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Daily Alaskan
Missouri, Wisconsin. Michigan and
Washington have not* monopoly on re
form state campaigns this year. The
oootest in Kansas has involved issues as
great as the conies s in the other states,
but it has not attracted s> much at ton
attention because it was fought ouc ami
woo in the republican primaries. Kd
wan.1 H. Hoch, the reform candidate
for governorof the Sunflower state, was
aa (food as elected when he received the
republican nomination last spring. Mr,
Hoch is an ideal reform candidate. For
half a lifetime he has been the editor
and proprietor of the Marion Kecord,
a paper upon which one of the publish
ers of the IHtily Alaskan was once em
ployed. Curing that time he and his
paper, always honest. always cleau.
always able, have never failed in stand
ing for good government and the right.
Mr. Hoch is a staunch republican and
has ever been such, but he has never
admitted that party loyalty demanded
that he accept ring dictation, and he
has as fearlessly fought to keep his
party pure as he has coin hatted for
cleanliness and decency in the commu
nity in which he lives. He is one of
those men who distinguish clearly be
tween right and wrong aud he has nev
er hesitated a minute as to the side on
which to battle. To those who know
him, it is not strange that when the re
publican masses of Kansas desired a
man around whom to tally in their
tight to dethrone a corrupt ring they
turned to Kdward H. Hoch, the next
governor of the state, or that the select
ion was unanimous.
There is no doubt bu' that the liber
als will win the Canadian election
whxh will take place in less than two
weeks. Everywhere in the Dominion
there is satisfaction with the adminis
tration of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. It is
recognized that Canada ranks among
the countries of the world and that this
is due in no small degree to the states
manship of the great premier who is
now asking for an endorsement at the
hands of the people for w hom he has
labored so faithfully and with such sig
nal ability.
That balauce to the credit of the
treasury of Fairbanks indicates a capac
ity for self-government on t h<"? pjrl of
those wbo make up the population of
the largest city in Alaska
Minneapolis is having as hard a time
to get Ex-Mayor Ames in the uen as
Missouri is having with Ed. Ituller.
Steamboatruen in the north are now
retiring in favor of the horse teamster
and the dog musher.
How t* Car* Cot n? wad Bru'wi
First, soak the com or bunion in
warm water to sof'.en it; then pire i
do*n as c lo**el y as possible will out draw
ing blood ami appiy Chamberlain's Pain
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five minutes at each application. ,A com
piaster should be wi.ro few ilai< to pro
tect it from the shoe. As a general lini
ment lor sprains, bruise*, lmne!e?s ami
rheumatism, faiu Balm is uueqvaled.
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Fablio Notio*
The assessment roll of the town of
Nkagway for the year I'.xM i> now in iuv
possession for the purpose of collecting
the taxes levied thereon which are now
due and payable.
The taxes for the year 11 ?M will be
come delinquent on the first day of j
March, 1905, at the hour of ?; o'clock p. !
m on that day, and unless they shall be
paid prior thersto, 20 per cent, will be [
added thereto as a penalty of deliu- |
quencv. and eight per cent, per annum |
interest on the amount of said taxes I
and penalty will be charged from the
date of delinquency until paid.
Taxes may be paid at my office dur
ing business hours from the date hereof.
Dated at Skagway. Alaska. October
18, ltXH. H. II Draper,
10-13 2w Town Treasurer. I
Car. a Wnt?r Coafch
J. E. Grover, ivl X. Main St., Otta
wa, Kan., writes: "Every tail it has
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cold, and therefore to cough all winter
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o,r Horehouud Syrup. She used it ami j
hi s been able to sleep soundly all nigh'
lot.g. Whenever the cough trouMe* i
her. 'wo cr three dozes stop? the cough. ;
anil she is able to be up anil well." 35c.
50c. Il.oo. Sold ly Kelly Drug Co.
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Messenger Will Call ?no I>e.i?ei
Baths In Connection
Private Rooms for Ladies- J
nUAlVb AU f?*l4#AA\/4W
in the United Stales t ominlssioner a Court, for
the District of Alaska, Division No I. at
Skkgway. In Probate
In the matter of the Kstate of E. 0. Caswell. Da
Notice Ik hercbv given that the undersigned I
was appointed aum in 1st rut rix of the estate of
K t >. Caswell, deceased, on the ??nd day of Sep* !
tember. \SQ-i. Ail icrsous having claims against
the mill estate are hereby required t.i exhibit 1
th ? in. with the ueees^sry vouchers within six
i iii months alter the first publication of this no
tit e, to th? saul <uimiulstrairix. at her residence ,
at Skagway, AM*, or to K. W. JeQtilngs, at
? ? 1 1 1 ? > ior said administratrix, at his office m
Skatfway. .Masks, the same being the placet i
lor the transaction of the busiuess of said
estate In the Town of Skagway, District of Alas
This notice is published by ord^r of the
United Slates Commissioner for th" District ?f
Alaska. Division No 1, at^kagway, aud Rx-otB
cio Probate ludge dated the Sua day of Sep
tember. lOt'4.
Dated thin -vJnd dny of September. 1901.
First Publication September St, 1904.
l a.M Publication October A, idol.
Adiniui?tratrixof the K tate of K. O. Caswell,
I >eccased.
United States Land Office,
Juneau, Alaska, Sept. 29, 1904.
Notice Is hereby given, that in pur
suance of the act of Congress, approved
May 10th. 1872, J. F. Ma'ony, whose
post office address if Juneau, Alaska,
for himself, and as the attorney in fact
of John Palton, and E. B. Hanley, his
co-claimants, have made application for
l>atent for seventeen and 919-1000 acres
of tne Wiley placer claim, four and 703
1000 acres of the Legal Tender placer
claim, sixteen ami 485-1000 acres of tho
tYnley placer claim, eighteen and 319
lt* o acres of the Mix placer claim, and
two and 721-1000 acres of the Jenks
Fraction placer claim, all situate in
the 1'oreupine Mining District, District
of Alaska, and described by the official
plat herewith posted, and by the field
notes on file, in the office of the llegis
ter of Juneau Land District, Alaska, as
follows: viz.
No. 636.
Beginning at corner No. 1. Identi
cal with loca'ion corner. A hemlock
: post 4 feet long. 4 inches square, set 18
inches in the ground, with mound of
-tone, scribed U. S- S. ?vJ6 i from which
a hemlock tree 8 inches in diameter
1 bears N. 70 deg. 30' W, 12 feet: A hein
| oek tree 12 inches in diameter bears N.
i 25 desr. W. 13 feet, each blazed and
' -oribed U S. S. 630, ^ B T. U- S. L M
i No. 3, bears N. 20 deg 00' E. 10548 ti
' feet: thence S 18 deg, 34' W. var. 31
1 deg. 00' E. 1048 2 feet to corner No. 4.,
: Hanson Placer U. S. S. 573. and along
| line 4-3 of that survey, the center of
which is given erroneously as s. 17 deg
I 1,V E. in that survey. 1205.5 feet to
I center Hemlock Gulch. 3 feet wide,
i course N. 16 deg. VV., 1302 2 feet to cor
: nor No. 2. A hemlock lost 4 feet long,
I inches square, set 18 inches in the
! ground, with mound of stone, scribed U.
| S, S. 636-2, from which a hemlock tree
10 inenes in diameter bears N. 5 deg.
1 00' E 10 feet. A hemlock tree 30 inches
in dmmeter, bears N. 61 deg. 15' Vv. 8
' feet, each blazed and scribed U. S. S.
I :tt?-2, b. T. Center of S. B. end of
t placer workings tyx 10x100 feet bears
I N. 40 feet, running thence N. 18 deg.
\V: thence N. 70 deg. 11' ?V., var 31 deg.
i 00' E , 2!H?.0 f-et to center of Porcupine
[ creek, 50 feet wide, llows N. 20 <l>-g. E?
i;tK).0 feet to corner No. 3, not being a
suitable place to - ,'t corner on ac ount
! of slide. 1 set witness corner S. 70 deg.
U' E 430.3 feet. A hemlock p st 4 feet
ong: 4 inches square, ret 18 inches in
I the ground. with moim I of stone, scribed
U. S. S. 636-3 VV C, iroin which eor
ner a hen. lock tree 10 inches in diamet
er. bears N. '>7 dtg 50' W *> :! feet. A
hemlock tree 4 inches in diameter,
bear- N. 7 deg. 23' E. 10.4 feet, each
bL>: ii and scribed U. S. S 636 3 W. C.
B. '1'.: thence from true corner north 18
Jet'. 36' E. var. 31 deg. 00' E? 1301.5 feet
to corner No. 4: a hem'ook post 4 feet
lo g, 4 nehes square, set 18 inches in
ih<- irrourd, with mound of stone scribed
If. S. S 636 4-3, from which a hemlock
tree 8 inches in diameter, bears S. 70
J r. i 8' K. 22 feet: a hemlock tree 3 feet
1 1 'ti tni'-t' r. b.;ars S. 12 dug. 15' W,,
2s ?'( feet, each blazed and scribed U. a.
s. 63U 3 ii T.: thenc S. 70 deg. 15'
E.. var. 31 deg 00' t'\ 10.0 feet to
placer workings 6 feet deep, 14 feet
wide, 61.6 feet to point from which the
N. W. center of pi. cer workings 60x 100
x20 feet deep, bears S. IN deg. 30' E?
119 feet, thence running S. 18 deg E,
190 0 feet to leave placer workings,
359 I feet to center of Porcupine creek
50 feet widf. Hows N. 20 deg. E. 599.4
feet to corner No. 1, the place of be
ginning. All corners are identical with
the location corners,
Beginning at corner No. 1: a hemlock
post 4 feel long, 4 inches square, set 18
incbes in the ground, with mound of
<tone, scribed U. S. S. 636-1-2. from
which corner a heml >ck tree S inches
in diameter, Dears N. Nit deg. W. 4.8
feet. Spruce tree 14 inches in diamet
er, bears S, 57 (leg. E. 2.4 feet, eich
blazed and scribed U. S. S 630-1-2 B T
U. S. L. M. No. 3, bears N. 19 deg 56'
E. 10212.1 feet: thence S. 22 deg. 02' W.
var. 31 deg 00' E, 330.7 feet to comer
No. 2. Identical with corner No. 1,
Wiley lode of this survey, previously
described: thence N. 70 deg. 15' W,
var. 31 leg. 00' E, along line 1-4 Wiley
claim of this snrvey. 240.0 feet to cen
ter of Porcupine creek 50 feet wide,
tlowsN. 20 desr E, 409.4 feel to pla
cer workings. 589.4 feel to leave placer
workings, 509.4 feet to corner N '. 3
Identical with corner No. 4, Wiley of
this survey, previously dtscribed;
thence N. 10 deg. 40' E. var. 31 deg.
U0' E., 316.1 feet to corner No. 4; a
hemlock poet 4 feet long 4 inches square
set 18 incbes in the ground, with mound
of MOM, scribed U. S. S. 636-4, from
*hich corner a hemlock tree 2 feet in
diameter, bears N. 75 deg, E. 15 fett. A
hemlock tree 3 feet in diameter, bears
S. 20 deg. W, 1.8 Let, etch blazed and
scribed IJ. S S> 636-4 U T :thence S. 72
Jeg. 21' E. var 31 deg. 00 E. 245 0 feet
to center of placer workings 60x250x15
feet extending N. 19 deg. E. 23 feet
and S. 19 i! g, W , 15 fe t: 431.2 feet to
[center of Porcupine creek 50 feel wide,
tlo? > N, lOdes;. E., C63.2 feet to corner
> , I, the place of begmn tig. All cor
ners are identical with the local on
Beginning at con< r No. 1: a hemlock
post 4 feet long i inch square, set 18
iachts In tho grourd, with mound of
stone, scribed U. S. S. 636 I from
which ct rner a hemlock tree 2 feet in
diameter, bears S. 14 deg. E. 4.7 fee'.
A hemlock tree 8 inches in diameter,
bears N. 24 dejr. 10' VV. 4.9 feet, eaeh
blazed and ?crib d U. S. S. 636-1, B.
I T S. E. corner of house 20x30 feet,
| bears N. 11 deg. :I9' E. G73 feet. S. E.
i cot uer ol t ous ? 14x16 feet, bears N. 15
| iie?. 24' E. 710 feet. S E corner of
hou?e 14^:16 feet, liears N. 11 deg , 05'
E., 7U"> f^et. S. E. corner of house 14x j
16 feet, bea's N. 12 deg. 40' E 702
feet. U. S. L M. No. 3, bears N. 20
deg, o0' E. 9037 6 feet: thence 5 15deg. i
.33' VV., var. 31 deg. 00' E.. 1178.2 feet j
to corner No 2. Identical with corner ,
No. 1, I^egal Tent'er, this survey previ
ously described; thence N. 72 deg. 21'
W , var 31 deg, 00* E. Along line i?4
Legal Tender claim of this survey.
32.0 feet to c nter of Porcupine creek
50 feet wide, Bows N. 10 deg. E. 418.2
irn. w i?uki wi |'.v. ii ?ui?iuk> oa*
tending N. 18 dog. B. 235 feet am S. 10
deg. W. 15 feet. 627 4 feet tocorner No.
3; a hemlock post 4 feet long, 4 laches
square, set 18 Inches in the ground. with
uiouod of store, scribed U. S. S. 036-3, j
from wrieh corner it hemlock tree 4
inches in diameter, bears N 60 deg. K.
16.7 feet; a hemlock tree 12 inch' s in
diameter, bears N. 30 deg. W . IS) feet,
cach blazed and scribed U. P. 8 636 3
. U. T. Corner No. 4, LegilT ender ulaim
of this survey, liears N. 72 deg. 21' W .
I 35 8 feet distant: thence N. 24 deg. 57'
| B.,var. 31 deg. 00' E. 654.6 feet to cor
ner No. 4; a hemlock post 4 inches
square, 4 feet long, set 18 inches in the
ground, with mound of stone, scribed
U. S. S. 636-4 from which corner a hem
lock tree 8 Inches in diameter hours S.
36 deg. 00' W. 16.4 feet: a hemlock tree
2 feet in diameter, bears N. 39 deg. W.
18 feet, each blitzed and scribed U, S, 8.
K36-4 B. T. N W. corner of cabin 14x16
feet bears S. 160 feet. N. B. corner of
cabin 16x30 feel, b-jars S, 7 dog. 30' E.
121 feet; thence N' 10 deg. 09' E var 31
(leg. 00' E. 735.4 feet to comer No. 5, A
Cottonwood pest 4 feet long, 4 inches
square, set 18 inches in the ground,
scribed U1 S. S. 636-5, from which cor
ner, a Cottonwood tree 6 inches In dia
meter, bears S. 87 deg. W. 26 8 feet,
blazed and scribe'1, U. S. S. 636-5, B.
T.: thence S. 53 deg. 45' E. var 31 deg.
00' E. 350.0 feet to center of Porcupine
creek 50 feet wide, Mows N. E. 630 0 feet
to corner No. 1, place of beginning. All
corners are identical with the location
mix plackr Claim
Beginning at corner No 1: a hemlock
post 4 feet long, 4 inches square, set 18
inches in the ground, with mound of
stone, scribed U. 8. S, 636-1, from which
corner a spruce tree S feet In diameter,
bears N. 68 deg1. 30' W. 136 feet. A
spruce tree 10 inches in diameter, boars
N. 62 deg. 45' E. 24.5 feet, each blazed
and scribed U. s s. 636-1 U. T s. B
corner of cab'o 14x16 feet, bears S 57
deg. 20' W. 662 feet. S. h. corner of
cabin 20x24 feet, bears S. 54 deg 62' W
539 feet. U. S L. M No. 3, bears N. 18
deg. 47' E. 7697.7 feet; thence S. 32 deg.
45' W. var. 31 deg. 00' K.. 13r>7 7 feet to
corner No, 2. On line 5-1 Fen'ey claim
of this survey: a hemlock post 4 feet
long, 4 inches square, set 18 inches In
the ground with mound of -stood, scribed
U S. 636-2, from which corner a h"m
lock tree 18 inches in diameter, bears
N. 21 deg. \V. 4.7 feet. A hemlock tree
12 Inches in diameter, bears N. 85 deg.
E. 6.8 feet, each blazed and scribed U. S.
S. 636-2 B. T. coiner No. 1, Fenley
claim of this survey, bears S. 53 deir.
45' E., 60 feet distaar. Center of pit 20
feet deep and 25 feet in diameter, boar*
N. 4 deg. 30, W. 328 feet; thence N. 53
deg. 45' \V. var. 31 deg. 00' E. Along
line 5-1 Fenley claim of this survey.
220.0 feet to centerjof Porcupine creek
50 feet wide. Mows N. E. 570 0 feet to
corner No. 5 Fenley claim of this sur
vey. 581.0ft. tocorner No.3. Cottonwood
post 4 feet long, 4 inches square set 18
inches in the ground, with mound of
stone, scribed V. S S. 636 3. No bear
ings available: thence N 32 deg. 15' E.,
var. 31 deg, 00' E. 1366 S feet li corner
No 4; a spruce post 4 feet long, 4 inches
square, s^t 18 inches in the ground,
w:th mound of stone, scribed U. S. S.
636-4, No bearings available; therce S.
52 deg. 57 E , var. 31 deg. On' E. 247.3
leet to center of Porcupine creek 50
feet wide, tlows N. 32 deg E. 593.7
feet to corner No. 1, the place of begin
ning Ail corners are identical with the
lucutkn coma ?
Beginuing at corner No. 1. ldent'uii
with corner No 3. Di-eoverv, U. S. S.
574, anil corner 3, Chief, I". S. S. No. 627.
A hemlock post 4 inches square, ? bow
ing 30 inches abo\e ground, with
mound of stone, s ribetl U. S. S. 63iM,
on side facing Jenks' friction. lT. S.
L. M.No- bears N. 18 dez. :t7' E.
7403.1 feet; thence S. 14 de/. 10' W. var,
31 <eg. 00 E. 150.0 feet to ce iter of
trail 3 feet wide, course S, K, 218.1 f et
to corner No, 2. a hemlock post 4 feet
long, 4 inches square, set IK inches in
the ground with mound of stone, scrib
ed U- S. S. 636-2, from whi h corner n
spruce tree 3 feel in diauie er, bears S'
82 deg. E., 34-6 feet. A hemlock tree v
inches in diSLmeter, beirs N. -W deg. W.
24 5 feet, eich blazed and scribed U. S.
S. 636-2 B. T>; then, e 52 oig. 57' \V\
var, 31 deg. 00' E. 41.3 feet to corner
No. 1, Mix claim of this survev and
along line 1-4 of said Mix claim. 387;7
feet to center of Porcupine creek. ?">*'
feet wide, flows N'. 32 deg. 00' E. ;>!t0.s
feet to corner No, 3; a Hemlock l>o-i 1
feet long, 4 inches square, set IS inches
in the ground, with mound of stone,
scribedU. S. S 636-3 from which cor
cer a spruce stump 2 feet in d ameter,
bears S. 77 deg.-W. 3.1 feet, bla/.o i and
scribed U. S. S. 63) >-3 B. i . Orner No.
4, Mix claim of this survey, besrs N.
52 deg. 57' W, 44.2 feet distant; ther.ce
N. llaeg. 30'E., var. 31 deg. 00' E 218.0
feet to corner 4. Ideutijal with corner
No. 4, Discovery U. S. S. 574. A hem
lock post 4 inches square, showing 30
inches above ground, upon whlrh 1
scribed U. S. S. ti.KV-4, ou sice facing
Jenks fraction; thence S. 53 de-;. 21' E.
var. 31 deg- 00' K. Along line 4-3 survey
No, 574 , 215.0 feet to center of N. E.
end of placer workings I.">ox4ox2o feet
deep, extending S. 32 deg. W. 15o
feet. 275,o feet to center of Porcupine
creek, 5o feet wide, flows N. 6 deg. oo'
E. 382. o feet to trail 3 feet wide,
course N .E 630.0 feet to corner No. 1,
the place of beginning. All corners are
identical with the location corners.
Total Area Wiley 17 010
" " Legal Tender 4.703
?? " Fenley 16.485
? " Mix 18.310
" " Jenks Fraction 2.721
Total Are* Placer Claims 60.147
The above claims join on the north
east Discovery Pla er Claim, survey
No. 574, on the east by unknown plater
claims, on the west by the Last Chance
placer claim, and he Lucky Joe placer
claim, and on the south and east by sur
vey No. 573, and unknown pi i er cla ms
The location notices of these placer
mining claims are re orded as fol.ows:?
The Wiley Placer claim is tecorded in
Vol. "B" at p ge 95, of the re ords of
the Skagway Recording I) strict. The
Legal Tender placer cla m it re orded
in Vol. "B ', at pa<,e 317, of the re oids
of the Skagway He orcl ng District.
The Fen'ey placer 1 laira is re -orded iu
Vol. "A", at pa?e 25, of the re ords of
tbe Skagway leoiding District. The
Mix p|a er cla m is re orded in Vol.
"A", at pafce 20, of tbe recoicls of the
Skagway Recording District The
Jenks Fraction plicer claim is re or
ded ia Vol. "D". at pawe 14, of the
re ords of the Skag?ay Ueeoiding
nny aud bli persons claiming adver
sely anyportion of the a'?ove deicribed
premises, are required to fil? their ad
verse claim with the Register of the
United States Lard Ottbe, at Juneau,
Alaska, during the sixty days period < t
publication hereof, or they will be bar
red bv virtue of the provisions of the
John W. DudLky, Register
It is hereby ordered that the forego
ing notice be published for the s atu
tory period in tbe Daily Alaskan, a
newspaper published at Skagway, Alas
John W. Dudley, Register.
First publication Oct. >5, 1004.
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F. Wolland,
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Telephone No. 76

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