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Monday, October 3d
Mrs- C. B. Davis demonstrator for the
Crescent Manufacturing Co. will be at J
John Kalem's store and will demon
strate the purity and strength of
Crescent Baking Powder,
Tea, Coffee, Spices, Extracts,
All are cordially invited to come and
have a cup of delicious Crescent (
Cream Coffee
Cakes, Coffee and Tea Served Free
John Kalem, the Orocer
Tributaries of Yukou Ruu
uioa; Ice
The reports from the Yukon river to- j
day read much like the approach of
winter. The temperature is falling at
Dawson and other point* and the tribu
taries of the old Yukon are throwing
The dispatches from Dawson this
morning say that the thermometer
registered 12 degrees above zero with
the weather clear and calm. The same
conditions obtained at Selkirk.
The Stewart, White and Klondike
rivers are running ice. This is the
first time for the ice to appear in the
first two rivers mentioned, but it came
down tha Klondike at the time of the
last cold snap.
G?ta Look Term
John Sampson, who was charged
with shooting at Gus Anderson on
Boulder, with intent to kill, has been
sentenced to live years penal servitude. i
? Atlin Claim.
Iadlaa* to Ors?n l?
A movement is on foot to organize a
fraternal brotherhood among the na
tives, patterned after the fraternal or- j
tiers of the white men. The purposes
of the new order are declared to be the
help of new members through instru
mentality of sick benefits, study of
American principles and the further
ance among the members of all that the
terms of brotherhood and true friend
ship imply.? Ketchikan Journal.
Oi*? W hiit Party
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Snyder enter
tained at whist last evening at their
beautiful home on Sixth avenue. There
were more than 30 present and the
evening was thoroughly enjoyed. Mrs.
W. C. Hlanchard. Judge L N. Wilco.x
en and J. N. Wheeler won the prizes.
Appropriate refreshments were served. !
To H.t* Light
Tte people of Wrangell have organ
ized an electric light company. The
purpose is to establish a lighting plant.
Stock in the company, which is capital
ized tor 85,000, is selling well.
M.it an Alaska B???ikolil Will
Find Them So
To have the pain* and aches of a had
back removed; to be entirely free tioui
annoying, dangerous urinary disorders s
enough to make acy kidnev suffer (irate
fa). To lell how this great change can
be brought abcu' will prove comforting
words to hundreds of Alaska readers.
Mrs McCoart, of Tacomn, Wash.,
wife of Mr. C. A. McCourt, Gardner by
occupation, place of address corner of
Fortirtb St.. and Pacific Ave., says:
"At intervals for five or six vears I bad
attacks of kidney conulaint. While
they lasted my back ached severely. I
lacked energy, trouble with the kidney
secretions existed, dizzv spells cccured
and I was far from being in gxxt health.
When I went for Dosn's Kidney Pills
the patn in oiv back was very pronounc
ed. A week's use of them couvinced me i
they were the verv thing I needed and *
before I had finished the box the back |
ache and all other symptoms of kidney
trouble disappeared "
For sale by all dealers. Price sOcent*.
FoeUr-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New
York, sole agents for United State*.
Remember the name- -Doan's ? and |
take no other.
fr*? Canoart Daily
A free concert Is given^atjthe Mascot
aalooo every afternoon and evening.
All the latest songs and air*. It is
worth hearing.
Fine porcelain tubs at Principal bar
bershop, opposite Board of Trade.
All the delicacies of the season at the
Pack Train Resturant.
English corduroy pants at Clay ion's.
They wear like a nigger's heel.
sm\ here
First Pj?rliHii]Hutry Caudi- 1
date At rives
William Sloan, (free miner) candi
date of the liberal (arty for the Cc
minion parliament for the Comox-At
lin constituency, arrived on the Amur
to visit the electorate of the northern
part of hi.s district, which embraces all
the Pacific coast portion of British Co
lumbia north of Vancouver,
Mr. Sloan was a pioneer placer miner
in the north, having went into the Yu
kon'in 1896. He hoisted the tirst bucket
of dirt that was ever taken out of the
gold bearing sands of Eldorado creek. '
He is a resident of Nanaimo, the center |
of the British Columbia coal mining
region, at the present time.
Mr. Sloan will leave for Atlin tomor
row morning. While in Skagway 1 e
has been renewing his acquaintances
made during the pioneer days, many of
wh)in are now in this city.
The conservatives have not named a
competitor for Mr. Sloan yet, and some
doubt is expressed as to whether they
will or not.
Don't forget to attend the all star
minstrel performance which will take
place at Elks' hall.. October 11.
More Army People Laare
All the members of Company A.
Third infantry except 10 men, left for
Balnes on the Peterson with Lieut.
E Smith this morning. Dr. and Mrs.
Rodney I). Smith le.'l on the Peteoron
al>o Capt. Barker adjutant, came up
yesterday, returning this morning.
The result of the observation taken
at Moore wharf at midnight, October
5, UHM, is as follows:
Temperature time of observation. ..149
Max. temp, preceding 24 hours 62
Min. " " " " 35
Mean " " " "
Barometer, 30.18.
Clear, north wind.
Freak Meat
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kind*
of fre?h meat constantly on hand, tf
Population Increaa log
Mrs. Charles C'artwright, wife of the
jailer at this place, presented her hus
band with twins this morning, both
are handsome boys. The mother and
babes are doing nicely.
NiW Century C'ob Dioot Tomomw
The regular semi-monthly dance o
the New Century Club will take place
at the Arctic Brotherhood hall tomor
row night. It will be the first dance
for some Jime. and a large attendance
and a good time are expected.
Erroneomly Thinks by Scouring He*
Snip That She Cures Dandruff.
Cleanly woman has an erroneous Idea
that by scouring the scalp, which re
moves the dandruff scales, she Is curing
the dandruff She may wash her scalp
every day. and yet have dandruff her
life long, accompanied by falling hair,
too. The only way !n the world to cure
dandruff is to kill the dandruff germ,
and there is no hair preparation that will
do that but NewLro's Herplclde. Herpl
c!de by killing the dandruff germ,
leaves the hair free to grow as healthy
Nature Intended. Destroy the cause
yon remove the effect. Kill the dan
druf ci>-m with Herpicide. Sold by
leading druggists. Send 10c. In stamps
fo* samplo to The Herplctde Co., De
troit, Mich.
Win. Fritt, Special Ag?nt.
Mascot ha* RtwIHaiie
The' Mascot saloon has just received
a large consignment of new music for
its popular Victor talking machine. It
includes all the latest popular airs.
The best that the market affords at
the Pack Train Restaurant.
For Sal*
F. M. Lucavish has a good piano for !
sale. tf 921
WWW8WWWWWM WWMUi mi juiitHUHmw }
ssa I
W. B. Jacklin, chief engineer of the
Pacific Cold Storage Company's steani
>r George B. Kerr, left for the south on
.be Dolphin.
Tom Barry, of this city, loft for the
itaies last night. He has a leave of
ibeence from the W. P. Sc V. R. for 60 j
J. S. Beemer, one of the W, P. & Y.
X. dispatchers, will leave on the j
T fterson for a visit to the states.
Mrs. George W. Sells and her son,
3. 1). Sells, left on the Dolphin for Los !
Mrs. A. H. Garrison, wife of the
\tlln mining man, left for the south on
he Dolphiu.
J. J. Daly went to Juneau on the Dol- j
Mrs. C. El Jones left on the Dolphin [
or a visit to Juneau.
Dr. L. S. Keller is expected to return ]
from Atlin tomorrow.
George Carson, of Skagway, left fcr
Seattle on the Dolphin last night.
Mimir?li to Meat
There will be a meeting of those in
:he cast for the minstrel entertainmeLt
[.his evening at 8 o'clock.
Club bags, bureau and wardrobe
trunks, telescopes and suit cases at
In the foiled States Commissioners Court, (or
the District of Alnska, Division No I, ul :
Skagwa.v Id Probate.
[u the matter ol the Kstate of K. O.Caswell. In
Notice I* hereby given that the undersigned
was uppolnted administratrix of the estate < f
h ( i. Caswell, deceased, on the i.'nd day of Sep- 1
lember. 19l)j. All i>ersoii.v having claims against
the said estate are hereby required t exhibit
Ihein, with the necessary vouchers within six
[S) months alter the tirst publication of this no
lli e, to the said sdmiulstrairlx. at her residence
it .skagway, Masks, or to R. W. Jennings, ut
torney lor said administratrix, nt his office in
Skiwway, Alaska, the suuiv belug the places
lor the transaction of the business ol said
9state In tbe Toonof Skagway, District of Al?s
This notice is published by ordjr of the
United States Commissioner for lb" District >f
Alaska, Division No l.at^kagway, and Kx-offl
iio I'robale ludge daied the !?.' ud day of Sep
tember. 1904.
Dated this -Jnd d:iy of September, 1901.
first Publication September 83, r.Ul.
Last Publication October aS. 1WI.
Administratrix of the E taluof E. O. Caswell,
Deceased, *
All the latest winter styles in suit
ings at the American Tailors.
Oyster cocntaiis, Olympiaor Eastern
-it the Pack Train restaurant.
The Short Un^ East
If You Contemplate a Trip to
Talk With
Local Agent, Fifth Avenue Hotel
S. G. Yerkes, G. W. P. A.
612 First Avenue Sealt'e
Office Hours: From 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to
4 and 7 to 9 p. m.
Offlcelin Old City Hall
Three Doors East of Britts' Pbarmac
Vancouver ?
? Whlteborse, Y. T. f !
| New Management j
Refurnished Throughout. First- ?
{ Class In Every Respect t>
' Finest Cafe in the Northwest { 1
Plying Daily I between Skagway and
Leaves Skagway at
9 a. m. Sharp
Arriving at Haines at 11:30 a. m.
Leaves Haines at 2 p. m.
Single fare $1 50.
Lavton and Germain.
October 6, Skagway Weather: Temperature, 49
Hen's and Boys'
Suits and Overcoats
Our New Stock of Fall and Winter Clothing is Now^ .
OnDisplay. A Large Variety to Choose From
Men's Suits From $12.50 to $25- 00
Men's Raglans, $17.50 to $25.00
Men's Overcoats From $10.00 to $25.00.
Men's Tourist Overcoats, $17.50 to $25
Ladies' Winter Waists
Have just opened up the largest assortment of
WINTER WAISTS ever shown by us. We are
showing- them in heavy cotton, flannels, challies,
velveteens and velvets. Prices from $1.00 to $7.50
B.Ifl. Bchrcnds mercantile Company
The Escapement of
Your Watch
may be out of order. Bring it to U9
ana have it repaired in a competent
I Chancing It With Your Watch
Is Not a Timely Experiment
We will tell you exactly what is the
matter with your watch, and will not
charge you for a broken mainspring
when it is only slipped or tell you that
it needs cleaning when the hairspring
is caught. Bring it in and we wl 1 give
yi u an honest estimate of how much it
will co.t.
Gold and Silversmith
Carrying O. S. Mall
Tuesdays and Satur
For Haines. Juneau, Hoonah Springs
and Sitka
216 Broadway, Phone 90
New Management
A. R. CRAVES, Prop.
Right Hand S'de Going North
Left Hand "Side Going South
Hotel de France
T. Valeur, Prop.
American and European
Newly Furnished. Haines, Alaska !
?Steam Laundry*
All Work Guaranteed. Short
Orders Promptly
Messenger Will Call ?nn Deliver
Baths In Connection
Private Rooms for Ledies.
I ne Leading jeweier
Nugget Jewelry of All Kinds,
Indian Curios and Souvenir Spoons.
? The Pioneer Jeweier
Official Timekeeper for the W. P. & Y. R.
Billiard Parlor Reading and Wrltia? Km
The Board of Trade
LEE GUTHRIE Proprietor
Largest and Best Appointed Report for Gentlemen
In the North
Alaska Pacific Navigation Co.
Carrying Alaske Pacific Express and United Slates Mail
S. S. SANTA ANA. - - Monthly, 21st
S. S. EXCELSIOR, - - " *th
For Sitka, Yak-jtat, Kayak, Valdez, Seward aod SeldoHi
S. S. DORA Connects with U.S. Santa Ana and atils from Valdez the i6th
>f each month for Seward. Seldovia. Kodiak, Cyak, Ka'mai, Cold Bay, Chigullt,
Dnga, Bellofsky and Dutch Harbor.
I. F. Trowbridge, Gen. M?n., Seattle. L M. WEST Agent.
t We have a Good Line of
I cigars & lobbaco
? Pipes, 5c and Up J
?Till your pocketbook '
cannot reach <
[ Don't Forget the \
Number j
? 428 BROADWAY, Phone 52 *
Tony Dortero }
mm hum.
l R,J. Br It tain, Manager
Caribou Crossing
A Strictly
M (IIS! Ill
| ? Dining Room In Connection
> Choicest Wines Liquors & Cigar
finely Furnished Rooms
Electric Lighted Throughout
Front St. South P.O.. Whitebor*e,Y.T
= Patronize
=- Home
== Industry
I If Not You Should Do So By
! Our Bottled Beer Only
Per Dozen
25c Rebate on Bottles
Drinking Skagway Beer
I Phone Brewery 40. Residence, 38

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