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On and after June 13
our store will be closed
at 8 o'clock p. m. Ex
cept on Saturday's when
same will close at lO
p. m.
John Kalem, me Grocer
T. J. Holland, of Whitehorse, is at
the Fifth Avenue. '
C. D. Mallorv. the Kagle rirer mining
n an, Is In the city. |
H. H. Drajier returned from a trip to
llaines on the I'nion last night.
iv. W. Jennings returned from a bus- '
i ess trip to Haines on the Union yes
terday. J
T. R. Sewell, the Haines druggist, is
in the city.
J. B. Caro and C. E. Hooker, who
c astiiute the Juneau brokerage firm
of J. P. Caro <k Co., are in the city.
They will return to Juneau on the City
{ Seattle
Mrs. A. Davey, wife of the Dawson
lawyer, arrived on the Amur and is
at the Fifth Avenue hotel.
Sergeant White and three constables
of the mounted police arrived on the
Amur. They will leave for Whitehorse
tomorrow morning.
OImiu Sail* Tonorrr
The Gleaner will sail for Atlin on
the arrival of tomorrow's train al
Entertained At Diaaar
Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Watson anter
tainee Mrs. Arthur Davey at dinner
iast night. Covers were laid for si*.
Dirts0 la aad Oat
The Dirigo arrived last night at 10
o clocn with 19 passengers, 1?5 tons of
freight and way port mail. She sailed
out at six o'clock this morning
G i9 Explosion Kills Coa)
^ Miners
' [Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
I Fairmount, W. Va., June 9? Ex
plosion of gas destroyed the Fairmount
Coal Company's plant. Eight men
were killed.
Canadian Methodists Would
l uite All Protestants
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
Montreal, June 9. ? The Methodist
cot ference in session here passed reso
lutions in favor of a church union be
tween the various branches of the prot
testant faith.
1 cannot tell a ne, we must make a
little profit. ClavsoD & Co.
Gold fountain pen. Finder please
leave at Daily Alaskan office.
Two GirU Wasted
Two girls wanted at Royal laundry?
one to work on the mangle and the oth
er for the ironing room. 6 2 tf
Cutter shoes at Clayson's
TM but Straw.
It irai Saturday night, and owing to
tbe temporary absence of his wife It
fell to Mr. Brown to attend to the
usual process of giving his eight-year
old son a hath and putting him to bed.
lie bad left his evening paper with a
man's reluctance and had hurried mat
ters along with wore speed than the
little' chap whs accustomed to. How
ever. be endured It all without a pro
test until it came to tbe prayer. It was
bis habit after "Now I lay me" to ask
the dlvlu-v Messing upon a long list of
relatives and friends, calling each by
"1'lease God," he began, "bless papa
and mamma, grandpa and grandma and
Aunt Edith aud Undo George and"
A pause. His father, thinking to cur
tail the list of beueflciaries, softly In
ainuated an "Amen." Not heeding tbe
Interruption, the little supplicant drew
a long breath and continued, "And
Aunt Alice and Cousin Annie and?
and"? Again his father said "Amen."
This was more than desh aud Mood
could sta:>d. and. lifting his little head,
he exclaimed, with tears of Indigna
tion, "Papa, who's runulng this prayer;
you or me?"? Harper's Monthly.
Brarpry I ni mortal tied.
At an entertainment ot which N l?oo
met Benjamin West Jr.^t before lie
went to sea for the last time tie remark
ed to the artist. "}. never paps a print
?hop where your picture of tl>c 'Heath
of Wolfe" is In the window without b?:
lng stopped by It." West, of course, ac
knowledged the compliment, and Nel
son went on to ask why he had painted
no rnorr iike It. "Because, mv lord,"
answered the artist, there r.r*> no more
subjects." "ttl-'tik <t " v ' ?? "1
didn't tlil-ik oi thai, ' ;i.u to
take a giass ?( i ianip:- ? ?. "But. my
lord. 1 fear y Mir lnt> : '* ??"' vet
furnish i U? Willi an t - r w. a;-. .1 f
it sbnuld I sha 1 ;-ertf '"1:. nv; lay 'f
of It," t!:e iiiint?r ol>.--tred. "Will
you," sji d Ne!-ou out bump
ers and tot: Mm.t hlr glass vloleuiy
against Wsi'?-"?v;il yon, Mr. West?
Then 1 h ip ? I s'.t.II ?'ie In the next Kit
tle." lie sail ' _ !? w o\vs later, and
West pal "TV "wth of Nelson."?
London Cliroutcle.
Like the Lost (*!??.
"Where do dogs which nre out of
style go to?" asked a Cog fancier. "We
have races of poodles, pugs. coach
dogs. St. Bernards, bulldog* and grey
hounds. and so on. And. vet. as oaeb
has his day the others disappear, and
the one predominating Ktyle has the
wajk. Where do the others go to?
"You can't make over a bulldog Into
a poodle; you can't reduce the size of a
St Bernard. And yet as d g fa-dfou*
call for a certain kind of a canine he
can be had In numbers sufficient to
supply at) demands. I deal in dogs, and
yet the problem puzzles me.
"1 only know that wben pug dogs are
the correct thing I have a large num
ber. Wh?n the demand falls off. I Gad
t am stocked with another breed.
"What bMutuea of the other?7"? New
York Time*
Elks' Meeting
There will be a meeting of Skagway
Lodge No. 431, Benevolent and Protec
tive Order of Elks, at their hall, Thurs-,
day, June 9, at 8:30 p. m.
There will be initiation.
All visiting Elks are invited to at
tend. E. A. Murphy, Sec'y.
H tines Contractors After
Ttlegi aph Company
W. R. Nichols and George M.
Savage have commenced suit in the
superior court at Tacoma against the
Postal Telerraph & Cable company for
the purpose of recoverirg $2,443.50
damages alleged to have been sustained
through the failure of the telegraph
company to deliver within the specilied
time a message to Major W. P. Rich
ardson at 'rkagway. The message was
sent from the Tacoma office of the com
pany instructing Major Richardson to
add 5 per cent, to the contractors' bid
for the construction of projwsed gov
ernment buildings at Haines, and was
to have been delivered before 11 o'clock
of the day of July 12, 1<|03. The con
tractors. put in a mail bid for the work
work at Haines for *48,870, which
arrived at Skagway shortly before the
bids were opened; The telegram was
sent for the p'irposo of increasing the
bid by 5 par cent. The message, it is
alleged by the plaintiff, was not deliv
ered until July 20.
Not having received any notification
of an increaso in the bid, the contract
was awarded to Nichols & Savage on
their original bid of $48,870. The con
tractors refused to enter into the con
tract at that figure until tht-y were
forced to do so by the United States
government, which threatened to hold
plaintifi and sureties on thir bond for
the difference between the bid and the
bid of the next lowest contractor, which
was $(>4,000.
For the 24 hours preceding 6 o'clock
a n., June 9, 11)04:
Highest temperature, 64 above.
Lowest temperature, 33 above.
H. D. Clark,
U. S. Voluntary Observer.
Young lady to wait on tables anil boy
to wash dishes. Apply to this office.
Fine porcela tubs at Principal bar
bershop, opposite Board of Trade.
For Kant
Two nicely furnished room, Geo. E
Howard, Third avenue. 4 4 tf
N'bW Spring Good*
New goods have arrived and are open
for your inspection, at F. Wolland's.
For Sale
Choice flower plants for bedding out,
at the Westside Greenhouse. Phone 141
4 13 tf Wm. H. Joy, Prop.
Our Spring Stock of Men's
Hanan Shoes are here. These
are absolutely the finest mens
shoes manufactured and once
worn, you will wear no other.
Patent Colt, Vici-Kid. Box
\ Calf and Velow Call. One
' price for all- $7.00 a pair.
Notice to ths Public
Now that the streets and alleys have
been properly cleaned, the attention of
the public is called to Section 3, Arti
cle 4 of Ordinance No. 32, which pro
hibits the placing or leaving of refuse,
litter, or rubbish of any kind on the
streets or alleys, and provides for a tine
of $50 for the violation of the same.
F. Wolland.
Chairman Committee on Health and
Sk.?gway, June 3, 1904. tf
Clayson & Co. carry the largest stock
of overcoats in town.
Position Wanted
A school teacher from Roseburg,
Oregon, would like a position as copy
ing clerk or governess, or any honor
able work excepting cooking, dishwash
ing and chamber work. Apply to Pe
nial Mission. _ 5 24 3tD
Baths 25 cents. Pine porcelain tubs
at the Portland Lod jing House. Rooms
25c, 60c, 75c and . Fifth avenue, op
poeite postoffice.
Frae Concert 'Daily
A free'concert is given at the Mascot
saloon every afternoon and evening.
All the latest songs and airs. It is
worth hearing.
All 180 Strand and G-ood Patterns
Direct from the Orient
Regular 30. 35. 40 & 45c Goods
Now 25 Cts. Per Yard
Can you afford to miss the
at our stc re ? Every line which we have not a full assortment of sizes in
in will be sold at a
25 per ct. Discount For Next 15 Days
Every Article is First Class in Every Respect
Phone 124.
Fourth Avenue and State Street in Peterson Building1

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