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farm*, 13,00 Per Year^ if In Advnnee.
The 3Iails»Tlic Mails.
The mm of the Chronotype, in his last is
rat. asks U anma vary silly questions ia rc
g*rd to to the mail carrying. We are neith
contractor, carrier nor conductor of tho
mails, and cons-iqaently cannot auswer. We
pad tell when tho mails arrive, wLen thev
depart, and what they brin* but what be-
Oiae* of wfcat we send away. it ia not our
iu :nf?53 to know.
We have said thU all mall placed in the
ttfice, have been sent regularly out. This
is all wo have to say regarding that matter.
The malicious attack* of "iho people of the
Chrcnotype" notwithstan ling. The envious
attack upon us by the Chrunotypo is only in
keeping with his unbounded and unrelenting
abuse of every man whose views favor the
present Administration, from the President
down to our wilier-woman.
Queries Nos. 1,2, 3,4, and 5 being matters
oat of our range of knowledge and buaiuesa,
we will not answer.
Mr. Eggleston, Chief Clerk in the office,
informs us that Mr. FuUom came, mculo some
inquiries, received civil and plea?aut answers
and went away apparently satisfied.
Inepeiking of the erection of the Capitol
H# merely fokgot to say that Gov. Irard had
advertised extensively for proposals to build
eaid State Houae, and accepted the best prop
Jin always forgets to toll thatJ,he reason^
of bis incessant hostility to Omaha,-origina
ted in the fact that the "Ferry Company'* re
fused hiin the "corner comforts'" he required.
Not a word of truth is contained in the
intimations of query 7, and finally, we shall
not soon trespass «p^n the patiencc of our
readors with matters that can in no way
become oar business to answer. If there is
a remissness of duty in delivering or send
ing out mail, we shall cheerfully answer the
charge, but we have no knowledge of any
tbirg of the kind. Should thurc be any we
will answer honorably and fairly whe 1 ap
plied to'personally, as Post Mister, but no
malicious fabrication will again be noticed with them th«ir dead and wounded,
editorially. If he can't help it let him howl.
J" S*»rlii\g \f, of th» City .Tr«:j fairly arrange,
i for an arhitru
News, is a noblk, HiGOjfrXDKn, donorabie tration yesterday. It is not our province to
nnxow(!) over the left. He never lies nor say where the greatest fault lies, but wrong
•Unders his neighi or oh, no! ho is too hon- their doubtless is on both sides. Among tho
est and fair a man, (if**ou believe a tithe of attacking party we tee names of men y( hi^h
what he says) ai)d would not condescend to respectability and sun ling in societv, and
such meanness—cot he But Jim is a little in fact, most or all were of that olass whilst
rgetful—only once a week--the issue day on the side of Mr. Davis, we see names of
his paper. Poor fellow, how can he help some men equally respectable. Put most we
it,'tis his weakness, and should as far as were unacquainted with. We forbear even
possible be overlooked, and if he should then harshly judging the matter, for we are well
toi: a few iies, they should not be noticed.— assured that si'ch as were engaged on Doth
The vile aspersions that are weekly hurled sides would not have thus acted had they not
at Sacretary Cuming, and others, is but a considered themjelves in tho right and joa
tithe of his fvrgetf illness. When he said titled in soloing.
"the people of Nebraska had petitioned all We have, however, little or no sympathy
TOOrnrER," for the removal of Cuming, he for a man that wilfully and wantonly jumps
did'ot mean to tell a wilful lie, oh, no! he an improved claim npon unaurveye 1 land*.
only forgot that said petition was signed by
tome of the people South of the Platte, and
a few others who were affected by tie loca
tion of the Capital at Omaha.
Poor Jim, he feels miserable enough, and
we are sorry for him He'd like t3 be a clev
er fallow if he coitid only he well paid for it,
but can't afford to be civil for nothing, oia
make better bargains. And all who are »o
unfortunate as not to barter for his good will
must look out for all (he vilification and
sir a1'CIS that come within tha *.npn of Lis
extent] ve vocabulary af epithets. But it is oil
fogctfuiness, nothing more. Whsn Jim gets
to these fits, one may by particular notice,
select the good from tbe bad of those who
.:ro favored with a notice. Those of whom
liesj-erks well, may be regarded with sus
picion whilst those he most abuses are the .. _m
xito uriu#
liestofmeu. This rule will almost invaria
bly prore true, although there may acciden
tally be soma honorable exceptions. Poor
Jim, he it the wortt sufferer and should be
Corn Cropr, Ac.
Although we hive had a remarkably dry
•ea-on for the spring and former part of sum
mer las', which muoh injured the crops of
*ma!l grain, and in eome instances almos^
etrtiret}- annihilating them, stil1 there nover
was a prosprect in this region fur a more a
bttodaat harvest ef eor i, potatoes, and other
iru.t atd vegetables.
Some crope of wheat ka#e yielded well,
at all have boea well saved, and se far as
we ore able te judge, we shall have enough
supply eur market with flour, cern and
anl a large surplus for the emi­
grant. or lor exportatio u
Our soil is of that peculiar character, aeith
wet or dry weather seriously interfere with
e:r ro rp*.
Fatal Affray at Cilkou, Rekra*k«»«
Cl*lm mm pet A(|iekai~*Oat 1M
Killed the 4|oU tidVbree itvui*
ly Woaadcd.
reepectable ard well known citiion
stantly killed, and Hon. H. C. Purple, Mr.
Yeotnan, and Mr. ThojR^aoji were \Jtzj con
siderably wounued.
The facta in the case, as near as we could
gather, and carefully compare the different
Versions, are about as follows, viz
Over one year ago a company of gentle
taen made claim of the site of old Fort Cal
houn, upon which they surveyed a town, built
one house and made some other improve
ment, and at the time of the affray, were,
by an agent, building a Public Hauso or Ho
tel, on the site. The cubin was occasionally
occupied by some of the party of claimants,
audit contained some articles of cookery,
tabic implements, Ac., Ac., whon, about
thr«eor four weeks ago, a man by the name
of Davis took possession, as he allcdges, by
permission of some of tho owners but this
ts contradicted by the other party. Mr. Da
vis, it seems, intended to make the "town
claim" his own for a farm, and had com
menced jdowing and making other improve
ments thereon, and had sued the agent of tho
company, who was erecting the llotel, for
trespass, and got judgment against him for
building upon tho site. The proprietors
meantime sent notice, warning Mr. Davis to
leave their cl.iim peacefully, and finally no
tified him thaS u[Kn a certain day they would
put him oQ if not already gono. Thereupon
Mr. Daris made affidavit before the County
Judge that his life and property were threat
ened, and the Judge ordered out a posse to
protect him. Seventeen men, mostly armed,
were on hand at the house at the time desig
nated, when tho other parly of twenty-eight
rode up the spokesman required Mr. Davis
to evacuate the premises forthwith or suffer
the consequences. This the party refused to
do. Hard words passed, and ero any one
was aware of a positivo intention on either
part to fight, a pistol was fired, which was
tbe tocsin for a general engagement, iu which
the party inside the house had the decided
advantage. Mr. Go*s, one of the attacking
party, was shot through the heart and in
stantly expired, aud three others werewouu
ded, whilst no one inside w.u injured. It is
hard to say by whom or which party the fir
ing first commenced—both parses disclaim
ing the act and as often charging it upou the
Seeing their hopeless disadvantage, the at
tacking party retreated homeward, carrjing
day, the agents of both parties had a talk,
endeavoring to settle the difficulty, which we
We have smarted pretty severely from such
cause ourself and know how to fe3l for oth
ers. We would as soou be robbed of the
stock from our yard or stable as from a claim
we had made aud justly owned. In the ear
ly settlement of all new regions, civil law
has been inadequate in *he protection of the
settler or squatter, from the avarice of those
"Who follow them.
Though much we deplore tbe resort to ii e
gal acts of violence in the protection of just
claims, still we admit that cases may orcur
when the speculator has the legal advantage
of those who braved the scalping-knife of
the savage, tho incursions of wi.d beasts and
the discomforts of the earliest settlors.
The decision in the matter will doubtless
do much to place the blame whore it should
be, aud meantime we patiently await the re
sult which we shall give our readers at the
earliuta moment.
The rcmiins of Mr. Goss were borne to
his weeping family the day after the melan
cholly tragedy. They reside about fifteen
miles North, on this side of the river. Hon
H. C. Purple hai his shoulder and arm bad
ly shattered, and it is feared he inry looso
The Gnllcd Jade Winces.
In our little matter-of-fact paragraphs wo
did not really intend to hart our neighbors
feolings fobad, as wo evidently did. Facts
are stubborn Miings, and wo acknowledge we
ground down a little too hard. 'Ti* no sat
isfaction for us to thus tortura a human be
ing, for we are ourself but human. Fact is
we enn't toss a brickbat that way but it hits
one of tho "teja juxcta in cj»o'' of the Chro«
otypc. We are of course alo ne, but we con
6ider there is at least that difference betweeB
us, three to one. We'll throw thorn in a
half a dozen hands, finish our day's work in
the field, roll tip our sleeves, and take up
subject* of more intere.t and importance.
Won't hurt you no moro if we can help ft,
geuts, we don't raeasany harm, so keep your
eeats oo.
£^"Tbe Etbeopian Serenade?* will give
one more of thuir grand entertainments in
thi? ci'y on Thur-dny o\cuing next.
Oo Wednesday, 89tfe alt^'a claim fight
oaoumd at tie t«m ska of Fort CWhonfc,
Goss a «ung goes wrong who toe mails Tor
ison war nmnd distanU tbii functionary ia
Nabrs.ka, fa. which Sherman -i"' thing goes wrong with the mail. f„,
N ext
The Putt Haster~Is thero a Latter For
J|e I
If there is aay opployse&t more trying id
adman's patietMlit than the duties of attend
iflfg a postufficfe, we Jjnow aft w ha* |t is. I
charged with the oause, and is expect-.d to
right the matter up. If n$ letters arrive he
is blamed, and perhaps charged with detain
ing and if too much oomos in it is hU fault,
certainly. If correspondents are ilow in an
»w«utg Utters, h« is asked n score or two
or two of foolish questions, aud perhaps out^
right accused of having failed to send the
letters, fie is required to be on hand by day
break in tho morning, and every moment re
main with letters in his hand to serve his cus
tomers until 12 o'clock at night. Breakfast!
dinner! supper!—what csu he need of them?
A Post mas:ei should not stop to eat or sleep,
bnt should be ready at any moment whon
called upon, at any hour, seasonable or un
seasonable, no ra-Ucr. People may loutge
for hours around stores or shops contentedlv
and uncoi eerued, but to be obliged to wait
whilst the ^ostmastor or clerk eats "a haaty
plate of soup," that is an outrage an im
position^ and is reason sufficient for the re
moval of the Postmaster.
When the mail arrivos—no matter whether
he has one or ten bushels of mail fc» assort
and distribute, he must have rendy fr deliv
ery almost instantly, or ho is dubei with all
the unpleasant names to be found ii the cat
a o^uo of .epithets, besides boh fcdrone, a
snail, a blockhead, tc« If in hate jte sjeakB
quick and decisive, as ho must jjerfcrully do,
somebody is insultod or their tend* feelings
hurt most sadly. Refuse to let otde behind
the bar, as should be the cosd, and ono is
t"ld that he is getting quite stiff, sod too big
for his jacket, and should one be Mowed to
go inside for the ueccs»try transact on of busi
ness, the Postmaster is charged urtth a loose
ness and negligence iu the transition of the
duties of his office. If letters an not adver
tised, he is a "careless scamp," »ud if adver
tised, he is cursed for charging an extra two
cents. If mails do not regululSr arrive, he
is held accountable for the deliiquency and
a minute statement of the reatoo required,
and should a letter or paper fai' to arrive at
its destination, he MCoT accoun\ therefor iu
stanter. He must furnish payer, ink, pen,
vafors, and envelopes, write th« address on
the letter, and some:imcs the hiter itself,
and if he refuses to chargc a fiv»i dollar bill
to get three cents postage, he is very una
bliging. If he strictly ad'.ieres to the postal
laws and requirements, he is mean and arbi
trary but if not rigid and is a little anient,
he is careless of the public trust »nd ihotild
be removed at once. Such is s portion of
the trials of patience always attending the
duties of Postmaster. All men *xn tinf. lmur
ever, grumb ers and whiners, but there are
always many hom rable exceptions, but there
are generally enough to whine and grumble
at any thing and every thing.
Tlmuk'eo, Sir*!
If asy thing fkok scch a sorsct could elate
us, we shou'd feel immensely flattered by the
extensive attention paid us by our neighbor
down street. Two or thrco columns per
week is no small testimonial of our impor
tance, in his estimation. We are forced, in
most cases, to cline his pressing importu
nate to reply, for we see nothing ti» answer,
and besides, we could not devote so much
space, to Compliment, even tho President
himself. Si rry we can't be obliging, since
so anxious, but we have'nt the room
to bestow hi in a benefit. Our advertising
friends won't agree to be crowded out.
Postage ou Newspapers.
All of our readers may not be aware that
the postage on the Bugle, if paid quarterly in
advance, is but half cent a paper, whereas*
if not paid thus, the rate by law is two cents
per paper. It is not the duty of the Post
Master to retain papers on the account of
non-payment of p^stago. but it is his duty
to collect the fourfold rate when pre-paymcnt
been negiocted. Every newspaper read
er should tako note of this, aud thereby save
75 cents a year on one newspaper.
Afplss (green) are selling in our market
for $2 per bushel—Peaches at $4.
For the Bugle.
My 6 rst nbin pronounced, is the of a manj
Now tell me, cWr reader, this name if you can.
My sccond and third makes a word not so pleas
Especially when one has been anxiously teaslnc
a word that conveys ad':ci«dve rpply,
And often I"4* caused the lover to fiph
Transpose my lust three
you have a weight,
And my whole '3 but four letters, round, crook
ed and straight.
Pm am thing that is ofumes quite hard to sever.
And sometimes so crooked, -'twill part again
I am made by the sheriff, the priest and the
And often am used by both firemen and tailor
If you are a scholar, now tell me at once,
What word this may be, come, don't be a dance.
Eniema in No. 22, of Bugle, correctly
answered by "Oass," of Iranistan, B. V. 8., of
Little Pigeon fciiri others. Answer, -'Ha urn.'
Lost.—A fine heavy Gold Pencil alul Pen,
with a dog'* head minature for the top. This
was the Editor's last, and a mach valued pres
ent from a friend. Secure hie gratitude by re
tarnlag tf«
The Mails.
The Eastern mail will arrive and depart daily
Sundays excepted. Mall will be made tip and
dJoeed at 7^, r. m.
llenn, Williams A Co.'i
New and accurate Township Maps of Iowa,
jn it ree'd and for esle at the post otaa. lltf.
llSf uF Ltl
niag aatalled for, in the
Blaffs, August 31, 1855.
ider, K
tt, Li DOB

11, E
teh, Geo,
Is, Joseph
ktton, John
Abbott* M.
Ashley, John N
Aiien, James A
2 Bedel, Edmund
2 Burn'ghr, Eliza
ice, Cyrus
pbeil, Stephen 2 Carlisle, Wm.
Ufaven, A W Cowles, S A
Cloud, Johnat hanM Chapel Francis
Olivia A K
ers Charles
,•», ii
II, Uwis
ej, E
ston, Wm.
g, Samuel
F.ljl. Silvanus
Fevail, O
ilii, S A
er, Geo
alii ers, Mrs.
Edw'd Griffith, A S
Gall ah is, William
Huthawav, A 2
Hedges, Jamoe
Harris, W
Hays, Mar^rret
Hoa^land, II
Hopkins, Miles
lloguboin, Phoebe
Idt, W E
Johns, Harrison
Kouutz, A
Kiiby, Joseph 2
Kinney, 1) ll
Lankly, Mary
Lamb, Curtis
Lamson, Arba
Mur,hy, George 4
Miniek, II 0
MiUke, Henry
Morgan, S
Mil lor,
Maso, Joicph
Mullen, Seonden
Ryan, Joel 2
K o e s o n o a s 4
Robinson, Cyrus
Rausch, George
Staring, Mary Jane
Si rick Lin, 11 II
Sill|, Jamci
Bo wen, ThM.
Brady, v •.
Brown, AleS.
Brown, Sam'l
^*4'rawford, Dau'l
Cuthram, William
Crooks, Sam'l
2 Day, S K
3 Douthell, A
iDavis, Amanda
JEarl, Wm.
Itlllis, Henry
Ellis, Joseph
Earhar^, Joe. Y
Farrow, Andrew
Frazier, VVillLm
2Gorby, S^m'!
Gilchrist, Alex.
Gurnet, A
Guvlies, MJS.
Huwe, John
Ilowe, A
Htmiltou, Daniel
Hoy t, A
liuad, W
Hay, Edward
Hardy, Arthur
Jackson, Lewis
Johnson, 1
Kouny, John
Kloene, Hermann
Karr, Plnlis
Lisnan, W
Linmore, A'W
Ling^tild, Wilhelm
Merridol', John
McDonald, Wn.
M- Donald, James
Mc A Hist is Smith & Co
McL'eoun, Wn
McLoid, Nathaniel
McLord, James
niter S
Niidricck, William
Neal, Juhn II
Price, Ira 2
Parmelc, James
Kibeliim, Cha's
Is'orton, Daniel
Obeehan, Joseph
Perkins, Vincent
Per«jnst Charles
Rice, Silas
Kogus, Wm,
Roagns, Vaoey E
Staton, Wm. II
Shribes, Thoinus
Strickland, W
Thompson, Jonathan
Yanov del. Samuel
W cl.5fl, Benjamin
Wilson. Geo.
Vance, Win.
Wauser, U
Weavour, Dr.
Wood & Cole, Messrs.Wiijon
Wilson Thomas
Walker, Mary
Yeoman, Levi
Wo.»d, Satnjel
Woitthr, Ba Ul'l
JOHNS'.)S, P. M.
J. E.
Manuf: etur.'rrf an I Wiiolcnale Dtah-rs ill I
No. ^7, Main Street, ?t. Louis, Mo.,
now in receipt of a complete assortment
of goods from tli-ir own aud other iii tou- \rnr\T rot
fsctori^, adapted especially to Uie Western
Purchasers are Invited to examine their stock,
manufacture 1 and selec ed with grf a' care ail 1
war an It of Sipeiior qiality. Orders wiT re
ceive prompt aud careful attention [v^n2i5
Po'lawattamie County. $ I
To William Ciancv: Vou are hereby notified
that there is now on tile in lite office of the Clerk
of the Dhtrict Court of said county, the pcti
tion of.lohn S. Thompson, claiming of you the
foreclosure of a .Mortgage, executeu by you on
the 25th day of September, lt54, iu his favor,
on the following described property, to-wit
Lot No. 45, in the city of Council liluffs, accor
ding to the official plat of said city, which
rtgags was made to secure the piyiucntof
certain therein described nmount, now due, and
claimed thereon being Two thousand ucd For
ty-uine twenty-three hundreths Dollars, with
interest, which said Mortgage is recorded in tlio
Recorder's offic? of said county. And unless
you appear and answer thereto on or before the
rooming of the second day of the n -xt term of
tha said court, to be held in Council Muffs
city, on the first Monday in October next, judg
ment will be rendered against you thercou and 1
a uecree entered accordingly. Notice returned
uot fouud. Pkici Sharp^ Larami k, Atty's
Dated at Council Bluffs city, this 31 &t day
of August, A. lH.r)5. \-5n26w4
Pottawattamie County
To G. W.Rohr: Vou are hereby notified'
that there is now ou hie in the oilice of the
Gierk of the District Court of said county, the
Petition of G. Doughty & Co., claiming of you
the payment of a certain promi&sory note for tbe
stun of Fighty-oue Dollars and Niuvty-eight
ixnts, ($81,Jo) executed by you, payable one
diy after ale, and Uated December 1st, 1854.
And unless you appear and answer thereto on
or before the sec jn i day of the next Term of
said Court, to be held iti Council Bluffs City,
on thetirst Monday iu October next, judgment
iii be rendered against you thereon. Notice
returned, not f^uud.JuuN&oN, CssaDV fc Test.
Ordered to be publish in the Council Bluli?
tor four waeks
C. EUBANK,Clerk.
By F. E. Weicti, Deputy.
Co*ncil Bluffs, Auj. 31st, 1855. n2wl
Pottawattamie Ooanty
To 1
homas Haucoca You are hereby no
tified that there i« now on file in the otlice of
the Clark of the District Court of s«id county
the petition of Cornelius VoorhUi,claim tnj of you
tha assignment ol a certain Laud Warrant, No.
13642, and asking aaid court on the Chancery
aide thereof, a decree by which said transfer
may be made to hnu. And unless you appear
and answer whereto ou or before the secon day
of the next 'lerm of said court, to be held in
Counsil Bluffs city, on tho first Mo.iday of Oc
tober next, jadgm nt will be rendered agaiust
you thereon. Notice returned not found.
JsEW adteetiseitexts.
HOL'Sft PLA.Vmn «.
WE hare fear sa|||tn jpts. the follow
varieties ofalaAm, sflplable for bouse
Piante V«*ifnae, 12 Varieut# Petun
4 varietiea Gilliflowers 3 varitti«« Pan
|ay, Gtrauluma, Aateis, Eternal lowera, Ama
ranths, Eupiiorbia. Lattiyrusor Capertree, Snap
1 Dragons. Finks, Phunborgias, Ac., Sc., Ptr
pous wiahiug any of the above plauta will please
(I rave their order# at the Post Office, or with
the subscribe™. [u26tf] TERRY Be Ce.
TR. Benjamin F. Piace, you are hereby 110
XtJL tified that I will be at the Land Office, in
52 West. At which tiino and place you can
attend if you think proper.
Harrison Co., Iowa, sept. 4, '55. n26wi
II. R. CILL.11
Iowa, will
All order- addres^d to Mekeuny i Runner, \ow
(sole proprietors and manufacturers,) Keokuk,
I rauk Housts complete, at very short
and shall hereafter ket-p on hand, ready lor ship
ment, on assortment of the descriptions we
make of one, two and four rooms, ut prices of
$115—$225—and $4)0
We have determined by ^trict attention and
honorable dealing to secure a trade, which,
from our central position iu the Missiiaippi
Valley, properly belongs to us.
I We have, attached to our Mill, a large lum
ber yard w ere we keep every description qf
dressed aud rough lumber, prepared for imme
diate use. Inour mill we manufarture doors,
sashes aud blinds, und frames of all si*e§ and
desciiptions, acasond by steam, and the work
mans hip of which is unsurpassed. Persons de
sirous 1.1 purchasing will please give us a call
WE are constantly lee^ivii l^nJ WauanH,
for time location, a.,d aie nuv. p.epared tom.ike
entries for settiers and others at moderate rut-s.
I By Patci A JAMES, Solicitors.
Ordered to be puoliahed four weeks in the
Couooil Biutfs Bugle C. EUBANK, Clerk.
By fc. Welch, Deputy.
Council Bluff* cny, Aug. 18, *55. n26wl
ton of bar and band Iron fbr eale, at a
_ure b«lw markot price also, a fow sett
i damaged Bnggy Spring*, cheap.
v*«3*r w. o: johsbox.
aug 21, oj. n-Jitf
't, PL' r* it
frsh fruits
Council Bluff*, Iowa, ou Friday the 12.h day
of October, A. D. 185n, at 2 o'clock P. M.,to
prove my preemption right to the North East iu Nebraska, beiug located ou a beaatiful'&tich
quarter of sect ion 17, townsiifp 79. North range some GO fr
A Sovereign remedy for rheumausn bruses,
apraina, aiitfness of joints, burns, acalds, fresh
cutM, wounds avue cake, piles, cake in the
brets), erysipelas, bites of insects
bo ill
ull kinds. Also, it will cure sprains, big head, diate vicinity there are several exrolUnt Lilne
bijt shoulder, sweeny, fii,tu!«, spliut, ring bone, Sione quarries, two of which are now beiusr
toll evil, stiff complaint, botts colic, farcy, worked. Thero i^ also an abundance of (fravel.
distemper, yellow water, glanders, 4'C Sand, Marl and Clav suitable f._r making brick
and other purposes*. Brick Making is now be
ing carried on extensively. On lite Sout and
For the permanent curi and eradication of
dysprpnin, erysipelas, liver complaint ague
cake, infl.imations, inelanplioly. head ache, dia- Hiter, at tliis point, is only 750 feet wide o«r"
Hikes of the skin, such as blotches aud pimph-a fectly ear of snags, sand bars, or any ether
jaundice, nervousness, |w*fn iu tlie back, side obst uc.ions, with Rock Bound Shores aud
a n e a a i i o n s a e i o n s o a k i n s o s O K O O
tiveness, impurities of the bloo.l, and all those All the way across at a depth, (in an ordinarv
affections to which females are liable. stage of the river) of from two to ten feet—in
meet prompt atUMition. Sold
Agents for Council Bluffs.
To Kansas & Nebraska Emigrants!
1 the St.
Mill, having tin
St. Louis, Missouri.
IU"*Office no. 44, Oliver street, opposite Mon
00 House. aug2&v5n25-ly
St. Jo5eph, .lo.,
S now receiving Ins fall and wiut»r stock
cousisti ng of the following articles which
he offers lor the lowest prices for cash.
11 0 hhds N. O. hugar.j li) gross blacking,
lO'J bbU pow'd, crush'd 10U kgs choice Teas, Smith.
and clarified do, jlOO bxs tobacco, vari
100 bbls bolch»r' Sug
200 kegs ass't nails,
20 bbls, hlf*, kegs
25 pkgs white shad,
Ike fish A roe hfr.g
50 bxs koap,
4b0 bxs catnlles,
25 bb s rice,
50 bx« hlf, qrs raisins
50 a crackers,
10 bbls Pilot bi ead,
50 dor yeast powders.
10 bbls almonds,
10 bb!* pecans A Eug
20 bales cottn batt'ng,
:«0 do cotton yarn,
30 bxs starrh,
104 doz cans oytterf
w ole a
a 1 cans
104 doz sardines,
and qr bxs,
lObxsasst'd pie fruit*.
25 bbls pepper-sauce.
25 bxs tomato catsup,
50 bxs mu«tard,
100 bxsass'ted candies,
1000 ft saiViy fuse,
3000 gallom stone ware.
Cash paid for Country Produce such as
homp bacon aud lard. AU kinds taken in ex
change fir Groceries at Cash Prices. (v5n24ly
ALL persons ars cautioned not to purchase
from L. A. rwster, i Brewster & Co cor
tideate of stock No. 399, Omaha City, as the
same was fraudulently obtained, aud if sold
will not be valid.
vin25tf J. B. ROBERTSON.
COMMISSION MERCHANT. i fiyOhicago D.ily Tl.n.. pl,„e
And Dealer mlGin.rif rodure, Be*/ tide of above adverusemeut until 20th Sept. and amid
Mam Mrctt, opposite Edgar House, bill to this ofhae. v5n24w7
bxs tobacco,
ous brands
100 hlf bblw fe k^gs do^0,0(H) cigars'v ar's b'ds, state of Iowa, a petition of Rrownlee, Homer 3c
50 bbls piautalion do, 50 kegs soda, CO., claiming of you fourteen hundred and forty
50 pkgsgolden syrup.] 10 bbl» salaerattis, (dollars, as money du* on a Bill of Exchange,
500 sks prime rio coffvt:2H) reams wj-ppg papr, drawn by B. Leonard on John Taylor, exq.,afi
500 ek& G. A. salt, 25 bxs smokd herring, payment by him refused—.*aid bill having been
10 bxs codtisl^
50 doz buckets,
2.i doi ne*t tubs.
10 doz *,ar buckets,
25 uot wash-boads,
12 doz churns,
12coils manilta and
jute rope,
5(T doz bed cords,
150 bxs wi dow glass
50 doz u biers,
10 bxs qt aud pt finks.
200 lbsS. F. indigo,
2 bbls madder,
5 bbls copper'8,
5 kegs all urn,
5 si s pepper,
5 sks pimeuto,
25 Ibsnutmegs.
35 1
bsj ci«vm,
hlillOOlbs gr'd ginger,
25 mats cas*ia,
50 I xs inJfch'.s,
100 bags as.: or led shot,
10 kegs%ar lead.,
500,Out) caps
50 bxs E D. cheese,
25 bxs lemon syrup,
40 bbls A. kegs tar,
is prepared to execute auy
JL and all legal instruments on short notfoe.
Being supplied with a full and extentive a«
sort®feut of blanks, and being always iiaod
and ready for business, he trusts he may re
ceive a reasonable share of patronage
II? Office under tbe "iiUIje, office, next door
to Post office. 8. EGGLESTON.
Aug. 28. '55. n25tf
Carriage & Wagon Shop
THE subscriber has just estab
iah«d himself iu tbe above busi
ness at the shop on Madisoa street,
n ar the bridge, where he will be on baud to
attend to all kinds of busiuess in that line with
neatuess, punctuality and dispatch. New
work made to order, or old work repaired. A
long experience in ihe above business will ena
ble hitn to give satisfaction to those who may
favor him, with their patronage. Reference*—
tho iobi he compl.-t-1.
HUNDRED L01S have been se acted
and will be told in aaid town, at Public
Vendue,commencing at 11 o'clock, A. ou
the Frst D. y of October nejrt, and coutiuu'iu^
from day to day until all are »e}j. Tem»H
half cash, and the balance in fourrotnths mitk
approved security.
Is situated on the West bank of the M/jH«nri
River, aix miles above Council Bluff* Cify,aaU
immediately opposite the Pigeon Valley-lrtte
surveyed route of the Mistittippi 4f Mitsouri
Railroad. Thefcite is one of the most eligibhr
al.ove high water mark, with a
raisins lull iu the back-grouud, the
Home GO
whole length of the plat. Th*re are two fine
streams running through the towo, affording
excellent Water Pririleyes, on one of which
there are now in progress of erection Fburincr
MiUs and a Sau Mill which will be completed
and in operation by the 15th of next month
Adjoining the towu site on the North there
is n grove about Eight Thousand acres of
Oak, Walnut and Elm, suitable for aU kinds
or reptilas, of bnilding purposes. There is like wise a trmt
sore nipples, salt rheum, neuralgia, iooth ache, amount of tine large growth of Cottonxooad £ith
boila, ring worms, and cutaneous affections of. in from one to thr** u il..,,
Weist, udjoining the town mi te. there is over four
hundred acrea of Prairie Broke and Fenced
and the most of it under cultivation. The
Watt the rock is bare u
foui the shores,
PORTABLE & READY MADE HOUSES, n^nca. Flurtnce is situatt-d nearly due East
M1K undersigned proprietors -v. (a little South) of the GIJ.EAT BEND of th"
Louis Plaini.ieA'«7t.li \*iaUe
most compete 13 Horn River distaut thirty
[establishment in the west, for^"^~~r:
ninnnfucturing lumber into all lunns
1 used oy builders, are now prejared to furuiah
considerable dis
it but a small
affair to build a Briige at thispoint, (for which
a-very liberal Charter was granted by the Leg
islature of Nebraska, last winter) iomparedto
tbat of bridging Hie St. Lawrence, utAloutreal,
the Mississippi, at Rock Island", and many other
oridijes which have bfen erected iu JVorth A
Eik Horn City, at the groat
miles from tha former place, and eighteen froih
the la Iter place.
There are good permanent Steam Boat Land
ings on botu shores, the best, perhaps, on tha
Missouri river that on the Nebraska si je ex
tending the whole length of the town site, and
us a terry Crossing, it is certniuly one of the
best on the river. STONE COAL, of a supe
rior quality has lately been discovered a few
iniles north o Floreuce.and it is the opinion of
those best acquainted with the article, that there
are large deposits of it in tha. vicinity. With
all those advantages, (and and au c^y grade
up Mill Creek, one of (he streams 1 uniting ibro'
the town) there isscarcely auoubi but that
this wi.i U- toe crossing of the Great Pacific
Railroad, should it cross North of the Platte
Rivvr. A new and commodious Hotel, lately
erected by iha 1 roprietors of the towu nite, is
now opeu and reaiy to receive gnou. Tho™
wishing to visit the place before purchasing,
will tinu Mr. 1. 0. Cuap)nan,atid .'iii esi 1 ma
lady, prepared to eutertaiu th-m comfort^/,
aud make their stay at Florence pass off pIMi
sntly. JAMES C. Mil CuELL.
Fiorenc« Laud CO.
Floreuep, Is. T., August 15th, 1855.
Irferpi»ce«. C.corge Pcgram, Esq St.
Louis, Mo. Roberts, Kerr i.Co.,do. Robert
Donnell, Esq., Sc. Joseph, Mo. B. Hughes,
do. p*. Granger Adams, Bauk^r, Chicago, III.
Allen Toiuliu, Esq Guleua, 111. Cook Sar
gout, Rankers, Davenport, Iowa Cook, Sar
gent & Downey, Bankers, Iowa City. Iowa
Hou. James Grant, Davenport, Iowa Piatt
Smith, Esq., Dubuque, Iowa Johu H.
i Esq
Esq., Elyria, Oino ii. Chapman, Esu*. El*r-
Pottawattamie County.
To Leonaid, Almon W. Babbitt and A. J.
Sirs Vou are hereby notified that there is
now on file iu the olfice of th° clerk of the Dis-
asdes^ 25 ixs smkV tobacco, trlct Court of the county of Pottawattamie and
endorsed by A. W. Babbitt, A. J. Smith and
James C. Mitchell. And that unless you appeal
i and answer thereto, on or before roe moruing
of the second day of the next October Term of
the District Court of Pottawattamie county,
i Iowa, to be hcld]at Council Bluffs. in said county,
commencing on the first Mondaj- in October, A.
D.1M55, default will be enured against you,
iand judgment will be rendered against
'thereon. Notice returned not found.
I Pottawattiinie County.
I 1
o William Clancy,—Sir You are here
by notitieJ that there is now on file iu tiie of
jfice of the Clerk of the District Court in Pot
tawattamie County*, Iowa, a petition of F. S'
P. Catherwood, claim.ing of ycu four hundred
dollars and forty-six cents, as money due on a
promisory note, aud claiming of you the fore
closure of a certai a mortgage executed by YOB
on tha 26ih October, 1851, to secure the pay*
ment of the sum of three hundred and eignty
two dollar* and ninety one cents, with Inter
est, being the amount of said promisory note.
And that, unless you appear and answer
.thereto on or before the morniu^ of the second
®fthe Octobor Term for the year 1855 of
the Distaici Court of Pottawattamie Couuty,
Iowa to be held at Council Bluffs, in said
Couuty commencing on the fir^t Monday in
OcioLer, le55 Default will be entered against
you, and Judgment will be rendered against
j)"ou thereon. Notice returued, not found.
Johnsom. Casady Sc TtsT, Att'y? for plt'fia.
Council Bluffs, aug. 4,1855. n24w4
JOHNSON, CASADY A Tkra, Atty's for pftW.
Council Bluffs, IoWa, August 4th A. D. 1W55.
Pc Itawattamie Couuty
'Po William Claucy,—Sir You are heLreby
notified that there in now on file iii ths office
of the Cierk of the District Court iff Pottawat
tamie County, Iowa, a Petition of Fisher A
Beunett, Claim4ug of you four hundred aud
seventeen dollars and thirteen cents, as money
due ou a oroisory note, and claiming of you
the fo eclosure of a certain Mortgage executed
by you on the 12th January, le55, to soeur*
the payment of the sum of four huudrsd and
thirteen dollars, the amount of said pro® »ory
note, said note being dueou the 1st Juneld55,
and that, unless you app ar and answer there
to, on or before \ho morniug of the aecond
day of ths October Term, for the year 1855,, of
tho District Court of Pottawattamie County,
Iowa, to be he at Council Bluffs, iu said
County, commencing oo the first Moi.day iu
October 1855 default will be entered i|«n|
you, and Judgment will be rendered vfmust
you thereon. Notice returned, not foai.e«
JoH£Sof, Caiupv ItTasT, AttyV for ft
Council Bluffs, lot*!. aoT 1th A l.
24 W4

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