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Daily Alaskan
The meeting of the grand camp of
th? Arctic Brotherhood which will take
place at Seattle next week c?n be made
to work to Alaska's everlasting good
anil there is do doubt but that it wil
bo made to do so. Noth ng in connec
tion with Alaska life is so well adver
tised as the Arctic Brotherhood. It
was recognized by the president when
he was at Seattle and it has received
the attention of the newspapers of the
country. Many prominent people, in
cluding members of the cougress, the
judiciary and other branches of the
government and those prominent in the
affairs of the commercial and profes
sion world, are members of the Older.
This with the fact that the papers 01
Seattle and elsewhere will feature the
gathering of Alaska's elect from a 1
over the district will attiact to the
camp the atteution of the people. This
being the case, ? hatever shall be done
will make an impression in important
The camp will l>e composed of "dele
gates representing all the ditTereut sec
tions of Alaska. They will be men of
standing in their communities and rep
resentative of the best there is i: the
district. Such a gathering can and
doubtless will make an impression that
will count for the wellfare of this dis
trict. Thtre is no ((uestion but that
Skat; way's representation in th> grand
camp will do its sh.trv of the work along
the proper lines.
John \V. Frame's Transcript, of Ju
neau, which assumes to represent the
mining interests of its vicinity awl
which never ceases to inveigh against
the extension to the people of Alaska
the privilege of exercising their right
to self-government, claiming the de
mand for that to exist only withselt
seeking politicians, says the business
men of its town and those who repre
sent the mining investments there
favored territorial " government in the
last republican convention because the*
knew there was co chance of getting
it. It says, in so many word-, that they
were using the issue a- a footbal and
pretended to favor self-goTernment in
order to get vote- for something else.
In other words, it charges the mining
meu and business men of its section with
being shifty, tricky politic ans. who
seek by the indirect methods that Ir.ve
brought disgrace to w ard heelers and
corrupt political tricksters in other
places, to gain support for measure
and men w ho coulu not otherw.-e it
The Dailv Alaskan believe- tlie Tran
script slanders the people it pretends io
represent. It has too high regard for!
the miniug men and the business men
of Juneau and other sect ons of Alaska
to believe of them anything so foul. It
does not believe that they would go on
record in a political convention in favor
of a strong plank for territorial govern
ment with the delil>erate purpose of
stabbing the pro|>o?ition in the )>uck
It does not believe them to l?e politic:!
mountebanksand assassins. It believes
the Transcript to be a traducer.
The Whitehorse Star, after chronicl
ing the fact that an "I'gly Women's
Club" is to be formed in New \ or., te
"Bow many charter members there j
will be or what the standard of nglintss
Is not stated."
It will be ?iuite safe for the club to
accept anyone who offers herself for
membership. It is a cinch that she
will be ugly enough to ({ualify, and it
is not likely that the membership will
be too large for any ordiuary club
room, unless members are dragged in.
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PHONE 79. f
Messenger Will Call ?ni Deii*e? J
Baths In Connection {
Private Rooms for Ladies. J
Tho assosHirient roll of the tow a of
Skagway for the year 1W4 is now la ray
possession for the purpose of collecting
the taxes levied thereon which are now
due and payable.
The taxes for the year 1!XM will be
come delinquent on the first day of
Match, l'JO">, at the hour of ti o'clock p. ,
ra. on that day, and unless they shall be
paid prior thereto, 20 per cent, will be |
addra thereto as a penalty of delin
quency, and eight per cent, per annum !
interest on the amount of said taxes |
and penalty will be charged from the
date of delinquency until paid.
Taxes may be paid at my office dur
ing business hours from the date hereof.
, Dated at Skagway, Alaska, October
18, ll>04. II. H. Draper,
10-18 2w Town Treasurer.
New goods at the American Tailors.
United States Land Office,
Juneau, Alaska, Sept. 21*. 1904
| Notice Is hereby given, that in pur
' -nance of the act of Congress, approved
May 10th, 1872, J. F. Ma'ony, whose
(HHt Office address is .luneau, Alaska,
j ''or hiui.-elf, and as the attorney in fact
of Jobn Dalton, and E. B. Ilinley, his
co-claimants, have raadcapplit ation for
p.tteut for seventeen and Ultf-1000 acres
of tuo Wiley placer claim, four and 70.'!
1mm acrcs of the I-egal Tender placer
claim, sixteen aud I8;">-1000 acres of the
t-'eniey placer claim, eighteen and 319
! lo. 0 acres of the Mix placer claim, and
i?o and 721-1000 acres of the Jenks
Fraction placer claim, all situate in
tho I'oreupine Mining District, District
of Alaska, and described by the official
plat herewith posted, and by the field
notes on tile, in the office of the Regis
ter of Juneau Land District, Alaska, as
follows: viz.
No. tvifti.
Reginuing at corner No. 1. Identi
| cal with ioca'ion corner, a hemlock
l>ost I foot long, 4 incheo square, set IS
inches in the ground, wjth mound of
-tone, scribed U S. 8. .536 * from which
?* nun lock tree 8 inches ia diameter
N- ]?***. ?'?' W. 12 feet: A hero
01 k tree 1. inches in diameter bears X,
; - i ?eir \\ . M feet, each blazed and
bribed U S. S. ta.i.S U r. U S. L M
?No. ,?, bears N. ill deg (X)- E. 10648 ti
eet; thence Si 18 ties. 34' VV. var :i|
Li ,1*;- ItUH - 'e** to corner No. 4.,
Hanson Placer U. S. si. 573, and along
mi J- .of thai survey, the center of
*hlch is given erroneously as S. 17 deg
1 ? h. in that survey. 1265.:, feet to
?enter Hemlock Gulch. .1 feet wide
eouwo N. hi deg. W? 1302 2 feet to cor
ner N?. a hemlock lost 4 feet long,
t inches square, set IS inches in the
I ground, with mound of stone, scribed U
i>.S. i-2, from which a hemlock tree
lO iocncs i" diameter bears N. 5 deg.
lH' K Id feet. A hemlock tree .10 inches
in diameter, bears N. til deg. 15' W. 8
reef, each blazed and scribed U. S. S
? r , . Cooler of S. E. end of
p.ac. r workings ^utluxluo feet bears
N I'1 feet, running thence N. 18 deg.
: N- ,0 U' ?V., var 31 Ue g.
? ' ? ? r l"-(' Net to center of Porcupine
reek, .?) ;eet wide, tiows X. 2l) deg [?;
'?oO.ofnt to corner No. 3, not being a
-..'Uli.e place to set corner on ac ount
1 **} witness corners. 70 deg.
? I h i.I0..'l feet. hemlock p st 4 feet
<>ag 4 lushes square, set 18 inches in
the ground, with moun I of stone.seribed
. >v \v c. from which eor
ler a aemlocic tree lOinches in diame'
:'r- N. dtg 50' W s ;t feet. A
hemlock tree 4 inches in diameter.
' - 4 . . E. 10.4 feet, each
u.' il ami scribed U. S. S ?3?i 3 SY. C.
| ?>. 1 : thence from 'rue corner north IS
ueg. oil r var. 31 deg do' E? l.Kll.Sfeet
to corner No. 4: a hem o-;k 4 feet
lo ,. I nchej square, set is inches in
? hi- ffroui d. witi, mound of -tone scribed
i. -y a I,,,, from which a hemlock!
i "J diam-ler. bears S. 70
g.'-> r.. ? feet: aheml"ck tree 3 feet '
?n.u met r.b'a'sS, 12 d. g, 15' VV,,
? ? ''t. cacti biased ami scribed (* i
s. ii.V-4 3 _ii. T.: theno.. S. 70 deg. ' 15'
hi ? V. l ? CJf 0tf' K'? 100 f, e' to
. lactr Workings i? feet deep, 14 feet
Mile. M l. feet to point from which the
c,'r workings tW?10U
V. 7" t deep. bejirs s. l,w deg. ;<o> fc,
'? ? ? thence running S. IS deg E.,
lo leave placer workings
?! feet w id" C'- "tCrvf >!JorJcuPine ?reek
et o eorucr No. 1, the place of be
ginning. All corners are identical with
the location corners,
?eginn'ng at corner Xo. 1; a hemlock
,n . t feei long, | inches square, set 18
'acnes in (he ground, with mouud of
, ri '' 1 j ? !>. s. i;::?;-i-2. from
Qjcn corner a hem I ck tree s inches
:n diameter, pears N, So deg \V 4S
feet. Spruce treo II inches in'diamet
er, btars .s, ,|eg. K. 2 i feet, e ch
?lazed and scriivd L'. S. S Ulti-1-2 B T
I- lo-. " I / ? bciir8 N- 19 deg So'
l"-l- l feet: taence S. 22 d"' o " \V
var. 31 deg UO" K, 3*1 7 feet tG* corner
? -? 'denti.-nl witn corner No. 1
th'Vurv^' Previously
-tri'KHl: thence 70 ile^. 15* VV
Var. 31 leg. IK)' K, along I in? i-4 Wiley
claim of this snrrey. 240 0 f,-et to cen- 1
terof lor.uuine ere. k "O feet wide,
lows N 20 deg. K , 409.4 feit to pla
.xr workings. .?s., 4 f , t to le.ve plac,.r
| utkiD^r-, J foot to corner N ?. 3
lueutical with coroer No. 4, Wilev of
t .it Jr ?'' . P^'iously described;
io?K ?'(, ,'*? 40 K' var' 11 de?
b.t ..It, I fee t to corner So. 4: a
Mem i ck p?at 4 feet long 4 inches square
-e I> ilcIk- in the ground, with mound
?>fsujue. scribed U. s. s. 0;-l, froai
h.? ..corner a hemlock tree 2feet in
llameter, bears N. 75 deg. K. 15 feTt a
^e!"loek tree feet in diameter, bears
Yo ?^'! * ' e,'e'th blazed and:
V' vyv- S b 'P1-' H 'i' ; thence S. 72
.< g. .1 K var 31 deg. 0t? K. 24,". 0 feet
>? center of placer workings B0.x2".0xl5
' \l ' Xtendu g N. l!i d,.g. E S{ fX o
tn ? W , 15 fe. t; 431.2 feeVS
thiw^v ioSrcup,De u.r?ek50 feei
^ I h ll*' i' 1?*^" 'eet to corner
, i, ilit, U'tiie of beij'nn All <*?r
ournewi* identicaJ wilh ?h? local on
Beginning at com r No. 1; a hemlock
m?i 4 feet long 4 inch square, set 18
:uch.s in ths grouid, with mound of
jtouc. scribed U. S. S. t>3?i I from
?vnich ci ruer a hemlock tree 2 feet in
diameter, bears S. 14 deg. E. 4.7 fctf .
A hemlock tree 8 inches in diameter,
lear* N. 24 dog. 10' W. 4.SI feet, each
iiia/. d and ?erib d U. 8. S. 630-1, B.
I'. S. E. corner of houxe 20x36 feet,
Deal's N. 11 dejj. 39' E. 673 feet. S. E.
outer or fous-i 14x10 feet, bears N. 15
dejj. 24' E. 710 feet, S. E. corner of
ho i-?' 14xl'i feet, bears N. 11 deg., ftV
?., 7U"> foet. S. E. corner of house 14x i
It; feet, bea's N. 12 deg. 40' E 702 J
feet, U. S. 1.. M. No. 3, bears N. 20.
de*. 3o' E feet: thence S l^deg.
33' \V.,var. 31 deg. 00' E., 1178.2 feet
?o corner No 2 identical with corner
No. 1, Legal Tender, this survey previ
ous y tlv cribfd: thence N. 72 deg. 21'
W., *ar 31 deg, 00' E. Along line 1-4
Le.'al Ti-ccer claim of this survey
2.'Ki.0 feet to c nter of Porcupine creek
oO feet wide. Hows N. 10 deg. E. 418.2
!?*(> 10 center ot piaocr working ex
tending N. 19 dog. lv 235 feel am S. 19
deg. W. 15 feel. 627 4 feet to corner No.
3; a hemlock post 4 feet long, 4 1 lehcs
square, get 18 inches in the ground. with
mouud of sto. o, scribed U. S. S. 130-3,
from wi ioh corner a hemlock tree 4
inches in diam>ter, boar* N 60 dig. E.
lt>. 7 feet: a hemlock treo 12 inclcs In
diameter, bears N. 30 deg. A'. 19 fret,
each blazed and scribed II. P. 8 030 3
B. T. Corner No. 4. I.,eg?lTeuder claim
of this survey, lieai-s N. 72 Ueg. 21' W
35 8 feet distant: thence N 24 dep. 57'
E.,var. 31 deg. 00' K. <>54.0 feet to cor
ner No. 4: a hemlock po?t 4 inches
square, 4 feet long, net. 18 inches in the
ground, wiih mound of stone, scribed
U. S. S. 030-4 from which corner a hem
lock tr> e 8 inches iu u ameter benra S.
36 deg. 00' W. lti.4 feel: a henilocl. tree
2 feet in diameter, bears N.39 dog. W.
18 feet, each blitzed anil scribed U, S. S.
030-4 H. T. N W. corner of cabin 14x10
feet bears S. 100 feet. N. E. corner of
cabin 10x30 feet, bears S, 7 dug. 30' E.
121 feet: thence N- 10 dee. 09' K var 31
deg. 00' K. 7:15.4 feet to corner No. 5, A
Cottonwood jiest 4 feel long. 4 Inches
square, set 18 lnche-i in the ground
scribed U- S. S. 936-5, from which cor
ner, a cotton woo. 1 tree 0 inches In dia
meter, bears S. 87 deg. \V. 20 8 feet,
blazed and scribe-1, U. S S. 636-5. It.
T.: thence S. 53 dog. 45' E. var 31 deg.
00' E. 350.0 feet to center of Porcupine
creek 50 feet wide, Hows N. K. 630 0 feet
to corner No. 1 , place of beginning, All
corners are identical with the location
mix plackk Claim
Beginning at corner No 1: a hemlock
nest 4 feet long, 4 inches square, set is
inched in the ground, with mound of
stone, scribed U. 8. S, 636-1, from which
corner a spruce tree 3 feet in diameter,
bears N. 68 deg. 30' VV. l.'tti feet. A
spruce tree 10 inches in diameter, boars
N. 02 deg. 45' E. 24.5 feet, each hluznd
*nd scribed U. s s. <136-1 B. T s. E
corni r of cab'n 14x10 feet, bears S 57
deg. 20' W. 68S feet. S. h. corner of
cabin 20x24 feet, bears S. 54 deg 52' VV
5.19 feet. U. vS L. M No. 3, bears N 18
deg. 47' E. 7097.7 feet; thence N, 32 deg.
45' W. var. 31 oeg. 00' K.. 1357 7 feet to
corner No. 2. On line 5-1 Fon'ey elum
of this survey; a hemlock posi 4 feet
long, 4 inches square, set 18 inehesin
the gnnud with mound efstoue, scribed
U S. S. 636-2, from which corner a h m
lock tree 18 inchis In diameter, bears
N. 21 deg. W. 4.7 feet. A hemlock tree
12 inched in diameter, bears N. 85 deg.
E.6.8 fret, each blazed and scribtd I*. S.
S. 636-2 B. T. eotner No. 1, IVnley
claitu of this survey, l>ears S. 53 teg.
45' E., 00 feet distant. Center of pit 20
feet deep and 25 feet in diameter, beatv
N. 4 deg. 30. W. 328 feet; thence N 51!
deg. 45' W. var. 31 deg. 00' E. Along
line 5-1 Kenlev claim of this survey.
220.0 feet to ce'ntorjof Porcupine creek
50 feet wide. Hows N. E.* 570 0 feet to
corner No. 5 Fenley claim of this sur
vey. 581.0 fl. to corner No.3. Cottonwood
post 4 feet long, 4 inches square set 18
inches in the ground, with mound ot
stone, scribed U. S S. 630 3. No bear
ings available: thence N 32 deg. 15' IS.,
var. 31 deg, 00' E. 1366 8 feet to corner
No 4; a spruce post 4 feet long . 4 iceht s
square, s> t 18 inches in the ground,
with mound of stone, scribed U. S. S.
030-4. No bearings available: therce S.
52 deg. 57 E , var. 31 deg. 0V E. 247.3
feet to center of Porcupine creek 50
feet wide, Hows N. 32 di g - E. 593."
feet to corner No. 1, the place of bejiiu
ning Ad corners are identical with the
location come s
Beginning at corner N'o. 1. Identic i!
with corner No 3. Discovery, U. S. S.
574, and corner 3, Chief, U. S S. Ne. (127.
A hemlock post 4 inches square, thow
ing 30 inches above ground, , with
mound of stone. 8 ribeil U. S. S. Ii3t>-1,
on side facing .leaks' friction. I". S.
L. M. No. 3, bears N. 18 dos. 37' hi.
7493.1 feet; then eS. 14 de/. lo' VV. vur.
,'il i eg. 00 E. 150.0 feet to center of
tra'l 3 feet wide, course s>. K. 21H.1 f et
to corner No, 2. a kNdOCI |?i>t 4 feet
long, 4 inches square, set 1H inches iu
the ground with mouud of stone, s.-rib
ed U, S. S. 630-2, from whi h corner a
spruce tree 3 feel In diauie er, bears S
??<2 deg. E? .'U-ti feet. A hemlock tree t
inches in diameter, boars N. de<*. \V.
24 5 feet, eich blazed and s ribed II. S.
S. ti3i>-2 1$. T,; then e 52 oeg. 57' W",
var, 31 deg. lilt' E. 41.3 feet to comer
N'o. 1, Mix claim of this survo.' and
along liiie 1-4 of said Mix claim. "1ST 7
feet to center of Porcupine (reck. 50
feet wide. Mows N. 32 dej. 00' K. 51I0.H
feet to corner No, 3: a r eralock i>o-i 4
feet long. 4 Inches square, tet Is inches
iu the ground, with mound of stone,
scribedl". S. S ti.'ti>-;i from whi.-h <or
ter a ?prure stump 2 feet In d ait.eter,
bears S. 77 deg.?W. 3,1 feet, blaze I and
scribed U. S. S. KJ6-3 15. . C rner No.
4. Mix claim of this survey, beirs N.
52 deg. 57' W, 44.2 feet disant; them e
N. lldeg. 30'E.. var. 31 (leg. 00' K 218.0
feet to (orner 4. Ideuii- al with corner
No. 4, Discovery U. S. S. 574. A hem
lock post 4 in. hes square, showing 30
inches alwve ground, upon which 1
scribed U. S. S. 03t>-l, ou sice fa~ing
Jenks fraction: then.c S. 53 de.?. 21' K.
var. 31 deg- 00' jh. Along line 4-:i survey
No, 574, 215.0 feet to ( enter of N. E.
end of placer workings l.V>x4>x2o feet
deep, extending S. 32 de^. W. 15o
feet. 275, o feet to center" of t-'orcupiuo
creek, do feer wide, Mows N. ti deg. oo'
E. 382. o feet to trail 3 feet wide,
course N .E t> 10.0 feet to corner No. 1,
the pla e of beginning. All corners ate
identical with the locat on (orners.
Total Area Wiley 17 919
" ?' Legal Tender 4.7l'.'t
" " Fenley 16.485
" " Mix 18.310
" " Jenks Fraction 2.721
Total Are i Placer Claims 60.147
The above claims join on the north
Kant Disco* erv Fla or Claim, survey
No. 574, on the east, by unknown placer
claims, on the west by the Last Chance
placer claim, and he Lucky Joe placer
claim, anil on tie south ami east by sur
vey No. ">73, and unknown phi er cla ms
The loca'-ion notices of these placer
mining claims are re orded as fol.ows:?
The Wiley Placer claim is ieror<led in
Vol. ''B" at p:ge 95, of the words of
the Sk&ijway Recording 1) strict. The
I-ejral Tender placer cla m is re orded
| in Vol. "B at paye :tl7, o( the re Orti*
of the Skajrway He onl ng Di<tricu
The Ken'ey placer ? laini is re orded in
Vol. "A", at pa*.e i">, of the re orils ol
tbeSkapwav leoidiuK District. I'he
Mix pja^er cla m is re orded in Vol.'
"A", at v%e 211, of the recoidsofthe
SkaKway Keoordin* Diftrct. The
?Jenks Fraction plater claim is re or
ded in Vol. "D", at pa^o 14, of the
re ords of the Skagvay Ueuoidiup
tny and all persons cla'ui'ne #d*er
r-ely anyportion of the a'we de-u'i'ibed
premises, are required to file their ad
vene cliitn with the Register of the
United States l.aid Offl'e. at Jticeau,
Al.vka, during the sixty (Kyspcr td f
publication here f, or tl ey will be bar
mi bv virtue -jf the provisions of Ihe
John W. Dudley, Register
It la hereby ordered til it the lorego
i KnotUebe publisLed fir the s atu
t< ry pe:iod in the Daily Alaskan, a
newspaper published at Skagwny, Alas
John W. Dudlky, Register.
First publication Oct. 8, 1'JtM.
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The Dolphin maintains a schedule of 7ft hours between
Skagway and Seattle
DIRIGO About Oct- 31
FARALLON. About Nov. 10 I
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Additional Charge
R A. CARROLL, Agent. Phone M J)
Wixjxejxrtixsxsfejixi)^^ (sxixsxwsisxtxy^'ji^
F. Wolland,
Corner State Street and Fifth Avenm
Telephone No. 76
. tstw.Y.*v<o.vwy?ss^

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