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Ladies' Guild an I St. Sa?
ionr's Name Officers
The Ladies' Guild of St. Saviour's
church held their annual meeting and
election of officers at I ha clergy house
yesterday. IteporU were read and a
new lonatitution adopted. The follow
ing are the officers for the ensuing
Mrs. George W. Howard, president;
Mrs. Howard Ashley, vice president;
Miss Florence O. Langdon, seorelary:
Mrs. I. N. Wilcoxen, treasurer.
At the annual Raster election the
following were chosen vestrymen:
George W. Howard, senior warden;
Howard Ashley, junior warden and
ti-easurer; Victor 1. Hahn, clerk; M. h.
Clemetiger, R. W. Taylor, F. Wolland,
Stan ion Veomans and George liosen
berg. vestrymen.
The treasurer's report showed the
parish to be in a good condition finan
cially and the work progressing satis
factorily. The Kaster offerings, total,
were i-U dollars coming from the
children's Lent savings.
Stage Leaves Whitehorse On
The first stage to .leave Whitehorse
on wheels thia season was booked to
depaat from tbat town upon the ar?
rival of the train today. The warm
weather has at last put an end to the
use of runners. Hereafter only wagons
will be used until the opening of the
It is thought that for a time after
the opening of the river in place* and
before the > learners begin to run,
passengers and mail may be hauled by
canoes, as was done last year. But
this will be for only a few day*, and
not for several weeks yet.
Thia Cildaic* Shoal d Prova Every
( Ulm Mad* for Doaa'a Klda j
PHI* is Alaaka
Relief from the pains at d aches of a
bad back is always welcome to every
backache sufferer; but to cure a lame,
weak or aching bac - is what's wanted.
Cure it so it will stay cured It can be
done. Here's the strongest evidence
to prove it:
W. W. I^ee, painter of Willis street,
m ar Placer street, Redding, Cal., says
"Like the majority of men who
follow my calling, if the action of the
ingredients usad in the business was
not the primary cause of kidney com
plaint, they certainly aggravated it
when the attacks occurei. I do not
want my friends and acquaintanoas in
Redding to think that Doan's Kidney
tills have radically cuaed an old
chronic case of kidney complaint like
mine, but this I can conscientiously
say, the treatment undoubtedly did me
a vast amount of good. Anything that
helps a man whose back has ached so
badly that he cou'd not sleep at night,
who many and many a time when at
work could hardly push a brush to and
from him without suffering almost un
endurable twangs, is pleased to obtaio
a remedy which brings relief. To say
that Doan's Kidney Pills relieved me,
very mildly expresses the amount of
benefit 1 received from the treatment."
For sale by all dealers. Price SO
cents. Mailed by Foster-Mil burn Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the
United States.
Rdmember the name, Doan's, and
take no substitute.
Elk. HmUx
There will be a meeting of Skagway
Lodge No. 431, IVnevolent and Protec
tive Order of Elks, at their hall, Thurs
day, April 14, at 8 p. m.
All visiting Elks are invited to at
tend. E. A. Murphy, Sec'y.
CI ay son Jk Co. carry the largeat atock
of overcoats in town.
Fur coats at Clavson's.
Get your ice cream for Easter dinner
at the Boss Bakery. 4 2 tf
Fine free lunch at the Totem all day
and night.
Barley's Views at your own prio? at
the Skagway News Company.
Oyster cocktails, Olympia or Eastern,
at tne Pack Train restaurant.
A new line of wall paper just r?
oeived on steamer Paralloo by E. R,
Seattle Paper Coadcms
Neglect of Al ska
Commenting upon the probable
failure of congress to do anything for
Alaska at lu present session, and
particularly of the defeat of the Valdez
Eagle wagon road appropriation the
Seattle Post Intellegeacer says:
"The trade of Alaska Is worth to the
United States many times as much as
the trade of the Philippines; and It is
Um trade of American citizens. Con
gress will spend millions on the Phil
ippine*, but it hesitates to aid the
people of Alaska in the slightest degree
toward developing further the re
sources of the great northern district.
Indeed, Alaska has paid into the
federal treasury Infinitely more money
than has ever been expended by the
federal grvernment in the district On
the other hand, neither directly nor
iodirectly have tne Philippine islands
paid a cent toward the expenses of the
federal government.
"Could not" a little of the liberality
extended toward the people of our
Asiatic possessions be profitably shown
toward the white Americans who are
making an empire in the far North?"
? ? ~ ~ ~ ? ~ ~
Four Cutters Design tted for
Alaska Service
The treasury department has as
signed the cutters Hush, Bear, Perry
and Thetis for patrol duty in Alaska
during the coming season. It is the
intention to have the Thetis reach
Point Barrow if possible. The attempt
was made last year but failed. Two
seasons have passed now since supplies
were gotten to that point.
Nawifcay O ti Snapandad S?nt?nce
Felix Estrada, until April 1 one of
the newsboys on the \V. P. & V. R.
trains, was sentenced to two years
ia jail for embezzlement. He had
taken a $60 bill to get it changed and
converted most of the money to his
own use. The sentence was suspended
upon condition that Kstrada make res
titution of the money and that his be
havior shall be good hereafter. The
suspension was on account of the pris
oner's youth and the belief that evil
companions were more at fault than
lanill far Bullion
A. J. Baker, the Atlin sawmill man
has left Whitehorse with a sawmill
outfit which will ba installed on Lake
Kluhane. He will make the trip over
the winter road.
G. N. Sinclair, another Atlin saw
mill man will take a sawmill into the
new camp upon the opening of na: i
Hotpital tor Juneau
The federal grounds will be im
proved br the erection of a hospital
building on the lower end of the court
house reserve. The building will be
constructed of stone and used for the
confinement of prisoners with a con
tagious disease and as a hospital.?
Juneau Dispatch.
Editor for Star
E. J. White, at one time editor of
the Weekly News, of Skagway, but
for several years connected with the
Dawson press, has accepted a position
as editor of the Whitehorse Star. He
was expected to arrive from Dawson
last night.
Mr. White is brother-in-law of A.
M. Rousseau manager of the Star,
Want Sob* of ti? Money
The Juneau chamber of commerce is
circulating a petition asking Andrew
Carnegie tor #160,000 to build and equip
a Y. M. C. A. hall in Juneau.
Population Gaining
Mrs. Frank Young presented her hus
band with a 16-pound daughter yester
day morning. Dr. Brawand is author
ity tor the weight.
Skxvar Laundry
For first-class -work try Skagway
Laundry. Twenty-two yeras' experi
ence. Telephone 89. rf.
Baths at the Portland Lodging House,
25c; new porcelain tub. This house
has never been bothered with frozen
pipes. Come take a bath. 10 3 lmo
I Fine porcela tubs at Principal bar
bershop, opposite Board of Trade.
Information W?nt*d
Information is wanted as to the
whereabouts of Augustus C. Reed,
formerly of Smith Center, Kunsas,
which place he left for Alaska in 1896.
He was last heard from in San Fran
cisco in that year. Heed was an expert
miner and mineralogist, is about 40
years of age, was in perfect health and
had no bad habits. He was six feet
tall, fair complexion, light brown hair,
blue eyes, slow of speech and deliber
ate in conversation. He has a sister
living in Smith Center, Kansas.
Reed has recently fallen heir to an
estate, and it is desired to hear from
him if he is living and to get evidence
of the fact if he Is dead.
Address communications to H. H.
Iieed, Smith Center, Kansas. 1 w
Wanted to Rant
Good hotel restaurant, everything
furnished. Terms very reasonable.
No capital required. A good money
making proposition to the right people.
Apply to Hotel Northern, Haines,
All the delicacies of the season at the
Pack Train Restaurant.
The best that the market affords at
the Pack Train Restaurant.
For) Rant
For Rent Cheap? Two "elegant fur
nished cottages, within two blocks of
schoolhouse. Injuire at the Skagway
Laundry. 10-11-tf
Freighting to Bullion and Knbjr
E. H. Clyne will leave Whiteeorse
for Bullion and Ruby creeks with
freight about March 19. For particu
lars see Mrs. E. H. Clyne, at Eleventh
and UroadwaY.
Do Ton Want Lif? Insnrano*?
Do you want life insurance in the
best company in the world? I repre
sent the New York Life Insurance
Company, and want your application.
Harry Wiles,
?Mi-2w Agent.
The Totem serves the best free lnnch
in town.
Barley's Views at your own price at
the Skagway News Company.
Mascot ba* New Mniio
The'Mascot saloon has just received'
a large consignment of new music for (
its popular Victor talking machine. It 1
includes all the latest popular airs.
Having purchased all the wood re
cently owned by Malcolm McLaren, I
desire anyone who may have any claim
against it for labor or otherwise, to
present the same to me not later than
10 days from dale.
Herman Burthel.
Skagway, April 9, 1904.
let Gream Parlors open at Boss Bak
ery tomorrow. 4 2 tf
Is exposed to view in our stock. Our
assortment of Watches, Diamonds and
Jewelry is larger than ever before.
Our Cut Glass* and China is a part of the
newest productions of the most progres
sive manufacturers. The variety and
beauty of the designs and line work
manship and the excellent quality is
really marvelous when prices are con
sidered. *
Gold and Silversmith
Wo have a Good Line of
Cigars & lobbaco
Pipes, 5c and Up
'Till your pocketbook
cannot reach
Don't Forget the
428 BROADWAY, Phone 52
Tony Dortero
Whitehorse, X_- T.
New Management
Refurnished Throughout, First
Class In Every Respect
Finest Cafe In the Northwest
Billiard Parlor Reading and Writing Room
The Board of Trade
LEE GUTHRIE Proprietor
Largest and Beat Appointed Hesort for Gentlemen
in the North
x?s)[email protected]?<s. 5xa:x^?i)??sx^rrnr.i> ????
The Idaho Liquor House
The Pioneer Family Liquor Store of Skagway
Direct Importers of Foreign and Domestic
Privat? Rooms For Families
? Special Attention to Oxders fir Family Lite. Telephone 58 ?
?>^X?X^X?X^!XiX!Xrt?XiX!XiX!XsXsXS3U#?SX4 [email protected]??S)S?SS)?IS?SS)@X3]SXSX9IS>SlSX9&lir
Smelting & Refining Co.
flettlaneiita IlUe Within fflre Diyi After Kecrlpt nf Ore
Crofton, Vancouver Island, B. C.
Canadian Pacific Ity. Go.
Direct Service, No intermediate
Call, to
Transferring to
No Extra Charge
APRIL, 14, 23
Balling at 6 p. m.
For Speed, Comfort, Service and?
? Appointment These Twin Screw?
; Steamers Cannot be Equaled. For?
i Information Write or Apply to
1 H B.DDNN , Afft., 8KA6WAy|
^XsXiX3???iftXs aaxsxiixs^^
Carrying U. 8. Mail
Leaves Skaewav at 8 a. m.
Friday, April 15
For Haines. Juneau, Hoonah Springs
and Sitka
216 Broadway, Phone 90
Miners Headquarters
Next Postoflice, Whitehorse, Y. T.
Table Set Family Style
Meals aDd Beds 50c each,
Single Rooms, $1 00.
Fine two story lop barn with stove and
water. Accommodations for 20 head
of horses. Log barn for dogs.
Horses Bought, Sold and Blred,
Wood for Sale to Order
Postofflee Box No. 26.
ivvvi'v vv Wi w. mmwuM
?Steam Laundry*
AU Work Guaranteed. Short j
Orders Promptly
Messenger Will Call tn<1 Deiivei J
Baths In Connection 1
Private Rooms for Ladies. j
Delmonlco Restaurant
j Ho/.man & Lin, Prop*.
Open Day and Night
All the Delicacies of the Season
Sixth Ave. Near Broadway
Pacific Coast S.S. Co
Seattle, Puget Soiyic, 3i.n Francisco and Southern P.irt*
Humboldt, - - April 15, 25
CITY of SEATTE ? - - April 20, 30
Direct to Seattle
COTTAGE CITY, * April 17 and May 2
Sails Via Sitka
Nfc. Above Schedule Subjeot to change Without Nonce.
L M. WEST* Agent PHONE 50.
C. D. DUN ANIN, Gen- Pass. Agt
10 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
TheAlaskaSteamshipCo. "
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Past Passenger Steamer
DOLPHIN, April 18
The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 75 hours between
Skagway and Seattle
FARALLON. About Aoril 25
DIRIGO, About April 15
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Addiiional Charge
A. S. DAUTKICK, Agent. Phone 68
The WhitePass& Yukon Route
TIME TP A. 13 L, EC No 13.
(Daily Except Sunday.)
No. 1. N. B. No. 2. S. Bound No. 4. S ?
1st class. ? 1st class 2nd clase
9 30 a m. LV. SKAGDAY AR. 4 30p. m. AR. 4 16a. a..
11 00 } " " WHlTE PASS 3 00 " - " 2 10 '??
11 45 " " LOG CABIN 2 10 ? " 1 00 "
12 35 [ P,,m " BENNETT " j J6 j P-m " 12 20 p.m.
2 45 " 2 10 " " CARIBOU ?? 11 oOa.m " 10 20 '?
4 40 " 4 30 " AR White Horse LV 9 30 " LV. " 7 00 "
Passengers must be at depots in time to have Eaggape Inspected and
checked. Inspection is stopped 30 minutes before leaving time of train.
150 pounds of baggage will be checked free with each full fare tick*
and 75 pounds with each half fare ticket.
Raw Furs....
High Prices for Fine furs
Write For Price List
Percey's Fur House
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
I'ropofia Is for Public Rnlldihgs: Construct
ing Quartermaster's Oflicc, Haines Alasaa.
March 3d 19M. Sealed proposals iu triplicate
will be received here until 1:00 o'clock P.M.
Tuesday. April 12tb. IU04. and then opened, for
the construction, including plumbing, beating,
iras piping, and gymnastic uparutds. of a Host
Exchange and gymnasium building combined
at No# Army Post, Ilaines Mission, Alaska.
Plans and specifications of the work may be
examined aua copies of general Instructions to
bidders with blank forms for submitting pro
posals obtained at this office. Quartermaster's
OIBce, Seattle, and |Depot Quartermaster's Of
fice, Portland Oregon. Any further informa
tion will be furnished upon application. Right
Is reserved to reject any or all proposals or pai ts
thereof. Envelopes containing proposals
should be endorsed -'Proposals for Public Build
ings, Haines Mission, Alaska,' and addressed to
Captain W. P. Rlchardsdn, Constructing Quar
termaster, Haines, Alaska.
= Patronize
^ Home
?= Industry?
If Not You Should Do So By
Our Bottled Beer Only
Per Dozen
25c Rebate on Bottles
Drinking Skagway Beer
Phone Brewery, 49. Residence, 38
While Pass 4 Yukon Route
Skagway to Atlin. Whitehorse, Big Salmon
Dawson and Yukon River Points
The New Mining Camps In the Alsek District Are Reached Via
Whitehorse a
During the winter season when navigation is closed, dally trains will continue running between Skagway and Whitehorse
A Through Mail Passengerand Freight Service Will Be Maintained
By a Thoroughly Equipped Stage Line
Regular stages carrying mail, express and passengers, leave Whitjhorse for Dawson and Intermediate
points, Sundays, 2 p. m. ; Wednesdays at 7 a. m.; and Fridays at 9 a. m.
For Information relative to Passenger Freight and Telegraph rate* apply to any agentlofjthe company, or to
A.B. MBWELL, V. P. &G. M. R. D. PINNEO, Asst. G. F. & P A.,
Vanoouver. B. 0. and Skaguay,! Alaska Skaguay, Alaska
Vancouver, B. C.

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