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Frontier Town
According to all Indications Fair
r %mks and Chenoa will not want (or ap
portunities to scatter the golden dust
on the wheels of chance. Several gam
bling outfits are among the freight go
ing 011 the first steamers, says the Daw
son News. It is well known that a
number of old-time Dawson gamblers
and a number from Seattle and other
coast points hare been assembling here
preparatory to descending on Fair
It is probable that dance halls, vari
ety theaters and other such places of
Amusement will be as numerous in the
new camp as in Dawson in early days,
and that life will be a* fully if not more
distinctly frontier. The new camp will
not hare the Northwest mounted police
that this camp had. The United States
* marshal and deputies have charge of
the law and order branch in the new
The Dawson police have been watch
ing the incoming people from the out
side closely. A number who have
arrived in small boats are being given
e blue ticket, and told to move on,
. it is intimated they are heading for
feTunuttd Police Will Have
More Stitious
A new Northwest mounted police
post will be establish.-d next winter at
Wounded Moose, on the overland trail
between Dawson and Whitehorie. A
loot? stretch now exists between posts
in that vicinity, ami the Wounded
Moose detachmeut will make 'the pa^
trols easier and more frequent.
No force will be stationed at Wound
ed Moose station during the summer.
The police have acquired necessary
ground for the new station.
A winter post will also be established
at Maya
The Way a Kins: Kits Has a
Ootid D-rtl to Willi It
The way a ring fits has a great deal
. to do with the way a lady values it.
Now, it's not much of a lover who does
not know the sue of her finger, but
such oases do occur, and we are willing
> to exchange the ring if it doesn't fit.
As good values here in engagement and
weddicg rings as you will find in the
country. We invite your attention to
our stock of diamonds and other prec
ious stones, which is large and varied
in its character, embracing goods from
medium to the very finest quality? both
''mounted and unmounted.
Watch repairing, manufacturing, dia
mond setting and engraving.
Keelar, Skagwav Jeweler.
I cannot tell a lie, we must make a
little profit. Clavson & Co.
Fntk Hut
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kinds
of fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
Cold fountain pen. Finder please
'*?ve at Daily Alaskan office.
Two Girla Wanted
Two girls wanted at Royal laandry?
one to work on the mangle and the oth
er for the ironing room. 6 2 tf
For Sala
Choice flower plants for bedding out,
at the Westside Greenhouse. Phone 141
4 13 tf Wm. H. Joy, Prop.
For K-^nt
Two nic?ly furnished room, Geo. E
Howard, Third avenue. 4 4 tf
N.v Spring Good*
New goods have arrived and are open
tor your inspection, at F. Wolland's.
Heavyweight ulsters at Cay ton <k
Member Nova Scotia Su
preme Conrt no More
[Special Dispatch to Daily Ala-kan.]
Halifax, Juno 8.? Justie Hitchie, of
the supreme court. of Nova Scotia, is
dead, aged 70 years.
Director of Mint Comln:
George E. Roberts, director of the
mint, will visit Alaska this summer.
He is expected to arrive some time
this month. t
Huberts expects to make a report on
the gold output of this district. Be
believes that Alaska is destined to be
come a much larger producer of gold
within the next few years, not only in
the placer district*, but in the quartz
region of Southeastern Alaska.
IV Uat Www.
It ma Saturday Might, and owing to
the temporary absence of his wife It
tell to Mr. Brown to attend to the
usual process of giving his eight-year
old son a bath and putting him to bed.
He had left his evening paper with a
man's reluctance ar.d had hurrfed mat
ters along with more speed than the
lit tie chap was accustomed to. How
ever, he endured It all withoat a pro- (
teat until it came to the prayer. It was
Ills habit after "Now 1 lay me" to ask
the dlvluv blessing upon a long list of ,
relatives and friends, calling each by <
"Please Cod." he begun, "bless papa
and mamma, grandpa and gramlina :iud
Aunt Edith aud I'ncle George and"?
A pause. Ills father, thinking to cur
tall the ifst of beneficiaries, softly In
tfnuatej au "Amen." Not heeding the
Interruption, the little supplicant drew
a lung breath and continued, "And
Aunt Alice and Consiu Annie and?
and"? Again his father said "Amen."
This was more than Uesh and blood
could stand, anil, lifting his little bead,
he exclaimed, with tears of Indiana
tion. "PajML who's running this prayer;
you or me?"? Ilsrper's Monthly.
Brnvrrv Immurtitlixed.
At ao entertaiuim nt at which NVIsoo
met Benjamin West Jti?t before lie
weut to s--a for the last tluie lie remark- <
ed to the artist. never pass a print
chop where your picture of tb? "Death
of Wolfe' Is In tin- without b#- ,
lng stop;* (I by it." West, vf course. ac
knowledged the com; ? :it. and Nel
?on went on !o;i?k why lie Imd painted
no rnor- like l? my lord," j
answered the art:*., tl.cre sr" :u> umre i
?ubjects." "tthiuk It," *aid Nfison. "I 1
didn't think ot that." and askrit hlui tn ?
take a pass of ciampavuc. "Hnt. my i
lord. I fear your lntre(4dlty will yet
furnish me with another sccne, and if
It should 1 shall ccrtai^ly nrnil my If
of It," th<? painter obs-erved. "Will
you." said Nelson. j>oriring out bump
en and touching hl? ^iim violently
?gainst West's- "will yoa. Mr. West?
Then I hope I shall die In the next bat
tle." He sailed _ few (.ays later, aud
West painted "Tie TV->th of XeJson."- |
London Chronicle.
Like the L11M *?!?*.
"Where do dogs which are ont
style go to?" nsked a dog funjrr. "We
bare rages of poodks, pngs. coach
dogs. St Bernards. bulM'-gs ami grey
hounds, and no on. And. vet. r ?< eaeb
has bis day the others disappear, and
the one predominating styl ? has the
walk. Where do <be wth. rs go to?
"Yon can't make over a bulldog Into
? poodle; you caa't reduce the size of a
St. Bernard. And yet as dug fa-li on"
call for a certain kind f.f a canine h.
can be had In number* sufficient to
supply all demands. I deal In dogs, and
yet th? problem puzzles me.
"1 only know that wb?>n ptig dogs aw |
the correct thing I bare a large num
ber. When the demand falls off, I find |
I am stocked with another breed.
"What bwnxaes of the others?"? New
fork Time*
Vuoalo Meeting
There will be a regular communica
tion of White Pass Lodge No. 113, F. A
A. M., Friday evening, June 10, at
their hall. No. 525 Fourth avenue.
Sojourning and visiting brethren are
uordially invited to meet with us.
By order of the W. M.
Robt. W. Taylcr, Secretary.
When in Whitehorse stop at the
Windsor, only first class house in town.
Hoimi to Lrt
Two furnished or unfurnishi'd cabins
and one 4-room house, furnished or un
furned. Apply to Pat Uenwick, Fiwk
Train saloon. ti 2 tf
Tan Dollar* Reward ,
The Daily Alaskan will pay a reward c
of 110 for evidence that will lead to tha '
conviction of any one for stealing copies
of the paper from the premises of any
of its subscribers.
iamoat Oyitwr Cocktails
The Pack Train saloon is now serv
ing Elmer Chamberlain's famous oyster
cocktails. tf
Best of wines liquors and cigars at
the Totem.
How to Judge Beer
An infallible indication of
body, age and excellence
of brewing material.
A solid, creamy foam is the invariable
indication of body, cge and excellence of
brewing material in beer. Unless the
best grades of barley and hops, selected
with extreme care, arc used in sufficient
qnantity, brew d so ns io give the beer
the proper strength and body, and after
ward the beer is thoroughly ripened ami a^etl, it cannot
show the (olid, creamy foam always found in the famous
"The only beer bottled exclusively at the Brewery*
S&OKway Laundry
For first-class worK try Skagway
Laundry. Twenty-two yeras' experi
snce. Telephone 89. tf.
Japane>e Matting? All 180 strands
ind -rood patterns, direct from the
Orient, liegular price 30c, 35c, 4tV
and i'tc goods. Now lioc [ter yard, at U
K. Peoples'.
Suits to order at from $18 up at the
American Tailors.
Get prices ftt Royal Laundry for
'ainily work, special" rates in rough
Irv. next to Dew electric plaut.
Muicot lu New Muilo
The Muscot saloon has just received
a large consignment of new music for
its popular Victor talking machine. It
includes all the latest popular airs.
Spring chicken and Eastern oysters
at the I'ack Train restaurant.
Will Joe or Gus Law t ess, or anyone
knowing of their whereabouts, please
communicate at once with Maggie
Lawless, General Delivery, Seattle.
You make no mistake in leaving your
orders for suits at the Aeierican Tail
The Independent Steamer {
Leaves Whitehorse For Dawson on Opening
Of Navigation
The Cased is the Most Comfortable, I >est Equipped and Fastest Float on
the Whitehvirse-Dawson Uun. Parties purchasing ticke ts from us will
b ? protected on the through ruto. \V. A. KAN NIK, Manager.
J. O. Johnston. Whitehorse Agent, Ottico Windsor Hotel.
Is Terminus W. P. & Y. Route
? All South Bound Steamers Arrive and Depart From This Drck ?
; Warehouses open for delivery of merchandise from 8 a. m. to 5 p. it. |
Perishables ONLY delivered on Sunday or night.
? All freight shipments destined southbound must be accompanied bv a j
i Shipper's Manifest (papers can be obtained at the U. 8. customs 4
S> office) and must be delivered before 5 pm. No freight will be re- 4
X ceived on wharf after this hour. ?
| BAGGAGK? Tolls will be oolleeted oi Cuf.ckkd Baquaoe Oni.y. No J
l> charge for bags at)d grips when unchecked.
?; The wharf gate will be closed to t'ao public when steamer Is nearing *
J doek and will be opened only when passengers have disembarked. f
Wharfage Tariff can oe had on jpplicai'on at office on dock.
? P.O. Box 175. C. E. WYNN-JOHNSON, Gen'l Mgr. J
'WW Ww V 'f r W"#v ? U ? fi, xvtv >T? -TV . t' W* v .
$ Billiard Parlor Read ing and Wrl tine Room '
The Board of Trade
LEE GUTHRIE Proprietor ?
Largest and Best Appointed Resort for Gentlemen
In the North <
? <?
| The Idaho Liquor House ?
? The Pioneer Family Liquor Store of Skagway |
Direct Importers of Foreign and Domestic
Privaw Rooms For Families
i Special Attention to Oiders ft r Family Ose. Telephone 59 ?
?> i <?ra??wi .t.y. ?sw?r?w ? ? ?
*???????????>????????????? ???????????????????? ?
Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
ai Totem
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
f Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.;
X 01 ryot Service, No Intermediate '
Call, to k
I Vancouver
Transferring to
No Extra Charge
JUNE 13. 23
JUNE 8, 18, 28
Sailing at 6 p.m.
F or Speed, Comfort, Service and i
? Appointment These Twin Screw j
' Steamers Cannot be Equaled. For,
$ information Write or Apply to
?' II BJHXfi!* . Art.. SKAGWAYj
f We have a G6od Line of
\ Cigars & [obbaco
: Pipes, 5c and Up
'Till your pocketbook
cannot reach
I Don't Forget the
428 BROADWAY, Phone 52
Tony Dortero
Keopened Under New
Rainier Hotel
Everything New and Clean
Booms, 25c. 50c & $ 1
Broadway, 2 Blocks from Depot
OtHce Hours: From 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to
4 and 7 to 9 p. m.
Office in Old City Hall
Three Doors Kast of Britts' Pharmacy
[?Steam Laundry? |
$ Atl Work Guaranteed. Sborl C
Orders Promptly t
<J Done. 5
4 Messenger Will Call inrt Dehrei r
% Baths In Connection I
Private Rooms for Ladies. J
Delmonico Restaurant
Bozman & Lin, Props.
Open Day and Night
All the Delicacies of the Seaso11
Sixth Ave. Near Broadway
0 Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
Seattle, Puget Sound, San Francisco and Southern Porte
Humboldt, June 4 c 14
CITY OF SEATTLE, - - June 9 ? 19
Direct to Seattle
COTTAGE CITY, - - ? June 17
Sails Via Sitka
Above Schedule Subject to chance Without Nonce.
L. M. WEST, Agant PHONE 60.
C. D. DUNAMN, Gen Pass. Aflt
10 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
rThe Alaska Steamship Co.
Carrying U. S. Mail arid Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer
The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 75 hours between
Skagway and Seattle
FARALLON. About June 13
DIRIGO About June6
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Addilional Charge
K A. CARROLL, Agent. Phone 66
The White Pass & Yukon Route
(Daily Except Sunday.)
No. 3. N. B No. 1. N. B. No. 2. S. Bound No. 4. S E
2nd class. 1st class. 1st class 2nd claw
8 30 p.m. 9 30 am. LV. SKAGUAY AK. 4 30p. m. Alt. 4 15a. a.
10 30 " noo}" " WHITE PASS " jj ? '? 210 "
1140 a.m. 1145 - " LOG CABIN *2 10 "100 "
12 20 12 35 fP''m " BENNETT " { ^ | p.m ?? 12 20 p.i r.
2 45 " 2 10 " " CARIBOU ?' 11 50a.m " 10 20 "
6 40 " 4 30 " AR White HORSE LV 9 30 " LV, " 7 00 "
Passengers must be at depots In time to have Baggage Inspected and
checked. Inspection is stopped 30 minutes before leaving time of train.
150 pounds of baggage will be checked free with ea^-h full fare ticke
and 75 pounds with each half fare ticket.
Carrvlne D. S. Mall
Tuesdays and Satur
For Haines, Juneau, Hoonah Springs
and Sitka
216 Broadway, Phone 90
Raw Furs....
High Prices for fine Furs
W rite For Price List
Percey's Fur House
Oshkosh. Wisconsin
= Patronize
^ Dome
<= Industry?
If Not You Should I)o So By
Our Bottled Beer Only
Per Dozen
25c Rebate on Bottles
Drinking Skagway Beer
Phone Brewery, 49. Residence, 38
While Pass S Yukon Route
Skagway to Atlin. Whitehorse, Big Salmon
Dawson and all Intermediate Points
Connection Made at Dawson with Lower River Steamboats (or Tanana, Fairbanks, Sf. Michael and Nome
Daily connection made at WHITEHORSE between TRAINS and RIVER STEAMFOATS, for all Yukon River
points, including MENDKNHALL LANDING,? the nearest steamboat landing to the new ALSEK GOLD FIELDS.
These steamboats are operated by the WHITE PASS & YUKON KOUTE and are equipped with all modern con
venient >'S, including- steam heat, eleitric light and other features as afford not only safety but comfort to passenger*.
Finely Appointed Trains Daily, Except Sunday. Between Skagwav
and Whitehorse
- Carry Passengers, Baggage, Mail and Express
BaggagB Bonded Through. Direct Telegraphic Service to all Points
in Canada and the United States
For information relative to Passenger Freight and Telegraphic rate* apply to any agent of company, or to
M J. B. WHITE, G. F & P A
Vancouver, B. C.
^ A.B. NEWELL, V, P. &G. M.
Vancouver, B. G. and Skaguay, Alaska
R. D. PINNEO, Asst. G. F. & P. A.
Skaguay, Alaska

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