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J. M. Rnffaer Becomes Own
er of Valuable Property
J M RufTner has secured the Deeks'
group of leases on the south side of Pine
creek above Discovery, says the Atltu
Claim. This group is considered one
of the banner properties in the district.
Ita former owner J. F. Deeks, having
brought it up to its present hydraulic
stage, at aa expense "of over $50,000,
which amount was taken from the
group bealdee Apparently leaving a
?rood margin tor its owner Above, be
low and all aronnd the Deeks'jjroup the
ground has proven remunerative to the
individual miner. The Pine Creek
Tower Co.. directly adjoining the above
mentiooed property, took out $35,000
last seaeon.
Elder* Ord?la?4
At the special service held In the
1 Presbyterian church, last night, R. D.
t'inneo, H. H. Draper, P. H. Ganty and
P. Mead, were duly set apart to the
office of the eldership in the Presby
terian church. An eloquent sermon
was delivered by Kev. N. a Harrison,
of Haines. The Scripture reading was
by Dr. John Parson, of the M. E.
church, who also offered the installa
tion prayer. Rev. James Thomson put
the constitutional questions.
Steoap Will B? Go??ri?r
Cipt. Jarvlt would make a model Kov
ernjr of Alaska; but the treasury de
partment needs him rtjfht in the posi
tion he (now holds- Collector of Cust
oms?which he has put on a Orm basis,
and hence we must look elsewhere for
strong gubernatorial timber, which is
found in J. XL Shoup, and he will be
Alaska's next governor.? Wrangell
Will B* Eiboa.rattol
It is said that Col Melvin Gribaby,
United States attorney, at Nome, will
be exhonerated by President Roose
$8,300 RtWARD
Ok Y m Of Lltlla FiUth IMmOiK
Yesterday my special sale on watches
was very satisfactory in the morning,
but as the report became more widely
circu ated about the large well to be
driven for the pumping of watches from
the bowels the earth, sales dropped off
early in the afternoon and today no one
looks at a watch or a clock as the pro
moter haa increased the size of the per
forated ? tube from six inchea to four
feet to accommodate any and alt clocks
that may be swimming around in the
watch belt. Out of respect for this
great enterprise we refuse to sell our
largest eloci.s until the pump is set to
work on the watch vein. Excitement
on the boulevard was at fever heat to
das when a liberal offer was made the
Skagway Mining and Milling company
to bring down their 200-foot tunnel and
stand it up on end instead of driving
the tube. God speed the enterprise if
we never sell a watch.
Keef^r, The Jeweler.
C. N. Pring, the piano tuner with
Hammon & Long factory of San Fran
cisco, and Kohlert <Sc Chase, of San
} rancisoo, arrived on the Humboldt
and will be in town until Monday, Mch.
23. Any one desiring of having a piano
tuned will please call up the Fifth Ave
nue hotel.
Mu?l? M*tl.C
There will be a regular communica
tion of White Pass lodge No. 113, F. 4
A. M., Friday evening, March 25, at
their hall. No. 525 Fourth avenue.
Work in F. C. decree. J
Sojourning and visiting brethern are
cordially invited to meet with us.
By order of the W. M.
Robt. W. Taylor, Secretary.
I'uiou Oyster Cookulla
The Pack Train saloon is now serv
ing Elmer Chamberlain's famous oyster
cocktail*. ? if
rrM CcssirtiOsilr
A free concert is given at the Mascot
saloon every afternoon and evening.
All the latest song* and aira. 1? is
werth hearing. ,
Cutter shoes at Clayson's.
A fine lunch and a large g ass of
Rainier beer, at the Seattle 8*1 ooo for
UmU *
State Bank of New Brnus
wick's Bills Bad
A telegram was received by the Ca
nadian Bank of Commerce at this place
yesterday from the ins Dec tor of that
bank, to beware of the bills of the State
Bank of New Brunswick. The tele
gram stated that the bills are worth
Canadian money is coming in plenti
fully now, so this information may be of
value to some.
ibml Easter Sunday
To the Editor: To settle a dispute
will you answer the following ques
(1) What is the earliest date that
Easter Sunday can fall on? (2) What
date did Easter Sunday fall on in the
year 1855? J. K.
Cowley, Y. T? March 23, 1904.
(1) March 21. Easter Sunday is the
first Sunday after the first full moon
following March 21. The earliest date
upon which it ever occurred was March
22. 1813.
(2) April 3, 1855.
Card Oak Tomorrow
The Saturday afternoon Card Club
will meet at the residence of Mrs. E
A. Murphy tomorrow afternoon. The
met'ing of the card club will be fol
lowed by a meeting of the parliament
ary club.
People Have Learned How to
Oat Rid of Both
Backache and kidney ache are twin
You can't separate them.
And tou can't get rid of the backache
until you cur* the kidney ache.
If the kidnevs are well and strong,
the rest of the system is pretty sure to
be in vigorous health.
Doan's Kidney Pills, make strong,
healthy kidneys.
H. B. McCarver. of 301 Cherry street.
l\>rtland, ( >regon, inspector of freight
for the Trans-Continental Compauv. a
msn who is very well known among
tbo railroaders of the coast, says:
"Doan's Kidney Pills are among the
few patent remedies which do all that
is claimed for them, and they have my
thorough confidence. I used them for
backache -ntl other very marked symp
toms of kidney trouble which h*a an
noyed me for months, I think a cold
was responsible for the whole trouble.
It seemed to settle in my kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills rooted it out. It
is several months since I used them nnd
up to date there has been no recurrence
of the trouble. I have recommended
them to a number of the boys about the
freight house and I know if they gave
them a fair trial they certainly must
have been pleased with the results.''
For sale by all dealers Price, .i0
cents. Mailed by Foster-Mil- ur . Cb..
Buffalo, N. V.," >o.e agents for the
United States.
Remember the name, Doan's, and
take no substitute.
A tithe Pantheon
The Pantheon has just received a
large consignment of Hermitage whis
kies, rye and bourbon. This is the fin
est brand of whisky ever brought to
9kagway. Try it. tf
Natloa ITorfoitara
To all persons Interested in the Si'ag
way Chief.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended $100 In labor upon the Skag
way Chief lode, about two milei north
of the town of Skagway, on the ea&t side
of the Skagway river, in order to hold
?aid premises "under the provision of
Section 2324, Revised Statutes of United
States, being the amount required to
hold the same for year ending 1903, and
If within ninety days after this notice
you fall to contribute your proportion
of such expenditure js a co-owner,
your Interest in said claim will become
the property of the subscriber under
said Section 2324. K. M ahek.
Date of first publication Jan. 9
For stoves and ranges see Peoples.
Stetson hata at Clayson's.
Princess May Comes From
Vancouver iu 64 Hoars
j The Princess May, which arrived
at 10 o'clock last night, made the
j northbound trip in 64 hours. The
weather was pleasant and close connec
tion was made with the tides at Wran
' gell narrows.
There were 18 passengers and 170
tons of freight on the Princess May.
The passengers were mostly for Daw
son, the Alsek country and Atlin.
The Princess May will sail outward
bound at 6 o'clock this evening.
Worse Thin Uulm
The "kid" that queried "How big
was Alexander, pa, that people called
him great," was not in it with the Al
aska editor who discovered a "grand
old man" in the person of Alaska's
j worse than useless official figurehead ?
Ketchikan Journal.
? ? ? ? __
Bruwnall Gone to R mrreotton
D. C. Brownell, the Valdez hardware
man, formerly of Ska^way, has gone to
Seward on Resurrection bay, and he
might locate there.
Naw Sprlag Gooda
New goods have arrived and are open
for your inspection, at F. Wolland's.
No. 211
! In the United Slates lUttri'-t Court tor the Ola
trict of Alaska, division No. 1.
Henry C. Bowman, plaintiff vs. Robert C.
Allen, Mrs. Robert L. Allen, whose true Chris
tian name is unknown; Hazel Allen, Dorothy
I Allen. Irene Allen and Pamela Allen, the latter
four being minor hi ira of Robert C. Allen and
Mrs Rotxrt C. Allen. George G. Allen. I. Ber
nard Moore and Minnie Moore, wife of the said
J Bernard M. ere. C. H. Wilkinson and the
Alaskan & Northwes em Territories Trading
Company, a eorporation, defendant*
In the name of the United Stales of America
to RobertC. Allen. M rs.RobertC.AUen, whose true
Christlau name is uuknowu. Hazel Allen. Dor
othy Allen. Irene Allen and Pamela Allen, t ho
latter four being minor heirs of Robert C. Allen
and Mrs. Robert C. Allen, Geotge G. Alleu I.
Bernard Moore and Minnie Moore, wife of the
said ]. Bernard Moore C. H. Wilkinson and the
Alaskan ? Northwestern Territories Tradiug
I Company, a corporation, defendants.
Greeting; An order having on the 4th day of
January, 1901, been made ana entered chat ser
\h? f tUlU KNM herein be ma ie upon the de
' fendants, Hazel Allen, Dorothy Allen, Irene
1 .tuen and Pamela Allen. Robert C. Alleu and
George G. Allen, by publicatloa thereof in the
Dally Alaskan, a newspaper printed and pub
ished at Ska.: way. Alaska; said order having
bevn based u;H?n the affidavit of Henry C* Bow
umi and the return of the marshal < n the
summons herein.
Therefore, You the said last named defen 1
I ar.u. and each of you are hereby commanded to
be and appear in the above entitled cotir . bold
en Mf Skagway. Alaska, DivIbIou No. 1. and an
sw-r the complaint tiled against you in the
above entitled action within thirty (30) days
from and alter the iWrd day of Kebruorv. 1901 ;
s. Id last uamed date being the date of the last
publication hereof, and ir you fall to so appear
and answer for want thereof the t>lainliff will
apply to th?* court 'or the relief demanded in
the complaint, vis: for the anp< intirjj of a
triardlau ad litem for the defendants Robert C
? Allen, Hazel Allen. Dorothy Allen. Irene Allen
and Pamela Allen, and for the partition of the
north eighteen (HI) feet of lot number seven (7)
and the north eighteen il8) feet of the west one
laltof lot number eight [8], all in block twen
ty five [251. Skagway. Alaska, or If partition
cannot be ha I then for the sale thereof, and di
vision of the proceeds according to the interest
of the respective parties hereiu.aml for such
other and further relief as to the court shall
see .i just, aud that plaintitl have judgment for
hi* costs and disbursements herein expended.
Witness Ihe Honorable M, C. Browu, jndjfe of
taeabo re named court and seal thereof affixed
at (nneau. Alaska, this 4th dav of lanuarv, 1904.
(Court Seal.) W.j. HILLS, Clerk.
In the Probate Court at Skagway,
Id the matter of the estate of Frank
Volland. deceased
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, administrator of the estate
of Frank Volland, deceased, to the cred
itors of and all persons having claims
against, the said deceased, to exhibit
them with the necessary vouchers,
within six months after the first publi
cation ot this notice, to the Said admin
istrator, at the office of Malony & Cobb,
in Juneau, Alaska, the same being the
place for the transaction of the business
of said estate.
Alex M. Ross,
Administrator of the Kstate of Frank
Volland, deceased.
Dated February 23, A.D. 1904. 2-25 5w
Clayson & Co. carry the largest stock
of overcoats in town.
1 cannot tell a lie, we must make a
little profit. ClavsoD & Co.
Barley's Views at your own price at
the Skagway News Company.
Smelting & Refining Co.
S?tll?mrnli Tiadr within lire Day* After Kecelpt or Ore
Crofton, Vancouver Island, B. C.
[Copyright, 133S. by Charles B. Lewis.]
When the Thirteenth whs brigaded
with us, everybody spoke In praise of
Its runt and die. No better material
could hare been found In America. A
couple of weeks, however, showed the
eolouel to be an egotist and n drunk
urd, and few of the company or regi
mental officers seeiued anxious to give
him credit for anything outside.
One dny the regiment came oat to
relieve the Fourth on outpost duty.
At midufteruoon u . undred Confeder
ate cavulry, divided Into squads of
twenty-five, attacked four full compa
nies of the Thirteenth at about the ,
same mommit. * One discharge of- their
carbines, followed by u grand yell, did
the business in each instance. The
same 100 cavalry then fell ui>on the
reserve of 000 men and routed them
at a dash. One thousund me* were
beaten, routed uud disgraced by 100. j
The colonel called his officers to
go the r and said they must give the
meu double drill and that In the next .
light they must shoot down any man
who tried to make a bolt for it And |
the captains got their respective com- \
panics out on the parade ground and
looked savage aud swelled out theii
chests and shouted:
"You are u laughing stuck la this
brigade. You buve bad two or three
chances to win glory, but you buve
run uway like beaten cure. In our next
fight I will shoot the man who even
turns pale."
And yet every private In every com
pany remembered that when he ran
away he followed his three officers and
was not able to overtake them. A
month later, at 9 o'clock one summer
morning, our brigade swung Into bat
tle line on the left center. It stretched
across a cotton field, with Its right and
left connecting In the woods with oth
er brigades. The tight began fur above
us. That meant waiting, and it is the
waiting that makes coward.-) of brave
Down the lines of the Fourth, Sev
enth and Kigh:h went the company
officers to brace up the men who were
not cowards, but yet losing their nerve
In the waiting, but over in the Thir
teenth it was different. The officers
were at the regulation distance in rear
of the lines, and the men had uol-ody
to brace them up. To talk to each
other only uiade matters worse.
We were quite prepared for what
happened knew that it would happen.
Of a sudden the enetuy opened fire on
our front with urtillery, and as the
first shell exploded In the ranks of the
Thirteenth the whole l.UUO men broke
buck like u (lock of frightened sheep.
A second shell completed the business,
and there was u stampede which car
ried them a mile to the rear. The gup
was closed up, and the battle went on,
but the Thirteenth could not be rallied
again that day. Three days later the
inujor general said to the officers aud
men on parade:
"1 know the history of the Thirteenth
since its first skirmish. You are a dis
grace to your state, to the army and to
yourselves. I shall recommend that the
regiment be wiped out of existence."
tin the morning that the order of
iisbnndiuent arrived from Washing
on the Thirteenth was in charge of a
<enior captain, and some of the com
?allies were In charge of orderly ser
geants. A Confederate column, which
lad cut loose and marched by night ;
hrough the fields and woods, suddenly i
:>urst out of the woods upon the scat- ,
: er.il camps along the river. The sur- ;
?rise was complete, and without a
?heck the enemy came sweeping down |
lit' stream. The Tliirtcentli turned
? >ut, but there were no officers to Rive
ili;'ni orders. They were cowards and
fiad always nui away. A few had
iltvndy started oil this occasion, when
here cauie the sound of hoof beats
row the west, and a woman rode into
?amp. She was hardly above twenty
rears old. fair haired and* handsome
nd probably the wife of some L'nion
ifflcer from the camps above. Every
.?ail thrilled as she pulled up her horse
tnd cricd out:
"Men, they are making a stand up
:hcre by the ford, and if you'll Join
hem the enemy can be cheeked and
driven back."
"We'll go? we'll bo! Fall In? fall In!"
(hunted the men in chorus, after aD in
stant's silence, and fire minutes later
every mau had his musket and car
tridge box and companies were being
formed up the road crowded with
white faced fugitives, and yet never a
man of the Thirteenth fell out. There
was no officer to lead them, but the
>voman rode ahead and turned now and
then to smile and beckon them ou. A
round shot plowed up the dirt near by,
but she gave no heed. A shell burst
against a tree a few yards away and
filled the air with splinters, but she
did not turn her head. The bullets
came thicker and thicker, but she held
her way until a line of blue suddenly
came Into view and then waved her
hand and said:
"Right down there, comrades, is
where they need you, and after today
no man will call the Thirteenth a regi
ment of cowards!"
"Hip? blp? hurrah!" and a swinging
of caps and a dash forward. The blue
fighting line was strengthened not a
moment too soon. The enemy hurled
shell and grape? he poured volley after
volley? he charged again and again,
but the line stood firm and cheered as
It stood. It was a fight of an hour be
fore re-enforcements came up. Behind
the log breastworks were a few hun
dred living men their eyes still aflame
and their faces black with powder
stain, and on the right and left and be
hind them more dead and wounded
than the whole brigade had yet lost.
Not a coward had died? not a coward
had lived on. Led by a woman, all had
become heroes. M. QUAD. 1
Canadian Pacific fly. Co.f
Direct Service, No intermediate^
Call, to
Transferring to
' No Extra Charge
For Speed, Comfort, Service and i
i Appointment These Twin Screw <
; Steamers Cannot be Equaled. * For J
?) Information Write or Apply to
| H B.DDNIf , Art.. SKAOWAT ^
Carrying U. 8. Mall
Leaves Skagwav at 8 a. m.
Monday. March 28
For Hatneo. Juneau, Hoonah Springs j
and Sitka
J. F. FAIRBANKS, Agent |
216 Broadway, Phone 90
Miners Headquarters
Next to Postofflce, Whitehorse, Y. T.
Table Set Family Style
Meals and Beds 50c each,
Single 1 looms, $1 00.
Fino two story log barn with stove and
water. Accommodations for 20 head
of horses. Log barn for dogs.
Horses Bought, Sold and Hired,
Wood for Sale to Order
Postofllco Box No. 26.
[ ? Steam Laundry*
? All Work Guaranteed. Short j
Orders Promptly
/ Messenger Will Call ?nrt Delivei j !
Oelmonico Restaurant
Bozman & Lin, Props.
Open Day and Night
All the Dclicaclea of the Season
Sixth Ave. Near Broadway
Pacific Coasi i\S. Co.
Seattle, Puget Sound, San Francisco and Southern Porta
City of Seattle March 27
Direct to Seattle
Cottage City ? April 2
Sails Via 81tka
1*. Above Schedule Subject to change Without Nouoc.
L M. WEST, Agent PHONE 60
C. D. DUNANN, Gen- Pass. Agt
10 Market Street, San Francisco, Csl.
The Alaska Steamship Co.
Winter schedule subject to change without notice.
DOLPHIN, March 26
DIRlGO, - April 15
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Addiiional Charge
A. S. DAUTKICK, Agent. Phone 66
The WhitePass& Yukon Route
(Daily Except Sunday.)
No. 1, N. B. No. 2. S. Bound No. 4. SC
1st class. 1st class 2nd class
9 30 a m. LV. SKAGOAY AR. 4 30p. m. AR. 4 16a. a
i? nn 1 " " WHITE PASS " ^ " " 2 10 "
11 45 '? ? LOG CABIN 2 10 ? " 1 00 ??
gg(P;,m " BENNETT " J j p.m " 12 20 p.m.
2 46 " 2 10 " " CARIBOU ?' 11 50a.m " 10 20 "
6 40 " 4 30 " AR White Horse LV ? 30 " LV, ?' 7 oO "
Passengers must be at depots in time to have Fapgage 1 nsp. cted and
checked. Inspection is stopped 30 minutes before leaving time of train.
150 pounds of baggage will be checked free with each full fare ticke
and 76 pounds with each naif fare ticket.
Raw Furs....
High Prices for Fine furs
W rite For Price Lilt
Percey's Fur House
Oahkoeh. Wisconsin
All the Leading Brands of
Cigars and
At Wholesale and Retail
Also Full Line of
New Stationery and
Circulating Library
j. f. mmms,
214 216 Broadway. Phone 90
= Patronize
^ Home
= Industry?
If Not You Should Do So By
Our Bottled Beer Only
Per Dozen
25c Rebate on Bottles
Drinking Skagway Beer
Phone Brewery, 49. Residence, 38
While Pass k Yukon Route
Skagway to Atlin. Whitehorse, Big Salmon
Dawson and Yukon River Points
The New Mining Camps In the Alsek District Are Reached Via
During the winter season when navigation is closed, daily trains will continue running between Skagway and Whitehorse
A Through Mail, Passengerand Freight Service Will Be Maintained
By a Thoroughly Equipped Stage Line
Regular stages carrying mail, express and passengers, leave Whltohorj'e for Dawson and Intermediate
points, Sundays, 2 p. m. ; Wednesdays at 7 a. m.; and Fridays at 9 a. m.
, or to
For Information relative to Passenger Freight and Telegraph rate*, apply to any agent, 'of.'the company,
A. B. NEWELL, V. P. & G. M. R. D. PINNEO, Asst. G. F. & P A., M. J. B. WHITE. G F.-& P. A
Vancouver, B. 0. aad Skaguay, Alaska Skaguay, Alaska . . Vancouver, B. C

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