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Daily Alaskan
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OM wMk. d?UT?r?d by ?TrtM...
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Never in the history of the United
States has a man assurred control of a
political party more Completely than
has President Roosevelt taken posses
sion of the republican party at the
present time, and never was there a
smaller or more select political cabinet
chosen to advise a political leader .han
the ooeterie of men who are beia? al
most daily consulted by the remarkable
man who occupies the White House.
W e are told one day that President
Roosevelt has selected one of his secre
taries to be chairman of the republ can
national committee, and the next we
are told that the chief executive is at
work upon the republican platform.
He some time ago selected the maa to
place his name in nomination before
the national convention, whom he had
report to the White House where he
told him what he wanted said in the
speech. The president's interview
with Ex-Gov. Black, who is to m^ke
the nominating speech, terminated ? ith
the agreement that a completed draft
of the speech would be submitted to the
president a sufficient time before its de
livery to permit the latter to make any
desired alterations in it. In the mean
time politicians are awaiting with not
a little interest the tinal announcement
by .Jr. Roosevelt of the nameofbim
whom he desires to be his running
Id all this work, the president's ad
visers are confined to E* -Secretary
Root. Senator Lodge and Postmaster
General Payne, with one or two other
cabinet members occasionally permit
ted to be present at an interview.
Well, there Is no reason why it
should not be thus. As Henry Watter
sjn recently said, no matter what the
platforms of the two political parties
for the coming campaign might be, the
the issue will be Roosevelt. Roosevdt
is the republican platform, and he w .11
so remain, no matter what plants
might be written into the report of tLe
committee on resolutions which will lie
named by the Chicago convention. :t
being conceded that the great political
duel is to be fought by lioosevelt on the
one side and those opposed to Roo&e
veltism on the other, it is but fair that
the rough-rider president should be
permitted to choose his weapons, his
seconds and his aides.
In speaking of the late republican
convention at Juneau, John G. Ileid
"We had a big majority of the dele
gates in the convention and would have
had the support of those who were un
able to reach the convention. Ours is
the regularly elected delegation and
will certainly be so recognized."
If Mr. Heid desires to be governor ol
Alaska the less he says of the late re
publican convention the better it will
be for him.
An Everett girl has advertised (or a
husband through an employment
agency, but has thus far not secured an
answer that the agency deems worthy
of submitting to her. The Daily Alas
kan suggests to the Everett damsel and
all her friends that its advertising rates
are reasonable and guaranteed to bring
results. Just try the columns of ihis
paper, Xliss Everett.
The fact that Senator Tillman is a
supporter of Judge Parker for the dem
ocratic presidential nomination indi
cates that the New Yorker is not con
lined to the "gold democracy," sc
c-illed, for his backing.
Several Alaskan towns have already
taken up the matter of celebrating the
Fourth of July. It might not be out of
place to say that Skagway is going to
celebrate that day io due form.
G?t Spring Salt*
A large assortment of the latest | at
terns in men's suitings have been re
ceived at the store of F. Wolland, Fifth
avenue and State street.
Program of School Entertain
ment Friday Night
The following is the program (or the
school entertainment Friday night.
Jewell Scissors, Pixie King
Melvin West
Knowall Do Little, King's
Executive Ernest Johnson
Laughing Gas, Pixie Court
Physician Dorothy Ball
Stay Behind, Leader ol Pixie Army
Stanford Barding
Ebony Face, Court Jester
Frank Young
Fatima, Queen of Paries
Viola Powell
Franchon, Queen's Associate
Virginia Stivers
Golden Bair, Queen's Favorite....
Dancer Gladys Kirmse
Chorus of Pixies and Faries.
Florence Rogers, Eva Wildt, Edith
Dunn, Eleanor Leslie. Minnie Wolff,
Ruth DeWitt, Ethel Weate, Bertha
Burch, Neida Dedman, Frank Doree,
Oliver Martin, George Black, Ernest
Opening Chorus Faries
Tell Me Franchon and Chorus
Bail to our Queen Chorus of Faries
Good Morning Sisters
Queen and Chorus
Finale? Ah! 'Tis Like a Dream..
. . K ng Queen and Chorus of Faries
Opening Chorus Pixies
We're Always Ready for War I....
Stay Behind and Chorus of Pixies
If You Ever Want to Conquer
Beauty Fair
Knowall with Chorus
Finale Chorus of Pixies
Opening Chorus- Faries
Good Morning, Fairy Sisters
Queen and Chorus
Chewing Gum Chorus
Knowall, Laughing Gas and...
Chorus of Faries
When You Find Yourself in Trouble
Knowall, Laughing Gas and Chorus
What Must I Do? Queen
So, Poor, Misguided Pixie King. Queen
By This I See, Duett. . King and Queen
Hail to our Queen.' Chorus
Pixies and Faries
My Fairy Sisters, I Have beard. . .
Franchon and Chorus
My Sisters, I Have sufficient
Proof Queen and Chorus
Tut.' Tut! My Friends
Stay behind and Pixie Chorus
I Think I Have a Plan
Laughing Gas and Chorus
Vaeonlc Meeting
There will be a regular communicar
tion of White Pass Lodge No. 113, F. &
A. M., Friday evening, May 27, at
their hall, No. 525 Fourth avenue.
Work in M. M.
Sojourning and visiting brethren are
cordially invited to meet with us.
By order of the W. M.
Robt. W. Taylcr, Secretary.
Tea Dollare Reward
The Daily Alaskan will pay a reward
of 110 for evidence that will lead to tha
oonviction of any one for stealing copies
of the paper from the premises of any
of its subscribers.
At th? Putki oa
The Pantheon Saloon always servos
their patrons wlih the best brands of
wines, liquors and clears. tf
Sktcwaj UwiJfT
For first-class worK try Skagwa^
Laundr "" ~ "wo y eras' expen
Ftm CnMrtiOiUr
A free concert Is given at the Mascot
saloon every afternoon and evening.
All the latest songs and airs. It is
worth hearing.
Heavyweight ulstera at Cay son &
A fine lunch and a large glass of
Rainier beer, at the Seattle Saloon for
10 cents. tf
Japanese Matting? All 180 strands
and good patterns, direct from the
Orient. Regular price 30c, 35c, 40c
and 45c goods. Now 25c per yard, at
E R. Peoples'.
Get prices at Royal Laundry for
'amily work, special rates In rough
Irv, next to new electric plant.
The best that the market affords a
:he Pack Train Restaurant.
Mueotftu N?w Mm to
The'Mascot saloon has jusl received
t lartje consignment of new music (or
its popular Victor talking machine. It
Includes all the latest popular airs.
For Kant
Two nicely furnished room, Geo. E.
Howard, Third avenue. 4 4 tf
Baths 23 cents. Fine porcelain tubs
nt the Portland Lod fing House. 1 looms
25c, 60c, 75c and $ ' . Fifth avenue, op
posite postoffice.
Barley's Views at your own price at
the Skagway News Company.
1 cannot tell a ne, we must make a
little profit. ClavsoD & Co.
For All Who Admire It
And Who Doesn't?
Things of beauty that appeal to women
especially are found in our stock. All
women who love jewelry and all men
who love women should see them. We
have a large stock of secret lockets and
chains, the reigning fad These can be
made particularly attractive by engrav
ing the owners monogram which we do
In a skillful and competent manner.
Gold and 3ilversmith
SWe have a Good Line of
Cigars & lobbaco
? Pipes, 5c and Up
I* 'Till your pocketbook
cannot reach
Don't Forget the
428 BROADWAY, Phone 52
Tony Dortero
Caribou Crossing
A Strictly
?Dining Room in Connection
Choicest Winea Liquors & Cigars
^ Whitehorse, Y. T.
New Management
Refurnished Throughout. First
Ciftss In Every Respect
Finest Cafe in the Northwest
The Short Line East
If You Contemplate a Trip to
Talk With
Local Agent, Fifth Avenue Hotel
S. G. Yerkes, O. W. P. A.
612 First Avenue, Seattle
Just Received
New Styles and Patterns at Popular Prices,
From $15 to $25
Job Printing
A Specialty
- ax THE?? a.
Daily Alaskan Office
i Men's Fur Coats From $7.00 to $100,00 2
I Fur Robes, 7x8, 161b. coyote - 20.00 !
20 doz. Ordinary Fur Caps, cheap
Genuine Seal Caps, $7.00
Ladies Fur Coats from $20- 00 to $90.00
Fur Collarettes and Boas at Cost
Highest Price Paid For Haw Fur
S C. R. Winter, Furrier fj
^ Broadway, Between 3d and 4th Skagway, Alaska j
Terminus W. P. & Y. Route
> All South Bound Steamers Arrive and Denart From This Drck
J [ Warehouses open tor delivery of merchandise from 8 a. m. to 5 p.m.
j> Perishables ONLY delivered on Sunday or at night.
f All freight shipments destined southbound must be accompanied by a
Shipper's Manifest (papers can be obtained at the U. 8. customs
office) and must be delivered before 5 p m. No freight will be re
ceived on wharf after this hour.
BAGGAGE? Tolls will be oollected on Checked Baggage Only. No
charge for bags and grips when unchecked.
The wharf gate will be closed to tho public when steamer is nearing
dock and will be opened only when passengers have disembarked.
Wharfage Tariff can be had on application at office on dock.
P. O. Box 175. C. E. W YNN-JOHNSON, Gen'l Mgr.
emu J
j F. Wolland,
| corner State Street and Fifth Avenur
Telephone No. 76
Pure Beer Is a perfect food. The public >
should beware of cheap and poor beers and
Insist on having the Pure Genuine Article. .
Rainier j Beer ^represents i the standard ^ of '*
highest purlty^There^ls nothing superior Jo ;
be found.. * ' ^
,p&36 ::- 5EAmE.WASH:

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