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Daily Alaskan!,
The people of Douglas ire moving to |
have a straw election on the national
election day. <1* is hoped they will
abandon the plan. The people of Alas
ka should do nothing to encoursge a di
vision oo political lines. Particularly
Is that the case at the present time
when one of the parties has insert id a
plank in its platform declaring in favor
of territorial government for the dis
trict while the other party has remain**!
silent on the subject.
The people of Alaska should under
do circumstances show by a straw ballot
or otherwise that they are indifferent
to the fact that the democratic national
convention has promised to them the
boon for which they have prayed so
long nor should republicans be asked to
vote for Parker even for amusement
in order to be loyal to Alaska when the
exegencies of the occasion do not re
quire it.
Since the foregoing was written, it is
learned that the Koosevelt republican
club of Skagway has decided to chal
lenge the Skagway democratic cluS to
a straw contest. They should not in
sist upon the challenge, and if they do,
the democrats should decline it.
Skagway has been the foremost town
in Alaska in the tight for self-govern
ment, a right the people have insisted
is theirs because of their American cit
izenship. In this tight democrats and
republicans have worked shoulder to
shoulder. They have sent del
egations to republican conventions,
democratic conventions and -to
noo-partizan conventions to labor for
territorial government. The chamber
of commerce, the city couccil and mass 1
meetings have begged, petitioned and
demanded the right to make their owu
laws. I jet us assume, in the face of
this record, that a majority of the peo
ple of Skagway should vote, even at a
straw ballot, for the republican candi
dates who are runniug on a platform
which promises Alaska nothing and j
against the democratic candidates on a
platform which promises Alaska the
very things for which we have laborer j
so long. The fact would be taken in '
by the tories and it would be used to j
show the authorities at Washington I
that the people of this city are not in
favor of territorial government. The
Daily Alas ?> an does not believe the re
publicans of Skagway want to pi, e
their town in this position, and it 'be
lieves they will withdraw their chal
lenge. On tbe other hand. the demo
crats of Skagway should not ask the re
publicans to go on record against theii
party when such action is not required
It were better that their he no voting.
That was really unkind of I'ncle Kd
ward not to help his nephew out in the
trouble with those West Afrieau sav
ages. Before the/lays of Kdward and
the new American navy a British gun
boat helped Uncle Sam out of a nasty
predicament with Alaskan Indians, so
the lack of precedent did not intervene.
But then Nephew William did not put
himself out to he'p his uncle at the!
time the latter had troubles of his own j
io Africa.
The Seattle Times and the Post-In
telligencer have had a strenuous war
as to whether William Oehler, w host
dead body was picked upon the street,
was murdertd or whether he committed
suicide. 1 he Times is for murder ami
the P.-I. for self-destruction. The for
mer se- ms to have come out slightly in
the lead.
A Parker alliteration which is work
ing over time with democratic papers
and campaigners just now is "Parker,
peace and prosperity.'"
The laformatioe CoiUlatd in this
Ctlldl'l S.tUB> II ll ltTltllakU
to Ahtki people
The man whose stattn.enl appears be- 1
low, wbo has do monentaiv or O'utr in
terest id tbe article which lie endorses, 1
who is anxious to tli Lit a(<|uatu auce
and fellow residents a good liuu wbf
publishes tu this pa^e' his experten.e '
with Doan's Kidney 1'ills ? must liavt
Koo.1 anil suthcient reasou lor doing so.
The following abouid despel ?n>
doubts which may have existed in the
reader's mi d on this subject:
Edwmd Drew, lai.or, place of resili
ence on Water St., Port Tcwn?eud,\Vash
says: "I have ta.l slight attacks ol 1
knioev complaint (or years, piobaU}
caused by exposur or bad we.tbcr, ever 1
exeruoo or attacks of c Id. When au
noved wuh these spells, 1 found it vei)
milieu It to straighten up niter being tu >
Stooped position for a little lime. I was
advised to try D'>ai:'s Klduev V and 1
got a box. Tl?e> proved t> i t jjst wli .
was need, d n. ?iy c??? , and in Kitiara
?? . . ) situ illiiC 1 WOs cttlllt ij lu.c-,1. ll '
is lb., luai til treatment . o
unwaeii up n'Hi( e* o*-gi i>r MuiiitliUh
la ei tl?c*e sy u.pvwu.s ol * iicur
leuce. 1 .Ikui tcs'illctl IV 1'UIU S km- 1
uey Puis, and they checked the t.oub,e
immediately. 1 coutd LO' ask lor i
l et er reuiidy than l>oau's Kidne)
For sale by all dealers, puce 50 cc s
K later-MtiLuru Co lit !U ? N V..
sole agc.lts to: the L*. ?
Rrmen.bcr the nauie-LH>.iu's-..ml <U
no substi u e.
Care* Winter Coagh
J. E. U over, to 1 N. Mum S^., O'is- ,
wa. Rati., writes: 'Every tail it has 1
been my w fe's trouble to c > Cb a severe
cold, end therefore tu euugh a I wi:itet
long. Last fall i got tor her a bottb ,
of Uorehound Sytup. She used it ai.d (
has been able to sleep sound y all nigh
long. Whenever the cough troui Irs ,
her. two ir three dc zes stops the c>igb,
and she is able to be up and well." 25c. ,
50c, tt.oo. Sold by Kelly Drug Co. !
Oyster cuctttaiis, Olympiaor Eastern
at the Pack Train restaurant
nutltli AW 1/IUUltUM | I
II th? United Slates Commissioner's Court, lor i
the DlatfM ol Alaska, Division No I. at ;
dimfvuv. In I'rotaw. s
[n the matter of the Estate of K.O. Caswell, P?- j
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned |
? as appoliitod administratrix of the mute <>f ;
E tl. Caswell. deceased, on the ihid day of Sep
tember, V.sh. All t*r>oii? having flaims against ,
i he ?ald .-stale are hereby required t-i exhibit 1 1
itum.wlih the necessary ?oucbers within six I
, months alter the tlrst publloatlon of thia no
II. e, to th<- Mid administratrix. at her reddeuce
? t Skagway, Alaska, or to K. W. Jenaiofs, at
u>rncy lor h;u4 udmlatatnitrli, ?l bin office id
skyway. Alaska, the name belug the places
(or the transaction of the business of said
rotate In the Town of Skwway. District of Alas
K {'his notice is published by ordor of the
United States Commissioner for th^ District >f
Alaska. DWIston No. 1, Mfikaswuf. and Kx-om
clo ITobale ludge, daied the Kud day of Sep
tember. 1?>?.
Ihitcil thl? '."Sod day of September. 1901.
Klrst Publication September Sj. WW.
l.ast l*ublicallon October A. IWM
Administratrix of the K tateof E. O. Caswell,
United States Land Office,
Juneau, Alaska, Sept. 29, 11XM.
Notice Is hereby given, that in pur
suance of the act of Congress, approved
May 10th, 1872, J. F. Ma'ony, whose
post office address is Juneau, Alaska,
for himself, and as the attorney in fact
of John Dal ton, and E. B. Hanley, his
co-claimants, have raadeappliiation for
patent for seventeen and 919-1000 acres
of the Wiley placer claim, four and 703
1000 acres of the Legal Tender placer
claim, sixteen aud 4.85-1000 acres of the
Kenley placer claim, eighteen and 3I1>
10 (i acres of the Mix placer claim, and
two and 721-1000 acres of the Jenks
Fraction placer claim, all situate in
the l'orvupine Mining District, District
of Alaska, and described by the official
plat herewith posted, and by the field
notes on file, in the office of the Regis
ter of Juneau Land l)i?trict, Alasxa, as
follows: viz.
No. Ii3ti.
Beginning at corner No. 1. Identi
cal with lcca'ion corner. A hemlock
post 4 feet long, 4 inches square, set 18
inches in the ground, with mound of
?>tone, scribed U. S- S. l?36 t from which
a hemlock tree 8 inches in diameter
bears K. 76 deg. SO' W, 12 feet: A hem
lock tree 12 iochcs in diameter bears N.
23 deg. W. 13 feet, each blazed and
scribed U S. S. 630# B T. U. S. L M
No. 3. bears N. 20 deg 00' E. 10648 ?
feet: thenco S 18 deg, 34' VV. var. 31
deg. 00' E. ltM8 2 feet to corner No. 4.,
Hanson Placer IT. S. d. 573, and along
line 4-3 of that survey, the center of
which is given erroneously as s. 17 deg
15* E. in that survey. 12K5.5 feet to
center Hemlock Gulch. 3 feet wide,
course N. lt> deg. W, 1302 2 feet to cor
ner No. 2. A hemlock t ost 4 feet long,
4 inches square, set 18 inches in the
ground, with mound of stone, scribed U.
->.S. ts?>-2. from which a hemlock tree
10 incites in diameter l>ears N. 5 deg
00' E 10 feet. A hemlock tree 30 iuches
in diameter, bears N. til deg. 15' VV. 8
feet, each bluztd and scribed U. S. S.
> :;i>-2, b. f. Center ot S. E. end of
placer workings 3y.x 10x100 feet bears
N. 40 feet, runnmtr thence N. 18 deg.
\V; thence N 70 deg. 11' >V., vur 31 tieg.
oo' E , --M.0 feet t<> center of Coroutine
creek, 50 lcet wide, flows N. 20 deg. E?
?U0.0 feet to corner Na 3, not be ng a
suitable place to set corner on ac ount
of slide, 1 set witness corner S. 70 deg.
11' E 430 3 feet. A hemlock [> st 4 feet
ong. 4 inches square. =et 18 inches in
the ground. with moun i of stone.scribed
U. S. S. 63t'>-3 ? W C. from which cor
ner a hen. lock tree 10 inches in diatne'
er. In'ars N. t>7 dtg 50' \V 8 3 feet. A
hemlock tree 4 inches in diameter,
bears N. 7 deg. 23' E. 10.4 feet, eacfc
. I. and scribed U. S. S (>3t> 3 W. C.
tf. T.: thence from irue t orner north 18
de^'. 3t>' E. var. 31 deg 00' E? 1301.5 feet
tocqrnerNo. 4: a hem ock post 4 feet
lo g, 4 .uchei square, set 18 inches in
i he irruurd, with mound of su>oe scribed
U. S. S 636 4-3, from which a hemlock
tree 8 inches in diameter, bears S. 70
drg.18' E. 22 feet: a hemlock tree 3 feet
.in uiamct'.r, bears S. 12 deg. 15' W,,
28 3 feet, each bla/.ed and scribed U. S.
S. ?:3?J-4 3 3. T.; thenc : S. 70 deg. 15'
E., var. 31 deg 00' E", 10.0 feet to
placer workings 6 feet deep, 14 feet
wide, Ol.ti foet to point from which the
S. W. center of pi cer workings G0?100
x -0 feet deep, bears S. 18 deg. 30' E?
1 19 feet, thence ruuning S. 18 deg E.,
190 0 feet to leave placer workings,
359 4 feet to center of Porcupine oieek
."*1 feet wid> , Hows N. 20 deg. E. 509.4
feet to corner No. 1, the place of be
ginning. All corners are identical with
the location corners,
Beginning at corner No. 1; a hemlock
post 4 feet long. 4 inches square, set 18
incne,-. in the ground, wiih mound of
stone, scribed Li. S. S. 636-1-2, from
which corner a heml ek tree 8 inches
in diameter, bears N. 80 deg. W. 4.8
feet. Spruce tree 14 inches in diamet
er, bears 8, 57 deg. E. 2 4 feet, ejeh
blazed and scribed (J. S- S (>3(5-1-2 B T
L'. s?. L. M. No. 3, bears N. 19 deg 5ti"
E. 10212.1 feet: thence S. 22 deg. 02' W.
var. 31 deg U0' E, 336.7 feet to con er
So. 2. Identical with corner No. 1,
Wiley lode of this survey, previously |
described; thence N. 70 de*. 15' W,
v.tr. 31 leg. 00' E, along line 1-4 Wilev (
claim of this survey. 240.0 feet to cen
ter of l'orcupine creek 50 feet wide,
tlowsN. 20 dee. E , 409.4 feet to pla- J
j, r workings, 589 4 feet to leave placer
workings, 599.4 feet to corner N . 3
Identical with corner No. 4, Wiley of
this survey, previously dt scribed:
thenco N. 10 deg. 40' E. var, 31 deg.
X)' E , 316.1 feet to corner No. 4: a
heml ck poet 4 feet loDg 4 inches square
>et 18 inches in the ground, with mound .
jf stone, scribed U. S. S. (i3(>-4, from
? Inch corner a hemlock tree 2 feet in
iiarueter. bears >. 75 deg, E 15 feet. A \
hemlock tree 3 feet in diameter, bears
S. 20 ceg. W, 1.8 feet, etch blazed and '
?cribed IT. S b (53H-4 B T :thenc? S. 72 1
;. g. 21' E. var 31 deg. 00 E. 245 0 feet '
to center of placer workings (I0x2">0x:5 '
fe?H txtendirg N. 19 deg. E. 23 feet
tuu S. 19 d- g. W , 15 fe t: 431.2 feet to ]
? Dter of Porcupine creek 50 feet, wide,
luws N, lodeo. r... 663.2 feet to corner
^ , I, ihet>>ace of b<gmn ng. All cor- 1
ier- are identical with the locat on
Beginning at com r Xo. 1; a hemlock
?i ?t 4 feet long 4 inch square, set 18
inches ;u lh*j trroui U, 'with mound of
- one. scribed U. S. S. H3ti-1 from
a i>ch ci rner a fci-wlock tree 2 feet in :
liamcter, t>e*rs s. 14deg. E. 4.7 fee?.
\ hem ock tree ?< inches In diameter,
war* N. 24 dttr. W' VV. 4.9 feet, each
Mhh4 and j-crib U U. S. S. t?3t>-l, H.
i'. S. E. comer of house 20x30 feet,
bears X. 11 deg. 39' E. fi73 feet. S. E.
?ora- r ot rous 14xl(> feet, bears N. 15
le?. 24' K. 710 feet, S. E. corner of
hoo?e ItxH fri t. bean IV. 11 dej., Oo'.
E., 7lV. f.?et. S. E. cornerofhou.se 14x j
It! feer, bens N. 12 deij. 40' E 7021
feet, L' . N. L. M. No. 3, bears N. 20;
leg; uO' E. 9037 tife-:t: thence S. l-'ideg.
?' W., var. 31 deg 00' E.. 1178.2 feetl
.o corner No 2. Identical with corner |
S'o. 1, Legal Teni'er, this survey pravi- 1
>uslj de-crib" d; thence N. 72 deg. 21'
W , var 31 deg. 00' E. Along line 1-4
_<e.ral Tender claim of this survey. '
:t2.0 feet to c nter of 1'orcupine creek I
o feet wide, Hows N. 10 deg. E. 418.2 j 1
eei to center 01 piacer wortctngs ex
, ending N. 19 dug. E. 235 feet aiv S. 19
leg. W. 15 feet. 627 4 feet to corner No.
I; a hcmloek post 4 feet long, 4 inches
iquare, set 18 iuches In the ground, with
mound of suvie, scribed U. S. S. 636-3,
froui wrlch o?rner a hemlock tree' i
inches in diameter, bear* N 60 dcg. E.
Mi. 7 feet; a hemlock tree 12 inches in
diameter, bears N. 30 dep. W. 19 feet,
each blazed snd scribed O ?. S 630 3
U. T. Corner No. 4, Legtll ender claim
of this survey, bears N. 72 deg. 21' W .
35 8 feet distant: thence N . 24 dcg. 57'
E.,*ar. 31 deg. 00' IS. 654.6 feet to cor
ner No. 4; a hemlock po-t 4 inches
square, 4 feet long, set 18 Inches in the
ground, with mound of stone, scribed
U. S. S. 630-4 from which corner a hem
lock in e 8 inches in dameter bears S.
36deg. 00' W. 16.4 feet: a hemlock tree
2 feet in diameter, bears N. 39 deg. VV.
18 ft?ct, each blnzed aud scribed U, S. S.
636-4 B. T. N W. corner of cabin 14x16
feet bears S. 160 feet. N. K. corner of
cabin 16x30 feet, b.'nrs S, 7 deg. 30' E.
121 feet: thence N' 10 deg. 09' E var.'tl
deg. 00' E. 735.4 feet to corner No. 5, A
cottonwood pest 4 feet long, 4 inches
square, sei 18 inches In the ground,
scribed U* S. S. 636-5, from which cor
ner, a cottonwood tree <i Inches in ilia
meter, bears S. 87 deg. W. 26 8 feet,
blazed and scribe'1, 0. S. S. 630-5, B.
T.: thence S. 53 deg. 4V E. var 31 deg.
00' EL 350.0 feet to center of Porcupine
f ret k 50 feet wide, (lows N. E. 630 0 feet
to corner No. 1 , place of beginniug. All
corners are Identical with the location
Beginning at corner No l:ah<mlocK
post 4 feet long 4 inches square, set 1
inches in the ground. with mound of
stone, scribed l\ ?. S. 636-1, from which
corner a spruce tree 3 feet in diameter,
boars N. 68 deir. 30 W. 136 feet. A
spruce tree 10 in -hea in diameter, boars
N 62 dec. 45' E. 24.5 feet, each blazed
and scribed U. S S. 63?- 1 1
corner of cab'n 14x16 feet, bears S ??
deg. 20' W. 662 feet. S. K. corner of
cabin 20x24 feet, bears S. M dog .j. W
530 feet. V. S L. M No. .i. bean. N lS
dee. 47* E. 7697.7 feet; thence 8. 32 deg.
45' W. var. 31 aeg- 00' K . 135' ' 'e*1 10
corner No. 2. On line 5-1 Fen ey claim
of this survey ; a hemlock post, 4 feet
lone, 4 inches square, set 18 imhtsin
the erouad with mound cf stone, scribed
U <*. S. 636-2, from which corner a h 'in
lock tree 18 inches In diameter, bears
N. 21 deg. W. 4.7 feet. A hemlock tree
12 inches in disme'.er, bears N. 8o aeg.
K 6.8 feet each bla/.ed and scribed L . . .
S. 636-2 B. T. comer No. 1 , Ffflley
claim of th s aurvev, bearsh. 53 de*
45' K , 60 feet distant. Centei of pit J
feet deep and 25 feet in diameter, bear*
N 4 dee. 30. W. 328 feet; thence N 53
dog. 4.V VV. var. 31 deg 00' B. Alone
line 5-1 Kenl.y claim of this survey.
220.0 feet to centerjof Porcupine creek
50 feel wide. Hows N. E. .>.0 0 feet to
corner No. 5 Fenley claim of this sur
vey. 581.0 ft. to corner No.3. I ottonwood
post 4 feet long, 4 inches square set 18
inches in the ground, with mound of
stone, scribed U. S 3. No beat -
ings available; thence N 3- deg. 1.) b.,
var. 31 deg. 00' fc. 1366 8 feet to coroer
No 4; a spruce post 1 feet long, 4 inches
square. Jt 18 irch.s in the ground,
vv:th mound of stone, MJribed U. - ? "?
636-*. No bearings available; therce . .
??> deg. 57 K , var. 31 deg. 0?i h. _l.:3
I eel t-? center of Porcupine creek 00
feet wide, flows N. 32 deg fc>.
feel to corner No. 1, the place of begi -
iiinn A 1 corners arc identical with ?"<
locatlin come s
Beginning at corner No. 1 rdea' ('1'
with corner No 3 ?i cov?rv, U. S h.
574. and corner Chu-., L. >
A hemlock post I inches square, fh"*"
log 30 in* lies abo-.e ground, with
mound of stone, s ri bed I ? h. >?
on side facing Jenks fraction. I. - ?
L. M. No- 3, bears N. 18 deg. Ji E.
74<?3.1 feet: thenreS. 14 Ce,r. 10 W . var.
31 , eg. 00 K. 150.0 feet to center o
trail 3 feet wide, course S. V.. -18.1 I it
to corner No, 2. a hemlock post 4 fret
long, 4 inches square, set 18 inches i IP
the cround with mound of stone, scrib
ed U S S. *i:t?V-2, from whi h corner a
spruce tree 3 feet in diarne er, bear, 6
*2 deg. K., 34-6 feet. A hetnlockliee >?
inches in diameter, bears N. 3? deg .
?4 ."> feet, e;ch blazed and srribeo^U.
s ti3<>-2 H. T,; then e .">2 aeg. ?>. ? ?
var. 31 deg. 00' E- 41.3 feet to cori er
No 1, Mix claim of this survev ayd
along line 1-4 of said Mix claim. 3>...
feet to center of Po^upine cre(?k. .?
feet wide flows N. 32 deg. 00 h. ?> ???
feet to corner No. 3: a "emiock po?l 4
feet long. 4 inches s<iuare, tet 18 luciu
in tbe ground, with mound of stone,
scribedU.S. 8 636-3 from whi. h n r
rer a spruce stump 2 feet indameter,
?1* S. 77 deg.' W . 3.1 feet, blaze i and
scribed U. S. S. 636-3 B. ' . C- rcer . t .
4. Mix claim of this survey, be*w N.
M de?? 57' W. 44.2 feet dis'.ant; thence
N. lieg. 30'K., var. 31 deg. 00' K -18.0
feet to corner 4. Identi al with corner
No. 4, Discovery U. S. S. :>.4. A h? un
lock (>ost 4 inches square, showing .10
inches aiwve ground, upon which I
scribed U.S. S. 63B-4. on sice facing
Jenks fraction: then;e S. u.i dej. -l f..
var. 31 deg" 00' fc. Along line 4-3 survey
No. 574. 215.0 fee! to center of N. K.
end of placer workings 1;.j.i4 >x2o feel
deep, extend' ng S. 32 deg. W. 15o
feet. 275,o feel to center of ' orcupine
creek. 5o feet wide, flows N. 6 deg. oo
K 382 o feet to trail 3 feet wide,
rourse N . K 6 ?o.o feet to corner No. 1.
the place of beginnine. All corners are
Identical with the location orner*.
total Area Wiley....... '
?' Legal Tender +? 'V?
" " Fenley
?< - Mix
?? ?' Jenks Fraction...... -.i-l
r0l*l Are i Placer Claims 60.14.
The above claims joiu on the north
east Discovery Pla er Claim, survey
So. s74, on the east by unknown pla. er
rlaims, on the west by the Last Chance
ulaci-r claim, and he Lucky Joe placer
Uim, and on the south and easl by sur
vey No. ">73, and unknown pit ercla-ms
The location notices ot ihe-e placer
mining claims aie te orded as fol.ows:
rhe Wiley Plater claim is te.-orueJ in
Vol. 'B" at P ge 95, of the re ords of
the Skiinway Ke.oroing Dstricr. i ?'
1 cifal Tender pla<er cla in U re oriletl
\u Vol. 4'B \ at pa-^f 317, o tbe r? oiu?
jf the Skagway Be ord ug Di^trici.
The Fenley placer laim is re -ordeu in
Vol. "A", at pa.e 2."., of the re olds of
ibeSkatwav I e 01 ding District. I Be
Mix pla er cla in is re otxled in Vol.
?A", at PHe 29. of tt e records of the
Skakway Becordin< Diftrct rhe
Jenks Fraction pl.<er claim is re 01
1,^1 in Vol. "D at pa,e 14. ot the
re oids of the Skag^ay l.eootding
^"nTand all persons claiming tdver- (
?ny portion of the abgve de^crlbcj
premises *re required to fi e their ad
i-erse cl iim with the Res '8' er of the
United Stales Lard Ottite, at Juneau,
Maska, durinn the sixty d.ys period if
mblication here f, or ir.ey wi l be bar
?ed bv virtue of tbe provisions ot the
>tatute. w lmi)LKY) Register
It is hereby ordered th ct tbe forego
ii no'i. e be published for the s atu
orv period in the Daily Alaskan, a
lewspaper published at Skagway, Alas
ta" John W. Dudley, Register,
i'lrst publication Oct. 8, 1004.
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and Misses' Jackets
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\ ! *.' ?*
efflpic c*xse??5^
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Nugget Jewelry of All Kinds,
Indian Curios and Souvenir Spoons.
The Pioneer Jeweier
Official Timekeeper for the \V. P. & Y. H.
Tcrmluiia W. P. & Y. Route
All South Bound Steamers Arrive and Depart From This Dr<;k
Warehouses -pen for d-ilivery of merchandise from 8 a. ra. to 5 p. m.
Perishables ONLY delivered on Sunday or at night.
All freight shipments destined southbound must be accompanied by a
?SHii'PKK's Manifest (papers can be obtained at the U. & customs
office) and must be delivered bo tore 6|> m. No freight ?ill.be re
ceived on wharf after this hour.
BAGGAGE? Tolls will be collected on Checked Baggage Osi.j. No
charge for bags and grips when unchecked.
The wharf gate will be closed to the public when steamer Is nearing
dock and will be opened only when passengers have disembarked.
Wharfage Tariff can be had ou application at office on dock.
, P.O. Box 175. C. E. WYNN-JOHNSON, Gen'l Mgr. ,
V? ??
A Stove Bargain
Coles' Hot Blast
Is a great value, we sell It under a positive
guarantee that it will remain air tight as long
as used. That it will
day and night with har I coal, soft coal or slack;
That it will hold fire with soft coal
That it will
I Save One-Third In Fuel Over any Stove |
With Same Heating Surface
Buy now and lie comfortable all winter. For sale by ? J
' If
Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
; Totem
Fine Winas, Liquors and Cigars
.? ?? -.%v?ww?%s. "*%? .Tis&sasft aa
?i New Management
Sullivan & Flaherty
The Best Brands of Liquors & Cigars
Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
Seattle, Fuget Sound, San Francisco and Southern Porte
f!umboldt - Oct. 22
Via Victoria
Via Vancouver
Direct to Seattle
Via Sitka
Above Schedule Subject to change Without Nowoe.
L. M. WEST, Agant FUONK 50.
C. D. DUNA N, Gen Pass. Agt.
10 Market Street, San Franolsoo, Ca' .
The Alaska Steamship Co. ^
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer
The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 76 hours between
Skagway anil Seattle
DIRIGO About Oct 31
FARALLON, About Oct 22
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without AddiiioDal Charge
Ii A. CARROLL, Agent. PhOnc M
F. Wolland,
Corner State Street and Fifth Avenur
Telephone No. 76

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