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Holiday Announcement
h nncy aval Oranges, from 35c to 50c a dcz
Jap i: Oranges 41 15c to 25c "
Choice Lemons, per doz. ? ? 25c
Mai \ a O rapes, per lb- ? ? ? 30c
V an ;/ Apples- per box. from $1-50 to $2-50
Nov.- Crop Walnuts, per lb. - ? 20c
Fresh Pumpkin- per lb. ? ? 4c
Swe^t Potatoes, per lb - -5c
Fresh Hubbard Squash- per lb- - 4c
John Kalem, the Grocer
S.>'e Agent for Reliance Can ned Goods
Elk>' ftwliDg Tonruaraent
H.'iriiH at Hull
Team No. .">. consisting of W. \V.
Ward. I. M. .Iens?n ar.il P. W. Ren
wick. won ihvff N-raijiht ?raraes from
team N ? ! F I''- man. Jump- Ko>'k
ami \V. ! s. M the openiuir of rhe
Kiks' bo* 'oi ru.nm. nt last ni^ht.
The fp i' . hi ir.irr..- was thp hiirta
average ; i-> \V. \V. War. , ls'i.
The p w ,,iry >ppetators, l>oth
men ? .! * n, ?ho witnessed the
Th< ' - -o -i t's were as follows:
T?m No 2
i 2
Pitman 171 16!?
Kock 158 113 MS
Tota's 421 HO 41*7
m So A
Wa-d .... .. . . .sir, iv. irtt
Jensen 201 l.Vi
IJeuwic^ if 14f> 117
Total> 472 OB 441
Hi^1 - - ;e s-ore. Ward. 21">:
f> > -? >o tp Jensen. 201:
The ne\t . ?oj will be played next
Tii.-Miav ?
A1 V.- "Si
( 1 lii
The e.\ Methodist
procra ? einbei'S
haif hour ? * " ? j "
;i- . >. . th-> -ar that lias
be- n pre b / r Mt ?>?'?"
Th^ . i c ' a bower of beauty
ant! de i .
has been e.\'en< ? ?t to all.
Kit nii Chrtwn tew at the
Pack Tn. I lo- v. ran'..
thrU-um Tr? Thondajr
The ?"( :? >tn - tr > of the Sundi
school of ^ . > "> church w II '
given TlranAq nifh&i II which tin
?here will I e'ai: ,u;. resting program.
? Mmt3o Uaick
Pai::< in it ? ?"om-?Ch anil attack* of
the e :c . m ? . ?-j>tdenl) and tie s<>
exttei tlv , ufu biu immediate reiief
must 1 > t"l Vnere in no nece^sitv
,.:,c ? o* ia aMh caiea Ha
bott e if C rcs't "tin"* Colic, Ci'clera
acd L) -dv isathand. No
ilocto: can cr 1 - a better molic'ne.
Kor sa r ?? Ke l>:u)>Co.
1 oi ? tha Holiday*
Specialty J*. Home made minee.
cranberry i ! pumpkin pies, and all
kind- of i>asr :?>' sriTen the "oest attention.
Orders d^'i' red free. Phone 35.
Vienna IJakery.
< ? v ta Uah > Saloon
Her - whiikev, Ivttlfd spring
19?1, ? . ? l?: 11 tearsold -12? cents
a drink t Idaho.
Car?l Parilyili
W. S. r- iv, ?. O. True, Texts,
write*. e k til been suffering hve
year;* ?? : \ > 'n h?*r urm, when I
:~e -u j ? to n$e BalUrri's Snow
Linimc- \ v. q)\ cured her all right. I
have *l>o u-ed it for o'd sores, frostbites
ami skin tv tior. I do**? the work.*'
55c, yn', $l.? o. Sold by Kelly Dru){ Co.
*' I' c.itioa of Notloi
In th* i - ( onini^i* m r - Court
u \.i?ka,a' skifwiy, In
. if J*?y. dweasril.
\ ??? .ill whom lr may
u -ru-d ?in> been ;u>
, v .f tin- ? *Ulr u( lite
\v R.M.
? . ? I r ittftSu-4 !!?*.? -aiil
. ;?*! ?'.? jm m-iiI tlietii
- w Mil. >i\ months
y rv>t<hnet\ in the
a.thLs^d 'lay of
11 M \ y Joy.
Uiri to n table aud uo sreneral
work 11! t'Uuiu housd. ^ aifes
?Mislujtui ; . l'
Eit your hr.v.mas ifinaer at the
Pucs Traiu I! - .wrant.
Dolls, iS .s. ?: s. .1'- Harrisons'.
Go to thr- i: ^s Hak.-ry for \our Xmas
tre? oroamen s. The biggest variety
%i your ? j wn or if -. t !etaqj(U t of Ron- r
keotlorf> celebrated ice cream for vour ;
Xmas dinner.
v . ?
First r
tso viwiintr barbershop and bath
There will be something: for every
1 boy and girl in Skagway at the Arctic
Hrotherhood Christmas tree Monday
night. The following letter has been
received by the lodge for the children
)t Skagway from Santa Claus who
asked that the Daily Alaskan print it
so all the children would know about it:
To all the boys and girls in the town
of Skagway.
'?I will come sure and see you at the
Arctic Brotherhood hall on Monday at
7 o'clock in the evening.
t lf course 1 am very busy this year,
. i d it is hard to get around to all the
place* in the whole world, but I never
fulled t ? get there all the same. I
have something for every boy and
! every girl, the good ones and the bad
ones t hey are all one to me
Do be sure to come, all of you, and I
will see that everybody gets something
! nic-.
My, but I am in a hurry.
Yours truly,
Santa Claus
J ffenoa and Fural on Arriv*
The Jefferson arrived at 1:30 o'clock
thi> morning with about '20 passengers,
tou-i of freight and two days' mail.
She sailed for the south at 7 o'clock
this morning.
The Farallon arrihed at 9"30 o'clock
tl morning with no passengers or
mail and l-V.i tons of freight. Her
?t'go contained explosives. She left
ai 3:.'J0 o'c cck for the south.
Amur Due
The Amur will be due to arrive this
? ?v. i ng or early tomorrow wsth about
two days' mail.
O'orelt Dt>?
? Georgia will be due to arrive
th- evening aud she will sail on the
re urn trip at midnight instead of S
a iu tomorrow.
M hitebor?o
\V iiorse. Dec. "1? A White Pass
-Mi:- arrivt <.1 fioui l);i*-on at 1:45 p.
' i. u lav with 10 stcks of mail and x'Old
The dj? mongers were: C Put
D. 1J> - M . au"l Mrs H. I?aacs
j sad kild. M n Diwiliii. Master I )?
:! -si. > . Sci.ri-y ui J Mrs. Anderson.
uhv i f siccFFbs
S* or a?e it'i for One thine Only* and
A'n?ka i* L**t nln( Thli
No; hit' 7 ran be gnnd for eve'ythin7.
l>oir_* one thinp well brings success,
I loan's K: li,ey Pills do one thingonly,
They're for sick kidneys.
They cure backache, every kidney ill.
Here is evMeace to prove it.
\V. A. H * in', pr>pi'etcr of Oxford
H -tel. 4:4 4 h AT. n'le, Seattle, says: "I
?v -ubject to kidney trouble for a
uu;a''er of years and during that time
took different remedies recommended to
me without much success, I came here
from Lep?rte, Ind., some twelve year9
igo and have taken a paper from there
ever since. Every now and again I
read of people iu that city who have
been cured of kidney trouble by the
use of Doan's Kidney Pills, and It was
through mentally ducussing th.se cases
that induced me about a year ago to try
the remedy. It fave me undoubted
benefit at that time. Since then I no
ticed s> mptoms of a recurrence, the
pills acted equally a? well as they did
when they first came to my notice."
for sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster Milourn Co., Buffalo., New York
sole agents for the United States.
Ke-nember the name ? Doan'g? and
take no other.
Freah Hut
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kinds
of fresh meat constantly on hand. t(
( hristmas trade is now in full swing.
j The sizes in our men's and boy's suits
I and overcoats will soon be depleted.
: eome uow and select what vou want
while we have a coplete line of sizes.
F. H. Clayson & Co. !
The latest game is "Koyal Fluff" at
All the delicacies of the season at the
t'ack Train Uesturant.
Iiest of wines liquors and cigars at
the Totem.
I Comfortable Beds
) Dining Rocm In Connection
J ' Log Building
Near Postofflce. Front street
i P?*? McMillan. Pranriator
W Hi HJH? W? WMWM U. IWIIRWC . *? - ?*
?+*??< >?
Cortes Ford arrived from Haine.> on
the Jefferson to spend Christmas with
his family.
Rev, N. B. Harrisou returned fiora
Haines this morning on the Jefferson.
J. A. Coding returned from Peters
burg on the Jefferson.
Mrs. H. D. Klrmse went to Juneau
on the Jefferson to be present at ihe
bedside of her sister, Mrs. John P. Ma
lony, who is very ill.
L. M. West and his son, Melvin, left
for the south this afternoon on
the Farallon. At Juneau the.v will
await the arrival of the Cottage City
which they will take to the Sound.
M. D. Rainbow, who represents the
Standard Oil company in the Yukon,
and who had been at the Fifth Avenue
hotel for some time, left for ths south
on the Jefferson.
J. J. C. Barber and O. H. Bernard,
representing the New Yoik Life In
surance Company, left on the Jefferson
for Juneau. They will return to Skag
way next month.
Albert Daub, the Dawson and Fair
banks merchant, left for the south on
the Jefferson.
C. S. Sargent, the Yukon trader,
left for Seattle on the Jefferson.
Chri.tmai Trao at Seward
_ J
There will be a large Christmas tree
at the gymnasium at Fort William H,
Sewaru for all the children of the post
including those of the officers and en
listed men. The Peterson which was
in port today retur. ed to the fort a
treasure laden argosy. She took a lot
of Christmas things for the children
and growu folks. Capt. Barker will
impersonate Santa Claus.
Chrlitmiu Pratanta at Commiitarr
There is nothing that, will be appre
ciated as a Christmas present as well as
a box of good cigars. The Commissary
cigar store makes a specialty of selling
them bv the box. The lowest prices on
the best domestic and imported goods.
Boxes contain 25, 50 and 100. C ome
and see for yourself. John Haley.
At 8 o'clock this morning, the
weather conditions on the Yukon river
and along the line of the W. 1*. <.v Y.
R. were as follows:
Skagway? Clear, north wiud, 12
Glacier? Clear, calm, below.
White l'ass? Clear, north gale. 7 be
Frater? Cloudy, strong north wind, 8
Log Cabin? Cloudy, calm, 8 below.
Bennett ? Cloudy, calm, 0.
Pennington? Clear, light north wind,
2 below.
Cariliou? Cloudy, north wind, 8 lie
Cowley ? Clear, calm, 18 below.
Whltehorte? Clear, calm, 25 below
Lower Labarge- Cloudy, calm, 2<? be
Hoot allnqua? Cloudy, calm, 2.*> below.
Big Salmon? Cloudy, light northeast
wind, l?i below.
Yukon Crossing? Foggy, calm. IT lie
Selkirk? Cloudy, calm, 35 below.
Selwyn ? Cloudy, calm, 15 below.
8tewart? Snowing, strong north wind
16 below.
Ogilvie? Foggy. calm. II below.
Dawson? Coudy, light north wiud, 18
Fortviuile ? Cloudy, north wind, 24
Kaglo? Cloudy, north wind, 25 below.
Atlin? Cloudy, north wind, 12 below.
Tagish? Cloudy, calm, 18 below.
Midnight Mau at St, Mark'*
The incoming of Christinas day will
be celebrated with midnight mass at
St. Mark's Catholic church tonight.
The services will begin promptly at the
hour of 12.
Clarion Make* Presents
F. H. Clayson & Co. are giving the
patrons and friends of their store hand
some burt leather purses. They are
handsome and useful souvenirs of the
holiday season.
Skagw ay Laundry
For first-class work try Skagway
Laundry. Twenty-tlve years' experi
ence. Telephone 8W. tf
Publication of Notioa
In the United States Commissioners' Court
for the District of Alaska, at Skaguay. In
In the Estate of John O'Nell. IK ???eased.
Notice is hereby given to all to whom It may
concern, that the undersigned has been at>
polnted administrator of the estate of the
above named decedent. John O'Nell.
All persons having claims against the said
estate are hereby required lo present I hem
with the proper vouchers within sK months
from t li l> date to me at my oflice in the Kail
road building in the town of Skaguay . Vhuska.
Dated at Skatfuay. Alaska, this 29th way of
October. 19W.
E. A. Mubpiiv. Adniliilstniior.
First Pub. Nov. 1?.
Hand-made ornaments for Christmas
at the Vienna Cafe.
Fine porcelain tubs at Principal Bar
ber shoj>, opposite Board of Trade.
Burnt work novelties and hand point
ed china made to order at Harrison >\
You get good values for your money
at the American Tailors.
Plying Between Skapway and
Leaves Skagway at
9 a. m. Sharp
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Arriving at Haines at 11:30 a. m.
Leaves Haines at 2 p. m.
MMMMMMHIII llll 1 ??*???;
To Do Your Christmas Shopping
You will have to get your "thinking' cap" on,
and think hard and quick. We have a world of
useful holiday gifts for old and young, and if you
don't know just what to get for who, it maybe that
we can help you out of your dilemma.
How About Some of These
For Women and Girls
Knit Underwear
Muslin "
Lace Collars
Shopping Bags
Fancy Neckwear
Dress Goods
] Silk or Wool Waists Slippers
Moneybak Silk
Fancy Goods
For Men and Boys
Cuff Buttons
Cuffs -
Dress Suit Cases
Smoking Jackets
For the Household
, Rugs
Lace Curtains
Bureau Scarfs
Table Covers
Bed Spread
Teble Covers
Lunch Cloths
Pillow Oases I
B.m. Bchrcnds mercantile Company

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