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l/uii j f^iuai\aiilt
Yesterday the Daily Alaskan bad ]
something to say about the service the i
voters of the state of Wash ins ton
would be doing for t he republican par
ty of their state'if they would elect Kx
Senator Turner to the governorship
and three or four of the others on the
democratic state ticket. Time and
again it has been demonstrated that
when the affairs of a political party fall
into the hands of incompetent or cor
rupt leaders or where those in control
uecome careless of their conduct there
is nothing like defeat for the purifica
tion of the party or as a moral stioiu
lent for those who have ceased to be
vigilant in well doing. This has bet n
proved in many places. The two de
feats for Tammany in a single decade
resulted in that orgauixation's giving
Mayor McClellan to the people of the
nation's metropolis, and he is giving
them an administration, admitted by
those who opposed his election, to be
the best the city has bail in a score of
years The defeat of the democrat lu
ring in San Francisco placed the demo
cratic party in that city in the hands of
1'helan, I>ane. Tobin and others of
e?juai high standing. Similar instances
could be cited without number.
The people of Fairbanks are alarmed
over the presence in that town of a
gang of thieves and all round bad char
acters. The N'ews complains that rob
beries are numerous and urges the peo
ple to go armed and be prepared to pro
tect their possessions. It says the offi
cers of the law are powerless under the
circumstances to afford the protection
that is needed.
The scarcity of labor in the Klondike
la indicated by the advertisement by
mine owners in t> at camp of lays to let.
Heretofore the good lays have never
had to go begging.
Kev. Johu Fringle, of the Presbyter
ian church, is prominently mentioned
as a probable candidate for parliament
from Yukon territory on the liberal
DioalM for Letter* Rrm.iln 1 1. tc In
Skacwuy Poatofice. Oct. IS
Persons calling (or this unclaimrd
matter will pleased sa> "advertised."
G rover, James B, 2Gradv. George
Hansen, Carl B Hurley, Jeremiah |
Smith, Mrs. I'has Newman, Thos
Wm. B. Sampson, P. M.
Braatr Doctor* Fadorae Bfr?W?lf.
Women who make a business of beau
tifying other women come pretty near
knowing what will bring about the best
results. Here are letters from two, con
ceming Herbicide:
"I can recommend Nevbro's "Herpl- I
c.Je." a? It stopped my hair from falling !
out: and. as a dressing it has no super- I
" (Signed.) Bertha A. Tnilllnger,
"Complexion Specialist, |
"2>4 Morrison St.. Portland, Ore."
"After using one bottle of "Herpiclde"
piy hair has stopped falling out. and my
scalp Is entirely free from dandruff.
"(Signed.) Grace Pod**,
"FSeauty Doctor.
"1# Sixth St . Porttand. Ore "
a id bv leadlnjr drugirlsts. Send l'V. In
?tamps for sample to The Herpicide Co..
Pvtroit. Mich.
Wm. Britt. Special Agent, j
PiWio Notio>
The assessment roll of the town of
Skagway for the year 1!KM is now in mj ,
possession for the purpose of col'ectius
the taxes levied thereon which are now
due and payable.
The taxes for the year 1!<04 will be
come delinquent on the first day of
March. 1905, at the hour of t; o'clock p.
m on that day, and unless they sba'.i he
paid prior thereto. 20 percent, will h*
added thereto a> a penalty of delin
quencv. and eight per cent, per annum ,
interest on the amount of said taxes
-and penalty will be charged from the
date of delinquency until paid.
Taxes may be paid at my office dur
ing business hours from the date hereof.
Dated at Skagway. Alaska. October
18, 1'Jt.H H. H Draper,
10-18 2w Town Treasurer.
Cn r i ? Winter Coagh
J. K. Grover, lot N. Main St., Otta
wa, Kan., writes: "Kvery tall it has
been my wife's trouble to c?'ch a seme
cold, and therefore to cough all wiuter
long. Last fall 1 got for her n bottlr
of Horehound Sytnp. She used it and
has been able to sleep soundly all uinhi
long. Whenever the cough t'onMes
her, two tf Ihiee dr*es stop* the c >ugta,
an<l she is able to be up an. I wel ." 25c.
5' C, ti.oo. Sold )y Ktlly Drug Co.
Baths 26 cents. Fine porcelain tubs
at the Portland Lo?l ring House. I looms
25c, 50c, 75c and it. Fifth avenue, op
posite Canadian Bank of Commerce.
A little bos to picture rex.
An image made ou paper.
A button pressed. We do the rest.
They call us Case A Draper. lt-30tf I
?Steam Laundry* j
AH Work Guaranteed. Short %
Orders Promptly
Messenger Will Call ?n-i /
Baths In Connection '
Private Rooms for Ladies. J
o lb# rutted state* Commlssioner'a Court, for (
the District ol Alaska, Division No I, at ;
Skagwav In Probate
n the matter ol the Ketate ol E. O.Caswell, Dt- 1
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned <
?as appointed .MlmlnLstratrlx of the estate of
f. O. Caswell, deceased. on the and day of Sep
ember. 1Mb. AH tortious having claims against ,
:h* Mid estate are hereby required to exhibit '
ih. m, with the necessary vouchers within sis !
?) uiooths alter the first publication of th'a no
dr< to th<- said administratrix at her residence
it SVagway. Alaska, or to K \v. Jennings, at
torney for said administratrix, a( his office in
skogway. Alaska, the aame being the places
lor the transaction of the baalnco* of said
estate In the Town of Skagway, District of Alas
This notice Is published by ordor of Mte
L'nitrd States CotmuisMoner lor ih- District if
Alaska. Division No l.alf>kagway, and Ex offi
cio l*r,,l>ale fudge dated the XSutl day of Sep
tember. 1904.
Dated this .-.'nd da; of September, 1901.
First IHiblicutlon September ij, I'JtM.
Last Publication October A. 1901.
Admlnlstrulrixof the K tale of K. o Caswell,
United States Land Office,
Juneau, Alaska, Sept. 2), 1904
Notion la hereby (riven, that in pur
suance of the act of Congress, approved
May 10th, 1ST2, J. P. Maooy, whose
ixw't ottlce address is Juneau, Alaska,
for himself, and as the attorney In fact
of John Dal ton, and E. B. Hanley, his
co-claimants have made application for
patent for seventeen and ttltt-1000 acres
of tne Wiley placer claim, four and 703
litOO acres of tho I^egal Tender placer
claim, sixteen aud 4V5-1000 acres of the
Ken ley placer claim, eighteen and 319
I ? ? 0 acres of the Mix placer claim, and
two and 721-1000 acres of the Jcnks
Fraction placer claim, all situate in
the Porcupine Mining District, District
of Alaska, and described by the official
plat herewith pooled, and by the field
notes on die. in the ottice of the Regis
ter of Juneau Land District, Alastca, as
follows: viz.
No. KM.
Beginning at corner No. 1. Identi
cal with location corner. A hemlock
post 4 feet long. 4 inches square, set 18
inches in the ground, with mound of
-tone, scribed U. S- S. 13 tS i from which
a hemlock tree S inches in diameter
bears N. 7t> deg. 50' W, 12 feet: A hem
lock tree 12 inches in diameter bears N.
25 de?. W. 13 feet, each blazed and
scribed U S. S. t>36^? B I". U S. L M
No. 3, bears N. 20 deg 00' E. 10648 6
feet; thence S 18 deg, 34" W. var. 31
d.'K. 00' E. 1048 2 feet to corner No. 4.,
Hanson Placer C. S. 3. 573. and along
line 4-3 of that survey, the center of
which is given erroneously as >?. IT deg
15' E. in that survey. 1265.5 feet to
water Hemlock Gulch. 3 feet wide,
course N. 16 deg. W., 1302 2 feet to cor
ner No. 2. A hemlock i ost 4 feet long,
4 inches square, set 18 inches in the
ground, with mound of stone, scribed U.
S. S. ti.'!ii-2. from which a hemlock tree
10 inenes in diameter l>ears N. 5 deg.
00' E 10 feet. A hem'ock tr.e 30 inches
in diameter, bears N. til deg. 15* W . 8
feet, each bl-ized and scribed U. S- S.
? 3t>-2. b. f. Center o' S. E. end of
placer workings 3<)xl0xl00 feet bears
N 10 feet, running thence N. 18 deg.
W; thence N 70 deg. 11' vV., var. 31 deg.
00' E , 280.0 feet ti? center of Porcupine
creek, V* feet wide, lluws N. 20d.g. E?
tioO.O fe<. I to corner No. 3, not be ng a
suitable place to set ix-rner on ac oiint
of slide. 1 set witness corner S. 70 deg.
U' E 430 3 feet. A hemlock p st 4 feet
oog 4 itK ties square, set 18 iuches in
the >.'roiiod. with moun I of stone.scr bed
L'. 8. S. 636-3? W C. Iroin which cor
ner a heii.lock tree 10 inches in diamet
er. bear- N. f'7 dt g 50' W 8 3 feet. A
hemlock tree 4 inches in diameter,
bears N. 7 desr. 23' E lo. 4 feet, e icb
bUx 0 and scribed U. S S ?>?'(<> 3 W. t'.
i. T : thence from 'ru ? corner north 18
Jei.'. ?'!?>' E. var. 31 deg 00' E? 13ul,5feet
to coiner. No. 4; a hem o :k post 4 feet
lo g. 4 nche< squire, set 18 inches in
he groui d. with mound of -tone scribed
l\ S. S 636 4-3, from which a hemlock
tree * inches in diaui ler, bt-ars S. 70
J-g.tS' E. 22 feet: aheml.ick trie 3 feet
inuitmet r. b a s S. 12 deg. 15' W,,
28 feet, each blazed and scribed I*. S.
S. u'.'>-4 3 ii T.: theoc ? S- 70 deg. 15'
E.. var. 31 deg 00' E", 10.0 feet to
placer workings ti feet deep, 14 feet
wide, til.ii feet to point from u hich the
N. W. centerofpl cer workings ?>0 ? 100
?> 36 'set deep, bears S. 18 deg 30' E?
It!) feet, thet.ee running S. 18 deg E.,
190 0 feet to leave placer workings,
S6G I feet to center of Porcupine creek
.X feet wid**, Hows N. 20 deg. E. 5!*9.4
feet to corner No. 1, the plaee of be
ginning. All corners are identical with
the location corners,
Beginning at corner No. 1; a hemlock
post 4 feet loog. 4 inches square, set 18
incite.- in the ground, wiih mound of
-tone, scribed Li. S. S. 63*>-l-2, from
which corner a heml ck tree P inches
in dumeter, bears N. 80 deg. W. 4.8
feet. Spruce tree 14 inches In diamet
er. brars S, 57 0eg. E. 2 4 feet, e ,eh
,ila/.;d and scribed U. S. 5> 636-1-2 B T
L'. S>. L. M. No. 3, bears N. 19 deg 56'
E. 10212.1 feet: tbence S. 22 deg. 02' W.
var. 31 deg CO' JS, 336.7 feet to corner
So. 2. Identical with corner No. 1,
Wiley lode of this survey, previously
described; thence N. 70 deg. 15' W,
var. 31 leg. 00' E, along lin? 1-4 Wilev
eUim of this snrvey. 240.0 feet to cen
ter of Porcupine creek 50 feet wide,
Hows N . 20deir. E , 409.4 feet to pla
.> r workings, 589 4 feet to leave placer
working?, 599.4 feet to corner N . 3
Identical with corner No. 4, Wiley of
this survey, previously described:
?.hence N. 10 deg. 40' E. var. 31 deg.
?0' E., 316.1 feet to corner No. 4; a
hemlock po?t4 feet loog 4 inches square
-et Is inches in the ground, with mound
?>f stouc, scribed U. S. S. 636-4, from
vhtch corner a hemlock tree 2 feet in
iameter, bears N. 75 deg, E 15 feet. A
nemiock tr.e 3 feet in diameter, bears
S. 20 deg. VV, 1.8 f et, each blazed and
-cribed (I. S S 636-4 8 T : thence S. 72
?g. 21' E. var 31 deg. 00 E. 245 0 feet
?ii center of plac> r w( rk'Dgs C0x250x'5
IvM e.x'endii g N. 19 deg. E. SI feet
,nd S. 19 d g. W , 15 fe t: 431.2 feet to
center of Porcupine creek 50 feet w ide,
tlows N, 10 deir. r'., 663 2 feet to corner
I, the;>lace of beg nn ng. All cor
ners are identical with the Incut un
Ib-iriuoiuc at com r ."so. i:anemi?ck
p >si 4 feet Ion;; 4. inch square, set 1H
inches in th?; grou' d, with mound of
vone. scribed l\ S. S. 1 from
watch et rner a hem'ock tree 2 feet in
diameter. r>eusS. 14 deg. E. 4.7 fee'-.
A hemlock tree X inches in diameter,
hear- N. 24 dep. lo' W . 4.9 feet, each
h.a/.- d and >crib d U. 8. S B.
S E. corner of home 20x36 feet,
bears N. 11 deg. 39' E. 673 feel. S. E.
corner or hous 14x10 feet, bears N. 15
?lex. -4' E. 710 feel. 8 E. corner of
hone 1 4x 1<? 'eet, l?ears N. 11 deg., OtV
E., 70s> f.x-t. S. E. corner of house 14x
lf> feer, bea*s N. 1- dcir. 40' E 702
Vet, 1' >v L. to. No. 3, bears N. 20.
Jei;, W' E 9<>37 6 feel: thence S lodeg.
\V , var. 31 deg 00' E., 1178.2 feet|
o corner No 2 identical with corner '
N >. 1, Legal Tender, this survey pravi- '
om y de-crib, d; thence N. 72 deg. 21' (
W , var 31 deg. 00' K. Along lin-J 1-4 ,
L- al Tenaer claim of this survey.
::J 0 feet to c nter of 1'orcuplne creek I
>' feet wide, flows N. 10 deg. E. 418. 2 j
Muting e*. IV a- jr. Sto leet anr S. It)
leg. w. 15 feet. 627 4 feet toeorner No.
1; a hemlock post 4 feet long, 4 in< hes
?quart', si 't 18 inches In the ground. with
mound of sln.ie, scribed U. S. S. (U'ttt-3,
[rom wrieh corner u hemlock tree 4
Inches in diameter, bears N. ?0 deg. E.
16.7 feet; a hemlock tree 12 inches in
diameter, bears N . 30 dee . K. 10 feet,
each blazed and scribed U. P. 8 6.16 3
B. T. Corner No. 4, Leg il Tender claim
of this survey, (tears N. 72 (leg. 21* W.
35 8 feet distant: thence N . ?4 deg. 57'
E.,var. 31 deg. 00' E. 654.6 feet to cor
ner No. 4; a hemlock |x>it 4 inches
square, 4 feet long, set 18 inches In the
ground, wUh mound of stone, scribed
U. S. S. 636-4 from which corner a hem
lock tr<e 8 inches in d ameter bears S.
36 deg. 0t)' W. 16.4 feet: a hemlock tree
2 feet in diameter, bears N.39 deg. >V.
18 feet, each bluzed and scribed U, S. S.
636-4 H. T. N W. corner of cabin 14x16
feet bears S. 160 feet.- N. E. corner of
cabin 16x30 feet, boars S, 7 deg. :t0' E.
121 feet: thence N- 10 deg. 09' E var 31
deg. 00' E. 735.4 feet to corner No. 5. A
cottonwood post 4 feet long. 4 Ini hes
square, set 18 inches in the ground
scribed U' S. S. 636-.->, from which cor
ner, a cotton wood tree 6 Inches 'i ilia
meter, bears S. 87 deg. W. 26 8 feet,
blazed and scribc1, U. S. S. 636-5, B.
T.; thence S. 53 deg. 45' E. var 31 deg.
00' E. 350.0 feet t<> center of Porcupine
creek 50 feet wide, flows N. E. 630 0 feet
toeorner No. 1, place of beginning. All
corners are Identical with the location
mix plackk Claim
Beginning at corner No 1: a hemlock
post 4 feet long 4 inches square, set. 13
inches in the grouml. with mound of
stone, scribed U. 8. S, 636-1, from which
corner asprutc tree 3 feet in diameter,
bears N. 08 deg. 30' W. 136 feet. A
spruce tree 10 in hes in diameter, heirs
N. 62 deg. 45' K. 24.5 feet, each bla/.nd
sud scribed U s s. M>1 B. T s. E
corn, r of cab n 14x16 feet, bears S 57
deg. 20' W. 662 feet. S. h. corner of
cabin 20x24 feet, bears S. 54 dt g 52' W
5:19 feet. U. S l .M No. 3. bears N 18
deg. 47' E. 7697.7 f et: thrnoe s. 32 deg.
45' W. var. 31 deg. 00' H . 1357 7 feet to
corner No. 2. On line 5-1 Fen'ey claim
of this survey; a hemlock post 4 feet
long, 4 inches square, set 18 Inches in
thegrou.id with mound ofsto-c. scrilwd
U S. S. 636-2, from which corner a h. in
lock tree 18 inches in diameter, bears
N. 21 deg W. 4.7 feet A hem'ock tree
12 Inches in dUmc'er, bears N. 85 deg.
EC. 6.8 feet each blazed and scribed U. S.
S. 636-2 B. T. comer. No. 1, lVnley
claim of th s sunev, bears S. 53 deg.
45' E., 60 feet distanr. Center of pit 20
feet deep and 25 feet in diameter, be.irs
N. 4 dee. 30. W. 328 feet: thence N 53
deg. 45" W. var. 31 deg 00' E. Along
line 5-1 Fenley claim of this survey.
220.0 feet to centerjof Porcupine creek
50 feet wide, flows N. E. 570 0 feet to
corner No. 5 Fenley claim of this s ir
vey. 581.0 ft. toeorner No.3. Oottonwc <mI
post 4 feet long, 4 inches square set 18
inches in the ground, w ith mound of
stone, scribed U. S S. 636 3. No beat
ings available; thence N .'12 deg. 15' E.,
var. 31 deg, 00' E. 1366 8 feet to con er
No 4; a spruce post 4 feet long , 4 inches
square, s- 1 18 icch-s in the grouud,
with mound of stone, scribed U. S. S.
ii364. No bearings available; therce S.
52 deg. 57 E , var. 31 deg. Oo' E. 247.3
feet to center of 1'orcupine creek 50
feet wide, flows N. 32 deg E. 593.7
feet to corner No. 1, the place of begin
ning A 1 corners are identical with the
locatli n come s
Beginning at corner No. 1 Identical
with corner No 3. l>i-coverv, U. S. S.
574, and corner 3, Chiof, U. S S. No 627.
A hemlock post 4 inches square. fhow
ing 30 inches sho e ground, wi'h
mound of stone, s r.bt-.i U. S. S. K3II-1,
on side facing Jeuks' friction. U. S.
L. M. No. 3, bears N. IS do/. 37 ' E.
7403,4 feet: then eS. 14 de*. 10' W. v#r,
31 eg. 00 E. 150.0 feet to ceiter of
ipa'1 3 feet wide, course S, E, 218.1 f-et
to corner No, 2. a hf tulock post 4 feet
long, 4 inches square, set IS inches in
the ground with mound of stone, srrib
ed U. S. S. from whi h corner a
spruce tree 3 feet in diamo er, bears S'
S2deg. E.. .34-6 feet. A hemlock tree !?
inches in diameter, be irs K. 39 deg. \V.
24 5 feet, e ch blazed and s ribed U. S.
S. 63t>-2 B. T,; then e 52 org. 57' W\
var, 31 d eg. 00' E. 41.3 feet to corner
No, 1, Mix claim of this surt-e? and
along line 1-4 of said Mix claim. 387 7
fee: to tenter of Porcupine < reek 50
feet wide Hows N. 32 deg. 00' K. 590.8
feet to corner No. 3: a nemlock po.-t 4
feet long, 4 inches square, set IS inches
in the groubd, with mound of stone,
scribed C. S. S ?36-3 from whi h co
r.er a spruce stump 2 feel in d ame er,
beirs S. 77 (Jeg.-W. 3.1 feet, bl?ze I and
scribed U. S. S. QU B. . C rcer No.
4. Mix claim of this survey, be irs N.
52 deg. 57' W. 44.2 feet dls'.ant: ther.c e
N. lldeg. 30'E.. var. 31 dw. 00' E 218.0
feet to < orner 4. Identi al with corner
No. 4, Discovery U. S. S. 574, A hem
lock post 4 inches squire, showing 30
inches above ground, upou which 1
scribed U.S. S. ou sice facing
Jenks fraction: then e S. 53 de?. 21' E.
var. 31 deg' 00' K. Along line 4-3 survey
No, 574, 215.0 fee" to cente- of N. E.
end of placer workings 15 >x4 x2o feet
deep, extending S. 32 de^f. W. 15o
feet. 275.U feet to center of "-'oriupioe
creek. 5o fee; wide, Hows N. tide,;, oo'
E. 382. o feet to trail 3 feet wide,
course N . E 6 >o.o feet to corner No. 1,
the pla e of beginning. All corners are
identical with the locat'on orners.
Total Are* Wiley 17 919
11 " Legal Tender 4.703
'? 14 Fenley 16.485
" '? Mix 18.310
" ?' Jeulcs Fraction 2.721
Total Art* i Piater Claims 60.147
The above claims join oil the north
east Disco ery Pla er Claim, survey
No 574, on the east by unknown pia er
claims, on the west by the Last Chance
placer claim, and he Lucky Joe pi iter
claim, and on the south and east by sur
vey No. 573, and unknown pi 1 er cla ms
The location notices of these placer
mining claims ate fe ordeil as fol.ows:?
The Wiley l'lat er claim is le ordel in
Vol. ''B'* at p jte 95, wf' the re ords if
the Sk&cway Re ording 1) strict. The
I.egal Tender ptaier cla m is re orded
in Vol. "U ', at page 317, n? the re o'ds
? ?f the Skajr*vav lie ord ng District.
Ihe Ken'e j plater laim is re orded in
Vol. "A",' at pa,e of the re < ids of
(be Skttiway I'e oiding Distrit ? Ti.e
Mix p|a er dam is re orded in Vol.
''A" at pa* e 9, of ti e records of the
Ska* way lie :ordin^ Diftr cfc. The
Jenks Fraction pi if er claim is re or
ded in Vol. "D". at paje 14, of the
re ords of the SkagAay Recording
iny and all persons da'tning adver
e'y .-nvporti' n nf the a'?ove described
premises, aie required to file their ad
verse cltim with the Re^isier of the
United Stales Laid Otli'e. at June.iu,
Alaska, during the sixty diys rer id if
publication here I, or it ey wl'l be bar
red bv virtue of (he provisions of Ihe
John W. Dudley, Register
It is hereby oidered thit the fort\>o
i k no iie be publis! ed f?r the s atu
t' t_v pe iod in tl e Daily Alaskan, a
newspaper published at Skagway, Alas
John \V. Didley, Register.
First publication Oct 8, 1!?U4
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and Misses' Jackets
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H. D. KIRM5E,;
The Pioneer Jewe.er i
Onioial Timekeeper for the W. P. & Y. R.
Terminui W. P. & Y. Route ^
All South Bound Steamers Arrive and Depart From This Drck '
Warehouses "pen for delivery of merchandise from 8 a. ra. to 5 p. m.
Perishables ON LY delivered on Sunday or at night. ,
All freight shipments destined southbound must be accompanied by a <
Shipper's Manifest (papers can be obtained at the 0. 8. customs ?
office) and must be delivered before 5 p tn. No freight will be re- i
oeived on wharf after this hour. *
BAGGAQE? Tolls will be collected on Checked Baggage Oni.t. No J
charge for bags and grips when unchecked. ,
?The wharf gate will be closed to the public when steamer is Deariog 4
dock and will be opened only when passengers have disembarked, ?
Wharfage Tariff can be had on application at office on dock. 4
P. 0. Bo* 176. C. E. W YNN-JOBNSON, Gen') Mgr. *
??-*a I
Wood and Coal Heaters
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tion and burn less fuel than any other
stove, are now for sale at
Agents for Skagway and Haines
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? Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
I5i Totem !
JACK PH ELI'S, I 'rop. ?
Fine Wino.3, Liquors and Cigars |
-? New Management__-<=J?BS9'A
i: the ::
4 K
m*i !k\ ?lY9r>l!il BP m
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a Sullivan & Flaherty , g
?- i
The Best Brands of Liquors & Cigars
Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
Seattle, Puget Sound, San Francisco and Southern Port?
Sity of Seattle ? ?ct. 18
Direct to Seattle
Via Victoria
Via Vancouver
VALENCIA - - - OCT. 19
Via Sitka
?A- Above Sched lie Subject to change Without Notioe.
L M. WEST, Agent PSONE 60
C. D. DUN A N, Gen Pass. Agt.
10 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
The Alaska Steamship Co. 1
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer
The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 7& hours between
Skagwav and Seattle
DIRIGO About Oct. 20
FARALLON. About Oct 18
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Additional Charge
K A- CARROLL, Agent. Phone M
: ?xsx?KKsx*xsxsa!KsisXexsiie)ieM9id?MMIMaMir
F. Wolland,
Corner Stat? Street and Fifth Avenut
Telephone No. 76
riYiv.Y. '.r.Y.Y.r.Y.Y.witsw.r.w? r.Y.Yw.Yrt.Yo.Y.w*r^.r?sr*?x3?MJ?

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