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Gesrge Shortridgfc Acknowl
edged Cbief of Chilkata
George Short ridge is now acknowl
edged |by all Chilkats to be their first
chief. That is one of the result* of the
recent visit to Klukwan of the four big
chiefs of Sitka.
After the death of Honawak, George
Short ridge's friends at once advanced
the claims of the big man of Klukwan
to the fir.%t chieftaincy. It was thought
for a time that they would not be dis
pu'ed, but an older Iiidian of the first
families and one long recognized as a
powerful and influential sub-chief, Ya
Klack. came to the front with claims
tbat caused many friends to rally
around his standard.
By common consent the dispute was
left to the decision of the big Sitka
chiefs, who recently visited Klukwan
at the solicitation of all the sub-chiefs
and high class Indians among the Chil
kats It was understood that to whom
fell the honor of entertaining as guests
the royal visitors would be given recog
nition for his claims. Consequently
there was not a little excitement at the
capital city of the Chilkats when the
big chiefs from Sitka arrived there.
All were anxiously waiting to know at
which house they would take up their
This was a situation that appealed to
the self-esteem of the visiting chiefs,
and they were loth to disturb a situa
tion in which they occupied nearly
the whole stage. Thejr seemed to re
cognize that their decision once made
and a hero would b-. created who would
eclipse their own importance. For one
day they camped with their wives in
their own tents at one side of the town,
where they were waited upon by the
obsequious friends of the rival Chilkat
chieftains. Thev were called upon by
Ya-Klack. who formally and with a
dignity befitting his aspirations, in
vited them to his house there to be his
guests. He had hardly retired from
his mission when George Shortridge.
making an imposing figure with his six
and a half feet of stature arrayed in all
the splendor of his station, graciously
and in a Kinglv manner offered the hos
pitality of his palatial residence to the
honored guests of his tribe.
No sign of preference was given until
the 24 hours of fasting had been com
pleted, when the Sitka chiefs, wifc all
the solemnity warranted by the occa
sion, silently wended the'r way to the
residence of George Shortridge. A
great feast followed, at which Ya
Klack. abiding by the decision with
stolid dignity, became one of the guests.
Thus it happened that George Short
ridge became the bigg- st Indian in au
thority as well as stature on Lynn
canal .
WifoA?k forHoib nil
Mrs W. S. Bashaw. of 53 Soiiierse*
street, liolyoke, Mass., is anxious to
ItDOir the whereabouts of her husband,
who was in Skagway in 185*9 and 1900.
In the former year he was a patient of
Dr. M. F. Hall for some time. He suf
fered from an injured leg. Mrs. Ba
shaw says she last heard from her hus
band in July, 1900, when he stated that
he was going to leave Skagway for
Cape Nome.
Dim* Social
This evening in the Methodist Epis
copal church, the Junior Epworth
League will give a dime social, to help
raise its subscription for missions,
liefresbments w'll be served and a good
time is promised all who attend. Every
body have been cordially invited to at
Fori Root
For Rent Cheap -Two elegant fur
nished cottages, within two blocks of
schoolhouse. In iuire at the Skagway
Laundry. 10-11-tl
The Totem serves the best free lunch
in town.
All the delicacies of the season at the
Pack Train Restaurant.
Write Sewell Drug and Curio Store,
Haines, Alaska, for Alaska native made
moccasins, baskets and all kinds ol Yu
kon and Arctic curios, nugget jewelry
and souvenir goods. Strictly wholesale
prices, any quantity.
Clayson & Co. carry the largest stock
of overcoats in town.
The best that the market affords at
the Pack Train Restaurant.
Fine free lunch at the Totem all day
and night.
Barley's Views at your own price ai
the Skagway News Company.
Oyster cocktails, Olympia or^Eastern
at the Pack Train restaurant
A new line of wall paper just r?
ceived on steamer Farallon by E. R
Elks Deci Ie Upon Erecting
Club House
The Skagway Klks decided last night
to erect a lodge room and club house on
the unoccupied portion of their lot ad
joining their present hall on the east.
The new building will be 20 feet by
100 in size and two stories high In ad
dition to a lodge room it will contain
billiard rooms, reading and writing
rooms, bowiing alley, kitchen and all
the other aocessori s of a first cla-s
club building.
The club room will, of course, be for
the excluire use of the members of the
The building committee has not yet
been selected, nor has the contract for
the building been let, but the decision
has been made to build this summer
and it is said to be final.
Princess May Sailed Fioin
VicoQver on Time
Telegraphic advices received at the
office of the Canadian Pacific Railway
in this city are to the effect that the
Princess May sailed on tima Wednes
day evening, and she will arrive in
Skagway tomorrow .
The purpose is to get the big flagship
in early tomorrow afternoon so that she
can satl late in the ev -n'mg.
The Princess May will have four
day's mail.
Location of Zi<m City
The Daily Alaskan has been request
ed to give the location of Alexander
Dowie's Zion City.
Zion City is now located 42 miles
north of Chicago on the Lake Michi
gan shore. It is in Lake county, Illi
nois, about half way between Wauke
gan, in that state, and Kenosha, Wis
Ordinance No 53.
Defining an Establishing a Permanent
Street Grade in the Town of Skag
I way
Be it ordained by the Common Council
J of the Town of Skagway:
ARTICLE 1.? Datum Plane.
Seetlbn 1. The certain horizontal
plane on the level of Mean Tide shall
be and the same is herebv made and
constituted the Datum Plane of this
Section 2. The bench marks showr
on the profiles made up from what is
known as the "HISLOP SURVEY."
said profi'es beinj in the possession of
this town, shall be and the same are here
by taken us true levelit above said mean
tide or datum plane.
Section X All grades of streets, ave
nues, alleys, or side walks, sewer?,
aqueducts, or other graces e?tablish<d
by authority of this town, shall bo sur
veved, establ'shed and recorded with
reference to the elev ation of same above
said datum plane.
Section 4. All numbers, fractions
and combinations of numbers used with
reference to grades in this town, in or
dinances, notices, records or otherwise,
shall, unless he same is specially shown
to mean otherwise, be taken, understood
and construed to maan distan- e in feel
above said datum plane and such num
bers may be stated by the use of words
or arabic numerals,
ARTICLE 2.? Grades.
Section 1. The grades of the follow
ing streets and avenues of this town
shall conform to the elevations hereby
established at their intersections as fol
lows, towit:
a Note of it!
That the
Runs two trains from Seattle every da;
connecting at St. Paul and Minneapolis
? with all East Trains for Chicago, St
Louis and all points east and south.
Short Route
t Fast Trains
New Equipment
S. G. Yerkes, G. W. P. A.
C. W. Meldrum, City Pass. Agt
? 612 First Avenue, Seattle
A Inska street and First avenue. . . 16.00
Main street and Hrst avenue 15.00
Statu street and First avenu9 16 oo
Broadway and First avenue 15-00
Spring street and First avenue... .15 00
Alaska street and Second avenue. .16.60
Main street and Second avenue. . .15.401
State street and Second avenue. .. .15.00
Rroadway and Second avenue. .... 15.00
Spring street and Second avenue. . 15.00
Alaska street and Third r7enue. .'.18 20
Main street and Third avenue. . . . 16.00
State street and Third avenje 15^50
Broadway and Third avenue 15.00
Spring street and Third avenue. . ,15.0o
Alaska street and Fourth aven le. 19.80
Main street and Fourth avenue. . .18.40
State street and Fourth avenu ?. . . .17 50
Broadway and Fourth avenue 15 60 i
Spring street ahd Fourth vveue. .15 00
Alaska street and Fifth avenue ... 19 80 i
Main street and Fifth avenuo 19. 90 i
State street and Fifth avenue 18.90 i
l>roadwav and Fifth avenue 16.40 i
Spring street ond Fifth avenue ...16.00 I
Main street and Sixth avenue 21 40 ?
State st:-oet and Sixta avenue . . .'.20 30 i
Broadwav- and Sixth avenue 17.70 <
Spring srteet and Sixth avenue! . [ 17 00
Main street and Se7enth avenue. .22.90 i
State street and Seventh avenue. .21.10 1
Itroadway and Seventh avenue ... 19 70 <
Spring street and Seventh avenue. 19 00 1
ila.ska street and Eight avenue. . .26.00 ]
Main street and Eleht avenue ....24 40 <
State street and Eight avenue. .. .22.00 <
Kroadway and Eight avenue 21.80 i
Spring street and Fight avenue. . .20.50 l
A aska street and Ninth avenue. . .28. 10 i
Main street and Ninth avenue.. . .26.00 l
State street and Ninth avenue... .23.50
Broadwav and Ninth avenue .... 23.80 <
Spring street and Ninth avenue. .21. 50 I
Alaska street and Tenth avenue. .30.20 ( i
Main street and Truth avenue ...!27.90 <
??tate street and Tenth avenue. . . .25.90 i
Broadway and Tenth avenue 25 90 '
Spring street and T nUi avenue. . .23.50 (
AJitska street and Eleventh avenue32.30 I
Main street and Eleventh avenue. 28,60 ?
State street and Eleventh avenue. 28*30
li road way and Eleventh avenue. . .27.90 i
Sprang street and Eleventh avenue26.00 i
Alaska stree. and Twelfth avenue. 34 40 :
Main street and Twelfth avenue. .31 '.H) I
State street and Twelfth avenue . 30 60 >
Broadway and Twelfth avenue. . . .30.20
Spring street atd Twelfth avenue. 29.00 i
Alaskasteeet and Thirteenth ave.36 50 .
Man street and Thirteenth ave. . 35 >o ,
State street and Thirteenth ave. .32.90 >
B road ay and Thirteenth ave. ...32,50
Soring street and Thirteenth ave. .31.00 j
Alaska street and Fourteenth ave. 38 60
Main street and Fourteenth ave. .3S.50
State street and Fourteenth ave. 35.20
Kro'dwavand Fourteenth ave. . :J5 20 ?
?pring street and Fourteenth ave.33 00
Alaska street and Fifteenth ave ..40 80
Main street'and Fifteenth ave... 30 75
State street aod Fifteenth ave .37 On
Broadway and Fifteenth ave...'.'.. 38*30
Spring street and Fifteenth ave 36.00
Alaska street and Sixteenth ave. .43.00
Main street and Sixteenth avenue. 41 00
State street and Sixteenth ave 38 80 I
Kroadway aid Sixteenth ave.. .41 10
Main street and Seventeenth ave.. 43.60 !
State street and Seventeenth ave. 40 SO j
Broadway and Seventeenth ave 4"' HI
Main street and Eiehteenth ave. . 46 30 '
>tate street and Eighteenth avo .44 ;'0 '
Broadway and Eighteenth ave. . . .44. 10 j
Main street and Nineteenth ave. .4? 00
State street and Nineteenth ave 46 50
Broadway and Nineteenth ave. . .45.20 !
Vain street and Twentieth ave. . 51 30 1
st-?te street and Twentieth ave. . .48.80 1
Main street and Twenty-first ave 53 V>0|
State street and Twenty-first ave. .51.10
Alaska st. and Twetny-second ave. 56.60
Main st. and Twenty-second ave.. 55.90
State st. and Twenty second ave .53 40
Section 2. The grades of the side
walks along the streets and avenues
herein before enumerated shall be e0
incident with the grades of the streets
*nd avenues adjacent thereto.
Section 3. When two points are
established and the grade of a street
avenue or sidewalk is required to con
form thereto the same shall bo made
uniform between such points
Side and Cro-swalks, ^ole Lines, Etc,
Section i The streets of the Town of
Skagwaj shall from time to time by re
solution of the counoil be classified s
business streets and resilience street,
and the Town Clerk or such other offi
cer as the council may designate, shall
keep a permanent record of such classi
fication. which record shall show the
width of street width of sidi walks,
position of curb line, and date of such
classification, together with drawings
showing standard cress sections of
iicreets and avenues and details of side
walks, cross wallr, curb, and drain
Section 2. The side walks on each
side of busines* streets and avenues
?hall lereafler be ten feet wide inclu
sive of curb; they shall be laid upon the
Established grade tn accordance with
the arawlngs referred to herein and
shall conform to specifications from t<me
to time adopted by the council by res
Section 3 ? The sidewalks on each side
>t residence streets acd avenues shall
hereafter be six feet wide, the outer
sdge to be eight feet from thu property |
line; they shall be laid upoa the estab- ,
lished grade in accordance writh the
drawings referred to herein and shall
conform to specifications from time to
lime adopted by the council by resolu
tion, the curb line on said residence
streets and avenues to be fourteen feet
tr? m the private property line
Section 4? All telegraph, telephone,
slectrlc'llght and other poles and all
hitching posts and steps for carriages
?nd all hydrants shall be placed inside
)f and within one inch of the curbing
tn 1 under the direction cf the Public
Works and Public Property committee
)f the council and it shall >c unlawful
lo place any obstruction whatever out
side of the curbing.
Section 5 ? All curbing shall be laid
in accordance with the drawings refer
red to in Section I of this article and
iliall conform to specifications from
lime to time adopted by the council by
Section 6 ? When desirable a box
lrain inav, at the discretion of the
?ouncil, belaid on the gutter I in ? and
{t-ade in lieu of a surface drain at
4'reet intersections, the sa.ne to be laid
in accordance with the drawings rt fer
rrd to in Section I of this article.
Section 7? Any deviation from the
provisions of this Article shall be only
by consent of the council and the same
made a matter of record in the council's
Section 8? This ordinance shall take
effect and be in force from and after its
passage and approval.
fussed by the council April 4, 1904.
Approved, L. S Keller, Mayor
Attest, W. S. McKean Town Clerk.
Just Opened
Will Now Serve You With
The Best Meal In Town
Your Patronago is Solicited
Next to P. C. S. S. Co, Offico
AWAVAVi'. WiV*VmW^WA'4W4'*'4-**
? Mt n's Fur Coats From $7.00 to $100,00 ?
I Fur Robes, 7x8, 161b. coyote - 20.00 r
20 doz. Ordinary Fur Caps, cheap
Genuine Seal Caps, $7.00
Ladies Fur Coats from $20- 00 to $90.00
Fur Collarettes and Boas at Cost
Highest Price Paid For Raw Fur
1 C. R. Winter, ?
? Broadway, Between 3d and 4th Skagway, Alaska
saaasAssaavssasssasav. v.v?'
Billiard Parlor Road Inn and Writing Room
The Board of Trade
! LEE GUTHRIE Proprietor I
? }
Largest and Be?t Appointed Resort for Gentlemen
? In the North f
The Idaho Liquor House
The Pioneer Familjf Liquor Store of Skagway
Direct Importers of Foreign and Domestic
Privaw Rooms For Families
Special Attention to Oiders tof Family (Jte. Telephone 59
N we
Canadian Pacific Hy. Co J
Direot Service, No Intermediate J
Call, to
Vancouver |
Transferring to
No Extra Charge
APRIL, 14. 23
Sailing at 6 p.m.
Tor Speed, Comfort, Service and 1
Appointment These Twin Screw S
? Steamers Cannot be Equaled. For g I
?> Information ~Write or Apply to ? I
| H B.DUNN , Art., SK AO WAT |
Carrying D. 8. Mall
Leaves Skagwav at 8 a. m.
Wednesday, April 27
Kor Haines, Juneau, Hoonah Springs;
and Sitka
216 Broadway, Phone 90
Miners Headquarters
Next Postoffice, Whitehorse, Y. T. |
Table Set Family Style
Meals and Beds 50c each,
Single Rooms, 51 00.
Fine two story log barn with stove and
water. Accommodations for 20 head J
of horses. Log barn for dogs.
Horses Bought, Sold and lllred,
Wood for Sale to Order
Postoffice Box No. 26.
?Steam Laundry*
All Work Guaranteed. Short
Orders Promptly
Messenger Will Call ?n<1 Deliver
Baths In Connection
^ Private Roomt for Ladie*.
Oelmonico Restaurant
Bo/.man & Lin, Props.
Open Day and Night
All the Delicacies of the Seag
Sixth Ave. Near Broadway
Pacific Coast S.S. C<>
Seattle, Puget Sound, Sao Francisco and Southern Porte
Humboldt, April 25, May 5
CITY OF SEATTLE, - April 30, May 10
Direct to Seattle
COTTAGE CITY ? - May 2 - 17
Sails Via Sitka
Mfc. Above Schedule Subject to nhange Without Nouoe.
L. M. WEST, Ag?ni PHONE 60.
C. D. DUNANN, Gen- Pass. Agt
10 Market Htreet, Sac Francisco, * al.
The Alaska Steamship Co.
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer
DOLPHIN, April 19
The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 75 hours between
Skagway and Seattle
FARALLON. About Aoril 25
DIRIGO, About Mav 5
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Addilional Charge
A. S. DAUTKICK, Agent. Phone I
The WhitePass& Yukon Route
TIME T A. J3L-ED No- 13
(Daily Except Sunday.)
No. 3. N. B No. 1. N. B. No. 2. S. Bound No. 4. S E
2nd class. 1st class. 1st class 2nd class
8 30 p. m. 9 30 a m, LV. SKAGUAY AR. 4 30p. m. AK. 4 16a. a.
10 30 " lioo}" " WHlTE PASS " 3 00 " " 210 "
U 40 a. m. 11 45 " " LOO CABIN 2 10- " 1 00 "
1220 12 35 ( P;? " BENNETT " Jgfpm " 12 20 p.m.
2 45 " 2 10 " " CARIBOU " 11 50a.m " 10 20 ??
6 40 " 4 30 " AR White Horse LV 9 30 " LV, " 7 00 '?
Passengers must be at depots in time to have Baggage Inspected and
checked. Inspection is stopped 30 minutes before leaving time of train.
150 pounds of baggage will be checked free with each full fare tioke
and 75 pounds with each half fare ticket.
Raw Furs....
High Prices (or Fine furs
W rite For Price List
Percey's Fur House
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Proposals (or Public Buildings: Constructing
Quartermaster's Office, Fort w Hilar.. H. Sew
ard, Haines, AIask?, April W, l.OI. Sealed pro
posals lu triplicate will be received here until 2
o'clock p. m. Thursday, May 8, 1904 . and then
opened, for the construction. Including plumb
ing, beating, gas-piping, and gymnastic appar
atus. of a Post hxehange and Gvmnaslum
Ilullding combined, at Fort William II. Seward.
Haines Mission, Alaska. Plans and specltlca
tlons of the work may be examined and
copies of general instructions to bidders
with blank forms for submitting proposals
obtained at this office, and Quartermaster's
? Office, Seattle, Washington. Any lurther iniorma
Hon will be furnished upon application. Right
| l? reserved to reject any or all proposals or paits
thereof. Envelopes should be endorsed "Pro
! posala for Public Hulldlngs, Fort William H.
Seward, Alaska,' and addressed to Captain W.
P. Richardson, Constructing Quartermaster.
1 Haines, Alaska.
= Patronize
^ Home
= Industry?
I * If Not You Should Do So By
Our Bottled Beer Only
Per Dozen
25c Rebate on Bottles
Drinking Skagway Beer
' Phone Brewerv> 49. Residence, 3*
White Pass & Yukon Route
Skagway to Atiin. Whitehorse, Big Salmon
Dawson and all Yukon River Points
The New Mining Camps In the ALSEK and BULLION Creek Dis
tricts Are Reached Only Via Whitehorse
Navigation on the Yukon River, Whitehorse to Dawson, ahiuld open the first week in June.
Daily connection with trains wfll then be nude at WHITEHORSE by RIVER STEAM pOATS, for all Yukon River
points, including MENDENHALL LANDING, ? the nearest steamboat landing to the NEW GOLD FIELDS. These
steamboats are operated by the WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE and are equipped with all moJern conveniences,
including steam heat, electrie light and such other features as afford not only safety but comfort to passengers.
Finely Appointed Trains Daily, Except Sunday> Between Skagway
and Whitehorse
Carry Passengers, Baggage, Mail and Ex pres.
Baggags Bonded Through. Direct Telegraphic Service to all Points
in Canada and the United States
For information relative to Passenger Freight and Telegraph rate*, apply to any agent of the company, or to
, M. J. B. WHITE, G. F. & P. A
Vancouver, B. C.
A. B. NEWELL, V. P. & G. M.
Vancouver, B. 0. and Skaguay, Alaska
R. D. PINNEO, Asst. G. F. & P A.
Skaguay, Alaska

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