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bt ruviDADLCR.
%JONS CL9Tni\uCo|
The Best Is
None Too Good
H. S. & M.
Hand Tailored Suits
They cost 110 more than other suits but
they have that fit, style and snap that
gives character- value and distinction
both to the suit and to the wearer ot it
Wear the Best
Hirt S chaff r.cr
V Mam
Hind Tailored
C*?rrtcht IDM by Hul kkiftw A I
Cr venette
R in Coats
Appeal to [very Wearer of
Good Clothes
They are made ot the same material as
other good dressy coats and the rain rolls
ofl them like quicksilver. When a show
er is over you hardly know it had been
raining as the surface ol the goods is left
perfectly dry.
For Comfort, Style and Ser
vice They Are Certainly IT.
We Have Just Received a Large Shipment of These Goods and Invite Your Examination
There Are None Better"
miimii 'i iiii 'i ii> nrj 'inra
Concerning the food outlook at Fair
banks, the News of that place says:
"Because of it being a' most an im
possibility to estimate even approxi
mately the number of people in this
district, provision dealers of Fairbanks
are at sea on the question of supply.
They declare ;it is out of the question
at this time to figure whether the
camp will be seriously short before
"In a season-end interview. Manager
Turner, of the Northern Commercial
Company's store, the largest outfitting
coniera'in the district, summed up the
situation in the following manner:
"'While it is almost certain that no
serious shortages of staples will occur
it mast be admitted some lines will
give out before spring. This is evi
denced by the fact that one staple,
hams, has already been exhausted.
" 'Owing to a condition brought about
by the clamor for outfits, the mistaken
impression that our company and oth
ers had quit selling has gone abroed.
The itlea is wrong, for we are selling
hundreds of tons of provisions right
" 'The system we are following, I be
lieve. should be explained for the bene
* lit of buyers We are simply filling
t orders as they come. That is, one day
i ' is devoted to taking orders and listing
them in the order in which they are re
ceived. The next day these are filled.
To avoid taking orders for some line or
lines that might possibly have been ex
hausted selling is stopped the second
"'This was *m?ie necessary by the
remarkably big trade. Whole carloads
are being sold each day. The difficulty
of keeping a check on stock is evi
dent. The only way we can be sure of
it is to fill as the goods are sold.
"'Hams have given out. We have
plenty of other staples, and it does not
seem possible that so great a stock can
be depleted. This, however, is some
thing no one can tell for certain at pres
ent." "
Uaomllad for Lattu? lUwdmlas la
Skftcvtr PoataSe*. Dm. 8
Persons calling for this unclaimed
matter will please say advertised.
Ashton, W J Bernard, J P
Brown, George Carpenter, Mme Z
Lamar. Miss Joe Mertin, Victor
Millington.S Nantx, John
Smith. Chas G Stevens, H S
Wm. B. Sampson, P. M.
At Wkilmli PHcm
The Mascot saloon sells liquors,
k either bulk or case goods at wholesale
prices. All the old brands always oo
band. 10-1 it.
Perfumes domestic and imported in
great variety at Britt's.
Two nicely furnished Cottages for
rent or sale cheap. Inquire at Skag
way laundry. 10-24 tf
Oyster cock taiis, Olymplaor Eastern
at the Pack Train restaurant.
English corduroy pants at Clayson's.
They wear like a nigger's heel.
Uoods Givon Away at tli^
The Totem dont ratlle'jjoods olT but wo
simply give our friends it holiday pit-s
ent. Look at the list for a family
Christmas stock.
list 1.
1 Quart Old Valley Rye.
1 " Old Clinton Rye.
1 " Finest Sherry.
1 " BelristaClat-ft.
1 " Old Jamaca I ium.
1 Bottle Damiaca.
6 Bottles. Price Jo.OO.
UST no. 2.
1 Quart Cvrus Noble Bourbon
I " Old Valley Rye.
1 " Plymouth Giu.
1 " Apricot Brandy.
1 " Finest Sherry.
1 " Tokay Wine.
6 Bottles. Price $.">.00.
1. 1ST No. 3.
1 Quart White Wheat Rye.
1 " Old Valley Rye.
1 " Sherry.
1 ,. Belrista Claret.
1 Bottle Dam i ana.
1 Box (25) choice cigars.
Price 45.00.
Orip Quickly Knocked Oat
"Some weeks ago during the severe
winter weather both my witeand myself
contracted severe colds which speedily
developed into the worst kind of la
grippe with nil its miserable svrn D
torn*," says Mr. J. S. E?leston,of .Maple
Landing, Io*a. "Knets amtjomts acn
tn g, muscles sore, head stopped up, eyes
and nose running, with alternate spells
of ohillg and fever. We be^au using
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, aiding
the same with a dose of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets, and hy its
liberal use soon c jmpletely knocked out
the grip."
It Is a (food plan to take a dose of the
Tablets when you have a col -'. They
promote a healthy action of the bowels,
liver and kidneys which is always bene
ficial when the system is congests 1 by a
cold or attack of the grip. For sale by
Kelly Drag Co.
Oyatsr Cocktails
Elmer Chamberlain's and Fopcorn
Jim's famous Olympia oyster cocktails
are now served at the Totem saloon.
The leading barbershop and bath
rooms. The Principal, opposite Board
of Trade.
All the latest winter styles in suit
ings at the American Tailors.
Club bags, bureau and wardrobe
trunks, telescopes and suit cases at
The best that the market affords at
the Pack Train Restaurant.
Absence Makes the Heart
Grow Fonder
So the old saying goes: jet presents
endear absents.
Now is the time to select your pres
ents to send away. Our stock is beau
tiful, appropriate, desirable, complete,
and withiu your means. If you wish
to be careful and economical in your
purcha-es and at the same time select ,
from a well chosen line of the very
newest and best in Holiday goods,
Start for our store at once- and
both of these desirable advantages will
lie yours.
Every lady visitor will receive a
hand-ome souvenir.
P. E. Kern,
Gold & Silver Smith.
A fine lunch ana a targe glass of
Rainier beer, at the Seattle Saloon for
10 cents. tf
French and American Candies male
daily at the Alasha Candy Co, Sixth ! .
Avenue between State and Broad- 1
way. 12-7-tf | J
A C, rtaln Cur* for Croup
When a child shows symptoms of
croup there is no time to experiment
with new remedies, no matter how
highly they may be recommended.
There is one preparation that can always
be depended upon. It has been in use
for many years and has never been
known to tail, viz ; Chamberlain's
Couch Remedy. Give it and a quick
cure is sure to follow, Mr. M. F. Comp
ton, cf Market, Xexa?, says of it: "I
have used Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy in severe cases of croup wtth mv
children, and can truthfully say it al
ways gives prompt leliet," For sale by
Kelly Drug Co.
Salt for SI i Year
Buy an English couduroy suit at
Clavson's. They cost fifteen dollars '
and wear fifteen years. t
Railroad! Raatanr* nC
Best meals in town served from f> a.
m. to 10 p.m. Tray orders a specialty, 1
10c. extra.
John Williams, Prop.
Oyster Cooktallt
Elmer Chamberlain's and Popcorn '
Jim's famous Olympia oyster cocktails
are now served at the Totem saloon.
All the delicacies of the season at the
Pack Train Restur&nt.
We have a small line of reversible
hunting coats we would like to show
sportsmen. F. H. Clayson Jc Co.
The Vienna Bakery wants your bus
iness. It gives the very best at the
cheapest price. Phone 35.
Mineral Survey No 639.
United States' Land Office.
Juneuu, Alaska. October 5. IV I.
Notice is hereby given that, in pursuance of
the art of congress, approved May loth, 1S72,
f, r- 1 1 anie v. whose postofice address Is Pop*
cupioe, Ahuika. and us the attorney-in-fact of
Mrs. Man ley Danforth and Jus, M. (Juilter. ha*
made application for a patent fur 1 1. ; ? acres, of
nlacer mining ground, situate in the Porcupine
Mining District. District of Alaska, and de
scribed by the official plat herewith posted, and
by the tield notes on lile in the ottice <?f the
Register of the Juneau Land District, Alaska,
as follows, viz:
No. 6*9.
beginning at corner No. 1, on line :>-l Mix
claim, survey, No. 636. A spruce post 1 feet
long 4 inches sqtiaro, set is tnchts in thf
ground, with mound of stone, scribed U .S s. i
tfRM, from which corner an alder tie** 12 inches I
in diameter bears n 51 deg. 10' W. U.5 feet |
blazed and scribed U . S. S. 639-1*11. T. U, S, L. t
|| n?>. . bsors^N.SM dsg. oi' i. BS88.I ? ?
Corner so.t Mix claim, survey no. ?' ? bears;
N. .2 deg. l.V E NVi.l feet; thence S. deg. 1 ?
W. var. 31 dec. 00' K. Along line 4-3 Mix claim,
U, S. S. 636 506.70 feet to corner No. 2. Menu
cal with corner No. Mix claim, U.S. S. t.jti, a
Cottonwood post 4 inches square, showing 30
Inches above ground, which 1 scribed U. S S.
(39-2. on side facing claim, no other bearing
available. Thence 8. A3 deg. 4' F.. var. 3I dec.
IK)' E. Along line 8-2 Mix claim, survey 686.
11 .0 feet to corner no. 3. Identical w ith corner
Ne. 0 Fenley claim, U.S. S. t?36. A cotton wood
post 4 inches square. showing :J0 inches above
ground which I scribed U. S. S. 639-3. on side
facing claim. A Cottonwood tree 6 inches
diameter bears S. 87 deg. 0U' W. 26.* feet, blazed
?nd scribed U.S. S. <39-3 15. T. ; thence S 10
deg- 09' \N\ var. 31 deg. 00' K. Along line 5-4
Fenley claim. survey 6.6. 35U.O0 feet to cross
Creek, 6 feet wide, flows N. E- 735.40 feet to cor
ner no 4. Identical with corner No. 4. Feuley
claim, U.S. S. 636. A hemlock post 4 Inches
square, showing 30 inches above ground, which
I scribed U. S. S. 639-4. in side facing claim.
Corner no. 3 Fenley claim, survey no. air., l>ears
S. 24 deg. y' W.. 654.6 feet. A hemlock 8 inches
diameter bears S- 36 deg. 00' W. I6.4 feet. A
hemlock 24 inches diameter bears n. 39 deg. 00*
W. is feet, each blazed and scribed U. S. S. 639-4
H. T.; thence n. 70 deg, 00' \V? var. 31 deg.
E. along the northeasterly boundary 01 the
Lucky Joe placer claim, uusurveyed, 270.U to
point from which center of southwesterly end
i)f placer workings i'2sx50x20 feet, bears n. 44
leg. uo K. 1 s0 feet ; thence extending N. E. 8O5.0
feet to center of Hume 16 inches wide, course N.
A) deg. 00* E. 33O.O feet to edge of creek, flows N.
70 deg. E. 571.M) feet to corner no. 5. A cotton -
wood post 4 feet long, 4 inches square, set 18
Inches in the ground, with mound of stone,
scribed U. S. S. 6t9-j. from which corner a Cot
tonwood tree 8 inches in diameter bears n IS
leg. 30' K- I5 feet. A cottonwood tree 10 inches
in diameter* bears s 80 deg. W. 17 feet, each
blazed and scribed U S. 8. 039-5 B. fl'. : Thence
S. 18 deg. 44' E var. 31 deg. lH)' E. 1223.10 feet to
corner no. 6. Not set for the reason thai the
corner would be in dagger of being destroyed
by slides. I set witness corner s. 70 deg. 00' K.
857.4 feet. A Nprucc post 1 feel lon?r. 4 inches
square,, setis inched in the ground, with mound
:>f stone, scribed U. s. s. 689 6 W. C. From
which corner a hemlock posts inches in diame
ter, bears s. Is deg. 10' \V 5 feet. A willow tree
? inches in diameter bears n. 3 deg. E., 4.8 feet,
each blazed and scribed, U. S.S.639-6W. C. B. T.;
thence beginning at true corner s. 70 deg 00* K
ear. 31 deg. 10" B. 2*7.40 to .C. no. 6. previous
ly described. 4S5.00 feet 10 flume It. inches wide,
course n. 19 deg. E. S70.00 feet to corner no. l.the
place of beginning. Containing an area of
14.486 acres. Allcomers are identical w.th the
location corners.
The above claim is Joined on the east by the
Fenley and Mix placer claims, survey no. 636.
snd on the south bv the Lucky Joe placer
claim and on the north and west by unknown
placer claims.
The location notice of the last Chance Min
ing claim is recorded in book 7, of placers, page
S3o, records of the Juneau Recording District,
District of Alaska.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of the above described premises, ??re
required to tile their adverse claim, with the
Register of the U. m. Lend office, at luneuu A hi
ska. during the sixty days period of publication
hereof, or they will be burred by virtue of the
provisions of the statute.
It is hcrebv ordered that the foregoing notice
be published for the statutory period in the
Daily Alaskau, a daily newspaper published at
SKag way. Alaska
First Pub. Oct. 10.
Now is the time to order your winter
suits and overcoats at the American
Canadian Pacific fly. Co.!
Direct Service, No Intermediate^
Call, to
Transferring to
No Extra Charge
DEC. 10 & 25
Sailing; at!6!p.m.
For Speed, Comfort, Service and
Appointment These Twin Screw
Steamers Cannot be Equaled. For
Information Write or Apply to
^exaxsxsexax^ ?JSXSXSXSXSXSXS^^ ? ??S
The Idaho Liquor House
The Pioneer Family Liquor Store of Skagwav
Direct Importers of Foreign and Domestio
Priva? Rooms For Families
Special Attention to Oiders for Family CJse. Telephone 59
The WhitePass& Yukon Route
(Daily Except Sunday.)
No. 3. N. B] No. 1, N. B. No. 2. S. Bound E
2nd class. 1st class. 1st class 2nd cltss
8 30 p. m. 9 30 a m. LV. SKAGDAY AR. 4 30p. m. AR. 4 15 a. as
10 30 " njjjj}" " WHITE PASS " | ? " 2 10 "
ill 40 ?. m. 11 45 '? ? LOG CABIN 2 10- ' 1 00 "
12 20 if 35 f P;'m " BENNETT " { | P-m " 12 20 p.m
2 45 " 2 10 " " CARIBOU " 11 50a.m " 10 20 "
6 40 " 4 30 " AR White Hokse LV 9 30 " LV, " 7 00 "
Passengers must be at depots in time to have Baggage Inspected and
checked. Inspection is stopped 30 minutes before leaving time of train.
150 pounds of baggage will bo checked free with each full fare ticks
and 75 pounds with each half fare ticket.
??v4 jTLfLyt, >vt A'i?* **$. **4 **?. **C >*fc ??*?.**<. ?>*??'??? -???? ????? *?*?
;t v?v ^ W "?Ar W ?> V ^ V V V V Vi V' V V V Wi W V V vlvviwlv V V V
Durinr the Opod Season of Navigation or the Yukon River The
While Pass k Yukon Route
Skagway to Atlin. Whitehorse, Big Salmon
and Dawson
Connection Made at Dawson with Lower River Steamboats for Tanana, Fairbanks, Si. Michael and Nome
Lands Passengers and Freight at these Camps Earlier in the Season and Quicker tban Any Other Route
During the Winter Season, When Navigation is Closed, Finely Appointed Trains will Continue to Run Daily
Except Sunday, Between Skagway and Whitehorse
A Through Mail, Passenger and Freight Service will be Maintained by a Thoroughly Equipped
Direct Telegraphic Service to all Points in United States and Canada
For Information relative to Passenger Freight and Telegraphic rate*, apply to any agent of company, or to
M. J. B. WHITE, G. F & P. A. A. a NEWELL, V. P. & G. M. R. D. PINNEO,.Asst. G. F. & P. A.
Vancouver, B. C. Vancouver, B. 0. and Skaguay, Alaska Skaeruay, Alaska

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