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#l)awgoD (^nartz King Oft for
f Sr. Lonis .
Wilson Foster, known as the quartz
king of Klondike, arrived from Daw
son, last night, en rout* to the world's
fair at St. Louis. He has with him
about 20,000 specimens of placer and
mineral from the Y ukon, beside* a fine
collection of mastodon bones and other
curios to exhibit at St. Louis.
Mr. Foster will publish a weekly pa
per at St. Louis, which will be floely
illustrated with half-tone engraving*.
In speaking of his work, Mr. Foster
"The object of this paper i* to adver
tise the gold mines of the great north
west, including the cities and towns
along the ('acidc coast. Skagway will
not be overlooked, but will be adver
tised in every issue of the paper until
the ending of the fair, the first of next
"A large circulation of the paper Is
now assured by the subscription list,
which includes the Tanana, Circle City,
Kagle City, Fortvmile, Dawson, the
Klondike and Whitehorse mining dis
tricts of Alaska ami the Yukon.
"This paper will be sold on the
streets of St. Louis, and distributed
throughout the United States, Canada
and British Columbia, and will no doubt
be a good factor in bringing many
chechacus into this great and wealthy
mining country."
Mr. Foster comes to us endorsed by
the highest officials in the Yukon terri
tory. He will remain at Skagway for
several days, during which time he will
examine the Skagway quartz properties
and select samples for his world's fair
W<tlk*r Goes to JiiMH
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Walker will
leave for Juneau in a few days to re
Mr. Walker goes to succaed Charles
D. Garfield, of the Juneau customs
force, who will goto Nome He will
be releived at Snagway by D. P. Lea,
of Whatcom, Wash. Mr. and Mrs. Lea
arrived on the Humboldt and are at
the Pul'en Housj.
Prwkrttrisa Ladlss to Most
The Ladies' Aid of ths Presbyterian
church w 11 meet with Mrs. I. Sowerby
on Ninth avenue and Broadway, tomor
row afternoon a' 2:30 o'clock, to sew.
Hsmboldt Sail*
The Humbold;, which arrived at 8
o'clock yesterday eveuing, sailed for
the south at 515 o'clock this morning.
1* moaio M*?tlag
Tuere will be a special communica
tioa of White Pass Lodge No. 113, F, &
A. M., Friday evening, April at
their hall, No. 52f> Fourth avenue.
Work in E. A.
Sojourning and visiting brethren are
cordially invited to meet with us. N
By order of the W. M.
Robt. W. Taylcr, Secretary.
Fori H? a t
For Rent Cheaji?Two elegant fur
nished cottages, within two blocks of
schoolhouse. lojuireat the Skagway
Laundry. 10-11-t f
The Totem serves the best free lunch
in town.
Clayson & Co. carry the largest stock
of overcoats in town.
Baths at the Portland Lodging House,
' 35c: new porcelain tub. This house
has never been bothered with frozen
pipes. Come take a bath. 10 3 lmo
Spring chicken and Eastern oysters
at tLe Pack Train restaurant.
The best thai the market affords at
the Pack Train Restaurant.
Fine free lunch at the Totem all day
and night.
Barley's Views at your own price at
the Skagway News Company
Notlo* Fwbltmr*
To all persons interested in the SVag
way Chief.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended >100 in labor upon the Sk >g
way Chief lode, about two miles north
of lh? 'own of Skagway, on the eat>l side
of i he Skagway river, in order to hold
said premises under the provision of
Section 2324, Revisrd Statutes of United
States, being the amount required to
hold the same for vear ending 1903, and
if wivhin ninety days after this notice
you failto contribute your proportion
of such expenditure as a co-owner,
Tour Interest In said claim will become
the property of the subscriber under
said Section 2324. E. Mahek.
Date of first publication Jan. 9.
Oyster cocktails, Olympia or', Ea* tern,
at the Pack Train restaurant.
A new line of wall paper just re
ceived on steamer Farallon by E. R,
Whitfhnrae Stampeding to
New Placer Creek
A placer discovery was made on Mo
Id tyre creek, within three miles of
Whitehorse. last week, and by Monday
morning 30 claims had been staked.
The panning on the creek revealed de
posits of gold, oopper and molybdenum.
Mclntyre creek drains some of the
best copper properties in the White
horse district, and Mr. Foster was lead
to prospect it because of the evidence
of erosion on the hills which contain
the copper and gold quart/, properties.
He believed that these hills had been
washed down and the heavy precious
metals deposited as placer in the val
leys. The prospecting has justified this
conclusion to such an extent that there
was quite a stampede to the new discov
The condition of the weather in the
interior today, as indicated by the
dispatches received at the Skagway
offices of the W. P. i Y. R, is as
Stewart ? Cloudy, north wind, 40
Selwyn ? Cloudy, north wind, 35
? Selkirk ? Cloudy, calm, 40 above.
Yukon Crossing? Cloudy, calm, 44
Big Salmon? Cloudy, south wind, 45
Hootalinqua? Clear, south wind 35
Lower La Barge? Cloudy, south wind
38 above
Dawson? Clear, calm, 38 above.
Fortymile? Cloudy, calm, 40 above!
Glacier ? Cloudy, caltn, 32 above.
White Pass ? Cloudy, south wind, 31
Kraser? Clo'>dy, south wind, 30 above.
Log Cabin ? Snowing, 32 above.
Bennett- -Cloudy, south wind, 34
Pennington? Cloudy, south wind, 25
Caribou? Clear, calm, 40 above.
Cowley? Cloudy, south wind, 38
Whitehorse? Clear, south wind, 40
Prosp?ctor Barn* to Death
"Jim Cummins, a prospector, who has
been in the Copper river country for a
year, was burned to peath in h>s cabin
at Copper Center April 10. The cabin
caught on fire from a candle while
Cummins was in a drunken stupor.
Dane* at Pnllan Hodh
Mrs. H. S. Pullen entertained at the
Pullen house last night in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Pharo and Mr, and Mrs.
Fred F. Connor. There were about 30
guests who enjoyed the dancing and
music. Refreshments were served at
Fru Coaoart Daily
A free concert Is given at the Mascot
saloon every afternoon and evening.
All the latest songs and airs. It is
worth hearing.
Barley's Views at your own price at
the Skagway News Company.
Barley's Views at jour own price at
the Skagway News Company
All the delicacies of the season at the
Pack Train Restaurant.
? ? ? - ' _ -I
a Note of it !
?????? ? ?
That the
Runs two trains from Seattle every day
connecting at St. Paul and Minneapolis
with all Fast Trains for Chicago, St.
Louis and all points east and south.
Short Route
Fast Trains
New Equipment
S. O. Yerkes, O. W. P. A.
C. W. Meldrum, City Pass. Agt?
612 First Avenue, Seattle
"We fellows," said a reporter sitting
with a number of his companions about
a store at midnight, "bare It In our
power to do lota of good or lots of
harm." -
"What d'you mean?" asked one .of
Ihe party.
"Oh, there are millions of ways.
What I hare in my mind Just now Is
suddenly thrusting some oue Into
prominence. When 1 was looking
after the social lions I made u deal
with an Impoverished swell to give me
spicy bits about them. He bad the en
tree, and I hadn't Well, one day he
told me that Lord Martingale, a fresh
Importation from Loudon, had said
that a certain Mrs. Blngletter he had
seen in Central park beat anything for
beauty they had In England. 'Here's
a go," I suld to my Informer. 'I know
Mrs. ltiiigletter. I'll Just run that
Item In the social tidbits next Sunday,
and she'll be tickled to death.'
"Sure enough, the next Sunday
moruiug I cooked up a beautiful an
nouncement of the fact that we had a
prettier woman in New York than
they had in London and no less a
critic than Lord Martingale had said
so. A few days later 1 met Guy King
letter, and he told me his wife had
suddenly stumbled on to the item and
It had pleased ber Immensely.
"That's all I thought about the mat
ter. You know we fellows cau't keep
our minds on one subject very long.
One evening I dropped Into the Metro
politau Opera House to Jot down who
was there, when 1 heard two swells
talking beside me. One of them spoke
with a decidedly English accent
" 'Can you tell me who that woman
is in the tirst box from the stage in the
second tier?" he was saying.
" That's young Mrs. Mlckelton, re
cently married. Why do you ask?'
"'Because she Is the most beautiful
woman I ever saw. We've nothing
like her In London.'
" 'You don't mean it.'
"Well, I sklmuied around and found
out who the fellows were and learned
that onff of them was Lord Martingale.
Now. you may suppose that I remem
bered what he'd said about my friend,
Mrs. Kiuglett"r, but I had clean forgot
ten it Back I went to the office and
wrote out that E-ord Martingale had
remarked at the opera that young Mrs.
Mlckelton was the most beautiful worn
au In New York and there was nothing
like her In Loudon.
"About a week after that E was stroll
ing along upper Broadway. E had Just
lighted a cigar and was feeling very
comfortable. Truth Is E had $10 In my
pocket, something that hadn't occurred
before since I entered Journalism, and
1 was wishing some one would come
along that 1 could 'blow off.' I felt a
touch on my arm and, turning, saw a
seedy individual looking out of a pair
of the most melancholy eyes E ever
saw. E was about to give him a nickel
when E stood stock still with astonish
" 'Guy Etingletter, can this bo you?'
"'Yes,' he said mournfully.
" 'What's the matter?'
" Tve been ruined.'
" 'Come In here and tell me about It.'
"E led him Into a cafe. We sat dowu
at oca cf Use table*, and I called for a
lunch aud sometning wiio wnicn
wash It down. 'Now,' I said, 'lot's
bear It.'
"'Do you remember nearly a j ir
ago an Item you put in your pai?*r
stating that Lord Martingale hud wild
that my wife was the moat beout'i'ul
woman In New York T
"Slowly the matter got back into my
" 'Yes,' I said. 'I think I remember
something like that.'
" 'Well, when you published that Item
I was fairly prosperous. I was doing
a good business aud making money.
But from the appearance of your state
ment I saw a change In Lucy. One
day she told me that now we were do
ing so well we ought to go out more
and I soon learned that she meant wo
were to begin a systematic climbing to
got Into the Four Hundred set. I did
what I could to dissuade her, but it
wa? no use. The queen of society bee
hud got Into her bonnet; Lord Martin
gale had said that she was the most
beautiful woman In New York and by
the spending of some money she could
easily enter the elect set and with such
a recommendation at once become a
" The most fashionable dressmakei
was hired for her clothes, and the prin
dpal Jeweler of the city furnished the
gems. We gave two entertainments antf
got In five swells in all. They wero
young men of fashion who live by their
wits ami were ghul to get "full" on my
champagne. Several women who
claimed to be in the smart set were at
3U- soirees, but we found out after
ward that they were impostors.
" 'Meanwhile the bills began to come
Ui. and I found tlu work of setting m.v i
Wife up as a professional beauty was
terrible expense. You see, I couldn't
attend to my business and keep track
of the expenses at hotne. I left every
thing of that nature to Lucy, who wa?
so anxious to succeed in her undertak
ing that she took no account of uiont^
that stood between her and a position
In keeping with that cursed lord's opin
" 'Well, what's the use giving details?
One day I found my business and ev
erything closed out. To cap the climax
the other day I took up your paper and
read that I/ird Martindale had said
that the most beautiful woman in New
York was a Mrs. Somebody Else.' "
The reporter paused aud gave a feu
vigorous puffs on his cigar. Then li-?
"Hoys, that's the worst Job I've done i
?Incu I've been n reporter."
Just Opened
Will Now Serve You With
The Best Meal In Town
Your Patronage is Solicited
Next to P. C. S. S. Co. Office
? I
% :?
? Men's Fur Coats From $7.00 to $100,00 $
Fur Robes, 7x8, 161b. coyote - 20.00
20 doz. Ordinary Fur Caps, cheap
Genuine Seal Caps, $7.00
Ladies Fur Coats from $20 00 to $90.00
Fur Collarettes and Boas at Cost
Highest Price Paid For Raw Fur
C. R. Winter,
Broadway, Between 3d and 4th Skagway, Alaska
Billiard Parlor Reading and Writing Rooi
The Board of Trade
LEE GUTHRIE Proprietor
Largest and Best Appointed P.esort for Gentlemen
In the North
The Idaho Liquor House
The Pioneer Famil/ Liquor Store of Skagway
Direct Importers of Foreign and Domestic
PrlvaW Rooms For Families
Special Attention to Oiders fcr Family (Jte. " Telephone 59
Canadian Pacific Hy. Co. |
Direct Service, No Intermediate |
Call, to
Transferring to
No Extra Charge
APRIL, 14, 23
8m lilac >t 6 p.m.
For Speed, Comfort, Service and |
Appointment These Twin Screw j
. - Steamers Cannot be Equaled. For j
<? Information Write or Apply to
| H B.DUNN , Ayt., 8KAQWAT ^
Carrying U. S. Mali
{.caves Skagwav at 8 a. m.
Wednesday, April 27
For Haines. Juneau, Hoonah Springs
and Sitka
216 Broadway, Phone 90
Miners Headquarters
Mext I'ostoftlce, Whitehoree, Y. T.
Table Set Family Style
Meals and Beds 60c each,
Single Rooms, ?1 00.
Fine two story log barn with stove and
water. Accommodations for 20 head
of horses. Log barn for dogs.
Horses Bought, Sold and Blred,
Wood for Sale to Order
Post office Box No. 28.
?Steam LcauodFy*
All Work Guaranteed. Short
Orders Promptly
Messenger Will Call ?n?1 Deliver
Baths In Connection
Private Rooms for Ladies.
Delmonico Restaurant
Bozman Sc Lin, Props.
Open Day and Night
All the Delicacies of the Seag
Sixth Ave.' Near Broadway
Pacific Coast S.S.lu.
Seattle, Puget Sound, San Francisco and Southern Porte
Humboldt, April 25, May 5
CITY OF SEATTLE, - April 30, May 10
Direct to Seattle
COTTAGE CITY - May 2 - 17
Sails Via Sitka
Above Schedule Subject to change Without Notice.
L M. WEST, Agant PHONE 60.
C. D. DUNANN, Gen- Pass. Agt
10 Market Street, Sac Francisco, Cel.
The Alaska Steamship Co.
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer
DOLPHIN, April 19
The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 75 hours between
Skagwav and Seattle
FARALLON. About April 25
DIRIGO, About Mav 5
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Addiiional Charge
A. S. DAUTKICK, Agent. Phone 6fl
The WhitePass& Yukon Route
(Daily Except Sunday.)
No. 3. N. B No. 1. N. B. No. 2. S. Bound No. 4. S E
2nd class. 1st class. 1st class 2nd clase
8 30 p.m. 9 30 am. LV. SKAGUAY AR. 4 30p. m. AR. 4 15 a. ir.
10 30 " 11 00 } " " WHlTE PASS " 3 00 " " 2 10 "
11 40 a. m. 11 45 ?? " LOG CABIN 2 10- " 1 00 '?
12 20 12 35 [ P,,m " BENNETT } J? J p.m " 12 20 p.n.
2 45 " 2 10 " " CARIBOU " 11 50a.m " 10 26 "
6 40 " 4 30 " AR White Horse LV 9 30 " LV, " 7 00 "
Passe neera must be at depots In time to have Baggaee Inspected and
checked. Inspection is stopped 30 minutes before leaving time of train.
150 pounds of baggage will be checked free with eaoh full fare tleke
and 75 pounds with each half fare ticket.
Raw Furs....
High Prices for Fine furs
Write For Price List
Percey's Fur House
Oshkosta. Wisconsin
Proposals for Public Buildings ; Constructing
Quartermaster's Offloe, Fort William H.Sew
ard, Haines, Alask... April IS, 1501. Sealed pro
posulH iu irlpllcite will be received here uutll 1
o'clock p. m. Thursday, May ft, 1JU4. and then
opened, for the construction. Including plumb
ing. beating, gas-piping, and gymnastic appar
atus, of a Post Exchange aud Gymnasium
Building combined, at Fort William H. Seward.
Haines Mission, Alaska. Plans and specifica
tions of the work may be examined and
copies of general instructions to bidders
with blank forms for submitting proposals
obtained at this office, and Quartermaster s
Office, Seattle, Washington. Any lurtht* iniorma
tion will be furnished upon application. Kit-lit
la reserved to reject any or all proposals or parts
thereof. Envelopes should be endorsed 'Pro
posals for Public Buildings, Kort William H.
Seward, Alaska,' and addressed to Captain W.
P. Richardson, Constructing Quartermaster,
Haines, Alaska.
= Patronize
*2 Home
<= Industry?
If Not You Should Do So By
Our Bottled Beer Only
Per Dozen
25c Rebate on Bottles
Drinking Skagway Beer
^ Phone Brewery, 49. Residence, M
While Pass & Yukon Rome
Skagway to Atiin. Whitehorse, Big Salmon
Dawson and all Yukon River Points
The New Mining Camps In the ALSEK and BULLION Creek Dis
tricts Are Reached Only Via Whitehorse
Navlg.'iion on the Yukon River, Whitehorse to Dawson, 8h>uld open the first week in June.
Daily connection with trains will then be made at WHITEHORSE by RIVER STE VMpOATS, for all Yukon River
points, including MENDENHALt LANDING, ? the nearest steimboat lauding to the NEW GOLD FIELDS. These
steamboats are operated by the WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE and are equipped with all moJern conveniences,
including steam heat, elestrio light and such other features as afford not only safety but comfort to passengers.
Finely Appointed Trains Daily, Except Sunday. Between Skagway
and Whitehorse
Carry Passengers, Baggage, Mail and Express
Baggags Bonded Through. Direct Telegraphic Service to all Points
in Canada and the United States
For information relative to Passenger Freight and Telegraph ratoe, apply to any agent of the com pan y,
- - . a d ?P.nrtT.T. v P m R. D.PINNEO, Asst. G.l
M. J. B. WHITE, G. F. & P. A
Vancouver, B. C.
A.B. NEWELL. V. P. &G. M.
Vancouver, B. 0. and Bkaguay, Alaska
R. D. PINNEO, Asst. G. F. & P A.
8k?guay, Alaska

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