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Saturday iw»»
aH 1868
Democratic State Ticket*
For Secretary State,
SAML'&L ImjLUIAS, of Hentoa.
For A alitor,
TUBUDOKF. S. I'AKVIN, of Moscatlae.
For Troasurer,
SAMUEL L. LOKAli, of Case.
For Attorney (Jeneral,
JAMift M. ELLWOUD, ofl'olk.
Com. n»s Improvement Ckx,
CHAKLES HALliWlN, of Van iinrca.
Remitter uf Lard (Jltics,
JAMtiri M. RKIlJ, of Lee.
OMBOcratIc Comtroas
tonal Ttoklt
For tsmjfre*-.
Democratic DWrlot Ticket.
For RistriH Attorney.
QIoROE r*. IIKHH. of Muscatine.
For M**ber of the Iloar.l of Education,
CflAKLES RICH, "f Jaekson County.
[txlgptmlent iitn»iiiioti«ii for Judge of the
Soveotlt Judicial district,
Tlie Election will Lie held oa
Tiicodnv, 0«*lolH»r I'ilk*
Hon Will. •. LnSlngwcIt, the Democratic Candi
da!.. for f?.,ngr**s*. I., i* ece»pted lb- in/nation of
Mr. Tand*ver, the a* publi .n an.lidate, to meet
blm la discussion it hH vartou ep,s.|iitro'ats In the
District, the two andidaUi *ill addrtaa the people
AT 1'HII UOM»€Ki I". Mm
It-, the following place#
Port It-slxe,
Wat' ruf,
N'-W Ort-goa,
HI An-j»r,
Olark.vlile, SB
Cedar falls, *1
I. tnting, 8«pt. 8
I). .r»U,
V'-rn Springs,
lira Itord,
frel. rickshurg,
•apt. 1.
V .lit* I'ltf,
The lion. J. M. II.I.WOOI), It -mocratlc candi late
fur Attorney (»**ni ral of tli Stale of town, will ad
dress the people at the following places, to wit
Ol"iiW' iil,A'i*ii«t *•*, o'rlock.
0 .amil Mlnll., An utt :ui, .1 o'clock.
l.*-wn, H"|i ••inio'i 1, o'clock.
Ad«l. Sept* inner 1. o'.'li' k.
K iluvii.'-, .V|.temper II, o'clock.
Oskal*i"a, 13, I o'clock.
M1'1 ill' bept ember •, 7 a'cloek.
Oltumwa, September 14. !i n'cloefc.
Palno-ld. Hept niN 15,8 o'clock.
K c«t]'jil N -pteitibi 16, li o'clock.
MkIimiI i Hepti nih. 17. ..'cluet.
K ikuk, brptt-iub*-r is, 7 ..'i lock.
Bu'li'irfton, H-ptemb'-r W. 7 oMoclr.
Mui'tlni'', .S'lixrnbcr .1, o'elncfc*
|)«v np irl, «•(.!«inl H'-i, 7 "Mock.
I.)4,np, H«pt'ui'«r 'il, 7 o'eiock.
Hiil.n(U'. Sesann'"'! -». 7 o'cl'Klk.
Ii.wi City. «». toli-r 1 o'clock.
ii/-ll»n. S. A. BIOK. Rt pul lcan randWale »r
Att»»rney Wcn ra'.t Is tnvU-fl to (e pr«-»«"ut and dl«
cum thf itear* btfure the IMopte.
Surveyor Vandrvorvs the Hhtlartolphta
i'latform aatl the lit publican &?rentt.
Jif-oti i•/, Tluit. ilie I'oiirttitulii.ii coiil«ra
•|im on^rtRHKorert iifn jimoer over the T«r
rilori.'H ot tlie Utulel 8UU:i», «'tc.—I'tulaM
jilihl I'td'j'irni.
I'opular hovereigrity Is a humLug.—X.
Y. TrUiuw.
1'opnlnr Sovweipnty i* an exploded dog
ma. /uiUm/lon Itn" k- hi/e.
I'opular Soverni »t) u au explotled huni
Jfavnp rt Uaisttf.
I'pon the qu«*tiin of I'opular Sovereign
ty I have no tlitlVmici' with Mr. l,«'t)iii|rwcll
aul the I party.— !'«»«Uv*r'»
SjHfch at Ja tujHrt.
I will vole for the admission of a slave
Stat •, provided it i» tho wish of the people
to ciiiio into the Union with a nlnve consti
tution.— W.iiih oer Speech at Jh lUi.
Wc have ailviics Irom South Ameri
ca, dated at iiucnos Ayrcs ou the titli
of Suly, nine days later than the news
received l»y way of En^laud. The pa
pers contain some interesting items as
to the progret8 of nliair.i in i'araguay
and Montevideo, iu iJucnos Ayres
th« mininterial crisis was ended by the
acceptance cf the portfolio ot foreign
atlrtiis hy Colonel Mitre. The late ar
rangements for the liquidation of rhc
English loan were looked on with
much satisfaction, and the most happy
social results were argued in conse
qm nee. Six per cent bonds to the
Amount of twelve millions of dollars
were to be immediately issued by the
government. The Spanish residents
of Huen s Ayres celebrated the event
ot the birth of the 1'rincu ot' the Astn
rias with threat pomp.
I'araguay is represented a« making
the most rapid progress financially,
socially and |olitically. which it was
said nothing can retaid except a war
with tho United States. i'resident
Lopez had sent sixteen young men to
Europe for the purpose of becoming
educated in shipbuilding and engineer
ing. The treasury was overflowing.
Three steamer had been launched and
two mure placet! on the stocks. Kail
way extension was also aided by Pres
ident Lopez. Au uneasy teeling exis
ted in Montevideo regarding the issue
of the present diplomatic misunderstan
ding with England.
W e have accounts from Mayaguez,
]\rto Hico, to the H1
st ult. The island
was remarkably healthy for the season.
A company had been formed at St.
Johns to run the French steamer
Monte Cristo as a packet round the
island, and her arrival on her tirst trip
was daily looked for at Mavaguez.
There was little or nothing doing in
the sugar market for want of pioduce
to operate in, there remaining but
hogrhcads to conclude the crop.
John \\. White, a member of the
Tennesee Legislature from Hamilton
county, who was arrested by the Gov
ernment a short time since on the
charge ot fortjenj, has been triumph
antly acqnittcd.
Brown-low, the Editor of the Knox
ville Whiy, is suturing (roin an attack
of bronchitis so severe that he is scarce
ly able to articulate, notwithstanding
which he has declared his intention to
enter into debate with llev. Mr. Pryue
on the
vexed question'" announced to
come off in 1'hilodelplua. J'erhapahe
will speak through his none.
A lad named Oriti Teeple, aged 11
years, son of Mr. John Teeple, of
South Fork township, Jackson
county, was bitten on the inside
the ankle by a Rattlesnake last Tnes
day, while gathering blackberries. He
in company with his mother and
some boys, and was distant from home
*hpat three and a half milea. He
in great pain until Sunday morning at
four o'clock, when he expired. lie
said he felt the shock of the snake's
stroke through his whole body, and
the snake in drawing back made quite
a large wound.
A man named Wood, residing in
Uniou street, Porigbkeepsie, committed
a rape upon a little child, daughter of
Mr. Snyder, of that city. It appears
that he coaxed her into the house about
o'clock, and there accomplished hi*
hellish purpose. The poor little girl
is only years old, and cannot possi
bly recover. The outrage was com
mitted at 8J o'clock on Saturday night.
It is said that this is the second otit
rage that this gray headed villain has
committed. He is about GO years of
The land sales in Nebraska are post
poned for one year.
The St. Joseph Gazdte says
"We learn from S. Tennent, Esq.,
that gold has beeu found in large quan
tities about seventy miles from Fort
Laramie, in the direction of Laramie's
I'eak, A young gentleman, Wm. Lry
an, formerly of thit city, has written a
letter to his father, living in Kansas,
urging him to leave everythingBhere
and go these mines. lie writes that be
was shown one lump that wieghed four
pounds, and was assured by those who
made the discovery that these mines
equal the richest of California placers."
The fact that this region of the
country has been so frequently passed
over by emigrant trains, and subjected
to inineralogical surveys, both piivatn
and governmental, favors the assump
tion that the assumption that tin
whole story is apocryphal, and it would
be folly in any one to go there in
seasch of gold until the report receives
farther and abundant confirmation.
Jftgurea for the Tax Payers.
The following figures showing the
relative expenses of conducting the
State government under democratic
and republican administrations, may
perhaps be of interest to the people
from whom the money expended has
been wrung by the tax gatherer.
'•The liemoeracy controlled the State gov
ernment. Irom iu organization in 18-lft up to
1H YI. Now 1ft u« tfXiimiiK', l»y official fig
ures and pwMic records, the expenditures of
th'- government:
The State wun organized in I 810,
and the expenditures up to
Nov. 1«17, inclndifj^ the two
Conventions were $52,104 47
From Nov 1847, to Nov., 1848,
the expenses wore 32,513 00
For the two yearn of 18-19 and
1 «5o, included in one report, 45,409 VS
One half, each year, would he 37,404
For the two years of Til and'62 lUl.tl'll 60
One half, eftcli year, would bo 65,815 84
'Ihti extra expense of these two
years in cuused by the making
and distribution of the Code.
For the two years of'53 and'M 118,542 90
One half, each year, would be .VJ.271 45
It will 1 ie seen ly these figures that the
average expenditures ly a l»emoeratic Ad
ministration amounted to little more than
/••rty tiff thousand dollars per annum. 1 lu
ring this time it should !y remembered two
Constitutional Conventions were held, the
code was compiled, printed and distributed,
and our machinery of Slate Government
put in operation.
No w for the other side of the picture. The
Republicans now came into power, with
ov. Orimes at their head. Look at the
The expenditures of this Republican ad
ministration for the year 1865 and the year
lHftfi amounted to $250,5?:i,OO, making the
expenditure for each year 28,'286,60. The
rout ,f mrrijin on the Stat• trot"muu nt teas
more than doubled the Jirtt two year* under
Iir/mhlicau ruit What say you to this,
people of Iowa I
Let us look further along. The Auditor's
K»port presented to the last Legislature
made the following showing:
Expenditures for the fiscal year commen
cing November 1st 1867, $471,207 03
From which we de
duct as extraordi
nary expenditures
for Insane Asy
lum, $100,388 42
State debt and inter*
est, 57,500 00
Expenses of oxb ykar, $214,o68 21.
What think you of thisf Ordinary ex
penses of State Government over two hun
dred and fourteen thousand dollar*, and the
total expenses o\er THREE Ht'NIlREl)
Again the same auditor in thit Report est
t'tmaUs the expenditure* for 1868 and 1859
U 12 Ho, or $261,71Mj 45 each year.
Below we append a table showing the
expenditures each year under the different
We ask every voter and every tax
payer in the State to look upon the
two pictures. What think the people
ot this in these hard times when busi
ness has stagnated—when the crops
have failed, when the rates of money
rule high, when the greatest exertions
arc necessary to meet interest and ex
penses and when every one fells the
necessity of economy ?—Are the peo
ple willing to submit to an expenditure
in the coming year of two hundred
and sixty-one thosaund seven hundred
and six dollars and forty-five cents ac
cording to the estimate of the republican
Auditor i
Will the people learn wisdom and re
turn, with a Democratic Administra
tion, to the days ot public economy
previous to 1855
MoreWhninlng Among theDlllon Organs
The hxcelxior, a tetakly Republican
paper published at Maquoketa,
Jackson county, in common with
Davenport Gazette and Muscatine
Journal is most mightily exercised
over the course taken by the DeWitt
Clintonian in relation to the Judge-
of tlm
very inconsistent journal and that its
Kditors arc a set of graceless, unprinci
pled rascals—but with the other Dil*
Ion papers, the KjcceUior very carefully
refrains from stating, or intimating by
the slightest reference, the real cause
of die change in the candidates of the
republican organ of Clinton county.—
Among all of the Dillon organs in the
I i«trict there is not one having snflic-
The Erceltrior also adopts the dodge
of knitting its ponderous eyebrows into
a frown truly terrible to look upon,
and of uttering dire threats of an im
mediate decapitations of all republicans
who refuse to obey the mandates of
the wire pullers and pipe layers, and
support John F. Dillon.
The Eictlixor seems to think in
Jackson county, as the Gazette does
in Scott county, that it owns the lie
publican party body and soul that it
is entitled to do all the thinking and
reasoning, and nominating for the par
ty and that the only part in "which the
people have a right to act, is in voting
for such men as it shall see fit to desig
nate. Any objection to the claims of
its pet candidates by the people is re
jected as an unwarrantable interfer
ence, and any refusal to support an un
fair and dishonest nomination is look
ed upon with as much horror as was
the celebrated request of Oliver Twist
for more."
Towards the close of its rambling
and furious article, however, the Ex
celsior gets down on its knees to the
Rennett men, and in the most abject
manner begs them to reconsider their
action, lest preadventure they should
defeat Mr. Dillon, and ruin the repub
lican party. They are told that the
nomination of Mr, Dillon was fairly
and honestly made that no ropes were
set or pipes laid but that it was sponta
neous tribute to the persoual worth
and great party services of Mr. Dillon,
of which Judge licnnott had no right
to complain —meaning, we suppose,
that the township Convention, held in
this City for the appointment of dele
gates was a spontaneous thing and
came together without any influence
of Mr. Dillon, and that the visits of
Henry O'Couner in Clinton county
and to the Editor of the Excelsior,
were merely friendly calls having no
reference to the nomination of himself
and Mr. Dillon. We apprehend that
tho Excelsior will discover somewhere
about the day of the election, that the
members of the republican party are
not all fools—its
opinion and that of the
Davenport Gazette to the contrary not
The Glory
$52,103 17
32,513 00
37,404 98
37,404 08
65,815 84
IK'-. 65,815 8t
l8-™. 5 J, 271 45
69,271 45
$12S,286 70
l8*"'. 128.28i 60
I85". 214.IM1S 58
is:.s,estimated, 2fil,7i6 45
1 261,706 45
It will be seen that the average expendi
tures under Democratic rule was only a lit
tle over forty-fire thousand per annum, while
under a Republican government it amount
ed to nearly two hundred thousand.
the Mormon Hierar­
chy Departed.
Jl*9 Jttore Preaching or Here
I at ions.
Britfliam and tli« i ider« shut
up iu tliuir Harem*.
Horrible Sufftrings in the Hand Cart Trains
"A Citizens of Utqrh," formerly a Mormon
writes to the N. Y. limes, under date of
July 19, as follows:
Brigharu Young is in au exceedingly un
comfortable position. On the first rumor of
the advent of the I nited States Army, he
was going to hide up the people in the
mountains, the recesses which he was ac
quainted with, where no human foot could
track him: and one ol 1 lauy very gravely
informed me that he knew of one cave alone
capable of containing ten thousand souls!
L'ftoti tne nearer approach of the U. S. A.
it was stated that a valley somewhere be
tween the confines of Utah and California
was their destination. The road to this
valley lay across a sandy desert, where, of
course, no troops could reach thorn. Th-re
was but one known entrance to the valley,
and the Indians around had never seen a
white man! Ihis information must, have
been gained by revelation, another serious
but rather strong minded woman tome
since it cannot have be explored, or the lu
dians would have seen white men.
I'oor Brigham! All his hoaated projects are
blasted by the unbelievers. TheCentile is
lording it over hU fat possessions, as lord it
he mo?t unmistakably does, so far as free
speech and the protection of lite extends.—
His fortifications in Echo Cannon aie the jest
of the-meanest soldier in Uncle nam's camp
at Ceilar Valley. 'Ihe weekly Express to
the States over which so much gas wf:s ex
hausted a year ago, iu putting the Mormons
as the city people who could accomplish,
and Brigham the only man who could drive
it, is, without a wort', quietly running to
and fro, as indifferently as though it had
never been mooted till the Gentiles accom
plish it. (ifntile merchants insinuating
their unsaintly faces right under his prophe
tic nose in sinful defiance of his declara
District, and like those in-
Uiuting sheets it raves and fames
•r«r the matter la moat ndioolooft
Tk• AMMIR agate tfcry pep.
Mlf aal JaHlf t$14 that II
"Many among them," said an eye witness
to me, an intelligent and fragile looking
young girl, who fortunately and almost mi
raculously survived, "Many among them
died from mortification of the feet, through
travelling twenty or thirty miles a day,
dragging a handcart with 4oo or 600 pour.ds
over loose sandy soil, sprinkled with prick
ly pear and burrs of different kinds. Their
shoes were all worn out, their feet swollen,
these hurra would pierce them in everv di
rection, and under that burniug sun,starved
as they were, no wonder these sores ended
in mortification and death. Others, worn
to a shadow from incessant fatigue, unable
to sustain life upon the miserable pittance
of eight or tea ounces of flour daily, would
sink down
the roadside to die or be de­
voured by wolves, when the captains ot
their companies would tardily and grudg
ingly afford the relief, which, earlier given
might have saved their lives, and order a
wagon to take them up, but we generallv
saw them next time, dead, and lying for
burial—while seated upon the corpse, per
haps, was another wretched being devour
ing the miserable morsel he called break
They seemed to lose all human feel
would snatch an
Mck other as greedily as a pack of starved
dogs might be txpeoUd to do—and eloee by
at the Uibs. ethers would be digffUg
re la whieh lathers mothers or bo*.
were U take their last long dee*—
eM |tat# I
Then came the anow, and then the poor
remnant of the party had to experience ail I
th.- horrors of starvation and frost. Deli
cate girls, iiurving mothers, aired men and
young children, had to perform the work of
oxen—wade haif frozen livers and creeks
climb rugged hills, and toil through valleys
knee deep in snow, and still drug the ever
lasting hard cart and its ceaseless load be
1 was told by one who was first to meet
the party, of a young man who had be^n
remarkable as a fine, generous, athletic
joung fellow, but then was worn and was
ted to a skeleton when »tokeo to he burst
into tears, aud when told to cheer up, re
plied iu a tone of piteous distress I dont
mind for myself. but if I die, what is to
become of my mother and those poor girls
ient honesty to give their fellow repub
lican paper, the benefit of its only ex
cuse for its inconsistency. No one
dares to state the truth, that the change
was made by compulsion because
forced to do so by the unanimous voice
of the republican party of Clinton
Why were they not permitted to remain
a winter in the S:ates, where they could
have obtained employ, till spring should of
fer the pro«|»ect of a journey free at. least,
from th- snows of the terrible South I'assV
Why, but because their impoverished con
dition on their arrival here would be such
as to justify Brigham, in his later (federa
tion. that the time was not far distant when
he would buy Up tiie poor as sluves for a
bushel of wheat. Well may he boast, as he
did in one of his last discouises, of the dd
his coffers enclose—gold which he averred
it required a wagon and two yoke of cattle
to haul to I'rovo. Where was it obtained,
and by wh it means V Ten years ago he was
not worth ten cents, where probable he now
owns ten thousand. Time and Bpacc would
fail me to give accounts of how he obtained
the wealth he I oasts of. Volumes might
be fill ed in relating it.
I have-pokfii of the hat.d cart system
and its frightful consequences. I did not
speak of the tlour which was collected from
house to house in this Territory by
the minions of the Church nt tl.at iitue nor
how readily the people gave it to the teams
which went out to convey it to the starv
ing emigrants nor how every pound which
those emigrants i eceived was carefully no
ted down, and afterwards charged to u any
at high prices! Who received the pay?
Not the donors—but the Church.
Again, when they sent around last year
and levied a tax upon every inhabitant for
the support of their standing army, and
when, shortly afier that, the army was
abolished, and notice given that all proper
ty subscribed would be refunded, how much
of stock, clothing or saddlery, to say noth
ing of wheat and other food which each had
given, was returned to the ownersV Net
three cents worth out of every ten. Y'et
again, while tl.at army,
or part of it was out
for long dreary weeks last autumn, doing its
best, ignorant as it was, to defend their
church and her authorities, word caine into
this city that its soldiers were half naked,
and clothing was wanted to protect them
from the frost, a call was a^ain made upon
the inhabitants for donations of clothing, to
be left at a store designated by the authori
ties. ibedieiit to the call—poor and desti
tute as hundreds were—mothers and sisters
having cut up their last remaining flannel
petticoat tor the husbands and brothers long
since sent out in tiie canons—still obedient
to the call—clothing absolutely needed for
the naked at home, was entrusted to the
hauds of the church for the Mormon troop9
—and for even these hard wrung articles,
the poor and infatuated creatures who re
ceived them were charged—charged for
what had literally been taken from the
hacks of their wives and children. A poor
woman told me the other day only, of her
husband having to pay four dollars for a
half worn out article given him in Echo
Canon, and Brigham at the same time boast
ing of his coffers full of gold! lias the mnn
no blushes for such barefaced robbery of the
drover OT Mtaker'8
Machines are now justly admitted ta bo
tlu test In use for Family Sewinif, making a
new, strong an 1 ela tL-stitab, which will mot rip,
even if very fourth stitch is oat. Circulars s^nt on
application L-y letter.
J. C. Waahbnrne, Agent,
Juml-dtr Davenport, Iowa.
'hatflrty lux's perform fifty cures—one b. sells
twenty—neighbor recon mends them to nelKhbor—
stringer to drang'-r t.. htranuer. Mtrtt- from gtims,
balstiui and extracts, th"ir cffcls npon the human
h.vst* is mild, searching and Ueneti ial Put up la
large r.nuily boxes. Kvery pill coat with angar
ia cuts [K-r box. Sold by tr^g*Wts everywhere.
HAIR KKSTtlRATIVK.—We are pleased to Ue abl
to rec jrl the sa'i-ifaction of cur patrons, afur trla
of an article advertised in our columns. We hav
the satisfaction to know several of our retdcrs who
have ttfi-J Prof Winid's Ilalr Res'oratlve, and pro.
n-jtinc-*l it to b- ju-t wnat ttie advt-rtUi ment says ll
Is. We have seversl persuil acquaintances, too,
who we e gray hea*l"d—they have tried it, and now
tVlr hair li restored to Its original color, an] they
willingly add ibeir tutmiory to Its efficacy, and will
give further ln'ormatioii to others desiring It. This
sp- aWs well for the article, and we advise all who do
not wish to appear Kray-htn'.ed, to use Wood's llair
He it -ra'.lvc.— 11'. slum Patriot.
Ssld by all Uood Druggis s.
Alluwst tveiybody lia| litaril of Matin's Alue Bal
sim. the a-.ti nti jn of our numerous readers Is di
rected to the advertisement found u another column
of this paper, i the hixli eatiuiation that Is plated
tipon this, the greatest temaJy Jin Men to modern
science. We have never known any other medkin
win as lar2e a share of public confidence In mi hort
a time as this has done, If we may be adownd to
judge by what we read but tills should b( so I!'.,Mint
particularly when we see such testimonials coming
from men of undoubted veracity,from all parts or the
country. There ran tie no doubt but that It is one cf
the greatest discoveries in the med c.ii world, suilde.
serves tli- approbation and esteem of our readera
and the puLlle. Hold by all goo4 drugKisti.
Sloan's Ointment and Vonditlea Powder.
for Purity, Mllih.rts, Certainty and ThnHyh
nets, Sloan's Ointment evert*, and is rtptdly au
perrediuit all other tilotuienta and Unlincnta now
in us« 'or th -following dti-eases:
Vreih wouniis. gills of all kinds, Bpralns, brnlaes
cracked heels, riuglione, wir.dgalls, pole evil, eallua'
apavins, sweenty, li.-tnla, sitfasts strains, lams .esa
and crsckt, foundem) fte', scratches and grease,
mange, andh rn distemper,
hs owder will remove all lnaamma'loo and
(ever, purify the blKil loosen the skin, cl-ane# the
water, and strengthen every part of the body and
has proved a sovereign remedy for the following
Dl-temper, hide bound, loss of appetite, inward
(trains, yellow water, li.llammatii ti of theey f».
tigu| fi..m hard eaercis-, alMrheumstlsni,common
ly called S'itr complaint, which proves to fatal to
many valuable hor«en in this ct untry. It Is alst. a
safe and certain rem»Jy for Coiigbs and Quids
which generate so many diseases.
Even now when we reach camp, 1 haven't
strength to sweep the st-ow away they can
not pitch the tent without, and it kills me
—oh, it kills me to see them suffer as they
do."* Tears choked further utterance, and
the party who addressed him turned away
to hide their own.
It is due to the Mormons who met them
with teams to say that they did everything
in their power to alleviate the distress But
no one doubts the sincerity and good heart
ed n ess of the Mormon people, especially
when bidden by Brigiiain on an errand
atrreeable to him. It is the heads which
cniceived, and the hearts which carried out
such a murderous plan, who deserve the
eternal execration of mankind.
DAVECFOW. WW* Cot. ntUaa* Mr ate.
PBOEIA, ILL. as and IS Main stfMt.
Bun E ToiifV,, IUh IB Woodward, laq
W A Wi.iard, k*q O. Biatrll. K«q
(Mr: N. is, Bs^-, H. A Wiipivni tun, B»q.
|*ft:Ui, K^.| Uf. J. J. ll 'irUf.
K Curi.js. lbu] William A l"t), 1*1
l.-»l. How Kmj i'if-k. Us,
Win 8 'ins*. I«1 i*"J OUion, km
A BiirtlHt, B»if #»o I. Offln, 1§-|
Hfi.ry B*4 Wm Clark, K»u
Thj« Mayna, Bm) Chat Putnam, feq
jo, »rjo, 11 Prloe, B*j
ProfettKir* of Moek-Kttping and Collateral
Brdut het
V Dun, 1) VKEHK*»L-ao,
a uoLosMrrtf, Doiiut.
ProJ«**r* "f J'racticai and Ornamental Pmman
tJaji, ami Le-turer• on Btuint** twlvmi and
Qairi itii, W AVIS, 8 8 Timor
Lecturer* on Mercantile Law, Banking, Kjf rhange
finance, tkc:
no K Pili-ok, HAS UTNAM.
L#-tvrem on Political llistoty and Cotm/wcM
Tve JeslJti of the proprietor« In f«tk) Khlng ttiis
chain o: Coiltsw»e !•. »tJur young n-^Ucni'-n tbe
ti«*i p.s»i k- facilities fj- icj liring lu an -xi*-litlou4
mtiiU'-ra lb ro'iEhknuwu-'ig uf .iuu:e-i no sc-fi c.
and Art an practic»li em^lvifaU iu itic Counting
Room ai"l puisulid ur n rrkll.-. Tb 4- Col
I«J embrace in th tr eiiensiv. tourie of *tu'4y,ijot
okiy ,*-kf«'plrg bi..1 prnmarihliip, but i.uilit.jus
other branch*-.- which will be th*- utnv st Inipor
luif- t»i ver pertou who tr Ansae id ba.-iuas of any
kiuil. It I I I..-of Itiea UM tiTi fit tu the Mer
chant, Manki r, Broker. Manufacturer, Mechanic,
Hotrl Pc,»rlet r, Piibiuhor, Phyalciau. Lawj'-r,
Lanl ainl Insurance A(r-nl ^Korwarler, Collector,
Pnnt r, Cjotractor, Parno r, Pioduce Dealer, Lum
ber Merchint, Surveyor. Kiiioneer, Inspector Teach
er, fcc Ac.
The c..L!»» of »ti:*ly p'triu* at tn-ss Colleges Is
th- must eaten-iv*'aiil thorough, not i *cejtiny *ia_v,
which haa ev been in ro*lucej n,to any similar iu
atltutlon in thl:- country. Th-- tea* hers iu lUb varl
out departments are ai kimwle tu hare no Supe
riors In their respective prufeksions.
Practical Fen man ah I p.
ID this •lepartnirnt, as In all others, these OjllfKei
fctao'l at the very door of the t-iui»!.\
The Styles of Practical crnanieotal anil Ladht
Epldtolar) lb nrn»rinhlp, kj aimer»ally Hilanrelhy
all iovtrsof Oi'uit M'ritiuy, as taught at t!ui» Col
leges. are aot equaled,., auj it u lnt noed they n-ver
shall b*.
Wr.iteii speilinens of penmanship seat free of
Si,,il(u'.» miv commence at any time. Diplomas
awai -1 to Oraduatm. Scholarships good tn either
The Principals ami -achers or these Colleges have
an extensive business a *ii.alntance, and will alwajs
consider it a pleasuii an-1 duty further the btt
luti-r*'i of thi-lr gr&<lnates n bo desire it, by aiding
them al! they can in oLnaialng sanations.
Tuition—Payable on Entering^
For full kurrm'ilu Course lucluilmg all depart
ment ..f *-keeping,l/v-tures, Penmanship
Commercial Caicul«tlou» $40
for Penuiari-lilp alone, one year HI
tot Pennant-hip, twenty leasons.... A
For Ornamental Penmanship, 0arl Wffclng and
Off Han i Kl ii.rishinc, as may be re*-d dpon.
PiiritxT liiforiiiatlin glvea with pleasure on appli
cation at the Cu'l«t or by s mlini for new Circu
lar, which eontalns much v&luable Information, and
will tie turiiiibtd Ij return Mail.
Macklot, Bnq,
i Davenport, llf,
A Barrow, Esq
Oiixlnal Proprietor.
Grand Depot, 4 Sooth water st la baiement of
the Bichmund iuc, Chicago, Illinois, and aold In
naa-ly every town In all the Western States.
All Wbcleaile Drnpglats sell toe madlcioa at Mr
regular wholesale prices.
Bloas's Ikstant
Reliet is truly a Great Remadv
Half a tt cent batua aiaaa'*
Iaataat BeUaf. mvw
la a pint of warm waUr, seldom fails to curs a Boras
Jos I.OPE7, Prof, of Book KeepUtf.
W PhaTT, Prof, of Penmanship.
0 i-rwill, Prcf. of Mathematics.
FKi.iis. Schraao,
augSdtf Davenport or Peoria.
Davenport tonmercial College,
OrlgH's Ulock, cor Thir and Perry sto.,
The enly Permanently Lataicd Co
clal i'ullrgv in Iowa.
1 Bargent,
Jao 0ok. Ui,
I.a Vivle, E=.|,
las Dalzell, KsiJ,
I Coates, Kni,
Jno Cannon, Esfe
Z Jfowers, Kfiq,
i W Wiley, Ke|,
(•Merwlu, K» i,
Urittps, Ksq,
11 Simtli, Ksq,
I'atton, Ksq.
Doct Atller,
Bev Mason,
Jno Johns, •si.
Prof, of Architectural and Orna»
mi-ntal Drawing
N 3i'vh\m, Asst. Tea'her of Penmanship and
Book Keeping.
Bhorbv, Bsq., and other able Lecturers.
ing i*ernianent!y located here, and well known
In the coinui jiiity, ai.d withal deslroos of maintain
ing a reputation f^r candor auil reasonableness, we
do not de 'in It necessary to pursue th'- cours'-so ofien
taken by Commercial Collegw (and esp-cially by those
which are only temporarily establish'd, and derignut
to make a great tlow ir a few months and then
"move on" 10some new place,) namely, to claim su
periority over the whole world, as If there were no
such thiuga writers, accountants, teachers and ex
perienced business men, out of the select circle |c
their own school room we. therefore, as hereto ore,
make no exaggerated statements, promise nothing
we sre not prepared to perform, advertise no teach
ers not actually engaged, and make no claims we can.
not substantiate.
Embrace* ccmplete sets if books in every branch «f
Trade and Commerce, including Whol'sale and Be.
tail Individual, l'artnership, Joint Stock, and Com
pound Company Husinesi, Manufacturing-. Commis
si in, Railroad, Steamboat, Hotel, PaintlnK, Lumber,
Srnkerage anil Kxchange (tw coirpl-t- j.radical
f.irui ), Mid In Uas k 1N1. the no*t comjMe and nj
prove known eyttm, and sup rlor to any other
taught iu tho West. The course In
Is tiader the charge of Mr. W. H. Pratt, wkoreoslvsd
the premium tor Pet mm^hlp and Card Wil'lng at
the 'a~t State *air. and »Kn drfie* nil eoin/iMtiion
in plain or lirnai/itnhil Penmanship. Pen Sk eteh
intj. Flourishing, Card Wr itxng or teac/nruj thime
branch nt.
is as-lited by Mr. J. N. Buydam. who haa few
u uais as a practical or ornamental penman, or as a
tea her.
andscape ami Am hitecti'bai.
and the complete system of
a!sotnght by competent instructors.
ooms—Iu Griggs' Blxk, crner of Thirl and Per
ry »tre its. on- blo.k from th- Post Otfl -e, the room
forme, iy knwn as "Uriggi'flail," with the adjoin
ing' ruum.-i,*- II lighted, well venhlalid, andforuiiug
hy far the most .Uieicen:, commoGloos and bmt
a tnptel simation for :he pur o»e in the city.
Open at ad hours from 9 a till i' M.
A large an 1 well farni^heit room, entirely lepa
rcte from the Gentleman's d«partiiiont is provided
for 'In- uss ol I.a !y stuilentn lu-ively.
t3"For further partlcu ar» tall at the rooas, or
addr.ss J- C. LtlPFZ, I
ausU W. PRATT, r"nc,p*u-
Mount Id* Female Celltftt*
Simmer Sesmoti of this Institution commen
ces ou M-ind&y, May 3d, i$Vi. Th-location if
this Insl-ltnlti n for genoral healthfaltiess, purity of
moral atiuoapher*', sublimity ami beauty of s cene y.
Is not excelled, it Is thonght, by that of any similar
Institution in thisnatioii. ThebuiMmgisasubsian
tiae brick eilitlce, situated on a beautiful eminence,
(overlooking Ihe "Father of Waters and Twin Cit
let of ilie West," and Is now bfin* :ILUd up In the
inoet approved styl*-ofea-tcrn Colleges. Thegestion
Rooms have been nicely papered, and Hiiipli with
the best styles of Ho-iton furniture diagoiially ar
ranged, and th*- thre.' cum'noilioiis ta-lors have beeu
neatly pap* red, painted, carpeted and fnrntsted with
new and ep'taut pianos tic., for the accommodation
oftheinimcal and ornamental
department. Two ad
ditional Professors wtll Is-added to the Faculty—a
lady and gentleman, late of Troy Ki-uml* 0 *l*«e, N
Y. The b' ariliris' department will ncconiin .date at
prea^ut. N-twe* n seventy-Ave and die undred )t,ung
ladies and will Ik- under the supervision of :h* Pres
Ident and his I.sdy and pan nts may be assured
that no pains w ill be spared, not only to promote the
Scholarship and standing, but the health and com
fort of their daughters. This lni'ttu:iun helrg now
placed under auspics of th*- -'Mount Ida College
Association." and incorporate*! v lib the highest Col
legiate i wers.full and fi rnial Diplomas, conferring
approprlat* Llteiary Degrees, will be awarded to
those 1 atig ladles who complete the prescribed
course of study. Kxperis»a will be reduced to meet
the times, atudectsnnill be received at any time du
ring the first half of the se«s|on
may l-tf Bay TOOKB.
PMjro tjrsTiwcTiojira.
IVrB. M. O. P. Biirnaide
to MmUed nombcr puplln
(/moo* *lT« n at h*r reMl-nce, corner of Mtl&aad
Seventh or at the r-aMeooe ptipilt.
DavtftfM'rt. June 'J4, IHW J8M6B
Vlolla & Plaio Forte lastructuas.
|t HERMANN KIKI1N li Ing a celebrated Vio
JV1 linlst ami Piano player who just arrived from
U» rmaiiV, will give Instructions on tin Violin and Pi
ano Forte either at his resldtiue or wherever eUo
whi re wanted. Pianos tuned and pair'd. In
quire at the Oermanla House, 'id street between Rip
lay and Scott stmts or letterbo* o *14.
Notice tolllcrcliaiats»
Mm havtac a snrpius «eefe ef aayie
We» MgUaUUs. eaa mliaMkeessfe
1 W O
BO jTS ^jrn shoes,
I A S 7 O I I
Brady Street,
having iletermioed to cloaeoot hts large aodarn
eml aasortnieiii of tieats, I^diev, lkiy*, Misaea and
IIooIm nnil Khors,
at Ibe afcorteat poa#iLi- time,, will n il Uem upon
th* moct fat arable Term—Trm» that caiiiiat
fail to gne enure »aiUfatiou every reatux.al»le
put chaser.
I cio^t r-spretfolly Invite a call from our Cttf an4
Country Fri liJb befor** purttiaaing.
L)a». iiport, July ii, ls74
i. C. TODD.
KAVB now in store a iarie and o s-lerted
ot Boot* and Shoe*. 10 which I lnvlt*
the attention of all Ln want of article* id my line.
Country TVocfert wishing to replenish tneir stctk
will find it to their advantage u call on lue before pnr
ehaalng eiM Where.
To my numerous customers who prefer Custom
Wori we continue to hold out Inducements iu the
way otinrimt tUxJt and stvMsA uork, not equalled
this side of New York.
AU kinds of Ladies' work manufactured as usual
—AT TltK—
Corner Kit mid llrasly »l'«,
Boots and iflioea tor
(le•t8^ Ladles' aad ibildrf ns* VI ear,
Which for superior quality an I variety mnot tsi ex
cel.ed all of tvbich has been inanufaUuied aud se
lected expressly lor his
retail tradi:,
and will be s*ild at tin most reasonable prices to snit
the t:m*-s. II*- also matiufaetures to co-'er
Fine I'rpiicli 4 aII' l*oot«.
Sewed an Peu^i Oait* rs and Shoes ma le by the
best of workmen at the City tboe Store.
Boot and Mhor Rrmoral
Boaiforcl tfb Suits
Have remoed their Boot it shoe Btoie to
No. 3, NirholPs Blot k,
Corner of Brady and Second Streets. Mehsldtf
Worn Ijf Rings or Emperors.
What i Why a licautiful Head of Hair.
Benanae It Is the ornament Gid himself provided
for all our race. Reader .although tho rose may
bloom ever so brightly in tin- glowing cheek, the eye
bo ever so spaikling, the teeth be those of pearls, if
the head Is bereft of Its covering or the hair be
snarte 1 and shrive isl, harsh and diy, or worse still,
is sprinkled with gray, nature will lose more than
half her charms. I'rof Wood's Hair R'-storativc, if
used two or three times a we- k, will restore and per
matien'ly secure to all such an ornament Bead the
following and judge. The writer of the ilrst Is the
celebrated Pianist, Thalberg:
NEW Yohk, J.-.ly 26,
Paor 0 Wood: Witi contidence d.i I recom
mend your Hair Restorative as is ing the most lllca
cious article I ever saw. Sice using your Hair R»s.
toratlve my hair and whiskers which Wtn-almo.
white have gradually grown dark arid I now feel
Coi.lident that a few more applications will reMore
them to their natural color. It also has relieved me
of all dandrufl and unpleasant Itching, so common
among parsons who perspire frceley.
An 1
sold by all good Druggists and Fairy Go-yig
Dealers. J.-W-JA» Jm
Hliy is the Uemaad so (ireit for
Sir. Maim'a
AftiUE BAL§A1?
Because It will, in all rase*, safely and effectually
cure that much dreaded scourge of the Wet- CM Is,
Fever and Asue—without fall and iu casts will cnun
tiract the poisonof Malaria, of whu i.utti.011 nnd»
can testify ami unlike all oth n. at .uiu.-. il 1., only
recommend* 4 I one class uf ole«#rs. au as a t* nlc
It-is unsui pai-sed. We will off-r a few evidences of
its woitti, by men of inS'it nee and high landing.
Princeton, III., SejA. 20IA, 1867.
DA. MANN—Dear Sir: Foj eve al years past I
have used yonr Ague falssni in my Ui y practice
and have clvfely observed Its iff rt« In hundrdl^ of
case., and In no case has II railed to produce the
most happy 1II cl. I can tnoi-t cLcrrtultv comra nd
it as a certa 11 speciuc for chills, fev- and as in-, and
malarioos diseases. Tru'y Yours,
H. At'STiN, M. D.
Marshall. Mick FeO. 11W, lb.-.7.
DR. MANN At Cit. I have told a Uig*- anioui.t of
your Ague liUsam in this vicinity,
snd from my per
sonal knowledge of It, I be n-ve it the b--t remedy for
ohills, fever anil ague that has ever te--n s.id tn cur
Slate, Reapectfuliy Y u-s.
O. A. ilVDR.
JUhtabuhl, Ohio, January, lsf 1S.V9.
MESSRS 8 K MANN CO —,nt.: Irnanvai-.
siugtli" States ofOlilo and Michigan forth- -ale'if
th* illlTeri-nt r-iuedl*-s of which w*' hav* control, our
attention has been called to observe 11, g'- at name
that yonr Ague lUlsaui has sained for Its* If in teety
place whe'e add. It real y s*-em» to be the peopWs
trim remedy, and it sella nure rapt I t) an a
^•Im Jin*it*.
I I a o
AT Til!:
Hork tmianH Store.
Jvn- K-ii
Violin*, AiciinU'OHM,
AND OTKKR .iL"-it ,« I• MKvTf
AIVtKi i,i.u fi'i •. is.
IWSTBCcraas OF !. Ki.m.3.
M. A. I'OKl I:K k BliO
Atilu- Old It.ck l«l t|id It^th sitrc.
••.1 *i... t„ .,r
voiu-li did to
of emliieiit rhai.n
New Voik, April 19, IStW.
Dear Sir:—Penult me to express to vou the obliga
tions I am under fur the enttie reHtorati.m of try hair
to Its original color about the time of my arrival in
the 1'nll'd Btati-s It was rapidl" ta coming gray, but
uiun the application of your' Hair Restorative" 11
Soon r*-cvus*d its original hue. I .n^lder your
Restorative a« a v*-ry wonderful uivi ntl'.-n,quite effl.
caclous as well as sgr"eabl".
I am. dear sir, yours truly, 8. TIIaLUHRG.
"Drycli a'r (Jwyliedydet."
Welch Newspa|er offlu-, 18 Nsscau st, Ap'l 12,1858
Pnor O W ood:—D*'ar Sir Some month or
six wteks ago I received a bottle of your Hair Res
toratlve sad gavo It my wife, who concluded to try it
on her hair, little thinking at the time that it would
rentorc the i ray hair, tut hers as well as my sur
prise, after a few weeks' trial It haB performed that
Wonderful tffect ty turning all the gray haiis to a
darx brown, at the sam" time beaitityin-_- a:id hlck
ening the hair. I strongly recommend the above
Restorative to all persons In want of nich a cham-
of their hair. CI1ARI.K8 CARDKW.
g'tati.v redact|| put. .. ii i i ,.u
rt.-l.wrs. Our i. k
t.otd p. us. Wall Paj.
plete St*fk» to I. ,1 I -. .,
we iiiMi-siitiirl a.1
and «i.js-ri.,r ttirfk. V
Pi**s no Menans.ti I' ».
will i.- ,©H at p.i-t.^. ,,
Misjeliat*itta Kv .fc.-
at uiu- n i--B tba:. .u i, %.
buutias* r«. Cit 1 t' 1 1
Mi iiue ai.d i i.Im
our stock.
1 I-.
Book ls:ar.n
tiio. %v. i:ii» a o.
N». 1-J IjV' "fire In, ,1,
|JATi u.' -1
II \*it M'trptrs.
Also --ji-.n.-lr i'i a i-» '.
bngiaImis books,
wbt li W! ft* u.
LotuUnt f*n hn~hirfi* Frit-m.
A i n
lt«»lli'«t ni ,it iiiuvfon's
XEH W 0 KKS 0\ A Rl( j,
lion. O. 11. ^iiiiili's
Remini-scecc-cit W-
portent legal trtai- r- ...
S Vol- 1: If) pag. «.
i .1 1
must Inu re. 1
y ars
Daveojs,. 1. 1 .Si
Llvliipr-ton's ere#t Work
E i V K A I s A I K A
Just received. ir«— an Ort.
At tl:*j Ktj'Jii I.Si.ANIj i'(ii Tt I".
Rock Island Kook
At this estatilshii" ta .11 lc !ou: -1 1: »••. -.'.or if,
P'tliOttt. 1
BTA 1'tUN i-'IvY,
Altenls Whit M. Y. Tv.« t'oo. 'i y .d p.
Hoe k Co 'a
A tarpe irtorV of Pr'nifr's Mi' .. v 1,
A'our J/i'.s'/t Af
'i'okK, (u|. t. I. Store)
will be to .nd one th-. tu i.t er -n ,s of Pi
an.-s and M«: It *n« ii: ti e N. rth-j1. vi ltto
Ut»r sales "f 'in w.-! i py th*- tro-i! ie.
II. A. P0RTF.lt &
Jan14!.vwtf li
lHousattas ui Koils 01
For 1$le in Lota Vj i
Kir-toard Pi
lit*' w 'Co, iioid T. i
ful, Pap. Curtaii-s. »-lt-io, t
gurird, st very In., ruts. !'.*
ptr Itaru-t r-, k:i.| har.g vet *.,
Would o- lih bare Walls, v.
bo'-ses papered aad mate
Hallii, H.omt., C'-I!lngs a-
Jn'jr'J.vt Pat sr Dr^ters aod 1»»m
Paor Wood: About two years aeo my hair
commenced falling off aud turoins' gray I was fast
becoming bald, and had tried many r* diet to no
etT-ct. I commenced mlng your Restorative in Jan
uary last. A few applications fasltneJ my tatr
firmly. It began to All up, grow out, and turned
back to Us former cUor, (l'.a k.) At this tlm -it Is
fully r*-stored to Ita original color, al and ap
pearance, and I clie*-rfol!y recommend its u*'S to all.
Chicago, III, May 1.1368. I) IIOKS.
The Restorative Ik pwt up ln bottle* of 3 sixes, vis.
targe, medium anl snisll the email ht Ms 4 a pint,
and retails |for one dollar per I*.tile theinellom
holds at least twenty per rent more la p'ojioriliii
than the small, retails fur two dollars p-r totile the
large ho'ds a Quart, 4n per cent more in prop rUon,
and retal s for $8.
0 WOODS CO, Praorlotors, 212 Broadway,
New Tork, (in the great N Wire Ra'ltng establish
ment snd 114 Market st, St l»uls Mo.
1 others.
It is deatUieil lu supercede all Other ague r- medirs In
the market. Very Trulv iTcun*,
JfetP York, Feb. 21, 11M.
MBSSR-S 8 K MAMM U CO—O.-nt*: I have at
our hoane in St Louis sold your Agm- llalsam s*me
three years, and have carefully ohwrve'1 its etr-ct in
coring, and must In all candor say. I do uot billeve
Its equal rji-rs In all the anrld ..? n-dii ine». T.rny
personal kn*ml**lg*- It hss cun periuane'itly every
time, and 1 have known it use*!, after aii other reme
dies have been tried In vain with -h«- m.i»t hai'py re
sult And what is mere remarkable I have never
known a case but what r-uiai «*-d cured, for at I'-ast
that seasoi. I have n« b*nit«ncv I11 recommending
It as a perf-ct triumph over thills and fever.
Bespectfully Yours, PROF O WOOD.
S. K. MANN & CO., Proprietors, Ga
llon, Ohio. Sold by all
good Druggist*.
And LMdim Harried or
Fifty Cents eoclosetl, In postsg* stamps, the
undersigned will forward,by return mail, the
following Invalu ibie hcuvhold retelltj, made with
out trouble, anil fvll printed lastructlona. For ten
cents you ca*i prucore what would ooatat the store
ane ilollar— vlx
Bow to make PoodreSabtle, for removingsnperflu
ons Hair.
How to make tooth powder.
How to make H»lr Restoratives,
•ow to
make Hair Dye.
How to make Pomades. ..
How to make Bloem of Roses, to remove nettles
Ureal the fke
How to make Boo as for the.
Bow to auks Indelible Ink.
Bow tecareeorna
•bwtomakaOssaent, for mending hnfetn ahiav
Harasr TaelieHeee' eeiehrated WaAtag la.
lfsl.it 1»
A K I i I E
& CO., New
the following |. aij.n^ i. i
1. Tic- l.on ii Quarici 1 •, 11
2. 11.t- Rdinhnrgh Ken a, .- .)
8. Tilt- Nmtl, l!«it!«h i. v
4. The W* siniini !u: 1
6. lib. kw ..*•• Kdiii'-u
Th'm- I'i rio'li' als aldy r.
political parlies of tiitar n
It 1 III ,1:1 —bill p'lllli- f.,! Ill
e!.ara.-H-r. As org tus of li n
on Sci'-nce, Litt-ra:ure, Mor .'y
at till as they ever have si.. I ...
Word .1? ik.-|!er^,l -Inge 'iM
.-iholar and the prulv^n 1
ligeut reader of ev*-ty eia...
r-ct and satisfactory rer 1 1 .u 1
»f the day thro'igtiuiit l!:'- •!, 1 ,»i
obtained from any ot .*
^arly j, .u.
"The receipt of vtvao'-f i- 'r.mi
/uMirliers giv*-s additional •. .. *n the
Inismm ii a- they a't no-.v
aubs rtb'-rs almut ns«:en a 1
Terins cr Annum.
Por any one of ihe four -. i ws
For any two or 1
lie four Ri views
F.ir any three ihe it-ur K-VkWS
For all foi.roftl.e Rev!
For Itla.kwotsl
Ft Hla' kwco-l an three It v
For lti.tkwoo-1 ai the fosil w
Pay 111 ntto be insden. all nl.
curi nt in the State where ..- i
A discount of twtntv ft 1 *.
pfloos wtll be all-wed to..'a: -r i-.g
eopu-s o' anyone or mor- ,.t
Four Copies of HI 1. kwot.it or 1 "re I,
sent to on*' addre sf. $9- four e:
Reviews and Hlat ker. i.d for J30 ari
In all lltt-prirn ip i'. 1 1: «:.
be •eliv.-retj Fie. .1 ...
the po-iage tn m.\ a: 1
but TW -iNTY-KJCa
N. I». The prio- in f.. .- Ii *ai
olleals above nam* 1-1.'' -i -f
r. e. i-.i.»n,
Attorney at Law.
Phi alalph i
done to a styl- net to I
Please alien Fecond strt-'
s. w. aaaaaa.
Notary Publle,
We 1:. HAKIKV K &
DavEaroRT, low*,
Hav opened
Brnm-it Offi«
At 83 KOI Til HlfcBgn
Fim «]£.. mu.
.t ts^fii'hViUs' "«h
GclitU uit :i »u.'iPi: I'hbadelpli,
Stun, ,,m.*-. I'ap ra Hi, .Ji
an! tne latest imorii.tti.,,, ,r,
At their Oflire la batenport
wm N- I. -i-'d ., I ,i!v ...
giM-att. *.: to be I. AKnsaTs,
A i st rl, .b Und- in l„w»
^-l i i i**"*Bt*''*1Ml
retluce the price li
When nt by m»!l.(^i I'tv paid)• niaan!
Oregon th- pri v..K l-e $7. To v-* th"
Oliio and to Ca so* (••,..tag p«t( l) 4 IS work
Is n the old "It-jots of the Ka
Bemitt-tuoes ft snv of s o t.iti
Should always be addr s-:"t, 1 ..ti p* s
I.RON' A Itf «i-.T A '.,
(Dec39dkwtf 1 K-
U ld -f rest,New T' etc.
slf ft /Sarti ffhi.
foiiowiriK defcut-cd Real Hsta*--:
rwts, sec l, W, I, e.
10 acres in .b* lou'h w-t tmarter of t' •.
(1) ISO r#, e
B%, se V #c 114. SO, 8, *.
rn, il.
H. swH, re)», see 1, SO, !!.
MU, at. i» s'-e 9, S), I. e.
It wl I.*-divil t*,uit pti'chssero. Price 12H
per a
er T"tms ta-h, ba.ar.c-'on 4 yesas time
wuh 10 per e:.t iterest, pay t»"t snri'wUy.
iltb&tm K*S*.
Po-i. «..'B*-e Bui di»g.
%. I. t-OW^UOW, tons VAKTIS.
Attorney 1 aw S. .Votary Public.
CJon^don A VantiM,
Real Estate Kfoker^, &€.,
rive fecial attention to eoOecting and
sen: 'tug claims of every kind.
Also, (i.y, seil, exchsnge, lean snst psylaxtson
R/al Eitati, cgjtiate »ns, examine Un-i, titles,
On it e, northwest corner of Rrad) a0cund st,
Cnd story
NOTltETO iu ii,i»j k*.
MA'jnnEH hem eo.
nndersign- *1 have Ja-.t r"e-.'-*{ a tar^e ititck
of St. Ctois Logs, and are cow pr- pared to fur
aieh, at their Saw Mill, (0r»t Mil. sbov the rauroad
Bridge) every description of Bolieu» Tiiutor, slso
Ploerin«t8 Idlag, Bhiaglee^s-h Do»r*. etc., at is
lease p-ieea
Ctment Drain M*ipet
ssls the Manufsrtorv, .,r.- rv and
NiCflijli A
s"m i, iMrmn n FASMS IU H.„U
1 tier** III Ml tin.
,ract'1 A' T"*tl
Me"*.0 Ba'^''
Mir at A'W
v inr
O. t'.-i- i.mn K Me I Haiik
«.b. kv,.. ,lk o,
lo. k In, lU-gm |, l)|,t|,«^rt
A il' u & *4
m'hu f'! /"n"*'\ll4'k '-noaster.Pa.
I If «HM^)r| f^^HH
fs/c efyency,
Hi I. A IMI !V (i M,
Rc«.I Kstalf and IMMir.iiirp
Otalera in M!.rehaiiffrt
I N' I'l 111 VMt Ct.NtKl-AUCBae,
OHirt'-.'j.'i, lat« ii|tor|\ Iflork,
I »rn« MAI^ WAtO.Njj KfA
iiliiMblp, t'itj Pro|«rty For Sale.
IN VITK Hie especial sttnti„n .r
N tahv Pt BLti
i. IU.
FROM TSW CltKTa- A* I i v.'.
-nd 10 K.rr. IXf.
lr. i.t a", t. i»,».
W" -ariou
-. !:l -.a.- —Al
"i* e,
ranging from fK pir .v"rc""up
Sialinker, «.ano i ranfvrd,
tt'.i/ E-iate vltjfnl*,
2XTo. V W
«a»t Mooond mt
{atl.d.e-' 101 ll.
rhca- ah-trans |i-(
I I.u k .r
i' *'•'*'*''h
A' «tract
lete i-,
i- in .s. ott ft i.t.tv,
-"Ms N...» f. i.i.t ,w. tnn
xaiiitnatlii'i 1 t,||
advent..*** iu.e ex„, illiati,i.1 ,1
'1 nt-m,.".I
trafuacti n of all ..Itr I ...
rai -a, rtl
FA.N( k ». •. I
YAh.. I
4.., A.
'cn.p,l«t fr,.ra
eIhor. ,u. Xt: ira«'«n-
tlie K-alion of Land
til ten*.01
Veil to
of II,.11
Pay men
1 of Taxes
IMKM Op Bstt'S
ATT»i M-\ A COl'NSEl.l.t i|i j^W
DAVtXI'rtfcT, low,
T»» "rTr '"i'h'i pa'cels of B*al
the st ,.n,1o11',,fVu, ha*, ,1 Mto
lily l*rop«rly.
•-i^tl'i.f WsM"/"
I 18, lot U|m ti u 1. ,1
Inure, ,.a-i buck siabir. Hit.
be '.„j loW
1 A
b.)ai-:ni-n 111 F"
N it
r.mi the firituh
these reprints,
iu ih* li .nds ot
in tl tslUioB®.
lo ii-1
e. M..II.J
I e'-etv«*lt
rk- wi
E V KB. Mi
To Bclenti -sn 1 a -t
By IIKNltV STKVR.Mi K ir 1 .•!
he at« J. *1- M11 "r t'
Auri nltu-e 11 1 i i
It Vols Hot-ii v I
numeri n- ..
This is. coiil---1.-' .. k
Agricu 1 ur- i-vr i 1
wid*-r circulation, i: ,.. I avv
«Mtal sU Uads
prmaptiy alter «c i
L'*" admitting n.. 1 on the 1 ast.
'fees, grajes. *1 a
u. tak'n ^*1!^ bo U
.tA •l,,l li'tmi 6th street lietw,.i«n War-
rtn t.ti.1 ltiowa. lMt» if I 4.si. Terms of pavment
j*. y.
No •'. A ton e With the It 1
Ursdv s'r*et beta v 11 Ht:4
I cb home In a ry Itgibb
«e of or -r two is on
I.V.h -tre- t». This la
1" 4P'
""••leeormr ..'f Mali, and
Sixthsti eta, or,*-, i|,j ni'jf *-inM.--iHuatlon.- fur
I u ate ri- ij. :i« e i.u-er the 1.1111.
'ihrew 1-4 In H!»vi.iaker's nibdlviston ..n
Farsi.i v est 11 Locti.-t
I." lot 11 In l«i.| pnyiiit-m f'.r the aU.ye.
•No t, f/.t wiih a i-tsd li .11 .-with four ro mis tnd
doliV Adtllli'.u, one till rl'«ct
lri.wii and Uaiu*-. stre*t. Pii't $I,|no.
A Hri k I101J-.1 ai:M lot 011 sontii shle'of llflh
^ct west ot Hock Irlai street,
Of Rts k Island street
•V '1 d.xloo Pine f4fl|
Ko ll. A f,irnt-l.i ij w.tl. I rti msand st ibie for
1 Pallet'* a:d|tioii.
i I HS»do!I.-r- ijo. |.tUnce In instal-
mi-'us o' $ltm pi atinnni.
S 1 1J a framt use with a si srs of gronnd 011
'J,'" .' S
i hl
*l"ets, in ar the grountta of tho
Csl 1 lb P"male Seminary.
L"'\ *6 Jears f*,ra t.nmlt roflma
on Hra y Mali «rnl Harrl-t n dre ts.
lots in N.-el's«ult|Ms|oriof
lots U: IS y.-aia, at a vsry |,,w gr.uno r.r.t.tn flft
t*. ."r aniiii-u with the priwl.gc.f |.errhrslngtir
tiavi tin* impr -v no nt* f,,..t u,r .a .|,.- i,.t «.f th»
i ao- Ih'-it- It. 111 but. way !-r a n.an of Muall
.pi'al to 1 rocur.' s I, -n with'u.l 1 lig r*x*-d with
a b- a 1 si h'.*i .p- i.... .1, the anxiety of
p.-ovidtin: li.r a lit ,r. y
4 omiir Froprrfy.
K" 1. AKa of l^ii acres near It. 1 1..1 tirove, 60
ai r»f broke ond i.ndoj cultivation, a n:.aii hoOSe.rLO
ning watt r.
So 2. Tl):- north west «jiiain t,f H*c 6, Twp 7»
1, ••»»•, t: n xt hi. ih re is 13 ai s brt ke.
N. B. Th* utt w.t .| .art. of s-«5, twp 19, 1,
e*»t w'th a gtv,d rtone tjunr 1 pot. it.
Ko 4. Two hundred an 1 forty arrts, itiS*t'Uon 17,
twpMi RI.wiii, (Cedar Touuty,) tunn.ug watrr.
01 ji 1 ere.
!.* ,. Ih te nth es't qtatP-r of tec II, twp 7-1,
li. I, west Pi.c $H p.-r acre.
'•, K:,:''y a-1 •-*, part In wheat,near Kuunl
1. J'rK-il.*, pei /. -e. Fu.y t«ra,a
1. A si-l' inli-l -,iri) i 1 »o ,.- rt», secIT, twp^t.
A large rt, k iice wo an*! water, will
It- iu whole tr in part, 1W ace* in wheat, ir
-1. S....U tin op Will l» gr.'n In,or an p- rs it
1 r* lis the r* 011 the gr. nnd. A eml
ittal Entale yentff,
i A i k o u
t)FKIi K,
!\i« koilV lilsx-k.
»y mat
n w i i
1 of tl«
i) k
jort, Iowa-
i'or Sale.
r.d cot XTRy
unimproved—at ry i* w rut ».
I e a i i n
l.«|s st
fait lo iti.
i n
p* ..ors
wishu.g I ,t for a (1
1 that cannot
i.i.ire of tjlo. L. Nlt ltOI IJ«,
Sptll t!f Cor hrady
at Pt-offd
Ktft! Kstal^ land Cxcbauges
I f. Kith UAL I'DMMl f.t I'l'kt HAS hi,
{l.an stiil 4 »ll«'f'tii|c /igi'ic),
N»i. UH itasi.iii11 ST Cniiaoo, Ii.l.
Atn 't/v«»«/Prineij-al 7'ttnttntK»
i nihrt Mat...
i t)M» imanttrioa
t*c Kimo in tun
W».i T.
J. J. ftALltttfillKH 6c Cs Proprietors*
1' l'B Sells. Kltbilige K. lit- aid I -a Pri(^.
er^-. a-i lit !.• C.i .s 1 jM, WahHimi
a 1 t'ie t"»« nioi ol I.and wuh Warrants or
A t* mis to buying and selling MtrchandMn of all
fciodi tor non-rtsid t«.
Prov.d inert har.ts, Biannfactur«rs and others
with iniitled r|. 'ksor .'tr.er«.
Obtains. e*Lildt, l,u} at.d *ells patent rights.
Furoinh* s to orrl'r and sentls to any iart of tho
Mort W. st,.
lerkw. Me, ha: ics, I.aoorers, Ac.
Collect join ai.d tusi'.e.s ctn-e't.-d with tho
practice Of the law, jioii-j-I'v atl- ndrd p..
Pjrtle. sending i Uii or other pr j^rtjf tf «x
rti.«igi- la- nhandi?.*' wjit please ren.eraber to ra
e4o.ie a ft" of lo iay f-,r a.lv, rtii u g.
All 1'- ters of ert(iiry t,, attention mast
hav? u.cios'd on- po-tage at an p.
Ail htiilnesa matt-ri ttr, .-tly toafldentlal.
Comn lo s medcrats, atd all orders promptly
atte'.deu JyUMtr
'ilu* t)a*h ^VNirm
S the o-1 rtji. ttier so'e tt,e hi.yi sgainst frsa4
nointg ment, bad bujiog and p-^r -totk
Wh bajfl fro-n a Ii-. se that *',,* t. ereiSI
hf! Ir.ess ll" d.j»s r.»,t H!:a aMtr .• r-' :r |. M*-tirf-ga
il Is aii. ,ya stt^g.
tOOOD UToi K, s, at jr*s
rtii',t» i U!..'.,'?i..iii(-n Tt.-re i« n. •u'li iea
ro 1 able to U-.'ks tnd irspi of tr», •-», the .|u..r o
sm-ss and if you would avoid the (tola n.,u^ drnng
soil h» p'rsous who do a ciedit bn-me'i »nd on^
lv:t fiftv ir,t, -:,e dollar cn all
t. y se I, b-.y r, the OAflll fWC.-K of
BrHii«li(«i, incs and Clgari,
No. iv HaKDOLrH Strxkt, OMIOAOO, III.
Spriufdale harden.
•*..H »^w««ts*ttMeldiua4e«lf
stiesl. twin

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