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Daily Alaskan
?One week. delivered by carrier
On* month, by mall
Tbft* ?onths. Ui' malt
months. by mall
One year. by m?ll
. .75
. 2.3
. 4 M
. P.UO
The Chicago Iltcord-llerald, Inde
pendent republican, is urging with all
its might that the United States gov
ernment not delay in meeting the de
mand (or a commercial arrangement
with Canada which will permit freer
trade between that country and this.
The Chicago paper says the opportuni
ty to secure commercial reciprocity
will not last forever. There is a grow
ing d:spos tioa in Canada to raise the
tariffs agaiust the United States in
the event the people of this country re
fuse to make reduct ions inCanada'sfavoi .
In fact, there has been a gradual raise
In Canadian duties for years and the
spirit of retaliation is taking hold of
the people.
!t is urged that there are great in
terests in the I'uited States oppo
sed to any reduction in the taritT or to
closer communication with Canada.
Of course there are. There are great
interests in the I'nited States which
are opposed to the construction of the
I'anama canal, to the regulation of j
the trusts or to any other action that
will interfere with their monopolies.
Those business men in the
I'nited States who are opposed
to the Canadian reciprocity aie
opposed to the removal of any of
the res- raims which hold the trade of
tl e country in narrow channels which
they contiol. They desire to shut
off couit eti ion because they want to1
retnin heir grasp upon the throasj
of the coosutr.' s and to shut out anyone
trom competing with them.
Free trade between the United
States and t a:iada and wise reductions
!n the tari:T genera';. , not nceessarily
in such a manner a> to absolutely de
stroy protcc :o Amcican industries,
would do more than anything else to
rcgu! -if thf> trusts in the United
States ... .to re ve the people from
the dis. uv.u ;l, - resulting from mon
opoly in p'uduction and of trade
The ?* ni'r;: of the Hocord-H rold
that delay n _ I .n'.al is one that
diers beca..-- tb-* were in the hands of
the enemy t U nu; ? p .unly thai" any
thing else con. . the d- sj>erute strait in
which the I' Arthur garrison was
before the surrender. Indeed. Gen.
Stoessel j- ".etl the surrender of his
army until the very limit of human en
durance ha?i 1 reachi-d.
At this tin: o' the year when the
steamers tha' are piying Alaskan
waters are >j t ? ami far between it is
a shame tha* the iTerson and the Cot
tage City should come so nearly on the
sa:ue schedule. ISoth will be due here
The contest for the honor of succeed
ing Sena' >r Gib on, of Montana, in the
upper house of coi.gress is very kVan.
It is the field ag.i.nst Kx-Senator Car
ter. The chances for the former sena
tor seem about even.
One of the b?'st northern publications
that have been issued in a long time
was the Christ mas edition of the Juneau
Kecord-Miner. It was a credit to the
publishers and to the town which it
The loyalty of the Or. con f-iends of
wtnator Mitchell to "The Old Man" is
o>ie of the principal characteristics of
the land fraud cases in Portland.
Ordinance No. 61
Be it ordained by the common council
of the town of Skagway.
Section 1. A standing committee of
three memt' Pi of thj council, known
and designated as tne Committee on
Waterworks, shall be anu the satre is
hereby created. The said committee
nhali be named by the president of the
council, as -s?>n as consistent after the
pas-ag>j of this ordinance.
be. -lion - This ordinance shall take
effect ^ u be in force on acd after its
pa.- satre and approval.
Passe the council this 21st day of
Approved. W. B. King,
President pro torn.
Attest. W. S- McKean,
Clerk and Auditor.
New Mafic at Pack Train
The Pack Train saloon has just re
ceived -aJ reconis for its excel lout
phono^r ?!'. and tiio largest ho.n that
ever can -? to Alaska There will be a
gran! o ccert at that place tonight
The ia! ' song- and the latest instru
mental se.t'Ctions will be given.
. at sad Mutt Ei!-ct-ve
% J. tl-.vi- rs Ed. Vindicate . L.>
e.ty. 'i' . * 1 -c. 2s, 190a: "With
piei J'e r. ? mis-< -.elicit 0 )o?, I be?i
te->titu< ny > "r c laHVi po?crof Bul
l.,i?i' It" S?> 1 have u-ei
it in iuy lai.i'.ly ?n-.i can ctaeeriuily nfiirni
It is t'ae t - ' v effective and ple?saLles'
reme'ty for counts ?nd re.Js 1 hnve ever
us.-d.'" Jjc, 50c and Ji.oo. Sold by
Kellv Dn-v vo,
Ouster ci ?'< tails served also sold at
whol- sale, ir pint awl quart jars, at tha
Vienna Caf>'.
Bath* 25cems Fine porcelain tubs
at the I 'ore t nd Lod ring House. Rooms
25c, 5t)c, 75c nd *1. Fifth aveni.e, op
posite Car jdian Bank of Commerce.
Two nicely furnished Cottages for
rent or sale cheap. Inquire at Skag
way laundry. 1(>"-4 tf
Ordinance No. 62.
An ordinance to regulate the Use of
water from tbe water works of the
town of Skagway, and to establish
rules and regulations for the govern
ment of employes and consumers and
rates pertaining to the same.
Be it ordained by the common council
of the Town of Skagway.
Section 1. The committee on water
works of the common council shall have
immediate control and management of
every hing pertaining to the water
work* of this town, and do all other acts'
that may be necessary for the prudent
management and protection of said
works, subject to the confirmation of
the common council.
Hut the council shall appoint the of
ficers and employes of said water works
anil prescribe their salaries or compen
sation upon nominations and recom
mendations to be made and reported to
the council by the committee on water
works, or by a majority or minority of
said committee.
1 be officers of the works shall consist
of a supervisor of the works and a water
The supervisor shall be the general
executive officer of the works.
lie shall keep a complete record of,
anj have general supervision of all
mains, special castings, valves, gates,
hydrants, taps,, etc, located in said
mains and see that same are kept in
order and all leaks promptlv repaired.
tie shall be held responsible for all
tools, material, etc.. belonging to the
He shall see to the making of all taps
for service and examine all service
pipes and see that they are properly
laid and perform such other cutles as
the committee on water works may
He shall five written orders for ail
supplies and materials and keep a copy
of such orders, subject to tne Inspection
of the committee on water works, but
he shall contract no indebtedness be
yond $25 00 without previous authority
of the committee on water works.
He shall take charge of the men em
ployed by the works, other than the
registrar, and of all work, and see that
the same is done in a workmanlike
manner and in accordance with the
Tim of the committee on water works.
The water registrar shall be the fi
nancial officer of the works.
H> shall keep a complete set of books
which shall at all times show the dis
tribution of the accounts of the water
He shall submit all bills and accounts
to the committee on water works, to be
by thein approved.
He *hall have the care and safe keep
nsr of all books and papers belonging
to tbe water department except those
|>< rtaining to the supervisor.
He shall keep a co-rect account of all
receipts and 111 ike out all bills for water
rents or materials furnish d consumers, j
- to the collection of the same anu
netHisit the money so collected with the
e y treasurer daily, to the credit of the
water works fund .
Section 2. Applications for the use
>:' water must be made on printed
A?r s ro be furnished at the offioe of the
1 v ? r works and the applicant must
- ?? fu iyand truly all the purfioses for
which the water may be required.
Section No person supplied with
rarer fr 111 the city mains will be en
: ' ed to use it for anv purpose other
han tho>e stated in his application or
o supply in any way other persons or
Section 4. Should tha owner or ot
cuptnt o( the premises wish to use the
water for a purpose other than those
-taten n his application, a new appli
oat on ir.u-t be made and a permit ob
tained for same.
Section '*. Should it be desired to
ii<coDtinue the use of water for anv
?cial purpose, whether for bath tub,
t-atcr closet or other fixtures, the
branch pipe- supplying the fixture to be
d -continued must be plumed and
written notice given to the water de
triment, before any reduction will be
made in th j rates.
Section ti. Should it be desired to
discontinue the use of all water supplied
to the premises, notice in writing must
be made ajd payment in full of all ar
rears if anv there bei made to the reg
istrar. The water will then be turned
off and turned on again on application,
without charge, but no remission of
rates will be made without the notice
prescribed in this section.
Section 7. Hereafter all service
pipes must be so arranged that tne sup
ply to each separate house or premisses
may be controlled by a separate stop
cock placed near the line of the street
curb, and one person must pay for all
water used through said service for his
own use or for the use of others to
whom it may be accessible.
Section 8. Where water is now sup
plied through one service pipe to more
than one house, family or person, the
water depart nent may, at its discretion
and tne conditions warranting, decline
to furnish water until separate servi
ces are provided or it may continue the
supply on the condition that one person
mav be held for all on the one service.
Section 9. Water for building pur
poses will be furnished only by pay
ment in advance and on the written
estimate of the manager or architect,
of the amount of brick, stone, plaster
ins or other material, for which the
water istobeused. For material net
provided for in the estimate the appli
cation must be renewed .
Section 10 Water may be shut off
from the mains at anv time without
notice, for repairs and other necessary
purposes and the citv will not be re
sponsible for any consequent damage.
But in all cases where it is practicable,
at least 12 hours notice will be given.
Persons having boilers supplied by di
rect pressure from the mains are cau
tioned against the danger from explo
sion or collapse in the event of the
water being shut off.
Section 11. Water will not be fur
nished where there ate defective or
leaky faucets, closets or other fixtures,
or fixtures of any kind not approved by
the coinmit'-ee on water works and the
s ipply will be withdrawn until proper
rt pairs atr'made.
section 12. When a permit has been
obtained for the introduction of
water, the service pipes and connec
tion> from the main, to and including
a corporal ion cock or Its equivalent, at
the main, and a stop cock inside of and
near the curb will be put in and main
tained by the town and kept within its
e:; lualve control, forwhicti a charge of
tec 10) dollars will be made, payable
in advaiue, for a three quarter inch con
nection: fur a one inch connection,
twelve (12) collars; and for a one and
one half irch connection, (18) eighteen
dollars. Larger sizes by special arrang
ment. The above prices to apply only
when no irost is in the ground. Con
nectio s while trost is in the ground to
be made at the discretion of the com
mittee on water works. All service
pipes must be of lead, galvanized iron
or enameled iron.
Section 13. Within the property
1 ne a stop and waste cock, protected
ftotn frost, must always be placed, by
means of which all the service pipes on
the propertv may be drained during
freezing weather and water must not
be turned on until the 0( this
i section have been complied with.
Section 14. The service pipes wlthlr.
.h?nremlsei? must be kept in repair am'
K freezing ? the expense
nvrner or occupant, who will be
responsible for all damages resulting
loiilfo and bp?ftks 111
"section 15. No faucets wll* be allow
ed on the outside of any building e*
cuptlnf hose, connections and the latter.
mSt have stop and waste cocks protec
'r? ?"K? "? w ,
m Section 17. When the water has been
I a lions governing the water .
shall not again a penalty
teratlons In pipes or oiu^ ^ connect
Snhi ?2ewiw ?d?%Dpi:
and accurate repo completion
? 1 yySSTi X.
SSSSrf >""" >'?k,EI? conie?o? ?IU>
^S^tlQn'i. ^ The wperTlsor and mem
bets ofthe wmmU^e^on^teroWor ^
may have ftee ac- vmlidinga and
,hC "'L in wLdJw'ter mav be ..eliver.
ru><f ?!" " " "??
replacing 'b^wat, r off
for the expense oi snm
"iSfiS1' The'^r-tes Shall be
,,Ueh mon^T (exl-ep^'forn.V^^bich
,*.11 be paid on ^ JTot ^d' wUhTn
ceediDguiouthland U not p ^
plied with ( . hv ^ persons
SSBTiS^i? ??> "? M'?""
? rr
ted to make any exceptions whatever.
Dwellings, Private Residences, Etc.
Occupied by one family $2 00
Bath tubs, each, in addition to
above 25
Water closets, each 25
Each farailv in a dwell. ng to be
considered as a dwelling.
Hotel, boarding and lodging
houses in addi'ion to minimum
rate of $2.
For each guest's bed room 10
Hath tubs, each, 50
Water closets, each 50
Urinals, each 25
Stores and other ordinary busi
ness hou-es not otherwise pro
vided (or 2 00
Bath tubs, each, (if for private
u?ie only, otherwise same as ho
tels or other public places)
Water closets, each, (if for pri
vate use only, otherwise same
as hotels or other public places)
Urina!s, each, (if for private use
only, otherwise same as hotels
or other public places 25
Barber shops and bath houses,
First chair 2 0C>
hach additional chair 50
Bath tubs, each 50
Water closets and urinals, if for
private use, same as for dwel
lings, if for public use. same as
hotels or other public places.
Bar raic 2 00
Hydraulic beer pumps, each ] 00
>Vater closets, each 50
Uriqais, each 50
Restaurant. chop houses, lunch
counters, etc.,
Minimum rate 3 00 1
For each seat at table or couuter, 10
?'All Night" service, 50 per cent
Steam, (in addition to steam boil
ers for power purposes.) 7 50
Hand 5 00
Minimum rate 2 50
Water for other uses or business than
those named in 'he foregoing schedule
may be furnished at special ratvs to be
fixed by the committee on water works,
su >ject to the approval of the council.
The water rati's may be?changed and
added to by the 'committee n water
works whenever tae interests ofj the '
ciiy may make such changes nece-sary.
Sectioh 26. 'i his ordinance shall
t ?ke effect, and be in force lorui and
after its passage and approval.
Approved. W. B. K:ng,
President pro tem.
Attest, W. S. McKean,
Clerk and Auditor.
Passed the council this 21st day of
November, 1904,
Impsrfcot Dictation
Means less nutrition and in co 'sequence
less vitality. Ween the Iiv<.r fails to
secrete bile, the digestion becomes im
paired and the bowels constipated. Her
bine will rectify this; it givestone to the
ftomach, liver and kidneys, strengthens
the appetite clears and improves the
complexion, infuses new life and vigor
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Sold by Kelly Drug Co. 1
Your sires and grandsires used Mexican Mastang Lin
iment because it healed their hurts and cured the ills of
their domestic animals. What Mexican Mustang Lin
iment did for mankind and brute kind 60 years ago, it
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any and everything thatagood, honest liniinentcancure.
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For*frozen feet, ears or other parts there is nothing on
earth so good as Mexican Mustang Liniment.
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tense pain can be reached and routed by the use of this
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Mexican Mustang Liniment will cure the very worst
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Piles, speedily and permanently.
2 Sc., 60c. AND SI A BOTTLE.
For open sores saturate a soft cloth with the liniment
and bind on. In other cases apply freely and rub hard.
There is none so good as the __
Sewing Machines
We hare a few of the latest
improved, hifrh arm, ball
bearing, drop-head machines
? new and second hand for
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We also haye a FOUR HOLE RANGE
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Billiard Parlor Reading and Writing Room
The Board of Trade
LEE GUTHRIE Proprietor
Largest and Beet Appointed Resort for Gentlemen
In the North
Headquarters for Yukon Travellers
The Totem
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
, ? .. ? . v*v.'.v.v.v*si*w?v.vA,?? *.;v
:? New Management.
Sullivan & Flaherty
The Best Brands of Liquors & Cigars
^Pacific Coast S.S. Co.
Seattle, Puget Sound, San Francisco and Southern Porto
Steamers of Company, or For Which It Is Agent, Leave
Ramona ? Jan 2
Via Vancouver
Above Schedule Subject to change Without Notice.
E. A. MURPHY, Agent, Phone 50
C. D. DUNANN, Gen- Pass. Agt
10 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
The Alaska Steamship Co.
Carrying U. S. Mail and Alaska Pacific Express
Next Sailing of the Fast Passenger Steamer
Jefferson Jan- 6-29
Dolphin Jan- II - 22
Farallon. - Jan. 18
Company reserves right to change sailing date without notice.
Transfers to Victoria and Vancouver Without Addliional Charge
R. A. CARROLL, Agent. Phone 66

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