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Holiday Announcement
? ancy Naval Oranges, from 35c to 50c a doz
Japanese Oranges " 15c to 25c 44
Choice Lemons, per doz. ? ? 25c
Mai ik,a O rapes- per lb- ? ? - 30c
Fancy Apples, per box. from $1.50 to $2-50
New Crop Walnuts, per lb. ? ? 20c
Fresh Pumpkin- per lb. 4c
Sweot Potatoes, pgr lb - - -5c
Fresh Hubbard Squash- per lb- - 4c
John Kalem, the Grocer
So'e Asrent for Reliance Canned Goods
V:i,\i fc: MSt ( IP
Mi?s Flore iiv Hauxhurst is the win
ner of the K:rm> cup having made the ;
hiv'he-: score to the credit or any lady '
at the Klk-.' bowling alloy since the!
cup?a-< * ed early in October. Miss
Hu.ihut>t'? >cor?, made some
time ago. The last opportunity to
beat it was give.. the la>- ies last night
and many wer>- pr. ?ent at d many sanies
were rollitl, but Miss liauxhurst re
maineii the champion. She was award
ed the cup by the house committee.
There >s one other trophy to be
played for l?v the la?.tes. That is thr
one for the ??>: team ot three. It is
proponed to organize a touruaiueni for
that next month. It is given by P. K.
The cup which represents the best
average bo .nr. which i.-nrobably the
fairest te> of t ii ?-* abilities of the bowl
er*. ??< wi' . vated veate'dav. by I
Mrs. I*. \\ K i wi.*k. She won "how-;
ever, by a tiai >w martin. Her aver-,
aire score v. , If."., while thai of Airs. j
Hefele was i'1 > and M;s> liauxhurst,
Mrs. s >pt > Schaub, of North
Fifteen. Ii ^'r< ? . Louis, Mo , asks
the I>ai.y A 1 to assist in finding
her husba-'.d S e writes:
"I wo.:' ,? to . t!:" whereabouts
of my h.istv.;ii. ? . ! iur. i A. >chaub,
who le : 1 c states it> 1 ~ ?."? for
Alaska you v* ::ie any infor
mation .. n? fie is about 42
years of . i ? i ..:.i ..s biue eyes and
brown i ??_hs atv.ut 17.".
pounds H i. -a -car orer hi* right
eye, two i.., ? th on the t .^nt
side t re fa: : ins: h:m oi
givinjatn : }.? Wii!(lom?
Mi W <Ail,l*wi a jfri'i hvur.
Stueo W 1 ha-.i
Whit* ' - *' -
at 10 *, iu. totuv " > jii- .
W. H 1 J f e as 1 ? - ? ? '
has a coii' - meir. of? uu^. -ni; i:.U"
sacks of m i .
Tie Strl ?? l;. -F From Grief.
VTh-'t a f ? tun ' provision of nature
!t l.\ t! .1 ? ?; nvi t ? rose of menial
MfTerlrr.!; for bow j>oignar.t would be Its!
jrrref t > d. ver. in tile height of its
Noemlrr 1 canker fed at it9
heart. ? ! -ty and fragrance
were d :r '. >\ r. Nature always
iiparo ?he 13 & veritable
store-. . o c r " rewards, for
those wfc ?? c 1 r aid. In the years
g. re by : ? 1: r -:nd grayn^ss have
erst i r v-r t ? lives of thousands
of Km ' ' thanks to the ln
vcstlgat. " = ' sts the true cause
of hair destruct: a is r.ow known- to N>
a ge m or r that burrows Into
the hair foil: !-.s. Newbro's HerplclJe
absolutely d >troya tills germ, thui
i ?emitting the hr.ir to fcrow as na- |
-> I: ? S 1 by leading drupr
i : s. : siamr* for s iraple
u Tie . Je Co.. Detroit. Mich.
Wgi. r;tt. S[*?cial Acer.t.
Monogram <" L ; Liquors Go
?it Tost
Beforr taking -tuck we will ofTer all
our goo -> wholesale prici-s to the
Von get v ur i; tods from first hands
wheu bus from u.-. -avinj: the luaiiv
profit- of th ? : * . Ulf men
Stru _ w! >Ki-v> ar. oursp. ? ? " a! t ie-?. .
We buy ?!> 'i >:t iu the government
wareh - . O.ir win-- come direct v
from t;i?' vV; ti ' ur1' - wine -y.
(.iive us a call and be convinced.
Telephone No >1. t'rv> uelivery.
The Mo.iograra,
Bloom Jc Koi uch
5Jm'8? Qnick
Pai: < in th stomach ?od attack* of
the c 'c . me on so -U'tilenl) and aie so
rztrrtiirlv r i nlui thai immediate relief
mast tx i ?? I. Vtiere it no necessity
of tending t " < t"' in ,-cch c*ses if a
bott'e of Ci in ' or la i ? * i Colic, Cholera
and Dior ..e,i Remedy 's at hni'd. Xo
doctor can i ? rr: ? i better medicine.
For sale by Kelly Drufc. Co.
Cared Paral^ji
W. S- Railv, ?- O. True, Texss,
writes; "My wife had beeu suffering five
years with i.i aiysN t? ber *rm, when I
was persuad d to ust: Ballard's Snow
Linimr'.t, which cured her all right. I
have also uie<l It for old sores, frostbites
and skin ernptlor-. I does the work."
55C, 50c, $ l.oo. Sold by Kelly Dru* Co.
Gi 1 Wanted
Girl to wait on table and do general
work at Benuett eaiiuiT housa. Wages
satisfactory. "
"Koyal fluff, " the latest card gtme
at Harrisons'.
Hand-made ornaments for Lhnatmas
at the Vienna Cafe.
At 8 o'clock this morning, the
weather conditions on the Yukon river
and along the line of the W. P. & Y.
K. were as follows:
Skagway -cloudy, south wind, 40
GUcier Cloudy, calm, 33 above.
White I'ass? Cloudy, calm, 30 above.
Fraser? Cloudy, south wind, 26 above.
Ix>g Cabin ? Cloudy, south wind, 24
Bennett? Cloudy, brisk south wind,
:i2 above.
Pennington? Cloudy, south wind, 30
Caribou -Cloudy, calm, 16 above.
Cowley? Cloudy, south wind, 38 above.
Whitehorse Clear, south wind, 20
Lower Labarge ? Clear, calm, 24
Hootalinqua? Clear, strong south
wind, ."50 above.
Hig Salmon Clear, west wind, 26
Yukon Crossing? Clear, calm, 24
Selkirk? Cloudy, north wind, 10 be
low. :
Selwyn -Clear, calm, 17 below.
Stewart ? Foggy, calin. 4 below.
? >gi!vie Foggy* calm, 2 below.
Dawson Cloudy, calm, 4 below,
FortTmile? Cloudy, calm, 10 below.
Eagle -Cloudy, calm, below.
Atlin Cloudy, ligui auutlt wind, 22
Tagisli- Clear, light north wind, S
below .
Muocabst s Elect Offlc??
The following were elected officers
by i he K nights of the Maccabees last
nt^ht :
i)r A. \V. Heed, commander; F. F.
I'.hrlioh, lieutenant commander; D. P.
ea. ' ecord keep > : K J. Ltddicoat, fl
> r . Keeper. \\ S.Sparks,ctiaplaln;Dr.
. liaughraan. physician: F.A.Moyer,
sergeant: W. y . F< ero. master-at-arms;
\. Dorter.', first muster of guatv; M.
* ?; -h?aii. *..?? ml niastu- of guard:
C. !' Tl.DUipst'ii, icutinel; U. F. Taylor,
ladies' Belt Found
In corridor . of postoffice? Owner
apply at Daily Alaskan office.
Ci?Tw> G?.? V?\v* Una
lira ml ucjv line of smoking jackets
ml b-!t, overcoats have been received
by F. H. Clayson & Co.
Notice of Dissolution
No'ice :s htreby given that the j>?rt
n. r?hip lately subsisting between John
L. ' lage and llobert C. Smith, under
the firm came of John L. Gage & Co.,
conducting the business of the Pack
Train saloon, Skagwav, was dissolved
on December 24, 1904, by common con
> nt. All debts owing to the said part
nership are to be received by John L.
Gage and all demands on the said part
nership are to be presented to him for
payment John L. Gage.
Robert C Smith,
By W. W, Boughton. bis Attorney-in
Skagway. Alaska, Dec. 24, 1901.
freik Mailt
The Frye-Bruhn Co. keep all kinda |
of fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
The latest y?me is "Royal Fluff" at
Harrison '3.
All the delicacies of the season at the j
Pack Train Hesturant.
Best of wines liquors and cigars at |
he Totem.
VW*. * . V . |
Peter Rlchcn
< Commercial
Whitehorse.Y T.
j first Class in Every
European Plan
Many u Aliaku Household Will
t'lnd Them So
To have the pains find aches of a bud
back removed; to be entirety free from
annoying, dangeruua urinary disorders
is enough to make any kidney sufferer
grateful. To tell how this great change
can be brought about will prove com
forting words to hundreds of Alaska
Mrs. McCourt, of Tacoma, Wash.,
wife Of Mr. C. A. McCourt, gardener by
occupation, place of address corner For
tieth St., and Pacific Ave., says: "At
intervals tor five or six vears I had at
tacks of kidney complaint. While they
lasted my back ached Beverly . I lacked
energy, trouble with the kidney secre
tions existed, dizzy spells ucoore 1 and
I was tar from being in good health.
When I went for Doan'a Kidney Pills
the pain lu my back was very pro
nounced. A week's use of them con
vinced me they were the very thing 1
needed And before I bad finished the
box the backache and all other symp
toms of kidney trouble disappeared,"
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster Milburn Co., Buffalo,, N. Y,
sole agents for the United States.
liemember the name ? Doan'? ? and
take no substitute.
Capt. Dwyer and Capt. Barker wero
in the city yesterday and today.
Col. Woodbury was a Skagway visitor
from the fort today.
Mayor L. S. Keller will return from
the south on the Kamona. Mrs. Keller
has received a telegram to that effect.
D. K. McRae, one of the right hand
men of Gov. Congdon in the recent
campaign, arrived from the interior
last night and will go south on the first
Catches Alleged Embeszlor
Deputy Marshal H. L. Johnson ar
rested Sain J. Mandisch yesterday upon
a warrant telegraphed from Juneau.
Mandisch is charged with embezzle
ment and Mr. Johnson will take him to
Juneau on the first boat.
An Emergency Medicine
For sprains, bruises, bums, scalds and
similar injuries, there is nothing so
good as Chamberlniu's 1'iin 11.4m. it
soothes the wonn:l and not only gives in
stant relief bom piin, but onu-es the
Darts to heal iti about one-third'the time
ie<|?ired by the usual treatment. As it
is antiseptic all danger from blood pois
oning is avoided. Sold by Kellv Drug
c'" \ ?
Raths 25cents. Fice i>orce!ain tubs
at the Port! nd Lod fing tlouse. Hooms
25c, 50c, 75c nnd * 1 . Fifth avenue, op
posite Canadian Bank of Commerce.
New goods at the American Tailors
English corduroy pants at Clayson's.
They wear like a nigger's heel.
The perfect fitting G. 1) "Justrite'
corset" at Harrisuns'
You get good values for your money
at the American Tailors.
| R0YRL *
? * Steam Laundry* \
All Work Guaranteed. Short J
Order* Promptly
Done. ft
'PHONE t*.
Messenger Will Call ?n<*. Deliver *
Baths In Connection \
Private Rooms for Ladies. ?
Comfortable Beds |
Dining Rotm In Connection *
Log Bnllding
Near Poetoflk-e, Front Street
Pete McMillan. Proprietor
Plying Between Ska^way and
Leaves Skagway at |
9 a. m. Sharp
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday |
Arriving at Haines at 11:30 a. m.
Leaves Haines at 2 p. m.
Single fare $1.50.
Lavton and Germain
Billiard Parlor Handing and Writing Room
The Board of Trade
LEE GUTHRIE Proprietor
Largest and Beat Appointed Resort for Gentlemen
In the North
Stands the test of time and
wear. We " Underwrite " every piece to
give satisfaction or your money back.
You take no risk as the fabric will not
cut or fade. Be sure it bears the name
in white on the PATENTED DETACH
We are Sole Agents for This City.
ak o koneybak o wc
black siliT
Has idealized Black Silk as the
weaver's masterpiece in fabrics.
The revival of the oldtime method of
honest silk making results in a fabric
that will not cut or fade and which
will wear for years.
s. At the Silk Counter.
Brn BM$ mercantile Company

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