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Daily Alaskan
Trl??koa? No. If.
>?t vifk, drl]T?r*3 by cantor....
)m month, by mall
"brM. months by mail
?t> months, by
? ?m y??r. by mail
Canada is a customer worth having,
and would be even a better customer if
congress * ould but rise to the occasion.
The statistics issued by the department
of commerce and labor show that for
the six months ending December 31,
1901, Canada bought from Americad
merchants and manufacturers goods ot
the value of $ori,000,000i For the sec
ond six months of the succeeding year
Canada increased her purchases some
what more than $2,000,000, while dur
ing the six months ending December
31, 1903, her purchases footed up $?i9.
7;2,S?2, or at the rate of $139,545,7(4
per annum.
As to imports from Canada, ther re
main as nearly stationary as it is possi
ble for them to remain. During the
second six months of 1901 the imports
from Canada were $38,tij< 1,000 in value;
during the corresponding period of 1902
they were $38,118,000, and during the
second six months of 1904 they were
133,638,000. There are countries on
the other side of the water making a
greater fuss over friendship, traditional
and otherwise ? but when it comes to
appreciation of the best markets and
the fairest treatment they are not in it
with Canada.? Olympia It corder.
That is all very true, and if the un
natural tariff wall were torn away from
the imaginary line which separates the
two countries, both the exports and im
ports would be multiplied many times
over. The volume of trade between
the two countries, which is now less
than $220,000,000, annually, would ex
ceed $500,000,000 a year in five years.
Canada would take on a life akin to
that existing in the western portion of
the United States, and the gain to our
country would be that which always
accompanies the opening and develop
ment of a new country on the frontier.
Commercial reciprocity between the
United States and Canada would be the
greatest boon that could be given com
merce in North America.
... i?
... LB
... IN
With people ami capital coming
north in a larger stream than ever be
fore to be employed in the development
of Alaska, this district enters the pres
ent spring with better and brighter
prospects than it has entered any pre
ceding spring. They may talk of im
peading panics and crashes who live in
other countries, we know nothing but
over inert asing prosperity in this coun
There seems to be but little doubt
that there was a battle in Northern
Korea. The news has come from Fort
Arthur, Seoul, St Petersburg and
Tokio, and most of the stories are about
the same.
The Uecord-MinercomparesCanadian
rule in the Yukon with American gov
ernment in Alaska to >he credit of the
former country. Has the Juneau paper
become Canadian ?
Tear down the old shacks. They are
not only <ffensive to the sight and
smell, but they are dangerous fire traps.
They are good for nothing but fire
wood. Tear them down.
Don't congratulate yourself too effu
sively if no one has yet made an April
fool of you. The day is not over by
several hours.
The weather today has not been very
stimulating to the sale of haster bon
Today is Good Friday. This does Lot
refer to the weather.
At tka Pa?U?o?
The Pantheon has just received a
large consignment of Hermitage whis
kies rye and bourbon. This is the fin
est brand of whisky ever brought to
Skagway. Try it "
Baths at the Portland Lodging House,
25c' new porcelain tub. This house
has never been bothered with frozen
pipes. Come take a bath. 10 3 lmo
E. R. Peoples is showing a fine new
line of picture moulding. Send your
pictures there for framing, cost a mere
New Lace Curtains atE. R People#'
License Money to Be Speit
for ilaska
Amdbg the features of the Alaska
road bill is the provision that all of 1 he
money derived from liquor licenses and
occupation and trade licenses issued
outside the limits of the incorporated
towns in Alaska shall remain as a sep
arate and distinct fund, to be known as
the Alaska fund, to be wholly devoted
to certain purposes in Alaska. Of the
money so derived 25 per cent, is to be
devoted to the maintenance of public
schools, and provision is made for the
establishment of such schools wherever
there are 12 resident white children
over the age of 6 and under 18. The
?education of Indian children is left as
before to the interior department
Further provision is made out of the
fund for the support of the insane and
indigent. The remainder of the fund
is to go to the construction of bridges,
roads and trails to be under direction of
engineering officers of the army.
T?> Dollar) Reward
The Daily Alaskan will pay a reward
of 110 for evidence that will lead to tha
conviction of any one for stealing copies
of the paper from the premises of any
of its subscribers.
Fine porcela tubs at Principal bar
bershop, opposite Board of Trade.
"TTRLICATIOW of notice
In the United States Commissioners
Court for the District of A'asfca, at
Skagway, in probate.
In tf.e estate of E, P. Needham, de
Notice is hereby given to all to whom
1. ,may concern, that the undersigned
has been appointed administrator of the
esute of the above natnea decedent, E.
P. Needham.
All persons having claims against the
said estate are hereby required to pre
sent them with the oroper vouchers
within six months from this date lo me
at my office in the railroad building in
the town ot Skagway; Alaska.
Dated at Skatfway, Alaska, this 4th
day of January, 1904.
First publication Jan. 5.
No. m
In the (Jutted State* District Court, (or tbe
District of Alaska, Division No. 1
Nellie B Mix, complainant, vs. S. Wallace Mix
To S. aliace Ml*, defender t: Greeting
In :ho name oi the UalMd States oi America.
You ate hereby commanded to be and appear in
the above entitled court, holden at Skagw.iv in
said division of said district and answer the
complaint tiled ag-.i rst you in the above en
titled action within thirty days from the date
of the service of this summons and a copy of
:he said complaint upon you, and if you fail so
to appear aud answer, lor waut thereof the
plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief de
manded in said complaint, a copy of which is
served herewith.
This action is brought for the disolution of
the bonds of matrimony now existing between
plaintiff and defendant.
The ground alleged is for habitual drunken
ness for more than three years laat passed.
The service of this summons was directed to
be made by publication for six **eeks iu the
Dally Alaskan, at Skagway Alaska by order oi
the court dated February 16, iyw. The first
publication to be made the .4th day of Febru
ary, i9u4.
And you, the United Stales Marshal of Div
ision No. I. of the District of Alaska, or any
deputy, are hereby required to make service of
this summons upon the said defendant as by
law required and you will make due return
hereof t<> the clerk of the court wiihin forty
iays from the date of delivery to you with an
endorsement hereon of your doings' in the prem
In witnea* whereof I ha?e hereto set my hand I
and affixed the seal of the above court this Jod
day of February, 1W1.
(SEAL) W.J. Hills. Clerk.
By M. H. Me Lei Ian Deputy.
I. N. WUcoxen, Complainant* Attorney.
1 cannot teli a ue, we must make a j
little profit. Clavsoo & Co.
Alaska Pacific Express company, s
money orders (or sale at Britt's drug
store lw
a Note of it!
That the
Runs two trains from Seattle every day
connecting at St. Paul and Minneapolis
with all Fast Trains for Chicago, St.
Louis and all points east and south.
Short Route
Fast Trains
New Equipment
S. G. Yerkes, G. W. P. A.
C. W. Meldrum, City Pass. Agt.
612 First Avenue, Seattle
Notice of Stockholdore' Meeting
Office o( Engineer Mining Company.
To the Stockholders of the Engineer
Mining Company:
Please take notice- that the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the En
gineer Mining Company will be held at
the office of the company. In the oity-of
Kkagway, District of Alaska, on Mon
day, the 25th day of April, 1!H>4, at 10
o'clock a. m., for the purpose of elect
ing a Board of Directors, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may properly come before the meeting.
The stock transfer books of the com
pany will b> closed on Saturday, the
2.M day of April, l!K>4, at U p. m , and
will remain closed until Wednesday,
the 27fh day of April, 11HM, at 10 o'clock
a. m. *
By order of the Board of Directors.
* Oscar Card,
Dated March 24, 1904.
Fresh M ut
The Frye-Bruhn -Co. keep all kinds
of fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
Get prices at Royal Laundry foi
'amily work, special rates in rough
Irv, next to new electric plant.
Spring chicken and Eastern oysters
at the I'ack Train restaurant.
To Bullion Creek Miners
If vou find that Duty, Freight
and Customs Papers, added to
Skagway prices makes your
supplies* cost too much. Come
on to Whitehorse and outfit at
Arctic Trading Co.
We also carry a full n>sortmont
of all kinds of TENTS
Capt. P. Martin, Manager.
Front Street, Whitehorse, Y. T.
We buy our goods direct from Van
couver, and pay no duty.
General Blacksmiths
EDS Of flil
and sizes
at very reasonable prices
Horse Blankets,
Dog Harness
and Whips
Harness Shop in Connection
?Puilen House?
Foot of Sixth Ave.
JYIost Elegantly Furnished :?
i Electric Lights, Telephone, Hot !
?' and Cola Water, Porcelain ?.
i Bath Tubs and Patent *?
Closets on Each Floor. ?*
; . s
f Board or Ho-'in v Day, Week or % !
> Month. Bate-" B? a.-on ible. I
? MRS H. S. PUI?LEN, Prop. .?
$13.00 Per Ton Delivered
Pacific toast Company,
L. M. West, Agt. PhonS 50
For Anything in the
From a Needle to An Anchor
Fourth Ave. near Broadway
Just Receives
Gents' Furnishings
fl'he VERY LATEST fancy Golf and Percale Shirts
Neckwear, Hats and Caps, Clothing'
Shoes, Underwear, Etc., Etc.
3EESV .. . ' ' i
A rtisti c
Neatly, Quickly and Cheaply Done
at the
Daily Alaskan Office
1 :'?
?; Men's Fur Coats From $7.00 to $100,00 ?;
Fur Robes, 7x8, 161b. coyote - 20.00 ?
20 doz. Ordinary Fur Caps, cheap
Genuine Seal Caps, $7-00
| Ladies Fur Coats from $20 00 to $90.00 \
Fur Collarettes and Boas at Cost \
4 ' 5
? Highest Price P.iM 'or Paw Fur
| C. R. Wi nter,
>? Broadway, Between 3d ind 4th Skagw av, A'i-ka
? Terminus W. P. A. Y. Route
? All South Bound Steamers Arrive a o Depart From This Or ck
I Warehouses "pen for delivery of inei-c'nandise from 8 a. m. to 5 p.m.
| Per iihables ONLY delivered on Sunday or at night.
* All freight shipments destined southbound must be accompanied by a
I Shipper's Manifest (papers can be obtained at the U. S. customs
f office) and must be delivered before 5 p. m. No freight will be re
*; ceived on wharf after this hour.
f BAGGAGE? Tolls will be collected on Checked Baggage Oni.t. Nc
| charge for bag's and grips when unchecked.
| The wharf gate will be closed to tho public when steamer is nearing ,
| dock and will be opened only when passengers have disembarked, *
| _Whtirfage Tariff can be had on application at office on dock. a
| " P. O. Box 175. C. E. W YNN-JOHNSON, Gen'i Mgr. J
F. Wolland,
Corner Staxe Streei and Fifth Avenuf
Telephone No. 76

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