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We would su ?gest to our customers to
secure one of our fancy turkeys for
Sunday dinner which we olier at
25 Cents Per Pound
Less Than Seattle Prices
One Hundred Boxes F ancy Apples at the Low
Price of $1-75 Per Box
John Xalem, the Grocer
So'e A>;ent for I Reliance < 'anneti Goods
Postottir K Aijain Ke- j *
' r
Again the jH-onlo of Skagway will
have to ecdur ? thi harship of an inade
quate postoiVce service. The depart
ment cutout ouo ?.<f the employes iu
the destibut. . dei>artment on the tirst 1
of the jcar. that leaves only one)
person to handle a i the mail th?t comes
to this p!ac . Th it means that when i 1
a week '> ac mnulation of mail shall ur 1
rive from the states at one time, tie ' <
people will be lucky if they get all i 1
their mail w ithin 4V hours after its ar- 1 '
rival. ai I if t!> i ; i>i>le of the interior 1
get their mail on the tirst trnin after <
it gets here it will (M Imm the (>ost
office force at tl- - [ lace will have to
neglect the Skagway mail that they 1
may attend to if.
This is the seccrti time the depart- 1
ment has cut he service for this town.
Once in !'?".! it was done, and the peo
ple protes-.e.l mi strongly that another
assistaut was allowed. The protest
should be mat ? again.
A. I-. K . > now alone in the dis- 1
tribution department. Mrs. Kindell
quitting Saturday eight,
There wiM be a special meeting of
the city com o to.. _ bt. and it will be
the f:r?t in' -'ting of th NhIv since the
first Mo day in .Vcernber, so there
wi 1 probably "?>_?. lu:- of K>iuess mat
ters to consider.
Among the things that will come
before the council will be the selection
of a tire war. n a-.d water supervisor.
There are four or ve applicants lor
the position.
All the n- m'^rs of thp council are
in the city except Mr. Ka em, and they
will probab y all be present.
T>- H. R Runnalls, joining the great
majority in the cribbage tournament,
has been el'raiua' d from the possibil
ity of victory by losing the seventh
irame. This and the advancement of
H. B. Dunn consequent upon three
straight victories make *he notable in
cidents in the Fifth Avenue cribbage
tournament s'nee Saturday at noon.
The standing of the played. which
has changed but little, is as follows:
Won Lost Per Cent
X. W. Watson ... 4
C. A. Rosen b- rg. .
J. E Bvragar.... i;
J. P. Rogers .... 11
K. A. .\lurpbv.... *
H. B. Durn f*
E. Korach 9
K, Woilnnu *
U. H. Sanfo:d. . . . lo
C. S. B.irm s 10
J. W. Young 10
J. J. Burns *>
M. Bridge 7
II. B. Runnalls. . ?>
E. K. Stivers 7
E, M. Culber son.. S
K. B. Wurz'.' icher 7
R. A. Carroll 7
X. E. bo.->lian n. . . 7
E. F. Pitman K
W. B Ki-.. 4
4 ttCi
3 <>t>7
8 ">7t?
:i .">71
? 571
7 .Vi.1
!) 526
!? ol'li
10 w
5 "lOO
8 467
1 463
11 4-1
10 412
10 412
10 412
9 400
Railroad RatUnraat
Best meals in town served from B a.
m. to 10 p.m. Tray orders a specialty,
10c. extra.
John Williams, Prop.
At Wk'l'ul* Prices
The Mascot saloon sells liquors,
either bulk or case goods at wholesale
prices. All the old brands always on
hand. 10-1-tf.
Freneh and American l andies ma le
daily at the Alaska Candy Co, Sixth
Avenue between State and Brosd
wiv. 12-7-tf
Weitehorse, Jan. 9? A White Pass
itage arrived from Dawson at 2 p. m.
Saturday with one passenger, Mrs.
Howe, and 10 sacks of mail.
A stage left for Dawson yesterday at
I p. ro. with mail, express and freight.
Fhere were no passengers.
The Sunday school of the Methodist
:huroh elected its officers yesterday for
;he ensuing year. Reports from the
< Beers indicated a good business condi
gn and it was decided to give $25 for
missions this year, exclusive of the of
fering on K aster day. The following
jtticers were elected to serve for one
Superintendent, H. H. Royal: secre
tary, Arthur Coding: treasurer, Viola
Mvr ck: librarian. Stella Jones: assist
tut librarian, A.J. Baker, Jr.; organist,
Alic ? V. Parsons: chorister, Prof. J. T.
A flashlight picture was taken Chri?t
aias Jay of the unique Christinas deco
rations of the Sunday school, acd many
copies have been sold.
The Ska-jwav Are department is now
thoroughly organized. The members
of ti e dilTerent companies have oeen
avv ned It their respective positions,
ar.d there will be a series of company
drills. T;-ese ?will start this week.
TLe apparatus of the department is in
? v condition. All this was brought
ou: at the meeting of the department
Sati rday evening. It was arranged at
s ?uarate meetings of the different com
!>an cs.
It was decided to have a firemen's
dan* e some time in the near future,
and a committee on arrangements, con
sisting of E. P?irry, H. F. Taylor and
II. 11. Saoford, was named. The date
for f he dance has not been fixed as yet.
The fire department is anxious that
the city council shall name a member
of the department for fire warden.
The Dolphin sailed from Seattle for
Ska . 'way, Sat urday evening at 9 o'clock,
according to information conveyed
by a telegram received by R. A Car
roll, aeent for the Alaska Steamship
Company, today. She will be due in
this place Wednesday. The Dolphin
should have one and a half days' mail.
Amur Dot Tomorrow
The Amur should arrive bright and
early tomorrow morning. She sailed
froui Vancouver for Skagway, Friday
evening. The Amur should have three
and one-half days' mail.
Skaeway Lundry
For first-class work try Skagway
Laundry. Twenty-live years' experi
ence. Telephone 89. tf
All the delicacies of the season at the
Pack Train Resturant.
Buy Your Coal
Shaw <& Johnson
Importers of
Wellington, 'Ladysmith'
Double Screened and Sacked
Pennsylvania Anthracite
Egg and Chestnut, Highest Grade
Wellington, delivered, per ton, $13 00
Anthracite, ?' 22 00
Phone 109 P. C. Dock
?aiwssffisawj?? o?? s? esesssssaswmKrasarav
I The Leading Jeweler |
Nugget Jewelry of All Kinds,
Indian Curios and Souvenir Spoons. |
The Pioneer Jeweier |
Official Timekeeper for the W. P. & Y. R
? mw OMmNMmmaMNMw? ? ?*
Mrs. G, Lucas, of Haloes, Is at the
Bishop Howe hospital. She is v?ry
serious!> *i)l and the request has been
made that her friends do not call at the
Mr. a id Mrs. W. F. Rogers, whoie
cently returned from their wedding
trip, will leave for Whitehorse tomor
row morning.
Mrs. (Lieut.) Smith was in the city
today from Fort William H. Seward.
Got* N* vi of Brother'! Death
Mrs. Godfrey Chealander received by
wire today the news of the death of her
brother, Thomas Costello, at Arapahoe,
Wyoming, Saturday. The cause of
death was not stated, but it is believed
it was very sudden, for when Mrs.
Chealander last heard, ber brother was
well, and he possessed a large and vig
orous physique and a strong constitu
Ful Bains Realized By Alnaka
Poo pi*
A little backache at first.
Daily increasing toll the back is lame
and weak.
Urin ry disorders quickly follow:
Diabetes and finally Bright's disease.
This is the downward course of kid
ney ills.
D. L. Sands, of 315 Thirteenth street,
Olympia, says: "I have had attacks of
backache for years, caused probably by
colds settling in the loins. Some of j
them were so severe that I could not
turn or move in bed and was perfectly ,
helpless and had to be moved about like I
a child. During my last attack I need J
Doan's Kidney Pills. I thought I might |
depend upon them because I had heartl
that they were a reliable cure for kid- |
ney complaint. I was not di?appointed '
for the results obtained from their use
were entirely satisfactory in every way.
I cheerfully recommend Doan's Kidney '
For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents
a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y? sole agents for the LT. S.
Remember the nair.e? Doan's aid
take bo substitute.
. j
Their Hntrrd of Enirlnnd.
Ferdinand de Lesseps used to tell
a Frenchman came to his aid when
6e was struggling against Falmerston's
opposition to the Suez canal. The man,
who was a total stranger, walked Into
his office one day and drew out of Ids
pocket a wallet stuffed with bank notes.
"Monsieur," said he, "I beg the privi
lege of being allowed to subscriiie to
w rd the railway of the Island of Swe
den." "But. monsieur." said Lesseps,
"It is not a railroad; it's a canal. It's
not an Island, but an isthmus. It Is
not in Sweden, but at Suez." "I dont
care what It is or where It Is." said the
capitalist "so lone as it worries Kng
land. Fut me down, I say."
But I.esseps had little reason to make
fun of this episode if the picture his
own son draws of him be true. Becom
ing incensed at aiime attack made on
him in the British parliament and be
ing Inadequately provided with means
to express his race, his mind suddenly
reverted to his linen collar, which was
of English make. lie tore it from Ills
neck, dashed it upon the floor and |
danced on it, all for hatred of the Is
land it came from.
Routed by Puppet*.
Toward the close of- the reign of
Elizabeth, when the Spaniards were
frequently hovering about the south
west coast of England, a party from
their ships landed In the neighborhood
of where Falmouth stands today, with
the Intention of burning the borough of
Penryn. It chanced, however, that that
same evening some strollers had set
up In Penryn market place a repre
sentation by puppets of, certain Inci
dents in the life of Samson, Including
his victory over the Philistines.
At the point of Samson's onset upon
these with the Jawbone of the ass the
strollers beat drums and sounded trum
pets Indicative of nn alarm, and the
Spaniards, who were at that moment
about to rush the town, believing it to
be full of soldiers, bolted for their
This probably occurred in 1590, when
there was a Spanish squadron on the
coast which landed troops and burned
Baths 25 cents. Fine porcelain tubs
at the Portland Lod (ing House. Rooms
25c, 50c, 75c and II. Fifth avenue, op
posite Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Fresh bread delivered to any part of
the city at any time by the Boss Baker.
If you want to know the exact time at
any minute in the day, any day in the
year, carry one of our watches.
In one's watch makes traveling a plea
sure, when correct time, is always a
We hare watches at all prices, bnt
every one of them keeps Kood time.
, When time is in dispute, the watch
| from Kern's decides.
Mid-Winter Sale
Starting Monday, Jan. 9
To make room for our new spring* stock, we are
going- to devote the balance of this month to one of
the greatest Price Cutting Sales ever held in this
city. Very few people in Skag way will jump at
ficticious bargains a second time. If you fool them
once, you may rest assured that they will fool you
by letting your second attempt go unnoticed. It
is because we have always delt with the people
honestly that our offerings are well treated. Our
class of goods goes to them as the best they can
get and when they prove to the contrary, "We al
ways make good." When we announce a reduc
tion in prices, people know prices are reduced, for
the former prices are always on the goods, with the
new ones added.
Tor This Week We Offer the Following
In face of the fact that the price of all
woolen goods is advancing every day and
that were we to purchase the same lines
today we should be compelled to .id vance
prices- Here we are offering them to you
at prices that should clean out the stock
in a week.
At 50c a yard any of our 75c grades
1 10
$5 00:
6 25
7 25
8 75
10 00
1 25
2 00
Former Price
$7 50
8 50
10 00
12 50
15 00
Table Linens
At $0 35 a yard regular price,
45 a yard
55 a yard
65 a yard
75 a yard
95 a yard %
1 15 a yard ,
1 35 a yard.
$0 50
1 00
1 25
] 50
1 75
At$l 15 a doz regular price,
1 50 a do z
1 85 a doz "
2 25 a doz
2 65 a doz
*1 50
2 00
2 50
3 00
3 50
75c a yd, colored taffeta, tormerly. $1 00
$1 00 a yd, crepe de chines, " 1 25
50c a yd, colored satins, " 75
At 5c a yard. Formerly 7 l-2c a yard
At 10c a yard, Formerly 12 1-2 & 15c a yd
At 10c a yard, Former price 15c! a yard
At 25c a yard, Regular Pi ice, 50c a yd.
At $1 50, a pattern lormerly $2 25
1 25 " 1 75
2 00 " 3 00
3 50 " 5 00
Ladies' Knit Underwear
At $3 50 a suit regular price, $4 50
" 4 00
3 00 a suit.
3 50
2 75 a suit o w
2 25 a suit " 3 00
1 50 a suit " 2 00
1 15 a suit " 1 50
At $0 95 former price, $1 50
165 ' " 2 50
2 45 ... A " 3 50
3 35 " 4 50
3 85 " 6 00
4 75 " 7 50
8 35 " 12 50
13 (55 " 20 00
In this department we are cutting1 the prices to such a low figure that you will wonder how we can afford to do it. But we believe in cleaning
each seasons' goods at any price, rather than carry thera over. Every article in this stock is reduced.
Silk Waists at $9 00
Your choice of any silk waist in the house, formerly *12 50, 15 00 & 17 60
Silk Waists at $5 50
Any silk waist formerly selling at $7 50, 8 50 and 10 00
Wool Waists
At$l 00 formerly, $1 50
1 35 " 2 00
"82 50 & >3
1 50.
Ladies' Jackets
At?o 00 formerly,
6 50 ?
8 50 ?
11 50.
14 50.
Ladies' Wrappers
$10 00
12 50
15 00
20 00
25 00
At$0 95 formerly
1 75 "
2 25 "
, $1 50
2 00
2 50
3 00
Sateen Petticoats
At$l 10 regular price, $1 50
1 25 ?' 1 75
1 40
1 85
2 25
2 75
2 00
2 50
3 00
3 50
Eagle pins 5c a paper, pins 3c a paper, safety pins 3c a paper, hooks
and eyes lc a card, parent books aDd eyes 3c a card, cube pins oc pa
per hairpins 3o a package, curling irons 5c, lustre cotton 5c, darning
cotton 3o. Knitting cotton 5c, foundation collars 10c, kid curlers 5c a doz.
Ladies Suits
At $25 00 formerly, #50 00
20 00 " #30 & #35
16 50 " 26 00
13 50 " 20 00
10 00 " 17 50
Ladies' Skirts
At $25 00, crepe de chine formerly, #40 00
12 50, black silk skirts formerly, 20, 25 and 27 50
12 50, wool dress skirts formerly, 17 50, 20 and 22 50
9 00, " formerly 12 50 and 15 00
6 75, " formerly, 10 00
5 75, ? " 8 50
5 25, " " 7 50
4 50, " " 6 50
Dressing Sacques
At#l 00 formerly, #1 50
1 45 '? 2 00
185 " 2 50
2 25 " 3 00
2 05 i " 3 50
3 50 " 5 00
Silk Petticoats
At $25 00 formerly, 135 00
11 50 " ?
10 00 "
7 50 ?'
6 25 "
17 50
15 00
10 00
Ladies' Hats at 50 Cents ?
Your choice of any of our winter hats 50e
Corsets at 50 Cents
Some broken lots and sizes formerly $1, 1 25 and 1 50 now 50c

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