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Daily Alaskan
Telrvhoas Wo. H.
DM <l?ttv?r?d b y <*rrl?r
>m month. by ??afl
ChTM month*. by mail
Mx months. ?7 man
I'M rw. by
The hoatility of Tammany to Judge
Alton EL Parker may prevent an endorse
ment of the "presidential aspirations
of the chief justice of the Empire state's
highest c?urt by the New York democ
racy. However, the strength of Goth
am's famous political organization is
being taxed to iu utmost In the light it
is making to secure an uninstructed
delegation from that state, and It is not
absolutely certain that it will gain the
victory. This fact will appear more
clearly when it is considered that to
win. it will be neccessary for Tammany
to unhorse David B. Bill, who is lead
ing the fight for a Parker delegation.
Hill and Parker make a strong com
bination io the Kmpire state. For
nearly 20 years Hill has been supreme
In the oouncils of the democratic party
in that state. For 10 years of that time
all the machinery of the state was in
... .1?
... IS
... fcw
his hand*. In those days he had a close
alliance with Tammany. He knows
New York as few men know It, and
what is more to the point, he under
stands how to make the best use of his
information. These facts taken with
the further fact that Judge Parker is
the only democrat, who. at the head of
his ticket, has carried New York state
since the panic of 10 years ago, make
the fight of Tammany difficult.
The quarrel between Tau many and
Hill is one of recent years, but it. is bit
ter. From 1$34 until after the cam
paign of 1$& Tammany stood loyally
by Hill in his opposition to Cleveland
In 1*96. Hill's leadership was still re
cognised, though trouble was already
brewing. The storm broke shortly
after that, and Ed Murphy, Hill's col
league in the senate and formerly one
of his principal lieutenants, was recog
nized as the up-state leader by Crocker,
then at the head of Tammany. In 1900
Crocker was in the saddle himself.
But Hill regair?d control in 1902, dic
tated the nomination for governor, and
?till has the state committee.
Tammany is now fighting to turn
Hill down for all time, and in order to
do so that organ izativa is supporting
Cleveland, its old time foe, for the pres
idential nomination.
The interests of the residents of
Skagway are as vitally concerned in the
tariff policy of the United States and
that of reciprocity with Canada, as are
those of the residents of any other town
on the American continent.
James H. Tillman, late lieutenant
governor of South Carolina, who killed
N. G. Gonzales and was acquitted for it,
will be a candidate for a nomination for
congress. It is not likely that he will
The breaking of windows is becom
ing a source of amusement to the Skag
way boys that may prove expensive to
someone's paternal parent one of these
Gen. Nelson A. Mile* is now said to
be candidate for the presidential
o! tbe prohibitionist party
T?n Dollar* Rv ward
The Dally Alaskan will pay a reward
of 110 for evidence that will lead to tha
conviction of any one for stealing copies
of the paper from the premises of any
of its subscribers.
tar'. & Wilson's collars and cuffs at
Baths at tbe Portland Lodging Bouse,
25c; new porcelain tub. This house
has never been bothered with frozen
pipes. Come take a bath. 10 3 imo
A fine lunch and a large /lass of
Rainier beer, at the Seattle Saloon fur
10 cecta. tf
E. R. People* is showing a fine new
line of pioture moulding. Send your
picures there for framing, cost'* mere
Barley's Views at your own pries at
th? Skagway Nsws Company.
The condition of the weather In the
lnter!or today, u Indicated by the
dispatches received at the Skagway
offices of the W. P. & Y. R., was as
Stewart ? Clear, calm, 10 above.
Selwyn? Clear, calm, 10 above.
Selkirk? Clear, calm, 8 above.
Yukon Crossing? Clear, calm, 15
Hootallnqua? Clear, calm, 20 above
Big Salmon? Clear, calm, 12 above.
Lower La Barge? Clear, calm, 15
Atlin ? Cloudy, calm, S above.
Dawson? Clear, calm, 7 above.
Fortymile ? Clear, calm, 12 above.
Glacier ? Clear, calm, 25 above.
White Pass ? Clear, calm, 6 above.
Kraser? Ctsar, calm, 15 above.
Log Cabin? Clear, calm, 10 above.
Bennett- Clear, calm, 8 above.
Pennington? Cloudy, calm, 10 above.
Caribou? Clear, calm, 21 above.
Cowley? Clear, oalm, 5 above.
Whitehorse ? Cloudy, calm, 5 above.
Lain Him Wkm H* Is
The Valdez Prospector rushes Judge
James Wickersham to the fore as de
legat , in case of the passage of the
Nelson bill. Judge Wickersham is re
ported to be giving eminent satisfac
tion on the bench; why not let him re
main where he is, and recruit your del
egate from some other source? ? Ket
chikan Journal.
In the United States Commissioner s
Court for the District of Alaska, at
SKagwav^ in probate.
In t Le estate of E, P. Needham, de
Notice is hereby ffiven to all to whom
I, ,m ay concert), that the underaiffned
has been appointed administrator of the
estate of the above namea decedent, E.
P. Needham.
All persons having claims afrainat the
said estate are hereby required to pre
sent them with the oroper vouchers
within six months from this date tome
at roj office in the railroad building in
tne town of Ska^way, Alaska.
Dated at Slcaurway, Alaska, this 4th
day of January, 1904.
First publication Jan. 5.
No. 2*.
In the United States District Court, lor the
District of Alaska. Division No. 1. 1
Nellie b Mix, complainant, vs. S. Wallace Mix
To S. * alluce Mix. defended: Greeting:
In tho name of the United States of America.
Y u me hereby commanded to be and appear In
the above entitled court, holden at Sk**way in
said division of said district and answer the
.-uiaplaint hied aga rst you tn the above eu -
UUedacUoa Within thirty days from the date
?f '.he service of this summons and a copy of
III aaM complaiut upon you, and If you fall so
t appear and aua*er, for waot thereof (he
,'laitr.i f w.l! apply to the court for the relief de
manded tn s*i<l complaint, a copy of which is
served herewith.
ihis actios ii brought for the disolution of
the bond* of matrimony now existing between
plaintiff and defeudan:.
I he ground alleged is for habitual drunken
ness for more than three years last passed.
The service of this summons was directed to
:hi made ? v publication for six weeks in the
Daily Ala>kan. at Sk??cway Alaska, byorder of
the c ?urt dated Febroary 16, l*H. The tirst
-a to be made the -4th day of Febru
ary, VM.
And vou, the United States Marshal of Div
sion No. I of the District of Alaska, or any
Jeputy, are hereby required to make service of
this kumin- ns upon the said deienOant as by
law required and you will make due return
hereof to the cierk of the court within lorty
Jays from tne date of delivery to you with ah
endorsement hereon of your doings in the prem
In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand
and affixed the seal of the above court this 23d
Jay of February, 1S04.
(SEAL) W.J. Hills. Clerk.
By M . H. McLellan Deputy.
(. N. Wilcoxen. Complalnauu Attorney.
Fur coats at Clavson's.
Fashion plates for spring and sum
mer has just been received.
F- Wolland.
Alaska 'Pacific Express companv,s
money orders for sale at Britt's druff
Suits 835.00 and pacts 110.00 at F.
Wolland, merchant tailor.
a Note of it !
That the
j Railway
Runs two trains from Seattle every day
connecting at St. Paul and Minneapolis
with all Fast Trains for Chicago, St.
Louis and all points east and south.
Short Route
Fast Trains
New Equipment
S. G. Yerkes, G. W. P. A.
C. W. Meldrum, City Pass. Aft.
612 First Avenue, Seattle
Notice of BtooUoldora' Meeting
Office of Engineer Mining Company.
To the Stockholders of the Engineer
Mining Company:
Pleas? take notice thut the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the F,n
gineer Mining Company will be held a'
the oQice of the company, in the city of
^kagw^y, District of Alaska, on Mon
day. the 29th day of April, 1904, at 10
o'clock a. m., for the purpose of elect
ing a Board of Directors, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may properly come before the meeting.
The stock transfer books of the com
pany will be closed on Saturday, the
:J3d day of April, 1904, at 6 j>. m., and
will remain closed until Wednesday,
the 37th day of April, 1904, at 10 o'clock
a. m.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Oscar Card,
Dated March 24, 1904.
Freak Meat
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kinds
of fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
Get prices at Royal Laundry for
'amily work, special rates in rough
Iry. next to new electric plant.
Spring chicken^and Eastern oysters
at the Hack Train restaurant.
To Bullion Creek Miners
If you find that Duty, Freight
and Customs Papers, added to
Skagway prices makes your
supplies cost too much. Come
on to Whitehorse and outfit at
Arctic Trading Co.
We also carry a full assortment
of all kinds of TENTS
Capt. P. Martin, Manager.
Front Street, Whitehorse, Y. T.
We buy our goods direct from Van
couver, and pay no duty.
General Blacksmiths
im of nil kinds
and sizes
at very reasonable prices
Horse Blankets,
Dog Harness
and Whips
Harness Shop in Connection
|?Pulleii House? |
Foot of Sixth Ave.
I Most Elegantly Furnished
! Electric Lights, Telephone, Hot jj
and Cold Water, Porcelain ?,
, Bath Tubs aud Patent g
< Closets on Each Floor.
' Board or Room '"y Day, Week or
] Month. Bates Reasonable. J
! MRS H. S. PULLEN, Prop. ?
$13.00 Per Ton Delivered
Pacific Coast Company,
L. M. West, A*t. Phone 50
For Anything in the
From a Needle to An Anchor
Fourth Ave. near Broadway
? Of SlMftw'T aod Alaska Scenery from ?
?? aefitlTes made with the beat (?
i> Zolaa Leuaea, ar*
?? ON SALE *
Dry Goods
Neatly, Quickly and Cheaply Done
at the
Daily Alaskan Office
i: Men's Fur Coats From $7.00 to $100,00
Fur Robes, 7x8, 161b. coyote - 20.00
20 doz. Ordinary Fur Gaps, cheap
Genuine Seal Caps, $7-00
Ladies Fur Coats from $20- 00 to $90.00
Fur Collarettes and Boas at Cost
Highest Price Paid For Raw Fur
C. R. Winter, Furrier
Broadway, Between 3d and 4th Skagway, Alaska
Terminus W. P. & Y. Route
| All South Bound Steamers Arrive and Depart From This Drck
| Warehouse* open for delivery of merchandise from 8 a. m. to 5 p.m.
? Perishables ONLY delivered on Sunday or at night.
* All freight shipments destined southbound must be r.ccompanled by a
Shipper's Manifest (papers can be obtained at the D. 8. customs
office) and must be delivered before 6 p. m. No freight will bo re
ceived on wharf after this hour. -
BAGGAGE? Tolls will be oollected on Cuecked Baqoaoe Oni.t. No
charge for bag* and gripe when unchecked.
The wharf gate will be closed to tho public when steamer is nearing
dock and will be opened only when passengers have disembarked,
Wharfage Tariff eon be had on application at office on dock.
P. O. Box 176. C. E. W YNN-JOHNSON, Gen'l Mgr.
F. Wolland,
Comer State Street and Fifth Avenw
Telephone No. 76
Pure Beer Is a perfect food. i The public _
should bewpre of cheap and poor beers sad -
Insist on having the Pure Genuine Article.
Rainier , Beer represents the ? standard .of *
highest purlty.\There ls nothing superiorjx) >
be found. ?
/KSracrfO * SEWFlE^ii,

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