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Daily Alaskan
Telephoa* Na if.
?uxacRiPTtON rati*
Oat imL J?uw*d by earrler. .
>m month, by mall
ritTM month*, by mall..
?tx month#, by
(.>?? y??r. by mall
If reports are true General Kuro
pat kin is not beiutf permitted to remain
inactive its he stated he intended do
inif until July. As there are reports
of heav cannouadinir (in the neighbor
hood of fort Arthur, "Old Hat is
probably doiug some lively 'oot work
instead "of taking a lay off.? White
horse Star.
The war editor of the Whitehorse
Star should revise his war map. If he
will examine the dispatches that have
been published in his paper he will
discover that Gen. Kuropatkin is at
Mukden, 2.">0 miles North of Port
Port Arthur at which place Gen. Stoes
sel is besieged.
Such activity as that displayed by the
chamber of commerce, tn its efforts to
put Skagwuy in such a position that it
will not be at the mercy of the people
who are operating the pr? sent wa.er
system in thiscitv. cannot help but re
sult id the relief desired.
... .?
... 1>
... M?
That strong talk backed up by tbt?
war ships at Tangier seems to have
had the desired effect upon the sultan
of Morocco
The movement anions Ibe stores to
close at ? o'clock in the evening is de
serving of encouragement .
goat Peopl- Hdva Learned How to
Oat Rid of Both
Uack.tche and kidney ache are twin
You can't separate tbem.
And you can't get rid of the back
ache until you cure the kidney ache.
If the kidneys are well and strong,
the rest of the system is pretty sure to
be in vigorous health.
Doan's Kidney P ills make strong,
healthy kidneys.
H. B. McCarver, of 2f>l Cherry street,
Portland. Oregon, inspector of freight
for the Trans-Continental Company, a
man who is very well known among
the railroaders of the coast, says:
??tfean's Kidney Fills are among the
few patent remedies which do all that
is claimed for them, and they have my
thorough confidence. I used them for
backache and other very marked symp
toms of kidney trouble which had an
noyed me for months. I think a cold
was responsible for the whole trouble.
It sp?med to settle in my kidneys.
Doan's Kidney IMlls rooted it out. It
is several months since 1 used them
and up to date there has l?en no re
currence of the trouble I have recom
mended them to a number of the boys
about the freight bouse and 1 know if
they gave them a fair trial they cer
tainly must have been pleas d with the
For sale by all dealers. Price SO
cents. Mailed by Koster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo. X. Y., sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name. Doan's, and
take no substitute.
Notice is hereby given that the un lersijraed.
Char!e> K. Hockc. receiver of the property
heretofore belonging to the co-partnership of
l?r> Jen .v Sewell, which Co partnership w? dis
?clved by * decree of the D strict Court of the
D strietoi Aiitfift. Division No. 1, entered ou
the h day vi February. ;*>!. will by virtne of
aa order entered in tne above entitled court on
the Zxl day of May. I?i ?ell all the property
br oiwiug to ibe >aid copartnership. now dis
solved -\t auction to the highest bidder for
cash at o clock p- m. on the Mh day of June.
I a. . in Iron: of the drug store at Haines. Alas
ka The property heretofore referred to and
which will be * M under s*ld order consist* of
stock <?f drug'* and drug sundries at Haines of
the approximate invoice value of #l?QQ.QO; also
un?- toWL lot -5\l l)or Main street in ssld u?wn
r> Haines next t?> postoflkce. Said sale shall be
made subject to the approval of the court.
C. E. Hooker.
Noticato Urlmqumt Co-Owner
To James R. Rollins and Henrietta Rollins:
\ ou are hereby notified that during the year
lx,<3 :he un ? rsiini'si have expended more than
StvO-.o Ub**r *nd i nprovementa upon each ine
"Crown Diamond Lode Mining Claim, the
? Hypaiu' L?*.te M.uing Claim the ' St. Peter"
Lode Mioin* Claim, the "Waurville'* Lode Mm
:nn Claim. the Falphix' Lode Mining Claim
aai 'tr 'Bre*sier' Lode Mining Claim, all of
which said claims ar? situate in the Skagway
Mining 1 ^'.rct, near Sk?gway. Alaska ii:
ahic'i minim.' claims you oan nn undivided
ooe- sixth interest each as shown b. the no
tices oi .ccat:?n of record in the ruining records
of aai i district. The said labor was ; erformed
as am! for 'he annual representation of said
cla-m? f- r the -aid year of 1MB. as required bv
t e provisions of section 2111 of the Revised
Statutes ??f tt?e United States, and the amend
ments thereto. approved January Zi. l*s) con
cerning annual labor upou miniua claims, and
the same was the amount required to hold said
clahns for sa.d y? ar. You aie further nor itied
that uiil*-s.> .s iihin *? days alter the publication
ofthi- n<-t ue. you contribute your portion of
such exp*' diture as co-owners, to wit, thesuu
of or I uo each, your interest in the claim
will be forfeited to :he undersigned co-owners
who have made such expenditure, and will be
come the:r pn perty in the manner provided by
Dated at Ska*rway. Alaska May 24, 19N.
tieorge Mowl,
May ? J. James Lewis.
lor Sale
Business lot for sale, pood location,
most desirable in Haines. ^ orth twice
the money. Must 9ell. A chance to
double your money. Address: P. O.
Box 108, Haines, Alaska. o 18 1*
D. D. Pullen, son of Mrs. H.S. Pullea,
returned from the Washington univers
ity, on the City of Seattle last night.
He will be employed by the W. P. &
Y. R. during his vacation
Mr. ac>u Mr* C. E. Wynn-Johnson |
left on the train this morning for Atllo,
where Mr. Wyon-Johnson will spend
?tome time looking out for his mining
Mrs. O. A. Piper, wife of the engi
neer who had charge of the Coldfoot
survey party, returned south on the
| City of Seattle. She accompanied her
husband as far as Whltehorse.
James Barragar, the well Icnnwn
Whitehorse base ballist arrived on the
train last night and returned home
this morning
Mrs. J. R. McGovern, wife of the
Dawson manager of the Northern Com
mercial Company, arrived on the City
I of S attle.
Mrs. R L. Vining, formerly of.Skag
way, arrived on the City of Seattle on
| her way to Dawson.
William Britt, got away on the City
| of Seattle last night, for Europe.
J, L. Schroeder, of Whitehorae,
made the trip over from Whitehorse
last night returning today.
R. A. Carroll, agent of the Alaska
S'.eamshio Company, is ill at his home
on Broadway.
J. D. Meenach, the Valdez copper
miner and interior gold miner, arrived
on the City of Seattle .
E. A. Murphy is back from a few
days' trip to A'hitehorse,
Ben R. Everett, of Tacoraa, and Daw
son, arrived on the City of Seattle.
J. P. Rogers returned from White
horse last night.
Miss M. Morrison will leave on the
Princess May for a visit to Victoria.
Fnik Hut
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kinds
of fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
Bntldlnic ? House.
In bollding a house every layer of
brick is termed a "course." It Is usual
to place In the wails upright and hori
zontal damp proof courses. The*e
Might to be composed of some Bub
stance that water cannot penetrate. In
this way the walls are mapped out In
to squares, and the accidental damping
of auy one square cannot affect the
others. Un fortunately, some builders
study economy unduly, and their damp
proof courses act as effectively as a
layer of wet sea sand. Those vho In
tend havlnc a bouse built should re
gard the genuineness of the measures
adopted to prevent damp as of fjie very
first Importance.
Dranlai the Dlanu Oat.
The Chinese have a curious custom
of trying to cure a sick man A friend
?if the patient obtains a straight branch
with a few leaves and twigs, at the
end. On this he bangs a mirror of
polished steel, and under that one of
the sick man's coats. Then he goes
for a short walk, a priest In the mean
time performing a ceremony. The
coat, being carried in this way, is sup
posed to draw the disease from the snf
fcWi "
Wives of RomUd
A White Itus-sian pri dt must be mar
ried, but lie cannot uiarry a second
time. If his wife lies he must enter
a monastery. Hence the Russians tell
many stories of !he extraordinary
means to which, ths priests resort In
guarding the health of their wives. If
the priest's connort sneezes, a m d
panic ensues In the household.? World's
Conflicting Considerations.
"Don't you sometimes think yon
ought to give m?re heed to what pos
terity will think of you?"
"My dear sir." answered Senator Sor
ghum. "it's risky. You are in danger
of letting It absorb your attention and
forgetting what the assessor and the
voters ami the political bosses may
think of you."? Washington Star.
What She Wore.
Travers Vh'-re goes Peterby's wife.
He' the fellow I played poker with
the other night. Jagway? She looks
pretty well dressed. Travers ? She
ought to te. She's got on my last
week's salary.
The Difference.
One? Are you certain that you love
the girl? Tuther ? Certain? Why, I
can't alo-p nights for thinking aboul
her. One ? That's odd. I get the saint
effect f'om my tailor's bills.? Judge.
A Dent) Cirrus.
Grnndpa? Well. Sammy, where have
yon been today? Sammy (Just back
from the Natural History museumi?
Oh, we've had a line time, grandpa.
We're been to a dead circus.
To be instructed in the arts softens
th* character and makes men gentle.?
Pioneer Jeweler Sells the
Remember, I sell more watches than
any other two or three houses in Alaska
combined. The lead in this line is
maintained because I sell all the stand
ard movements and cases as cheaply as
you can get them any place on earth.
Rings, diamonds, nugget jewelry, cut
glass, souvenirs--in fact anything in
the jewelry line? at bed rock prices.
Kvery article guaranteed.
The I'ionoer Jeweler.
At tk? Panthron
The l'antheon Saloon always servos
their patrons with the best brands of
wines, liquors and cigars. tf
Is your washing satifactory y Are
your clothes torn? If no or yes, try the
Skagway Hand Laundry, and you will
be satisfied. 3 20
Fine free lunch at the Totem all day
and night.
The Watchword
Should bo "exact". A timepiece that
loses or gains is not reliable. A mod
erate amount of money will put your
watch in good health.
done here isjnot expensive but it is
thoroughly good work. Experience,
knowledge and skill are put to good
use and, combined with unexcelled fa
cilities, enable us to do watch, clock
and jewelry repairing of a very high
Gold and Silversmith
!i Whitehorse]
I; Hotel ?
Whitehorse, Y. T. |
I New Management i
Refurnished Throughout, First- i
Class in Every Respect
Finest Cafe In the Northwest J
The Short Line East
If You Contemplate a Trip to
Talk With
Local Agent, Fifth Avenue Hotel
S. G. Yerkes, G. W. P. A.
612 First Avenue, Seattle]
Hoi Ho! for the World's Fair
fl Free Ride. First'Class =
This is a facsimila of coupon given away with every dollar purchase.
Ticket will be good via Pacific Coast Steamship Company and either the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific or Union Pacific by way cf Portland irom Seattle
to St. Louis and return to Skagway, including stop-over p- ivilegi s
Tickets good for three months from date of issue.
THIS coupon entitles holder to one chance for a first
class ticket to the St. Louis World's Fair and return. Tick
et good for three months after date of issuance.
Drawing to take place August 20, 1904.
Job Printing
A Specialty
? ?T the ? ^
Daily Alaskan Office ;
Make your mark
in the world !
Don't be satisfied to work along in the same old way for Ipw wages.
We have helped thousands carve out successful careers. We can help
you do the same. If you want to change your work, we can train you in
spare time for a salaried position in your new profession.
We cm train you, by mail, at small expense, for any of the following
Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Draftsman Electrical Engineer
( ivil Engineer Electrician Surveyor
Mining Engineer Sanitary P ngineer Sign Painter
Architect Architectural Draftsman Chemist
Ornamental Designer Show Card Writer Ad Writer
W indow Dresser Bookkeeper Stenographer
Commercial Law French, German or P punish, with phonograph.
In introducing onr work in Alaska we are offering special discounts
on all courses.
What Position Do You Want ?
Fill out and mail to our representative this coupon for free prospectus
of the subject you wish tc study.
A. K. SHAY, Jr., General Agent for Alaska,
Dawson, Y. T.
Dear Sir:? Please send free prospectus and price
list pertaining to
i - !
F. Wolland, ji
Corner State! Street and Fifth Avenu* |
Telephone No. 76
? ? - 6?^?XSXsXS^^ s 4
Pure Beer Is a perfect food. f., The "public
should beware of cheap and poor beers and ]
Insist on having the Pure Genuine Articled
Rainier . Beer represents ' the J standard
highest purity*.^ There Is nothing superior^
^ be found.J

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