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Weekly Council Bluffs bugle. (Council Bluffs, Iowa) 1857-1860, July 28, 1857, Image 2

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iif I
i as to the owalaeftttoaa of Mr.
"Ksirt-a, it is coaeedad oa all haaat that
be is thesaoatcosipeteataaaaoi aii thoae
whose aaates hava beea mealioaed ia oca
a*ctiofi with that (rfk», aad while in
hi* ease, both modesty aad pnacipi* pj«
Tsated his oferiag hta^aeif an a saadi
iftte for o*c*j uatil caiiad upoa by hi«
farty beeoaia such, bi« opposeat ha«
lar CMatatnpped the stodaaty whieh li
Ways aecoaipaai«s merit, by preauauof
•m far opuD tut peraonai iataonaaoe a*
»1 becoHMs a eaadidate of the oapoeitioa
•f^rty, after faiiiag to rec«Te the &>mi
aati.ja t'rsa the Deaaocracy.
Ivary body knows that MT. Ifya was
aaaadidaae before the saae C*OBTasti«s
•Bieh aoatiaated Mr. Kaepper We pra
•ssas he will aot hare the efryatrr to aaj
tfcat be did noi cktnrt the aomiaatioa, tnr
•Way that if he had receded it he would
k**e beea aattsied with the action of th*
Uftareotiou. Aye then b* would bare
kftea a stickler for a ripd adher^e« so
tikr lesaocnuic aoauaattoas! But, hav
taf failed to reeeire it, his thirst aad
aftgersees for oftee baa itap«n*d him tv
Wcome the iooi of a eiiqoe A eomipt
•ahuctaas, who, kaowiag their laabili
ly to defeat the Deatoetaey ia a fair, span
aaateat, resort to fraud aad false pre
tsftoes for the purpose of earryiag cnit
tiwar schemes,aoa in order to do *., murv
^it»*et»«« to i i .»b«rt»? «*4 iwoparfy
first, 1st«» raew loth*ift@pi«nt stepe
laraft «ai«te«Bi «l tft« C'oaaws.uuan,
aai dw **t** was pro*
po*«(t Tbi» wil! aMI lushowiiaf wh«th
«r ta* OftaTft&tJOk *ct*a guod
fatth pti4@a^ th« WMBMM of the peo
-J*!** *«»»••**, orwheahwf they
i aaf® irajtwsB*^ their «is**stt and vio-
wtitut. w«« «ut asks€ for, ar
tpu««ci. nor aapotawt aad that rati
s&*mfiaf oar shafts* of eoo»tit«
tkMMW nghi*.
t^-ft u kaowa that ta« fttaia eajeot
for wkidi the a«aw4»a»4 wasftTf«d-was,
iha 3»t»bi.Aai»«fit of a Ja«yri»f .Vy««wa.
f%* r««Bitf' J«*fft*fctp
It i at«c prtipcawi to *j*s-aj-J Uie 4a4i-
Isj th* 5^ "»»a ife* '.£. wttJefc the
•hhlic ,i«sar*at a s u fteap* iXkaeemad, starf arude, saake ib« »apr«ai«
«K taka itftwgraiBaaV that the hoaost J«4f«s *ie*mtt by taw people, which
at»} 6*pa»wm»i* »aa»« af the p*spiv sag »oaad &a4 popular iewafflrati*! doe
ftf aii partie* 4a»»r* «peeiaiij to tr»ae* »arra« toftd«i«**•*»#* the prop-taititiT^,
f^i«i bj a af abihtj Md. a»tf©ult*«i i s»«Hioa. A fm mkm nmtm^mmu wer*
iBoidanJailj, bat ta«T ware «il
aiiaor impartftfi^—dw atais propoaiUoa
JstMfTity—oaa who i s aawi.w
«*a*ttf anag of partisan iii«jBa* aado*u
m®my whidt ii*uagui»bm th« ptoims being t. *itar «h*« fHroviatos by winch
Itaai Mtn~mekni This Wiag ths caaejaii Baak* of *as»e w«f** ia«!fdi«««i and
iipiais that &
Ui# i*smu
«tAK noaitftaa for taa calee of Coaatj
Jkusy, is a ataa to amit taariwwsaaca
Jfomou? the H«at iatarmt of Poaaw»%a
slut I'outnj, *a«t ttav!ft|j s«i, pat ia
auauaatioa wubout tut own aaeaiai^ aad
•bore all, withoat aaj esfort of hia uwa
jaxttothat aad, ww hate aoi taa alifht
ft»s doubt bai thai he will ha th* peopk^i
abuic* oa ifie arst Moada^f in AU^.LM,
«W9f hi# doator^ ^poaea?, wit(. a** a«
ftthouaij abaadoaed aii pruaeipiea aad
Iftaaiy falaiiad hi* fonaer profi*asioas
fir the *op« obiaiauig oftce. To
jrore th« auperiurity oi Ma- KIKEPTIB,
over Mr. Nye, ia the iadupcaaibi* 4ual
laoftttoaa of hoaesty, capacity aad &<kai
ty to aay trust that may b« eoaided to
Maa, it it only aeci^aary to ecatnu tha
•oaitiuiu which ta«y occupy rewpeetif«ly
before the public, aad hare we must re
start, that it is a paiafui duty for as
r*eord amch aa iastaaee of abaseataat
U ibat prea^aitiU by th* tatter, ia his u»
ftl dujai* daaire for ua\*:, aad his hot
yursuit after it at th* expease of politi
•hi iat«fxity)auuthood1hoaio»aadeTery
ftiag held aacrad by a terat ataa aad a
food citiaea.
Ui« aMUSiHi :nisro$i $f the
that hfthalf sMatitataa taaaksfl ftfwl
favot of the Oostvastaaa.
Tber* «"df« ao oth«r water»a! e*aaf«i
propo»«4 aahedl far--«.. s^-* pruwupt*
ol gdr«raat«»tor j*n»pra«4«»6#™«» -ad
toai shaafc ua th« sill of nghta aw ohftag*
of »(Mnai raiauoaa, or aww graatol prri
iadfas u ptanieu-tat eiaa*a« of par
ioaa—»* i«fpu*ai»«».« fettber foe ioaai i»
usrfattf at vn ik* dktaik of govaraaHa^
for which a oooaUtutioa i* dwigaod
rathar MacMrt, with«h«oaWfta4 baiaa
oe» to Uavu aad zminei i% the ex«raa»
of power, wwi to gtmr the nghm of th*
•uoontY—ao chtagt which woaid is
Toive aaj oew iarae or oolliaioa hatwaea
thi* irtaae aad oahan of the Uaioa, or
ratM a qaeatioe of authority or eoalict
af juxiadiciioa between thi* StaM aad
the gor«nua«&t of the uittxi Slats* aad
same day, oaiy SS^lOO oted for the COD
reattoa, aad i»,0U0 awanasf it, while 20,
X* eieetors who went to the polls oa that
da' werew iadiff^eutasaot to tot« ap
oa sfc* 4»ea*iOffl.at all. Mad the radical
emaages uiade that OooTsstiou beea
pabiidy proposed before th« vote was
takem, what would have beeatimpopular
reapoase V Caa aay ami doubt that it
would have beea aa emphatic aad over
ia eoasideriag the character aad taad
•act of those hsngsn, i aak taa eaadid
attsutioaof all who regard the public
good as paramount to the adtaaeemsat
of partisan schamas aad the promuiga
Uoc of political ioprma* for the purpose
of agitawoa, to ben^it. political adveo
tarars. Aad here let me ask, how maay
voters ia ths State have read the pro
posed aew Cocirtitutioa »—how maay
will have read it before the election
Echo answers ia a mournful voice of war
aiug for thai popular apathy aad credul
ity apoa which deaigaiag politicians as
sume aiaeb aad whereby thoa
saads of partisan adbermus are driven
by their leader* fit® cattle to the sham
bles, tamely aawantiag th* yoke which
they wili tad grievous to be borne, aad
destroying the hope of posterity for that
birth ngiu 1 nbem, poect, kapputeas,
••Dc^asfaily, seek for men warmg the! and -oateatavrnt bequeathed Ui uc by
aame of Democrats, who a n sumcieatly our revolutionary father*.
ailant aad corruptible, U be made aa Having read the docunvant ftttamti*wly
aaay prey to their seductive appliaaces
far toraaag them rratiors to the party
wboee principle* they profess.
Such a susceptible tool—saeh a pofit
aal proatitate, we regret to aay, the "Be
pat bean" party bars found ia Mr. Nye.
M& COUNTT pat tha queatioa to
y«waaivwj, as man, Con tuck a man be
MmattT Arid* front theonostioa of
koftorable obligation to abide the d«-tioai
eision of the Uoaveation to which he sub
mits his claima3 can [&cre h* any princi
ple of train, hoaor, or boneaty in a maa
who will become a traitor to hit party,
oomp«ria^ it* several proviaioua with
thane of tbe existing Coastitutton, article
byanieie aad swetioa by section-—sehed
als appendage and all, lengthy, prosy
and confused as it ia—I am eaabled to
ft want taa following prominen* faatwros
aowx or rrs ajufmas.
Divested of all fictitaoaa or immagia
ary meaning, and brought dawn to prao
applieatien, according to the strict
letter, the new-fangled policy aad fea
tures ol that insixui&nut aru ^bim sum
med up:
la*, it u dirwedy at war within*Con
wnc will falaifv his principles aad pn- 'wtitotion and Saws of the United State*,
faatioos, and, for the bribe offered him »ad ia violation of the prineipies of m
ift the shape of an otce, beoausw the tool teraataonai law.—Article 1, sec. 10.
far political fraud and chicanery 5 U 2d. It violates tbe &r*% principie* of
anch a maa ft foraxr pabnc trust to any jariapradene*, aad djatroys that protec
nwlluag :,f oaeof aueh importanoe, smd'tiou tc- lift, liberty sad property in
ramatriag sv muck iataghty tkftt of jsoarts of jaatioa, whiab ia provided in
Oawnty Judge «„& prasont C^a*Htatio».~ArL 1, swe 4.
Taeaaswarof every hoaeat, inieiligenti 3d. It foaaava owpravny, impaurs the
*a**r to th* above qu*rtioB--tla« answer aolaaxnity of oaths, eaeouragas perjury,
of aii who are aot wholly blinded by par- and iav?t*s to our State, convicts and
ttaaa prejudice, will be so. thru* NO mminai* of every grada, as wall a* a«
aad thi* answer we are sure, wilt be moat
saxpaatically given through the bail
box, in thu triamphant eteetioa of Ma.
saaftTrait, i* th« umce forwhidi he ha*
Weftww & cftftwidata, not of his own will,
ftwy»y iae will of his politjoti frismda.
_i W y Hersatm.
W* 4rst aumbej.
pwWisaed at Dakotah City, S.
aaiaad, It u gotton ap in noct and
ftW«*«Ws mmm typusjrayaiwaliy. and
Its adttonais ar* writtee mm mmm&m*
ability. W«^...a«jo« law mmn. »f
Jaaapa B.. Striafclaad, oar oldfrtand &ed
typOj diaptayad eoaapienoaxiy!
a* pwMuskwr !i©p4. y«« wtU bare bwtt^r I
tkie tta»*., Jy*, x& yaar wtnrnns*,!
9* Aerstwsjaw,
•iftmswi w i$ b* inearth
groat, muiattews and rart.swty sltvos,
by the encouragemeat and protectioa
which it offers them ia th* Bill at Right*.
4th. ItwilldafradaanddsnfttwwaiMtkw
risiaggenwrasiOB, hr ssfxlsf White, black
red, aad yellow aaiiaxexs together upoa
aaa%uaiity ia cw» «owuaxi% Mfeooi* thus
^'fiwterrag aad facilitating aatalgftanv
tion of the racsMk--Ar4. 9t am. IX
ii aaV»
Teattar «g
ot #. .yi« um& «s«^ .r &aa4-
,-. a w !i-**e:i" Hpoa «ec^»«af»M^, &| aUowii^ D»il« far: Bui iuaf V p»«pi« ifttor ftgitfttioa
iim«4» a»*«"stfc»«(itefty i r«r.,«srti« tv .'fig^wtk ai «$*t&« b««uw. a for tht «i4e al *fi»«iija, asd, smdr- a
jstar #t www. $**» *fe*! ataavs trf »eSMg tfewr ersfw* ihft»rtlaktftf»*«M«t syatpath} tot theftsgrtrace,
4 wlji cftiMuw-^ w «ft 'p*|saia, hum^L 4%Mt t^sg t*tar«ur«, a a^ ai®c* M.#pi«a«atattv« *ad CoutitutiJB
,s«r«i ssfwrHy—hew n will Iprewaj—Art. I, ate. IS" 'l jaualuwa t© hori aa*«h»»fts at th« South,
iMi& i %M mmid v^arfftvi'Stt 9tk. ItiatwyMa* a B«w ftfti rs»y «*ile a«gi«ct*a|i of trittftf with tKpcrt
a*r it wai ,MM J^j ai 4atrmet fSroai frioe* fe*rt i e toth« ooaatrsetioa *?f BaiS sawsrasHa a* boa»«., aed to amuse
•acarttj df tUiatwa* nfhu,, ot the E»a4t Uwo^gh uw* Stat#, t»| a» aftjastj thaaaairaa with s«eh eapty eafe^- wonk
%aa a.a««iiei-fOir prcvisum-, g^^ng to ia
tarastad parties the powat to praelaaa
taw* from oatainiaf the ngat of way.—
Art i, eao.- 18.
ii«h iaatead proatattag ardar aad
^ttiet, *M euithratiftg harmoay aad good
will aatoog the cdtueas, by allay tag pa
litiealeaMtttesaeat, it add* fuel ta thef
laaaesf politieaj »trif« aad turmoil, by
so ipiuur.g th* eie«sttoa« for State of
o«rs aa to h&vs a ^ewsrai sJscwaa m*nf
yawr, iaatcad srf eleoasAg aii with the
same tesare of ome* at the taat time-
oa«a ia two year*—as attder the prssaat
OoastitutioB.—Aii. IS-^dMdais, see's,
6 f, %t %, aad 10
11th. It destroys the stability of theeducation,
Gavaraatem, by the facility with which
uader sts proTtatoaa, the toasinwitiou aaa
he asa^ENlad atshart iBterrais—aathom
iug the iifgfiaWwra so* oaiy te t«k« ths
but to mak* (As awtewdeaealt u,
the t'oastilutioa by which it ».-it*t*. ajua
from whisk U davhraa Mi pwvar^-Art.
10, See 1,
12th, SafrcartOKai. Daranaurr.
The provisioas for the Educational iatss
eat pro««ld upoa a oorr*«t p?j aetpio at
to th« smpunaags of a dutirut h&ia to
thai aepajtBiCDi, ta be ladepe&deai of
•-ti«« otkars, so far as eoasistewt with good
goTerwusft* eat it sadly fails of iu
aim, reapect both to raspoaaibiUty
and laoepwtfteooa.
First, tae Artaele does aoa supply a
rsasawsiB/t Aaod, for it ditides taa du
ties aad responsibilities aaoag a aumer
oes body of mea, with separate and dis
Uaci vxn.t:iu*ucjea, as weii as different
opioto&s and ciaahiuf tiewa, U aot aith
clashiag iataresta.
Seooudiy, while aimiag ia areati a
separate Legialatire body for the Educa
tioaai toter^t, ciothiug it with power to
enact taw« for that purpose, it complete
ly paraiixes it for ail practical good, by
makiag it wholly depeadeut upon the
,, .. .will of the Ueaeral AaaembiT after all:
wa» the desiga to reaaove the.a
nfor, after dedanag that" the Board of
present salutary reatrieaiott apoa Si at
imti#bi&ima* *.»v- carefuiiy coaaaalad aad
OU% i i
la iku »haf« taa faawtioa same before
the people ia August, 18S6, aad yet the
CouTeatioa was eallad ay aa aetaal n
soaiT-f of-ih* top»ut? :aU for, of 70,000
eieeiors votiuf for State omcers oa the
Education shall have fuU power to Utfu
iaU aad make all needful rules aad r«£
reguiatioas ia relation to Common
8enoobi/' Ac it completely aulliles the
whole by the following declaration
But nil act** rttim and reputation*
of undboard maybe altered, amended,
or repealed by the General Aivcmdiy,
and when so altered, amended-, or repeat
ed, ror awau. HOT a* xx-gxacTO ar
rax Boas* or Eaccanoa."—Art. 6,
See. 8.
Tbea tiii U just what the oew Article
oa Edaeatioa and School lands amounts
First. It abolishes a vary importaat
omee under the existiag Coastitutioa,
via: Ine Superiateodeat of Public ia
straotiou, wtka was tatended as aa enV
eieai cuardiaa Of the Edacaiioaai inte
reat, aau a rmmw&sibie dead oi the
School •yataa.
Second. As a sahatiMftsjb ereaias aa
imposing Legislative body, with s e n
sible power to enact Saws and make rules
aad regulations, oader the style of Be
it enacted," 4c. which, laoiudiag the
Qoveraor aad Lteste&aat Governor is., a
legislative capacity, i« bat aa laaatad
machine to make a aoiae and a big show
—powerless for good, and only useful to
saddle the State with an enormous bill of
expense—a *piendid dbortwm -a grand
aad costly hutmbng.
The idea of two diatsmm hfMmiive
dopurtmeats is stimeieatty nave! in it
self bat, after creatiag the secoad. for
aa tatereat too important to be antrustad
to the General Assembly, oa aosouat of
The piaa set up is defaaee of the new
piaa may be true, to-wit: the incompe
tency of the General Assembly to shape
aad din ct a Comsaoa school system
indeed, the experience of thia State in
legislation, siaoe 18*4, would swamto
verify it, and the sums argument may
hold eqqiiiiy go^fd ia faior of a separate
Legislative department for each import-v ,.e
ant interest of tbe State on* for inter-
still another for tbe Charitable laatttu-1
cons. And thi. suggest, the L«nati*i
Asylum at Mt. Pleasaat a* a suitable
piaa* for their general «*•.»«», under
U^dtrwotioftof the Ink* Cowrawtioft, to'
^f"®"™****** anwy wit
\*6* tail to mrnmrn^} toonsaract »4'
tii«a«ai ytmu -4«*i4 u. dawas of IBIBVO,
tg*i. -mukmia mmmtHmftft #e nxtt »j
tht.p*0jpk. Tnts a*it tesionoat th*nm
Uftndflfeu fftntm wamaaw i.
^F^s^awwsfvawy ft^aasanftww ^«anjannnB/s»- 4
rt noaW.'aactaty still leas *»CUT* mt steltiS*! by ^#oa«? ld%* of *tw*tJ
hy isaweawiug aad *xta«tnng th* parde». the negro raee to a social equality with
iag^powarjrf the licvsraor, withoat any the white m*a,a©r tbair faoaltia* ail *fe
limit or raerrsial to im *aeroisal--.aVjrt. awbwd *k*i* seaJ ter agitft^tm, toj This-at soars*- embr*©** ime efcildwn
**c maawJaetere po.U*»e*! aaprtai by appewls i uagroos and Isdiana, to be aattwiated
6th. It W tkwQsisfra} 4**«»- u tmBntlium and *s0t??»a? m^^m-, f"*i»a taw .wait* eaaldrea ia asw .ajoaxtnen
jruttker aosamax• a tsuneoa*.
8 i t©& |ftW-
him* $»
-a, W IMMBiHIM IB^yipWiWBi'rilF Aruek
i^VWfit fli .fefH^stee I»ifft &e*a si iss-stal.
«*#*«i» W§H W i i ft eywMs* sw
lift* a**, tatar* hop* ot *h* aepsteUe, tfttMNuaat, u^Hung proven' in* &•»
Mcigiis el I «to*fti* mA impror* tim* «*odt*i©a* mo- r*4 Aaswatbiy IRM» staBgyie •s*$is«' y*ftf
iawasaav- rally,, sucMtit *so inseMectnairy by
«ttr»**y !«s&»fcBf *frts# wtta intelligence, r*ft»-
sj'j mm mmm$&mi' w wrtft phtlamt&wjfkhj «*t*f*a»B with
tft*«»ie«? 4»&v imx 4*j4^fe*.. |K6U(tofta a«r«.arpohtifl*i^re4ik«tioH*,
«Aft. S, S 1 aflMf i awl withal, mtstim'tim natriotiasa
'frmpmt? Tlu* l«a«wr« wssto ftlftft i&feiae «««r-1 *IMI Wm mmm af is^. #^uty jf %mer
4MftwMulfhJ%a«i«M«» a«i«^|ei«lr#rr$^ekB», wfe«Mi!8»a «ttia«o*«tp by #l«ctiag s a of
df «r«rj' e*ti aw 4i{v*f »A nf» w.- .mi: akiwt ?sr, «JKM «*ara^*r aad aach aim* tc the Oam
•U«rH«, *s i* ,r«fH-af *»fl a*fe fasmi t»r»im Uuub|srmJ i^aawfalj will have a» r««a«a
*t:«k*r u,t«T f«l«*}EbBW s*sa6«is» »a4, WWearftguitfttla tJM| to fto»piaia „amr iooa^ctiy or fail
Hf tkaftW' }«M(«ius*i«# latait* ftf tu pf^-'fs,g« •.t.aaqaatfe iawt fag a baae-
aa #la»#ry Anamston"'' aad ''the area
Herein lies the secret of the failure of
our school system, rather than ia aay de
ficiency in the preeeat Constitution.
Will the aww plan proposed make it bet
tar, or worse Undoubtedly worse.
I willaow preeeat
a uxctHrnuaTiow
of taa eleven preceding nrejttsitioaft?
Article 10, SeeUoa 1 ameada the Bill
of Bights, eeewri&g the right of
The word individual** ioat not here
mean citizen, but includes all peraoas
whu happen to be within th State, by
design or accident—fugitives from labor
or service, fugitives from justice, de
serters from the army,*br the subjects of
aay other Government-
Tins aiaenuateni, lasrefere, was evi
dwaxiy destgaed fa tha basis of such a
'law as that recently enacted in Massa
chusetts, entitled a
The «pecial object of the meating is a
confereace with a Committeo of ta*
*^ba#ett» Aati-Siavery Society, a«
to ta« t*j.»edieocy ai a National Uisua
ioa ion**muoii, at some V^eateru iocal
ity, tarn ftavu,,.,.
its «Mcwactry, to give ths latter power to f.
rnnae aad repeal the acts and doings of _j
aarert noting to Iowa, to be retaraed oi
epeal tn e act s an a aoiog s
the aew body—thia was too bright a COB
caption to have emanated from minds of
primary wisdom or oonuaoa seaaa aone
but the teeming brains whence sprang
that famous project could erer bar* ooa
cieved MJ brilliant a aeheme of political
aaigbl have i-ummaaded soatierespect forjCoaWtitatioft *Jbrd?
wisdom and & stacere oesireto promotaj Article §, Sectioa IS ftftya **Tf*a)
ihe Educational iater'*xt, which i« so d^,rJ^0*rtl Education aball provide for]
to the people of Iowa. Then they woiild, *be edueation of ALL- the youth* of the
kwv*pro«wd-tsnma**yw*r*awt autog*th-j****** sbrewgb a ayafewt of common
$eh^d* i aad stwA tehoot anal! bt or
Irmly Yatva,
I V?, «|lGUiNS02i, CVn.
Here we hare the Bawe-Ligtii Jdartford
Convention rerrred, wSm the evidence
that the late ConstiMiuoBnl Convftation
of Iowa are oo-operaUag *3ah i- m.
Will any true friend of his country anae
tion the deaiga by his vota
,Tbe above ameoomeat, alao, obatrnwtsiVYill
the operation of the laws requiring fa
guives from jaatioe, wbabar harte and take it out of eircul
trial to the States whence tbey aoi.
It gives them the right, if arrested ia
this State, to demand aad have a ap*s
dy thai," when, aa the *vi«k«icc of vb^.i
guiit eannot be had, taaear aaawittal will
be the oertaia result.
It will ii.iu. ioake .'ur State a refuge
for all the *ortc sMetm, tabbemt murder
I era, trMawatt andfiUtan* of every grade
aad an* Irawi etaar aHatas, botk far aad
Art, 1, Sec. 4 declares thai
°f fr*sw*r» wa*,
a a 0 E to
a rf a 8 i
a a a a e
be organised as a Suprem* Lagialatura **•si ^r«*»a«owf-thai, beside* tbe a
with sui^maory power, over all a l«a'*«^bey have made aii i»i
otters or«, i "fsast pxaaoxa, aad all rxasojis
Had they amended ths Article on Edu- co*ncran or reraaotn catans, oaapsiaW
cation so as to xive more vitality, foec* sriifus* in our court* of jtuhct. .._
v w i w w w i w i n i w i iu« w
and eateacy to the .Sc. of Superintend. T*^
ant, 2utte«d of abnu*hiag it. aad pravi- exelbde uaj sucb persons from th© wit
ded, further, for a idaeiary osacereharg- stand, though impeached by twenty
ed with the management of tne School: respectable witaease*. What protection
aad TJnirenttf fands aad lands, the* i
«»ir pbiiaothropy—or
"bwrtf, and property doe* suobft!f___j __.
aaams,sawy(^ ,.»~^^ lowed to vot« upw» a properiy quattaca-
tion, and »t ic there propeeadta rsamov
this, and permit them ail to rot*, i s
gawassd and kept ia emch lekeoj ifflafrft%*'
Ta«n, by «l«*iag hoaewc and ooatpa-' Seaofts*.. sTartkar aommeat a* ssuneoa*. jf i»e prop©*it*oh bedVf*ftt#d fe
tent mm to th« Ganerai Aateasbiy, ia-j **rJ* tbi* Btat* sow. ta£ poliey enrtata au
stead «f pelHseal aeaioto and uoisy wiadj Artieie 4, Seoteoa U Be (Ik* b* amrriwd anx by tkat attrsy arantwallv.
lastrwnttiets for* ©wrwpl «dr#^l*fts'tV«»»»r} abail asw* powwr to r*w*i» abewM ^S*wCae*«»t«tJO»b*«*»p*«d
ta*u^-WH« datwtad taw walfar* of jtstta, fgrfritmm^*^ Iwav ii la mm^\ for it Is a* itsri* aaratftay mnk ih* saw,
taw State aad ta* im asset of bar psopls tion tothe power altaftdy fomma*4 by ataMi^** mm m* hmmm s«*r»dw
r. .-
|pr%».s fWiigPb Pajs*f»*a» i#,
.fa», y|ffi «#»»& teW «C W*
inHpii go*** ***is
site iltirrrfiMiiHH of WJ r®*oure*», aad tti«« of tin- $•***, end bow i*t*JB *t
lang*{ i i a s«« «^pi*»»» fa«t tw^paj***.
Ht»-*s* foi tborwagfe sdwsatioa Articie i.
*-.yik--«wi dwWm* of whit* pso- lAWf. Dit-^««aHT.-
»i round, or Wo years* n b*»?*P©ana§
a//rsaw««, while faaaiag the fiaaaea ed, u iadieatiTe of thftt laetuatioa ta
«f diseord aad aatmttag aa aaaaturai P«»lie policy whiou U daagerowi to tee
faoatiiity betwe«a aifereut portioat srf|p«*«*»ad safety of soeiety. It ia twi
oar txmmaa. wmBtry—titua paadartftgjd«*
to the wishes of tho** reddes* dama-i
long will we be eursed with laemeisat
laws and their taemcieat exenutiuja, cor
ruption, fraud, aad profligacy—all the
burthens of goverameut—rutaous debt
and heavy taxattoa, with but a small
moiety of its beneftU so long will we
experie&ce the want of a good system of
and fail to realise the beae
te to be deri?®d from the lauuiSouace of
that Federal ^overnaftaat whiok those
men are trying to destroy.
gogues waa art aimiag at a ditaolaiioa i
a spee-
dy aad public trial by jury" in criminal
proeecaiiODs, by adding the words, "and
in tdl COM* iwxdvmy the i\ft or UBXXTY
on titaartdvwi."
Personal Liberty
bill/' which forbids the rendition of
fugitive* from service escapiog from oth
er States, as required by the Coaatituiioa
and iawa of the United Siatee. Aa thstrict
Commiasioaer aad the U. S. Marshal are
charged with the execution of the Fugi
tive Slave law, this would lead directly
to a collision between the laws of tbmfair,
State aad tha Constitutional author!tit*
of the United States aad runaway
alavea being enticed here by the under
ground railroad agent*, with th« promise
of ietgal protection, wc should nave fre
quent sceaee of riot and blood-ahed, such
as the Massachusetts Abolitionist* aie
so foad of.
The following call for a Convention
to be held somewhere ta taw West short
ly, discloses the real aim of all this,
aad the kind of patriotism which ac
tuates the Vaaxee prouujpea of our
Iowa Constitution-makers, soma of whom
are probably in close correspondence
with taa maasacnusetts committee
Woavxarxx, June 24, ls5T.
Dear Str:—There will be a meeting of
the State Disunion tominitiee ai 2i
Comhiii, Buetoa, oa Wadneeday iitixt,
(July) at 12 M.
o4, embracing me me Banting system
jectiou of a Coaatitutioa so odious ia
most of its iending features- But where
ia the aai of having a currency which, at
the best, cawiot bt made a leyal tender
jot debit, when the farmer caa have the
gold for every bashed of grata and every
Baaluadd oae dollar to the actual
sfteney in the State ?—or will thev
they make on* spear of grass grow fL*-:
it did befoTe o? add one1 .'*k
oew offered mmm. iXgftr-Kieet.
1 will ooneiade this sanuiyatl Wtta
few word* oonewming the
cacaut arrawa»Aoa,"
ty to aay judicial proceeding shaii have
the right to use as a WiUios^, or take
aai Improreme^a, another for nsiia kw srifnsu*«, a. pro
Swamp Land* and Salt Springs and
Freaumtng that this wa* ..use cheau
i mgoodfaith. it, taken for grant*! tb».
person, BOW quel,led to! grant«i tun
they will support the amr'astir* cf tl
proposition aad if to*y mn carry s:
the poliey so clear ly sadioated ta tha boa
of tbe «w% Couaiuttuub *Ui j^iajiy
tabiiib^b y «ai«adiaf w#« right* of the
eiedtive trdoebliw to aogro** aao mulat
toes. aadspMetag them up'h m\ ^aai,
Illinois the leader? *sd pre**- ,t thai
party have tak«» th« mm ground, aau
boidh deeiar« that lUinsaji mwH te
made ca rxaa Statr" by smtm+sM^ th
right of gmffrttg* the mgfa- Tins .**•
the **^'*d pmliey at the ItepsteU'sa^'
party- -th«ugjfe aosaa of their jiHi.?a»«.# it
this Stat« de&f while .»bers tpmky
proataiis. H.
ty Ute» AW *Jsn* izmmmm*
and S« tevtm
*:i! &} Ojwi 16*
ta® 4#fe*t ©f ta* ^rgfOtt^oft ®3« «B» n
*«*»ft« witfe fftwltfefV I*
m»f brought forward s«§*4i» yam*
turo, %g4 if their Coastttuttou Js *dep i
ted, so*.* w*u s* she atft «!*»§.. I
Ameis l} 8aatw»lo.----A«a»B«iJPrs*-
1%B a prov^iBdforffaqneat ehaa
gw of the ftiada«*Bi&i i*w? while it
would be desirable did it permit of the
general ref mioa of the oae sow propoa-
»ki««s»t the party who framed
o the Uaion—ao loag will we expert. I «**»*rdiB*ry aew faatureajia respo&se to this moat aufnimpiea
eaoe the evils of bad goTarameot, so!
WBiiji e
foundations of societv aad remodel its
•tmetur*. Tne haiiag feature of|kis
design stands out ia bold relief, it is
anteutiaUy afwdk, and aas a strong
Africa* odor.
or few amendments may
be anbaHttad Ay the lefuiahtr* each year,
it probibitt any Convention being call
ad for reritimy that constitution for
fourteen yeor* Siace the Couventioa
have undertaken to fasten this monstrous
iniquity upon us for so long a period,
wisdom and seaf-piassrvatioa require of
iae people to reject their work, that we
may have a Contention when desired—
*ay one or two years hence—to make
mob amendments ia tne existing Con
ititutioa as may be desirable, ia accord
ance with tha aaligfatenad spirit of the
Article 12.—Scmacuk This loug
wiaded aad jumbled man* of inconsist
encies aad political legerdemain, is cor
rectly characterised by Judge Hall, a
member of the Convention aad an apol
ogist for the abortion—as follows
in the piacv of holding general elec-money.
tions biennially aa heretofore, the times
of ejecting eerunu omeera are so split,
that we must havo annual election. The
udd year commencing .a 1*37 with the
i*o*ernor, Lieutenant iiovt-rnor. State
Seas tors, and ui rnbera of the House of
rUpreseotativea, aad in ifco'J the Stt
prem« Judges. The even tear 185 Dis-
Judges, S«fteret»rt of State, Audit
or, Treaawrer, Attorney (Jsawrai, Board
of Educetiua, members of CongresSj
TAswhole ihtny ia a caakad vp af
toheid an to the present repubitcan
uMce* a* long paemble, and meur* ft
Rtpxiblican V. $. Senator."
Judge Hail is me putative father of
the Article oa Education. It is not,
however, as originally framed by him,
but came through the mill so mutilated
that, in justice to himself, ho ought to
disown itm paternity altogether. While
his afeetioa for the bantling make* him
cling to it, deformed aa it is, his self.
respect cimpei* him to *ay that he does
nor approve of eeerythiiuj it contain*,"
which, together with the above expres
sion, gives reason to believe that be will
save his credit by voting against tne
whole thing"
ran TWO aaxsiau arm**.
r*pon this subject it is only necessary
IWefor*,, ail who are op^soaadtono-'SJaa^t^SS?
|gre 4«ffyag«, if they «,,uo *.an to share
Swash, aM the rjc,»u *«»ie «ffewi«-
-j awaftot attnto-wte it Sunny *A»*•*»«*• »a&p^iry tho« f*r--^t u ss«e4
J#r»*, but ajaj &a a* a»| am .»«•.•, iiuv
^ii^as *i -n»ar -i \t* Jisadifc^ f**-
ahoose at t^t start, UurW. &«<$ tupc%A| 4a&str*r^r^ u th^ p««ce.
ArtseJe I, BatakM If. JsWMiOar Wa^, u ,, wdtar* a4 »g«i«t.v- -that ut
—Aa antir«iy mum, sajott aad r«ry sen-
at fa
rat o&siractsoato wadw of laterB»i la- n t„ utiawralH^ afcerttvit «s«d w»li pr»».
provdaunt, «ua4 Mt SfilW&e W *rfaat
tA^-s^a*** u- ^aat*
Uie ooosttiutioft «fftEftUfftft* alto- people—{ t^i i %h« .*i*tt«r ta« goHi
saase of fallow- .tssat^ wust.ug
that the ocmasy of ^ttcwwUmk aad the
Hiasoun Hiopw** *.ll giva a eoiv
agatas* t» wkawh -0fm iftaan tsa rejeo
The Iowa f|lit«#ii.
The Iowa Ctrwettj u»a#? da|p of July
15th, ratpoads to our propo|itu» relative
the ooatauagliag of tim Mock aaA
»ft»t?um«ii ooatemplate still fur- white U in oar common sefcooU.-—
o* *k« eharaeter The CiH*m says: "We say tot ha Mm§4*
WNPntfted1 opoe it. its ttai-jmeat, that the New Coastitution
tendency is, to anamif government, to aev.r oontempiated the aholitbueat of
]produc« general change in the social diatinctioa between the races.'' W
syateni aad tne soeial relation* of life are aot prepared to amy wbat taw Couati
to daatroy the saered charactar of, and amtempUdad, but we do say thai
abrogate all Coastitetioaal law, asa su- under it, BO Negro or Indian can be ex
press* rule of aetioa—to uproot thej i
4ed from our common schools, aau
bore is our authority—read it. Art. IX,
See. 12 "The Board of KdueatiooahaU
provide for the edaeatioa of ALL th^
the youths of the State, through a sys
tem of common schools." New, we aak
whether the words "aii the yowlAs" wili
not include Negro and Indian youths'(
And secondly, what is meant by "com
mon school f" We reply that a common
school is a school where aii the youthj
of the district who are equally entitled
to education may attend. A school from
which aay portion of the youths of the
district were excluded, would not be a
common school, but would be a eeUtl
school. Ia a common school, all the
youths between the ages of 6 and 21 years
have a eommvn and legal right to at
tend, la a snieci school, aone but thoae
who era admitted under the regulations
arc-permitted to attend. Those regula
tions sometimes exclude boys, aad others
exclude girl*—some admit none under a
certain age, others exclude all over a
oertaia age, aad none of the** schools
are entitled to any portion of the public
Takiag this view of the e*#« we
reiterate, ibat under the New Constitu
tion, Negroes aad Indians cannot be ex
cluded from our commoa schools Will
the people vote for sucb a Constitution't
y An editor got shaved ia a barber
»bup lately, aad offered the darky a dime,
which was refusou, because, said be,
understand das you ta an editor
••Well, a hat -if it
We aeber eaargiot editors aumn!"
•Bat such liboraliiy will ruin you."
"Oh, aabor atima, w* make* itftpo
6* gemmen."
A PirxTta ro rut LAST.—Daring the
lait moment of Winn, a Bach ater pnn
te.% who lately died he was heard to »ay
••I'm on my last siiekfull—1'm com
ing to a paragraph—and 1 ^appose V i
nitre to wait tZt old death, to put thewoo
AN ORDINANCE defnunf the duHet
and q*alifa-aiixu of CUy Ojftcmttand
futng their utmperuation.
to say that, however much a portion of jrer, aad one Alderman in each ward, paid out, so as to show at any time the
the people mav be iaclmod to favor l^ of whum shall posstws th^ quaUflca-j amount of fuatia oa hand the amount
Bunka, the lae*»-/oWsystem BOW present- **d before entering paid to ta« rr^maufer, ai«l the amount
-i „J
rrown and »ro*n*r*liii remark*- 1
grown aa« proapMiu »uea a remark*-
Tag Repanlicna** majority (foeth«
Convention, by a strict party vote,
against the vote of ewery D»»©«r*ii«'
th testimony of any other person not member, b*Te sabmitted, with taa n*« jgrottar at the discretion of the Common
CoftKtitatios, taa following question
Shall there*A WnWar** bt tttieken
out afth* Article on the Might of A*/-'
Jar- ^. iwi-w,^"
their ft
str»»J *te
A tW
*»lt Jlt!-
leas of towa Tai« has already beaft
done in atasaaehusetts and in Wiaco&aift,
wsar* -.in* R«fublioaa part? k&t* th*
Ul eretT fHipK$t With tl».,
impoarfbfs to fftt s
*«C4-uaell .»*attMi% divded,
M* 4ra a*a*s».
apoa the diacharge of their re»pectiv« cuUeeted. Md shall as often as once a
from which the peop! of Indiana have an oath or aSrmatiou to support theCoa- by turn collected, reta.aiag hie per cen
sagered *o much, ought to insure the re- jstiiution of the United State*, aad thai uinfoT cjiL-ctiag. He *bali on no ao
of the State of Iowa, andfiithfuUv and count pay oat moneJy or warrants, but
impartially to oerform the duttea of thatr I monev by him
ofices. The Mayor. R«rcord?r, Marshall, the freaaatiw. la the collection
pound of pork he oaa produce ?—whea i quaniad aad wfe«n any new ward mar ju tune. As aco"mp. a*ation for his ser
the laborer aad the artisan can hare the established that two Aldarmxn shafl: TICOS, he shall be entitled to reoeive the
wiaefor their work aad daair wares »berma on the day aforesaid. U»m, fee* aa alloaed Constables for ma-
actual b? iot i a accordance wit provis.oa a i..^t«
A Ul &m n
n a Ul
bebi'.-d by the, Recorder in bis
eapt the bond of the Recorder «aich shall
b* filed and kept by th* Mayor.
The bond of the" Recorder shell be ia
penal aum of one iaouaaad dollars.-—
Th" boads of the .Uarahali and Treasu
rer ahail eaoh be the penal »um of aot
idrt*d pei
h*8 be
«bsvll sevaraliy take and auh-crib month p.*v over to to* Trea-wrer all fundswill
tfH? ytevMM l«r *mmm^a tibt 0«Hil*' fl.- 4aU\ r«mm* 4»i*« fwfcis str-' wanraats fK«M|ji *&« Tw^««ff *s«41
srf %h(^ h/ekW^4 'Jtjtjsw f« *ftr U a •ttj^.ar«t *i& ^e **fr*«. if
AfeCOftWtt ^TIBU *n«#w w fee
ft*, a 1 «h*ii hit ih« httv i Re-
srnss or rax aasjaaLL.
Sic. 5. It shaH b* tk» duty of ib Mar
sh.il 1 diligently to mquisa into, aad ^po
to the Record.-r.^i. ,.Uttaa*oi theCiy
Urdmances, said criminal 1aww ff the
State, all hreache* if th*- p-'At'*.-. and if)
irosecute persona guili_ th^-'jof. i
after suspicious or disorderly hou
se* in any part of tne City, where distur
bances of tne paace or vitiations of the
City Uniinauces aretLkely to occur.
cause to be enforced within the City, das
laws of the
Asaessor, aad Treasurer shall hold their! maaag^ment of the City revenue, he abail
oficea one year, aad until their succaas- fcouform to the Act am.*nding the Char
ora are elected aad qualiied. The AI- I ter of the City, approved January 23d, -hereto" on or'Vnfor* ~timr'aMWuiag"of the
dermau shall hold their omcee two years ls57. Ho shall perform aii duties re- Second dayof the aext term of said Court,
and uatil their naezxxmon are elected aad quired of h.m by ordinance from time, jadgement' wilt ae rendered against
arrets, aud*trv.ag paper,
absorb of the 4lh Sectioa of the Act entitled i,„a thereto, he »naii be aituwtd aa an
ttlatuiu? "A?
0 -0 1 tulu u a e
'0t*' 'barter of the. ty nual aalarv of two hundred dollars pay-
u e n
tt ftia ..H boxor*, or add on*^.wmru there ahaU be elected one Aid rmani o,*v be allowed him from time to a me
bsjftftm.fttgrata to the produce of your annually aad each Aidermaa of th,City
Commoa aan-1 three per cent for the second three thous-
•f*" &« «««dance. |und dollar*, four per cent for the third
Haoorder, Manoall, lUswasor, aad I thr« uiouaaad dollar*, five per ceat for
bis degree, ia tpti* of saact bad leg.sia- Treasurer .bail give oond to the City ia! fourta thru* tnouaaad dollars collected.
tiatHiafai prefora&te $ soat which is Sub*tanoe*s laid down iE the 29th chap- *nd paid into the Treasury ia aay onecorrecting
ter of the code of Iowa, for civil o««r»
n the penal sum of five huud***d warraot, which, however, must be issued
{ta the first diaw.vo1*o*aie.
mmon Couuoi 1 shai 1 at At the irst regular sossioaw of th* Com
neeting after their election, aon Councii in October, January, April,
.„ Kn«.a*er. Attorney, •ad[nBdJuiy in each year, the Marshall ia
sn-t»ii* wh'i -hali bold their
rear uiteas aoviner removod by
tfesyds v.t* of th Council. Tboy
isrfpraJh f*ke th same oath a*
at*c by .i&er t,ity oakers. The
"Mipervsv.i skaii git., bo&d ia thd
*uiS »f u» .SOU' utU uoit *rx for tht1
ai pertv-m v.m-' ei tn* dut i§, wh-xm
agpru? ^u by the Majvr and iLUid
by Us* afawftatder, a* other band*.
su* oa's Bsrrta*.
SVc 3 Itsikau mthedaiH
or, to preside •.ail
Ooatsaoa Cosacn, and
sa«*i,iigp ii the
ahull have the
-jru i. fa
but aot
tih Us sfeail sign all Ordie*mi*i
0a#»ed ay 'ia« ikmm ".»u««." w'th**-.
B* mm sail s^pa* aw| af 1*a!b%oa»*«6NI,|Ca«SM..,.:
te a/wa*ti««r*l*asM» to w y fcstter a»»r^«ire4*M
tJonsMitl aM rwlatien ot law*'
•waf «fc* dtft *e
a 8
s S^5*i«a* I .o*4 ^*»4iiWH»- 'ttus sacrsd fraachss* with th.- dsgr*too'»H»ppfropriatioiu m*a# by the Council 1 u s y «fi»eription, direct frott*/"01'
-.ma* th* tff.Miu -.f thfbia«k popaUtioii «f th*ft*shau k« Uw asai of th* City, s»4
Urefwi naaitfacKirtra.' Aars'u
a a i e W e
v&muw, ai«pana»wffit*
-r «ts possible.
He sb.ii i be a oia^errator th*pea«',,
^d .h li. sea that tl. ord a»noe* iorthi.-! f**'**
poBiahawmt of off.«ces «re properly en- i
rendered by him when actiag in the ea-abk
piicity of /oatic*' of tfaj Pea^e, or Judgo
of the Recorder5* Court, the aam-jfee* aa
aru allowed Justices of the Peace in sim
tiar cuaea, to eolte«ted ia the same
manaar a* fees of Just.ce* of the Peace-
., i ta*U''~J
It «hnii be hia duty to axecuteaay pro
cea) or urder directed to hint*bvthe Re
corder, or other omcer of the City having
authority to issue the aame, and make re
turn thereof as required by law.
He nhaii clean and prepare the Coun
cil Chamber for the reception of the
Common Council on each day of their
meeting, aad shall attend all meetings of
the Common Council, either in person
or by deputy,—ahall briag in absent
members when required so to do by the
Council, and perform «acb other duties
aa may be requir--d of him from timo to"
time by the Common Council.
in arresting any person aeemscd or
soap -cud of any crime, eith-r with or
without a warrant, or ia the suppression
of.a riot or ualawfai assembly, -or in
prevent lag th v, ol.St*tef
n i on of aayIOrdin
He -ti.ii ai.io htvo the right to appoint
oa: or more tl^puti«w, to assist ana in
he colicitiun ..f th.- city r'-venac, *ud ,ri
tfce pcifuruianc of hia other dutiea, for
wh»»e acts he «aall bs re^pjusible, "aad
shall take an onth th^aamaas that
taken by ihurCny officer*, and who snail
also give bond to be approved by tbetweeu
Mayor coudiuonal the same a* that "of bit,
The iiirshai! shall be collector of the
City revalue, and bo shall keep* a cor
rect account in a boo* to bt provided for
that purpo-s -,—of all money's, warrants
or uiber City prupertv Mrmch may come
into hia hands, »UJ*IB^ fnjin whom re-
Sec, I. Bt if iird,itn*d by the Common
Council of the City of Council Bluff*,
That there ahali be elected on the first jceired, ana an whatac«um paid, char
Monday of Marob ia each year, a Mayor, igiag himself witb th-- amount received,
Recorder, Marshall, Aaseasor, Treaau- and crediting bimaelf with the amount
tio need-
th e same manner, aa n addi
qoarteriy from the- City Treasury,
*ad*«^» o har fee. for extra •arvieos ft*'
farms If as% then dearly the present, J****1 allowed ttu- sum of two doiiam cent for the ttrst three thousand dollars,
policy, uwder wniall «ur voung State baa i
tho Common Council, aad two per
nad mi per cent oa all moneys col-
of the State, wbich shali be approved bv leetad aad paid into the Treasury in any
the Mayor and when »o approved, shall
year, over aad above the amount be
?rhena p.r*ou wisntngi- mak/ a a y Oaihs, ,ake DepoaiUoa,
meal to the Marshal 1, present* a warrant
bui shall never exceed one ban-1 charge the Marshall therewith, and auoh
cflat on theeity revenue of the jc-rtiffeat* is lr*B*fer»l»le by delivery,
•«ar. Tbe bond of the Aaseasor «,!
conjunction wua the Treasurer, ahail: V n K w i a W W a
h,tvc Jth accoaai.ag w, Jx ta Coaucn, at T^*«**",J*
a.eaum,eft»„ IK, eahibstwd Oy tarn
iueua-atateana oondition of U» City ,f,
seal, aad .wt oUi«rwi»«, and to a..
tat i br*af.fi|? 'iown tb* buU«4*oa* -*f
sad pr*aeBd.agac«t»aet **J
if I
o* e#«da««» i A th«r »«&.>«« Ttie
», a«*b.ri*ed l,j appropn*-1 Oft, or l^fwetfwirstMoadftr o corsbtasag all i «wot a S V ,'
fro©* and »«{&ti.)j» whs ar« atr***!) uoes or ^fdtomc«s of thr OMUBVJU oin ia each ym-t\ the A»#esa 4 ail c^m- piovem#nu,for fl.e saving of t"'^'1
ioto the Eastcra and Mortharn eii to b« !«•««!. U( iisall r««Fd»t j»aoea toii*t aad ralae aii (a« $ft*ab|a
•ere^^trfd «al. rreci-d bytheCoataxia l«fS7, aad ia aot-ordaaof mtir-* &,
»ttai.. irvK.«vd U make out n%n«e«, aoi ji^miat .• *iw» *aJ[i wtilcoma8«d i liberai share
tbt tax hat, and *{-x h* shall bare at- jiaaodaior) Aoi, H.» *fa*ui resent- tor bis
^ited M. anat.h-MITT entered his or-js«rv--c^s two dollars and fttW cteuU per
dui ibervoo jr c^.n-ium, as requit««lI day, for aach day actually 'ea^rAged ia
ttj ihe City Ohart^r. t»- shall diltver ih» atakia^ his aaaeaametit, aad earreettag
.m iu .n 4.'it, M..»h*ll, oa, or bdrorefaad makias s-«tura of tb« name,
fc« ar». JIJ ^f ss p, lab-w ID endb jaw*
at as ti.ui
&tria* of r«* SHOISI
It aaail b," lb.? dutv of th*
fJ e
Jitr jRngi-
..«*J, aad p. ,f r» »ucb otnerWies as rradmir, MeAdaavriic or oth
m-\ requ.red of h.u ordiaaaee •rw|« ^mpriv i^th^atr-et^all-WN, and
Crow cme to time A* a obmpeasui a *^k*. or other pabl.a paands,
for his serTicas, he shall raaeive a salarr aatiBMlas of the work as th «av pro
of 8TC hundred dollars per anaua, pay- r»easea. Be shall hnte tb* general su
abi- auarterU, from theUity Treasury,: pemsioa of aii oontram for improve
aad .twUfees aa ma* be allowed hiai! »':»*t» '™.th* *»«y«f "da walks,
from time to time by the Commoa Cowa-) Ptt,hJ',® sPfouad*.
eil for extra aarrioai aad ia addition: He -bail reaeire for a«s aan4aat aa aa
thereto, ah ill be allowed for e aaal asjarr of hundred dollarr. nuv-
1 w u
i a
t^uvterlr. and *uob other eomrwn
«ation a« the Common Council »*y front
t'aw ta time allow. s
Bents or crrr anoawfr.
Sec. 9, It *haii be the duty of lite Cirv
raooverv offtae s aa penalties
b* brourbt befosw anv Justice of
P**c» »r "'tiao* other jourt, aad alsc to
lostituta aad dofend *.i suite which may
by iMraias*
asi pxeeutton to
wiueh aiay be r*
6 at aeir
e it raft all
r^iSSSi s*ia#e*. 40»
r.^ -»»ugi
s»»« an i
co rM§-bji
pr. -«pt
rsvancea. an
I wrtCi&tt. am?
ne**. nf
»be itv, in reiraru to the sale of tatoxi a
,. w »«*w*t ^(, jjiiicecdinw lb
tiag hquom, the suppression of gambling ^^wax wliprofeasioual
hou»»#, and hous«a of ill fame and a-lncideti
To aarest and take into custody with
or without a warrant, aay person or per
tons who ahali be found in tbe street*,
illeya, or other public place*, or oa lots
or ia private houses, ia a a tale of intoxi
cation fighting, quarreling, throatntag,
bU:k^uardiag, or doing any other act ia
•iolation uf ih« iawa of the State, or of
the Ordinances of the City and cithar
commit them to jail till they get sober,
(if latoxiCHted,) or take th«m forthwith
before the rwcorder for examiaaAiou.
lie ahaii cause to be abated or remov'd
anv naisaace found within the City, and
alf obatruetiou» foune upvu the atreets
or side-walks.
perform sucand he §ernc«»
to bis ofice, aa mav ia any oaae
be required of him by the.Commoa Cowm
eii. JT may if IU committoeti .iroftc^rs.
Whenever hi* written opinion may be
raqu red in referenee to any subject tub~
atttte4 to aims it shall be bis duty to fur
nish it.
DCTJES or THX CITY scrxsvtfbi.
Sec. 10. The duties ot the Citv Saner
visor shall be the .same within tb- limits
of the City, aa those of Road Supervis
ors in road districts in the County, and
he ahall receive fur his service* twu dol*
lar* and fifty cent* per day, while enga
ged iathe performance of his dqgiea.
COURCU Biuaa Jaiy 2«. 1S57. wd
TO WILLIAii m. raiPFa.
Stt—You are h«r«t v aoiined taut oa orfrala*.
before she first day of September next, there
be filed ia the ofScfs ul the Btairiet
Clerk, ia Pottawattamte Couaiy. lows, a
pealioa of Jchn J. Red nek, claiming »f stock of
von the sum of Three huiidred^Doiiara, I Plows,
,. due htm otort a written contract at ttimi- Harrow
u i i dam.get, and also cla.mtag the inter- Cultivators,
."**.„ est on said amount, which has accrued'Seed Dni la,
aioce the twenty-seventh day af JJecembei
lHoe an unless_you appear aad answei
plus, upon the praie&iiHioa of which to that 8uie
\\m- than tea thousand dollar, A may be! the Recorder, he sOiaii file it and issue Jftce oa th* second floor, No. *,
a aew warrant of siiat amount, aad 1 "boefdx Biock, Council Bli-g*.
,ji eauUe the h^ider to tlu aew
Br Nrx it Do DOa. Atlorneys.
The above notice having beeo reiarned
aot found, 1 hereby order the publication ef
the aam* lor four succesmv'. veeks, in th*
Weckij Bugle cf Couccii BiusTi, Iowa
District Clerk.
July a, loo7. w4
Is hereby given tbat the Gommoa Cowa
r.l of the City «f Council Braflk, te»*-tet
Friday, Jui 31st, at 2o'clock M. for
bearing tha complaints of persei-s who feel
themselves agnevad by the sas»»t»*-iu of
their property for the year 18d7 aiui far
such assesas^nfa if Bt-c*4fcajv.
A ikifHsnor article u»t rtweiveu jaf
Steam^r Admiral. Thase want of rake*
should call soon as tftry are feing affrap.
idly—for sale by FOX,
Council Bluff*, July SS, 1M7, if
meats, and hold the aame aii Uarw fSjV timate of very patieat. By their it**
dy for tbe m*p'«t.uo« of the Mayor^gftd Siood s ResJtored w 4 riealfj-, gt«t
Commoa Couftc.L freed tiom s. tmpt/tt.sa rat
At the Sr*t regular sessions af the j»«'-reduced dw.ag tk*«f oaerauw..
"«i» t, iu* a,
April, ana July, n i*oh jre«r, n?
Iprt a«^y*ssi%s]tft«*Kaw|
'osnftt p&im •t-r- CButtiii a y dtm«*4
|«^alalat to sMr nMp»Upiir%'aai: mtSmlS^ ^Smj*mT^^S^
*mmmm rff 0w ao^aiid ptow m*m laaluaL^ baiiaaawo?feh*tut
"^'^T^J^L*•€.HS* %1'iawsjsllao t*f .,st. a s w i W i
aay aw sw*o«u*«s, and k%» vmttkm* a i al-
#f a«fefat• l«w^^»irk«at»«ti«i
A i A I e U n. i
sw«»b*r« ft* wattftftt booiw
uLnSSJ^t ^»"^i'»-»o«Tt4byh.mftjrpr.p.:lf¥i^«s«te*ft«.,1rtiil-
i i ,f •rtTao.^uMadlof.ftw».fteh.th« n n w I »«ftort««* *f Cib.
F-m.i Mi- ...* -*m fearer**
u s
ff "^ai»,
i Ck*r*. Scurvcy. or BinpmmOt ifc- »kia,
P^ver and ASTW. DyarMipma, dreaev. itdi
iMmsx oi rau Taxascax*. Ua fact most ail di»«a*s* aoea vhud to Ussat
Section, dth. It *UAI1 bo the duty I«"»"« propsruea.
of Uw Troaaaror to roc-jiv* ail a w n c««»P«t«d tsmt duria* tH*
up.i»*Ut.-Wih CiU.aa.t to d-bur*.. *„'*„?,**" K**t« «p*r sralst -A P?ua
the'aimi ua warraaudrawn and a.ga.d *tt t*" V
u .L u i i .«. u 7, .S" of h'#c m»a.c«ie«, af*«t wh'ch
by the Reorder, and seated with tbe Cityi upe^ks volnia^aibgletrw!
s ia fawn of I em.
i JtlJL./ VVAJ{ V
CiUery & .MeelIilie«, T,
ot !a
.j.red bv the hwai
ba'i -In 109
-.'.li «riu w»« '•••,
eaVrenoe x-o the i
jf taxe*. and
The comtxawatioa of the City Attorney
shall be allowed by the Cotaaton Coun
cil quarterly, on aa account to be
sented for services rendered by him.—
The account shall state briefly the na
ture of the services rendered.
Attest, Fxaxx STXKST,
Approved, July 1, 1857.
D. B. CLAKX, requests us tannounce,
that he will bean iud-. n dec Candidate,
uatil after the elation, for the oftVee Og
Sheriff of Pottataatumie County.
W. D. U requosu u» to aa
nOunoo, that he will be aa ladepeadeat
.Candidate, until after the election, for
aaccorlawofp th e SBAI usveitbeoasee of Treasurer A Baaardfr of Fot«
th power to call to hi« aid any auiaber tawatttmie County,
of -r, ui to a-sist h.ia ia the rxiform
aace of his duties.
In hereby grven .hi^ iae under«trr'~ Wi:
apply to'.he Coatoitaa.oaer of Pnt«ata .'.
Cfv. D. r.tt or aft»r i
izaiUy u S-^ptemhcr next, for tbeTe-issn*
of "h-" fuiiuwiag Land Warr»Di». the san)''TH.-ii'
having b«*n Asaig&ed to abd owti*a fcy as
ai^i w.t- lsi or «U!e.i tium 'Jit aiai- iw-
FairfieiJ and Council Hlmfa, ma
havng brea mailed at Fnraekioa ib 17 J*
day of D-cerober, I8i5: by Heua, Wui. :i u
St. Co.. in a Iette.-di.-cC.eci *.o iieun Wil.
i»m Hootori i. Co., Council B'uJV, i.«i
and :iever receivedfcythe la t-r hoi
N 8rid5. issued July 14. I8ud, under ac
of March 3d, i8o5, to VaasatiifS Foiuatf,
for 120 acres.
No. 13*32, iasaed Nov. 21, 1A53: sr.de.
set of March 3d. 1856, ta David Brewt.,
far 4*0 «cres.
f«rraijjcg t»mm "."
trraiji cotnto
*ni1 sdjoiain^ rsu^ue,
N 3 i e k W
way,oppoau Pacific us*, ''•*B
eawacti storr*.
'Dec24.183d •••mt
sttalisfer^ Bard***+
»«P«f «»V««
pa kU* .- .do. U
ea alid'ng door Locka »no ,„
bjt-a. atrap 4. Bini -», ho^l'.,
•'•. btn^eaaua taateoiuga, g*
4X3i lolieea, screwa, nails, i ,Jjr C'"
pails, shatter I if :e ,d K.-«'*,
ala:sa, iiawer handles, round '4nd':'
boita, cuaia bolt*, bsaaa Aunt I
cord, »*c Ave.} all of which w
aa low as ihs lowest, bv
C*rpemUr» TooU
have* (.,., supply ui b«-i,Cft
fl*tM..«, sawY hamuir.» X* c"l''
ha(ni and binad axes, adtea, aq"ur*i"C!
aw. chisels, (touges, turnmg cn7„u t'tZ
as, auger aad 4ugei bits, bra,-r»
lMliir.iv a n n i ,lr« ««. ir... ,.^ _l i ""--I!^
Axtomev u presecut* »U #ait* for the (boilcw au«era draw- kuives., plumb,
raoovervotanes aad peuahias which aay fuages, apike shsvea, auger ^fi
unties.,-ompaaaea, caupera, r-.lea,^
ao: br.ca. pfa*t?ring aad corm-r trow,
atcbf haauaera ^,j aledres, acre*
•ftllaabSe wrei,ch^s, lax v
eiawa, and a variety' of other u*u
msroas to mention, all of the best •ui,.
J. Vor
IHlsCmwuniilh't Tools
Acomaas *KI Anr.i*.
lews, tjrr* iroag.terew
t.,, hana*»|
ins** tonga, raspa, anives, *.•,
it, *«1 Au.*ncau borse aaila/a-j
li+tJWmt* »Wl« Of
m*o SL Tyrone Ire*.
I aav« OB haiid a Jarg^ stock vt iht ib*
brands, eonaisuj^ of tue, band.owi
oval, round, a, ..ire, suke,hoop, bor^at
ana slab trot
aii u«a aiao an a,*,
meat erf PitUburgh Iron.
M) st»ck of sUel is full aaj coa,pi«,
consisu.-jg of round, aquar* ocsnt»ti i
it cast steel, Engliah blUter SIM) C«
man steel, toe-cork ateel and plow itW'
various siies also a stock of bail
forgeuhorse aaoca, whi.L 1
ClrcuUr Saw*,
Of ail Sii-s, frooi :.o ui .. of Br*'
Ciooke'a *ad i oat cclfbrai^-i make- »i,
thea Jkbii, mM.«y, pit, croaa-cat auj UL- L..
saws bug* stack oa hand aad for «.. 1
A complete at© ta rlat boat
doj mill saw, sq.-rt-. round, s
wood file*, wood and cabinet rasjn *^."
psr files of Botchers and other makea.a!.'
are ooered ai the lowest rat«-s, bv
Piaifona, counter aid tea
batata, spriitg ^-slancea, dial
*teerya.-d», on haad and for sa
afire Proof 8aiv».
Coaatabiea Fire Pro-vf b*i„
stock of the above safes can b« 1
irdware store of C.
laJttf* Giant
Cora arid cob im! *, ,i a.-if.---.- :,,r aad ir»i
p*p»ableaftifit--h liusm^etn counir,
easi be ft ... .. .be ii -.i*are store
C. F'\
•ouw e FsmrauslalsftsT Uoo4*
A tjuij«Ht aioek ut the iu,.u
be found a fox'a Huuvt..
Colfrp r,
iPU:ed a
SfKXl 3
K' am!s4 kttuta,'
Brass do
uotlei aauc^ paaa
Pfench do dA
Tin do u:,
ying piaa
Cotfee milla
Candle sticks
J»pannnJ caritater*
do ap.ee biixes
do eake da
Con. popper*
Meal aetva*
Window cornice
curtain baada
do piaa,
li.ii.d clearer*
Dialed u
itruiAi.a :.
l|Ku ,S
i u .ea 4,
a bas-.:
,Tts boar i
JO U't.t
{CiKO* di .j. .*
ijapat,iit'i lamps
[shovel and tongs
[butcher k^ivrt
vrhath are offerfd to the nuli n
Fartaataag TooU.
I hav« just received, a large andemp:t
Farming Tool*, coans ing of
Ox Yok-s,
July wl
E W I S ft. I I a s
b* raad ia the &*£e of Misaouri also, bv
of an amount greajer than auch payment,} Comi&iasiaam to lake AcxrKw'iedg+meott' -.
the Marshall ahail eaacel the same, aad! of Deeds Power* of Attorney, and e*h*»}/',E*E ^,~"*, brrrels on hand snd
giW: the holder a certificate of,the over- tastrumeats writirtg to a* recorded bs ^f C. J. FOX
July 48, 1867. y
fate VOL VI fffc. U A Afct
Corn pia:.'•»*
Hay rakrs
Revolving hay rake* Bush hook
Straw cutters, .Oram sco
Straw knrve*, jHoe*.
Corn afctilers, Scythe soa•.
scythes, !Cradles,fcc.i.r,
Ail of which are of ths esi quality a
will be sold a* low as das lowest.
f*4is»mw. Pauaiisj,
Forea «bl lift, deep *.•!.. riatern i:i
chain PrssKps. with wood and galr* ..?*:
tufciBit, alao a atock of T^ead Pip* A
larsf* iot of th* above articles iast ncm\
ed aod fvr sale by C.' J. FOX.
A eeftmpiete atoek Buhner BXtiar.
from 2 to 12 inehea, uiree aai four rli
aisoj Rubber, Hetap am* Coitrn paetiL.
can be had a the Hardware stere of
__ J. FOX.
1HA1KS—a full and smmplne siock
tog, trace, halter, lock, fifth, breast
c*i! chain, oa band a£d fm sale bj FOX
Wr^lLB-HiU *tse»*~rr«a 3d to 40d all
11 rs»c* iiftil*, gearing brsrfs, finishii
r.aihiaaUbraifs, spfkes, wrought sad prrs
_- •_ "nr a*
Amoartta jed MHa^of'aj? m^TmlnaXiTt
-a bushrii o.
hand aad for C. J. FOX.
_Kmpire Block Council Bluffs, Iowa.
l^aieat Reaper A Mow r-
tk beat anemia* in aae.
€9rfatt Stoat**,
Af.bsii Be? u,i, i'aaam n
ifh*io«*,ui *i-#, *. era i* aad rot
•raiivmnittt .....*, .- bv
.. FOX.
aMsVttSE INW£af&
New *irti:-iifr*#: l-ver powsr, sad 1
secoadka&d four-horse ever powt.for sal'
i cheap f*r ash. Enquirt of C. J. FOX
i rAia nomiM,
Th—«(%y ^»vc pcfriic iro'iee, »h tt h^
p* t.ito civ a-!Oa b»f*. &or*s re'th JffT
aasnia B**k y Vorat, Gfcsr^t* b«l.
•j.' .or ua edeur. .• in bis
thr u opera
pr##snt an aocrsjuat Jf ail reempta- *m&
•ttahuv««ssjennt a Tr^^iu^. tsttm ih*
tm |»««Nlmig aoCf-jiat, to Ae
jrf's-wu ,.g h- a^fft.s^ jf toe ».*O«B-
—q, 1*3 r«*t
W sa*SV
taftrtad b«*# u h##* aws***-.*^*
r«m»,^ n%t wyi *& let them-aM dket awNt~
ietee *^u p«esai% ewW
IW*r«! by W *FI?AT, M. n%,
»*w Yark, «aw tm mi
J*(y Si, IIS
a.d wif', t' ail imva b- r^aai
•%«..*,n itiiespity *Ji Eas,-"
Car'^fccj B*i»k.fblt aa at. nwiw. or wiw
a a fe» i i r*l^* Ot ei'# CHI t.
1 iiu in* i tCii^ed, asbaf been dB«. p.
U"S .n bis city, A, U& e. pib a m*r 3

i*WH»of dwb-f'dl-taks*: a 'i»
«t»».-t fa «i.e station here and s.ihaeq'»o'.
ly $J* re}( wl *s:» K ,in4 letVisetos-care b.li
'H*td*ra*f4ir»i ioa*.
s" i .^Sll,
5. s w. wme. K a i s
I *r*a»S»*« u» «he moirtaa aatti 1 §e t« i
«ta|#t nMd£ ^swaMt^anaa- a aad a*m*
ti«*» »t i'l isf^at
€o-iMti m*m* ima -ma, mm a
iwiw^^irsaihgrtiv, JLnmmwmrm
~^.9mmm-*#km*. miim* **«tw»! AU psaaaft* Itwswite sb*»«#l*« ktdsbted
lt^aCtlskJfr*s*iw4ftw^tws«4r|«^^„^ A »«, will
is#\ i m» fmmmm sk*
lpswa^*«4wMd«^4S»iBli8«,|« 1
•p tmwi«%tirthc&m® .wjhffmy.Ja»j* &*&**• *«, as *IA
wwawiiint af vm wm tmm. ®km4*
i£a&% leetn, updiftft
m& psssfc br«9fe*% at «sd ^«y- o, y*m§,i?-'-: A
#f©*3Hr* mt ym.

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