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i No. 256 VOL. VII.
Santa Claus has again made this
Store his headquarters with an unmer
ciful stock of toys and gifts tor old and
Our stock today is complete, but
orders have been coming so fast that
we cannot promise it to be so long. Do
not delay making your selections,
come early and avoid the rush.
Rot-king horses from - - $5.50 to $7.50
Shoo fly s 44 2.75 to 5.50
Tricycles 44 7.50 to 10.00
Wagons 14 .45 to 3.00
Tool chests 44 .75 to 5.00
Trunks 44 .75 to 3.50
Doll carriages 44 .tK) to 5.50
Combination game boards 2. 50 to 6.50
Drums 44 .50 to 3.50
Stoves 41 .45 to 5.50
Dolls 44 .01 to 12.00
Girls' sewing boxes .40 to 3.oo
Manicure sets 44 1.75 to 3.00
Ribbons in all the new colloringigs, each. 35 to 1.75
China and Granite d-shes from 30 to 3 75
Rubber aud Novelty balls from 10 to 2 75
Book Marks'from 10 to 75c
Buzzie, puzzle, puzzle, each 15c
ABC blocks from 10 to 1 SO
Loop the L<oop from 50 to I 50
Automatic and combination banks from. 10 to 4
Magic lanterns from 2 00 to H 00
Parlor ten-pin came from 1 00 to 4 50
The cream of stationery from 20 to 3 25
Conklin's self-filler fountain pen 3 00 to 5 50
Mexican drawn work doilieafrom 35 to 4 00
Doila' artoiue fur sets 1 75 a set
Our line of gift books ia up to the standard. N
books arriving on every boat. Just a few branches of
"Uolly" left at 5 cu. a spray or 30 cts, a bunch.
Shaving Mte 44 2.00 to 6.00
Glove boxes, etc. " 1.50 to 12.00
Autograph Albums .40 to 1.60
Music rolls 44 1.25 to 3.00
Scrap books " .75 to 2.25
Postal card books " .Soto 1.5o
Pianos 44 1.35 to 5. 5o
Childrens' books 44 2$to 2.25
Automatic trains ,k 2.oo to 3.5o
Fire engines aud hose carts .80 to 5.5o
Harmonicas 44 .loto l.oo
Horns, cornets, flutes, etc .lo to .i>o
Postal Card l?ooks .50 to 2.50
Dolls' nurrin<j bottles, atomizers, etc.. . . 10 to 35
Brooms and carpet sweepers from 20 to 65
Wringers ami irons from 10 to 2 25
Ked kindergarten chairs 75 each
New pictures, beautifully from from 25 to 2 00
{'holograph aloums 1 00 to 4 25
Burnt leather novelties from. 25 to 4 00
Xmas and New Year cards from 2ito 35
Crest ware bon boa A: jewell boxes from. 1 00 to 10 00
1UJ5 colanders, comic and artistic from.. . 20 to 1 00
Fans. necklaces and pearl fan chains from 50 to 6 00
Hand painted china from 2 00 to 15 00
Fane. deco: .iteil c and napkins. Artificial
sot .< and glass and tu.sel tree decorations etc, etc.
Our lUt does no1 do justice *o what Santa has
'eft here lor jou
Con ad see. Store open ever ings. l'hone 55.
The fallowing: re wants are offered for
the person who perpetrated the rob- '
bery of the V. C. S. 8. Cft's office on
the oi>;hl of November 19, 1904:
$500 Reward
for capture and conviction.
$500 Reward
for the recovery of the full amount j
?tolen, or a proportionate amount fori
any part thereof.
?5250 Reward
^ for information that will lead to arrest
and conviction.
Gen'l Aeent P. C. S. S. Co.
Skatfwav. Nov. ??, 1WM.
Fire and Li?e
Real Estate
Financial Agent
Phil Abrahams
Buy Your Coal
Shaw &? Johnson
Importers of
Wellington, 'tadysmith'i
Double Screened and Sacked
Pennsylvania Anthracite
Egg and Chestnut, Ui^'hes. Grade
Wellington, delivered, (>er ton, 513 W
Anthracite, " -2 00
Phone 11-123 Moores Wharf
< )
The Only Practical J ;
Tinners and Plumbers ij
i *
Hardware- Tin and < >
G-raniteware i;
< > 1
Steam Pipe<& Fittings/
When In Haines
Stop at the
Hotel Northern
J. G. Morrison, Prop.
Restaurant In Building
. Coles' Hot Blast
Best and Most Economical Heaters
/? Dement & Gearhart!-i
Old Reliable Druggist
yp b^w ^
? ? t*ir> |hr? - ^
Is a Delight at This
We are showing on
every side a great var
iety of useful and or
namental articles.
Gifts Suitable Tor
, A visit cannot fail to offer many sug
| gestions of value:
'It's the Karly Shopper Who Gets the
Kelly S Co.,
cfo<^runA/-i c. c4 a //&+- uAorn^
ffT*Lofi*s*y, -&07i4t4 . c Utsr^stiA&d ^uhI-/ am*d/
fnztsy, xA^^jiyrtA^
THF. R0SSHIGK3TNS CO. Sole Agents, Ska^wnv ?.rri
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan]
Washington, Doc. 8 ? Among the
nominations sent by the president yes
terday to the senate for confirmation
were the following for positions in
Royal A. Gannlson, of New York, to
be judge of the United States district
court (or the First Alaska division,
with headquarters at Juneau.
John G. Brady, of Alaska, to be gov
ernor of Alaska, reappointed.
William L. Distin, of Alaska, to be
surveyor general of Alaska, reap
Alaska Shunld Have Territ
orial Government
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
After alt, it seeius to the outside ob
server that a full territorial govern
ment, precisely on the lines of olher
territorial governments, is the best
possible solution of the, question what
to do for Alasku. There is nothing in
the situation of Alaska which makes it
radically dissimilar from other terri
tories, save the one thing that a con
siderable number of the people who re
side in Alaska during the summer
months leave during the winter, and
thus, while they have every interest
in the territory, can hardly be classed
as permanent residents.
This matter of residence, however,
is a matter of individual election. A
man whose interests aro in Alaska and
who reside there during all those parts
of (tie year when it is possiole or
prolitable to follow his vocation there,
may, if he elects, claim a residence in
the territory. He cannot, however,
also claim a residence elsewhere and
exercise the rights of citizenship in
another place.
Alaska has a larger imputation, oven
in the winter time, than was had by
any of the territories ever established,
at '.he time they were organized as
territories. It is as easily pos.-ible for
Alaska to elect a representative legis
lature as it was for any of the terri
tories created half a century ago, when
means of transportation were primitive,
to do the same thing, but they all did.
A territorial government for Alaska,
with a local legislature to pass all need
ful laws, would relieve congress from
the necessity of legislating for the
territory, and would permit the people
to be largely self-governing. The
arguments against granting Alaska a
full territorial form of government do
not seem sound. If precedents count
for anything, the precedents in olher
territories show that most of the argu
ments are without u solid basis.
Whitehorse, Dec. 8? A White Pass
stage arrived here 8:30 o'clock this
morning from Daw?on with two passen
gers, 12 sacks of mail but without ex
press. The passengers were 15. R.
Duesenberry and F. H. Hamilton.
An extra stage arrived at 11 a. m.
yesterday with G. E. Burke as passen
ger and till pounds of mail.
A stage left for Dawson at 7 a. in.
yesterday w ith four passengers. The
next one to leave will be at 10 a. in. to
The Amur sailed for Skagwav from
Vancouver Tuesday night at midnight.
The infor nation was received by H.
B. Dunn bv cable to day.
The Amur should arrive in port late
tomorrow evening or Saturday, and
unless the mail was held for the Cottage
City, she should have 5} days mail.
The Amur will sail Saturday evening.
Many at Tho Bazaar
The bazaar givan by the Ladies'
Guild of St. Saviour's church is the
drawing card in the city today. The
l'eterson building is crowded by the
best people of the city who are liberal !
patrons of the beautifully arranged
booths. The building is appropriately
Christmas Present* at Commissary
There is nothing that will be appre- |
ciated as a Christmas present as well as
a box of good cigars. The Commissary
cigar store makes a specialty of selling
them by the box. The lowest, prices on
the best domestic and imported goods.
Boxes contain 25, 50 and Id). Come
and see for yourself. John Haley.
Free tfolil Quartz Fonnd
Nfar Stagway
JohnOleson, a well known
Scandinavian prospector in
this city, has made a phe
nominally rich strike of free
gold north of town on the
Skagway river. He claims
to have gotten an ounce of
gold from four pounds of
rock which he reduced to fine
sand in a mortar. This is
#8,000 to the ton. Oleson
refused to tell where the
strike was made, but it is be
lieved to be in the neighbor
hood of Liarsville. Many
people are searching for the
location in order to stake
claims. The report of the
find has caused excitement.
Governor Pardons Whatcom
Bank Wrecker
(Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.)
Olympla, Deo. 8? Gov. McBride par
doned St. John Dix, who was cod victed |
of wrecking the State Hank of .Vhat
com, yesterday. Dix was sentenced to |
10 years in the penitentiary and had i
served six months of that time.
Dunlap hats at Clayson's.
Wood and Coal For Sala
We have for sale and will deliver to
any part of the city good dry wood.
Sawed in any length. Alaska Transfer
Co., Phone io. 8 20 tf
Two nicely furnished Cottages for
rent or sale cheap. Inquire at Skag- 1
way laundry. 10-24 tf '
mm. Brill,
The Druggist
are new and up-to-date articles
bought directly from the eastern
Fresh Compressed-^-.
Yeast Cakes
Every Mail. 5 cents Each
ik bib in
Sole Agents for Preferred Stock Canned Goods
We want your trade and will treat you right.
[Special Dispatches to Daily Alaskan.]
Tokyo, Dec. 8? The bombardment of
the Russian fleet from Meter hill con
tinues with great ferocity. The Pol
tava sunk at her anchorage during the
night and only her upper works are vis
ible nbove the water. The Bayan was
run aground and the Iietvizan is list
ing heavily. She will sink. The bat
tleships Pobeida and Peresvia are bad
ly shot up. The cruiser Pallada is full
of holes. It is momentarily expected
that the vessels Btill above water will
be abandoned by the Russians and
blown up.
Raiiinm Loin Hops
St. Petersburg, Dec. 8? There is
deep depression at the war office be
cause of the news that the Japanese
have mounted heavy seige guns on
Meter hill and are hitting the Russian
ships in the harbor at their pleasure.
The failure of the Russians to retake
Meter hill destroys the last hope for a
sortie by the garrison.
Heavy firing at Makden
Mukden, Dec. 8? The thunder of
heavy cannonading can be heard at
this place. Poutiloff hill is the center
of disturbance.;
Explosion Kills 16 in Wash
ington Coal Mine
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
Burnett, Wash., Dec. 8? A territic |
explosion took place in the Burnett
coal mine at the bottom of the 1200-foot
level last night. There were 75 men
employed in the mine at the time of
the accident. Sixteen are known to be
among the dead. It is believed all the |
others escaped. Ten bodies have been
recovered. The dead are all foreign
Burnett is a small coal mining town
in Piorce county, Wash. It is about 30
miles from Tacorna.
[Special Dispatches to Daily Alaskan.]
Seattle, Dec. 8 ? Judge Hanford of
the United States district court refused
to grant naturalization to a Japanese
yesterday solely on the grounds that he
was an Asiatic.
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.] |
New York, Dec. 8? Richard Caniield
plead guilty yesterday to the charge of
running a gambling house. His action
was induced by a desire to
prevent the bringing of many wealthy
patrons of his resort into court as wit
Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
London, Dec. 8? The British ad
miralty, through the foreign office, is
negotiating for the purchase of seven
Argentine and Chilian warships. The
Russians are endeavoring to prevent
the English from getting them.
Holiday Goods
All Kinds of Good Clieer on
We have just received a shipment
Df Imported liquors, also California
wines and Kentucky whiskeys which
we will offer at wholesale prices to the
families of Skagway. We are agents
tor the A. B. C. Bohemian St. Louis and
Seattle bottled beers.
~kThe Monogram, Bloom ?fc Korach.
l?Tee delivery. Telephone 34.
At th? Idaho Saloon
Hermatage whiskey, bottled spring
1901, made 1893?11 yearaold? 12* cents
* drink at the Idaho.
i'raaJl Mutt
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kinds
it fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
Appropriation Bill Reach a
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
Washington, Dec. 8 ? The first appro
priation bill was introduced last even
ing. It is the administrative appropri
ation bill, and it carries $29,000,000 for
the legislative, executive and judicial
branches of the government.
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
New York, Dec. 8 ? Mrs. Chadwick
was placed under arrest yesterday af
ternoon at the Hotel Breslin by the fed
eral authorities. She is accused with
aiding embezzlers to get away with the
funds of tho Citizens' National bank of
Oberlin, Ohio. She denies the charge
of forging the name of Andrew Carne
gie to the note that was found among
the assets of the bank.
The Citizens' National bank swindle
will exceed in its proportions the oper
ations of the famous Humbert family,
of Paris.
Absence Makes the Heart
Grow Fonder
So the old saying goes: yet presents
endear absents.
Now is the time to select your pres
ents to send away. Our stock is beau
tiful, appropriate, desirable, complete,
and within vour means. If you wish
to be careful and economical in your
purchases and at the same time select
from a well chosen line of the very
newest and best in Holiday goods,
Start for our store at once- and
both of these desirable advantages will
be yours.
Kvery lady visitor wiil receive a
handsome souvenir.
P. E. Kern,
Gold& Silver Smith.
To My Patrona
While I am absent from the city my
express business will be in charge of F.
M. Lucavish and Elmer Wheeler. All
orders will receive prompt attention by
calling phone 3. Ernest Lucavish.
Sherlock Holmes and Squire of Pep
percorn at Harrisons'
You make no mistake by leaving
your orders at the American Tailors.
Gunthers delicious candy, fresh from
the factory at Britt's
Armour is considered the best soap
maker in America. Wm. Britt keeps
a full line of his goods.
Gift books and new books at Harri
Make your reservation of toys at Har
risons' at once, while stock is complete
Full dress suits at Clayson's.
3?$t Received Dew Shipment of
"tommy Atkins"
* * $birt$ * *
? ? |n Trench flannel ? ?
Also In the New Cecilian Cloth
All Sizes and Colors
Chealandprc Fifth Avomio

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