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Daily Alaskan
Tele?ho?? No 1%
Oil WMk. a?llT?r?d by 0*rr1?r
ym* month, hy maH
itr?? months, by mall
?tx month*, by man
? n? y Mr. by mall
A question ha* been raised as to in
justice of the conclusions arrived at bv
the Daily Alaskan that the disasters
which have followed the Russian arms
in the Orient are due to incompetency
and corruption in high places which
are beyond remedy because that coun
try is a monarchy in the government
of which the people have no voice. It
is said in answer to this position that
Japan is also a monarchy, and that Rus
sian defeats cannot be taken as the vic
tories of a free people.
It is true that Japan is not a repub
lic, but it is a limited monarchy, the
popular branch of the law making
power of which is chosen by popular
election. However, this is not the
main reason why the conditions in
Japan are not those that naturally re
sult in countries where the (towers of
govern ment are placed completely
in the hands of the common people. At
the present time the Japanese people
are swayed by a peculiar but fervent
patriotism which has inspired alt strata
of society in that land. A fanaticism,
pec-iliar with Oriental peoples, such as
for generations at a time has caused
Asiatics to seek the opport unity to die
far their religious convictions, just now
is operating to take the place with the
Japanese of the patriotism which in
other countries comes from a realiza
tion on the part of the masses that they
are the government and that when
they fight a national foe, they tight for
their own rights as freemen.
... .71
... It
Unless the Japanese nation, like that
of Great Britain anil other limited
monarchies, shall continue constantly
to increase the extent of those functions
of government exercised by the com
mon people and to a corresponding ex
tent curtail those that are now en
joyed by the royalty, the fanatical pa
triotism that induced the thousands to
(five up their lives at Fort Arthur in a
hopeless service to their emperor the
other day will subside, and Japan, like
Chin*, will become a plaything for am
bitious peoples oho know more t!-an
they of the pleasures of being free.
Seattle has decided to name a public
park of that city "Admiral Phelps
Park," in honor of Admiral Tbomas S.
Phelps, who, as a lieutenant, at the
time of the Indian war in lOi came to
the relief of the place with the "Old
Navy" ship Decatur and turned th? tide
of the unequal contest in favor of the
beseiged settlers The decision of the
city council to honor the name of the
saviour of the founders of their place
was reached at a time when Capt
Thomas S. Phelps, Jr.. son of the pio
neer hero, wai at Seattle in command
of a ship of the "New Navy." The
honor was a deserved one, and the con
ferring of it will be as gratifying to the
many friends of "Tom" Phelps, of the
present generation, one of the best men
in the American navy, as it will be to
those who recognize the claim to Seat
tie's regard possessed by his famous
father, who recently passed away.
"Oily Tom" is the name that has
been given Thomas Tiggart, the chair
man of the democratic national com
mittee. It is said he is a twin brother
to all the tricks that are known to
American politics.
If the weather man will only make
up for the shortage on the front end of
the summer season bv adding to 'tother
end, he will receive so much -praise
about Christmas time that he will for
get that he ever had been abused.
Summer was late in coming, but it is
making up for lost time with a ven
Business should revive at Dyea
(Skagway's Newport).
Japanese Matting ? All 180 strands
and good patterns, direct from the
Orient. Regular price, 30c, 35c, 40c
and 4oc goods. Now 25c per yai d, at
E. R. People*'.
List of The Liuers for Next
There will be six liners to arrive
from Puget Sound during next week.
Tomorww the City of Seattle and th>'
Amur will be due and both ships
should get in early in the day.
There will be no boat due Tuesday,
but for the next three days there will
be an arrival each day. The Hum
boldt will be due Wednesday, the!
Jefferson, Thursday and the Princess
May, Friday
The Karallon is advertised to arrive
Wednesday, but she is not expected to
arrive until later in the week.
Will Ro.nrrect AltiU Club
The prominent business men of Seat
tle have put their shoulders to the
wheel to assist the Alaska Club, of that
city, out of the mire. It is the purjtose
to finance it in such a manner as to
make it a complete success.
Val Dcia Comet and Goes
The Valencia arrived in i>ort at 4
o'clock last evening and sailed out at
midnight with ii pasiengers for the
south. The Valencia had a large
freight cargo and a small passenger list
Plrue Return Hat
Someone inadvertently traded hats
with the undersigned at the Pioneers
banquet. Hat contain> my name inside.
Please return to Fifth Avenue hotel,
where hats may be exchanged.
Leslie Butler.
Delay Hu Be. n D.inReron* in Many
Cam ?
Do the right thing' at the right time.
Act quickly in times of danger
Backac'e is kidney danger.
Doan's Kidtuy Pills act quickly
Cure all distressing, dangerous kid
ney ills.
Plenty of evidence to prove this.
William Kid rod, solicitor for F. A.
Bolt & Co., 720 Commerce street, place
of residence corner of l">th and Dock
streets, Tacoma, Wash, says: "Last
-ummer for about a month I had pain
in my back so severe that I could
hardly stand it. I also had other symp
toms which convinced me that it was
ray kidneys that were the causp of the
trouble and the sccretio-s from those
organs were too frequent in action,
especially at night, disturbing my rest.
I heard people speak well of Doan's
Kidney Pills and this induced me to get
a box. Before I had finished the box
the pain in my back and other sym|>
toms disappeared. I am a poor band to
take medicine, but when I find one
which comes up to the representations
made for it like Doan's Kidney Pills do,
I am only too glad to recommend it at
every opportunity."'
For sale by all dealers. Price, 50
cents. Foster-Mil burn Co., Buffalo, N\
V., sole agents for the U. S.
reasoned Lumbar
G od seasoned lumber for sale cheap
Inquire at Monogram Liquor House
Price, $16 per thousand
At th? Pwnth oa
The Pantheon Saloon always serves
their patrons with the best brands of
wines, 1 quors and cigars. ?f
Notice to I'elloqaent Co-Ow er
rojames R. Rollins t?nd Henrietta Kollirs:
\ou are hereby not ti?d that duiin? the year
I9u3 the BBdenm ?l iure cxpflnd <1 moto than
Skolu labor and improve ce its u?on eacu I lie
Crown Diamord Lode Miu;ng Cairn, tiie
Hvpatiu' Lode M'uiug Claim J?e ' St. Peter"
Lode Mining Claim, toe ??\V^tervll)e" Lode Mm
intf Claim, tbe Fnlpi'ix Lode M uing Claim,
and iLe "Brewslei Loi e Mining Claim, all of
which said claims are situate in tbe Ska?way
Mining District, near Skagway, Alaska. in
which mining c.'aims you o*n uu undivided
ooe-s'xth intern t e. eh as shown b? the no
tices of location ol record in tbe mining records
of sai i district. The saM inbor was performed
us and for the :? tnual rer>rr.>entation of said
claims for the said year of 1' ?W. i?s required bv
tr.e provisions of section 2?21 oi tue Revised
Statutes of the United S'-wles. nud liie amend
ments thereto, approved Jan jarv LJ. KM con
cerning anuual labor unou mm. in* claims, anu
the same was the amojut required to bold said
claims for said year. You a: e further not ! tied
that unless within W) days attcr the publication
oflkli notice, you contribute your portion of
such expenditure as co-owners, to wit. the sum
of ?00. or $100 each, your interest in the claim
will be forfeited to the undersigned co-owners
who have made such expenditure, and will be
come their property in the manner provided by
Dated at Skagwuy. Alaska May 24, 1904.
George Mowl.
May 26, 90 d. James Lewis.
Get prices at Royal Laundry for
'amily work, special rates in rough
Irv. next to Dew electric plant.
I'se Remington typewriter supplies.
For sale by G. Chealander. 7 18 3t
All the delicacies of the season at the
Pack Train Kesturant.
Fine free lunch at the Totem all day
and night.
TWO 10 00
C uatliau ami Selkirk Will
Sjil Tomorrow
Whitehorse, Aug. 0? The Can adian
and the Selkirk will probably sail to
morrow for lawson. The Cauadiun
arrived at 11:15 p. iu. yesterday with
the barge Clondike in tow The Se."
kirk should arrive tomorrow morning.
The Dawson sailed at 11:30 j>. m.
yesterday with 15 passengers for Daw
son. She passed Hootalimiua' at 7:30
a. m. today.
There was no report this morning of
any of the boats below l.'ootalinqua.
The river continues .to stand at 4S
inches al>ove low wa'er.
Fire Ladd<e? Will Meet
The regular meeting of the Skngway
lire department will take place this
evening at the city hall.
With Two or Tli ree- Year
The Board of Trade restaurant will
be rented on a two or three-year lease
for J25 per month. This will include
both floors of the building, chicken
house and yard, store room, ice boxes,
large and small, and other accessories.
The restaurant kitchen contains a large
French range, and is partly furnished
The dining room, the floor of which is
covered with linolium, i- furnished
with tables and chairs and is ?ired for
electricity and call lu lls, and contains
city water connections The upstairs
is carpeted, and would make elegant
living apartments.
Call on or address: Lee Guthrie,
Skagway, Alaska. S3 lmo
Alway* In the L ad
The Seatile saloon N alwaj-inthe
lead. It serves the tint -t. free lunch,
hot or cold night or day, to be had in
I the city, with the very l>est layer beer
in the world. Seattle corner of
Sixth avenue and State street.
During the summer months I will
sell bread at 5 cents a loaf arid all other
pastries in proportion. We use the best
material and a competent ba;er is in
charge. Give us a > all and be con
vinced. The Vienna Bakery.
At tfc-i Kantheou
You will always find the !>? st of wines,
liquors and cigars at th 1 'an theon Sa
loon. t'
Broilers and
Broilers and fresh e^'gs for sale daily
at Captain Lauridsen's hennery. tf
Mwsco*. i fci Nc-ulMu-lo
The Mascot saloon has just received
a large consignment of new music for
its popular Victor ta king machine. It
includes all the latest iwputar airs
Baths 25 vents. Kino poiv uit: tubs
at the Portland TxhI ring Huusc. I looms
25c, 50c, 75c and i . Fifth avenue, op
posite Canadian Bank of Commerce.
A fine lunch ai d a large glass c?
Ra'nier b;er, at the S allk Saloju fur
10 cuc>8. tf
ijr.r. ? itsxsxixsvjxsxstiii.y. ?.>
| Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.
Direct Service, No Intermediate *
Call, to
Transferring to
No Extra Charge
AUG 12
mi i v
AUG. 7
Sailing at .6 p.m.
For Speed, Comfort. -"lrvice and |
Appointment These Twin Screw i
Steamers Cannot be Equaled. For J
Information Write or Apply to
.w ?&?&&&? ? .-j- "
Ho! Ho! lor the World's Fair
?J\ Free Ride. First=eiass:
This is a facsimila of coupon given away with every dollar purchase.
this coupon entitles holder to one chance for a first
class ticket to the St. Louis World's Fair and return. Tick
et good for three months after date of issuance.
Drawing to take place August 20, 1904.
Ticket will be good via Pacific Coast Steamship Company and either the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific or Union Pacific by way cf Portland irom Seattle to
St. Louis and return to Skagway, including stop-over privileges- Tickets good for
three months from date of issue. ? ?
I ?????????????????????????? ,
The Independent Steamer
The C'asca is the Most Comfortable, Host Equipped and Fastest Boat on
the Whitehirse-Dawson Hun. Parties purchasing tickets from us will
l> protected oil the through rate. W. A. K ANN IE, Manager.
J. O. Johnston, Whitehorse Agent, Oflice Windsor Ilotel.
Terminus W. P. & Y. Route
? All South Bound Steamers Arrive and Depart From This Drck *
" Warehouses "pen for delivery of merchandise from 8 a. m. to 5 p.m.
I ? Perishables ONLY delivered on Sunday or at night. ,
' All freight shipments destined southbound must be accompanied by a ?
-upper's MANIFEST (papers can be obtained at the U. S. customs J
office) and must be delivered before 5 p m. No freight will be re- 4
j ? ceivw'- on wharf after this hour. *
j BAGGAGE? Tolls will be collected on Checked Baggage Oni.y. No J
charge or bags and grips when unchecked. ^
? The T.-harf gate will be closed to the public when steamer is nearing ?
! doc.i anu will oe opened only when passengers have disembarked, '
? Wharfage Tariu cun be had on application at office on dock. ?
| P.O. Box 175. C. E. WYNN-JOUNSON, Gen'l Mgr. ?
We Do Our Own
and will be pleased to show
I Couches- Bed Lounges, Morris Chairs, \
Cushions and Mattrasses
{ . also ?ive you estimates on S
> Re-upholstering Your Old Furniture \
j E. R. PEOPL ES i
jt 5
Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
m Totem
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
Seattle, Puget Sound, San Francisco and Southern Ports r.
Valencia * * Aug. 5
HUMBOLDT. - - AUG. 10 - 20
CITY OF TOPEKA- - AUG- 19 - 29 .
Direct to Seattle
Above Schedule Subject to change Without Notioe.
L M. WEST, Agent PHONE 50.
C. D. DUNAnN, Gen Pass. Agt
10 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal. ?
J %
The Alaska Steamship Co. |
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer
The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 75 ho ure between
Skagway and Seattle
FARALLON, About Aug. 10
DIRIGO About Aug. 5
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Addiiional Charge
R A. CARROLL, Agent. Phone 66
Carrying U. 8. Mail
Tuesdays and Satur
for Haines. Juneau, Hoonah Springs
and Sitka
216 Broadway, Phone 90
Raw Furs...'
High Prices for Fine furs
W rite For Price List
Percey's Fur House
Oshkosh. Wisconsin
F. Wolland,
Corner State Street and Fifth Avenue
Telephone No- 76
[email protected]??gs

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