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Holiday Announcement
t ancy Naval Oranges, from 35c to 50c a doz
Japanese Oranges
Chcu Lemons, per doz.
Mai i a C -apes- per lb
Van. / A^r'es. per box, from
New Crop T Walnuts, per lb
Fresh Pumpkin- per lb.
Sweet Potatoes, p9r lb
Fresh Hubbard Squash, per lb- - 4c j
John Kalem, the Grocer
So'e Ajient for Reliance Canned Goods
15c to 25c 44
? 30c
$1.50 to $2.50
? 20c
white p.iss is
!\Sf ILI-Q i !(inrs
The \V. I'. a Y. 11. electric lighting
pi ant is takin ' well with the citizens
of Skaguay. The new plant was put
in use early last week ami since ? hat
liuie the iitu n i u o. the company have
been kep: busy n.akins; connection with
the leading bus..ti? houses of the city.
It i? the ;<ar: *e to supply all the lights
for wh i ll the company can tfet orders.
If the plar.t recently installed shall
prow :a.ult to till the demand it
is the purj - to iccrea.se the plant.
J?r J Mur u f u Bu*lnau Man
Jerr\ Moriart .? has quit railroading
and becou a Sku.way businessman.
He ha.- i 11*1. i a half interest in the
Alaska . .n-fer ? ompaty and will be
associate*' wh John liradil in that'
busine?-. Mr. Moriariy is a pioneer
in this city and one of the best known
men in this -??ction. He came north
in 1>'.'7 . .1 ha.- remained here ever
since that .
V vi . nio Urfttlas
There w: i special communica
tion o' Whit* i'..-s Lo>:>.re No. 113. t.<V
A. fM.. 'I -1 e \ i : In:.', IVc. 3U? at
th'e.r I a Foartk a\enue.
Work in M M. decree.
So brethren ar^
? of the Y\ . M.
Rout. V". Tan Secretary.
Max. t iu! .
Jcdi:< D
Jwitfe A.
his dan _r ' '?
a; !'???-> 1!
spend tl.i
it o T. M r . :T?v Mi ?t. as
There will ! c .! te sting riicetirg
of th- Ko .1 ' MMfcM
nljjJit, 1 ;iev w; . Ct LttiCerS aOti
have taitiatio?.
Mi*. H swlck Wins Cap
Mrs. I*. \V. I: \ ^ok ?o.i the Kern
cup for the h _h< ??. avera^-.- ?cor mute
br a lady at th- bowling al ey in
2j games. Jlu. . iwiefc's average
wo.-. ltV. at, tli c i ? i- presented to
her by M'. Kern the aw an) at the1
Elks' cocim:" The trophy is a
beautiful silver i jvin,' cup.
-i mat Be Quick
Pain* in tV stomach and attack* of
the colic come n > - i Menl> and ate so
extremely i Lt>i. that immediate relief
must be o ' u.ed. There is no necessity
of send ? r ' i 1 r in ?such c :es if a
bott e of C :i .'tlain's Colic, Cholera
andLlitrr . Kenudy is at hand. Xo
doctor can [ n'v * better medicine.
For sale ' > Kay Lhu# Co.
At the Idaho Saloon
Heimuta. whiskey, bottKtl spring
19ul. made :?'0 U vearaold 1'Jj cents
a drink at the Idaho.
C j' f'l Paralysis
W. s. :?ai!v, ?. o. True, Texas,
writes, "My ?: c bad been sutTering five
years wit. i a .iiysis iu her arm, alien I
was persu J u to use lUllard's Snow
Liniuiet wL c!i cured hrr all ri|(bt. I
havesl-o ! it for o'd sores, frostbites
? and aklti . rvj i lot >. I does the work."
J3c? ye. <1 o. Sold by Kelly IHujj Co.
-r.atton taken
. IVceiuber
.so R>V ?
'??laaey, are
? 1 ,e they wii. '
Pr blicutloa of Notic ?
In the r r ** * a ' ? ?? C >r Court
fur tin' Ubu 4 llaak?.tl :Mnf?t|.
Intfarviu ?? ?' iivaM-u
roij.-, re. '?a - ? ha> ! ai
? .< ?>iau- of Ibe
jij: ? i 1 'T1 ? ll< J"i ?
\ 1 1 *' 4'"' - 1 t
Cat; ? ... ? " i'r - -M ;
Wi| t. ^i\ I'KHI'hs 1
fri .. .
?own of - t A i t - ,
- a \l?> .?. t lu"? -!U day of
Now ? I v v v x .lo\.
G4-1 Wanted
Girl to wait on t e .mil ?Io general J
woric at litnau'-i. < v. :;-i house. \N a?es? j
satisfactory. " j
"Roya! fluff," ti t Uust oarvl jjime 1
at Harrisons'.
I m ported Japanese kirnoaa cloth at
Harrisons .
Haml-m ule ornaments (or Christmas
at the Vienna Cafe.
At the request of many people of
this city the Third Infantry string
orchestra, consisting of 18 pieces, will
?ive a concert at Elks' hall is this city
Tuesday evening, January 3. The
orchestra has been practicing with the
strinn instruments all fall and it gives
a concert each Friday evening at the
fort. The concert will last for two
hours, after which there will be a
dance for which the orchestra will
furnish the music.
At S o'clock '-his morning, the
weather conditions on the Yukon river
ami along- the line of the W. P. & V.
K, were as follows:
Skagway ? naming, south wind, 42
C lacier? Raining, calm, 3?i above.
White I'ass ? Snowing, light south
wind. ;?2 above.
Kraser ? Cloudy, calm, 2S above.
Log Cabin? Cloudy, calm, 30 above.
Bennett- Cloudy, light south wind,
3fi above.
Pennington? Cloudy, south wind, 34
Caribou - Cloudy, calm, 32 above.
Cowley -Cloudy, south wind,32above.
Whitehorse- -Cloudy, south wind, 32
Lower I.abarge? Foggy, calm, 20
I ootalin>iua? Cloudy, strong south
wind, 2!' above.
B Salmon Cloudy, strong south
n nd, 1* above
Yuko t russing -Cloudy .strong south
wind. 3." a! we.
Selicrk -Cloudy, strong south wind,
i. art? Foggy, strong South wind,
i ) be! >w.
i?.>, ,e o mt. calm. 5 below.
! -or. C ouily. calm, 0.
? m;l<> loudv, calm, 2 below.
K i '!? Cloudy, calm, 3 above.
Atr.u Cloudy, south wind, 32 above.
Tagish Cloudy, calm, 30 above.
Liili ?' Cop Contest To End
The contest for the Kirmse cup
whi.-1. w ii ?'o to tlie ladv making ;he
hottest score on the l'.lks' bowling
ai.ey between October 1 and January
1, w : I terminate tonight as this is the
1a>c ladies' day at the club before the
r.rst of the year. Miss Florence Haux
h st, ?- ".h :1 ^coro ot 16.", is now in the
i ^ i for the cv;p- Mrs. t . \\ , Hcckett,
wan a score of 155, is second and Mrs.
B. Hefele. 151, is third.
Wood and Coal For Sale
We have for sale and will deliver to
any part of the city good dry wood.
Sa .ved in any length. Alaska Transfer
Co., l'hone 10. 8 20 tf
Clayton Get* New Line
l'.rand new line of smoking jackets
and belt overcoats have been received
by F. U. Clayson & Co
Notice of Diiaolntion
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership lately subsisting between John
L. Gage and Robert C. Smith, under
the tlrm name of John L. Gage & Co.,
conducting the business ol the Pack
Train saloon, Skagway, was dissolved
on December 24, ly04, by common con
sent. All debts owing to the said part
nership are to be received by John L.
Gage and all demands on the said part
nership are to be presented to him for
payment. John L. Gage.
Robert C. Smith,
By W. W, Boughton, his Attorney-in
Skagway, Alaska, Dcc. 24, 1904.
FrNk Mast
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kind*
of fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
The letest game is "Royal Fluff" at
All the delicacies of the season at the
Pdc'i Train Uesturant.
Best of wines liquors and cigars at
the Totem.
Three More Games Played |
In Tuuruameut
Team No. 1, consisting of J. G. Bar
ragar, K. A, Murphy and W. B. King,
won thr? e games from team No. 3, K
C. Flaharty, Geocge Simons tad anil J.
M. Tannur in the bowling tournament
that is being played at tho Elks bowl
ing alley. It was tho second series of
games played and there were iiiany
spectators, both ladies and gentl?mon,
The highest scores last night were
not quite so high as those made the
tirst night and the games were some*
what closer, but the averages were so
high and even that no one can make
an intelligent guess at which team will
win the champiooship until a few more
games shall have been played.
The official scores were as follows:
Tsam No. I
/ ? Games ? ,
12 3
Barragar 166 174 165
Murphjr 168 150 184
King Ill 157 144
Totals 445 487 4!0
Tiam No. 2
Flaharty 117 168 137
Simons tad 167 141 145
Tanner 142 1G5 137
Totals 426 474 419
Highest score. Murphy, 184: highest
average. Murphy, 169. Second high
est score, Barragar, 174; second high
est average, Barragar, 168.
Standing of tha Team*
Won Lost Per Cent |
Team No. 5 3 0 1000
Team No. 1 3 0 1000
Team No. 2. 0 3 000
Team No. 3 0 3 000
Team No. 4 Not yet played,
Phil Abrahams, who has been in the
hospital undergoing an operation was
fully recovered and walking around
wlien the Jefferson left Seattle on the
last trip. He is at the Palac9 hotel.
I. Sower by returned on theMeflVrson
from Seattle.
E. Finch l'itman, who has been con
fined to his rooms at the Fifth Avenue,
with Bronchitis, is convalescent.
N. Iiolshanin is Hi at the Fifth Ave
nue hotel.
George J. Milton, of Dawson, arrived
on the train last night.
J. A Crowe, of Hunker creek, ar
rived o: the train last night and will
go soutli on the next boat.
Col. Chittenden Pa Awiiy
Col. K. D. Crittenden, one of the
oldest and most highly respected resi
dents of Alaska, died at his home at
Wrangelll a week ago last Saturday,
aged "9 years Col. Crittenden located
at Wrangell in 1877 and has rtsiued
there ever since that time. He was a
member of the famous Crittenden
family that has furnish* d senators and
governors for uiore than one of the
southern states and he got his title as
coloael in the service of the old Con
Go to the Boss Bakery for your Xtias
tree ornaments. The biggest variety
at your own price. Get a quart of Ron
kendorf's celebrated ice cream for your
Xmas dinner.
Baths 25 cents. Fine porcelain tubs
at the Porthnd Lod ring House. Iiooms
25c, 50c, 75c nnd 81. Fifth avenue, op
posite Canadian Bank of Commerce.
New goods at the American Tailors
Englilb corduroy pants at Clayson's.
They wear like a nigger's heel.
Conklln's ''self filler" fountain pen
at Harrisons'.
The perfect fitting G. D. "Justrite"
corset'' at Harrisons'.
Fine porcelain tubs at Frincipal Bar
ber shop, opposite Board of Trade.
Burnt work novelties and hand paint
ed china made to order at Harrisons'.
You get good values for your money
at the American Tailors.
Plying Between Ska^way and
Leaves Skagway at
9 a. m. Sharp
Every Monday, Wednesday .nd Friday
Arriving at Haines at 11:30 ; . m.
Leaves Haines at 2 p. m.
Single fare 91.50.
Lavton and Germain
Billiard Parlor Raiding and Writing Rood
The Board of Trade
LEE GDTHRir Proprietor
Largeat and Bert Appointed P.eaort for Gentlemen
In the North
B.m.Bebrend$ mercantile CompaiW

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