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School Entertaiumeut Ex
ceeded Expectations
| fThe performance of the punils of the
Skagway public schools at F.lka' hall
last night wu fully up to expectation*.
"Pixies Triumph or Commotion in
Fairyland" the pretty little three act
operetta was well staged aixl splendidly
produced by the 21 little pixiea and
fariea. The exhibition gave the child
ren an opportunity to display much real
talent and the evidence of a great deal
of carefti] training.
The staging and the preparing of the
children for the play were under the di
rection of Prof. J. T. Lee and Misa Fer
guson. There was a large house and
the reception of the young performers
was enthusiastic.
The yroceeds from the entertainment
will be devoted to the payments on the
Is Your Watch Ke^piog P. r
fe*t Time
A chance of your life is offered today
to buy just the kind of a watch you
want at a price never offered you be
fore. I am offering today Waltham,
Elgin, Rock'ord and every other kind
of an American movement for factory
price. You can avail yourself of this ;
golden opportunity of low prices ami
make monthly payments. I want to re
duce my stock one half in the next 30 ,
days and if prices cut any figure with ,
you I can do it. <
Come around, let's talk it over. \
Skagway's Jeweler. .
MIh Toii| Imth 8ki|?r
Miss Bessie Young left this morning
on the train to join Rev J. C. Krause
and party at Whi'.ehorse. From
Whitehorse the party will leave for
the Koyukuk.
In bidding good bye toSkagway, Miss
Young expressed her deepest gratitude
and thanks to those in the city who,
she says, have shown her so much prac
tical kind- ess.
The party of which Kev. Krause is a
member will go to a new section of the
Koyukuk district where, it is said, a
rich strike has been made and where
the members of his party have staked
claims. It is expected that there will
be a great rush to the location later In
th ? seaeoo, but Mr. Kiiuse hopes to
get there ahead of other gold seekers.
Rev. Krause will meet bis wife and
two children who go in by way of St.
Michael from Seattle.
Tan Dollar* IU?ird
The Daily Alaskan wili pay a reward
of 410 for evidence that will lead to the
conviction of any one for stealing copies
of the paper from the premises of any
of its subscribers.
T?U'd( MacUuM For Sal*
The undersigned has all kinds of
ing machines and records for sal?- Or
ders taken for anything in thf 'toe not
carried in stock.
Jeanette de Gniyter,
At Caae & Draper's Broadway.
Notioo to Dallaqaaat Co-Owaor
To lames R Rollins and Henrietta Rollins
Vou are Hereby notified that during the year
19CB the unlersigned have expended mora .hau
J ICO iu labor and impn>vetLfc:? upea each the
"Crown Diamond' Lode Mining Claim, tbe
? Hvpatia' I?de Mining Claim, the "St. Peter *
Lode Mining Claim, the "Wtterrilk11 Lode Min
_iajr Claim, the Pilpbli" Lode Mining Claim
be 'Brewster" Lode Mining Claim, all of
which said claims art situate in the Skagway
^Miaing IMstrtct, uear Skagway. Alaska. In
Wwhich mining claims you ?an su undivided
wpne-sixth interest each an shown by tbe no
? of location of rrcord in the mining records
Ml said district. The said labor was performed
Hs and for the anuual representation of said
claims for tbe said year of 19U3, as required by
the provisions of Section 2C4 of the Revised
Statutes of the United States, and the amend
meutN thereto, approved January 22. con
cerning anuual labor upon mimuf claims, and
the same was the amount required to held said
claims for said year. You are furt her no'ifled
that ?dM within 90 days after tbe publication
of this n tice, you tod tribute your portion of
such expenditure as co-owners, to wit, the sum
of tJOO. or f;u) each, your Interest in the claim
will be forfeited to the undersigned co-owners,
who have made such expenditure, and will be
come their property in the manner provided by
Dated at Skagway. Alaska May 24, 1904.
George Mowl,
May 25, 90 4. James Lewis.
Japanese Matting-" All 180 strands
and good patterns, direct from the
Orient Regular price. 30c,' 3oc, 40c
and -toe goods. Now 25c per yaid, at
E. R. Peoples'.
Tbe ladies Sod the latest and best at
Japanese Matting-All 180 strains
and ifood patterns, direct from the
Orient. Regular price 30c, 35c, 40c
and 45c goods. Now 25c per yard, at E
?R. Peoples'.
Many Steamships Will Come
Next Week
r ?
There will be sLx large Puget sound
sr.? nnhlpe due to arrive at this place
next week. The palatial flyer City of
Seattle and the Canadian Pacific liner
Amor will lead the list, both ships be
ta* due Monday.
The Cottage City will be due Thurs
day, the Princess May Friday, the
Humboldt Saturday and the Al-h i some
time during the week.
We Are Right In Line With
Cut Prices
We cheerfully invite an honest com
parison of our goods and prices with
others and defy tou to do better else
For a few days only we will offer you
goods at greatly reduced prices. This
includes watches, cut glass, fine china,
rilverware, clocks and lamps. We have
the best assortment of all these lines
iud will make the price to suit you.
P. E. Kern,
Gold and Silversmith.
Fear Marin* Disaster
The crew of the steamship Princess
May. on the last down trip, saw signals
if distress on Egg island, but a gjle
was blowing and the ship could not
stop. The island is exposed to the full
iweep of wind and wave from Queen
Charlotte sound. A marine disaster is
Fit Pino* For Thom
A large number of senators and rep
resentatives are planning to make a
:rip to Alaska this summer, "going
through the gold fields," a Washington
lews dispatch says, "and spending July
1 on Siberian soil." That would be in
iccord with tha seemingly "eternal fit
iess of things." They will find more
>f the things for which the 4th of July
itands in Siberia than in Alaska. ? Val
lez News.
Mu; Nor* Lik* it in Alaskan Cities
The following ease is but one of many
limllar occurring daily. It is an ea sy
natter to verify its correctness. Sure
ty you cannot ask for better proof than
<uch a conclusive evidence.
R. Bennett, employed by the Dona
iue Lumber Co., residing at 439 South
E street, Tacoma, Wash., says: "For
?ome time last fall I had considerable
trouble from a lame and aching back.
paid little attention to it at first, but
is time rolled by it kept getting worse.
was uncertain as to ihe^ause. I --"
employed with the P?0ahue J^"'np!r
?o., and my part o'.'ne worW w "hat is
called ratchtr }? lD? tDe '?*>s VP 0
-he saw 1 ?"ought the constant riding
uh! i?rlng of the log carriage might
,*.6 cause the trouble; be that as it
oar, I felt the result severely in my
>ack. particularly if I stooped, when t
ould scarcely straighten. Doan's Kid
ney Pills came to my notice and I pro
:ured a bo*. They cured the dull,
leavy aching in a very short time and
was soon able to get about my work
vith my wonted vigor. I am sure if
myone " is troubled from backache
vhich arises from kidney complaint
hey can depend upon Doan's Kidney
fills to cure it."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
eats. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y.. sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name, Doan's, and
ake no substitute.
fruk Meat
The Fry*-Bruhn Co. keep all kinds
jf fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
Gold fountain pen. Finder please
eave at Daily Alaskan office.
tiaou Oyster Cocktails
The Pack Tram saloon is now serv
ing Elmer Chamberlain's famous oyster
Spring chicken and Eastern oysters
at the Pack Train restaurant.
Fine free lunch at the Totem all day
and night.
The ladies find the latest and best at
Best of wines liquors' and cigars at
the Totem.
Is your washing satifactory V \re
your clothes torn? If no or yes, try the
Skagway Hand Laundry, and you will
be satisfied. 3 20
l'rof. Young Dutchey's En
tertainment Will be Good
The best athletic entertainment ever
pulled off in the north will take place
at Elks' hall tonight, under the direc
tion of Prof. Young Dutchey, the
famous all round athlete.
Among the features of the entertain
ment will be the Greco-Roman statuary
posing of Prof. Young Dutchey, exhi
bition wrestling by the Bart-y brothers,
several four and sis rounds boxing con
tests, heavy lifting feats by Young
Dutchey and many other performances.
Many well known professional and ama
teur athletes will take part in ti e en
Prof. Young Dutchey expects a good
house. He says the entertainment will
be such that ladies can attend with pro
At Katekikaa
There is nothing like getting an early
start. Other Alaska towns are getting
ready for a celebration of the Fourth of
July, and Ketchikan ought not to linger
in the rear, even if the revered old Dec
laration does not mean to Alaskans
what it does to the people of the states
and organized territories.? Ketchikan
Tt? GonocrtlDaily
A free concert is given at the Mascot
saloon every afternoon and evening.
All the latest songs and airs. It is
worth hearing.
Get prices at Royal Laundry for
family work, special rates in rough
Jrv. next to new electric plant.
Two Geological Surveyinj
Parties For Alaska
Two geological survey parties an
bound for Alaska, The first, a party o
six, in oharge of Dr. G. C. Martin, wil
land at Seldoviaand proceed across thi
mouth of Cooks inlet, and the second
with Fred H Moffet in charge, wil
commence near the mouth of Resnrrec
tion bay on the Kena. peninsula, pro
ceeding north until the entire gold
bearing district is examined.
The regions about Dry bay, Cold bay
Cape Douglas, Amalik harbor and Her
endeen bay will be studied, with a vie*
of locating new discoveries of coal an<
petroleum. With the larger party wil
be Dr. T. W. Stanton, a paleontologist
who will examine the country foi
Kirmse Will Slaughter GoOiU
For One Week
Until June 1,1 will sell cut [glass
sterling and plated silver goods, Havl
land Chinaware and a One line of man
tle clocks at prices never before ofTeret
in Skagway.
Remember this sale is for one week
and if you miss it you will always b<
sorry. Kirmse,
The Tioneer Jeweler.
The Independent Steamer
Leaves Whitehorse For Dawson on Opening
Of Navigation
The Case* is the Most Comfortable, Best Equipped and Fastest Boat on
the Whiteh'jrse-Dawson Run. Parties purchasing tickets from us will
be protected on the through rate. W. A. KAN Me, Manager.
J. O. Johnston, Whitehorse Agent, Office Windsor Hotel.
Terminus W. P. & Y. Route _
i ? _ _ ? .rtThis Drek
All South Bound Steamers Arrive and Depart r
REGULATIONS 1902 ^ ^ m ^ 5 p m
t Warehouses open for delivery of merc'handiae/i^ht.
5 Perishables ONLY delivered on Sunday oj^foa be accompanied by a
All freight shipments destined south boijj?6btained at the U. 8. customs
Shipper's Manifest (paper* ca& p m. No freight will be re
office) and must be delivered ?r'
ceived on wharf after thijj^ted on Checked Baggage Only. No
BAGGAGE ? Tolls will bftfis when unchecked.
charge for bags ap$^ed to tho public when steamer is n earing
The wharf gate "ope0l!d only when passengers have disembarked,
dock and be had on application at office on dock.
Wharfage^ Tfe C< E W YNN-JOHNSON, Gen'l Mgr.
r. . . ? f t ? t - ?**??*?*??????????*???????
Billiard Parlor Raadln* and Writing Boon
The Board of Trade
LEE GUTHRIE Proprietor
Largest and Best Appointed P.esort for Gentlemen
In the North
The Idaho Liquor house
The Pioneer Family Liquor Store of Skagway
Direct Importers of Foreign aoil Domestic
Priv&t* Rooms For Families
Special Attention to Oidere let Family (Jte. Telephone 59
Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars ;
Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.|
Direct Service, No intermediate ?<
Call, to
? Transferring to
No Extra Charge
May 29
Sailing at 6 p.m.
For Speed, Comfort, Service and
J Appointment These Twin Screw
; Steamers Cannot be Equaled. For
a Information Write or Apply to
Carrying U. 8. Mail
Tuesdays and Satur
For Haines, Juneau, Hoonah Springs
and Sitka
216 Broadway, Phone 90
Just Opened
"'"'"' "a Town
The is Solicited
Your r
Uext to P. C. S. S. Co. Office
I ? Steam Laundry* | !
J All Work Guaranteed. Short j I
Orders Promptly
4 Done.
p? Messenger Will C*I1 ?nd Deli?et I i
I Baths In Connection |
8 Private Rooms for Ladies. j j
Delmonico Restaurant
Bozman & Lin, Props.
Open Day and Night
All the Delicacies of the Season
Sixth Ave. Near Broadway
Pacific Coast S.S. Co
Seattle, Puget Sound, Man Francisco and Southern Ports
carrying u. s. mail
City of Seattle, * May 30
HUMBOLDT, - - June 4 - 14
Direct to Seattle
COTTAGE CITY ? - June 2-1?
S*1U Via Sllka
tm. Above Schedule Subject to change Without Nonce.
L M. WEST. Agent PHONE 60.
C. D. DUNANN, Gen- Pass. Agt
10 Market Street, San Franclgco, Cal.
t \
The Alaska Steamship Co.
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer
DOLPHIN, ? Mav28
The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 75 hours between
Skagway and Seattle
FARALLON. About Mav 28
DIRIGO About June7'
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Addiiiona.' Phone l
? it sr\r\ Rni itp
TheWhitePas?^ ,WMfcw
T I XI Except Sunday.)
4. No. 2. S. Bound No. 4. 8 B
No, 3. N. B N-'?88' l8t class 2nd c!*?
2nd class. >>0 a m. LV. SKAOUAY AR. 4 30p. m. AR. 4 16 a. m,
i30p,r ll 00 } " " WHlTB PASS 3 00 " " 2 10 "
10.^?. m. 11 45 " " LOO CABIN 2 10' " 1 00 ?'
1220 12 35 [ P"m " BENNETT | } p.m " 12 20 p.m.
2 45 " 2 10 " " CARIBOU " 11 50a.m " 10 20 ??
6 40 " 4 30 " AR WHITE HORSE LV 9 30 " LV, " 7 00 "
Passengers must be at depots In time to have Baggage Inspected and
ihecked. Inspection is stopped 30 minutes before leaving time of train. ^
150 pounds of baggage will be checked free with each full fare tick#
md 75 pounds with each hair fare ticket.
Raw Furs....
High Prices for fine Furs
W rite For Price List
Percey's Fur House
Oshkosh. Wisconsin
proposals for Public Bulldiugs: Constructing
Quartermaster's Office, Fort William H. Sew
ard, Haiues, Ala?k?. April IS. 190#. Sealed prp
I.obals Id triplicitc will be received here until 2
o clock p. m. Thursday, May 5, !904. and 'hen
opened, for the construction, including plumb
ing. heatlnK, KaspiplqK. and gymnastic appar
atus. ol a Post Kxchange and Gymnasium
Building combined, at Fort William H. Seward.
Haines Mission. Alaska. Plans and specula
tions of the work may be examined and
copies of general Instructions to bidders
with blank forms for submitting proposals
obtained at this office, and (Juanrrm.inter s
Office^eattle, Washington .Any further inloima
tlon will be furnished upon application. Right
is reserved to reject any or all proposals or patts
thereof. Envelopes should be endorsed "Pro
posals for Public llulldlnga, Kort William H.
Seward, Alaska,' and addressed to Captain W
P. Richardson, Constructing Quartermaster.
Haloe*. Alaska.
= Patronize
^ Home
= lndustry?|
If Not You Should Do So By
Our Bottled Beer Only
Per Dozen
25c Rebate on Bottles
Drinking Skagway Beer
' Phone Brewery, 49. Residence, 38
While Pass h Yukon
Skagway to Atlin. Whitehorse, Big Salmon
Dawson and all Yukon River Points
The New Mining Camps In the ALSEK and BULLION Creek Dis
tricts Are Reached Only Via Whitehorse
Navigation on the Yukon River, Whitehorse to Dawson, should open the tirat week in June.
Daily connection with trains will then be made at WHITEHORSE by RIVER STEAMBOATS, for all Yukon River
points, including MENDENHALL LANDING, ? the nearest steamboat landing to the NEW GOLD FIELDS. These
steamboats are operated by the WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE and are equipped with all modern conveniences,
including steatn heat, electric light and such other features as afTord not only safety but comfon to passengers.
Finely Appointed Trains Daily, Except Sunday* Between Skagwav
and Whitehorse
Carry Passengers, Baggage, Mail and Express? .
Baggag3 Bonded Through. Direct Telegraphic Service to all Points
in Canada and the United States
For informitlon relative to Pawenger Freight and Telegraph rate*, apply to any agent of the company, or to
? ' M J B WHITE G F & P A A. B. NEWELL, V. P. & G. M. B. D. PINNEO, As*t. G. F. Sc P A.
\ Vancou ve r , R C Vancouyer. B. 0. and Skaguay, Alaeka Skaguay, Alaska

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