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Daily Alaskan
Tel??koat No. if.
at w??k bj c*rr!?. .
u month W tull
i&iwr in.-iltw bj mall
?t* nontba. by man
v.ia? year. by nan
Congressman Charles Dick, who
came to the trout in lv*> when he wa.-.
named bj Mark Hanna as secretary of
the republican natioual committee, has
been ehoaen United State* senator tc
?uccee>i Senator II aim a for both '.he
abort term and the full term of ail
'ear* begtnmug March 4. Iw6. Mr.
LHok ha* takeu the late senator Ban
na's place aa the leader of the anti-Kor
aker faction of Ohio republic.ws. At
the present time the anti-Foraker re
publicans constitute the regular repub
lican organization in Ohio
W. Bourko Cochran, who was retired
from congress in ISOo by Tammany for
his pra-Clereland tendencies, has been
chosen to fill the vacancy in the New
Vork city congressional delegation,
caoaed by the resignation of Cteorge B.
McCle lan when he became mayor. It
was said that Charles A. To* ne was
alated for this position until Cochran
asked for it. The promise now is t'lat
Towr.o will be included in the delega
tion to be chosen at the general election
neit fall.
. Mi
... ^
... t?
- 4>
... l?
No -W
la tie "tatse District - for the
L>au^t i'i Alalia, Dtv:?ioB No. ;
!HT..e b .M U, com pitta an ?s - VallaceMix
To s Wallace All?. 4efen?3ect. Greeting
In the uaa.e the United >tatis ? >? Amern a
Y% u ?rr herrt > mot l?e * appear t>
tie -i-v*. ent:: *d c .rt. 1 .dm at >k ~ :.
^ftd dlvmu r. of said district ami ar.vaer tht
complaint die*'* aga >: you la tht above en
titled action within thirty ?!?>? from the da u
uf ifc* iH-rnca of this - ;aim??Ds ami a copy ??:
the *aidcotni ?" pott ?? u. ?r ; :f ???- . . m
so appear <* ? * .0 ??
ptn:c:t!T wi'.i appiv to the cotirt ?orth? r*.:elde
?and?.*. in con plaint, a copy which ?*
?erred herewith.
This act! n u br-ught for th<- - n of
the bonds of matrimony cow existing between
pis " tttf aa defendant.
T * gr? ad alleged is for ha drunken
ss*t for m r* than three sears .a> , *ssed.
The service of this summons wan dim red to
he =".1 * b publtrat ?; f r -,i in the
Pall.. Alaskan. .*? ^kn?-W4 * ? rder o:
the court dated February ei. The nrs:
publican n ; > he made th -?ta iaj f Febru
ary. as
And t u. ?! - United - a *' M -h? ifDU
lsun ><? . )f the Lris?- ? of a au; i
ceruty, are . rehy :
ra.g summon* upco the %aui 1? ? no: as l
law require: and Vv. - * . .,?e ret
hereof 10 ihs c.^rk sji :ae ? rt.
daya from '.Sedate f - ve a
a; ' r?eu.?M; aereou t: ir uw.ug- ; en
Lx wirnes* whereof 1 - *ve ?. "**- r ha-,
s ad affixed the seal ,< the ah v. rt :ti;?
.'.ay of February 1904
(hSAL? W. I H - erk
U y M H Mi Lr ?n. Drputj
I. N. Wileozan. c mp *.aa^u Attorney.
In the Probate Cou*f at Skagway,
Alaska. ^ ? ,
In the matter of the estate or I- rank
Vollaad. cieceased.
Notice is herebv given thai the un
d?r?i|fned. nimiD .' rutor of the estato
ot frar.k VollaoU, decea.-? ?!, toth. cred
itors o( and all persons baring claims
against, the said deceat.t'd, to exhibit
the:n *ith the necessary vouchers,
within six months after the tir-; publi
cation of this not.ee. to thi said admin
istrator. at the office of Malonj ii obo.
in Juneau, Alaska, ike same being th<
place for the transaction of thebu?ine?>
of said ?s'.at#
J. J. ROGEilS.
Administrator of the Kslate of Krank
Volland, deceased.
Irvft K?broary 23, A P 1 ?4. ? ow
rrofomWfcr Public IhiiM.i Co;- struct
lnt irtertcaater h ? .T.. ?? h ts \ -**?;a
'Harcri 3d 1'*-* ? -^;"d . s ?:? -?
wlli t>e received here utitil 1 ? o c.?h.? ? . >.
Tacsdav. April Uth 304 and th. n ;enc<1. fv-r
thecv/x/vtrucf.on. inciudiag umbiax.. healing
Map: I Id. and*j?na*:i' . ra a J?J
1 1 . t
Plaas aad ?stk.?v :.t tu?> be
exttniue<is '. o^:-. .' - * l?*
bidders with b:*iiN fo-tn- r > ?bimttm?f pr?~
? t)ia.n?il a: tni- ot! > e. t^uarte i:i>-ter -
Office. Mltlt. ?" II l>ep gua ? a ? - Of.
flee. Horf.?al Ore* A urtb - lw?orm?
tloa will beiarai?he>I Upon -spi cat n Kixht
?- r?serv *d ? ? t r 1
thCMaf. Envelop v.. r . prowls
?Heed bee ^ r>* i "op.- - f??r I' B.
iQgn Ha.: *- M >?. !., Aiu.-kn/ a -t Irex^'U to
c^tala W x' rite 1 t*'K a, v.. a>t(uctiug guar
tertrt?'*r. Haine", Alaska.
publication or notice
l? Valted vteComin!' - ' - irt, for the
Flrnt Divbloa. l>Ktr:ct of Alasica. at Ska*:
Tn the m?tier <.f the estate of Frank F. Clark
IW S''vt
Netice is hereby girrn to ail wh'?n: it may
cewcera. thn? the uude - jfincd hts eei. ip
r In ted administrate of th iwstate of Frank !? .
ar4. d<N ea? d
a:: pers --S having c*a r.a aguin-t the ^iid
aeu:e are hen by r^jin pre- n then
with ik- proper v .uc r> ? ; \ nionth>
fro this d?te to me at n - ' ?? on Br- ulw .
Setweeu Kifth aeenu** .ad H > -vt n tb?
uiw a of Mi* ay Ai^ t
Date! at Alaska : 1th dar f
Fshruarv. i*-?
Aaui . - '.rat - >r.
Firs: pnhlicatl ?. February 5 4*
Clayson & C"o. carry the largest stock
?f o?ercoats in town.
Suits 135.00 and pants iio.iiO at F.
Woliand. merchant tailor.
Oystercocktails, Olyapia or Kasrern,
al tfi? Pack Train re^aura--'
Ki at Clarsor, s.
j CIn Churches j
Karly Mass, at 8:30 a. in.
High Mom, at 10:30 a. m.
Ssuday school, at 2:30 p. m.
Leetare m*1 Banediettun. at 7:30 p. m.
Father Colbert will offieiat*.
On week days Ma?a at 8 a. m.
All are oordially lnvite?l
Father P. H. Turnell, 8. J.
St. Saviour'* church, State street ar.d
Eighth avenue.
Third Sunday in Lent.
Holy Communion, 8 a. m.
Holy Communion and sermon, 11 a.m,
Kvensoug and sermon, 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school, 12:15 p. m.
Young People's church history class,
7 p. m.
Lent services daily, 4 p. in.
Morning topic: "Imitators of Cod.'"
Evening topic: "The House of the
All are cordially invited.
Kev. James O. Cameron, Rector.
Morning service, 11 a. m.
Subject of sermon: "The Model
Sunday school, 12:15 p. m.
Epworth League, 0:30 p. m. Subject:
"Christ Stilling the Storms of Life."
Eveaing service, 7:30 p. m.
Subject of sermon: "Some Pacts
About Japan."
The evening theme is the first of a
series of Sunday evening talks on the
progress of Christianity and civilisa
All are cordially Invited.
John Parxons, Pastor.
Morning service, 11 a. m.
Sunday school, 12:15 p. m.
Y. P. S. C. ?., 6:30 p. m.
Popular service, 7:30 p m.
Junior C. E., Tuesday 3:30 p. m.
Thursday, prayer meeting, 7:45 p m.
Morning subfect: "An Up-to-Date
Bible Photograph of a Good Man ''
Evening subject: "Christ's Last and
Best Gift"
A cordial invitation extended to all.
Kev. James Thomson, Pastor.
Meetings every night at 7:30 o'clock,
?xcept Mondays.
Sunday, 9 a. m.? Prayer meeting and
Bible study.
The public is cordially invited to at
tend these services.
Everybody is invited to attend the 3
p. m. Holiness meeting, at the Salva
tion Army.
Salvation meeting at 8 p. m. every
night during the week, except Tuesday
and' Friday. Ensign Hellman.
Cadet Knorr.
For Rest
For Rent Cheap -Two elegant fur
nished cottages, within two blocks of
schoolhouse. Id iaire at the Skagway
Laundry. l<Vll-tf
Good B??r tkMp
Lemp s St. Louis beer, 13 00 per dot
en, delivered. Idaho Liqnor House,
agents. Phone 18. tf
1 cannot teli a it?, we must make a
little profit. Clavson ft Co.
For stoves and range* see Peoples.
Kelly & Co., th? old reliable drug
gists, S agway, Dawson and Nome.
Is vour washing sanfactory ? Are
your clothes torn? If no or yes, try the
Skagway Hand Laundry, and you will
be satisfied. 3 20
Sk>|W4j JUssdry
For first-class worn try Skagway
Laundry. Twenty-two yeras' experi
ence. Telephone W>. tf..
In the United States Com m<se loner s
Court for the District of Aiasna. at
SKsgway, in probate.
In l. e es^te of E, P. Needham. de
Notice is hrrebj given to all to whom
.. may concern, that tbe undersigned
nas b*;en appointed administrator o the
*tute of the ajove name . decedent, E.
P. Needham,
All persons having claims against the
-*id estate are hervby required to pre
wnt them with the tin>per vuuebers
within six months from this date to me
it m> iiftlee in the raiiroad building in
the town of Skagway, Alaska.
Dated at Skagway, Alaska, this 4th
day of January, 1904.
?\r-t publication Jan. t.
B r ns at the Portland Lodging House,
jvd paroslau mIk 9 ? Lao
Always At H*atl of the Pro
We are leaders in watches, diamonds
silverware, jewelry clocks Indian our
lo? musical Instruments, 2e'd and min
era) glasses, compasses and expert [
watch repairing, safety deposit box, s
for rent. Our optical department is
complete with all up to date instru
ments. We grind our own glasses.
Free examination. All work warrant
Keei.au, The Jeweler.
famous Oyster C- oktftlls
The Pack Train saloon ts now serv
ing Elmer Chamberlain's famous oyster
cocktails. lf
Cutter shoes at Clay son's.
Fur Collarettes, at Winters'.
To Bill ion Creek Miners
If vou find that Duty, Freight
ami Customs Papers, added to
Skagwav prices makes your
supplies cost too much. Com*
on to Whitehorse and outfit at
Arctic Trading Co.
We also carry a full assortment
of all kinds of TEN TS
Capt. P. Martin, Manager.
Front Street, Whitehorse, V. T.
We buy our goods direct from Van- [
couver, and (xty no duty
? rfmick & mm ?
General Blacksmiths
SH Of lit ?
and sixes
at Tery reasonable prices
Horse Biankets,
Dog Harness
and Whips
Harness Shop in Connection
I ?Puller( House??
Foot of Sixth Ave. ?
\ Most Elegantly Furnished :?
, f Elec'ric Lights. Telephone, Hot Jj
I 2 and Cold vVater, Porcelain ?.
Hath Tubs i?nd i'atent *?
Closets on Each Floor.
'1 Board or Ro :r> ' Oht. Week or ?.
A Month. Kates Reasonable. !?
* MRS H. S. POLLEN. Prop. .*
"*SSi V?V?V.V. '.V.VV ?? . V. V . V
'ToteiY)'' |
Hot Tomato Bullion ?
Hot Beef Tea
Hot Claim Bui. ion S
Hot Chicken Broth j
Pop Corn Jim's Fam- j
ous Oyster Cocktail *
FlUpatrick, Mgr.
Go to T. J. BROfMSER
For Anything in the
From a Needle to An Anchor
Fourth Ave. near Itroadwav
srtRroscopic |i
Ol Sk?jp* *j ?n4 Atoka Scen*>r y from .
BefiUT? made wilb the be*t ?
las* Leases, are
,?o\ suu
Dry Ssods
Neatly, Quickly and Cheaply Done
at the
Daily Alaskan Office
VV . ?. 'i'.WWWA AWAttV.-ft BJS^W.,iW!WSKK*;V.Vi,iV.*A% f
Me n's Fur Coats From $7.00 to $100.00 ::
\ Fur Robes, 7x8, 161b. coyote - 20.00 ?:
20 doz. Ordinary Fur Caps, cheap
Genuine Seal Caps, $7-00
:? Ladies Fur Coats from $20- 00 to $90.00 J
:i * Fur Collarettes and Boas at Cost ?
.t 5
Highest Price Paid For Raw Fur
I C. R. Winter, Furrier ?
?J Broadway, Between 3d and 4th Skagway, Alaska jjjj
Terminus W. P. Jt Y. Route J
A 1 South Bound Steamers Arrive aid Depart From This Drok .*
v' .r -houses open for delivery of merchandise from 8 a. m. to 5p.ra.
nblea ONLY delivered on Sunday or a' night. ^
-ight shipments destined southbound must be accompanied by a *
shipper's Manifest (papers can be obtained at the C. S. customs ?
ollice) and must be delivered before 5 p in. No freight will be re- *
*' ceived on wharf aftrr this hour.
UA(JGAGE--Tolls will be collected on Checked Baooaok Onlt. No j
charge for bags and grips when unchecked. .
he wharf gate will be closed to th . public when steamer is nearing ?
dock and will be opened only when passengers have disembarked, f
Wharfage Tariff can be had on application at office on dock. ?
P. O. Box 175. C. E. W YNN-JOHNXON, Gen'i M?, }
F. Wolland,
Suits. - - $35.00
Pants, - - 1000
Corner Stat? Street and Fifth Avenw
Telephone No. 76
Pure Beer is a perfect food. The public
should beware of cheap and poor beers and
insist on having the Pure Genuine Article.
Rainier Beer represents the standard of
highest purity. There is nothing superior to
be found.
'rainier 30 SEATTLE. WASH.

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