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Amon and FmakMa, and Eogwr Sherman, and
also perhaps, (for this i* the first time I have been
** here,) in this very room, stood the dauntless John
Hancock, as he received from those men, not
only the assertion of our rights, but the charter
of our liberties. Can we do any thing but bow
iu a place like thin? It in not in my power to
speak to you at length. You have said very
properly perhaps that it is not your province, ft
certainly is not mine to disturb the deep current
of feeling which courses the hearts and minds of
those around nie. .
But it is not only your city?it ia your State
that is of some mark. In a peculiar sense are
your resources of wealth and power reposed in her
own bosom. She is an empire in herself. Why,
the development of the uses of' iron and coal so
pre-eminently since 1H16, the foundation of British
wealth and power, would of itself constitute
a never-failing source of prosperity to you. But,
Hir, it is not that on which you have mainly relied.
It is your agriculture. How rich you are
not only in the means of production, but, above
all, in the men who produce. [Applause.]
Sir, I would not here forget that remarkable
German population, so distinguished for their
thrift, their industry, their integrity, and their devotion
to civil and religious liberty; and I think
you must all rejoice that wherever that race go,
and are spread, they look to Pennsylvania in some
respect as their second fatherland.
Sir, it is not chiefly, perhaps, or not so much
Colonel Forney, and by the Hon. James Guthrie.
The Gwin and McCorkle Duel;
As we elsewhere quote from a California paper
a jeu d'esprit relating to this affair, it is proper
we should, in all soberness, give place to the following.
After seventeen days of suspense, it must
not be deemed surprising that tho good tidings of
4' nobody hurt" should excite in us a disposition
to be merry over this mclo-dramatic, if not tragic,
An Affair of Honor.?A hostile meeting took
place, about two o'clock yesterday afternoon, between
the Hon. Win. M. Gwin and the Hon. J.
W. McCorkle, in consequence, as we learn, of
certain offensive remarks made by the latter while
on the race-course. The ground selected was just
this side of the boundary line between San Francisco
and Santa Clara counties; but on receiving
intelligence that some interference was to be
looked for, the parties proceeded to a spot about
three miles the other side of the line. Mr. McCorkle
won the choice of position and the word.
Tho weapon selected was the rifle; distance thirty
paces, tho combatants to wheel at tho word and
fire. A number of spectators were on the ground.
Three shots were fired without effect, one of Senator
Gwin's balls passing almost through the hair
of Mr. McCorkle. The following document,
signed by the friends of the parties, will explain
the sequel:
44 After an exchange of three ineffectual shots
between the Hon. Win. M. Gwin and Hon. J.
W. McCorkle, the friends of the respective parties
having discovered that their principals were
fighting under a misapprehension of facts, mutually
explained to their respective principals in
what the misapprehension consisted; whereupon
Dr. Gwin promptly denied the cause of provocation
referred to in Mr. McCorkle's letter of the
29th May, and Mr. McCorkle withdrew his offensive
language uttered on tho race-course, and expressed
regret at having used it.
44 S. W. INGE,
44 Jcnf. 1, 1853."
From Tkxas.?The New Orleans Picayune of
the t?th contains advieeN from Texas, received by
the steamship Yacht at that port. The Yacht
brought forty-two thousand dollars in specie on
The death of Captain Tomliuson, a noted Texan
Hanger, is announced.
The Democratic Statu Convention of Texas had
met, and adjourned without succeeding in making
their usual nominations. The attendance of
members at the convention was quite small.
Colonel Blanton had been named us a Whig
candidate for Congress.
Refreshing rains had occurred throughout the
State, which proved highly 'beneficial to the
crops, and also caused a rise in the Colorado
river of seven feet.
E. H. Winfield, esq., had liecn elected to the
office of Mayor of Corpus Christ i.
"My wife has broken all the vows
Slic made to 111c when first I wed her;"
Said Simon Sly, whose charming spouse
Smiled bright as on the day he had her:
'To love, to honor, and obey.
She took the vow for all together,
And (kissing her in kindliest way,)
pfow the sweet vixen don't do cither."
L ^ _
on account 01 your nunurea resource*, or uu account
of your commanding political influence in
point of votes, that this nation lias designated you
the Keystone of the Arch. It is because of your
geographical position.
You are neither a Southern, a Northern, an
Eastern, nor a Western State, and I should perhaps
not much exaggerato if I were to say that
you are all combined. [Applause.] Your rivers
on this fljde of the ridge empty themselves into the
beautififf bay below you. On the west they swell
the flood of the Ohio, and finally wash the shores
of Louisiana.
11 Sir, let me say to you that patriotic men
throughout this entire country, North and South,
look to you, and will always do so, not simply as
the Keystone of the Arch, but as the great central,
self-sustaining link in the chain which binds
this Union into one harmonious whole, and which,
holding it steadily and firmly to its moorings, will
enable it to ride over every storm. [Enthusiastic
Noble, noble men of Philadelphia, and men of
Pennsylvania ! Noble for your fidelity to the duties
imposed upon you by the obligations of your
Constitution. May I not say?let nie say here?
you are not only triply armed, but you arc notf
and have been triply bound. Here was the Declaration
of Independence proclaimed?here the
Articles of Confederation were promulgated?and
here, finally, that Constitution for which you have
so nobly stood was adopted. [Cheers.] I could
wish for you no higher honor, and for my country
no higher place and security than that groat and
noble devotion which you have thus far so honorably
upheld and maintained.
The speech was listened to with profound interest,
und at itB close three hearty cheers were .
given for President Pierce.
The party then lcfl the Hall, and the President
>VttB UKUIICU W/ Ilia luugiu^o uv UIV ^Tiuiuiiuuto
Hotel. Ail immense crowd thronged in front of
the building, and after repeated calls General
I Pierce c&mc forward and inudc a brief but very
happy speech.
He expressed his thanks in oloquent language,
and paid a glowing compliment to the chivalry,
gallantry, and patriotism of Pennsylvania. Her
sons were ever ready to respond to the call of
j their country, and wherever floated their flag victory
was sure to follow.
New Jersey had a strong representation in the
procession, and among her Committee of Arrangement
were her two distinguished United States
Senators. Much enthusiasm was displayed at
various points; and during the evening General
Pierce 011 more than one occasion expressed himself
as gratified beyond measure at the truly generous
and brilliant reception that hud been given
to him by the citizens of Philadelphia.
At the Merchants' Exchange, in the evening,
speeches were made from the portico by the
President, by the Secretary of War, by the
Secretary of the Treasury, by the Attorney
General, and by Colonel Forney.
At the banquet the Mayor presided, and portinent
and eloquent speeches wore delivered by
hiin, by the President, by the Hon. Jefferson
Davis, by the Hon. James Buchanan, by General
Patterson, by Morton McMichael, esq., by
Arrival of the Arabia?Three Days
Later from Europe.
New York, July 13.?The steamer Arabia arrived
this morning, bringing sixty passengers and
Liverpool dates of the 2d instant. She passed
the steamer Canada and the ship Sovereign of
the Seas in fourteen days from New York, going
News from the East is scarce and every tiling
is yet in doubt. Nothing has yet occurred from
the Porto's rejection of the ultimatum. Nothing
could be done before July 1, at which time it was
believed the Russians had not crossed the Danube.
It was reported that Turkey had formally
demanded the armed intervention of the four<
great powers, and this statement is confirmed.
The aspect of affairs is regarded now as less favorable
to peace.
The French and English fleets were anchored
off Tenedos, a small but celebrated island situated
aliout fifteen miles southwest of tins entrance
t? the Dardanelles.
It was again rumored that Gonzalez Bravo would
succeed Calderon de la Barca as Minister to the
United States.
The overland Eastern mail brings no definite
news from Rangoon. Trade at Calcutta was
Hong Kong dates of May 6 bring a rumor that
the rebels had recaptured Nankin and were
marching on Pekiu.
Advices have been received from Sydney to
April 2d, Melbourne 7th, and Adelaide to the
12th. The gold news was satisfactory. Provisions
were enormously high.
Liverpool, July 2.?Cotton has been irregular,
and prices of some qualities have slightly declined,
while others are firm. The sules of the week
reached 60,00(1 bales, of which speculators took
9,000, and exporters 6,000 bales. Fair Orleans,
6J at 6Jd.; Middling, 5Jd. at 6d.; Fair Mobile
Upland, 6id.; Middling 5 15-16d. at (id.
The Manchester market was unchanged.
Brcadstuft's had largely advanced and were in active
demand. Flour had advanced Is. fid. per
barrel during the week, and white corn Is. per
quarter. Canal fiour, 26s.; Ohio, 26s. 6d.; white
and yellow corn, 30s. 6d.
Lard was in fair demand at firm rates. Beef,
pork, and bacon dull.
Coffee was firm. Rice had slightly advanced.
Prices of tobacco slightly favored buyers.
At London sugar had advanced 6d. Coffee firm.
American stocks were quiet.
Havre, June 29.?Sales of cotton for the week
9,000 bales. Rice had slightly advanced.
Pans, July 1.?The Bourse has declined this
week. The three per cents, are quoted at 75f.
10c. Four and halves lOOf. 80c. Bank shares
26f. 55c.
Most of the Continental bourses also show a
Latest Intelligence.
Bij Telegraph from London to Liverpool.
London, July 2.?Telegraphic despatches from
Paris yesterday state that news of the' rejection of
the last ultimatum had reached St. Petersburg on
the 24th ultimo. The Emperor had made a personal
declaration to the English and French Ambassadors,
expressed in the strongest language,
stating that even the destruction of his fleets
would not prevent his invading Turkey and obtaining
The fourth division of the Russian army had
been ordered to enter Moldavia. The Russian
force on the line of the Black sea amounts to
160,000 men.
The Emperor complains of the conduct of the
British Premier, and is said to have forwarded
peremptory instructions to M. De Brunow to confine
himself to official intercourse with the British
Secretary of State.
Arrival of the Cherokee.
New Orleans, July 9.?The steamer Cherokee
has arrived with Havana dates of July 3d. Seve- ,
ral more cnrgocs of slaves had been landed on the
Arrival of the Philadelphia.
New Orleans, July 9.?The steamer Philadelphia
arrived to-day with the California mails of
the 16th. The passengers by the Columbus and
Golden Gate crossed the Isthmus in twelve hours,
reaching New Orleans in twenty-one days from
San Francisco.
The news by this arrival has been anticipated
by the arrival of the Illinois.
Departure of the Africa.
New York, July 13.?The American mail
steamer Africa sailed at noon to-day for Liverpool.
She took out eighty-eight passengers, and
nearly $900,000 in specie.
New York, July 13.?Flour is in good demand,
with sales 9,000 barrels at $4 56 a $4 87
for State, and $4 75 a $5 for Genesee. Southern
is firm, with sales at $5 a $5 25. Wheat?Sales
of 18,000 bushels white Genesee at #1 31 a $1 36.
Corn in firmer, with sales of 25,(XX) bushels at 66
cents for mixed and 68 for yellow.
Baltimore, July 13.?Nothing doing in flour
to-day on late 'Change. Both buyers and sellers
are holding off. The Arabia's news was at hand,
but. had no apparent effect on the market.
Sales at the Baltimore Stock Board, July 13.
1,000 Maryland 6's, over due.* 97
1,500 Baltimore 6's, 1890 .. 107?
2,000 Bait, and Ohio Railroad Bonds, 1885. 92i
25 shares Bait, and Ohio Railroad, 1)60.. 73
50 do do do do b90.. 73
25 do do do do .... 72$
5 do do do do .... 72?
25 do do do -do 1>60 721
25 do do do do b90 72J
After the Board?
25 shares Bait, and Ohio Railroad, s30.. 72J
At the Board this day, Maryland 6's closed at
107^ bid; Baltimore 6's, 18&0, 107;} bid, 108}
asked; Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Bonds, 1875,
95 bid, 96 asked; do. 1880, 93? bid, 95 asked;
do. 1885, 92| bid, 92^ asked; do. shares 72.J bid,
72! asked; \ork and Cumberland Railroad, 20
bid; 20! asked.
OO- Tlic Annual Literary- Exhibition and
D siribution of Prizes of the Washington Seminary
will take place at the NATIONAL THEATRE
on Thursday, the 14th instant, at 9 o'clock
a.m. The public are respectfully invited to attend.
Nolice.?No boys admitted except in company
oi incur pareuiB,
July 13-St
Attorney and Counsellor at Lau,
PR0P08ES to attend to Conveyancing and other
office business, together with the proaecution
of claims agalnet the Government, for which an
experience of eleven years in various branches of
the public service has qualified him in a peculiar
His attention will be prompt and his tharges
F. H D. may alway* be found during business
hours at the office of his son, Walteb Dobbby
Davidoe, esq., Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
on Louisiana avenue, near the City Hall, and opposite
to Fifth street.
July 13?-eobt
JUST RECEIVED a fresh supply of Barry's
Tricopherous, for restoring, preserving, and
beautifying ths hair; eradicating scurf and dandruff,
curing diseases of the skin, &c ; also another
lot of that superior Transparent Toilet Soap in
! bars, and for sale As "cheap as the cheapest" at
LAMMOND'S, 7th street,
I July 11? eodSt Second door below E.
The Mohmons.?The New Orleans Rejiublican
"Their missions lo Europe and also here are attended
with a wonderful success. They are
fetching to this country converts by the thousands,
if not millions. An English paper in their
interest, called the Millennial Star, in speaking of
the Mormon emigration from that country, pretends
to 'furnish an abstract statement for the satisfaction
of all who are interested in the gathering
of the people of God,' and says: 'Eight vessels
iiave sailed from this port Bince the 15th of
Januurv .last, 2,586 saints; 23 saints have emigrated
by other vessels, making a total of 2,600,
nearly nil of whom had their arrangements made
before leaving, to proceed directly through to the
Great Salt Lake Valley. Of this number 2,252
have emigrated by their own arrangements, 957
of the ^10 companies, 400 by the Perpetual Emigration
Fund Company- The whole involving an
immediate expenditure of about <?30,000. The
entire machinery for making the best broadcloth
went out under the care of Elder George Halliday.
The machinery belongs to the Desert Manufacturing
Company, and is constructed on the
most approved principle.'
"At this rate the Salt Lake Valley will soon be
densely populated. But what the character of its
inhabitants will be is probably not very well
known. Under the sanction of religion the Mormons
have spiritual wives and a plurality of
wives. We have just seen it stated that Brlgham
Young, their present leader, with his half score of
wives, more or less, has over thirty children; and
so of the rest of them. They have also other
practices equally objectionable, and if they are to
liave the government of one of the States of this
Union at some time, as doubtless they will, all
necessary care should be taken by Congress that
they are not an enemy in our midst, instead of a
Drinking in San Francisco.?The Christian
Advocate lias found by actual count the whole
number of places where liquor in sold in that city
to be five hundred and thirty-seven. Of these
eighty-three are purely liquor, in retail line, and
fifty-two wholesale; making one hundred und
twenty-five places which do not keep an onion to
modify the trafiifc. Of the four hundred and
twelve places where it is sold in connexion with
other business, one hundred and forty-fbur are
tavern restaurants; one hundred and fifty-four
groceries; forty-six gambling houses; and fortyeight
supposed to lie kept by bawds! Some of
these appear genteel, others are dance-houses and
such like, where Chinese, Mexican, Chilian, and
other foreign women are assembled. There were,
five hundred and fifty-six bar-tenders present in
tho various places at the time when the memoranda
wore taken. Wo think wo may safely add
one quarter, if not one-third, as reserve corps,
making, including women, seven hundred and
forty-three bar-tenders in that city.
The Lihrart or Congrkss.?The commodious
and elegantly-adorned room in the Capitol is now
finished, and must be admired by every one for
its exceeding beauty. It is supposed that in
the course of two weeks the books will be shelved
and tho furnituro (which is now boxed in the
crypt) arranged in its proper place. The carpet
is tapestry velvet, the pattern designed by Messrs.
Clagelt & Dodson, of this city, and approved by
the Committee on the Library. It was manufactured
expressly for those merchants by a company
of Troy, New York. It is indeed a fine and
rich specimen of American skill, and shows what
ends can be accomplished in this branch of manufactures.
We learn that one thousand yards have
been furnished by Messrs. Clagett Ik Dodson for
the Library, at a cost of two dollars and twentyfive
cents a yard.
Improvements at the Caimtol.?The Hall of
Representatives is now in as great a state of confusion
as the East Room of the President's House?
the desks, chairs, and all the fixtures having been
removed, while workmen are busily employed in
frascoing the dome. A scaffolding of no small
proportions is required for this operation, which
is under the superintendence of Mr. Delamano, of
New York, a gentleman who has displayed his
fine artistic skill on the room of the Library of
Tlie dome of the Senate Chamber is to be
whitened by Mr. Christopher Gill, of this city,
preparations for that purpose being in progress.
In every direction the visitor sees new paint and
whitewash, and improvements oil the old order of
The pictures in the rotundo have just been varnished,
producing a fine effect and imparting a
freshness approaching to the original coloring.
Appointments.?The Mayor of Washington
has appointed Messrs. J. D. Birch and A. Fletcher,
auxiliary guards, in the place of Messrs. H.
T. L. Wilson and Wm. Cox, resigned; and
Messrs. J. W. Allen, Thomas Kirson, Thomas
Gordon, William Mockbee, D. H- Leckron, Jacob
King, H. Ridgway, W. H. Abell, and C. G.
Eckloff, extra policemen, under the recent act
- -.1
The Sunday School of the F street Presbyterian
Church intend having a picnic to-day at
Arlington. Boats will start for that popular resort
from the Fourteenth street bridge at several
periods of the day, commencing at half-past eight
o'clock this morning.
Public School-house.?The Board of Common
Council have passed a resolution (which
awaits the action of the Aldermen) appropriating
one hundred dollars to such porson or persons who
shall produce the best original design for a public
school-house, for the use and benefit of the city of
Horticultural Association.?The next exhibition
of fruits and flowers will take place
to-day, in the hall over Clagett and Dodson's
carpet warehouse. The interest in these displays
is on the increase, and the public generally arc
admitted to them free of charge.
Mr. Fletcher Vkitch, one of the watchmen
of the Capitol grounds, has been removed by the
Commissioner of Public Buildings, and Mr. Hendricks,
of Warrcnton, Virginia, appointed in his
In Iron Bridge is to be erected over the canal
at Virginia avenue, a law having been passed at
the last meeting of the City Councils for this purpose.
The Concert, near the eastern gate of the
Capitol, j'esterday evening, was largely attended;
the weather being pleasant. The fountain played
on the occasion as well as the Marine Band; the
whirling streams of the one being apparently as
pleasant to the eye as the "liquid strains" of the
other were to the ear.
Dogs.?The police officers have commenced
shooting dogs which are suffered to run at large
contrary to the Mayor's proclamation requiring
them to be confined for a certain period.
Fire.?A stable on K street, between Tenth
and Kleventh streets, was set on fire yesterday afternoon,
about five o'clock, but the ffnines were
suppressed before much damage resulted.
THE PERSON to whom the contract was awarded
under former advertteemcnta for proposals
having failed to give the bond with aureti'u aa required,
propoaala for the work are a guilt icvlted
aa ftdiowr:
Proposals will be received until the 20th day of
next September for the removal of obstruction* to
the navigation 01 Red river (Louisiana J occasioned
by the raft, and fur keeping the said navigation
free Irom th; aaine for the longest period.
The amount of these proposals united Is not to
exceed (he sum of $100,000.
Each bidder will propose to remove said raft,
(thoroughly,) und to keep the navigation free
from obstruction thereby for a specified period;
specifying in his bid the time in which he proposes
to complete the removal of the raft, the aaid
time not to be late.r than the lat day of June, 1865;
and also thr number of yeara, counting from aaid
removal, during which time he binds himself to
keep the said navigation free irom rait obstruction.
The contractor will be required to give his bond
for $20 000, wiih two goca sureties, each for the
sum ot $ 10,000,conditioned for (he faithful execution
of the contract. Each bidder will transmit, at
the sauie time with his proposals, the names of the
persons whom he offers as sureties, and a declaration
signed by them that they wili sign his bond na
sureties us above mentioned; and also (ho certificate
of a diatrict judge of the L'nited States for the
State in which he resides, that said securities are
respectable chizene, and that ho considers them
worth $10 000 over and above all their debta and
liabilities. No bid will be examinee) unless these
conditions shall be complied with.
Ternia of payment.
Of the sum of-$100,000 appropriated for the
shove object, $50,000 shall be paid aa the work
of removing the raft advances, as follows?to wit:
Whenever me contractor shall report that a portion
of the raft has been removed, the same shall
be Inspected by an officer appointed by the War
Department; and if it shall appear that such
is the fact, the Department will pay such a proportion
of the: said sum of $50,000 as the portion removed
6hall bear to the entire raft, provided no
partial payment shall be made for lees than onetenth
part of the whole work. The remaining
#50,000 will tie paid in equal annual instalment*
corresponding in number with the number of years
during which the contractor shall hind himself to
keep the navigation open, of which fact the Department
is to be the sole judge.
Each hid must be for the whole work?that is,
for the removal of the rait, and for keeping the
river open for a specified period. No separate proposals
for portions of it will be considered.
The proposals will be addressed to the undersigned,
marked on the envelope, "Proposals for
removing Red River Raft."
The War Department reserves to itself the right
of awarding the contract according to its own
judgment ol the most favorable bid and the most
responsible bidder
To be inserted in the Union, Republic, and National
Intelligencer, Washington, D. C ; Cincinnati
Gazette, Cincinnati, Ohio; Louisville Journal,
Louisville, Kentucky; St. Louis Republican, St
Louis, Missouri; Sbrevcport Herald, Shrevcport,
Louisiana; New Orleans Commercial Bulletin; New
Orleans Bee; New Orleans Republican; Gazette
and Democrat, Little Ruck, Arkansas; Telegraph,
Washington, Arkansas. J. J ABERT,
Colonel Corps Topographical Engineers.
July 14 ?d20ifctawts20Scp
iHAVE this day associated wiih me in co-pirtnersbip
Mr. JOHN HITZ. The business will
hereafter be conducted by the firm of Hilbcs &
Hitz, Music Depot, Washington, where may be
had in every variety Music, Musical Instruments,
aiiu muaivai uiti uuauuiot.. iciouiid iiiu&uicu vkj
the old establishment will confer a favor by settling
their accounts at as early a day as practicable
Musical Instruments Tuned and Repaired.
Fenn. av., 4 doors west of 10th St., south side.
July 12?3t [Union, Star, and News.]
Dr. J. S. Rose's Carminative Balsam.
rpHIS MIXTURE is one of the most important
1 medicines, and should be kept in all families
As a soothing preparation, it has no equal. In
cases of infants with flatulency, pain in the bowels,
bowel complaints, cholera morbus, restlessness,
crying, or general pain, it has proved a perfect
balm, producing sleep without opium, and
strength without a bitter. As a specific for bowel
complaints of adults, it has never failed. There
is no preparation equal to Dr. Rose's Carminative
Balsam lor Cholera Morbus, Rowel Complaint,
and Dysentery. Price 25 cents.
Dr. J S. Rose's Pain Curer will cure all pain in
the stomach or bowels in a few minutes. For
Toothache, or Pains in the Face, it acts like a
charm, giving instant relief. Indeed for pain in
any part of the body, or for Sprains, Rheumatism
from cold, or pains in the sides, back, or limbs, it
isinvaluable. Nothing rqu&l to it for Lumps or
Risings in the Breast. No mother should be without
it No person should travel without a bottle
by them, in case of sudden sickness. In bottles
12$, 25, and 50 cents.
The above sold by VVm. H Gilman, Charles
Stott & Co., Z. D. Gilman, Patterson & Nairn,
Morrison, Win. T. Evans, Kidwell & Lawrence,
J. W. Nairn, J 11. Moore, Washington; J. L.
Kidwell, Georgetown, D. C.; and by ail dealers in
Alexandria, Virginia. July 11
IT having been duly certified to the Commitsioners
of the Metropolitan Railroad, at their
meeting on the 5tb of July, 11153, that the amount
of stock required by the charter for the organize
tion of the Company has Dcen suDscriDea, ine saic
Commissioners, pursuant to the provisions of the
act incorporating1 said Company, hbrbbt civs
koticb to the subscribers for said stock to meet in
person or by proxyat the Union Hotel, in Georgetown,
D. V., on Thursday, the 2Hib of July instant,
between the hours of 12 m. and 3 p. rn., for the
purpose of electing1 twelve Directors to manage
the affairs of said Company.
Of the District of Columbia.
Of Frederick county.
Of Montgomery county.
July 7?eot2Sth Of Washington county.
The National Intelligencer, the Union, and the
Republic, VVashirgton; the Advocate,Georgetown,
D. C.; and the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, will
please insert the above advertisement three times
a week till the 2Slh of July. The Journal, Rockville,
Montgomery county; the Herald, Citizen,
and the Examiner, Frederick; theCatoctin Whig,
Middietown; the Odd-Fellow, Hoonsboro'; and the
Herald and Torchlight, the Hagerstown Mail, the
News, and the People's Own, Hagerstown, will
respectively insert the earae once a week until the
ioin ui tfuijr.
Bar-iron, stkel and nails, tin,
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Bar Lead, and Tin
| Zinc; American and English Sheet-iron, Bellows,
I Anvils, Upright, Parallel and Chain Vices, and
I other goods ol this description, which will be sold
cheap. E. YVilEELER,
Corner 7th and B street?, near the Canal.
July 9?lm [News and Star.]
The proprietor of the irvino
HOTEL would respectfully remind the public
that, during the repairs of Willard's Hotel, he
offers accommodations to those who have business
in the upper part of thecity; or who like airy and
comfortable apartments.
Virginia land scrip wanted, at
highest market rates, by
July 6?2wd Opposite Treasury.
IN FRANCE in the I bit h and 17 th centuries;
a History of France during that Period. 1 vol.
Tha Life and Letters of Doctor Olin, lata Presi
dent of the Wesleyan University. 2 vols.
For sale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S
June 22 Bookstore, near ?th si,
THE UNDERSIGNED, C. s. WmTTLisir. t>?*
opened a at or* on Rib #Mt tide of Besenib
street, between Louisiana mutw and D street, for
(be sale or Paints, CHI, Window Glass, Brush**
Lamp*. Camphene, Ac. Htriaf purchased th?
entire atock for caab, grant rndocsmanta will b?
< ffered to those desiring goods iu BBj line.
All goods delivered free of charge in any part
of the city.
Having sold out my entire Business to
Mr. C. 8. Whittlbsst, and gone in bia employ,
I cheerfully recommend him to my friends and
custi'iir re for their patronage for whatever they
may wish in bis line of business; knowing whatever
order* th*y inayfurniih him with will be
promptly attended to and of the very beet material.
July 13?aod2w
~ toilkt aeticlb;*, diel
LUBIN'S PERFUMERY, Ox Marrow Pomade,
superior Cologne, Bay Ruin, Toilet Soaps, Indelible
Ink, Hair Dye, Lily White, Hair and Toott,
B ushes in great variety.
Sleeve Protectors for Ladies' Dresses, for sale
low for cash at LAMMOND'S,
Seventh street, second door below E
July 13?eod3t
HOUSfC-FUUNIaflinid GOODI, such at
American and English Knives and Forks
(which took the premium at the late Fair,) fiut
plated dining1 and dish Foiks, Table and TeaSpoons,
(premium,) Albatta Tea and Tablespoons,
Carvers and Forks, Steele, Butter Knives,
&c.; Brass and Plated Candlesticks, Family
Grindstones, Tea Travs, Hand Waiters, Tea and
Dinner Bells, Coffee Mill*. Shovels and Tonga,
and Irons, Flat Irons, Fenders, Curtain Bandf
and Pins, Dusting Brushes, Sweeping Brushes,
Sieves, Pots, Ovens and Lids, Tea Kettles
&c., &c , such as are to be found in a well regulated
Hardware Store, at
Opposite Brown's Hotel.
July 9?lmeod [News and 8tar.J
^4 FOB RENT?Two third-story rooms ol
JpUL the new building at the corner of 9th and
D streets, near Pennsylvania avenue and the Centre
Market. One is 20 by 95 feet, the other 20 by
80 feet.
Inquire at the lit public office, opposite.
July 7-tit
Pennsylvania avenue, between Jaclusb
Hall and the United States Hotel.
THE PROPRIETOR respectfully announce* to
his friends and the public that he Will be in
regular receipt of choice Norfolk Oysters per
steamer Oceola, Captain Mitchell, wbo is again
upon the route. Turtle, Clam, and other Soups;
Beeksteaks, Chops, Soft-crabe, Woodcock, and ail
the choice eating of the season, to be bad every
1HAVE on hand a full supply of Porcelain goods,
from the celebrated factory of Cartlidge & Co.,
such as plum white, gilt edge, grapevine, and
fancy Door and Finger Plates, Number Plates,
Mouthpieces, Door Knockers, Fancy Escutcheon,
Door Knobs, Shutter and Drawer Knobs of all the
different fancy patterns; Porcelain Sign Letters,
several sizes, an article superior far to the gilt
sign letters, both in appearance and durability.
1 am prepared to fit up door-plates at short notice,
of any patterns persons may select, wbicb
areiar neater than any article yet introduced.
Opposite Brown's Hotel.
July 9?lmcod [News & Star.]
11HE undersigned would respectfully inform the
citizens of Washington and its vicinity that
he is now prepared to have put up these superior
Rods, with Glass Insulators, in a safe and durable
manner. Those in want will please leave their
uaines with the subscriber, as several gentlemen
have been imposed on by some who put up an In-1
ferior article and call it Spratt's.
Recollect, the genuine Points and Rods can be
obtained only from the duly authorized agent for
the District of Columbia, between 4J and 6th
streets, Pennsylvania avenue.
July 6?2w C. W. HEYDON, Agent.
THE undersigned beg leave to announce that
they have removed their WINE & LIQUOR
STORE to 75 Dock street, two doors east of theii
former establishment, where they will be glad to
receive ?be visits of their friends and patrons, to
whom they offer the attraction of a Stock not surpassed
for purity, variety, and ezcoltence by any
establishment in the United States
July 6 75 Dock street, Philadelphia.
7tli Street, opposite the Ofllce of the National
IT a* on hand a large and choice assortment ol
JLJL uioina, uassimeres, ana v eatings, 10 wmvu nr
invite* the attention of the public. Ordcra for
garment* executed witb promptness, in a manner
to please, and at moderate rates.
July 6?2w
& D Streets, by LINTON & TWEEDY.The
subscribers beg to inform their friends and
the public generally that they have commenced
the above business in the spacious store, corner ot
7th and D streets, lately occupied by John A. Donoho
It is our purpose to keep constantly on hand a
stock of gooda which shall deserve the character of
the beat "Family Grocery," as also every other
article in the line of our business, however rare
' and costly. Courteous attention and prompt delivery
of goods may be confidently expected.
1 July 6
THE undersigned will pay the highest market
rat?s for Virginia Land Scrip and Lvnd Warrants.
July 6?d&w3m Opposite the Treasury.
Jjjak FOR RENT?House No. 6 Union Row, F
imtil street. It has gas throughout and a cistern
ot water in the yard, and the whole premises is in
first rata order. Apply at Republic office, Ninth
street. July 6
825 Broadway, and 207 Twelfth street, is
now open for the accommodation of the public.
The house is new, and is fitted up with ail the
modern improvements, and is furnished in a supc
rior manner. The proprietor, formerly of Wil
lard's Hotel, Washington, D. C., will be happy to
see any of his former friends, also all those of the
travelling public who may favor him with a call.
New York, May 17 June 15?2mif
THE UNDERSIGNED, having had some twenty
years' acquaintance with Virginia Military
Land Claims, and with the Revolutionary records
at Richmond, will atteud to the revision of such
claims here, un der the act of 31st August, 1852;
will a Ion rvnrrhnap nnri npll T.nnH Wnrr&ritfc
and Land Scrip.
July 7?dlmif living Hotel.
Thomas Bbown, T. Dayton Wint*m,
of Virg-lnia. of Pennsylvania.
THB VnOKRWGKED offer their services as
Agents to prosecute Claims of every description
before Congress and the different Departments
of the Government.
July 7?3tawtf BROWN & WINTER.
COMPANY?Notice is hereby given
that books for subscriptions to the capital stock of
said company, chartered by an act of the General
Assembly of the State of Maryland a^ the January
session, 1863, will be opened at the Patriotic Bank,
Cbubb Brothers, bankers, and at the office of
Messrs. Evans & Fant, in the city of Washington
and District of Columbia, on Saturday the 26th in
slant, and will be kept opened until the 25th of
July next.
Edwin Robinson.
June 27?d&clm Commissioners.
NOTICK.?We take this method of notifying
our patrons that, as usual, their respective
accounts will be drawn off and presented on or
about the 25th instant for settlement, and it is con
fidently hoped that all may consider themselves
earnestly but respectfully called upon l? make a
! prompt reaponse. HOOE, BROTHER k CO.
June 23?d3w
Tlf RITERS of IWv.
W Biographies, Sfentifio TraSsm/fcc . *c..
who feel i be went of fee til lie* for puMlsbiag tbeir
urodu jlioim in e profitable end Mlkfoilgrt dimuer,
may receive Information of intareat to llkem
hy addressing the undersigned, and limply ?fic
losing in eecta letter a postage itanp to be pieced
one letter in reply. That mere cariaeity may
not Induce any one to write to the undersigned,
be assures alt that the information be baa to give
can be of service to none but personaof tbe ela?ehe ,
addresses?namely, lattice and gentlemen whose
writing* are ineriiorioua enough for publication,
ujtl yet wiio have not the nteano, tbe ebili, or the
influence to obtain for them promptly tbe favorable
consideration of the publisher* under wboee
auspices they wish them 'o supra.
General Correspondent.
July 14?eolm Washington, D C.
ACABD.? With pleaeure I inform my frieade
and customers that I am once more enabled to
attend to buaiueae.
1 return my sincere thanks to them for their
patronage during my sickness, and 1 shall and savor
to continoe tbe same by renewed exertion.
1 would also respectfully inform tboee who have
accounts with me that I shall render I be HQ SS soon
- a possible, and I leel confident thatall will promptly
attend to them immediately.
July 12?SiTuTh&Sat
Liiibaby op Congbbss, July 7,1SL
or Congress will be closed on TOursJay,
the 21 et instant, and will not again be
opened until Tu>s1ay, the 23d of August.
JOHN S. MEEHAN, Librarian.
July H?2aw*2w
Post Offlct Hrsouruut, corner 7tli A B sts.
ARRANGEMENTS have l>pen made to bare on
hand a constant supply of FRESH NORFOLK J'
nd CHESAPEAKE OYSTERS, which will be kept
in ice, and served to the public who may call, in
any desired manner.
A Free Lunch every day at 11 o'clock.
Ma yob's Orricii,
W a8h1ngton, J tine 1st, 1863.
UNDER the authority of a joint resolution o 1 the
Board of Aldermen ana Board of Common
Council of this city, approved 18th of April, 1863,
lUthorisinr the committee therein appointed to
obtain the best plan tor a building to be erected on
the present location of the Centre Market-bouse
suitable for market and other public purposes, notice
is hereby given that a premium of three hundred
dollars will be given for the best plan of a
building lor said purposes,to be erected on the present
site of the Centre Market bouse.
Persons desiring to offer plans can, by application
at the Mayor's office, either personally or by
letter, obtain diagrams of the square, with il0 dimensions
and the streets adjacent thereto.
The building must be such as to afford accommodation
on the first lloor for all market purposes,
with a large room on tbeaecond floor, not leas than
498 feet long, capable of being divided into two
rooms, wilh various offices and rooms for other
public purposes lu the wings on Seventh and Ninth
atrppta. $?J
Any further information 011 the subject may be
obtained on application ut the ftlayoi 'a office.
Each plan inuat be accompanied with a specification.
The plana to be left at the Mayor's office on or
before 12 o'clock m. on Monday, the first day of
August next.
The premium to be paid to the person wbose
plan shall bo approved of and adopted by this
June 3? 2awtAugl
HAVING taken great pains to lay in a good
and general assortment of building Hardware,
1 ain now prepared to offer to those wanting
such goods such inducements as I ana convinced .
will suit. I am determined not to be undersold j
by any house in Washington. All my goods 1
come direct from manufactories, which enables me , J
to offer them at New York and Philadelphia prices; I
nd making the building material my principal '
trade, 1 thing I can come a little under others in
this line of business.
I enumerate in part inor. villa, mor. hotel, rab.
tnor., sliding-door locks and latches, mor. nightlatches,
plated furniture, horizontal, upright, rural,
cottage hotel, western and novelty rim locks
and latches, rim latches all kinds; whit^ porcelain
knobs with porcelain rose or plate furni- (
ture; dark min'l.grey min'i, variegat d min'l.and
all kinds of rose and fancy color knobs for front or
parlor knobs, with the patent silver glass knobs,
an articl. that needs only to be brushed off to
clean it, and always showing a fine plate; the old
plated knobs, when they are cleaned, leaves a dirty
spot on the door. Also, sash fastenings, all the different,
patterns; window-blind fastenings, inside
shutter fastenings, cupboard catches, hoofcg and
eyes, loose and lost-joint butts, hinges, Parliament
hinges. Plant & Parlmer's patent abutter binges;
belts of all kinds, nails, screws, hat and coat books,
pulleys, sash weights, sash cord, and many other
things lo numerous to meution, which will be sold
Sign ol tne Uun ana raaiocK,
Opposite Brown'* Hotel.
July 9?lmeod [News & Star.]
New Family Grocery. Wholesale A Retail.
I^HE SUBSCRIBER baa leased Tor a term of
years the well-kno-vn Grocery Stand on the
corner ol Seventh and Estreets, formerly occupied
by Mr. John H. Johnson; and, having remodelled
and fitted it up handsomely, is prepared to offer
an extensive and well selected stock of choice
Family Groceries, embracing- almost every article
of necessity and luxury, which be is determined to
sell, either wholesale or retail, upon aa good terms
as any house in the city. He respectfully asks an
examination of bis stock.
Goods sent promptly, and free of charge, to any
part of the city. E. P. MILLER,
Corner E and Seventh atrects,
May 26?if Washington, D C.
W BAKER & CO.'S American and Vanilla
Premium Chocolates, Cocoa, and Broma,
to which tirst premiums have been awarded by the
chief Institutes and Fairs of the Union, are for
-tale by all the principal Grocers in the United
States, and by their agents:
Russky & Mubbay, New York; Gbaist 4t
T1 - Uk!l.^.l?Ki. . Tun?,. V R.n.ma,
Baltimore; Kknnet & Dudley, Cincinnati, Obio;
and S. H. Howell, Georgetown, D. C
April 6? dly Dorchester, Mass
STRAW HATS, STRAW HATS!?Great reduction
in prices!?In order to reduce my
large and well-selected stock of Straw and other
styles of summer hats, I have determined from
this day to sell at greatly reduced pricea. Come
one, coma all, to LANE'S
Fashionable Hat, Cap, and Gentlemen's
Furnishing Establishment, Pa. avenue,
June 21?3taweod*2wif near atreet.
Attorney General of Virginia, haa removed
to Washington to practice law.
He will practice in the Supreme Court of (he
United States, the courta of the District of Columbia,
and attend to any prolcasional business confided
to him.
Office in Morrison's new building, on 4} street,
east of Pennsylvania avenue.
Refertncei: Hon J. J Allen, Hon. Wm. Daniel,
Hon. Richard Moncuic, Hon. G. B. Samuels, Hon.
George II. Lea, of the court of appeals ol Virginia;
to the judges of the circuit courts of Virginia, and
- a ? 1 m.n.iu.ri of Concrete Irom
Vi ginia. June II?Tri-w6m
MUSIC, respect/ully informs tbe citisens o/
Washington and vicinity that be has established
himself in this city, and is prepared to give lesson*
on the Piano, Guitar, and in 8inging.
Orders left at Mr. Thornpson's Dsguerrean Gallery,
or at the Music and Fancy store of Mr. John
F Ellis, will be promptly attended to. (
Terms?Twelve Dollars per quarter.
Mar 26
SILAS i!, hill. Attorney at Law?Office,
corner of E and Sixtb streets. Entrance on
Sixth street. May 9? twhltn

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