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The daily Alaskan. [volume] (Skagway, Alaska) 1904-1924, December 28, 1904, Image 2

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Dai v Alaskan
tr \
On# fwk. Ufllverwl hjr ?*
i hie month, by mail ? ^
Thrve months, by mall ? ^ 1
mouth-. ??> mall 4 ,4> |
yx ?r. hy mill w* , ,
. I
A well know., defender of Bradyisa
?ml torvisiit in Alask*, speaking:
through the little knocker which grasps
with avidity anything which knocks
Alaska umI which champions Brady
b cause he, like it. opj>oses everything
fjr which Skagwav stands, defending
Bradj's slanderous ejntenuon that the
pei ilation of Musk a is setting smaller,
asks the IV. ly Alaskan to give the cen
? is of the low. s which he says "were
taken last summer when there were
mare people in the north than there
are tcda\."
To an-. ?> i r toe Inference first, the
Ctnsusofth- t< . .?< in Alaska were not
takin la t sun.ui' r by Gov. liraJy or
anyone else, nor has any census been
taken since except iu two or three
towns, and the combined population of
these hits shown a sulwtantial gain at
each census over the precediug one.
The las' o< .is..s of Ala-I.a was taken
in l!H*> wheu the total was found to be
83,.~4? of which 3>.H3t> were Icdians and
whites, negroes, Chinese and
Japanese, th ? whiles being jt)..">07.
Mince t bur i:ue. a. well informed i>eo
ple ?r.ow 'he population of Alaska has
made treuu iuioas i;a ns. It is true
Sk.i.w. . ? .1 ch was cretli d with
3! IT ( e I . ti ? I. hallos: its
surplus .11. ini ..'I'.iejf half or
m '!? jf t i - whow< re hi re then. It
wiilal?> ? c div that l\.??a,with
"(?: n 1" uo !o:iger oo the map,
and tl'.a' I . )>een a h s in the
give-> IU. i s .iowever. these losses i
ins; ai.ee. e ;v. ' .Sc. omen. 'i
haTo been e.-a ti . . Sew irU peuin
su a. f ... .'atiuas
and o: 1
port a
wia> left Ska_*i
in the last four y. ar.- are still in Alas
ka. The ,.iua > tan: ? o: this dis.ric
have b?c ' sc ?itei- .
ami ere Vs
i-teLC*. c. ? cu ? . -
another . > on
the neighbor >. Ke>o:. Sv?n that
w?re not in e\ '6 ? >( the
la?: Cfo>i ?? t a. . ha
that number. T:ie - .oil i? uue uf lite
country Mirrouuui:'. ? weau. Dmn'ius
and Tre. ?? !. i. l' :a >
each u t th>e to* . -. i . s tol y uo ?!
iu the las*, foil.- yi .irs. Haint s. which
baU M pt - in 1 . lias JO> now.
VmlUe.'. vkkk bud .11 j people in
19W) now ci? > about that many rote^
and supp- rs two newspapers. here
was no population surroundiiv,' Va'df/
then, now tb- are several pros; . *
micinffdistrv'.s tr l irary to that t'.wn
Rampart had 211 people in l!?X>. no?
there are r\ r ? than a thousand in
that see" ioi . There was no Seward ic
lS"0t>. and that town and tho surrouodicK
Couutr.i now - vr' a ?h is;.: ! or so.
The same can l*> ail u; Kj U ar.' i :r
roucdin? c< ntry.
Then there is the Xanana. In l'.v
the census re^-rts show- 0 no returns
from that s-c* ion. Now the most eon
servat:vee-' mates place the [ pulation
of Fairbanks. t hena. Golden. Gate
City and the '?i miles of tti Tanana
Talvy a' from WOO to "\000.
Not only has the population alon?
the Alaskan coaat and the Yukon river
increased since 1900 but it is since
that date that the movement up the
streams and valleys of the district ha*
taken place. Doxeoa of regions of the
district, to which space forbids mention
at this time, are supporting large
?miners of settlements that wore not
I'ven visited by enumerators in 1900.
The very fact that the gold product
ion of Alaska has increased 300 or 400
per cent, since 1900 and that the samlon
jutput has more than doubled and that
there are dozens of other industries
sarried on now that were unknown
then gives the lie to His Incompetency,
iv ho never misses an opportunity to
traduce Alaska.
Ululogy has Proved that Dandrufl la
Cauril by a Germ.
Science Is donlg wonders these days In
tiitllclne .13 well as In mechanics. Since
\d im lived, the human race has been
rouNeJ with dandruff, for which no hair
'reparation has heretofore proved a sue
? sful cure until Newbro's llerpicltlo was
?ut on th>* market. It Is a scientific prep
ntlon that kills the germ that makes
i I'lruff or scurf by digging Into the
Up to wt at the root of the hair, where
-aps tho vitality: causing itching scalp,
a! ins hair, and Anally baldness. Wlth
t lan.lruff hair must grow luxuriantly.
? Is th<> only destroyer of dandruff.
- U1 by leading druggists. Send 10c.
r stamps for sample to The Herpl
:ide Co.. Detroit. Mich.
Wm. BriM, Special Agent.
For Boa Found
Fur boa found near Bledsoe's store.
>wm r can have same by applying at
X'wey hotel
An EmerconcT Medicine
Korjspratns, bruises, burns, scalds and
imilar injuries, there is nothing so
;oo<l as Chatuberlnin's P*in BMtn. It
oothes the woniil and not only gives in
tuit, relief trorn pain, but eau-es the
jsvts to heal in about one-third the time
equired bv the usual treatment. As it
s ;k:r i septic nil danger from blood pois
jiiing is avoided. Sold by Kelly Drug
Lilt ? f Holiday Good* Here
We have received the last consign
;t >pr of goods for the holiday trade and
n-i :t* pared ?.o make suits, pants and
>\ ->n- ? ! -. that are strictly up-to-date in
i- -.i>eots. Those who order tirst
uf course have the largest stock of
ml- from which to make a selection
K. WOLLAND, Merchant Tailor.
At WholtMla Prlo??
Ti Mascot "saloon sells liquors, j
ither b k or case goods at wholesale :
? r : ? All the old brands always on
V.* inesdavs and Saturday-, at 2
V k p. m The balance of thf stock
N .ikou liestauraut. Goods sold
n private sale until ciosed out,
A. J. Cohen,
'.roadwav, I w e**n 3rd and -4th Aves.
, - ?-> . talis, Olympiaor Eastern
>?.; ri.? i jck j rair r. stauran'..
i and.
W h .i- e r. nice line of initialed silk
. .erthi ft, fancy suspendt-rs, silk
rs and reefers. All very nice
holiday souvenirs.
Clavson & Co.
Carrvlng C. S. M?!l
Fo- Uaiieth Bernei - I5av, Juneau,
looaaL, Tenako Sitka and VV ay ports
Dec. 1, 7- 13, 19- 25 31
At 8 a. m.
-IS Broadway, Phone 90
Deep Cut
Reduced Prices on Liquors
at Scuttle Saloon
Prom today until January 15, 1905,
the following reduced prices will apply
on all American whiskeys and brandies:
Apple brandy $1 00
Peach hrandy 1 00
California Grape brandy 1 00
Peach and Honey 1 00
Rock and Rye 1 00
Maple und Rum 1 00
Old Valley whiskey 1 00
Tennessee Rye 1 00
Belle of Lexington 1 00
Cyrus Noble 1 00
Jesse Moore, A A I 00
Heech Rum Rye 1 00
W. H. Mclirayer 1 00
Old Crow 1 00
Guckenheimer Rye 1 00
Three-Crown Diamond 1 CO
Hermitage, 9-year-old 1 00
Old Velvet 1 CO
Monogram 1 (0
Swedish Punch ? 1 00
Arach Punch 1 CO
Aquavit 1 00
Danish Urandevin 1 00
Kellog whiskey 1 00
Mount Vernon Rye 1 25
Red Top Rye 1 25
Springfield Club I 25
Sweet Wines, such as Port, Sherry ,
Muscatel, Tokay, Orange and
others, per quart bottle 50
Celero Coin, p<'r bottle 25
Daui-I-Ana, per bottle 50
The above list is for quart bottles and
are all case goods.
These are a few to choose from. We
have a number of other brands.
In a few days drinks over the bar will
be changed.
Elk*' Meeting
There will be a regular meeting of
Ska}; way Lodge No. 431, Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks, at their
hall, Thursday, December 29, at 8 p. m.
All visiting Elks are invited to at
tend. E. A. MURPHY, Sec'y.
Chrlatmaa Prevents at CommlHtry
There is nothing that will'bo appre
ciated as a Chrstmas present as well as
a liox of good cigars. The Commissary
cigar store makes a specialty of selling
them by the box. The lowest prices on
the best domestic and imported goods,
rioxes contain i">, iiO ami 100. Come
and see for yourself. John Haley.
5k ? Ac?in Postponed
The sale of th ? I'aolfic Packing &
Navigation Company's property was
l>ost|>oiieil for the third time D cember
17. The unsold property of The com
pany withintn ' Alaska jurisdiction will
be olTered to the public at Juneau next
Saturday and that in Washington will
be sold at Brlhugham, in th^t state,
January 14.
At Wholeiule Price*
i The Mascot saloon sells liquors,
i either bulk or case goods at v holesale
prices. All the old brands always on
, hand. 10 I-tf.
New Mniic at Pack Trt In
The I'ack Train saloon has just, re
ceived 50 new records for its excellent
phonograph and the largest horn that
ever came to Alaska. There will lie a
grand concert at that place tonight
The latest songs and the latest instru
mental selections will be given.
When you can forget that you are
wearing shoes at all then you are wear
ing: about the right kind of shoes. If
you want a pair of that kind call in and
see us. F. H . Claysoo & Co.
Dunlap hats at Clayson's.
Ovs?er cocktails served; also sold at
wholesale, in pint and quart jars, at tha
Vienna Cafe.
You make no mistake by leaving
your orders at the American Tailors.
Two nicely furnished Cottages for
rent or sale cheap. Inquire at Skag
i way laundry. 10-24 tf
SPfiemL Offer IN FURS
I have aoout 18 Ladies' Fur Coats which
I Will Sell at Reduced Prices.
High Grade Electric Seal Coats at $30.00
CHAS. R. WINTER, The Furrier, Br?ai,^f^r t
' /
Peter Rlchen
Whitehorse, Y T.
| first Class in Every
European Plan
in $
| Comfortable Beds
Dining Room In Connection
Log Building
Near Poatoffld, Frort Street
Pete McMillan. Proprietor
Seattle, Washington
Manufacturers of
? Of Every Description ?
The only plant of this nature on the )
coast. Write for Prices.
Correspondence solicited.
312-316 2d Ay., Seattle.
?Steam Laondry*
All Work Guaranteed Short
Order* Promptly
Messenger Will Call and Deliver.
Baths In Connection
Private Roomi for Ladie*.
Alaska Pacific Navigation Co
Carrying Alaska Pacific Express and United States Mail
3. S. SANTA ANA. - - Monthly, 21st
S. S. EXCELSIOR, - - " 5th
For Sitka, Yakutat, Kayak, Valdez, Sewatil and Seldovia
S. S. DORA Connects with 8.S. Santa Ana and gfcila from Valdez the 26th j
of each month for Seward, Seldovia. Kodiak, Uyak, Katroai, Cold Bay, Chignlk, '
Unjja, Bellofsky and Dutch Harbor.
J. P. Trowbridge, Gen. Man., Seattle. L. M. WEST, Agent.
%? wwvvwvvwww
}\ merry Christmas
m? tUisb Vtu All
| Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
j The Totem
i JACK PHlU'S, Prop.
; Fine Wiies, Liquors and Cigars
^Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
Seattle, Puget Sound, San Francisco and Southern Porta
Steamers of Company, or For Which It Is Agent, Leave
Ramona ? Jan 1
Via Vancouver
m. Above Schedule Subjeot to change Without Notloe.
C. 0. DUNANN, Gen- Pass. Agt
10 Market Street, San Pranolsoo, Cal.
rThe Alaska Steamship Co. ^
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer Q J
Dolphin - Dec- 31
Farallon. Jan. 6
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Additional Charge
R. A. CARROLL, Agent. Phone 6fl

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