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The Best Is
None Too Good
H. S. & M.
They cost 110 more than other suits but
they have that fit. style and snap that
gives character, value and distinction
both to the suit and to the wearer ol it
Wear the Best
Hart Sduffncr
V Marx
Hand Tailored
0?yy f? IMS by litrt Rrh&ffnar A M?r*'
Rain Coats
Appeal to Every Wearer of
Good Clothes
They are made ol the same material as
other good dressy coats and the rain rolls
ofi them like quicksilver. When a show
er is over you hardly know it had been
raining as the surface ol the goods is left
perfectly dry.
For Comfort, Style and Ser
vice They Are Certainly IT.
We Have Just Received a Large Shipment cf These Goods and Invite Your Examination
There Are None Better
I CIk Cburbes 1
Early Mass, 1* m.
High Mass, 10:3" a. m.
Sunday school, 12 m.
Lecture and benediction, 7:30 p. m.
On week days Mass at S a. in.
All are coriliall.v invited.
Father P. H. Turneil, S. J.
St. Saviour's church. State street and
Eighth avenue.
Sunday >c hoo 1 , 10 a. m.
Morning' prayer, 11 a. in.
No evening serv ce
Choir rehearsal tonight at 8 p ra.
Chas E. Hice, l*riest-in-Cliarge.
Services, 11 a. m acd 7:30 p m.
Sundav school, 12:15 p. m.
Y. P. S. C. K., 6:30 p m.
Popular service, 7:30 p m.
Prayer meet in g. Thursday, 8 !>. m
Morning subject: "Prayer, a I'repar
atioo for Kevelatioo,'' with solo by Mrs.
Evening tht me: "Our Way Versus
Cod's Way."
The music will include choir hymn,
response, solo by Miss Springsted,
anthem "Hope Thou in God."
Special mention is due the choir (or
this anthem to be sung Sunday even
A cordial Invitation extended to all.
N. B. Harrison, Pastor.
Services at 11 a. m aod 7:30 p. m
Morning subject: "The Lamb of
Sunday school, 12:15 p. m.
Junior League. 3:30 p. m.
Epw.Tth League, 7 p.m.
League top.c: "How Can We En
large and Improve Our Work."
Prayer meeting Thursday evening.
Evening subject: "Spiritual Degra
da' loo," an Evangelistic service, with
soul stirring h^mns led by a chorus
All are cordially welcome.
John Parsons, Pastor.
Hmm f..r "O* 1 w? Sqnar*'
A Dawson paper says that "Gallows
Square," a little nook in the Dawson
barracks grouod, just bark of the j .11,
and on which seven men have been
hanged during the past six years. Is be
iug made the site for a new building.
The men banged there were two In
dians, Henderson. King, George
O'Brien, Victor Portlier aod Edward
Baker Ooa Cut
A letter from Seattle dat-d Oct. 17,
says: "A. H. Baker, formerly of lower
Broadway, pawed through Seattle last
Monday on his w?y to Baltimore, Mary
land, from Valdez. He is through with
the northern country having sold out
all of his in teres s in V aides He had
with him 'Jimmle' the inoogre cur dog
whom all visitors to his place oo Broau
way knew."
English corduroy pants at Clay sun's.
~ -?y wear like a nigger's heel
YOUR nimi
Heiv Is an Opport onily of a
Ufa Time
A new horseshoe lunch counter and
(our new boxes have be< n added to the
Board of Trade rtstaurant. A ulate
glass front anJ faimily entrance hav?
been put in and all is now in first-clas>
shape. Heating stoves and a cash reg
is'er will go with the lease in additioc
to the furniture and property hereto
fore advertised
Kemember. this property goes at $i">
per month on a two or three-year lease.
This rental includes both floors of the
building, the chicken house ar.d yard,
store room, ice boxes, large and small.
French range and some kitchen furni
ture, dining room furniture, including
table*, chairs, #7U0 worth of dishes acd
linen, and many other accessories.
The dining room door is covered with
linoleum and the upper tloor, which
would make exoellent living apart
ments, is carpeted.
If the range is too large, another to
suit the tenant will be put in.
Write or call on Lee Guthrie,
lmo Skagway, Alaska.
Coald Not bt B?tt?r
The uniform success of Chamber! tin's
Colic, Cholera auri D'.nrrh<,ea Reuied?
ha* won for it a wide reputation and
manv people throughout the country will
agree with Mr. Cha*. W. Xlatti>on. of
Milford, V?., who s?v*. It works like
magic, and is the best preparation I krow
of. It couldn't be any Oett^r." He bad
? serious attack of dysentery and was ad
vised to trv a bott'e Ot thia remedy,
which be did, with the te-ult that im
mediate lehef was obtained. For sale h)
Kelly Drug Co.
During the summer months I will
sell bread at 5 cents a loaf and all other
pastries in proportion. We use the best
material and a competent baker is in
charge. Give us a call and be con
vinced. The Vienna Bakery.
Pennsylvania authracite (83 per cent,
carbon), finest coal in the world, $2.25
per sack of 200 pounds, delivered.
Sbaw & Johnson, Moore wharf. Imo
The leading barbershop and bath
rooms. The Principal, opposite Board
of Trade.
Is your washing sail factory y \re
your clothes torn? If no or yes, try the
Skagway Hand Laundry, and you will
be satisfied. 3 20
We have a small line of reversible
hunting coats we would' like to show
sportsmen. F. H. C'layson S Co.
I"r?? Coaoart Daily
A free concert is giren'at the Mascot
saloon every afternoon and evening.
All the latest songs and airs. It is
worth hearing.
Mineral Survey No 639.
UuiU.nl State?' I .and Office. |
v Juneau, Alaska. October 5. HM.
Notice is hereby given that, in pursuauce of
the tot of congress approved May 10th, 1872,
K. ?: Han ley. whoec post office address is IHjr
cupine, Aix-ka. aud as the attorney-in-fact of .
\lr-v Mauley Danforth and las, M. (^uilter. has j
made application for a patent for 14.4^6 acre*, of
placer mining ground, situate in the l?orcupine j
Mining District. District of Alaska, and de
scribed by the official plat herewith posted, snd |
l?y the field notes on tile in the office of the
Register t.fthe Juneau Land District, Alasks, 1
ks lollows. viz:
No. 6i9.
Beginning at corner No. 1. ou line 3 4 Mix i
claim, survey. No. 036 A spruce post I feet '
long 4 inches njuare, set 18 inches in the j
ifiounl, with mouml of stone, scribed U JS. S.
-EM, from which corner an alder tree 12 Inches
iti diameter bears n Q deg. 10' W. HI feet
:>lazed and scribed U ? S. S. T. U, S, L.
NL No. 9, bear*. N\, 24 deg. or E. 8383.1 feet,
turner so. 1. Mix claim, survey no. fljii, bears
N. 32 dec. 15 E Njo, 1 feet; thence S. 32 deg. 15
W. var. 31 deg. IX?' E. Along line 4-3 Mix claim,
U, s. s. 636 506.70 feet to corner No. 2. Identl
cal with corner No. 3, Mix claim, U.S. 8. 63*, a
cottonwood post 4 inches square, showing '??0
taefcM MtK)ve ground, which 1 scribed Ut s. >
39-2 on side facing claim. No other bearing
available. Thence S. 53 deg. 4' E, var. 3I deg.
00* E. Along line 3-2 Mix claim, survey C3t?.
11.0 feet to corner no. 3. Ideutical w ith corner
.\e. 5 henley claim, U.S. S. 636. A cottonwood
post 4 inches snuare. showing 3J inches above
ground which I scribed U. S. S. 639-3. on side
fa ing claim. A cottonwood tree 6 inches
d;ameter bears S. 87 deg 00' W. 26.8 feet, biased
Kud >cribed U>. S. 639-3 H T. ; theuce S 10
deg- 09' W. var. 31 deg. 00' E. Along line 5-4
Fen ley claim, survev 6 6. 360. oO feet to cross
creak* 6 feet wide, flows .>1. E. 735.40 feet to cor
ner no 4 . Identical with corner no. 4. Fenley
claim, U.S. S. 636. A hemlock post 4 inches
square, showing 30 inches above ground, which
Incritndr. S. S. 639-4, in side facing claim-:
Corner no. 3 Fenley claim, survey no. 636, bears
S. 24 deg. *7' W.. 6*4.6 feet. A hemlock 8 inches
diameter bears S 36 deg 00* W. I6.4 feet. A
hemlock 24 inches diameter bears n 39 deg 0u'
W . \h feef, each blazed and scribed U. S. S. 639-4
li. T.; thence n. To deg. 00' W,. var. 31 deg. 00'
E. along the uortheasterly boundary of the
Lucky Joe placer claim, unsurveyed. 2:0.0 to
point from which center of southwesterly end
of placer workings i.'5x50x20 feet, bears n. 44
den. w) E. 1^0 feet ; thence extending N. E. 30^.0
feet to ceuter of Hume 14 Inches wide, course N.
uO deg 00 E. 3j0.0 feet to edge of creek, flows n.
:o dev. E 571.^0 feet to corner no. 5. A cotion
Hood post 4 feet long, 4 inches square, set IS
inches in the ground, with mound of stone,
acribed U. S. S. 6VJ-5. from which corner a cot
tonwood tree 8 inches in diameter bears n 12
deg. 30* E. U feet. A cottouwood tree 10 Inches
in diameter* bears s 80 deg. W. 17 feet, each
blazed and scribed U S. 8. ti39-s B T.; Thence
>. is deg. 44' E var. 31 deg. 00' E. 1223.10 feet to
corner no. 6. Not set for the reason that the
corner would be in danger of being destroyed
by slides. I set witness corner s. 70 deg. 00' E.
8 :.4 f'-' t A spruce post 4 feet Ion*. 4 Inches
rquare,. set ?8 inches iu the ground, with mound
t.f stone, scrtbel U s. s. 639 6 w. C. From
\s hi< h corner a hemlock p ?st 8 inches lu diame
ter, bears s. 1* deg. 10' W 5 feet. A willow tree
4 Inches in diameter bears n. 3 deg. E , 4 3 f el.
each blazed and scribed. U. S.S.639-6W. C B. T.;
thence beginning at true corner s. 70 deg tf)' H
var. 31 dog. 10' E. 2j7 4 > to no. 6. previous
ly described. 4ss-00 ftet iO Hume 10 inches a Ide,
c-'Urse n. 19 deg. E. *70.00 feel to corner no. Lthe
place of beginning. Containing an area of
l4 4&> acres. A !1 corners arc Identical with the
luoatti n corners.
The above claim Is joined on the east by the
Fenley aud Mix placer claims, survey no. 636,
and on the south by the Lucky Joe placer
claim and on the n-jrtb and west by unknown
placer ctu ms.
The location notice of the last Chance Min
ing claim is rrcorde 1 in book 7, of placers. jmge
] 33o, records of the Juneau Recordlug District,
I District of Alaska.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
I portiv n of the above described premises, are
required to tile their adverse claim, with the
Register of the U. s. Land office, at funeau Ala
ska. during the sixty days period of public ition
hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the
provisions of the statute.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
be published for the statutory period in the
Daily Alaskan, a daily uewspaper published at
SKagway. Alaska
Just opened. The Railroad restau
rant will now serve you with the best
med in town. Ycur patrooage is sol
cited? Williams & Peterson.
Survey, No. 627.
United SUtU.iT I.and Office,
Juneau, Ahi.sUa. AlUUSt 19, i9of.
Notice Is hereby given, that, in persuaucc ol
tne act of Cong re tin, approved May 10th, 1872,
J. Y, Ntaloney, whose posroff-.ee address i>
Juueau, Aia*ka, and as the attorney, in (act, ol
Sain Blum, ha.s made application for a j nient
for nineteen and two hundred and thlrt).
| eight one-thouHNndtli acres, on the Chief Pl.-.et i
Claim, situated in the Potonpufi MifilBS 1?.^
trlct, District of Alaska, and described by the
official pint herewith posted and by the iield
notes on Hie in the otiice of the Register of
Juneau Land District, of .Masks, its follows, viz:
NO. 627,
Chief I'lAckr Claim.
Dcglnning at corner No. 1, s hemlock post l
inches square, show ing 30 inches above ground.
In mound of stone, scribed U. fc*. -s. 027 on
on side facing claim, said coiner is identical
with location corner and corner No. 1, Discov
ery Claim, U? S. S. 674. Irom wnieb
corner. U. 3. L. M., No. H, beam V 14
deg. 37' E , 6179.7 Icet. theuce 8. 6o deg. .05' W,
var. 80 deg. 61' E.. along line 12. survey So.
574. 443.00 leei. center of placer work iug* UOx
lux 8 feet extending H, 25deg. \\ 10
S 25 deg. E, 70 feet; 8U5.ou feet, cross trail,
course north ; M0.6 feet to coruer No. Iden
tical with locatiou corner and corner No. 2, Dis
covery, U S.S. 67 1, a hemlock post 4 inches square
showing 30 incite* above ground iu mound of
btone.marked U. S. S* 627-2 on side facing claim,
from which a hemlock tree 12 inches in diameter
bears S. 1J deg. 2o W 4.2 feet distant, a hem
lock stump bears S. 81 deg. 4O' K , 6.6 feet dis
tant, each blazed and scribed S. 627-J-B. T. ;
thence S. 17 deg. 52' W, var. 30 deg. 54' E. along
Hue 2-3 survey No, 514. 85.00 leet cross trail,
course N. 5O deg E. and S. 50 deg. W. trail 3 leet
wide. 61 i.T feet to coruer No 9, identical with
location and corner No. 3, discovery U. 8. S.574,
a hemlock post 4 iuches tenure, showing n
Inches above ground. in mound of st ?ne. marked
U. S. S. ttM 011 side llctBf claim. rrout which a
hemlock tree 86 iuches diame er bears N, 75
deg. 00' W. 3y feet distant, blazed and scrib3d
?.627-3-B.T,; thence S. 53 deg. 90 EL, var. ;,u
deg. 54' E. lKl.oo leei cross trail 3 iect wide,
course N. 20 deg, K 600.00 feet cornet No. 4;
idontical with location corner: a hemlock post
4 feet long, 4 in. sq. set 18 inches iu the ground,
with mouud of s.oue, scribed I s. ? I .
from which corner a spruce tree 4 feet itidl
ameter l>ears N. 24 deg. '/3.6 feet; a hem
lock tree 18 inches iu diatm ier. bears a.
deg. 20' E. ttj feet, each b.azed and scribed U.
8. S. 627-4 1J. T, ; (hence N. 17 deg 02 E., var.
30 deg. 54' E.. 611.7 feet to corner No. 5, Identic
al with location corner, A spruce p??st 4 Icet
long. 4 inches square, set is inciies In the
ground, with mound of stone, scribed U. S. S.
627-6, from which coruer a hemlock tiee If in
ches iu diameter bears N, 60 deg. K. 11 feet; a
hemlock tree 8 inches in diameter bears N . 72
deg. 10' W. 12.3 feet, each blazed an 1 scribed U.
S. S. 627-6-11. T ; thence N. 56 deg 06' B var.
30 deg. 5i' K. 8I0.O6 Ml to eomer
No. 6. identical with locatiou center,
A hemlock post 1 feet Ion*, 4 n. aqumre.
set 18 inches in tho ground, with mound of
stoue, scribed U. S. S 627 -e, from which a hem*
lock tr. c I4 iuches in diameter bears N. 08 d< g
W, 7 feet,; a hemlock tree 3 leet in diameter
besrs N. f3 deg. E., e.ch blazed and scribed U
S. S, 627-6-11. T.? center of southeu^ei ly end of
placer workings .'OxsxI.tO :eet, bears Mt(t d g.
W. 128 feet, theuce runu;ng N. ft) deg. W. ifv)
feet; ihei.ee N. 53 deg., 20' \V , var. 30 deg., 51* K.
480.U0 leet cross trail 3 feet wide, course S. 2-">
deg. W. 600.00 feet to curne. f^o. 1. the place 01
beainning; containing hq area of PJ.2&* seres.
The above claim adjoins on the northwest the
Discovery Placer Claim, t* S. thlTVOJ N 574, on
all other sides by vacant ground, or unknown
placer claimc. The location notice of thi > plac
er claim ?? recorded in Volume "A. et p"ge 173,
M ning Location* of the records ol bkagwuy Re
cording District, at Skagway. Ala-kn.
Any and ?|1 persons claiming adversely any
portion of the above described premise* aro re
quired to Mie their adver*e claim with the
Register of the I nlted Suttee Loud Office ut
Juneau, Ala>ka. during the sixty days* period of
publication here* f, or they will be barred by
vittucof the provisions of the statute.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
bi published for thu IfttWOfJ pvlod iu the
Daily ai?ankan, a dally new -paper published
at bkagway. Alaska
Regi* ter.
Now Mntio at Pack Train
The Pack Train saloon has just re
ceived 60 new records for its excellent
phonograph and the largest horn that
ever came to Alaska. There will be a
grand concert at that place tonight.
The latost songs and the latest instru
mental selections will be given.
Full dress suits at ClaysOD's.
| Canadian Pacific Ry. Co. f
; Direct Service, No Intermedial ? J
Call, to |
; Vancouver
Transferring to
No Extra Charge
OCT. 21
OCT. 26
Bfeilinic ?t 6_?p.m.
J Por Speed. Comfort, Service and j
?? Appointment These Twin Screw <
j Steamers Cannot be Equaled. Fori
Informa'loD Write or Apply to ^ |
? H.B.DUIia , Art., SKAGWAYl
?-?????SX?XiX5Xm> ?X?X"X?XS*5XSX?Xst*WWl?J<50ff*?
The Idaho Liquor House
The Pioneer Family Liquor Store of Skagwav
I _
f! Direct Itupo x?ra of Foreign and Dorrcit'c
Privaji Rooms For Families
3 Special Attention to Oiders fcr Family die. Tel -phore 59
f.r?Y?r.w?T?x?x?x?X'X?*x?x?r?)?c?x?r?r^u^?>?w ?y?y.ymv/w.y?uv?y?:?t ?7>v*r*Y*r?r.Y?s<3S)SMv
The WhitePass & Yukon Route
(Daily Except Sunday.)
No. 3. N. B} No. 1. N. B. No. 2. S. Bound No. 2 S B
2nd class. 1st class. 1st clas- 2nd claw!
8 30 p. m. 9 30 a m. LV. SKAQDAY AR. 4 30p. m. AR. 4 15 a. m
10 3? ? n^o}" " WHITE PASS ? I ' "210 "
(11 40 a. m. 11 45 " " LOG CABIN 2 10 " 1 00 "
12 20 12 35 1 P;,m " BENNETT " { fjj J p.m " 12 20 p.m
2 45 " 2 10 " " CARIBOU ?' 11 50a.m " 10 20 "
6 40 " 4 30 " AR WHITE HOKSE LV ? 30 " LV, " 7 00 "
Passeneers mut,t be at depots in time to have Paegape Inspected sod
checked. Inspection is stopped 30 minutes before leaving time of train
150 pounds of baggage will be checked free with each full faro tick*
and 75 pounds with each half fare ticket.
During th s Open Season of Nav'gatlon on the Yukon R ver The
While Pass & Yukon Route
Skagway to Atlin. Whitehorse, Big Salmon
and Dawson
Connection Made at Dawson with Lower River Steamboats for Tanana, Fairbanks, Si. Michael and Nome
Lands Passengers and Freight at these Camps Earlier in the Season-and Quicker than Any Other Route
Pu -in^ the Winter Season, When Naviijation is Closed, Finely Appointed Trains will Continue to Run Daily
Except Sunday, Be'.ween Skagway and Whitehorse
A Through Mail, Passenger and Freight Service will be Maintained by a Thoroughly Equipped
Direct Telegraphic Service to all Points in United States and Canada
For Information relative to Passenger Freight and Telegraphic rate*, apply to any agent of company, or to
Si. J. B. WHITE, G. F & P. A. A.B. NEWELL, V. P. & G. M. R D. PINNEO, Asst. G. F. & P A.
Vancouver, B. C Vancouver, B. 0. and Skaguay, Alaska Skapoav Ales a

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