 4 .* ,.Ti.
A TTORNEV at Law, Iowa City. Iowa, will prac
/V tiee in Johnfon and the adjoining counties,
ihe Snprjme Court of Iowaj and In the District
Court of the United States*
Willuaw, Blooinington J1. D,irrttp"1*-Xo*aCity
and Counsellor* at I.artv
April 12,
and Counsetlct at l.-aw, Tiptop Ct'-
dar c.i".nty, Iowa.
March. 1S19.
):iNEV and Counsellor at Law, Blnomin*
ton. Io»va% will pract cc in the Supreme and Dis
'rict Courts of this State.
.fc ». i I'luiii
ATTORNEY and Coifnse'lor at Lnw, Iowa City.
A Wh-1. will practice in the vmrious Courts in
.is State.
Mir-h, 1348.
MOI4 *$ KE»O.
and Counseller at Law, Iowa City.
Iowa, will practice IT the Court* of this State,
sad atte-d promptly to all business
entrusted to Uim.
March, 1343.
I hill be abaent from thia pla'-t for sOr»e
i n?. I would inform the public that my son,
THEOOOUE SASX*V: will attend to my business and
nt^rejSU here during my abscnce, as my authorize!*
Iowa City, April II, 1848. ?t—3
I TTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Iowa City,
-A Iowa will attend to all business entrusted to
him in the liue of fti profession.
March, 1343.
and Counselor a*. Law, Iowa City
Iowa, will practice in the various Courts of
••its State.
Matcn, 1343.
Engraver and Jeweller, lor
City, at the sign of the "Big Watch," corn
Clinton and College Streets.
FFEa their professional services to the citiz?
Iowa City and vicinity, and will attend prompt
ly to all calls. They are always to be found ai
tVir oflce, day and night, unless absent on pro.
frssional business. Orrtce on Clinton Street, a
lew doors north of Gowcr & Holt's Store.
ROCFIIES, of every description on hand and
J[ for sale by F. SANXAY
Figs, Almonds, Allspice, Pepper and
Ginger, can be got at all times at
April 26. C. H. BUCK'S.
AND SHOES—a good assortment for men
and boys, just received and for sale low by
April 26. C. II. BUCK.
QAn Pieces new and beautiful patternj., rcceiv
ed and for sale by
May 11
At, Herring and Cod Fish, for sale
EADY Made Clothing, a choice lot for Win*
ter, fot sate by W. P. LYON.
received a large lot of COOKJSO AIR
•May si. F. SANXAY.
V"AILS of all sizes, just received and for sale by
•i1 April 26 C. H. BUCK.
/"COFFEE—A good article of Rio and
V^hv May 101
.IT zfabe/vift
1 -i'itlul v
0 i-Mxd $
v :i ?J" f.
Pablic l.dw» of Ihe ir»N«4
ictt jmi mttohtttotu petted at the Stttn4 tmitm of
the TMrtitth Cotigrtm.
[ifuBMC NO. 6.]
AN A9FU authorize the issuing' tf a register or
eurolraont to the ship AnaW Tift.
he. it mactcd by the Senate and Hcn»t tuprete»
tctlve* of the United Statet at American Conprett at
vembHi, That there be issued, under he direction of
the Secretary of the Treasury, a register or enrol
ment for the ship Annie Tift, formerly a Brit*8'1
vessel, called the Kestrel, but now owned by Asa
F. Tifl, a citizen or the State of Plorila and which
said vessel, havirK been wrecked the Florida
re^t, »nd condemed and sold, was purchased by him
and which he lias caused to be repaired and refitted
for se» again: PrmtUM. It sha» b* proved 1o (he
satisfaction of the Secretary of the Treasury that the
cost of repairing and refitting said »Jii| in the United
States after purchase by the present owner cxcccds
three-fourths of the original est
of building a vessel
of the sanc tonnage in the United SUtesi
APPROVED February 1, 1849.
[Prni.ir—No. 7.] I
AX* ACT for the relief of the forward officers of the
late exploring expedition.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Himtr of Represen
tative* of the Vnited Statet of America in Corurret* m
'emblid. That the proper accounting officers of thp
Treasury Department be authorized and dirertv»d, in
the settlement of the accounts of the forward officers
of the late exp'ioringexpedition, under the command
of Clnrles \Vi]W-s, esquii'e. to allow them the extra
pay of two hundred and fifty dollars per annum,
credited to said officers on thf pay-rolls rendered on
the arrival of said expedition in the United States,
agreeably to the direction of said commander.
SEC. 2. And be it further enacted. That the ac
counting officers of the Treasury be. and they are
hereby, authorized and directed, in the settlement
of the accounts of Lieutenant Cadwallader Rin?po?d.
late commanding the United Sfntps brig Porpoise
attached to the exploring expedition, to allow and
credit him in th» extra pay for scientific duties, at
the rote of one thousand dollars per annum, and
upon the principles applied to the accounts of Lieu
tenant W. L. Hudson, then commanding the United
States sloop Peacck. attached to said expedition.
APPROVED, February l, 1S49.
fPrBLic—No. 8.]
AN ACT making appropriations fdr fhe ittpport
of the Military Academv. for the year fending the
thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and
Be it enacted bv the Srnatr and House of Representa
tives of the United States of Amerira in Congress as
sembled, Th.it the following sums le, nnd ihe same
are hereby.appropriated cut ofrnv mcrey
in the trea
sury nit otherwise appropriated, for the support of
the Military Academy for the year ending the thirti
eth of June, one thousand eiciit hundred and fiftv
For pay of officer*, instructors, cadets, nnd mui
cicians. srvrnty-r.ine thousand seven hundred and
sixtv-four dollars
For the increase and expenses of the library, one
thousand dollars:
For expenses of the board of visiters, Ore thous
and and thirty-three dollars and sixty one cents
For barracks for cadets, forty thousand dollars
Per new mess ha!!, five thousand dollars
For ridine hall, two thousand dollars
Fcr hosiitil for enlisted m?u, two thousand five
nu-.'re.l 11a-?:
For permanent quarters rnd barracks for engi
neer troops, fsnppers, miners, and pontoniers,) five
thousand dollars.
APPROVED February 13,1&49. v
[PUBLIC—No. s.l JJ.^U
KH ACT making appropriation for tSe !ajHi4iit of
revolutionary and other pennons of the United
States, for the year ending the thirtieth of June,
o. e thousand s.i-ht hundred and fifty.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rfpresen
tatives of the Un ted States of America in Congress
Assemble!, Th.it the following sums be, and the same
arc hereby, nppi.opi i.ited out of any money in the
treasury not cthe.-vise appropriated, for the pay
ment of pensions for the year ending the thirtieth of
June, one thousand and eight hundred and fifty:
For revolutionary pensions, under the act of the
eighteenth of March, one thousand eight hundred
a.id eighteen, twenty-eight thousand four hundred
For invalid pensions, under .arious acts, two
hundred and seventy-two thousand dollars
For pensions to widows, under the act of the sec
ond of February, one thousand eight hundred and
forty-eight, one hundred and thirty-two thousand
For pensions to widows and orphans, under the
act of the twenty-first of July, one thousand eight
hundred and forty-eight* twenty-four thousand dol
For half-pay pensions to widows and orphans,
under the act of tfie sixteenth df March, one thou
sand eight hundred ajid twelve, and tfie act of the
sixteenth of April, one thousand eight hundred and
sixteen, in addition to an unexpended balan'v re
maining in the treasury of eleven thousand seven
hundred and sixty-four dollars and fifty-seven cents,
payable through the Third Auditoi's office, n thou
sand dollar?.
For arrearages prior to the first of July, one thou
sand eight hundred and fifteen, under the act of the
first of May,one thousand eight hnndrcd and twenty,
in addition to an un«-*pended balance remaining in
the treasury of two thousand nine hundred and four-
mc wi-mu. ui
I Java for sal
Nails and Castings, a good pimply just
received and for sale hv W. P. LYOSf
Hardware and Cutlery, a variaty
just received and for sale verv ow bv
Nov 1S4R. W. i LYON".
KKIF8- -A good supply ol iniMt kinds
l»st and for sale by
Nov. 1818. \V. P. LYON.
mid Cmm—A good supply of ail
kind* for sale by W. P. LYON.
A LL persons are cautioned against purchasing
•Q. ofWm. McCorkle three several promissory
notes, executed hy me to the said McCorkle nne
$200. payable Man h, 1^50 one for $200.
Payable March. 1851, and one for $100. navable
flareh. 1*52. ,1) ,»ate,| Septembei 1847 as I
nave a legal defen e to said note*.
teen dollars, and eightv-nir.e cents, payable through
the Third Auditor's office, one thousand dollars
SEC. 2. And be it further cnactcd, That whenever
any agent for paying pensions shall have a deputy or
clerk authorized by law, said deputy or clerk shall
have like power to administer oaths or affirmations
as s3iil agent may have an 1 all oaths or affirmations
taken before said clerk or deputy shall be of like
obligution. and subject to like penalties for false
swearing or affirmations, as if taken before the pen
sion agent himself.
Approved, February 19,184*.
[PUBLIC—No. 10.]
AN ACT to authorize the Secretary of Var to make
reparation for the killingof a Caddo toy by volun
teer troops in Texas.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Iloute of Represen
tatives of the United States of America in Connrrss as
sembled, That th? sum of five hundred dollars be,
and the same is hereby, sppropiiated out of any
money in the treasury not otherwise approprinted,
to enable the Secretary of War to carry out an agree
ment made and entered into at Torray's Trading
House, in the State of Texas, thirteenth September,
eighteen hundred and forty-eight,'between 11. S.
Neighbors, United States special Indian agent, and
Col. P. H. Bell, on the one part, and Jose Maria
Tow-i-ash and Had-i-hah, Caddo Indians, on the
other part, to make reparation in money for the kill
ing of a Caddo boy by the volunteer troops in Texas
in the summer of eighteen hundred and forty-eight.
Approved February 19, 1849.
[PUBLIC—No. ll.]
AN ACT for authenticating certain records.
Be it enacted hy the Senate and Houte of Represen
tatives of the United Statel of America in Congress as
sembled That it may and shall be lawful for the keep
ers, or persons having the custody of laws, judg
ments. orders, docrocs, jonrnr ls, corresiiondence
or other public documents, ol any foreign govern
ment or its agents, relating to the title lo lands
claimed by, or under the United States, on the appli
cation of the head of any one of the departments,
the S dicitor of the Treasury, or the Cnmmmioner
of the General Land Office, to authenticate the same
under his hand and seal, and certify the same to be
correct and true copies of auch laws, judgments, or
ders, decreea, journals, correspondence, or other
public documents and when the same shall he cer
tified by such minister, consul, or judge mentioned
in the firat section of this act, under his hand and
seal of oflice, to be true copies of the originals, the
same shall be sealed up by him and returned to the
sottcHor of TH«
Api roved January C, IS-J9
his office, and cause it tote recorded in a book to
be kept for that purpose. A copy of said laws,
julmgents, orders, decrees, journals, correspon
dence, or other public documents,
so filled, or of the
same so recorded in said book, may be read in evi
dence in all courts where the title to land, claimed
by or under the United States, may come into ques
tion equally wit!: the originals thereof.
SEC. 2. And be it furtkrr enacted, That the Solici
tor of the Treasury shall causc a seal to be made
and provided for his office, with such device as the
President of tlie United State shall apprnte and co
pies of any public documents, recbrdsj bobks, or pa
pers, belonging to or on the files of the said office
under the signature ot the said Solicitor, or, when
the office shall be vacant, under the sigi a'.uie if
such officer as may lie Officii.tit.g for the time U ing,
accompanied by an impress or the said seal, shall be
competent evidence in all esses equally with the
original records, docunttr.ts, books, or papers.
SEC. 3. And be it farther enacted, That all books,
papers, itocuments, and records in the War, Navy,
Treasury, and Post Office Departments, and the At
torney General's office, may be copied and cer
tified under seal in the same manner u those w the
State Department »»ay udm by lk» be, and with the
same force and effect, and the said Attorney Gene
ral shall causc a seal to be made and provided for
liia orflce, with such devicc as the President of the
United States shall approve.
Approved February 22, 1849.
[PUBLIC—No. 12.]
AN ACT granting tive years' half pay to certain
widows and orphans of officers non-ccmmission
cd officers, musicians, and privates, both regulars
and volunteers.
lie it enacted by the Senate and Hoiue of Repretcn
tativn of the United Statet of America in Vongrea at
se nlled, That the provisions of the second section
of the act entitled An act amending the act enti
tled An act granting half pay to widows or orphans
where their huxbamls and fathers have died
of wounds received in the military service
Vice of the United States, in cases of deceased offi
cers and Sbldiers of the militia and volunteers,'"
approved July twenty-first, eighteen hundred and
forty-eight, shall be so construed as to embrace all
widows and orphans of officers, non-commissioned
officers, musician*,and privates, whether of the reg
ular army or of volunteers, who have received an
honorable discharge, or who remained to the date of
their death in the military service of the United
States, and who have died since their return to their '"Aa5._.n,J_®_
usual place of residence, of wounds received or
from disease contracted while in line of duty, sub
jbet to such rules, regulations, and restrictions as
the Secretary of War, by the third section of said
act, is authorized to impose.
Approved February 22, 1840. 'j:
[REsoi.rTios—PvBLtCw|lB: l.j
A RESOLUTION for the appointment of regents in
the Smithsonian Institution
Resotved by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the Vnited States of America in our
Approved December 19,1849.
That the vacancies in the board of regents of the
Smithsonian Institution, of the class "other than
members of Congress be filled by Hie reappoint
ment of the late incumbents, viz: Kufus Choate of
Massachusitts and Gideon Hawley of New York.
For commutation of suhrjstrncc, five tliotlSand
six hundred and twenty-one dollars
For forage for officers' horses, two thousand four
hundred and ninetv-six dollars, and all rrofesenrs
shall he entitled to the ctrne amount offorajro which I vf the United States of America in Conyr
j« aliov.-od to oflirers of the rank to which thir ranV I Thai so much of an act entitled "An
is assimilatcc proprieties* for the civil and diplomatic expenses
A RESOLUTION relating to the compensation of
person? appointed to deliief. the votes for Pres
ident and Vice President of the L'niltd Slates to
the President of (he Senate
For ciolhi'T for officers' servants, four hundred of the government fur the jear ending the thirtieth
and twertv dollars, jdayofJun one thousand eight hundred and forty
For rcp'iirs, fuel, apparatus, foratre for public i nine, and for other purposes, as relates to the com-
horses and oxen, stationery, printing, and other in
cident i*i nrrt ermtenvmt expenses, twenty-six thous
and four hundred and sixty dollars
Resold by the Scn.te a»d iioute of Representative,
nntirm eV,wr
pensation to be allowed persons appointed by the
electors of any State, to deliver to the President of
the Senate a list of the votes for President and Vice
President, be, and the same is hereby, n-pc-aled and
that the messengers appointed undei the operation
of the clause hereby repealed who bore, or may
hereafter deliver, the votes cast in the presidential
election of eighteen hundred and forty-eight, shall
be entitled to demand and receive the same amount
that they would have teen entitled to ..I the act ap
proved Au?ust twelfth, one thousand igVt liui.-ircc
and foity-eight, not passed.
A RESOLUTION to defray the expenses of certain
Chippewa Inuians and their interpreter.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repreitntativct
of the Lnitcd States of America :n Cvnyrcsn assembled.
That the cum of six thousand dollars be, and the
same is hereby, appropriated out of any money in
the treasury not otherwi.se apprvpriat- d.foi- the pur
pose of defraying the expenses of a certain delegation
of Chippewa Indians and their inlcipivter, in com
Pu* ''c lands within the district hereby constitu-
ted a
,a"d office shall be established
at such most
convenient place within the said district as the Pre
sident of the United £tatea may designate.
SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That for the of
fice in the land district hereby created, register
and receiver shall be appointed by the President,
by and with the advice and consent of the Senate,
who shall severally give bond and security, accord
ing to law, before entering on the duties of their re
spective oltices. They shall receive the 3artic com
pensation, fees and emoluments, and shall perform
similar duties, and possess the same powers Kith
all other registers and receivers of land offices, and
shall, in all respects, be governed by the laws of the
United States providing for the sale of the public
SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Com
missioner of the General Land Office shall cause to
be transferred to the land office hereby created all
such books, mapa, records, field note8, and plats, or
transcripts thereof, relating to the survejs and en
tries ol the public lands in this district as may be
necessary for the sale of (he public Ian0% is compli
ance with the provisions of this act.
Approved February 26, IS49.-
PUBLIC—No. 14.]
AN ACT to provide for carrying into execntion, in
part, the twelfth aiticle of the treaty with Mexico,
concluded at Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Be tt enacted by the Senate and House of Representa
tives of the United Slates of America in Concp-eu as
sembled, That the following sums be, and the same
are hereby, appropriated out of any money in the
treasury not otherwise appropriated, forthe purpose
of carrying into execution, in part, the twelfth arti
cle of the treaty between the United Stales and Mex
ico, made and concluded at Guadalupe Hidalgo on
the second day of February, in ihe year of our Lord
eighteen hundred and foity-eight.
For payment of the instalment and interest which
will fall due, under said ai tide, on the thirteenth
day of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen hun
dred and forty-nine, the sum of three million seven
hundred ar.d twenty thousand dollars
For payment of the instalment (and interest
which will fall due, under said article, on th thir
tieth day of May. in the year of our Lord eighteen
hundred and fifty, the aum of three siiitasn Ave hun
dred a
fid foity thousand dollars.
Approved February 26, 1849.
[PUBLIC—No. 15.]
AN ACT to extend the provisions of an act approv
ed the third of March.*ighteen hundred and forty
seven. for csrrvicj into effect thi existing eem
pacts with the States tf Alabama and Mississippi,
with rtgaid to the live per cent, fund and school
it emu ted by the Senate arid Houte of Repreten
tativct cf the United Statu tf Amtrita 4a Cmuiett at•
ttmbled, 1
hat the provisions of "An act to amend
an act entitled An act to carry into effect, in the
States of Alabama and Mississippi,
the existing cnai
paiu with those States with rtgard to the tive per
cent, fund and the sc ool reservation,' approved
Match third, eighteen hundred and forty-seven," tie,
and the same are hrreby, extended, so as to enable
the State of Alabama to have three jears fiom the
passage of this ait in which to make the selections
of land authorized' by the preceding Mtk to wfflCh
thia is an amendment.
Approved February 26,184t»
[Pzniic—No. Iff]
AN ACT in addition to the act entitled "A® act to
incorporate the Washington, Alexandria, and
orgetown Steam Packct Comj anj.
B* it enacted few the Senate and Haute of Rtpreten
tat.vct of the Vnited State* of Anierie* .a Otmyrett at
irai led, .. the act entitled An actio iicrporute
the W»#bington, Alexandria,and Georgetown Steam
Packet Companyapproved the third March, eigh
tt'en hundred and twenty-nine, be, and the same
hereby is, extended and continued in full forcc and
effect for a further period of twenty j-ears, commen
cing with the first day of January, eighteen hundred
and forty- line. Provided, nevertheless,
That Congress
may at any time hereafter modify or repeal the
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That no suit or
actitin depending in any court whatsoever, in which
Ihe said corporation is plaintitt' or defendant, shall
abate or be discontinued by reason of the expiration
of the original charter of the said corporation, but
the same shall continue and be prosecuted in all re
spects as if the said charter had not expired and
the president and directors who were in oliice un
der and by virtue of this act, until others shall be
duly chosen in their places.
Approved February 26, 184*| n r. i
[PUBLIC— o. 2I.J' 7
AN ACT to provide for an incrralttf,ne wSMlMl
Staff and for additional number of Chaplains
df the army of the United States.
Me It enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in Con
gress assembled, That so much of s~ etion third of
An act to amend an act entitled An
hundred and forty-eight, as prevents the tilling of
vacancies in the medical department of the army
until further authorized by law, be, and the same is
hereby, repealed.
SF.C. 3. And tie it further enact.
Si c. 4. And be it further enae'ed, That the Pre
sident i.e. and he is hereby, authorized, by and with
the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint a
suitable person as jud^e and advocate for the army,
to be taken from the captains of the army, who shall
have the brrvrt rank. pay. and emoluments of a ma-
XT i I
"L f®'s
Approved March 2,1349.
[Prti.ic—No. 2!5.j
additional land district in the state of Wisconsin. I
ing to Washington iity upon business of their tribe i said riistiut, who sh-.ll resjiectively be re.iuiied to
wit.i the goveinme::l ol the United states, and their reside at the site of said office, and W»MI shall have
expenses whilst er.grtged in such business in the
city, and on their itrurn home, the money to be
paid into the hands of the chiefs of said delegation.
or to an agent to be appointed by Ihe Secretary of
War, at his option, to conduct said Indians on the
way home at f«r as Detroit, who shall be allowed a
reasonable compensation for such s tvices out of
the money appropriated as afofOfaM.
Approved February 22, 1849.
jfPvBLtc—No. \ii
ihe same powers, iierfm the same duties, and be
entitled to the same compensation ns are.or may 1 e,
pi escribed by law in relation to olher land officers
ofthe.l nited States.
ACT to estaolish an additional laiii ffice in the posed to sale in the same manner and upon the same
State of Missouri. terms and conditions as the other public 'an.'s of the
Be it enacted by the Senate and Hw*e of Rcpresenta- United States.
fit« of the United Slates of America in Conariss ass em- Sti. 5. And be it further enae'ed Tliaf the Prrsr
Olei, That so much of the public lands or the United i ident is heiebv authorized to dcMri.atc the site at
States included in the presen Fayette district, in the which the said oltice'shall be established, and to re
State ol Missouri, as lies within ihe followingboun- move the same to any other plate within said dis
daites, to wit? Beginning at the point on the north-• trict. whenever, in his opinion, it may be deemed
ern boundary of the state intersected by t.ie line be- expedient.
tween rdJiges thirteen and fourteen thence south i Approved March 2, 1M9.
a! "ig that line until it intersects the line between
townships fifty-five and filty-six: thence west along
that line until it intersects the line between ranges
twenty-three and twenty -fonr thence along the last
mentioned line to the northern boundary of the St^te
thence east with said boundary line to the begin-
nirg, shall be formed into a new land district, to be
called the "Chariton Di&tiict," and for the sale of
Soni for an American Editor.
Fm of the Press I'm of the Pmat
My throne a simple chair ...
I ask no other majesty
Than strikes tKc gazer there
The horse of tire obeys my nod,
My couotiers walk the sea
The lightnings lift their flaming manes,
At Art's command, for me.
I'm of the Press I'm of the Pressl
Do monarchs wear the crown?
I waft my pen across the page,
And crowns have tumbled down
The cl6'uds float on—the nations strive
Without, the thunder I si*
Within, I brood the quiet thotlgM?,
Tfeat changes all the sou's.®*
Pm of the Pressl I'm of the Press
The dead around me throng
Their awful voices whisper TXCTH1
The eyes forbid the WROKO!
From them I gather jof and strength,
Nor heed pale ICrror's curs«{
Mj faith in God, large as thelMK*
lie gave His universe. 'J
Pm of the Press! I'm of the Pressf
My host, embattled types
With them I quell the tyrant's horde,
Akd rear the starts and
I give my hand to all my race#
My altar, Freedom's sod i •.
I say my say, and bend my fence
Alone, alone to Got1.
53- A lovely fair one recently wrote t&£ follow
ing postscript to her backward lover.
«i eaimaal
J« ojjqlfwo?
9iU 3
M-jj-. Z xet
llJML 4
Accounts from Valparaiso annouueethe
atriyal ol two vessels there from Califor
nia, with one hundred and sixty thousand
dollars Worth of gokl.
No conclusion has yet been arrived at
relative to the appointments to prominent
offices. 5ome sixty potmusters in the
interior of Pennsylvania h.ive been remov
ed by the department, embracing Lewis
burg, Lewistown, Gettysburg, York
Springs,two in Blair county, Petersburg,
Marietta. #e., &e.
Robert Morris, Esq., has been appoint
ed Postmaster at Philadelphia, and Walter
Forward. Esq., at Pittsburgh.
Mr. Myets declines the appointment of
Collector at Philadelphia.
The vice President, Millard Fillmore,
arrived in the cars to-day from Baltimore!
Robery of the Oavernment Jewels /2g
n.arkable Reverafio't.—The National Police
Gazette of this week contains some re
markable revelations respecting the rob
bery of the Patent Oflice in November,
1848. The Gazette has from the first
charged (hat the robbery was committed
by two well known thieves, Hand and
It ebb, under the direction of others, and
the object of thsse men was not so much
plunder, as to be in a position successful
ly to negotiate for the release from prison
of a brother of Webb's, who had been
convicted of forgery. Letters received by
Dam. fl -11. Y*
act supplemental to an act end*led An lcTprov'iding ^M'lent Polk, offering to restore the disposition to teaze each other: in
for the prosecution of the existing war between the jewe.s, have been traped by the editors of they soon settle down into all the
United States and the republic of Mexico, and for
other purpose," approved July nineteen eighteen
B.- it enacted by the Senate and J!6use of Repre- i lroOl exposure, it not from actual huntrer.
s ntatlves of the l'nit»d States of America in Con-i Tliort. nro /, ...
gres assembled, That firm ar.d after the thirti.th
WineioU and sales of the put lie lands in said dis- in water, and the sheen perched as liieil
as they could leap, on fallen trees, &c.~
SEC. 2. And lie it farther onocted, That for the
sale of tht public land«-in the Territory of Wiscon
sin. an aii.'.i'i/jnal land office ar.d land district are
rel y crcait I, -ompri:,ire all ihe lards not includ
ed within the districts of lat.ds subject to sale at lrom_ below
(Jrr^r. Hay, Milwaukee, cr Mineral rcint,which shall i
be called the western lard district.
Src. 3. Anrt.be it further enacted. That the Pre5
id nt IK-, and he is hereby, authorized to appoint, by
and with the a.H ice DIM! consent of the Senate, a
register and a receiver of the public money* for the
«My heart to you is given,'
O do give yours to me
We'll lock them up together*
And ttrow away (he kty.*»
£f="I don't like to pay Ibrfeite sai'd
Jemirtla "and have all the fellows kissing
me—it makes me dommon proporty."
"Nothing is common which is dear"
meekly responded Bemus.
!he'r i ho"«*'s-
From the St. Louis Union.
Arrival from 'ulifnruia-*.4pp«iiit
*3 11
-, -J. bjr the editors of
the Police Gazette to Hand, and many
facts arc given countenancing the forego
ing suppo-itiom
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the mrd
ical stafl'ofthe nrmy be in
oi ten assistant surgeons, to be appointed as provi- i flutf!* l,„ S,•
ded by existing law a and the regulations made un- understood (roin a reliable
der them.
increased by the additional i who arrived here Tuesday on the Moro
., to be appointed as provi-
Ca5t,e S )y(|
underslood J,rom a re]jab,e
source that on la*t Saturday there were
led, That the pro- nineteen deaths at Memnhe« nnd nn **„n
risituig of the act of eighteen hundred and thirty- ,i„. ,1.}.,^ n. .• V
ei »ht be, and same hereby are,extended sor.s to oU-i .,3 "ie cholera.
thorize the employment of ten additional chaplains,
for military posts of the United States.
i nay umitr ifmn m.U «h..t.—» 11 gajd
n un
Memphis looked evacuated andldreary
Cairo Delta. Sd&th-
We have deplo­
rable accounts ol the suffering on the coast
below. Lveryihingis covered on tlielow
lands. A gentleman who arrived here on
General's dcpvtmenV b^w! trip was tnrough a wide waste ol that for?1' Jim, appalled at the mischief i
the same is, hereby repealed.
with the exception of but few
Many of the inhabitants alons
the shore had thrown the wood from their
AN ACT for changing ihe location of the land office btiats and inmlo th»m *tM. i
in the Chippewa I nd diat.ict. and establ.shiug an I
at places a great deal ol suffering
Junc next, the land office for the sale or {he _pui:iic tar out the fields and in tilt wocds, mured.' 'Yes. sir: I snani Gun butdidn'f
lands the Ch»pfe«-a had ffistriet Shall tir re«n«*- I |},»re l»v lit* m»ri.nt Tl.« /. ji' i j, rT"
5re:l' many flut-boals lying
ed from the falls of St. Croix to Stillwater, in the!- Current. 1 he Cattle ArnOtt ll VMS loiiled.
county of st. Croix, in the proposed territory of 15°
p«accs were standing b'»«ly deep y
standing b'*'y
Some levees that have never been over
flowed before, are now under ojr swept
AH the accounts which reoch us
of destruction.— TCairo
trr iT.-^-Otor Vniro Tartlet friend
seems determined to "hold his own,"
whatever the elements may do to assail
his pii.-iiiiin. Hear him:
"We have lived i:: (. airo a year, and
now jjizen won't hurt us, nor bullets pen
etrate our alligator hii'e. Intieed, we are
St '. 4. And be it further exacted. That the Pres
ident is authorized to cause the public lands in the nHl (icrcu, can imngilie nothing
said district, with the
brred sixteen in each
schools or SU(h other liimis an i .j nr *-:iui-u
law ir. lieu thereOC. and of such other tracts as he '"s paper. Spare US that.
may select for Military or other purposes, to be ex- "l'erish the ihoualtt!'' say we
exemption of sections num- that .would seriously touch our feelings
if»»»•»«"'•« fi-w .top
depart lire of Gen.
La Fayette for America, is thus noticed
ill a l'«ris paper in the year 1777:
"Paris nobility, the Marquis de la
Fayette, a relation of the Duke de Noaii
les, between nineteen and twenty years
of age, has at his own expense hired a
frigate, and provied everything necessary
for a voyage to America, with two officers
of his acquaintance. He set out last week,
having told his lady and family that he
was e^ing to Italy. He is to i.w» e
Major General iii the American army.
On the other hand, the Count de Bulkily
an Irish gentleman, who is a Major Gen
eral in tfie Frcnch, service, is goir.er, with
the leave of his Majesty, to offer himself
to the King of Great Britiau to serve
dgainst the Americans."
PSE OF A l£iss.—A kiss, r?Pr
since the Jay of Adam, has been the token
of friendship, but ah.s, it has served at
purpose in t*,b.
frOrti the following:
A gent, not many miles from Lewi*ton,
returning from a elegit ride, on arriving
at the paternal mansion of his lady, gave and
received a kiss of friendship, as he sup
posed but alas! the sequel will show how
much he was mistaken, for the door hav
ing been closed he overh'Srrfd the follow
ing conversation:
'Why, Lucy, ain't you ashamed to kiss
a man out thereall alone with him? When
I was a girl I would not have tfone it for
tlie world.'
•No, ma, I iim not,' answered Lucy,
for I only kissed him to smell his breath,
to see i he hid been drinking.—rbevsitlon
Falls, (Ale.) Journal.
iHr" When Shields was.fighfitigffi Mex
ico, he was not denounced as "ineligible."
No but he was denounced by whiggery
as being engaged- in a war unjust and
uncon^titufi'oAal and by the Illinois Jour
nal for butchering poor Mexicans by
thousands, because they would not consent
to be robbed of half their country!" About
tliat' time he was "ineligible to the Joiir
mls's *Tmpathv.—-]llinei« Sttrte Register.
V U i* i /V f*C 4
I*rc»Mem Pollt In Betiretftcafc
The Washington correspondent of the
Bo»ton Courier in speaking of the rumor
that Mr. Polk and family would visit
Europe during the coming summer, says
"By the wav, it wili be a new and attrac
tive spectacle to see an ex-president, ac
compftnied by his accomplished lady, both
in the prime of life, after having enjoyod
the highest honors of the world, passing a
portion of the serene afternoon of their
life in visiting the great theaters of re
nown in the old world, and mingling with
princes and potentates, who less obe
dient to the will of the people, still hold
their uneasy seats at the heads, of crumb
ling governments. The spectacle of a
man who has peacefully ascended from the
Mdst humble station, to the head of one of
the greatest (soon t«S be the greatest)
powers of the globe, and in obedience to
law and the wishes of the people who
elevated him, as tranquilly laid down the
great powers wi:h which he was tempo
rarily clothed, and decended to the politi
cal level of the humblest citizen—such a
spectaclc, we say, will Hot be without its
moral power and influence orer the minds
of European?, every where whetfeff in
high station or in low."
Quick on ilieTriypr.
'Yoil Mil please observe,' Said old Mr.
Lamb well, as he led us
through his school
the other day, 'that the boys are required
to observe the utmost attention to quiet
ness and discipline and in a short time
become even divested of that most annoy
gravity of mature years, under the whole
some system I have introduced.'
We Iiad at this moment arrived in front
of several boys who were standing around
a bucket of water, and one who had just
charged his mouth with the contents of a
tin-cup, while the old gentlemen was
stooping to recover his peit'fFom tfie floor,
when another passing along behind snap
ped his fingers quickly beneath the drink
er's ear, tnd caused iiim by a sudden start
to eject the contfents of his mouth over the
pedagogue's bald pate. Starting upright,
with his hair dripping, the master shout
ed: 'Who done that?'
The party uuaniuiously cried out—'Jim
Gun, sir.'
Nemplu,, 1.11, tM ,hc -Jin. G„n, yon ra.ral, what did you
ppalled at the mischief lie
had done, muttered out that it was not iii
fault, but that Tom Ownes had snaj.t im
This changed the direction of old Lai:i!K
well's ^Tath, and shaking his cane por
teniously over Oivne's head he asked-^
'Did you snap Gunr'
The culprit, trembling with fear, mur-
who wili
learn and faithfully practice the doctrine
taught in the following four lines, will
have as much of the philosophy of human
IC7*The following hit is Irom the Cleve-
In Luck.—It is said that Jones, the
sculptor, has got theje'b of rft-letlering the
tomb stones iii our city grave yard, the
orignal names having been transcribed to
"post office petitions," and then scn tched
out for fear the next caudidate might use
*I]f™The following capital toasts were
given at a supper of the New England
Society in Chicago, Illinois, on the 22d
The. fair onion-weeiltrs oj WeSherfdJ.—
Angels among vegetables they always
have a 'smile on their lip and a tear in
their eye."
Ymkees.—Plymouth Hock their birth
right, and a "pocket full of rocks' for
their inheritance.
EngluruT.s 3.—Industry
and virtue
being their inheritance, they
Sulkily blush upon being kissed by the rising sun
in the morning, and are not ashamed of
being kissed by the setting sun in the
5jr*Tiie Editor of the "Mirror" (Mr.
Fuller) writes from Washington:
"I felt a little insulted this aiming on
my way to the Capitol by a gentleman
who had just arrived from the North, and
seeker by the remark he made." Hi:
first question was, "which clique ha* go*.
possession of old Zack?
you understand me flow?"
thundered out'one if ouf Country pedago
gies, to an,urchin at whose head he threw
an inkstand.
"I've got aninArling of what you mean,
replied the boy.
The following lamentuble account of the
whig party, is given by the Washington
correspondent of the Journal of Commerce,
writing at the adjournment of Congress.
The Journal of Commerce was a warm ad-,
vocatc of General Taylor election, and ?e'
it is lo be supposed that its correspon-
dent is of the Taylor stripe, if anybody can*
what that iff like:
"It appears to me that there is no organi-
fnrjj'otjrii'an i
fvsr "Tt 0 AV I
i i u i
Editors and Integra.
VOL. 7—NO:
Ctenlle W*rdi~LovlDg laKea,
The Sun may warm the grass of life(
The dew the drooping flower,
And eyes now bright may watch thcHm
Of Autumn's opening hour—
Bat words that breath of tendernc*V
And smiles we know are true,
Are warmer than the Summer tim^
And brighter than the dev.
It is not much the world tan gtre,' *i"i"
With aU its subtile art. •HjiU
And gold and gams are not the fhing^
To satisfy the heart:
Bat oh, if Uiose who cluster tsoi
The altar and the hearth,
Have gantl*
worda and loving euiile^ '1
tiow beautiful is earth. i'.»
Ne BmkJBf Out'
The Washington Clobe is respon«lbt«
for the following: The steamer An
drew Jackson Lapt Eckert on her last trip
Jrotn New Orleans to Cincinnati, entered
the canal at Louisville and alter passing
through the locks, met another large boat
in the canal, filling it Jrom side to side
The captain on either boat insisted on the
other backing out, each refused words
ran highy each threatened the other to put
on steam and rush through first. At thia
point the superintendent of the canal made
his i. ppeaian.e, & decided th. tthe Andrew
Jackson should hack down to the basin,
and suffer the other to pass on into the locks,
saying the other boat had entered hy per
mission, and the Jackson ought to have
stopped at the basin. Capt. Eckert, after
giving vent to a few bitter, bold curses
upon the superintendent, reluctntly pre
pared to back the Jackson down to the
bisi One of his deck hands, an Irish
man, who, with flushed cheeks and heav
ing bpsom, had witnessed the contest, here
exclaimed: 'Capt. Eckert this is your
boat you can back her if you choose,'
(and seizing a screw driver, and pointing
to the figure head, a likeness of Gen.
Jackson, carved in hickory,) 'but this ould
teller never backs.' AppyJmgthe instru
ment, he began to unscrew the figure
head lorm the bowsprit, with the declara
tion 'No man ever backed him living, and
while I can raise an arm no man shall back
him dead, ^o saying, he unscrewed the
figure, took it upon his shoulder, carried
it up to town, c.dled his friends together
held a carousal over if, till the boat got
through then replaced it in its pt sition
and resumed his accustomed place on the
forecastle of the Andrew Jackson.
'Ihe Cabiuet.
Tr.c Stiiltsuiun of Wednesdav
Evening says:
R",naval of .1// Ewing.—Mr. Ewing,
appears, has been changed from the
Postmas!er General and Mr. Coliamer, of
^crmont, appointed in his place. Mr.
Ewing goes into the "Home Departmentj*'
a new office just erea'e ?.
1 lie tate.man, the editor of which, Sain
Medary is Postmaster at Columbus, perpa-
happtness, as can be lound any ponder- trails the following supposed diakguejn
"We may look fcr happiness in 'the
world, but not in the things of the world.
We shall liiiu it, if anywhere, within our
selves—in our hearts and tempers.
regard to the above change:
Gen 1. Jem do you intend to remove
the Post Master at Columbus, "right off."
Pom. Yes, I do, at once sir.
Gen I. Then 1 transfer you, sir, to the
home dt
dcP irtment.
l-.nJ (O.)Plaindealer: hen I was on the Rio Grande, shouted
That post master sir,
for my victories and bid God speed li.y
triumphs over Saiila Anna. 1 wi.-h to
pasi wnfe .Salbalh at least as Prsidei t, be
fore I eat up my words of being "the Pre
sident of the whole people, and not of a
Mr. Ewing then went into the home
department and there was silence for half
an hour! Thank you old General, J'or that
1 be Uraigin wujr to Heaven.
An ietnerant preacher,of more zeal than
discretion, was in ihe habit of accosting
those he met in his walks ai.d inquiring
into their spiritual wel are.
Passing .1OJ
a country road that had through a snii.ll
settlement, he met a simple country fellow
driving a cart, loaded with corn.
'•Do you believe in God, sir!'" said he
to the countryman.
es, sir," was the instant reply.
"Do you read your bible, prav lo your
Maker, and attend to divine worship regu
larlyy" and this string of questions was
also answered in the affirmative.
"Go on your way rejoicing, my lad,
continued he, "'you are in the high wav to
Clcdpole flourished his whij, and
on, muclt delighted, no dotifbt, wi
blessed intelligence.
witE the
Another person came tip by this time,
and he also was interrogated with an un
"Doyou believe in God, sir?"
"What have you lo do sir, with what I
believed" replied the person accostcd,with
a look of astonishment.
You r.re in the gall of bitternss cod bond
of iniquity," cried the offended preacher
'•Look at that poor lad, whistling along
the road, and driving his cart belore him
—he is on the strait road to heaven."
"It may be so sir, said the person
interrogated, "but lo my certain knowl
sre, he's going with
a cart load of stolen corn.•'7
B0®'1? there, he's going wi
a cart oa st n
mr'A bill restoring Thomas W. Dorr
to citzenship, has been defeated in the
zation whatever in the Whig party, ar.d, Rhode Island House of Representatives
therefore, it is that they have failed in re- i by the casting vote of the Speaker, /n
gard tb the accomplishment of necess'nry exciting debate took place on the occa
puhlic buisness. They are broken up into ston, in which the Algrrires whie rascals
clansvevery one having their owfV banner evinced all their wonttd hate of Bepiihli
and their own piper. Some are sectional, -can institutions, and of those who dared
some moder»f«*i some terribly conserva- to contend for the rights of freemrn. But
tive. "there's a good

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